9 Best Straight Razor Blades to Find the Perfect Shaving of 2021

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If you are considering wet shaving with the best straight razor, you should also do some research on the best straight razor blades, as these can have a significant impact on shaving.

man looking in the mirror smoking a cigarette and shaving his beard with a straight razor - straight razor blades s and pictures best straight razor bladesStraight razor, also known as cut-throat. Look very different from regular blades, which resemble the appearance of a knife.

This type of blade offers a much closer shave than traditional razor blades that are often bought nowadays, which is why they are still used today.

Not to mention shaving with a razor is one of the most masculine things a man can do.

Because each man’s beard and skin type are different, it is difficult to make a general recommendation for the masses.

We can, in any case, point you in the right direction.

After doing hours of research, I finally found the best straight razor blades that match my shaving style and skills. Today I use my knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Top 5 Best Straight Razor Blades (Quick Summary)

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades
  • Derby professional stainless steel blades with single edge fit all razors with the razor (throat razor)
  • Suitable for all razor blades with throat and shavette type including shaving factory, dove, focus, parker
  • The package contains 100 professional Derby blades
100 Shark Super Stainless Straight Shark Super Stainless Straight Razor Blades
  • One hundred blades for use in barber shavers and shavettes with 1/2 double-sided blade!
  • A high-quality razor blade for professional use - 1/2 edges ensure perfect alignment!
  • The top choice for many of our barbershops and Shave Spa Clientelle!
100 Bluebird Single Edge Razor Bluebird Single Edge Razor Blades
100 7a.m. Platinum Double Edge 100 7 Am Hi-platinum Straight E100 Perma-sharp Single Edge Razor Blades
  • Platinum coated for smooth shaving and durability
  • Made from steel from Sweden
  • Excellent in Parker, Merkur, Gillette and all other new and vintage double-sided safety razors
Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Razor Feather Fhs-10 Single Edge Razor Blades
  • Contains six-packs of 10 FHS-10 razor blades (60 in total)
  • Hello stainless steel, platinum and PTFE coating
  • Compatible with OneBlade Razor (GENESIS and CORE models)
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Who should consider using a straight razor

off with the beard! - using a straight razor s and pictures Who should consider using a straight razor

Straight razor blades Anyone looking for a better, cheaper shave can benefit from a razor blade with a straight razor.

If you have currently used an electric razor or a multi-blade razor, it may take a while to adjust to wet shaving, but many guys have made the switch and have never looked back.

They don’t offer the convenience of an electric shaver or a multi-blade razor, but you can get a smooth shave without irritation that is much cheaper in the long run.

You need to give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning, especially if you want to shave up close because you may need several steps.

However, many boys come to enjoy the shaving process because of their ritual. They like to try different razors and blade, almost like beer or wine lovers.

Plus, if you start learning what you like, there are several handmade shaving soaps or creams to try with your straight razor.

Types of Straight Razor Blades

In addition to some manufacturers such as Feather who make their blade style, most straight razor blades take up half of a standard double-sided razor blade.

If you already have a favourite, you can easily cut it in half to fit it on your straight razor.

However, some brands already sell them in two, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers during this process.

If you are not sure which one you might like, you can always find different packages with different brands to try.

9 Best Straight Razor Blades

There are various straight razor blades, varying from low to high quality and cheap to expensive.

When you are trying to find the best straight razor blades, look for an edge that is sharp, durable and especially popular with many customers.

As a general rule of thumb, you the purchase of the more expensive straight razor blades in the long term. This is proven by many customers who have tried both expensive and cheap razor blades.

1. Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor BladesView On Amazon

It would be a blasphemy to exclude Derby magazines in an article dedicated to the best razor blades of all time. The person who has had a murderous razor is familiar with the brand. Although the iconic Feather razor blades are said to be the sharpest in the world, single-sided Derby blades are designed to be the smoothest. It is compatible with all barber-type shavers and shavettes.

Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades 1If you have sensitive skin and do not consider yourself a shaving expert, this is worth seeing. The strength and durability of a razor blade depend on the quality of the material. In this case, Derby used the best Swedish steel strip to make these premium blades.

It is coated with chrome ceramic, tungsten and platinum to harden the edges for extra sharpness.

For the same reason, Derby sheets can effectively retain their edge longer than most other single-sided sheets.

These sheets have a short run-in period. In short, shaving feels much better and more active during the second or third use.

The first shave (burns) the blades, the thick coating fades to expose the sharp edges underneath. That is why your second shave feels more comfortable than the first shave.

Even if you have thick beard growth, you do not need to apply much pressure to get a velvety skin. Two quick and short movements are all you need to complete your morning shaving routine.

Key Features
  • Derby professional stainless steel blades with single edge fit all razors with the razor (throat razor)
  • Suitable for all razor blades with throat and shavette type including shaving factory, dove, focus, parker
  • The package contains 100 professional Derby blades
  • You no longer need to split double-sided razor blades

Customer Reviews
4,293 Reviews

Avatar Evan


Extremely sharp and offer great value for the price.

If you haven't shaved with a shavette out of fear, seriously do yourself a favor to learn how to use on so that you can enjoy the low price and amazing shave that these blades will give you. Each half blade is individually wrapped and all placed in a Derby box making it actually simple to take a few on the go if you plan on staying somewhere overnight and need a few blades without having them loose in a bag. I've tried many different blades in the past because my hair is relatively thick, and these blades had no ...

2. Shark Super Stainless Straight Razor Blades

Shark Super Stainless Straight Razor BladesView On Amazon

These Shark Super Stainless have a similar rating to the Derby blades and more than 500 ratings and appear to be more popular with men who prefer a sharper edge.

Although it is a bit sharper, this blade also provides a smooth shave.

These blades are also durable, and many men say they can get different shaves before they notice a decrease in sharpness.

This can be great if you have coarse hair, some guys will blunt a blade once, so they must get one that can withstand the abuse.

There are reviews from both beginners and veterans who love shaving that they like to get this straight razor blades. They also use all kinds of shavettes.

The chief complaint is of course that they are annoying, but this has to do with your beard and skin. So some guys may need the sharpest blade, such as a spring or Astra.

Generally, this is another solid blade choice for your shaver that will get the job done, they are cheap, and the 100 packs last a long time without taking up much room in your bathroom.

Key Features
  • One hundred blades for use in barber shavers and shavettes with 1/2 double-sided blade!
  • A high-quality razor blade for professional use – 1/2 edges ensure perfect alignment!
  • The top choice for many of our barbershops and Shave Spa Clientelle!
  • Each blade is individually packed!
  • Extremely sharp and durable.!

Customer Reviews
3,059 Reviews

Avatar Dinil


Superb quality and sharp.

Very gud and sharp blades I have never used before.Got a free sample buying a razor and then ordered a pack of 100.worth using,not cuts and gives a clean shave,I took it to a barber and he was amused and happy to use it.

3. BLUEBIRD Single Edge Razor Blades

BLUEBIRD Single Edge Razor BladesView On Amazon

BLUEBIRD single razor blades effectively bridge the gap between ultra-sharp spring blades and buttery smooth Derby. It has the right amount of sharpness to wipe away the coarse and tight beard, ideal for people with beautiful hair and moderately sensitive skin. It can also be appropriately shaved unless you have super rough and thick hair.

Another aspect that makes these blades worth every penny is the ability to hold edges. Although some of the most expensive blades on the market lose their sharpness after a maximum of 2 shaves, they can comfortably handle 3-4 shaves (only applicable to thin hair).

You can also use it to shape your beard and to update the sideburns, moustache and goatee. The blades bend well and can, therefore, glide smoothly over the ever-changing contours of your face.

If you want a nice and tight shave every day, these blades are worth buying. You do not want something heavy work done to clean short / medium, non-coarse stubble. Make sure you prepare your face well before shaving for optimum results.

Apply a thick layer of foam with a brush and apply gentle movements — the less pressure you put, the better. Always shave the grain to prevent discomfort, licking and burns.

The blades are economical and also last longer than I thought. The quality of shaving that you experience for this price is incredible. Recommended for people who have to shave regularly.

Key Features
  • BLUEBIRD professional stainless steel blades with one edge fit all razors with straight / barber
  • Suitable for all razor blades with throat / shavette type including shaving factory, dovo, focus, parker
  • The package contains 100 professional BLUEBIRD blades
  • Each blade is individually packed!
  • Extremely sharp and durable

Customer Reviews
19 Reviews

Avatar Steve Hall

Steve Hall

The package says single edge, read thecdescriptio

These are NOT double sided safety razor blades. They are single-sided blades. I have used them in my safety razor but you have to be very careful to load them straight as there is some slack. I still give them high marks because I get an excellent shave. I just didn't read the description properly.

4. 100 7 AM HI- PLATINUM Straight E100 Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades

100 7 AM HI- PLATINUM Straight E100 Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor BladesView On Amazon

The 7 AM Hi-Platinum is another quality competitor. They have more than 100 reviews with a 4-star rating.

These blades are platinum coated so that they shave smoothly and have excellent durability. On. ~ $ .13 per razor, these are some of the more expensive blades, but you usually get what you pay for.

When we say that we are expensive, we are only talking about a few cents, so it is not a big difference in actual dollars.

These 7 AMs are known for their sharpness and can offer a smoother shave with possibly fewer passes than some of the other blades.

Based on the ratings, these blades can be right for you if you have rough skin or thick beards, because their durability remains during shaving.

This also allows you to shave smoothly when other blades or shavers do not have this.

Most complaints are guys who didn’t like these magazines and preferred others. Remember that your mileage may vary, so although these are great for most guys, they don’t work for everyone.

Others considered this for Gillette’s seven clock blades and were disappointed.

In general, these seem to please most users and should be a decent blade.

Key Features
  • Platinum coated for smooth shaving and durability
  • Made from steel from Sweden
  • Excellent in Parker, Merkur, Gillette and all other new and vintage double-sided safety razors
  • Fantastic value – Buy in bulk and save a lot!

Customer Reviews
133 Reviews

Avatar Vinny


great valeu and great product

If you are looking to save a lot of money and get the best shave this is the razor blades you may want to buy. Got this with the Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor and I will never buy another Mach 3 razor. I had my doubt that this would be a mess since I have very sensitive skin, but it actually made my shave much better and no mess. And after 2-3 shaves you will feel like a pro. And the best benefit is the money you will save. I tried other blades but this one is ...

5. Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Razor Blades

Feather FHS-10 Single Edge Razor BladesView On Amazon

If you now want the sharpest razor blades in the world, Feather must be your favourite brand. These guys make the most stylish razor blades to give you the best shaving experience. These blades are designed for both vintage-style valet shavers and modern OneBlade shavers.

Made in Japan, these stainless steel blades are coated with a layer of platinum and PTFE for optimum sharpness and long service life. However, sharpness is not the only thing that these blades offer with straight edges.

It also has a noticeably silky quality that allows the blade to contour very well in the curves of the face.

The safest and most effective way to shave is not to put any downward pressure on your skin… Only one or two light strokes will shorten your beard to the last centimetre, giving you a velvety face.

Areas under the nose and lower lip are generally the most difficult places to shave. It is challenging to get a smooth shave on those areas with mild blades. Feather blades are one of those rare single-sided blades that work like a charm in these problematic places.

For a quick, smooth and efficient shave you need a lot of shaving cream and a quality brush to foam it in properly.

The more foam you use, the smaller the risk that your face will look inside. I would also recommend using pre-shave oil if you have an extremely coarse beard.

If you have solid shaving skills and prepare your face well, the result will be great. These blades can give an excellent finish. It is also useful for sketching the upper lip, chin line and sideburns for professional care.

Key Features
  • Contains six-packs of 10 FHS-10 razor blades (60 in total)
  • Hello stainless steel, platinum and PTFE coating
  • Compatible with OneBlade Razor (GENESIS and CORE models)
  • Ultra-sharp yet super comfortable and durable (Thickness 0.23 mm)
  • Made by Feather of Japan

Customer Reviews
228 Reviews

Avatar cody w henry

cody w henry


Good Value

6. Sharp Hi-Chromium Stainless Straight Edge Barber Razor Blades

Sharp Hi-Chromium Stainless Straight Edge Barber Razor BladesView On Amazon

Sharp, durable, smooth, and fuel-efficient – these are the high-Chrome blades offer everything you’re looking for. However, with all of the other magazines on this list. So what makes this one special:

It was a short, straight-blade razor, the right amount of foods to cut out of the harsh media, but it’s smooth enough for you to keep track of your skin irritation-free. Not as sharp as a Feather or a Shark Blades are not as soft as the Derby. But it’s still very, very good for the price, and You can, t shave for more than two or three times with it.

However, you’ll still get the full value for your money when 100 sheets are included in the package.

It may cost a bit more than spider-man, which is great because it is the handles are rough, the beard is much, much better.

If you have purchased a box on an average day, and you should have noticed that not all the pages have the same sharpness or edge retention ability. The first 10 to 20 sheets, it would be great to have, but the rest of it is practically useless.

To the best of my knowledge, this has not been the case with the Sharp Hi-Chromium. Each one is individually wrapped blade, and it does what it says it will. You will get the closest possible shave, with three-to-four-effectively. That’s all you need to get a razor blade, either way!

Key Features
  • The Barbershop Quality Blades at an affordable price, and Coated with PTFE (aka Teflon), for a smooth shave and blade durability
  • Pre-Cut to ensure a precise fit in Barber and Shavette razor Blades
  • Perfect all of the brands of Shavette Razor such as the Parker SR1, Parker SRW, etc., etc.
  • 100 blades per box, individually packed

Customer Reviews
94 Reviews

Avatar Philip McCoy

Philip McCoy

I love this product

I love this product, it is much better then the Shark Super Stainless Razor's, because when you unwrap the razor it does not have the wax holding the razor and the paper together like the Shark Razor's do.

7. Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades

Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor BladesView On Amazon

Like the previous blades, the Perma-Sharp edges are of a higher quality and ensure a comfortable, smooth shave with a blade that does not get boring quickly.

They come in a package of 100, priced at around 12 dollars. Extreme comfort can be attributed to the Teflon coating of each blade, and known as extraordinarily sharp and are often used by many hairdressers.

Everyone who tried this product was delighted and generally found the blade durable, extremely sharp and comfortable. Some claimed they were even more intelligent than the Derby blades, and said they had (zero tuggers and traits).

These blades are not only of very high quality, but they are also very cheap.

Key Features
  • 100 individually packaged in half-sheets PTFE A Teflon-coated is Very sharp!
  • An exceptionally smooth shave

Customer Reviews
58 Reviews

Avatar Maria G.

Maria G.

Maravilloso producto

Perma Sharp es una hoja de afeitar de gran calidad y a un buen precio.

8. Personna Shaper Blades

Personna Shaper BladesView On Amazon

These higher quality blades, priced at eight dollars for a package of 10, offer one of the most reassuring shaves on the market. The makers of these blades provide a very vague product description because their performance says everything.

Almost every customer was very impressed with these blades and said that they were not only sharp but also offered an extremely reassuring, comfortable shave.

Some customers have warned to be very careful with these blades because they are ridiculously sharp. Not only do they give a reassuring smooth shave, but they are also very slow to be boring, where a customer claims to get a fantastic seven to 10 shaves from a single blade.

If there is a disadvantage to these blades, it is that they are incredibly sharp.

The saying (you get what you pay for) seems to be very real for this brand of blades.

Personna Shaper magazines are highly recommended for both novice and experienced users. Without a doubt, these are one of the best razor blades available.

Key Features
  • Two packages of 5
  • Perfect for shaping and shaving
  • Made in the United States

Customer Reviews
1,611 Reviews

Avatar Mike Chase

Mike Chase

Quarantine replacement

With the supply stores closed it was nice to find the replacement blades I needed online. Thank you for having them at a reasonable price.

9. Variety Pack

Variety PackView On Amazon

If you are confused right now, one of the best things you can do is try a variety pack. This comes with three packs of 100, others offer more variety, but you have to click on the blades yourself because they are like double-edged blades.

They are supplied with the Shark Super Stainless, Perma-Sharp and Sharp blades although at least one person received the 7 AM sheets instead of the Sharp.

Many hairdressers like this package because of the number of shavers you get for such a low price.

This package does not have many reviews but currently does not have one or 2-star reviews.

Again, this can be a great starter package to try different blades at the same time, but it may be better to have more variation and less of each.

With 100 of each blade, it can take a while to get through each edge unless you replace the blade after every shave. And if you do not like a species, you are bound to it.

However, this can be a great package to continue with some friends.

Key Features
  • 300 blades for use in barber razors and shavettes that is 1/2 of a double edge blade
  • Half-blades have been perfectly cut to ensure perfect alignment of the razor
  • 100 of Every of the Sharp, Shark-and-7.m is the half of it. Sheets.
  • Each blade is individually packaged into Each of these pages can be used for many of our barbershops and shave spa clientele!

Customer Reviews
56 Reviews

Avatar Phil


Perfect for Razorock Eco

Great price point. Sharks pair well with my razor. Looking forward to trying the others.

Why do you have to replace the blade after every shaving session:

Not replacing the razor blade from time to time is one of the biggest shaving mistakes you can make.

You must remember that the blade gradually loses its sharpness with every shave. I can’t tell you the right time to change your blades.

You will have to figure it out yourself.

There are a few clear signs that indicate when it is high time to replace the blade, such as:

  • The blade no longer cuts smoothly.
  • You exert extra pressure for a smooth shave.
  • The blade causes wounds and shaving burns.
  • You feel pulling and pulling while shaving.

Most razor blades with a single edge are built to last 2-3 shaves. Do yourself a favour. Do not attempt to extend the service life by force. A blunt blade is the leading cause of skin problems after shaving, such as bumps, burns and naturally painful cuts.

Although you can get as many as 4-5 shaves per blade on a thin beard, you must replace the edges after two shaves if you have a very thick, dark and coarse beard.

Disposable Straight Razor Versus Straight Razor

The great thing about these shavettes that use the disposable blades is that there is virtually no maintenance like when you have a fixed straight razor.

Now, of course, you don’t have to buy refills with a fixed knife, but the blades are usually less than $ .10 apiece.

But with the disposable blades, you don’t have to buy whetstones and strops to maintain your knife regularly. If it starts to get boring, throw it away and put a new one in it.

Although many men are proud of their razor blades, so you can enjoy it.

However, a shavette can be a great way to wet your feet and test the water.


As we said before, every beard and skin type are different, so maybe you should try a few best straight razor blades to find the perfect shave.

In general, people get what they pay for. Those who are new to using razor blades should use the more expensive, higher quality blades to prevent unwanted cuts.

If you are not bothered by skin irritation, you may want to lean on a sharper knife because they are more efficient.

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