10 Best Single Blade Razors For Smooth & Close Shave 2020

The best single blade razors provide a smooth and close shave. At the same time, you protect your skin.

best single blade razorsWith a suitable shaver, you can navigate nicely through your contours. Not to forget, these items are sturdy, stylish, safe, and cheap when you consider the price.

The best products in the industry should shave your beards without leaving any residue on your face or body. Once we’ve set those criteria, it’s time to find those products. Let me tell you, examining the items is tedious.

In this post, I will go over my recommendations on the best single blade razors and also let you know how to choose one yourself. At the very least, I will give you a brief overview of how to use these tools. So let’s dive in.

Top 5 Best Single Blade Razors (Quick Summary)

Edwin Jagger Double Edge SafetyEdwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor
  • A stainless steel razor gives a glimpse of the quality and premium design.
  • The handle is comfortable, to say the least.
  • An affordable shaver if you are looking for a balance between quality and price
Merkur Mk34c Double Edge RazorMerkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle
  • Has a premium steel design that makes it look stylish
  • Heavy head and long handle make shaving feel effortless
  • Uses premium razors from the best in the business
Feather All Stainless Steel Double-EdgeFeather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2
  • This is not a traditional Butterfly razor you have to separate all parts.
  • The handle has a nice length At 35 inches, and it's easier to grip than most of its performance.
  • The shaving head is built in such a way that you can clearly see and wash the edge of the blade.
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain DoubleVIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)
  • This safety razor is well equipped to handle sensitive skins from different users.
  • This three-piece razor is easy to take apart and reattach thanks to the butterfly design.
  • You love the blades Medium Aggressive Perfect for beginners or experts.
Parker 96R - Long HandleParker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor & 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double
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Things To Consider For Picking The Best Single Blade Razor

Things To Consider For Picking The Best Single RazorTo find the ideal fit and the best razor you are looking for, you need to consider some factors that make a razor great for the money. Curious about what these factors are? Look below.

1-See how the razor is built

It is always important to pay close attention to how these (single) blades are made. These are mainly metal razors with stainless steel, brass, or chrome at the helm. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The stainless steel razors are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and inexpensive.

Chrome looks fantastic. Usually, the handle is textured to prevent slipping. Different patterns are engraved on the razor. This can be heavy or lightweight, depending on how you like it.

My personal favorite is Brass. It is heavy. But it offsets its weight by delivering in other sections. For example, the razor is rust-resistant. Thanks to the weight, you need less pressure on your hands to cut through the stubble. Brass handles and shaving heads are also durable and non-slip.

Choose the razor that fits your hands (i.e., length and feel). Make sure to get one that suits your style. I am sure you will find a few on my list.

2-Check the Blade Temper

Whether brass, aluminum for lightness, or heavy stainless steel, check the manufacture of your chosen razor. Your model must be in a good mood. There is actually a way to judge the quality of the blade of your chosen model.

Hold the head of your razor by your thumb. Then try to slide the blade in. The blade should form a clear ring on your thumb during the process. If so, it is in a good mood and should ensure a clean shave. If not, go to the next one.

3-How experienced are you with shaving?

Not many of us talk about this, but when it comes to handling razors with disposable blades, experience counts. Beginners often scratch, scratch, cut, or bruise themselves no matter how well a brand uses them. People should find their comfort zone and shaving style before choosing a tool.

For example, beginners usually have no control over hand movements and pressure while shaving. They should opt for lightweight stainless steel razors. Call them hollow razors if you like. These things are much more forgiving, even with an aggressive blade.

Experts should go with heavy razors. These razors put most of their weight in the head. We usually don’t have to put in a lot of effort when we slip through our faces with these babies. Razor’s weight does it all.

Clearly, there is a small risk of cutting your face (or other body parts) if you are not careful. But experts can deny the said risk.

If you want to get the best of both worlds while playing safely, buy razors that balance their weight and (medium aggressive) blades are far more forgiving than the extreme.

10 Best Single Blade Razors Of 2020

With all the premium brands around, it was hard for me to put together a list of only the top 10 best single

blade razors. I left out some of the brands and included the heavyweights in terms of design, comfort, and feel I get while I am she shaves the morning late. Let’s take a look at these products.

1- Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

 Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety RazorView On AmazonShort review. This shaver has a head that fits into any DE blade and gives you a close shave. If you’ve ever used a razor, you’ll feel the same way.

This safety razor can shave perfectly like a (razor). But it gets better. The weight gives the equipment an (aristocrat) feeling. The design is smart. This Edwin Jagger model is durable. If you set your sights on it and want to survive for years, it can survive.

This clever product combines well with DE blades and shaving brush. If you want it to really shine, use it twice a week and clean it regularly. Keep it dry in between. A small piece of advice would be to use it only for (wet) shaving.

The great thing is that you can start using it as soon as it comes to your home. It also comes with five blades that you can use for a month or two, depending on how often you change blades between a shave.

This great product is available in five varieties. Performance increases when you purchase the full set of blades, a brush and a shaving stand along with the razor.

  • A stainless steel razor gives a glimpse of the quality and premium design.
  • The handle is comfortable, to say the least.
  • An affordable shaver if you are looking for a balance between quality and price
  • You also get a shaving brush with this package.
  • The design represents the Japanese craftsmanship.
  • It is not suitable for all skin types.
  • The razor has a narrow opening.

Questions & Answers

There seem to be a good many people having a problem with failure of the screw portion of the razor. Is this a chronic problem with this particular razor?

Most thread failures are caused by dropping the razor. The top cap is manufactured from a cast metal and all cast metal is vulnerable to fracture. (Cast metal is brittle and does not bend, it breaks.) It would be nice if the razor were made out of brass or stainless steel, but the price in today's world would be over $100. So the only way to avoid fracture is to simply not drop it. Shave at the sink, keep razor away from edge of counter, and never shave in the shower, and just don't drop it.....When the razor drops, it will land head first. Since the threaded rod connecting the head to the handle is small relative to the width of the head, any off angle drop onto a hard surface will exert enough leverage to snap the head off.

Customer Reviews
9,467 Reviews

Avatar David Lozano

David Lozano

Adiós a las desechables. Si tienes piel sensible, te la recomiendo.

Soy hombre de 32 años y me afeito cada 3-4 días.Hasta ahora usaba desechables y he probado de todo. Las baratas de 1/2 usos, y gillete de 500.000 hojas super-ultra-blade que a la hora de la verdad son tan gruesas que hay zonas donde no puedes llegar bien (por ejemplo, entre el bigote y la nariz). Además de ser MUCHO más CARO a corto, medio y largo plazo.Acabados eran correctos, pero con mucha más irritación. Sobretodo en la zona del cuello, que me quedaba rojo y luego al crecer el pelo otra vez, se enquistaban bastante. Con este sistema ya no se me irrita la piel, el pelo crece perfecto y sin enquistarse. Os lo juro, es una maravilla.¿Solución? Ir al sistema tradicional.Muy contento con la Edwin Jagger. Sistema fácil de montar, muy limpio y baratíssimo. En la caja vienen 5 hojas y llevo ya más de 2 meses y aún me queda una. Una hoja me dura 2-3 afeitados y cortan por ambos lados. En Amazon hay el pack de 100 unidades por 10€, más barato imposible.IMPORTANTE: La piel se tiene que acostumbrar. El primer afeitado notaba que cortaba mucho la hoja, pero al segundo ya tuve menos miedo. Ahora ya perfecto, y no me corto.En resumen, MUY recomendable y muy contento con la compra.

2- Merkur Classic 2 Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

 Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge RazorView On AmazonThis razor doesn’t have your conventional modern design. It actually looks like your classic razor because it uses a type of blade that men have been using for hundreds of years to invent the more modern blades we see today. That said, the MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor looks and feels premium, giving you a shaving experience as close and accurate as possible thanks to its unique design and Germany-designed Solingen steel, which promises and irritation

Other than that, which makes this a great razor to use is mainly two things: the long handle and the heavy head. Because it has a long handle, you hardly suffer from it while shaving. Plus, the heavy head does all the work for you and glides through your skin effortlessly.

Expertly designed and made, the MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor is a razor that you definitely want practical if you want a product that delivers a classic, clean and effortless shave. We also have a list of the best men’s shavers you may want to check out.

  • Has a premium steel design that makes it look stylish
  • Heavy head and long handle make shaving feel effortless
  • Uses premium razors from the best in the business
  • Maybe too classic for those who want to use razors with modern designs /
  • The stainless steel handle is smooth, especially when wet.

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of having a short handle like this?

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first because I was used to a long grasp. After a year of use, I notice that I have a light touch with the short handle that has almost eliminated shaving fire. I also think that I have excellent control with the short lever. I hold the handle with two or three fingertips in the middle of the handle. The shaving head is heavy enough to do the work for me, so I just lead the razor where it needs to go. The technique takes some getting used to, but now I really prefer the Merkur 34C. I have big hands, but I have no problems with this razor. I hope this helps.

Customer Reviews
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Avatar GP


OK... I finally get it.

I started shaving with a double edge razor about a year ago. My first razor was the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl. I chose it over this razor mainly because of the reviews about the finish. I then purchased a Pearl SSH-01 closed comb trying to get a slightly more aggressive razor, which it is. I then moved to a Fatip Grande open comb which is OK, but didn't live up to the reviews that I had read. Along the way, I've tried a few others and multiple blades trying to find that perfect combo. I don't know why, but I just didn't want to believe all of the glowing reviews on this razor.I finally, ordered one. When I opened the package, I saw modest packaging and a razor that just looked OK. A bit short, a bit heavy, and a finish that just looked fine, but didn't compare to my Edwin Jagger. I loaded a Feather blade, lathered up with my Katie's Bubbles, and proceeded to see if this razor would live up to being selected by many as their favorite razor.OK... I get it. This razor apparently is the perfect combination of blade angle, blade alignment, weight, and finish. It glides over my face like no other. It does not feel aggressive at all, but the shave is remarkably close. I generally perform three passes, but with this razor and a feather, two passes and a little clean up and I'm good to go.I'm very, very impressed with this razor. It is what everyone says... a great double edge razor.

3- Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

 Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge RazorView On AmazonYou get the better end of the deal with Feather AS-D2 (All Stainless Steel) razor. Why? The product also comes with five stainless steel blades. Knowing the quality of the business, I was sure it would yield a product that satisfies even the most critical criticism of wet shaving. And it did!

This Japanese-made model has several benefits that a professional can expect from Feather’s razors. I loved the packaging and the pillow in it. It does a lot to protect the razor and blades.

Users have a nice length on the handle. At 3.5 inches, the razor handle gives you plenty of grips. Thanks to an improved design of the D1 model, this tool gives you a structured handle. The texture helps you to grip this shaver well. Trust me, and your fingers will rest in a comfortable position.

No, the razor doesn’t slip through my fingers when I shave wet. Multiple blades can be used with this razor. I would recommend using (spring) blades. This gives you superior control over which areas to cut and which to leave. Let me tell you, and these are better than regular razors.

Cartridge razors are expensive. For comparison, the double-sided blades can get closer to the skin without cutting them. One thing I have to tell my readers is that this razor has some weight. And the handle is screwed on the top, so you can not use other handles with this shaving head.

  • This is not a traditional Butterfly razor you have to separate all parts.
  • The handle has a nice length At 35 inches, and it’s easier to grip than most of its performance.
  • The shaving head is built in such a way that you can clearly see and wash the edge of the blade.
  • This product contains five springs. A combination of razor blades and blades works perfectly.
  • Feather single blade razor is made in Japan. The craftsmanship and efficiency shine through the design.
  • This razor is for the experience. Without stroking at the correct angle, it will not work properly.

Questions & Answers

How long is the handle of this razor?

3.5 inches. (and it's the best razor I have) - I have a pair of Merkurs, a Parker butterfly and the feather. I use it to shave my face and head, I have to bite myself a bit. deep grooves in the handle make it completely non-slip even if you have foam on your hands

Customer Reviews
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Avatar Noemata


Brilliantly executed and unjustly maligned

This review differs from many of the other reviews here in that it directly addresses the two primary concerns (some quibbles and some vehement complaints) expressed about the Feather AS-D2: (a) that because it is so mild it allegedly “CANNOT” shave a beard closely, and (b) that it is too expensive.This reviewer, for more than fifty years, has been “wet” shaving, using a brush (initially, a boar brush from the corner drugstore, then, for a quarter-century, a Vulfix 2234s “Super Badger”, and — for the past two years — a Mühle 33K252 “Silver Tip Fibre”synthetic) to generate lather from specialty soaps. The Feather AS-D2 razor that I bought in October 2015 was not my first Double Edge (DE) razor; it joined two other (quite different) DE razors that I already had been using for some time for my seven-days-a-week shave; were I to purchase new same-brand, same-model, replacements for those razors today, they would cost me $125 and $69, respectively. Because I already had two excellent DE razors in my possession and thus had no pressing NEED to add another, I did not approach the purchase of a Feather AS-D2, at its substantial price, lightly. I first read many of the reviews of the Feather AS-D2 under this Amazon listing — as well as many more reviews on shaving enthusiast sites like shavenook.com and Badger & Blade — and I added the Feather AS-D2 razor with my eyes wide open to the possibility that I could suffer an expensive disappointment.Let us start, first, with the “too mild to cut” claim. In the context of shaving instruments, “mild” means that a razor is designed to minimize the occurrence of serious cuts, and of less-serious nicks, during a shave. When King Gillette designed and patented the first DE razor, and brought it to market in 1904, “cutthroat” straight razors were the dominant configuration for shaving both by barbers and at home. Gillette’s design was conceived as a “safety” razor — what today would be called “mild” — and its main selling point was that a man was less likely to cut himself badly with Gillette’s innovative DE razor than he was using any of the commercial razors available at that time.Yes, like the original Gillette DE razor, the Feather AS-D2 is a “mild” razor — but that does not mean that an AS-D2 cuts whiskers any less efficiently or any less closely than an “aggressive” (the opposite of “mild”) razor does. At the end of the day, razor BLADES are what cut whiskers. Stripped to its essentials, every DE razor is merely a holder for its razor blade; it is the blade — specifically, the edge of the blade — that cuts. If the blade holder (razor) can deliver the edge of the blade to the place where a whisker emerges from the skin, then the blade can slice off the whisker right there. And a razor blade in even a “mild” razor can cut a man's beard every bit as closely and cleanly and smoothly as the same blade would cut the beard when mounted in any other DE razor.The design of any three-piece DE razor starts with a disposable thin and springy razor blade that has edges on two sides that can be ground wickedly sharp; the blade sits atop a baseplate the top of which is convex-curved or convex-angled; and a top cap that has a concave underside clamps the blade down onto the baseplate: the clamping action bends the blade slightly around the convex center of the baseplate, and imparts additional resistance against flexing along the edge of the blade. The boundary of the top cap above the blade, together with the bar or comb that forms the leading edge of the baseplate beneath the blade, define a slot through which the edge of the blade protrudes. Two dimensions: (1) the distance that the blade’s edge protrudes beyond the slot (called the “exposure” of the razor) that limits the ultimate depth to which the blade’s edge can penetrate into the thicket of whiskers (or into the flesh), and (2) the breadth of the slot between the underside of the blade and the top of the baseplate (called the “gap” of the razor), together limit the range of angles within which the razor can be rotated around a fulcrum of either the top cap, or the front side of the baseplate, before the edge of the blade gets lifted off the skin. While a specific DE razor’s manufacturing tolerances must be precise, the underlying geometry “ain’t rocket science,” as they say. The performance of a razor that has a relatively small gap and relatively small exposure will cause it to be categorized as “mild,” and the performance of a razor that has a larger gap and larger exposure will cause it to be categorized as “aggressive.”And here is where the difference among DE razors lies: the range of gaps and exposures within which the edge of the blade can address the whiskers to cut them efficiently is fairly narrow. If, within those tight parameters, the razor design allows for a relatively wide range of cutting angles, the razor demands less motor coordination from the man holding the razor, and less skill in manipulating the angle of the razor’s handle to his face, to shave the whiskers CLOSE to the skin; but that design choice brings with it a concomitant higher risk that he will cut INTO his skin. Conversely, a design that allows only a relatively narrow range of handle angles and a smaller blade exposure (that is, mild) requires the shaver to accumulate some experience, learning how to manipulate the razor handle frequently while pulling the razor across his face, to adjust the blade to the different cutting angles that are efficient to cut the whiskers for each of the various locations on his cheeks and jaw and neck; but a mild design provides better safety (less risk of drawing blood). The designer of a DE razor makes decisions relating to the razor head’s geometry that directly affect where on the scale between aggressive (angle-tolerant but risky) or technique-sensitive but safe (no bloodshed) — mild — the razor will fall.Among current models of DE razors, the Mühle Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor, R41, which can hold the edge of a razor blade against the skin over a relatively wide range of angles, is an example of a razor near the “aggressive” extreme (search the web for an article, “2011 Mühle R41: My Attempts to Cage ‘The Beast’” if you are interested), while the Feather AS-D2 falls well on the safe, but technique-sensitive, “mild” side of the continuum.If you ever have cleaned a window or a glass door with a squeegee like the Ettore 60010 ProGrip Squeegee, you know that it works very efficiently on flat, vertical glass surfaces roughly between your waist level and your shoulder level, but when you have to squeegee a window over your head or down by your knees, you have a harder time keeping its rubber blade edge from skipping. The squeegee does not change; the glass is the same; but the different angle of holding the edge of the squeegee makes a big difference as to how well it works. A mild DE razor, like the Feather AS-D2, behaves like the squeegee; the geometry of our wrists, when our elbows are bent to hold a razor to our faces, will tend to alter the angle of the razor as we pull a blade across our face. Just as a squeegee needs to be held at a proper angle to clean glass effectively, so a DE razor needs to be held at a proper angle to cut whiskers effectively.A cartridge razor that has multiple blades in a pivoting head works differently than a squeegee does: it self-adjusts the angle of the cartridge relative to the position of the handle as the razor moves across the face. A man who is accustomed to using such a razor may mistakenly think that the Feather AS-D2, the head of which is rigidly fixed atop its handle, “cannot” cut his “coarse” beard; he falsely attributes to the density of his beard the blame for a condition resulting from his failure to adjust the angle at which he holds his wrist as he moves the razor head from one part of his face to another. Similarly, an aggressive Mühle R41 style of DE razor permits great laxity of discipline as to cutting angle, and when a man who is accustomed to shaving with such a razor shaves with the Feather AS-D2, he may hold the AS-D2 razor handle at the same virtually invariant angle that he found comfortable during his habitual shaving with the aggressive razor; but, at one or another place in the topology of his beard, that angle may not be an effective angle for the narrow gap of the AS-D2’s head geometry — in places, that angle may roll the cutting edge of the blade up away from where the hair follicle emerges, and therefore the blade does not cut the whisker close to the skin. Then the man may arrive at a false conclusion: when he holds the Feather AS-D2 at his invariant habitual angle and it DOES not cut closely, he concludes that it CAN not cut closely were he to hold at another angle — the correct angle for the AS-D2 — that he has not yet tried.Here is the reality: a sharp blade loaded in a Feather AS-D2, held at the proper angle, can cut ANY human whiskers, even wiry whiskers that are densely grouped. Blades cut whiskers. If that blade were mounted in, for instance, a Mühle R41 razor, it could cut the whiskers; when that same blade is in a Feather AS-D2 razor, and the AS-D2 is held properly, then the blade CAN and WILL slice off the whisker just as efficiently and thoroughly, and just as close to the skin, as it would in the R41. The Feather AS-D2 needs no modification to make it efficient; all that is needed is sufficient repetition of the practice of holding the handle of the razor at the proper angle, which varies as one shaves around the curves and corners of one’s face: repeated practice at making the adjustments creates muscle memory in one’s hand to the point where one need not think about the handle’s angle any more. The process is really no different from learning to play a musical instrument: Jimmy Page no longer needs to check his fingers’ position on the frets when he plays Stairway to Heaven.But I am writing this to tell you that there is another way — a hardware shortcut — to address the “too mild” complaint sometimes made against the Feather AS-D2. A competing maker of stainless steel razors, iKon Razors, makes the iKon B1 Open Comb Deluxe Razor (also known as the “iKon Deluxe OC”), each of the three component parts of which is directly interchangeable with the corresponding part of the Feather AS-D2. Sporadically, iKon Razors offers the baseplate of the iKon Deluxe OC for purchase independently of the rest of the razor, although Amazon currently does not offer the baseplate separately. (*Hint: use your favorite search engine to search the phrase, “Blem DLC Open Comb Base Plate"; the corresponding unblemished product is called “B1 Open Comb Deluxe Base Plate”.) When an iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is swapped into the Feather AS-D2 in place of the Feather AS-D2’s native baseplate, the Feather AS-D2 effectively becomes a clone of an iKon Deluxe OC razor, and it will shear whiskers over a broader range of angles of holding the razor; the mild-mannered Clark Kent Feather AS-D2 transforms with the iKon baseplate into Superman with a bit of an attitude. With two alternate baseplates available, one has what amounts to two razors that differ greatly as to aggressiveness. No, the Feather AS-D2 with the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate installed still will not be the barely tamed beast that the Mühle R41 is, but it does move to the aggressive side of neutral.In the months that I have owned the Feather AS-D2, I have shaved every day with it while my other two DE razors sat, unused, in the cabinet above the sink; I have used it both with the native (solid bar) Feather baseplate and with an iKon Deluxe OC baseplate, and there is a BIG difference between the two configurations. With care and attention, I can get — and have achieved — EVERY BIT AS CLOSE a shave with the native baseplate installed in the Feather AS-D2 as I ever get with the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate installed; the iKon baseplate does not add any close-shave capability to the Feather AS-D2; what the iKon baseplate does is trade off some safety against nicks and cuts to make the razor more tolerant of “wrong” technique in holding the razor at the optimal cutting angle. To get a close shave with the native Feather baseplate requires continual adjustment throughout the shave of the angle at which one holds the handle; when one has trained muscle memory to do it automatically, the end result is the same.Closeness of the shave, however, is only one consideration determining the enjoyment of using a razor: for me, the FEEL of the solid safety bar of the Feather AS-D2 baseplate moving across my face as I am shaving is more pleasant than the FEEL of the open comb of the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate on my face. (Imagine how a Hercules Sagemann Hair Styling Comb being raked across your beard might feel, and you can conjure an idea of what the open comb iKon baseplate feels like.) I continue to work on educating my muscle memory with the Feather baseplate installed, and as I am getting better at using it, the time required to complete a close shave with the native Feather AS-D2 is getting shorter, approaching the time it takes to knock off an efficient shave with one of my other two DE razors. Eventually, I shall have trained my wrist sufficiently to retire the iKon baseplate entirely. In the meantime — today — I can get as close a shave as I ever have achieved with ANY DE razor when I have the native Feather baseplate installed, but I can get as close a shave in LESS TIME with the iKon baseplate installed.The Feather AS-D2 ships with a pack of five Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades; not surprisingly, the Feather blades work symbiotically with the Feather razor in its stock solid bar baseplate configuration. The Feather blades are very sharp — famously so — but the Feather blades have been fashioned to be more flexible than most other blades; if a Feather blade is not firmly supported on its under (baseplate) side, it can ripple like a flag in a hurricane when the edge of the blade faces resistance during a shaving stroke. The underside of the top cap of the Feather AS-D2 razor has a square “post” at each of its four corners that corresponds to a matching cutout at each of the four corners of a standard DE blade; the top cap’s posts mate snugly into depressions or “sockets” at the corners of the standard AS-D2 baseplate, allowing the top cap and baseplate together to clamp the blade very firmly on both sides along the full length of the blade near to the cutting edge; this is an unusual design feature of the AS-D2, and, not incidentally, it ensures that the blade will be perfectly aligned between the top cap and baseplate when the pieces of the razor are tightened. When the alternative iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is swapped into the AS-D2, the top cap’s posts still stabilize the *sides* of the blade at the corners, ensuring excellent blade alignment, but the iKon baseplate curves down and away from the blade at the front edge, and there are no corresponding baseplate sockets for the posts to fit into; the blade is not as tightly clamped, and a thin blade like the Feather can flex along its edge in that configuration.I prefer the quality of the shaves that I get when I have loaded the Feather AS-D2 with KAI Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades, which are made in the same small city, Seki, in Gifu Prefecture, where the Feather AS-D2 razor is made, and are (to my perception) just as sharp as the Feather blades; the KAI blades are stiffer — more resistant to deformation — than the Feather blades are, and consequently less susceptible to the judder that Feather blades sometimes exhibit. The KAI blades make at least as excellent a match with the Feather AS-D2 razor using the stock Feather baseplate as the Feather blades do, but the KAI blades are superior to the Feather blades when the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is substituted. As a bonus, I have found that I get an extra shave or two on a KAI blade, compared to a Feather blade, before reaching the point of having to replace the blade.Both Feather blades and KAI blades are made in Japan; some other excellent DE razor blades are made in Russia. Having found success with Polsilver Super Iridium (SI) Double Edge Razor Blades (made in a factory in St. Petersburg partially owned by Gillette) and Rapira Swedish Supersteel (SS) Double Edge Blades (made in a factory in Moscow) in my other DE razors, I gave a couple dozen of each of those blades a fair try in the Feather AS-D2; both of the Russian blades gave me a pretty good shave; but the Japanese KAI blades and Feather blades give me a better shave in the Feather AS-D2 than the Russian blades do; “your mileage may vary,” as they say.Now as to price. Several reviewers here on Amazon have opined that the Feather AS-D2 is not “worth” upwards of $150, or that it is “over-priced.” SUBJECTIVE value to an individual is, of course, indisputable. But, on an OBJECTIVE basis, the Feather AS-D2 has a mark-up from the cost of manufacturing it that is commensurate with the mark-up of cheaper, lesser, razors. One legitimately may argue that the molybdenum enhanced and highly corrosion-resistant “marine grade” 316 stainless steel (also known as “surgical stainless steel”) that Feather selected for use in the AS-D2 is overkill, that for razors that are not exposed to saltwater, 316 affords no discernible advantage in the short term over the fairly corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel that other manufacturers of stainless steel razors use. One legitimately may argue, further, that, having chosen to make the Feather AS-D2 with such high grade stainless steel, it was overkill to plate the steel in chrome; and that it was further overkill to take the extra step to give the chrome a matte finish. Those are valid points, because Feather could have brought a very similar razor to market at a lower price point had it not taken those extra steps. But — relative to its COST to produce — the Feather AS-D2 is very much worth the PRICE for which it sells. Whether such quality is realized subjectively when standing in front of the shaving sink, or whether there is worth to you in knowing that the Feather AS-D2 can be passed down as an heirloom to future generations after lesser DE razors will have bit the dust, are value judgements that each individual must make for himself.Personally, I find the Feather AS-D2 to be worth its price.The first (from left) two photos below show the gaps and exposures of the Feather AS-D2 razor when it is fitted with the stock solid-bar baseplate vs. when fitted with the alternative open comb baseplate discussed in the review above. The fourth photo (when I posted this review it was the third photo) shows the underside of the top cap, with four square posts at the extreme corners of the cap. The third (originally, the fourth) photo shows a (KAI) razor blade lightly resting atop the inverted top cap. showing how the cap’s posts will protrude through the cut-outs at the four corners of the blade after the baseplate has been laid (convex side down) atop the blade, with the handle then screwed onto the threaded post of the top cap to tighten the pieces together. The last (rightmost) photo shows the convex top of the Feather baseplate, with sockets at each corner that accept the protruding posts of the top cap, constraining blade rotation between the baseplate and top cap, and assuring perfect alignment of the blade in the razor every time. From the first and last photos, one may discern that the underside (baseplate side) of the blade is tightly supported from the center out all the way to the edge of the three wide oblong slots on each side of the baseplate that allow an exit path for lather scrubbed from the beard.

4- Vikings Blade The Chieftain

 Vikings Blade The ChieftainView On AmazonOne thing I like about VIKINGS products is that they follow a strict understanding when it comes to shaving. These guys don’t believe in handing out (cheap) products in both quality and price. That said, you get a (Double-Edge) razor with Swedish stainless steel blades.

I especially liked the Alcantra mirror and the handy cover that came with my product. It makes for a perfect shaving experience. Finally, I also gave one to my neighbor for the coming Christmas. Best of all, Chieftain Single Blade Razor is both functional and stylish.

For example, you have a (heavy) razor in your hands when you order it. The extra weight helps Chieftain cut facial hair better and more effectively than its competitors. I tested this piece, and just a single stroke was enough to get rid of my 3-day old facial furniture.

While looking for the best single blade razors out there, I came across a lot of lookalikes from this (VIKINGS product. Just one shave with the original, and you will notice the difference. Comes with 20% more weight than the counterfeits. It gives you a 150% closer shave than cheap razors.

People can also have an (easy to operate) razor. This is what you get from a classic (3 part)

You can prepare it in 5 minutes Slide the blades on the comb and attach the shaving head by hand Do not forget to turn the handle The shaving head clicks into place
(- That said, don’t turn the handle and head; it will damage the razor.

I have to mention the (Swedish) blades you get now.claim to be mild in nature, meaning people who shave it will not get abrasions, pimples, cuts, and bruises while shaving. Not to mention, users won’t get a rash or itching after every shave. Far, my experience is a little different. I would say these are (moderately aggressive) and not quite mild. Replacing every blade with a new one is delicious. It only takes 5 seconds!

Compared to the Merkur product I talked about earlier, it has bigger handles. Yes, you have your texture pattern, but you can also slightly adjust the handle. If you are a person with big hands, I think this one is more suitable for you compared to the previous product.

  • This safety razor is well equipped to handle sensitive skins from different users.
  • This three-piece razor is easy to take apart and reattach thanks to the butterfly design.
  • You love the blades Medium Aggressive Perfect for beginners or experts.
  • VIKINGS Chieftain is a heavy razor Unlike the counterfeits you will notice that it is 20% heavier
  • You have a textured handle to prevent slipping and unwanted accidents during the process.
  • Yes, this thing has a bigger handle than Merkur. But it is still small compared to the VIKINGS counterparts.

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know where these are made?

The Chieftain is made in China, but don't be fooled. It is top quality that German and English shavers compete that cost 5x. Unlike other defamatory answers that are clearly written by competitors, the Viking company never hides the fact that Baili has been instructed to build a modified mold exclusively for them. What gives the Viking Chieftain a head start on other cheap Baili clones (which look the same) is that the Chieftain is really the original Viking design and is considerably heavier. The Chieftain has 4 foam channels on each side with a strong reinforcing base, while the Baili clones have 2 foam channels with a wafer-thin base. The chief also shaves much effortlessly with moderate aggression, while the clones are extremely mild. Both Viking and Baili have already confirmed this, so don't listen to someone who claims otherwise. I suspect that they were all written by the same syndicate.

Customer Reviews
5,431 Reviews

Avatar chris harrison

chris harrison

Craftsmanship never goes out of style

I did read various reviews before I purchased the Vikings blade, “The Chieftain “ others may have variable controls but what won me over was the simplicity, style and weight, realistically you can use the weight of the razor to achieve a close shave without fearing a face covered with tissue paper trying to stem lots of nicks!Very impressed with the mechanics,fit and finish

5- Parker 96r Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double

 Parker 96r Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor 5 Parker Premium Platinum DoubleView On AmazonAt this point in our discussion of the best single blade razor, I present you Parker 96R Safety Razor. The product represents and builds on the Parker legacy that spans more than 40 years. The most important part of this Parker model is how easily it moves through your face.

The razor has a solid construction. It is made of original brass, which makes it stiff. It won’t get damaged if people accidentally drop it on the bathroom tiles. The brass construction gives it some weight, and therefore you feel the quality in your hands.

The Parker 96R handle has a textured grip. That will help you get a close shave while holding the product comfortably in your hand. Believe me, and people can hold it well even if they have wet hands. The same goes for people with smooth hands when showering.

It comes with five high-quality blades to take advantage of. These shark blades are chrome plated. So they are stainless. The blades can cut the thickest facial hair. Changing blades is as easy as cake with Parker 96R. You just have to turn the head, and the inner part is open to your eyes. Just take out your old blade and replace it with a new one.

  • Changing blades is an easy process to follow.
  • A fairly inexpensive razor if you compare the performance and the stylish appearance
  • The design makes it insensitive to rust and damage.
  • Shave with powerful blades
  • You can hold the razor perfectly in all circumstances.
  • People reported that they were cut and cut by this razor, but it usually depends on your skill in handling this thing.

Questions & Answers

Where is this razor made?

I care. The razor is made in India

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Avatar John Thompson

John Thompson

When Wet Shaving Really Became Fun

I'm pretty new to double edge razor wet shaving. The first razor I bought was part of a kit, and it shaved well, but perhaps a bit too well. Granted, this was my first foray, but I had to really be careful, or I'd end up with lots of razor burn or nicks. I learned quickly that not all razors are created equal, and some are more "mild" or "aggressive" than others. Apparently, this first razor was on the aggressive end of the spectrum. It's also a 3 piece design, which isn't bad, but I started getting a little tired of disassembling, cleaning out and reassembling it every time I shaved.Then, I learned about butterfly or turn-to-open style razors, and my interest was piqued. After a bit of research, I decided to get the Parker 96R, and man, I'm glad that I did. First of all, it looks really nice hanging from my matching razor and brush stand. The doors are nice and responsive, and close down tightly. As far as cleanup goes, it's really nice to have quick access to the blade and interior of the mechanism. Swapping blades takes only a few seconds. After loading my first blade, I immediately noticed that considerably less blade was exposed, as opposed to my other razor. This made for a much easier shave (for me), and left me with zero razor burn or nicks. In fact, I got the closest shave I've ever had in my life by the third or fourth go with this one (and the included Shark blades). When I'm all finished, after rinsing the razor out, all I do is open the doors and let it hang to dry. It seems quite well-made, with a nice heft, and was a great value for the price.I've heard guys all throughout my life complain about shaving, as though it were some major chore. Personally, I've never felt that way. Granted, I don't have a super coarse or fast-growing beard, so I can't totally see things from their point of view. But it was never laborious - if anything it was just sort of boring shaving with a cartridge razor. Now, it's something I actually look forward to in the mornings - more so the better I get. I enjoy ritual in general, so the process of prepping my brush, whipping up the lather, the shave, itself, and applying aftershave are really fun for me. It's a big part of my morning routine that helps me start the day off right, and helps instill confidence. That's especially true, now that I have a razor that suits me so well. I'm learning a lot as I go, mainly that a good shave comes from a combination of several factors: razor, blade, shave cream/soap, skin type, technique, etc. I'm certainly improving, which is nice to see. As far as the razor part for getting a great shave goes, I would highly recommend this model if you've got more sensitive skin, or are looking to try double edge wet shaving for the first time. 5 stars...

6- Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

 Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety RazorView On AmazonThe Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor offers you an incredible shaving experience where the blade does the work for you. It’s an effortless type of razor that glides through your skin without much effort, as long as you hold it tight and use the correct angle.

In addition, this razor has a butterfly design that makes it easy to change blades. And thanks to the long handle, it’s very easy and effortless to achieve that smooth and sleek look you’ve always wanted.

The Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor is a razor that makes everything on your part seem so effortless.

  • Glides through your skin effortlessly
  • Blades are easy to replace
  • You have to follow a certain angle because the blade does not bend very well to follow the contours of your face.
  • Expect to cut if you do not follow the instructions correctly.

Questions & Answers

Does the butterfly mechanism stay closed while shaving? I have a Mehaz that works its way open thus causing me to nick myself.

I never had a problem, but my wife started using it on her legs and I forgot to tell her to keep her grip on the butterfly; she got a nasty cut from it. Once she realized the cause, she has never had it since. I just make sure it is properly tightened before I shave. Fantastic razor.

Customer Reviews
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Avatar Koa


Legs, arm pits, and pubes

Women, here's a review for us:Or for anyone else who shaves their arm pits, legs, and pubic region.I can't say enough about this razor. I have been using this type of razor for two weeks now and really enjoy it. I used to use Venus razors but I could never tell when they were done, and they are so expensive so naturally I would use one for a month or longer, like a dencent lady working on a budget. My boyfriend made the switch almost a year ago and I figured I'd give it a go.I read reviews, specifically from women and heard things like no razor bumps and closest shave, and I can attest that the rumors are true. Since using the razor my arm pit bumps are nearly gone. I can't say for my bikini line just yet. As for closest shave, it really depends on the blades you use - I got a variety pack and still haven't quite found my blade.Now for making the switch and how to not cut yourself. The first time I used this type of razor I didn't cut myself. If you go slow, pay attention, and use it like any other razor you'll be fine. There are numerous tutorial videos you can watch if you feel uneasy. I got cocky on my second shave and nicked my knee, which is possible with any razor. I just shave in the shower and use a bar of soap, but just because life on a budget.I could tell the moment my blade got dull too. But so you have an idea: 1 double edge razor for legs, one leg for each side, and one dbl blade will get about 4-5 days of arm pit shaves. The long handle one was suggested and I must say I fully agree. They're about 4" long. Good luck!

7- MHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

 MHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety RazorView On AmazonWhen we talk about single blade razors, the way they open up to people to load blades becomes a big factor. In my case, I prefer simple options. The simpler, the better. That’s why MÜHLE R41 is on my list of the best single-blade razors. R41 comes with a blade and simple instructions.

This is a German product like Merkur but does not have as much heritage or legacy. But that doesn’t stop MÜHLE from giving users a simple razor with a compact design. The finish you see on the handle is fine and engraved. This keeps our moist hands from slipping when tackling contours.

This thing is made for direct shaving experience for people. As I said, the shaving head follows an (Open Comb) style. As such, the blade is clamped to the curvature of the edge. This provides enough exposure to stay sharp and prevents debris from entering the blade.

The same design is also easy to clean. It opens easily for washing. Even before someone washes the razors, the stubble passes through the gap between the edge of the blade holder and the foam. You can use both aggressive blades (Feather) and normal blades, such as Derby for shaving.

I must say I didn’t have to go to my face a second time to get the shave I wanted. Just one attempt with the grain of my facial hair was enough. I can vouch for the same result even if your beards are thicker than mine. It’s all in the position of the blade and the angle of the razor on your faces.

It was great to see how the razor worked well even when my stubble was three days old. The sharpness of the blade and the effectiveness of the blows remained the same.

  • This blade has a simplistic but practical style and design with an Open Comb plan.
  • One can clean and sustain the razor very effortlessly thanks to the Open Comb technique and blade Curvature.
  • The control is textured, generating it impervious to slipping and accidents that could happen.
  • I can deem this item as Novice Friendly thanks to the straightforward How to guide it has
  • As usually people get a sample blade and can use any blade with this answer as they like
  • I do not have concerns with the performance. But the razor needs to be dealt with caution. It is aggressive in your experience.

Questions & Answers

Is it just me, or was shaving with the muhle blade, that came packaged with it, the worse blade ever? it was more dull than an astra sp after 4 shaves

Yeah, I experimented with the Muhle blade that came with this razor and found it tugged a great deal. Not a very cozy shave, although I didn't get razor burn up or any nicks. I prefer the Astra SP blade, I discover it smoother and just as shut a shave.

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Avatar Alex N.

Alex N.

Next Level Shaving Experience

Warning: This is a long review and the conclusion is that this razor is amazing. It defies all logic and truly is the legit next level shaving experience.I’ll start by saying I have ultra sensitive skin, very thick coarse hair and I have been wet shaving with a DE safety razor for about 1 year.I have also used and will be comparing this R41 razor to the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC Razor, the Merkur HD 34C, a Weishi Butterfly Safety Razor and an unknown model vintage 3-piece Gillette razor from the 70’s.With all the other razors I mentioned, I experienced a lot of hair tugging, razor bumps and razor burns. No matter how much I slowed down and focused on technique, no matter what soap or cream I tried, no matter how much time I spent on my preshave and lather prep, no matter what blades I used, I got poor results and not that great of a shave either.I kept thinking that because I have super sensitive skin I should try finding a good mild razor and I looked at the Merkur 34C HD and the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC Razor because they both have very positive reviews and are reasonably popular amongst the wet shaving community. The Merkur 34C, for me, was little to no improvement over the cheap Weishi Butterfly Safety Razor and the vintage Gillette since it gave me consistent razor burn and tugging. The Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC Razor was a decent improvement as it gave me much less razor burn but still have me lots of bumps on my neck and chin area (my trouble spots).For those who think that I’m getting bad shaves using the Merkur and the PAADOC is due to me being reckless with my shaving, I would also like to stress that I DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE WHEN I SHAVE AND I GO VERY SLOWLY AND FOCUS.So after about 4 months of razor burns and bumps I decided to try the opposite and go for an “aggressive” razor and found the Muhle R41. Best decision ever! I have been using it for 2 weeks now and get NO IRRITATION, NO BUMPS AND A CLOSE SMOOTH SHAVE. It goes against all logic that an “aggressive” razor would work so well for me but here is my theory on why.I believe that “aggressive” is not the right term and that it should be called “efficient.” I only make 2 passes using the R41 (one with the grain and one across the grain) and all the hair is gone. With the other razors I had to make 4-5 passes to get a similar amount of hair off my face. Also, this razor is heavier so I literally hold it with two fingers and let it glide across my face and it removes everything like a guillotine.Although I have tried many blades (listed bellow):Gillette silver blue,Gillette NACET,Gillette 7 o’Clock Super Platinum,Gillette 7 o’Clock sharpedge,Kai Blades,Wilkinson Sword, andPersonna Lab Blue.I prefer using Polsilver and Feathers blades, with Astra blades being a worthy 3rd, place in my R41.The R41 does require you to change up the way you hold your razor since most razors are supposed to be used at around 45 degrees to your face and this R41 is suggested to be used at around 30 degrees with your face meaning that you will have to use it at a much stepper angle. I think it help to imagine it such as if you start holding the R41 at a 90 degree angle to your face with the head of the razor flat against the skin and then you adjust the angle down ever so slightly.I found that shaving with the R41 is very easy and natural as long as you start slowly. I shave with it daily and have not cut or nicked myself a single time in the last 2 weeks. I have also noticed a serious improvement in my skin with the irritation slowly fading away.My one and only complaint about the R41 is the handle. I love the length and weight but it gets too slippery because the knurling is not very deep and is more about looks than function. I ordered both the Weber SS and the PAA SS Bomb Tip handles to fix this problem and will decide which feels better when they arrive sometime soon. But if you already have a handle that you love, since this is a standard 3 piece razor, just screw it on and you’re good to go.Overall, if you have very sensitive skin and thick hair like I do, you should definitely try the R41. It is not as scary as all the reviews make it sound and it could make your shaves light years better if you actually use it right and feel comfortable using it. It can potentially cut you if you don’t handle it properly, but then again so can any razor. The Muhle R41 is officially my go to and favorite razor and I don’t see myself changing it out anytime soon.

8- Merkur Razor Adjustable Futur Brushed Chrome Safety Razor

 Merkur Razor Adjustable Futur Brushed Chrome Safety RazorView On AmazonAs for adjustable razors, Merkur’s Futur hits the mark with the design, overall feel, and customization it offers users. Yes, the price is a concern if you walk with tight ropes. But when it comes to functionality, Merkur never shies of handing out a good shaving product.

Futur comes with a matte body with a chrome polish to enhance the look. And it works! People get an (Aesthetically Pleasing) razor that works well and do it without straining their skin.

This razor shines best with shaving cream or a gel. Wet your beard, lather up and get to work.

(Why is it so simple,) Do you ask? Well, that’s because Futur has a unique (Snap-on Cap) design that allows people to use the razor right after the blade is applied. The secret is a magnet that brings the top and bottom pieces together without breaking people’s sweat.

Just put the blade in place and place the top half of the razor-like cover. You are all set for your shaving adventures. Then there’s the extra weight these razors put on their heads. As a result, people can cut fairly mature beards in one stroke. No, I’m not kidding with this one.

Be careful not to apply unnecessary pressure. Run the razor over your face. (Why do you ask? Well, these blades can be aggressive, unlike other contenders on my list.

But when Futur is in (experienced) hands, the sharpness of the blade takes a backseat in favor of finesse and quality.

In addition, you can twist the cap and blade with it. There is a dial-in area that can control the gap between the blade and the bottom half of the razor. It works wonders when you need the perfect shave without notches and cuts These guys focused on comfort and alignment while designing Futur., if the adjustable blade opening turns out to be a boon if you hold the product at a 30-degree angle, you won’t feel any pulling or pulling power if you Shaves against the grain Your hands stay aligned correctly.

Speaking of the hands, Futur has a textured engraving on the part to help users with wet and damp hands better grip the razor to grab. Therefore, such a heavy razor would accidentally cause cuts to your face and be damaged by falling from a significant height.

To put the icing on an already tasty cake, Merkur Futur has a (Closed comb) design. As a result, the blades are better guided during shaving. Nor does it allow beards if people use it for a long time. It is perfectly suited for hairdressers who usually do 50:60 shaves per day.

For me, cleaning only took ten minutes or so because I had to rinse the razor and blade under running water. It is not a big fuss.

I liked that the makers made it optional to buy a full-fledged set that comes with a razor stand and all the extra shebang for your comfort.

  • This is perhaps the greatest adjustable razor. You get to modify the height and Sharpness of blades.
  • I like the bodyweight stability this factor offers All I needed have been a handful of gentle glides, although shaving.
  • Merkur Futur is an outstanding razor for newbies and knowledgeable customers alike.
  • Engraving on the handle of Merkur Futur permits customers to grip it completely without having slipping at all.
  • The Closed Comb design and style prevents hair strands from getting into the razor.
  • Personally, I select the knurled design and design when functioning with Merkur products.
  • The head snaps into location nicely, but it is not the very best design and style and style function from Merkur.

Questions & Answers

You say 4 peice set. Does that mean it comes with the Merkur bowl i see in the picture?

The four pieces consist of the razor, the brush, the stand and the bowl.

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Avatar Scott Maslowe

Scott Maslowe

By far the closest shave I've ever had in my life. Ever.

This razor without a doubt is capable of giving you the closest shave you've ever had in your life. However, I was fairly dismissive of people that talked about a "learning curve" in other reviews, thinking they were just whiners... Well I was wrong. This razor definitely takes some getting used to. Fact is, I don't find this to be my favorite razor. Maybe it will be after I'm used to it some more, but it's not yet. I'm giving it 5 stars because it does EXACTLY what it promises. It gives you beyond a doubt, the absolute closest shave you'll ever have. The build quality is amazing. The finish is great. The weight is fantastic. The head does seem a bit large though and requires you to figure out a new way to get under your nose. I started shaving with it a few days ago, and am now on setting 3. My kids are so amused by how smooth my face is, compared to their complaining for the last ten years when I roll up and sneak kiss them, that they sit there and just run their cheeks over mine. So I would definitely recommend this for new or expectant fathers, that will be doing a lot of baby kissing.

9- Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

 Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor 10Merkur, the German brand, invented another shaving jewel. This particular product is also known to many as Merkur HD. This is one of Merkur’s most popular models and rightly so.

First of all, you get a sense of quality when you have this razor in your hands. The thick and textured handle gives you a firm grip no matter how slippery or wets your hand is due to showering or water flow. The equipment is supplied with a fixed head. Some may find it strange, but a sturdy head will keep it from falling out while you do business. In addition, it works well with the design.

Take advantage of the package and grab Merkur’s Super Platinum Razor Blade. With the blade, you will find your way with tough facial hair and hard-to-reach corners. It features a protector that allows you to keep your facial curves safe while shaving. If you need replacement blades, they are sold separately.

  • The model is handcrafted you can be assured of the greatest notch of large quality.
  • Merkur is a brand that assures the best efficiency when it comes to blades.
  • It contours to your facial curves
  • It has a fixed hand that lessens cuts and nicks.
  • It has a blade guard.
  • Spare blades require to be bought separately.

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of having a short handle like this?

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first because I was used to a long grasp. After a year of use, I notice that I have a light touch with the short handle that has almost eliminated shaving fire. I also think that I have excellent control with the short lever. I hold the handle with two or three fingertips in the middle of the handle. The shaving head is heavy enough to do the work for me, so I just lead the razor where it needs to go. The technique takes some getting used to, but now I really prefer the Merkur 34C. I have big hands, but I have no problems with this razor. I hope this helps.

Customer Reviews
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Avatar GP


OK... I finally get it.

I started shaving with a double edge razor about a year ago. My first razor was the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl. I chose it over this razor mainly because of the reviews about the finish. I then purchased a Pearl SSH-01 closed comb trying to get a slightly more aggressive razor, which it is. I then moved to a Fatip Grande open comb which is OK, but didn't live up to the reviews that I had read. Along the way, I've tried a few others and multiple blades trying to find that perfect combo. I don't know why, but I just didn't want to believe all of the glowing reviews on this razor.I finally, ordered one. When I opened the package, I saw modest packaging and a razor that just looked OK. A bit short, a bit heavy, and a finish that just looked fine, but didn't compare to my Edwin Jagger. I loaded a Feather blade, lathered up with my Katie's Bubbles, and proceeded to see if this razor would live up to being selected by many as their favorite razor.OK... I get it. This razor apparently is the perfect combination of blade angle, blade alignment, weight, and finish. It glides over my face like no other. It does not feel aggressive at all, but the shave is remarkably close. I generally perform three passes, but with this razor and a feather, two passes and a little clean up and I'm good to go.I'm very, very impressed with this razor. It is what everyone says... a great double edge razor.

10- Elkaline Razors Shaving Kit For Men And Women

 Elkaline Razors Shaving Kit For Men And WomenView On AmazonIndeed, the Elkaline Razors shaving set for men and women is indeed a product for men and women as it glides through every skin type precisely as the hair is cut, whether used on the face, legs, or underarms. And the best part about the shaving experience is that it cuts as little as possible.

With its innovative design, the Elkaline Razors shaving kit for men and women makes it easy for you to remove and replace the blades by simply turning a knob. The blades aren’t even very expensive and will help you save more money in the long run.

The Elkaline Razors shaving kit for men and women may not have the same kind of premium feel compared to other razors, but it gets the job done, and it’s great at precise shaving without the cuts.

  • Good for every guys and girl
  • Extremely easy to eliminate and substitute blades
  • Not superb for sensitive skin.
  • Feels a bit cheap in contrast to other single blade razors.

Questions & Answers

How does this compare to the merkur razor?

I first bought the Merkur (Amazon Best Seller) and then this one. Merkur is 3-part and requires dismantling to dry or replace the blade. I prefer the Ekaline, which has a "butterfly" style (turn to open and close). Also believe that I get a smoother shave with this one. I now have two, one for home and one for travel, and the Merkur is languishing in a drawer.

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Avatar Javier Tores Esteban

Javier Tores Esteban

Afeitado perfecto

Muy útil para cortes rectos y precisos. No apura mucho pues sólo tiene una hoja, pero merece la pena. El estuche es ideal para viajes y para guardarlo en casa.

Double Edge vs. Single Edge Safety Razors

Double Edge vs Single Edge Safety RazorsVirtually all single-blade safety razors currently on the market are double-edge razors, meaning both sides of the razor are visible.

Manufactured in the past, however, many companies also include one-sided safety razors.

As far as we know, there is really only one company that currently produces single edge razors, a company called Beluga, which has successfully used a Kickstarter campaign to

Still, we cannot comment really on these razors because we haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

If you’re interested in trying out a single blade razor, you can easily pick up vintage models online or possibly from pawnshops, garage sales, ads, etc.

Although the razors are no longer produced, there are still many companies that produce blades that will fit almost any vintage model.

Some good vintage options are the GEM Bullet Tip Micromatic, Ever Ready 1912, GEM 1912, GEM G-Bar, and GEM Feather Weight. Of these, the featherweight is probably best for beginners.

GEM also produced an open comb version of the Micromatic, which is known as one of the most aggressive safety razors out there.

No kidding, this thing can give one of the absolute best shaves, but it usually comes at the cost of a few layers of skin.

For those who have never tried a one-sided razor before, we can highly recommend it if you are looking for an extremely close shave, and we mean extreme.

The blade in this type of razor has a slightly different angle and requires a special technique, but most single edge razors will be about the most aggressive shave you’ve ever had – so be warned and give us not the fault if you bleed like a tap!

How do you use a single blade razor?

Now there are the right steps to follow if we are to do this properly. Let’s assume you have a thick beard and want to shave it. The first thing I would do is apply Pre-shave oil. It softens the beard. Then you can apply shaving gel or cream. Rinse it all over your beard to distribute it evenly.

Now place the double-edged shaver (AKA Single Blade Razor) at an angle of 30 degrees. Gently slide over your face and never push it too hard. You do well to shave in the direction of the growth of your beard. At the end of the first round, I tend to go over my face again with the gel or shaving cream on top. But it all depends on your preference.

At the very end, it is enough to apply an (After Shave) lotion. Aftershave lotion reduces lumps on your face. It reduces irritation, prevents cuts in the blood, and prevents cuts from fatalities.


If you’re still between a cartridge razor and a single blade razor, go for the latter. Shave closer with the best single blade razors. Sometimes the construction and blade quality make the difference when you compare different brands.

Eventually, you will get to the point where you have enough experience to know how to use a single blade razor without using yourself. Cut or feel discomfort. But from now on, feel free to choose one of our top picks as we assure you they will perform in terms of overall quality and experience.

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