10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin Of 2019

Searching for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin is not an easy task. It is actually similar to locating the Holy Grail.

Moreover, there are no exact criteria that we can use to distinguish the best double-sided razor that works well on all our skins.10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin Still, it is still possible to get what works well on your skin, With countless companies participating in the bandwagon, it has become even more difficult to get what works better for your skin.

Folders are by far the sharpest and I’ve noticed that I can use a sheet for a fixed week without worrying about replacing the knife. They are really cheap to buy.

Many men have no idea how to shave with the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin or think it’s old-fashioned. Despite all the advances in disposable razors, everyone has become accustomed to the fact that shaving with double edge razors has found a way to come back and is now becoming a very popular men’s shaving option!

10 Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin On Market

If you are like many men, you will have to deal with shaving bumps and their effects every time you shave. Sensitive skin makes for a difficult shave, but buying the best shavers for your skin can save your pain and shame (no more red bumps!).

To solve this problem, it is important to find the right tools for skin care and shaving. Different types of razor blades function differently and each brand offers different functions. Selecting the best that works for you can be difficult, and for many men choosing the right knife can be a big job.

It is important to remember that no two blades are the same; it’s about finding the right knife for your skin, and this review helps you with that. These are some of the best razor blades currently available on the market. If you are like many men, you will have to deal with shaving bumps and their effects every time you shave. Sensitive skin makes for a difficult shave, but buying the best shavers for your skin can save your pain and shame (no more red bumps!).

To solve this problem, it is important to find the right tools for skin care and shaving. Different types of razor blades function differently and each brand offers different functions. Selecting the best that works for you can be difficult, and for many men choosing the right knife can be a big job.

It is important to remember that no two blades are the same; it’s about finding the right knife for your skin, and this review helps you with that. These are some of the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin currently on the market.

1-Feather Hi-stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

Feather Hi-stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

These were made in Japan by The Feather Company, with enormous precision. They do everything to make these sheets as sharp as possible. They are one of the sharpest blades on the market for a smooth shave.

The same process and technology used to make the surgical sheets are used to make feather sheets. Professional surgeons rely on these sheets daily with the lives of people during the operation and have to tell you about the quality of the knife and the confidence.

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count These sheets also fit into any double edge safety razor. What makes the DE-blades among the top performers is that they are halo-stainless with platinum covered to a fraction of a millimeter for a smooth shave. A little practice may be necessary if you are not used to this way of shaving. Can be used in a few days of growth and can not be easily anesthetized.

Feather Hi-stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 1

Feather Blades Are My Favorite

So, if you come from cheap plastic disposable razors or even from another De-brand springs, you’ll find a nice surprise when using these sheets when you’re super smooth shave.

Since these bad guys like to, I’ll throw away a warning for your inexperienced razors. I found this very aggressive with my packer 99r which has a wide leaf opening.

It is a heavyweight safety razor with a handle. So I pressed the same pressure that I used with my brand elongated shaver. That ended in a few more nicks that I wanted. Yes, beginners, even the experienced boys are crazy. ?

Anyway, I had to relieve my stroke and change my technique a bit on the jawline, so that the blade angle was not so aggressive to prevent it. However, I do not have this problem with my Merkur handle with a long handle.

2-Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Quality is king, but what does it matter if it does not last long? Certainly not as good as it could be and the question is relevant for our discussion of razor blades.

A high-quality razor blade is just that high quality, but if you have to change it every few days, the quality can be exacerbated by aggravation.

This does not apply to Astra Platinum blades with a double border.

Astra Platinum is not just at the top of the list when it comes to the best razor blades in any category, they are also incredibly durable. There is no reason why you can not get 10 shaves from each leaf, although the thickness of your facial hair affects the durability. When it comes to safety shavers, it is difficult to beat the …€œteam of Astra Platinum.

The Astra Platinum knives were originally made in the Czech Republic before being purchased by Gillette in 1996. Gillette moved the Astra production to Russia, where they have been made. They have also been the subject of thousands of comments about Amazon while maintaining an almost 5-star rating. It is clear that Gillette is doing something right with this product.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Astra Platinum magazines produce so many positive reviews:


These are some of the sharpest safety louvers you will find. As said, their sharpness lasts long before it gets boring and you have to jump into another knife. Some reviewers even talked about the fact that the knife was still as sharp on the seventh or eighth shave as in the first.

Smooth Shave

Many reviewers commented on the superior smoothness of shaving with Astra Platinum blades compared to other double-sided razors. Although the blades are sharp and can cause scratches and cuts if you are not careful (again, which leaves do not), they also offer a clean shave with less irritation than other blades. Some even claim that they are the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin.


Astra Platinum DE safety shavers are surprisingly cheap for how good they are. They only cost about a dime per knife when you buy the 100-pack, which is a great bargain that keeps you in blades far into the near future.

The standard package comes with five blades. Each knife is packaged in greaseproof paper.

3-Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Saftey Razor

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Saftey Razor

Since 1896, Merkur Stahlwaren GmbH is. a leading global producer of top quality shaving equipment. They are manufactured in Solingen, Germany and produced according to German standards that are very high for technology and the environment. The brand has built its place in the industry with exceptional quality.

MERKUR has the right offer for every type of shape, body, and skin. The Futur adjustable double safety razor gives you the flexibility to find the setting (choice of 6 different levels) for the best and most comfortable shave. The chromed handle is quite long, which is good for people with a wider grip and also for people with a smaller grip, so there is a lot of extra handle for easy maneuvering.

The ergonomic design of the Futur Safety Razor brand is ideal for your sensitive skin. The double edge blade offers durability and low weight so you can use it confidently without looking at a mirror. Your skin feels soft, smooth and shiny and leaves no traces of bumps, cuts or burns.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Saftey Razor 1

The durable chromed finish ensures that it keeps rusting in the sink of your bathroom. Also as a first timer, it is perfectly suited for beginners. It is safe to be used on the entire skin, such as your face, neck, hands, chest, legs and all other parts.

4-Wilkinson Sword Classic €œ Made in Germany

Wilkinson Sword Classic “ Made in Germany

Wilkinson Sword originated in the late 1950s in the United States. They started with a classic stainless steel blade that became a huge success. Over the years they have improved the blades with new technology.

The blades are triple-coated with chromium to resist corrosion, they have added ceramics for increased durability and PTFE for reduced skin irritation. Thanks to this new combination, the new blades last longer than the original stainless steel blades.

They are made to fit any two-edged safety razor and can be cut in half and used in a battered throat razor. These knives have an excellent price-quality ratio and are good for a smooth shave.

5-Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless

Gillette 7 O clock Super Stainless

How do you know that Gillette knows a thing or two about safety shavers with a double edge? Well, they have the original patent to start with. The fact is, Gillette is one of the giants of the razor industry unless you all your life have lived in a cave, you’ve heard of it. Admittedly, just because a company is iconic does not mean that it produces good products. Gillette, however, has achieved more than just successes. And the seven Clock Super Stainless qualifies as one of those successes.

There is much to be said about the Super Stainless sheets that, like Gillette’s Astra Premium sheets, are manufactured in Russia. First, the blade is not as aggressively sharp as other blades with a double edge, but it still offers a smooth, clean shaved skin that is among the best. Yet they are sharp enough so that you do not have to exert excessive pressure to get a clean shave. Maybe not as durable as other sided sheets mentioned in this review, giving the 7 Clock Super Stainless blades you still up five shaves before they become dull. You can even shave for a week if your facial hair is not so coarse.

Last but not least, these knives are affordable, with a cost reduction of around 16 cents per knife.


However, there is some confusion when it comes to the 7 Oa Clock Super Stainless blades. In particular, the location of the production facility for the knives, says experts, makes a big difference.

What’s fun about it?

As it turns out, 7 dials have been made in India and Russia and experienced razors prefer those made in Russia. Both come in green boxes, a big reason for the confusion, but one is entitled Permasharp Stainless Blade (India) and the other is Super Stainless (Russia). Oh, there is a knife made in India (called Super Platinum) that comes in a black box, while a yellow box (Sharp Edge) is made in Russia.

But for the sake of clarity, we are talking about the Super Stainless plates with green housing.

Above all, these blades are of high quality and fit on most safety razors. Each package contains five blades and can easily be purchased online when you have used your last blade.

6-Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger Double Safety Razor is an exceptional product from an internationally renowned supplier of Sheffield, England. Edwin Jagger excels for years in authentic, stylish shaving equipment. The packaging expresses the class that is maintained by the manufacturer.

The unique design features a chromed handle with a patterned liner for good grip. The name is classically embossed on the chromed Edwin Jagger, a real guarantee of its authenticity. The shaver comes with a free set of 5 blades, while the replacement blades are cheap and save you more money during the time you use the product.

It’s an absolutely fantastic shaver that comes in a hand-polished, chromed, precision-engineered and chromed finish for a smooth shave on sensitive skin.

It is rough for the hair while it is soft for your skin, offers a perfect shave for normal to all sensitive skin conditions.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor 1

It is still famous as a classic closed razor blade with a triple gilt handle.

The hard, chromed paint is scratch resistant and has a chrome cap on the details of the end cap. It is a product that is admired by both beginners and experts for a very close and comfortable shave.

You can register online with Edwin Jagger for its world-renowned customer service and service.

7-Derby Extra Blades

Derby Extra Blades

Then we have the Derby Extra Blades. These two-edged knives come from Sweden, where they are made of stainless steel and with the intention of placing all safety razors. But do you want to know the secret of how they were made?

They are hardened and ground using state-of-the-art cutting edge equipment, trimmed with chrome-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum. That should give the Derby Extra a few extra points, right? (You see, what have we done there?) In the end, they both keep the lead and have a longer shelf life. Did we mention that these knives are also reasonably priced?

8-Super Iridium Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Super Iridium Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Where do we start with the Super Iridium Blade? When it came out a few years ago, many men were enthusiastic about how good they were.

And then they were gone.

Road, that is, you could no longer find them on the shelves.

Unfortunately, their sudden disappearance turned out to be a change in distributors. And here they are back on the market and they get the same kind of reviews as before.

The Super Iridium sheets are mainly produced in Russia, but they are also produced in Poland and the Czech Republic (and those in Poland are of the highest quality). Have we also mentioned that the company – known as Wizamet – has been purchased by Gillette? Oh, the mystery.

The truth is that these are damn good records. With 35 cents per knife, they are more expensive than others, but because of their quality, they are more than worth the investment.

What’s fun about it?
  1. The Super Iridium blades have an excellent balance between sharp and soft. Their sharpness compares most favorably with the other sheets on our 2019 list and will cut through thick hair without the pain in the butt (not to mention, face) pulling and pulling.
  2. They are covered with iridium, a very hard metal from the platinum group. It is the second closest element after osmium – which is good information when the conversation goes down during your next social outing. But it does not matter, Iridium provides an excellent knife.
  3. They are not only as sharp as most other knives, but they are also considered more durable than knives that are known for their superior sharpness.

You get Super Iridium blades with every package, although you can order a package of 100 with a price of $ 17 to $ 35, depending on where you buy it.

9-Personna Stainless Steel Razor Blades

Personna Stainless Steel Razor Blades

Do you have thick hair? Personna Stainless Steel should be your best knife. This sheet effortlessly slides effortlessly through any difficult hair. If you are a newbie or have skin problems (sensitive skin), you may want to try other alternatives. Personna is a bit aggressive for people with sensitive skin.

The sheets come in two main colors, red and blue. They are cheap and last a long time if you buy in bulk.

Product features from Razor Blade

  • Stainless steel surface
  • Each package consists of 100 knives
  • Each knife is packed in a light paper sleeve
  • Compatible with DE-razor blades
  • Made in the US

What are the advantages?

  • It’s reasonably priced
  • They work perfectly with most razors hence you do not have to look for an extra.
  • They are sharp and provide a cut-free close-shave
  • The 100 blades save you a lot of money
  • It is manufactured by a company that is highly appreciated for producing safe shaving products

10-Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razors have been producing the best care accessories for more than 40 years. It specializes in the best men’s ropes and has set a good example through its innovative design and production standards. Parker has a strong history of producing the best and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers through dedicated products and services for customer service.Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

It is unique in its design and the weight of the unit of others in its class. A bit on the heavy side, it requires less pressure during shaving. The serrated handle design is anti-slip. The problem-free and fast shaving results of Parker Safety Razor are best for sensitive to normal skin.

It is quite normal to get minor cuts or cuts when using a new shaver. But that is one thing that can not happen with this razor. The Butterfly open design makes shaving safe, smooth and clean.

The handle has a brass frame for support without any risk of corrosion or damage. The pattern provides a better grip and you get 5 bonus sheets for the price of a premium knife. The twist-to-open butterfly design is easy to unblock, to replace knives and durable in nature.

How To Get The Best Shave With Double Edge Razor Blades

Unless you’re a newbie, I believe you’ve used a razor before. There is nothing new. Because of first-year students, I will discuss some of the steps you can take to get a pen-free, shave-free shave with the most razor blades with a double edge.

What you need:

  1. Your favorite razor
  2. Face Scrub
  3. Daily face wash
  4. Aftershave Balm
  5. Hair shaving brush

Shaving process:

  • Prepare your beard – your beard should be soft before removing it. Use a warm towel on your beard for about 30 seconds or take a shower to make them soft and hydrated.
  • Foam – Apply your entire shaving region with enough shaving cream. Use a shaving brush to spread the cream through swirling movements.
  • Shaving – You need basic skills to use the safety razor. Once you have your favorite razor and knife, it takes a few minutes before you cut your hair.


So, have you already decided?

I’m just kidding! This can be a lot of information that you have just registered as the first buyer of a safety razor. So I hope this has helped you to understand exactly what helps you to deal with your sensitive skin while shaving.

As soon as you start using a safety razor, you will learn to appreciate the special care your skin gets. Even for people without skin sensitivity problems, shaving can make our skin dry and irritable.

I advise you to go for one of these excellent safety razors, which is my choice for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin of 2019. Hopefully, this review has done justice to the high-quality razors and soon thank you skin for that!

So go for all the different looks you wanted and get rid of unwanted hair without worrying about damaging your sensitive skin with one of these safety razors.

Enjoy a nice clean shave and stay happy!

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