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Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: the Beginner’s Guide to a Smooth Shave (2024)

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edwin jagger de89 reviewAs you explore the wet shaving world, the Edwin Jagger DE89 stands out as a top-tier safety razor. Its Zamak alloy head delivers durability and affordability, with replacement options readily available. The mild aggression level makes it beginner-friendly, allowing you to master proper technique over time.

At a modest price point, this razor offers exceptional value – with various handle options and inexpensive replacement parts. Featuring a classic closed-comb design and a corrosion-resistant chrome finish, the DE89 promises decades of smooth, effortless shaves with proper care.

This versatile, budget-friendly razor has earned its reputation as a go-to pick for those seeking to elevate their shaving experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Edwin Jagger DE89 is crafted from a durable Zamak alloy head, providing affordability and corrosion resistance, with readily available replacement options.
  • The razor’s mild aggression level makes it beginner-friendly, allowing users to develop proper technique over time for smooth, irritation-free shaves.
  • With a modest price point, customizable handle options, and affordable replacement parts, the DE89 offers exceptional value and versatility.
  • The DE89 has earned a reputation as a top-tier safety razor, praised for its classic design, smooth shaving performance, and suitability for both novice and experienced wet shavers.

Edwin Jagger DE89: Overview

Edwin Jagger DE89: Overview
You’re considering the Edwin Jagger DE89, a top-tier safety razor from a respected British brand.

Known for corrosion resistance and excellent customer service, this beginner-friendly razor adapts to different blades and shaving styles.

Its classic design and smooth shave make it a go-to for many, especially those new to the art.

With various handle options offering a secure grip, the DE89 is an adaptable and forgiving companion on your journey to mastering the perfect shave.

Head Material and Corrosion

Head Material and Corrosion
The Edwin Jagger DE89’s head is crafted from Zamak, a zinc alloy prized for its affordability and weight, though it can corrode over time with mishandling or exposure. Fortunately, replacement heads are readily available, ensuring your DE89 remains a trusty daily shaver, delivering exceptional value through diligent maintenance.

Zamak Composition

You’ll find the Edwin Jagger DE89 has a zamak alloy head – a robust zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper blend prized for its durability. While zamak isn’t corrosion-proof, proper maintenance like drying thoroughly after use helps prevent issues. Explore zamak’s smooth finish options and enjoy the ideal 0.71mm blade gap for a consistently close, comfortable shave.

Replacement Heads Available

  • Cost-effective longevity
  • Personalization through handle swaps
  • Peace of mind for your investment
With proper care and occasional head replacements, the DE89 can provide a lifetime of smooth, comfortable shaves.

Mildness and Technique

Mildness and Technique
The Edwin Jagger DE89’s mildness might require patience to master, but it rewards proper technique with incredibly smooth, irritation-free shaves. While suitable for beginners due to its adaptability and forgiveness, experienced shavers can appreciate the DE89’s ability to deliver consistent, baby-butt-smooth results when wielded with finesse.

Patience Required

While the DE89’s mildness rewards proper technique, it requires patience to master. Develop your shaving form, gripping the weighty razor comfortably as you angle the blade exposure through a rich soap lather. Experience teaches the ideal shaving angle, but stick with it—practice sculpts an effortless routine.

Patience Form Results
Persist through early frustrations Develop good habits Smooth, comfortable shaves
Learn from growing pains Weight, angle, grip Consistently close results
Don’t quit prematurely Lather, pressure, passes Improved technique over time

Suitable for Beginners

As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the DE89’s mild aggression and forgiving safety bar for smooth, nick-free strokes. Its beginner-friendly design is ideal for sensitive skin, with:

  • Mild yet efficient closed comb head
  • Generous blade exposure for a close shave
  • Comfortable, stable handle for control

Among budget safety razors, the Edwin Jagger DE89 stands out as a top 3-piece pick for novice wet shavers. Its mild aggressiveness allows you to hone your technique without excessive blade feel.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
The Edwin Jagger DE89 is modestly priced, making it an attractive option for those on a budget or starting their wet shaving journey. With various handle options available and inexpensive replacement parts, it offers excellent value for money, ensuring you can maintain and customize your shaving experience without breaking the bank.

Modestly Priced

You’ll be pleased to know the DE89 offers exceptional value for money. As a modestly priced starter razor, it delivers smooth shaves without breaking the bank. Check out these options:

Razor Cost Description
Edwin Jagger DE89 $30 The beginner’s classic
Merkur 23C $25 Budget-friendly quality
Parker 99R $28 Affordable and mild

With its friendly cost and impressive performance, the DE89 is an ideal entry into wet shaving.

Handle Options

When selecting your DE89, you’ll have knurling options for grip preferences: smooth chrome, lined chrome, or 3D diamond.

Consider wet shaving conditions – the chrome finish may lack traction.

Handle materials like brass provide enhanced grip.

Diameters and lengths vary for ideal control and care based on hand size and who’s utilizing this suitable beginner’s razor akin to other safety razors.

Replacement Parts

Besides being affordable, the Edwin Jagger DE89’s replacement parts are widely available, ensuring you can keep your razor in top condition. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum handles offer durability, while the 3one6 and chrome-finished heads provide adaptability for your preferred blades. This affordability and accessibility make maintaining your DE89 a breeze.

Design and Functionality

Design and Functionality
The Edwin Jagger DE89 epitomizes classic shaving aesthetics with its timeless closed comb head design and chrome-plated finish. Its sturdy construction and precision engineering deliver a smooth, comfortable shave while requiring minimal maintenance, making it a durable and dependable choice for both novice and experienced wet shavers.

Classic Aesthetics

With its sleek lines and timeless style, the DE89 exudes classic design and vintage appeal. Its ergonomic shape feels sculpted by traditional craftsmanship, seamlessly blending:

  1. Polished chrome head
  2. Textured handle knurling
  3. Balanced weight distribution
  4. Coarse facial hair-conquering scalloped comb

This razor’s aesthetics evoke a sense of mastery, hinting at the smooth shaves awaiting those willing to learn its ways.

Smooth Shaving Experience

The EJ89’s scalloped closed comb guides hair for an effortless shave. Its fixed 0.71mm blade gap and generous sweet spot keep the ideal blade angle, delivering a perfectly balanced shave – nimble yet forgiving. The chrome finish may lack grip when wet, but it’s a small trade-off for such a smooth, comfortable, and precise shave.

Durability and Maintenance

The DE89’s durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance. Its chrome finish wards off corrosion, and the razor disassembles easily for thorough cleaning.

Simply rinse under warm water, wipe down, and you’re good to go. With proper care, this razor will provide decades of smooth, effortless shaves.

Edwin Jagger also backs the DE89 with a generous warranty for your peace of mind.

Popularity and Recognition

Popularity and Recognition
The Edwin Jagger DE89 has garnered widespread praise from users, cementing its reputation as one of the best non-adjustable DE razors on the market. Its beginner-friendly nature and affordable price point have made it a popular choice for those new to safety razor shaving.

User Praise

You’ll find the Edwin Jagger DE89 is one of the most widely praised razors on the market. Its exceptional build quality is a common highlight, with users raving about its durable yet lightweight construction. And despite its mild aggression level, many experience a clean, comfortable shave – perfect for those just starting their DE journey.

Beginner-Friendly Reputation

Given the Edwin Jagger DE89’s reputation as the quintessential beginner’s DE razor, it’s no wonder why shavers just starting their double-edge journey flock to this reliable workhorse. Its forgiving nature, mild aggressiveness, and smooth shave make it an ideal introductory razor for those looking to:

  • Master the fundamentals of DE shaving
  • Develop proper technique at a comfortable pace
  • Experience the benefits of a close, irritation-free shave
  • Commence from cartridge razors with confidence
  • Venture on their wet shaving odyssey without trepidation

Aggressiveness and Performance

Aggressiveness and Performance
The Jagger DE89’s mild aggression level makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced shavers alike. While it may be slightly more aggressive than the Gillette Fat Handle Tech, the DE89 still delivers a smooth and comfortable shave.

Mild Aggression Level

The EJ89 offers a mild, forgiving aggressiveness that suits both beginners and experienced shavers. Its scalloped closed comb design gently guides facial hair into the blade, allowing precise angle maintenance for a smooth, comfortable shave. Whether you have sensitive skin or a thick beard, the EJ89 adapts to your unique shaving style and blade preferences.

Shaving Styles Blade Choice Angle Maintenance
Flexible Adaptable Easy
Comfortable Varied Intuitive

The EJ89 strikes a balance between efficiency and gentleness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a mild, yet satisfying shave.

Gillette Fat Handle Tech Comparison

Compared to the iconic Gillette Fat Handle Tech, the EJ89’s head provides a milder yet efficient shave. While both offer impressive blade alignment for a close shave, the EJ89’s handle weight and closed-comb design make it slightly more forgiving, especially for those new to open-comb razor heads. However, the Tech’s open comb excels with coarser growth.

User Experiences

User Experiences
Some users find the Edwin Jagger DE89 too mild for heavy beards, requiring multiple passes for a close shave. However, others praise its exceptional build quality, allowing them to achieve a baby’s bottom smooth (BBS) shave with proper technique and four careful passes.

Varying Beard Density Suitability

Depending on your beard type and skin sensitivity, you’ll discover the EJ89’s suitability. Dense beards may find it lacking aggression, while sensitive types revel in its mildness. Refine your shaving style and blade selection; with patience, proper technique elevates the EJ89’s performance, delivering a smooth, comfortable shave for most daily users.

Build Quality Appreciation

While some question the EJ89’s mildness for dense beards, you can’t deny its exceptional build quality. The brass threaded post and Zamak head scream quality construction, suitable for beginners and experts alike. Plus, the brand’s excellent customer service guarantees you get great value for money with their adaptable replacement parts and blades.

Alternatives and Upgrades

Alternatives and Upgrades
If you’re seeking alternatives to the Edwin Jagger DE89 or potential upgrades, consider the Merkur 37C slant bar or the Muhle R89.

These razors offer a different shaving experience while maintaining the quality and precision you expect.

Vintage Gillette razors like the New, Fatboy, or adjustable models such as the Merkur HD, Futur, and Progress are also popular options.

These razors provide a range of aggressiveness levels to explore.

Merkur and Muhle Options

If the mild aggressiveness of the Edwin Jagger DE89 isn’t quite enough, consider upgrading to the Merkur 34C or Muhle R89. These razors offer a slightly more aggressive shave with their beveled heads and adjustable design. You’ll feel the extra heft and improved grip with their distinctive knurling patterns. Plus, the heads can be easily swapped between models.

Vintage Gillette Razors

If classic style is more your speed, consider vintage Gillette razors. These iconic designs from yesteryear offer a taste of shaving history. From the sleek Slim Adjustable to the legendary Super Speed, you’ll find a range of blade compatibility, patina development, and collector value. Embrace the historical significance of these timeless shavers.

Handle Choices

Handle Choices
As you peruse the handle options for the Edwin Jagger DE89, you’ll find several distinct designs to choose from. The Georgian style offers a classic look, while the fluted handle provides better weight and balance – and the Bull Mastiff Deluxe is a particularly popular choice among users.

Georgian Style

For a classically refined look, the Georgian handle of the EJ89 razor captures the essence of an English sports car. Its knurled chrome finish provides a secure, confident grip, while the streamlined handle length suits most hand sizes. This stately design is a perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless elegance in their shaving experience.

  • Elegant Georgian styling evokes classic British craftsmanship
  • Knurled chrome grip offers reliable traction in wet conditions
  • Balanced handle length accommodates a variety of hand sizes
  • Streamlined profile exudes a sense of sophistication

Fluted Design

If the classic Georgian style handle doesn’t quite fit your hand, the fluted design could be the perfect handle for you. The knurled grip provides an excellent, secure feel while the ergonomic shape and weight distribution lend a comfortable, balanced grip. This versatile handle option allows you to find your ideal shave.

Bull Mastiff Deluxe

The Bull Mastiff Deluxe handle is a popular pick for the EJ89 razor, providing a more substantial and customized hold. Its distinctive shape affords excellent balance and control, while the varied knurling patterns – from smooth chrome to 3D diamond – let you choose the grip texture that suits your shaving style best. The durable finish vouchsafes long-lasting performance, making this handle a great upgrade for the discerning shaver.

  • Ergonomic handle shape for superb balance and control
  • Knurled pattern options for personalized grip comfort
  • Smooth chrome or textured 3D diamond finishes available
  • Sturdy construction delivers long-lasting use
  • Ideal for customizing the EJ89 to your preferences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the DE89 compare to Merkur razors?

Crafty Merkur razors captivate connoisseurs, crafting crisp, clean cuts. Whereas the polished EJ89 pampers with peerless performance, promoting pleasing, prudent precision – perfect for purist pairings, promising pampering without pesky problems.

Can the DE89 be used with shaving creams/soaps?

Absolutely, the DE89 is designed to work seamlessly with all shaving creams and soaps. Its mild and forgiving nature allows you to enjoy a smooth, irritation-free shave no matter your choice of lathering product.

What is the ideal blade angle for the DE89?

My friend, the ideal blade angle for the DE89 is a perfect 30 degrees – not too steep, not too shallow. With a bit of practice, you’ll be carving through your stubble like a hot knife through butter.

How long does the DE89 last before needing replacement?

The DE89 razor’s lifespan depends on your shaving frequency and technique. With proper care and rotation of blades, you can expect it to serve you faithfully for years. Just replace the blade as needed for a consistently close, comfortable shave.

Can the DE89 be used for head shaving?

You bet the DE89 can handle head shaving! Its mild, forgiving blade gap and sturdy safety bar make it a great option for those seeking a smooth, nick-free scalp shave. Just take your time and let the razor do the work.


Envision yourself gliding effortlessly through each stroke, relishing the smooth, comfortable shave the Edwin Jagger DE89 provides. This beginner-friendly safety razor’s mild aggression level and durable Zamak alloy construction make it an excellent choice to elevate your shaving routine.

With a modest price point, customizable handle options, and readily available replacement parts, the DE89 delivers exceptional value – solidifying its status as a go-to pick for those seeking a refined, cost-effective wet shaving experience.

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