10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin Perfect Shave

Searching for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin is not an easy task. It is similar to locating the Holy Grail.

10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive SkinMoreover, there are no exact criteria that we can use to distinguish the best double-sided razor that works well on all our skin type.

Still, it is possible to get what works well on your skin, and With countless companies participating in the bandwagon, it has become even more challenging to understand what works better for your skin.

Many men have no idea how to shave with the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin or think it’s old-fashioned.

Despite all the advances in disposable razors, everyone has become accustomed to the fact that shaving with double edge razors has found a way to come back and is now becoming a top-rated men’s shaving option!

In this post, we will look at what we think are the ten best safety razor blades for sensitive skin, while also providing you with information that will help you choose the right one for you and how you can safely place it in your shaver.

Top 5 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin (Quick Summary)

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count
  • Extremely sharp
  • The knife is perfect for thicker hair
  • Platinum Coating extends the life of each blade
3,215 Customer Reviews
Astra Platinum Double Edge SafetyAstra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades ,100 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sharp enough to handle a wide range of hair types
6,760 Customer Reviews
Shark Double Edge Safety RazorShark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome, 100 Count
  • Mild Cut is great for head, body and face
  • Crazy cheap price
  • Also great for starting shavers
828 Customer Reviews
Wilkinson Sword Classic Double EdgeWilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades - 100 Ct
  • 100 double-sided safety razors
  • Imported from Germany
862 Customer Reviews
100 7 O'clock Super Stainless100 7 O'clock Super Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
  • Mid-Range Between Mild and Aggressive Cut
  • Mid-Range Product Life Span
  • Guaranteed quality from the market leader
229 Customer Reviews
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Things To Consider When Buying Safety Razor Blades

Safety Razor Blades

Before we discuss our best safety razor blades for sensitive skin reviews, in this first part, we will list the features that you should keep in mind when buying safety razor blades.

1-Hair type

What you should pay attention to when picking your best safety razors blades is how thick your hair is.

If you have very thick or rough hair, you may need a more aggressive shaving head.

A sharper blade is probably the only style that gives you a good feeling about this kind of facial hair.

Also, consider how often you shave.

If you leave it for a few days between shaves, you may need a more aggressive blade, because you may need that extra sharpness to handle long hair.

On the other hand, if you don’t have thick or coarse facial hair, a soft blade might be all you need.

2-Skill Level

Although the learning curve for a safety razor is not as steep as with a razor, it takes some getting used to if you are used to shaving with a blade, or are entirely new to shaving.

That said, it’s best to start with less aggressive blades while you’ve mastered the shave. It takes time to learn how much pressure you can put on the shaving head without irritating, cutting or irritating your skin.

3-Shaves with a blade

This is quite a hot topic for debate.
As hot as a debate about razor blades can come.

To a certain extent, and we come out below, the life of a safety razor is a personal matter.

For example, some people only use super sharp blades.

They often throw a blade away after a single use to ensure that they only use fresh and sharp edges for every shave.

Other people will think this is madness!

The only thing we are talking about here is the total lifespan of the razor.

Some are frankly more difficult than others, with a few blades on our list that are good for up to ten shaves.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 03/02/2020 17:20 PM

Others are worn out after two or three.

This can also influence the value of the blade.

If you drop 30 cents on a blade, you have the right to expect that it will take a few more shaves than a cent of 15 cents.

10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin Of 2020

If you are like many men, you will have to deal with shaving bumps and their effects every time you shave. Sensitive skin makes for a problematic shave, but buying the best shavers for your skin can save your pain and shame (no more red bumps!).

To solve this problem, it is essential to find the right tools for skincare and shaving. Different types of razor blades function differently, and each brand offers various functions. Selecting the best that works for you can be difficult, and for many men choosing the right blade can be a big job.

It is important to remember that no two blades are the same; it’s about finding the right blade for your skin, and this review helps you with that. These are some of the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin currently on the market.

1-Feather Hi-stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

These were made in Japan by The Feather Company, with enormous precision. They do everything to make these sheets as sharp as possible. They are one of the sharpest blades on the market for a smooth shave.

The same process and technology used to make the surgical sheets are used to make feather sheets. Professional surgeons rely on these sheets daily with the lives of people during the operation and have to tell you about the quality of the blade and the confidence.

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count
These sheets also fit into any double edge safety razor. What makes the DE-blades among the top performers is that they are halo-stainless with platinum covered to a fraction of a millimetre for a smooth shave. A little practice may be necessary if you are not used to this way of shaving. Can be used in a few days of growth and can not be easily anaesthetised.

Feather Hi-stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 1

Feather Blades Are My Favorite

So, if you come from cheap plastic disposable razors or even from another De-brand springs, you’ll find a pleasant surprise when using these sheets when you’re super smooth shave.

Since these bad guys like to, I’ll throw away a warning for your new razors. I found this very aggressive with my packer 99r, which has a full leaf opening.

It is a heavyweight safety razor with a handle. So I pressed the same pressure that I used with my brand elongated shaver. That ended in a few more nicks that I wanted. Yes, beginners, even the experienced boys, are crazy. ?

Anyway, I had to relieve my stroke and change my technique a bit on the jawline, so that the blade angle was not so aggressive to prevent it. However, I do not have this problem with my Merkur handle with a long handle.

  • Extremely sharp
  • The knife is perfect for thicker hair
  • Platinum Coating extends the life of each blade
  • Expensive

Questions & Answers

When you put them in the razor does it matter which side is up? Just learning to use the Merkur 180. Do the blades go in with a certain side facing up?

No, there is no difference. The sides are the same. Both ways are fine. To enjoy!

Are the blades that are currently being shipped 'platinum coated' or are they the non-coated ones?

All Feather razor blades are platinum coated, regardless of the color of their packaging.

How many shaves do you get per blade?

My beard is really natural. I get 3-4 shaves before it starts to feel like normal blades

What does the discription mean by one pack of yellow blades?

There are 5 blades in one package. The package that I refer is the cartridge.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Feather Double Edge Blades, 50


The feather leaves are fantastic and super sharp. Some say they are too expensive compared to other double-edged blades, but you really have to consider where most of us came from before heading towards the double-edged route: the cartridges. When you consider that, they look incredibly cheap! I started double-edged shaving with a pack of 10 different blades, 50 blades in total. I went through about 30 of them before going back to try the Feather blades for another round. They work very well, they do not cause any irritation in my case and I have never had a bad blade in my last year since I used only Feather sheets. Bonus added: Feather packages come with a slot in the back of each container to dispose of your used blades, so there is no worry of risking cutting someone or yourself when you try to throw them away. It is very simple, but it is a great advantage for each individual package. Each package comes with 10 individually wrapped blades.

3,215 Customer Reviews

2-Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Quality is king, but what does it matter if it does not last long? Certainly not as good as it could be and the question is relevant for our discussion of razor blades.

A high-quality razor blade is just that high quality, but if you have to change it every few days, the condition can be exacerbated by aggravation.

This does not apply to Astra Platinum blades with a double border.

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Astra Platinum is not just at the top of the list when it comes to the best razor blades in any category, and they are also incredibly durable. There is no reason why you can not get ten shaves from each leaf, although the thickness of your facial hair affects the durability. When it comes to safety shavers, it is difficult to beat the ¦…€œteam of Astra Platinum.

The Astra Platinum blades have initially been made in the Czech Republic before being purchased by Gillette in 1996. Gillette moved the Astra production to Russia, where they have been made. They have also been the subject of thousands of comments about Amazon while maintaining an almost 5-star rating. Gillette is doing something right with this product.

Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 1Let’s look at some of the reasons why Astra Platinum magazines produce so many positive reviews:


These are some of the sharpest safety louvres you will find. As said, their sharpness lasts long before it gets boring, and you have to jump into another blade. Some reviewers even talked about the fact that the edge was still as sharp on the seventh or eighth shave as in the first.

Smooth Shave

Many reviewers commented on the superior smoothness of shaving with Astra Platinum blades compared to other double-sided razors. Although the edges are sharp and can cause scratches and cuts if you are not careful (again, which leaves do not), they also offer a clean shave with less irritation than other blades. Some even claim that they are the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin.


Astra Platinum DE safety shavers are surprisingly cheap for how good they are. They only cost about a dime per blade when you buy the 100-pack, which is a great bargain that keeps you in edges far into the near future.

The standard package comes with five blades. Each blade is packaged in greaseproof paper.

  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sharp enough to handle a wide range of hair types
  • Not ideal for beginners

Questions & Answers

I am confused... does the 1 count size contain 100 blades?

Yes, 1 package contains 100 blades (5 small packages x 20 blades 100 blades)

How do you dispose these blades safely?

You can find knife waste bins here on Amazon, or in many other places. Veer makes a very popular one. Alternatively, many people will use a can with a hole at the top and simply recycle the entire can when it is full.

Are these razors cruelty free?

No, they are very sharp.

Are these just the razors? or do they come with a handle as well (to hold while shaving)?

These are just the razor blades. Handles are purchased separately or as part of a set. I have purchased the Parker 96R. It was around $ 30.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety

Jared - Mr Everything

I recently started talking about wetshaving earlier this year and I've been using the Van Der Hagen blades that come with the safety razor, but you only get 5, so I looked for a box of quality blades and these seem to be the best offer what can you get Among other brands, Astras seem to be among the best in quality and sharpness and, supposedly, are among People and Feathers, so I thought they would be the best means to use as a wetshaver for beginners. Elegant box that does not occupy much space and has a perforated opening where you can take out a small box of 5 blades at a time. After the inspection, they are practically the same as the Van Der Hagens. Same size, no defects, and the logo and writing are printed very well. However, I noticed immediately that these Astra blades have a blade edge noticeably smaller than the Van Der Hagen. By that I mean the actual cutting area that has the shape and sharpening of a machine, so I was wondering if that would make the shaving feel different. In fact, there is a difference between these two blades, so I wonder if that is the reason. I noticed that these Astras feel less aggressive than the Van Der Hagens and can give an additional pass in some places to take the grain to the place where the Van Der Hagens normally do it. Personally I prefer the more aggressive feeling of Van Der Hagens because I can feel better the blade cutting against my skin to get an idea of ​​how much I'm cutting the hairs and how soft my skin is becoming. However, I do not have sensitive skin, so most people would probably prefer a less aggressive blade. Fortunately, the final result with these Astra blades is the same, a very close and comfortable shave. I am a little surprised by how sharp people say that these blades indicate that Van Der Hagens would be more aggressive (however, since I am new to all these blades, aggression does not translate into sharpness but into something opaque). With Astras I ends with fewer cuts in the lumps or pimples and fewer red spots. Since they do not seem to have as much cutting power, I might have to make an additional pass or a different angle to get all the grain in certain areas, however, if I tried it with the Van Der Hagens, I would cut almost all of the time, so I prefer these for "safer" shaving. I have about 3 to 4 shaves per blade, but that will probably be reduced to the amount of facial hair and personal preferences. I also like how there are numbers on the sheet (1 and 2 on one side, 3 and 4 on the other) so for people who like to flip the sheet after each shave, you will always know which side is what. I will include images of the packaging, the sheet itself and a comparison with a Van Der Hagen sheet. Since the packaging of the blades does not come with a used blade dispenser, I used an old plastic rubber container that I widened with a knife for a safe, quiet and economical way of storing the used blades. Although I like the feeling of the Van Der Hagen blades and will probably experiment with other blades in the future, I really like these Astra blades because I shave a lot every time and almost never have cuts and if I do they are much smaller than that I get with the Van Der Hagens. Not to mention that the Van Der Hagens have a ridiculous price per blade compared to the 100 Astra blades you get for about 10 cents each! In general, I think these are the best quality sheets you can get for the price and they will pair very well with the Van Der Hagen butterfly knife instead of using your more expensive and more aggressive blades, especially if you are a beginner with this as your first double. razor

6,760 Customer Reviews

3-Shark Safety Razor Blades

Then we have a high all-around blade. It gives a much softer cut, which means it is excellent for both beginners and men who want an edge with versatility.

After a few blades that were sanded by samurai warriors, it is helpful to bring an edge with a mild cut.

Do not think that mild means that this razor is not sharp, as if it was made from Play-Dough or something.

It’s still pretty sharp.

But it’s not as sharp as a blade with an aggressive cut.

This is very useful for a few reasons.

First of all, this is a top-quality blade that is perfect for anyone who has no experience with the use of a safety razor.

Shark Safety Razor Blades 1This is still a razor, so you still have to be careful.

But it will still be much more forgiving of technological mistakes.

That means that if you’ve just picked up your first shaver, combing like Shark’s can help keep dents and cuts under control while you learn your technique.

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Because it is mild, it is also great for use on the rest of your body.

Not necessarily because that skin is softer – although that depends on what you’re shaving – but because you can’t always see where you’re cutting.

For example, if you shave your head in the shower, it is good to know that the blade is milder, so you can shave with less fear of cuts.

Without a platinum coating, these sheets will not last as long as some others on our list.

They are cheap, so they are unlikely to put a big dent in your wallet by buying a few extra sheets.

  • Mild Cut is great for head, body and face
  • Crazy cheap price
  • Also great for starting shavers
  • Not the sharpest blade in the world

Questions & Answers

How do you get the razors out of the pack?!

It's a bit of a challenge but you have to push down on the razors a little to line them up,just perfectly. Manufacturer could have made the slot just a hair bigger.

Are the Shark super chrome blades different than the Shark stainless blades?

Absolutely, in my opinion, they last longer in terms of use compared to the stainless...and maintain their sharpness for even a longer duration, and are less edgy than the stainless as they start to wear.

What's the proper way to dispose of these blades to prevent someone from getting cut accidentally?

Slide the used blade into the slot on the back of the dispenser and when full dispose of in the trash - that's what the dispenser is designed for-eh!!

How agressive are they??

If you ask if they are more likely than most knives cause cuts or nicks, I would say no. But the "aggressiveness" depends on more than the knife. My beard is not particularly tough or thick. I also use a Merkur razor model that is not known to be too aggressive against razor blades. The angle of the blade in the razor and the amount of blade that is accessible to the face ensures a less "aggressive" shave. When I compared this sheet to about a dozen others when choosing a knife, it was sharp in the center of the package, with the spring being the sharpest. I get three good shaves per knife.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Shark Double Edge Safety Razor


I bought a safety razor at the local pharmacy as a means to save some money. I bought these razors for the same reason. With little effort I learned to use the handle and these razors and get a shave as good as any I got from the triple blade name brand razor I was using at close to 10X the cost. The amazing part is that these blades actually last longer and give me as close and comfortable a shave as any I was getting with my former device. When you factor in I shave my head as well as my face you get the idea I am using the razor quite a bit. This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

Avatar Reviews  Shark Double Edge Safety Razor 1

Joseph Sproles

Just finished a week of shaving with these blades. I recently purchased a handle that came with 5 blades to start shaving with from Bigfoot Shaves. Their blades are very dull and I barely made it through a shave with a blade, though the handle is well made and easy to use, completely worth that purchase.Now onto these Shark blades.These blades, are SHARP. I had to change my blade after 3 shaves! This means I will get over 300 shaves per box of 100 blades.. since I shave every other day, I'm able to go 600+ days per box... which I bought for $9.90!I'm sure there are plenty of sharp blades out there, I hear good things about 7'oclock blades, and Gillette Blue blades, but these are by far the best bang for the buck! Great classic blades, and if they ever start to leave the market, I'd buy them up easily. They have a customer for life here, Thank you Shark!

Avatar Reviews  Shark Double Edge Safety Razor 2


If you're new to wet shaving then I recommend using these blades. They're quite forgiving and will give you a close shave after 3-4 passes with minimal to no irritation! In terms of quality, I have yet to experience a defected or dull blade. Usually I can get about 2-3 comfortable shaves with each blade. These aren't the sharpest blades on the market when compared with Feather, but they're sharp enough to give you the closest shave of your life upon switching from cartridge razors.

Avatar Reviews  Shark Double Edge Safety Razor 3

Kim chatman

I have used Shark blades before. I find the shave I get is so much smoother, closer, and far less irritation. The 100 pack is the way to go. With a fresh blade each week, I'm set for two years. All for less than $17. I can't understand how ANYONE is still wasting $30-$40 on 8 packs of Mach 1 refills, etc. that only last you a couple months. For men looking for a quality shave without ridiculous teenager marketing gimmicks.....you'll be hard pressed to beat this deal.

828 Customer Reviews

4-Wilkinson Sword Classic …€œ Made in Germany

Wilkinson Sword originated in the late 1950s in the United States. They started with a classic stainless steel blade that became a huge success. Over the years they have improved the edges with new technology.

The blades are triple-coated with chromium to resist corrosion, they have added ceramics for increased durability and PTFE for reduced skin irritation. Thanks to this new combination, the new blades last longer than the original stainless steel blades.

They are made to fit any two-edged safety razor and can be cut in half and used in a battered throat razor. These blades have an excellent price-quality ratio and are good for a smooth shave.

Key Features
  • 100 double-sided safety razors
  • Imported from Germany

Questions & Answers

After opening the individual blade wrappings, i have found the blades to be oily with some kind of lubricant. Is it normal? Anyone had similar issue?

They feel very smooth compared to cheap knives. They don't feel greasy to me, but I do understand why you would say that. They can be a better or coated metal. Great knives. I have tried others and these are the best for me.

How many shaves do you get out of each blade when shaving every 2-3 days (approx)?

I get 8-10 shaves per knife.

Can someone please post the exact dimensions of the individual blade? I'm looking for replacements for the ladies' nymphette razor. Thanks!

43 mm X 22 mm or 1-11 / 16 X 7/8

Is there 100 blades total? The picture says 5 blades, the order selection says 20 pack, so does that mean you get 20 x 5 for a total of 100?


Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge

Benjamin J. Dominguez

I recently went back to using a double-edged razor after getting tired of the increasing cost of Gillette's multi-blade razors. I tried Harry's shaving club, but they gave me a shaving burn and not so close to shaving. I chose the Wilkinsons because they were rated as great for novices in double-edged shaving because of the finish and the fact that they are not as sharp as the others. Believe me, they are sharp enough and I have not had a burn or a blade since I used them. Shaving is fantastic, soft like the bottom of a baby. I would definitely recommend these blades if you are "new" when using a double-edged razor.

Avatar Reviews  Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge 1

W. B. Smith

Friends, I have used these blades for more than two years. While I read the negative reviews, I wonder if we are comparing apples with oranges, since there are two different versions. This product revision is for Wilkinson blades imported from Germany. They are a fantastic blade, to which I do not regret the disposable multiple blades that currently exist in the market. There is a GILLETTE Wilkinson blade that is produced in India and is a cheaper price than the German version. I have not used the Indian version, but I can not help but wonder if the negative reviews are based on those. The Wilkinson version (Germany) costs $ 18- $ 20 for every 100 sheets. The GILLETTE Wilkinson version (India) has an approximate cost of $ 8 per 100 sheets. You do the mathematical calculation: the price is 100 of your disposable multi-blade current compared to the German Wilkinsons ...

862 Customer Reviews

5-Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Razor Blades

How do you know that Gillette knows a thing or two about safety shavers with a double edge? Well, they have the original patent to start with.
The fact is, Gillette is one of the giants of the razor industry unless you all your life have lived in a cave, you’ve heard of it. Admittedly, just because a company is iconic does not mean that it produces excellent products. Gillette, however, has achieved more than just successes.
And the seven Clock Super Stainless qualifies as one of those successes.

There is much to be said about the Super Stainless sheets that, like Gillette’s Astra Premium sheets, are manufactured in Russia.

First, the blade is not as aggressively sharp as other blades with a double edge, but it still offers a smooth, clean shaved skin that is among the best.

Yet they are sharp enough so that you do not have to exert excessive pressure to get a clean shave.
Maybe not as durable as other sided sheets mentioned in this review, giving the 7 Clock Super Stainless blades you still up five shaves before they become dull. You can even shave for a week if your facial hair is not so coarse.

Last but not least, these blades are affordable, with a cost reduction of around 16 cents per module.

Gillette 7 O'clock Super Stainless Razor Blades 1However, there is some confusion when it comes to the 7 Oa Clock Super Stainless blades. In particular, the location of the production facility for the edges, says experts, makes a big difference.

What’s about it?

As it turns out, seven dials have been made in India and Russia, and old razors prefer those made in Russia.
Both come in green boxes, a big reason for the confusion, but one is entitled Permasharp Stainless Blade (India), and the other is Super Stainless (Russia).
Oh, there is a blade made in India (called Super Platinum) that comes in a black box, while a yellow box (Sharp Edge) is made in Russia.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 04/02/2020 14:00 PM

But for the sake of clarity, we are talking about the Super Stainless plates with green housing.

Above all, these blades are of high quality and fit on most safety razors. Each package contains five blades and can easily be purchased online when you have used your last blade.

  • Mid-Range Between Mild and Aggressive Cut
  • Mid-Range Product Life Span
  • Guaranteed quality from the market leader
  • Middle of the Road option

Questions & Answers

Are these made in India??

Made in Russia

Where does it say 'Made in India and/or Russia/ ??I got my husband two (2) 100 Packs!!!

The 7 O'clock Permasharp Stainless is on the back of the package, Made In India The 7 O'clock Super Stainless is on the side of the package made in St. Petersburg (Russia) - very small print. Both packages with 5 blades are green and at first glance look the same, but they are different blades of different quality. The 7 Hour Permasharp (manufactured in India) is in my opinion of inferior quality, and the seller from whom I bought mine must agree - since he advertises the Russian knives but supplies the Indian knives. Even the names are different, but you have to look carefully to see that difference.

I was about to buy these from wish4star, fulfilled by amazon till i saw the negative reviews. please confirm this is for 100 blades made in russia.?


Are these the "russian" made blades? or are they yhe inferior "india" blades? reason being, the russian blades are far superior!!!

My first order of the 100 Gillette knives I received were the Russian knives. For this price I ordered 100 Gillette knives and they were also the Russian knives. I have also ordered 100 Japanese Feather sheets at this time. You could say the best of both worlds.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  100 7 O'clock Super Stainless


The "green" blades of Gillette 7 O'Clock (St. Petersburg, Russia) are favored by many DE shavers as a constantly sharp and smooth blade. They are that for me too. I get 4-5 comfortable shaves and shaves with each blade, 1 more than I usually expect from my super sharp blade blades. These, in my opinion, seem softer and easier to shave. I've never had a problem. High consistent and predictable performance at 14 ¢ per blade. Less than 3 cents per shave. Try squeezing a lot of value from the Dorco blades with Dollar Shave Club, then come back and tell me what happened. I also like PolSilver, Kai, Voskhod, Personna Lab Blues and Feathers. If it's on the sharp end of the spectrum, I like it. The really soft ones are Kai and PolSilver. These are almost as sharp and smooth as the blades at half the price. It's just about my favorite blade when the price is a factor.

Avatar Reviews  100 7 O'clock Super Stainless 1


Last year I received a safety razor shaving kit for Christmas. The blades gave us Tomur, who hated, and ruined the experience. I searched and searched the stores for double-edged razor blades, but I found nothing but brand blades from inexpensive stores, which could be fine but did not have much value. I connected and searched for blades everywhere, and there were a lot of options. I ordered one of the test packages, which was very interesting to say the least. Most of the blades are manufactured in Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., which caught my attention because of a quality concern. Of all the blades that I tried I noticed that the variables were at an angle, inclination, bevel and sharpness of the steel. This Gillette set was the most complete of the group. There were some crazy people, but they only lasted one shave. For my personal shaving tendencies, others would throw, throw or produce nicks or cuts. This game of Gillette is made in Russia, however, it is actually as good as any other Gillette product that has been used. I prefer it because it is a very consistent shave, mild steel good for about four shaves, but it does not irritate the skin. I have discovered that hard steel tends to last longer, but I can not sharpen as much as I prefer for a comfortable shave. The quantity of this product lasts 1 year, so I recently ordered another 100 sheets in bulk. I would recommend this to any beginner, or anyone who has a safety razor. I think it's a very happy medium for all the many confusing options that exist. Gillette in my opinion is really the best a man can get.

229 Customer Reviews

6-Derby Extra Blades

Then we have the Derby Extra Blades. These two-edged blades come from Sweden, where they are made of stainless steel and to place all safety razors. But do you want to know the secret of how they were made?

They are hardened and ground using state-of-the-art cutting edge equipment, trimmed with chrome-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum. That should give the Derby Extra a few extra points. (You see, what have we done there?) In the end, they both keep the lead and have a longer shelf life. Did we mention that these blades are also reasonably priced?

  • Very mild cut
  • Nice and cheap
  • Excellent coating for shaving with low friction
  • Too mild for some people

Questions & Answers

Do these blades work good on legs & underarms?

These blades were supplied with the safety razor that I purchased. They are the only knives that I have used, so I have no comparison, but I think they work well on my legs. Much better than disposable razors and since using the safety razor I have not had any bikini boxes. Not so close a shave on my armpits. But these magazines with my Edwin Jagger have worked well. Only my ankles / knees maybe stabbed twice, which really worried me about switching to a safety razor.

How many blades are in the packet?

5 sheets in each of 10 plastic holders

Are these 1 inch blades, and they fit the Dorco adjustable shaver?

Not sure, they fit on a standard double-sided razor if that helps you.

Can you use both sides of the blade? I see numbers on each blade and it looks like you can flip once you use both edges.

The numbers on the knife are very useful if you use this razor in a lame (bread scoring tool). Because you only use one corner of the knife, you can follow and rotate the knife to use all four corners. Excellent knife and very sharp.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  50 Derby Extra Double Edge

Anthony S

This is the deal ... everyone has a different combination of skin sensitivity and mustache type, so the key to a good shave is finding what combination of blade and blade works best for you; The aggression of the knife also influences. (If you try this sheet and it does not work so well for you, then keep looking for the perfect combination - It exists) What may surprise you is that "sharper" is not always better. The leaves of feathers, for example, are known to be very sharp. I discovered that a new Feather blade in my Merkur HD removes more hair on the first downward pass (in a standard technique of three passes: down, nose to ear, ear to nose) than any other blade. However, there are points on my neck that simply can not be cut close enough without going against the grain (above) and a Feather leaf eats me alive. When I avoid nicks, I still have a lot of shaving burns; slapping on an alcohol-based aftershave is unbearable. Which brings me to the Derby ... I would describe this blade as softer than the Feather, which sometimes feels rough. When I made my first descending pass with the Derby, the first thing I thought was: "Oh no ... I have 50 of these things and they stink". I thought that because they did not remove as many hairs in the first step down as a Feather, but I could not have been more wrong. This blade allowed me to make tracking passes against the grain with ease. The result was a gentle shave for the baby and when I applied the alcohol-based after-shave lotion: NO PRICE ... when I say there were no burns, I mean none. In a few days, my neck irritation disappeared and I have not returned to a "sharper" blade. First I thought that this would be my "every day" sheet and I would use a Feather for a special occasion or something, but ... again wrong. Derby became my sheet EVERY day. Find here a great information on how to choose the right sheet for you. I do! http://www.shaving101.com/index.php/education/double-edge-shaving/48-choosing-the-right-blade.html

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Reb MacRath

My flight from the great business of the shaving of cartridges is completed with the combination of Derby blades and a razor of first quality. Start with the blades: I've had almost no notches, two small ones and that's it. And a pack of 50 sheets will last me 50 weeks ... and it will cost ten cents a week. I alternate the sides of the blade every day. Finally, the use of Cremo, an excellent shaving cream, has added to the quality of shaving, easily washed from the blade and saves me more money.

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Mine came on one back with 10 packages wrapped in a brick. Each package is a matter of plastic (different from my usual shark blades) that looks decent quality. The first blade has been very good after two shaves, in about 5 weeks I will have gone through the five blades (a shark usually lasts 7 shaves). I hope they stay as good as my sharks and I hope they have consistency between the blades. To be honest, that's why I bought the pack of 10 instead of the pack of 20.

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I'm new to wet shaving, and I just got a Viking Chief with blades to start with. After a test with the soft blades that came with the blade, I tried a set of Astra, which I found was a good medium blade. Then I tried the Derby's, which I found very strong and more aggressive. The Derby cut my hair in the face in one pass, but as a beginner I had some cuts and cuts in the process. I will keep these for when I have more experience or a Feather AS-D2.

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7-Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blades

Where do we start with the Super Iridium Blade? When it came out a few years ago, many men were enthusiastic about how good they were.

And then they were gone.

Road, that is, you could no longer find them on the shelves.

Unfortunately, their sudden disappearance turned out to be a change in distributors. And here they are back on the market, and they get the same kind of reviews as before.

The Super Iridium sheets are mainly produced in Russia, but they are also provided in Poland and the Czech Republic (and those in Poland are of the highest quality). Have we also mentioned that the company – known as Wizamet – has been purchased by Gillette? Oh, the mystery.

Polsilver Super Iridium Razor Blades 1The truth is that these are damn good records. With 35 cents per blade, they are more expensive than others, but because of their quality, they are more than worth the investment.

What’s about it?
  1. The Super Iridium blades have an excellent balance between sharp and soft. Their sharpness compares most favourably with the other sheets on our 2020 list and will cut through thick hair without the pain in the butt (not to mention, face) pulling and pulling.
  2. They are covered with iridium, a robust metal from the platinum group. It is the second closest element after osmium – which is useful information when the conversation goes down during your next social outing. But it does not matter, and Iridium provides an excellent blade.
  3. They are not only as sharp as most other blades, but they are also considered more durable than edges that are known for their superior sharpness.

You get Super Iridium blades with every package, although you can order a package of 100 with a price of $ 17 to $ 35, depending on where you buy it.

Key Features
  • Gentle formula: with fresh and hydrated skin after use, no stimulation, offers an economical and hygienic application, 5-8 minutes for smooth skin.
  • Safe and painless: the hair removal factor penetrates deep into the hair follicles, hair-dissolving, painless loosening of hair with restored pores.
  • Essential tips: It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test on a small area of the skin before the first application.
  • Easy to use: Apply the cream on the target area, wait 5-8 minutes and wipe away unwanted hair. It painlessly removes body hair. Regrowth is slower and less severe than with a shaver, specially designed to improve hair removal efficiency.
  • Applicable areas: able to quickly remove hair on knees, arms, ankles, legs, armpits and jersey line, with excellent hair removal performance.

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J. Deuel

They’re pretty good. I bought a small package based on the reviews talking about their sharpness. They don’t seem any sharper than the Astra blades I’ve been using for years. That said, the Astras are made by Gillette, and that company isn’t getting any more of my money.I’ll finish out this box and keep looking.

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Best double edge blade I have ever used

Avatar Reviews  Polsilver Super Iridium Double Edge 2


Sharp, smooth and durable blades fit my open comb and razor. Will buy again hoping for cheaper prices

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S phillips

Very nice blade. Provided a smooth shave without a nick

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8-Personna Stainless Steel Razor Blades

Do you have thick hair? Personna Stainless Steel should be your best blade.

This sheet effortlessly slides through any problematic hair. If you are a newbie or have skin problems (sensitive skin), you may want to try other alternatives. Persona is a bit aggressive for people with sensitive skin.

The sheets come in two primary colours, red and blue. They are cheap and last a long time if you buy in bulk.

Personna Stainless Steel Razor Blades 1Product features from Razor Blade

  • Stainless steel surface
  • Each package consists of 100 blades
  • Each blade is packed in a light paper sleeve
  • Compatible with DE-razor modules
  • Made in the US

What are the advantages?

  • It’s reasonably priced
  • They work perfectly with most razors; hence, you do not have to look for an extra.
  • They are sharp and provide a cut-free close-shave
  • The 100 blades save you a lot of money
  • It is manufactured by a company that is highly appreciated for producing safe shaving products

  • Platinum and chrome plated
  • Ensures a very smooth shave
  • Not as aggressive as some aggressive blades
  • Short service life per knife

Questions & Answers

Will these work on the buttocks?

Certainly. Especially if that is where your face and beard are located.


The Astras tear my face up compared to this one.

Are these considered the "barber" blades or the "lab blues"?

There are no versions such as barber blades and labblues. There are knives in a blue box with the label comfort coating and individually super stamped. These magazines are widely distributed on the consumer market. Personna also distributes a laboratory preparation that lacks the comfort coating, but undergoes an additional finishing process. The laboratory cover is usually more than twice as expensive as the super comfort coated knife. The price difference is probably due to the limited distribution and requirements of the laboratory preparation sheets, rather than a significant difference in their performance characteristics. I have used both and cannot discover much difference. So I advise you to save your money and choose the version with super comfort coating. The sheets in the blue box are made in the USA. Personna also sells a consumer magazine that is manufactured in Israel and sometimes sold under the name Crystal. Some people swear that the Israeli knives are superior, but both the American and Israeli versions are made to the same specifications.

Where do men get their information about all the different razor brands and which ones are good for coarse beards, info on shaving soap vs oil, etc.?

The forums and wiki on the Badger and Blade website are a fantastic resource. You can also view a number of useful YouTube channels, such as nickshaves and geofatboy.

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Avatar Reviews  Personna Double Edge Razor Blades,

Joshua Jordan

I do not know which marketer developed the current standard for disposable razors, but surely they reserve a warm place in hell if they are not yet well seated there. This is the true, simple, never changing, disposable concept that was dethroned by the products that obsessed my young adult life. I do not know why these fell out of favor in terms of shaving. The only other method that I have considered better is a straight razor: I have tried it, but the learning curve is high and it takes longer. A razor with these blades has a learning curve, but insignificant compared to the benefit - It's just a matter of learning the angle. I admit that they intimidated me the first times I used them; I'll even admit that I was so intimidated that I practiced with my legs! I, a guy, shaved my legs for two days to learn how to use these razors. I did it well! They are sharp. On my second day, I took a skin steak about an inch before I saw blood. But, I did it once and not in my face! Once I brought it to my face to give it a spin, I was shaky, had a ~ 45 m shave ... but after a week or so, I had enough confidence to compete with the standard shaving time. Now I am competent enough after a year and a half, it takes very little time to manipulate these blades and get the perfect shave at all times. They have such a low cost, every time I shave is a new blade, and that one blade shaves more than the current x8 or x9 blades per disposable plastic razor. These go in shaving machines designed to easily rinse the stubble, so a blocked blade simply does not happen. And this is much healthier: I never have buds after shaving; This was a constant issue with disposable plastic razors. And I've even shaved with these only with water as a lubricant; The standard is shaving gel, sometimes even soap is enough. I'm rarely cut, but a styptic pen is the easiest solution. Shaving used to be scary and expensive; These razors have made shaving every day for less than $ 2-3 a month a reality; Instead of $ 25-30 a month. Try these with a decent shaver design; You will not be dissatisfied.

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P. Btica

I have used both Derby and Feathers blades for years and they did a great job for me. The reason why I stopped using them were the plastic containers that come along with the clear plastic wrap and with 5 blades for each plastic container that is a lot of plastic that I was sending to the trash. They are not marked as recyclable. I bought those blades 100 at a time and had to find a place for the big box they entered. Then, I ordered Personna's blades in the hope that they would work well and for the lack of plastic packaging. I did not expect them to work as well as the others, but at half the cost I gave them a chance. These blades work very well for me, on par with the others and with a package that is totally recyclable and the box occupies much less than half the space than the others. I should have tried years ago. They work just as well, they cost much less, the packaging is recyclable and they take up less space.

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9-KAI Stainless Steel

The KAI is made in Japan and is an extremely expensive blade of around $ 0.46 per blade, which is considerably higher than the Astra leaf spring price of $ 0.10 and even the much-appreciated spring for $ 0.30.

This blade exceeds a generally higher price tag compared to the other best razor blades on the market – KAI stainless steel blades are made from one of the best Japanese cutlery manufacturers.

What is essential about the KAI blade is that many men who may want the sharpness of the feather blade but find the standard chips or general irritation probably prefer the stainless steel blade from KAI because it is slightly smoother as the blade tends.

Although this blade may not be suitable for extremely thick whiskers, due to the pronounced pulling and pulling of the root when it’s over, many men should notice that this blade performs well on their hair.

In general, it is a significant investment for razor blades and is ideal for enthusiasts who want to try something new.

Key Features
  • Made from surgical stainless steel
  • Ten packs of 5 individually wrapped blades
  • Extremely sharp blades! Produced by the leading Japanese cutlery manufacturer
  • Imported from Japan

Questions & Answers

How are these compared to feather?

Feather is definitely sharper. The Kai are more rigid. Kai is fatter. If you hold the two blades by the ends, Kai has less flex. I have been wet shaving for 3 years now. I originally went to Astra as my go-to-blade, then Kai and am dedicated to Feather in recent years. I'm looking for more comfort and don't need the sharpness of a Feather go with Kai. If you are looking for something sharper than Feather in DE, you won't find it. Maybe you want an adjustable shaver or go with something more aggressive - I personally use the R41. You will find superior blades with a single edge. The Gem-style Feather with limited razor - like a knife. Or those who use Shavette blades such as the Asylum RX - again Feather is the king of the hill here and Kai follows a sport but for some it is a lot quieter. The SE knives are considerably stiffer and are preferred by people with the heaviest beards.

Which KAI wrapper is newer, plain white or KAI branded?

I have been using these blade for about 10 years and they always came in plain white wrappers, is would assume that if the blade has a different wrapper it would be new.

Can seller confirm 100% stainless steel with no platinum finish? or any coating for that matter?

Blades are just as magnetic as any other blades, I thought surgical-grade stainless steel were not.

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James Powell

I have used many different brands of blades. I decided to go for a swim with Kai and I am SO impressed! To give you an idea of ​​my leaf rotation: Astra (love love these) Personal Med Preps (I prefer Astra) Gilette Silver Blue (least favorite) Blue Bird (not available anymore !! !!, beautiful sheets.) I see the name Feather often pops up when viewing reviews from Kai. Some people say that feathers are the sharpest. Is this right? What does it matter if they pull and pull your face to the point that it is an unbearable shave? I HATE the feathers. Kai is wonderfully smooth. I don't know if it's sharper than everything else. I think that ALL shavers are exactly that. Razor sharp. A warning; I rarely know when to change or when I last changed blades while using Kai. If I could give this product 10 stars, I would like that. Smoothness and comfort are the name of the game and Kai is the winner without a doubt nothing but Blue Bird comes close. As always, YMMV. However, if you compare this with Feather, there is no comparison.

Avatar Reviews  50 Stainless Steel Double Edge 1


I started wet shaving as a teenager, then took a dumb break using gels and multiple blades.I returned to wet shaving more than 5 years ago and tried different blades, including Feather.None came close to KAI.They all nicked me and left me bleeding and believing that so is life, that shaving and bleeding go hand in hand.I practically NEVER bleed using KAI.Since I use the same razor, badger brush, cream, etc., I wish I knew what is the KAI magic.

Avatar Reviews  50 Stainless Steel Double Edge 2


These are hands down the best DE razor blades I have ever used-and I have tried most of the brands out there. From one blade to the next they are remarkably consistent. And I love the plain, matte design/finish. My new "go to" blade that works well in all of my 25+ DE razors. And that's no small deal! KAI blades rock!

Avatar Reviews  50 Stainless Steel Double Edge 3


I had tried a previous sampler pack and used a variety of blades for a year or so. Saw this blade mentioned in another review, and these blow all the others away! Very happy, will be sticking with these and throw the others out. Much sharper and long lasting.

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10-Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack

We are happy to share our opinion on a vast range of shaving products and help you find the right one.

But sometimes we wish there was a more practical way for you to make your journey of discovery.

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack 1We want to see how you spread your wings and fly away on your shaving and grooming adventures, a tear in our eyes as you drift away in the setting sun.

That is not always possible because many personal care products are quite expensive, so you must read reviews to refine the desired outcomes.

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Razor blades, on the other hand, are cheap.

That’s why you can get great products like this!

View the blades you can try here.

We have seen a lot today.

Hello Gillette, hello Shark, oh hello Astra, you’re here too, huh? That is amazing.

But even better than that?

There is also a series of great products from people that we could not put on our list. For example

Wilkinson Sword and Bic.

Two giant razor blades that we could not reach because the list was already full of quality blades.

No, this is not a cheap way to buy blades.

It is even one of the most expensive ways to buy them.

But this package offers you the possibility to try out a large number of blades, and that is pretty cool.

  • Try a range of blades
  • Great selection of quality products
  • Would be a great gift for someone new to safety razors
  • Cons
  • No long-term option

Questions & Answers

Whats the best one?

I must say that Polsilver is probably the one that I would rate the highest in terms of overall quality, because it is fairly sharp and also fairly flexible, fairly durable and did not give me any wounds or irritations. However, it is actually sharper than what I personally need to get a skin shave (meaning that I don't get closer with a very sharp knife like Polsilver than a reasonably sharp knife like Personna or Voskhod), so I bought 100 Voskhod blades for personal daily use at less than 1/5 of the cost per knife, and they are even a bit smoother. Find the level of sharpness that can easily cut through your facial hair (Derby and Shark just weren't sharp enough for me, but I also don't need a light black sharp feather on my face) and then identify the razor of that required level of sharpness that you need does not irritate skin or cause wounds. Astra SP is popular because it is both sharp and cheap, but unfortunately I noticed that it left my skin slightly irritated with daily use. Polsilver and Gillette Platinum both gave me close shaving without irritation or nicks, but they were also sharper than what I needed and much more expensive than the less sharp and smoother Voskhod, which had no disadvantages with my facial hair and skin. There really is not the best for everyone because the coarseness of the hair and the sensitivity of the skin vary from person to person. Personna Blue is perhaps a good place to start, since it is almost in the middle in terms of sharpness and smoothness. Depending on your results, you can move up or down in sharpness from there.

Just received..is their a particular order to use? IE...Feather seems to be the sharpest and should try last.

From my short reading, the needs of a razor are subjective (ie my face is sensitive, so a 'duller' razor is preferred to prevent excessive razor burn). That being said, I propose: A.) Determine your skin sensitivity; B.) Investigate how knife sharpness interacts with skin sensitivity; C.) Start on one side of the spectrum (sharp-boring) and test the blades in that direction; Here is a handy website that I have found that offers a sharpness evaluation, and some pages are listed (start this process myself so I am not done searching): https: //www.refinedshave. com / razor-blade-sharpness - summary / Good luck!

How did you go about sampling, did you dive in, alphabetically or what you thought was smoothest to sharpest Thx.?

I did some research before I ordered this package. I have read numerous reviews online and watched several videos on YouTube. Then I ordered this sample package. I started with the more anonymous ... for which I really didn't find significant reviews. After I had done that with five or six of such knives, I first delved into the head with those who were judged well. The best rated knife I have read about is Astra. That was the number one choice for several people. Feather was considered excellent, but extremely sharp. I have not yet tried the Astra knife. I'll save it for later. By the way ... I would normally use one knife a week. You can easily take four shaves from a knife. I would use these sample package sheets twice and then continue. This sample package was so cheap that you can no doubt afford it quickly to determine what you like best.

I bought a Weishi butterfly razor off amazon for $16 that came with Weishi blades. Which of these is most similar to the weishi blades?

Everyone's skin is different. Buy the sampler package and make your own comparisons. I was very lucky with PolSilver.

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Avatar Reviews  Double Edge Razor Blade Sample


As someone new to using a safety razor, I wanted to try a number of different blades to see which would be best for me. I have a very coarse beard and my Edwin Jagger DE89 came with a set of 5 Derby Extra blades, which I thought was reasonable without giving me a top quality shave. In this review I write my opinion about each of the blades if and when I use them for the first time, and for just one shave. I will do a standard 3-pass shave with all blades, and am just as interested in how much irritation and how many incisions I get, as well as the quality of the shave. Feather - I had read that these knives were very sharp and so I thought I'd start with them. They definitely made a better quality shave for me than the Derby Extra, although it is true that they are not as sharp as I expected and left a bit of irritation and different incisions. 7 / 10.2. Treet - I read that these were of poor quality and even after a 3-pass shave with a new knife I still had noticeable stubble! Not recommended, especially for more than 2 days of stubble. 3 / 10.3. Shark - Again not as sharp as I expected, but still made for a good quality shave with just a few slices. I would say that these are slightly better than Veer because they caused no irritation and very few incisions. 7.5 / 104. Voskhod - Initially pleasantly surprised with this Teflon-coated knife. But when I was done with 3 steps, some stubble remained in the neck and there was a fair amount of irritation and a few small notches. 4 / 10.5. Personna - No cuts or irritation produced with this razor blade. Also produced a high quality smooth shave. Highly recommended for people with coarse stubble and / or sensitive skin. I even used the knife a second time with stubble of 4 days and I had no wounds or irritation, as well as a very smooth shave. These might be the best for me if I continue. 9 / 10.6. Gillette-platinum - provided a reasonably smooth shave, but also a few cuts and a good amount of irritation. They may be one of the big players, but for me they don't do anything to stand out from Derby. 5 / 10.7. Wilkinson Sword - Seriously could see no difference between this and Gillette Platinum! I cannot recommend either of them. 5 / 10.8. BIC - My father used BIC single-use razor blades that I tried when I first had to shave - even then I found them too blunt for me. With this knife what started smoothly quickly turned into a nightmare! These sheets seemed to do a good job with the first pass, but during the 2nd and 3rd pass my neck and chin broke! Terrible. 1 / 10.9. Derby - For comparison, I tried the Derby again. They are not really suitable for coarse stubble, even after 3 passages that glide over it too much and still give a small amount of irritation. 5 / 10.10. Gillette Silver Blue - Well, they are better than Gillette Platinum in terms of shaving quality. But they have distorted my chin and irritated my face, so in general they are about the same. 5 / 10.11. Super Max - This blade produced a very similar shave to the Feather blade. At first it seemed pretty boring, but at the end I kept shaving fairly smoothly. However, this also came with a moderate amount of irritation and a few slices. 6.5 / 10.12. Astra - I am sure many of you who have heard this have heard that Astra magazines are among the best available. Having used these, I can honestly say that they were the best I've tried so far, even more than the Personna. They even produced a very smooth shave with only a 2 pass (crossing the grain pass). Amazingly enough with such a smooth shave, I also had absolutely zero nicks and hardly any irritation. Great stuff. 9.5 / 10.13. Pol Silver - After using the Astra knife, I thought it would be difficult to meet those standards again. This knife certainly does not meet the Astra standard. Even after a shave with 3 passages and 2 days of stubble, noticeable stubble still remained. Only a few small notches but an uncomfortable level of irritation means that I have to arrange them at the bottom of the stack. 4 / 10.14. Merkur - For some, the undisputed king of razors. I personally decided to go with Edwin Jagger for my first DE razor instead of Merkur, and so far I am happy with that decision. However, the quality of this knife may have influenced me that my next razor should be a Merkur product. Nice and sharp without causing too many notches, this knife is absolutely comparable to the Personna in terms of shaving quality, but a bit of irritation prevents it from being as good as the Astra for me. 9 / 10.15. Dorco - And that's how I reach the last knife. It's better than the Pol Silver, but that's about all I can say about it. 5 / 10. Finally: - First place goes to Astra, - Second place is shared by Personna and Merkur. - Forget everyone else, they all have their mistakes. - I buy a 100-pack of the Astras for $ 9.99 and go from there.6 MONTHS LATER: As I reflected in my review, I decided to buy a Merkur 23C razor because my gigantic hands struggled with the short lever of the DE89. I still use the Astra blades that are still excellent, but I am also going to buy a number of Merkur blades very quickly. For information: if someone is new with DE razor, I also use and recommend the following products: Taylor or Old Bond Street Coconut Shaving Cream: https://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Old-Bond-Street-Sandalwood/dp / B008YDXM28 / refu003dsr_1_4_s_it: su003dbeautyandieu003dUTF8andqidu003d1534171019andsru003d1-4Perfector Badger Hair Shaving brush: https: //www.amazon.com/Perfecto-Shaving-Brush-Black-Engineered-Straight/dp/B00VF1NI5M/refu003dsr_1_5_s_it:su003dbeautyandieu003dUTF8andqidu003d1534171134andsru003d1-5Perfecto Razor and brush standard: https: // www. amazon.com/Perfecto-Deluxe-Chrome-Razor-Brush/dp/B00KO46CTA/refu003dpd_sim_121_1:_encodingu003dUTF8andpd_rd_iu003dB00KO46CTAandpd_rd_ru003da3117387-9f06-11e8-aae5-4d17ba778b12andpd_rd_wu003dHjtdwandpd_rd_wgu003djRXdHandpf_rd_iu003ddesktop-dp-simsandpf_rd_mu003dATVPDKIKX0DERandpf_rd_pu003d 2610440344683357453andpf_rd_r u003d BTPQ1Z6Z2NZ92BZTAFD9andpf_rd_s u003d desktop-dp-simsandpf_rd_t u003d 40701andpsc u003d 1andrefRID u003d BTPQ1Z6Z2NZ92BZ TAFD9Zeer removal u003d u003d IdEEpandpf_rd_i nav-high confidence building slotandpf_rd_m u003d ATVPDKIKX0DERandpf_rd_p 3041442047518082386andpf_rd_r u003d u003d u003d 9NJJTYABBM7FZK09K393andpf_rd_s nav-high confidence building slotandpf_rd_t 40701andpsc u003d u003d u003d 1andrefRID 9NJJTYABBM7FZK09K393American Shaving Pre Shave Oil: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072KHXMVG / ref u003d oh_aui_search_detailpage: ie u003d UTF8andth u003d 1Retless Steel Shaving Bowl: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GUROJOY/refu003doh_aui_search_detailpag e: ieu003dUTF8andpscu003d1

Avatar Reviews  Double Edge Razor Blade Sample 1


Ordering this sample package is a good way to decide which blade you want to use with your double-edged safety razor. When I ordered it, I didn't know it would come from abroad (I think), so shipping took a few weeks, but it was still free at Prime. I got my Merkur Classic razor much faster, so I bought a small pack of generic blades from Rite Aid to get me through. I will use those sheets as my baseline for assessment, and will edit this assessment as I go through the sample package, as long as I have no assessment room left ... GENERAL SUPPORT BLADES: Very sharp, and kept an edge by 8 or 10 shaves. The only reason I replaced it was to use the Sampe pack when it arrived. The generics are very good .MERKUR knife: it was duller when it was new than the Rite Aid knife after several shaves. You should try to cut yourself with this knife. I was not impressed. It also didn't seem to fit so well in the razor. The cutting edge was not consistently visible across its width. SPRING SHEET: Very sharp, but not as sharp as the standard generic. I think it will have several shaves. It is possible that I just get used to the double-edged razor and my skin hardens. Update: the knife lasted at least 8 shaves, but I replaced it because I wanted to try another one. It would have taken longer. It's the best of the bunch so far. ASTRA: Quite a lot on the Merkur knife. I used it once and I don't care. I'll try another shave. The more I used this knife, the more I liked it. I changed it after about 10 shaves and it was still going strong. After a first bad impression, the Astra is now my favorite. VOSKHOD: Insert a new one this morning. It is sufficient but not very sharp. I really didn't like this knife, so I replaced it after just two shaves. INSIDE: Never heard of it, but I like it immediately. It is not that sharp, but is very flexible and comfortable. WILKINSON: It seems to be a very good knife that gives a smooth shave. It is not as sharp as the Feather, or the generic drugs that I have purchased, but it is above average in the sample package so far .--- More to come if I use them ----

Avatar Reviews  Double Edge Razor Blade Sample 2

Ken M.

I strongly recommend to buy a multi-pack blades if you are new to wet shaving or are just looking for a new blade to shave with. So far I have used two different blades in the multi-pack (Feather and Super Max) and I didn't like either, but that's the point of buying a multi-pack primarily because everyone's face is unique and reacts differently than knives. What is worse than buying a package of knives and you realize that you don't like how they shave: Bulk 100+ buy the same knives and you realize that you don't like how they shave. Do yourself a favor and buy a multi-pack if you are looking for a new knife so that you can see for yourself how a knife shaves.

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Great sampler package. I think it's great that these knives are made all over the world. It took a long time to come to my house (in my case 3 weeks), but that didn't bother me too much, since the distributor has to make 15 kinds of knives made in ten different countries on three continents. I love the Astras, the Voskods, the Merkurs. Both the Dorco and Feather knives made my face feel rather raw, but that could be due to inexperience. Even if you have read some information about safety razors, you know that not every face is the same. My skin is quite sensitive and I get terrible ingrown hairs every time I try to shave with a knife. I have not yet tried the rest of the blades. Regarding the negative feedback based on the packaging, I really have no problem with it. Yes, they all came packed in a small zipper, but the zipper seals with all 30 blades in it and it is a compact and handy case. The knives were all well sealed in their paper sleeves. I highly recommend it.

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Type of safety razor that you can use

nice and close - safety razor s and pictures Type of safety razor that you can use1. Aggressiveness

As I just gave an example of how the safety razor can make a difference in which blade you buy, let’s expand it further. Different DE razors have blade spaces that expose more or less of the blade to your skin.

This is where people who are new to the art of manual shaving are guided in the wrong way. If you buy an aggressive shaver, such as the Muhle R41 with an open comb or more of an opening to expose the blade, you can put yourself in trouble by using it directly from the fence.

Your technique will be wrong, and you will probably steal yourself. They would be better off with a well-sealed comb razor, such as the Merkur long handle or Edwing Jagger DE89LBl.

2. Weight of the shaver

Okay, how in the world helps to determine the importance of the razor with the blade I buy. Well, if you get a heavy razor, you don’t usually have to press hard on your face to shave well. This is where technology comes in again. When I go to a heavier DE razor, I use a blade that I know is not as sharp as I would personally think.

If I now use one of my lighter models for shaving protection, I will use my sharpest shaver because I know I can get away with it. I also know that I can also press a bit hard and get no scratches or cuts on my face.

FAQ About Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin

How do I save my blades?

As we mentioned above in our section on when to replace your blades, safety blades are surprisingly fragile.

Their fragility lies in the edge of the knife, which is so thin that it can easily be damaged by your beard hair, making it dull.

Another thing that can easily damage it is moisture.

Even stainless steel blades, also if they have a super active coating such as platinum, are still vulnerable to water damage.

Yet you will still find men who store their razor without drying it and store it in a damp environment such as a bathroom.

We propose two things to combat this.

You must wipe your knives dry after you have rinsed them.

Use a towel or cloth or kitchen towel, or whatever you won’t – do it, be careful not to cut your fingers.

The other thing is to dry the replacement slats somewhere like your bedroom.

Store the razor in the bathroom because, given the life of the blade, it has no time to damage water due to moisture in the air.

But place your replacements somewhere else to protect them.

How often do you have to replace your razor blades?

In general, a shaver should keep you somewhere between 3 and 5 shaves.

When testing a new box of shavers, some shavers may tend to check a new blade before each shave, so that they can study how their skin works.

This exercise, although a bit expensive, offers you the possibility to measure the aggressiveness of the blade.

How To Get The Best Shave With Double Edge Razor Blades

Unless you’re a newbie, I believe you’ve used a razor before. There is nothing new. Because of first-year students, I will discuss some of the steps you can take to get a pen-free, shave-free shave with the most razor blades with a double edge.

What you need:

  1. Your favourite razor
  2. Face Scrub
  3. Daily face wash
  4. Aftershave Balm
  5. Hair shaving brush

Shaving process:

  • Prepare your beard – your beard should be soft before removing it. Use a warm towel on your beard for about 30 seconds or take a shower to make them soft and hydrated.
  • Foam – Apply your entire shaving region with enough shaving cream. Use a shaving brush to spread the cream through swirling movements.
  • Shaving – You need the necessary skills to use the safety razor. Once you have your favourite razor and blade, it takes a few minutes before you cut your hair.



So, have you already decided?

I’m just kidding! This can be a lot of information that you have only registered as the first buyer of a safety razor. So I hope this has helped you to understand precisely what helps you to deal with your sensitive skin while shaving.

As soon as you start using the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin, you will learn to appreciate the special care your skin gets. Even for people without skin sensitivity problems, shaving can make our skin dry and irritable.

I advise you to go for one of these excellent safety razors, which is my choice for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin of 2020. Hopefully, this review has done justice to the high-quality razors and soon thank you skin for that!

So go for all the different looks you wanted and get rid of unwanted hair without worrying about damaging your sensitive skin with one of these safety razors.

Enjoy a nice clean shave and stay happy!

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