10 Best Shaving Bowls, Scuttles and Mugs of 2021

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If you are looking for the best shaving bowls on the market, you have come to the right place.

shaving accessories on wooden background. - shaving bowls s and pictures best shaving bowlsAlthough the traditional shave has always been offered in Barbershops and is something of a treat and a transitional ritual, more and more men are choosing to foam in at home, take a warm, sharp blade and style themselves so professionally.

The attention to detail and the careful selection of all the right equipment to do the job well to achieve that super-smooth and slender, slender look.

It’s the old-fashioned barbershop, gentlemen, and it feels luxurious. Having the right shaving bowl can be the difference between excellent control over your shaving cream or falling flat.

We have assessed a wide range of shaving bowls and identified the best shaving bowl in any material (metal, ceramics, and wood)

Whether you use shaving cream or shaving soap, we have the best shaving bowls around you to help absorb superior foam and also look good on your bathroom countertop.

This article also offers you all the information you need to know about shaving bowls and about choosing the best for you.

Top 5 Best Shaving Bowls (Quick Summary)

Latherwhip Shaving Soap Bowl - Latherwhip Shaving Bowl
  • Ceramic construction with a black sheen is just as trendy and stylish as everyone would hope.
  • Raised top works for me, I can increase the amount of foam without the fear of it tipping.
  • The handle Apotheker is super good! You can hold the bowl while your soap, puck or cream beats.
SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl (Naturally Supply Marble Shaving Bowl
  • Longer heat retention/conduction through the marble material.
  • Ribbed interior for easy foam mixing.
  • It has a firm grip.
VIKINGS BLADE 'The Chairman' Luxury Vikings Blade the Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl
  • Thanks to microscopic technology, this bowl can hold more shaving material than others.
  • This bowl has a heavy bottom and does not tilt when it is filled to the neck with water.
  • The diameter of 3 inches is a comfortable space to work with your shaving soap or cream and the brush.
Fine Lather Bowl with StaticHole Fine Lather Bowl With Statichole Technology
  • Ribbed bottom
  • Finger hole
  • Professional feel
Akstore Men's Durable Shave Soap Akstore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup
  • You have a double-walled thermal insulation design for a price of fewer than 10 dollars with this product.
  • The construction is generally excellent because the inner part of the bowl is well polished and scratch-resistant.
  • This comes with a thick and polished edge. It helps to balance the completed object.
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When The Shaving Bowls First Appeared?

If you think shaving bowls appeared yesterday (ok, get it 100 years ago), think again. Jog your memory and set the records straight.

Did you know that bowls were already in 2500 BC? Were seen?

Do not panic. It’s true. Those bowls were out of shape. Mugs came after people found potters’ wheels. Patterns emerged years later. We see scuttles, cups and other varieties that are relatively modern in the timeline.

People used to use clay to design these things. As the days passed, we got the ceramic, glass, stainless steel, plastic, and wooden containers.

Type Material Of Shaving Bowl

1. Ceramics

shaving brush in bowl barbers men hairdresser concept. - shaving bowls s and pictures Type Material Of Shaving Bowl

In our opinion, the best shaving bowls are those made of ceramic or stoneware, because they retain better heat and allow you to relive the pleasure of shaving with warm foam (which also helps you better to shave and feel good on your face).

The only problem with these ceramic shaving bowls, however, is that they tend to be slightly more fragile and likely break if you ever drop them.

2. Metal

If you are worried about your butterfingers, you may want to consider a metal shaving bowl or mug.

Although metal retains little heat compared to ceramic or stone, it is still easy to get the job done.

3. Wood

There are also a significant number of wooden shaving bowls on the market today, which usually look pretty stylish but don’t stay warm either, so you can’t get them used with hot water, and some even have a separate shaving soap holder.

However, these are usually a lot cheaper than all the others and are still worth trying.

10 Best Shaving Bowls of 2021

Shaving bowls are not equal! It has various functions and functions.

If you are not sharp enough, you will fall for a shaving bowl that does not meet your needs! What a waste of money too!

Below is a list of some of the best shaving bowls options on the market, based on their quality, usability, user popularity, and overall rating.

There are different types to choose from, based on personal preference, so browse through our list before you decide on the best shaving bowl for you.

1. Latherwhip Shaving Bowl

Latherwhip Shaving BowlView On Amazon

Latherwhip has indicated in advance for which things this small bowl is good. Of course, this is a ceramic bowl. And yes, these things tend to break when they fall from a considerable height. BUT in this case, I can guarantee the thickness of ceramics. People don’t have to worry about accidents that ruin it for them.

Latherwhip Shaving Bowl 1Even though ceramics have been reinforced, you will find the light. I had no problems picking up this mug or taking it everywhere. This shaving bowl does not burden your hands.

Makers contain a handy handle (in pharmacist style) that ensures a good grip. Yes, it’s a substantial aesthetic boost. It also works to keep the bowl stable if someone whips the foam quickly.

Makers raised the upper part of the bowl. This is called a 3-ridge base. High-end shaving bowls come with such improvements to make the shaving experience a little better than average.

We have a difference in diameter from the inner part to the top inch. The precise diameters are 3.5 inches (inner part) and 4.5 inches (upper part). This helps us shavers because we can quickly put it in shaving soap, pucks or creams.

This small bowl is thick enough to retain heat. You can beat some (quality foam) in this bowl without worrying about the water getting cold. Even if you do not use the water immediately, it will remain hot for about half an hour before gradually cooling.

Don’t worry about washing this thing. It is normal ceramic-like so many of our household products. A regular dishwasher must correctly clean this bowl.

This can be a perfect gift for someone you love or care about. Men love these elegant-looking accessories.

  • Ceramic construction with a black sheen is just as trendy and stylish as everyone would hope.
  • Raised top works for me, I can increase the amount of foam without the fear of it tipping.
  • The handle Apotheker is super good! You can hold the bowl while your soap, puck or cream beats.
  • Yes, it works with soap, shaving cream, gel and even a bit of puck.
  • This bowl is great for retaining heat. So hot water stays behind for a long time when it is left alone.
  • Some people may have trouble brushing their brushes for a significant foam because it is not too wide.

Customer Reviews
175 Reviews

Avatar BJ


Easy to make lather with this mug

I'm new to double-edge shaving and was making a real mess of trying to create a lather on my face. I got this mug and can whip up a real nice lather in less than a minute. It's a really nice mug too - looks good with the rest of my kit.

2. SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl

SUPPLY Marble Shaving BowlView On Amazon

The Marble Shaving Bowl from Supply gets the title (Best Value) on our list because of the certain quality that makes it further worthwhile.

I also personally tagged this product as the (best choice) in our list, because it meets many, if not all, shaving expectations.

SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl 1When it comes to retaining heat on your foam, marble does better than ceramics on a larger scale imaginable. This Supply product comes with a cream-coloured packaging colour, double heat conductivity, and many more product updates.

Finally, the marble quality of the product alone is the most efficient and useful shaving bowl on this list.

I believe that the essential feature of Supply’s Marble Shaving Bowl should be the ribbed interior.

What’s up with this design?

The ribbed interior design encourages the production of soft, concentrated foam. The cam also reduces the effort of manually mixing the foam solution. Less time spent mixing means a faster shaving routine. Ultimately, the ribbed interior ensures that the foam has a high value and an even mix.

This chic looking shaving bowl can even add a touch of sophistication to your interior! The marble shaving bowl fits anywhere in your house. In my case, I also show it in my living room!

It is undoubtedly the colour of the bowl that gives it a luxurious look.

  • Longer heat retention/conduction through the marble material.
  • Ribbed interior for easy foam mixing.
  • It has a firm grip.
  • It has a beautiful colour.
  • Easy to clean body.
  • It is quite heavy.
  • It can be too expensive, depending on the seller.

Customer Reviews
136 Reviews

Avatar David S. Crawford

David S. Crawford

I love this shaving bowl. His virtue and his vice are the same: it takes and retains warmth. Although it makes and keeps the shaving cream very hot, it is also very hot to hold. I handle this by simply holding it with a washcloth. However, it is very attractive, keeps the shaving cream nice and warm and lasts forever. I would get it again in a flash.

3. VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving BowlView On Amazon

If you only have around $ 20, the chances are that you can grab this bowl from the market. I love the price as it should be with the subtle features that we can enjoy by purchasing this product. To begin with, stainless steel (real stainless steel) gives it a solid foundation.

Unlike ceramics and glass, you don’t have to worry about it breaking quickly. This is heavy). An advantage of a substantial bowl is that it does not fall over if you put too much hot water in it.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl 1Also, the makers made the construction robust and rough. In this way, people can hold the bowl in their hands and still keep it on the shaver. It doesn’t get the chance to slip away like some of the traditional luxury brands out there. It is simple but functional.

A diameter of 3 inches gives this luxury shaving bowl enough space for your shaving soap, cream, and gel. I would go so far as to say, (you have enough for multiple shaves.)

This Australian bowl shines even more thanks to a technology unique to VIKINGS BLADE. This microscopic technology gives The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl the texture and volume that it possesses. If you didn’t know, VIKINGS BLADE tries to patent this and make it official.

My only problem is that it is a single-walled bowl. If you put hot water in it, it can burn your hand if someone is not careful enough. Other than that, the experience with the VIKINGS BLADE was great.

  • Thanks to microscopic technology, this bowl can hold more shaving material than others.
  • This bowl has a heavy bottom and does not tilt when it is filled to the neck with water.
  • The diameter of 3 inches is a comfortable space to work with your shaving soap or cream and the brush.
  • I love the rough texture. It helps me to grab the shaving bowl without being afraid of dropping it.
  • The stainless steel construction provides a dazzling bowl on my bathroom cabinet.
  • The single-walled bowl can heat up quite quickly with enough hot water in it and burn the hand.

Customer Reviews
723 Reviews

Avatar Mark Szorady

Mark Szorady

A shaving bowl must do three things.1.) Generate a rich, thick, creamy foam 2.) Stay firm and secure in your hand.3.) Lifelong entry Enter Vikings Blade's Luxury Shaving Bowl Chairman. Made from heavy stainless steel, it meets and exceeds all three criteria. As a background, let me mention that I have used a variety of cheap and inexpensive ceramic shaving bowls that I have obtained from thrift stores and garage sales. I have been arguing for some time for these cheaper bowls. However, after I have taken home a few of my 99 cents ceramic prizes, a chip or crack ...

4. Fine Lather Bowl with StaticHole Technology

Fine Lather Bowl with StaticHole TechnologyView On Amazon

If you have never used a foam bowl, wait until you try one. It will change the way you shave, and you refuse the razor without putting on your face.

Our next choice is this beautiful foam bowl with many functions that allows you to vacuum a thick and consistent foam that stays warm and wet on your face.

It is made of porcelain and is surprisingly light for the size. That can also be a possible error because of the chance that you accidentally hit it against the wall or countertop.

The inside of the bowl is glazed and has a ribbed design which makes it very easy to beat the foam as opposed to a bowl with a smooth finish.

The foam bowl is ivory, and this helps you to measure the consistency of the foam. The more you swirl, the thicker it usually gets.

It has a handle with a perfect sized finger hole that you can quickly grasp it with, and it also has a static hole that you can attach it to the wall. The static void is tailor-made for integration with 3M wire hooks.

The handle also serves as brush support, and you can keep the brush there when it is not in use.

  • Ribbed bottom
  • Finger hole
  • Professional feel
  • Would rather be a bit heavier

Customer Reviews
34 Reviews

Avatar Blake


This is actually the first foam bowl I've had, so I hope this review is useful. I have tried several bowls / mugs from my cupboard, in addition to small stainless steel sinks that were used unsuccessfully in an operation. At first I contributed to my lack of experience in Bowl Lathering, until I deliberately hammered some ridges in one of the metal bowls and realized how much easier the soap contained in compared to a bowl with smooth bottom / sides. I bought this bowl after it had repeatedly appeared in my searches on the internet and reading the ...

5. AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup

AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap CupView On Amazon

It had to be an AKStore product at number three on my list of best contenders for the shaving bowl. Let me clarify things. It is not so much a shaving bowl as a (shaving cup.) If you like shiny things, you will love this (no pun intended). One of his qualities is having a stainless steel (double wall) construction.

AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup 1As we all know, double-walled bowls retain heat better than the others. The guys from AKStore call it a (Heat Insulation Design.) This cup cost me less than 10 dollars. It is a victory in my book to get a shiny (heat-resistant) shaving unit for this price. But AKStore does not stop there.

This is not just a beautiful piece of silverware that you buy. It is functional. The inner part is, for example, polished. I touched the inner part of the cup/bowl and felt no rough spots (which is typical for low-price dishes). The upper part is slightly raised. This prevents the foam from draining.

Many of the steel bowls tilt if you pour too much-whipped shaving soap, cream or gel. Fortunately, this is not the case with this shaving soap cup. The guys from AKStore gave it a bit of a standard below. They call it (the anti-slip design). This keeps the bowl stable on the counter.

Have you noticed that I have not mentioned the dimensions of this small product? Well, it is small. With a height of 2.5 inches and a width of 3.3 inches, it is the smallest member on my list so far. I am not a super fan of the dimensions. It cannot contain much of the foam that we make.

  • You have a double-walled thermal insulation design for a price of fewer than 10 dollars with this product.
  • The construction is generally excellent because the inner part of the bowl is well polished and scratch-resistant.
  • This comes with a thick and polished edge. It helps to balance the completed object.
  • I love the little stand-alone thing below, keeps the bowl stable and stands on the counter.
  • It is sustainable, contrary to what most people think.
  • If this is something, this thing is too small. It is an object the size of a palm that only fits a puck shaving soap.

Customer Reviews
3,101 Reviews

Avatar Dale


This is light, easy to hold and a great little shaving cup.

Overall this is a really good shaving cup. It is extremely easy to clean and despite having it for over 2 years, there are just a few tiny rust spots that have shown up. For this age, this is great. Especially for how often it is used and sometimes I don't dry it like I should. Overall, this is great for the money. I wouldn't use this for traveling though. You would be much better off with just a small travel deal of shaving cream. I do prefer shaving soap which is why I use this.

6. Georgetown Pottery Shaving Scuttle Mug

Georgetown Pottery Shaving Scuttle MugView On Amazon

If you like wet shaving, a Scuttle should be an option that you are considering making foam. In these circles, you will usually find Scuttles the best option for creating an optimal foam that stays warm, instead of bowls or other metal options that do not perform so well. View our reviews about shaving brushes that work with these scuttles for the most optimal experience.

This product was at the top of our list for a reason. It is handmade in the USA, made of fine porcelain clay, the price is not ridiculous, a deep bowl, a large handle and a removable spout for hot water.

The drainage is a very cool concept, and it is probably a good reason why reviews report that the foam is always warm and ready, even after several passes. Remove the removable plug with tin cap (GP), fill with hot water and replace the plug. The water keeps the bowl warm and ready to foam. The overall dimensions of the container are 5.25 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches long, and the inside dimensions are 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep.

Trust us for the price, and this is a bargain.

  • Made from porcelain
  • Handmade
  • Keeps foam warm
  • Ribbed bowl
  • Too big and heavy for some

Customer Reviews
8 Reviews

Avatar Leon I. Gilner

Leon I. Gilner

If you shave wet, this gut is for you. Some foam on the face and others in a bowl, tub, saucer, plastic cup, mug or in a SCUTLE. With the scuttle you can heat the brush while showering or just wash your face. You can then develop your foam in a warm environment and keep it warm during your shave. When the outer container of the vulture is filled with water, it is heavy enough to develop more foam with one hand. That beats a pharmacist / shaving mug. Very nicely made and it comes in quite a few interesting ...

7. Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving BowlView On Amazon

It is a (not a brainer) that I will put Schöne on my list. If you and # 39; a fan of stainless steel shaving bowls and a stylish design, Schöne shoots it out of the park with his product. It (One-Ups) the others with a small lid that retains heat and also covers the inside.

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl 1Thanks to the lid you can put the soap in the bowl, cover it and forget the rest. The pot keeps the soap hydrated. You do not need a separate shaving soap container.

There are many brands that people are proud to own. Schöne is undoubtedly one of them. This stainless steel bowl is well polished on the inside.

This is the original stainless steel that I am talking about. Do not mix this with other chromed bowls that claim to be stainless steel.

An advantage of the paint is that it retains the smoothness that you see. That means no disfiguring or discolouring, even after one or two years of constant use. Not to mention the fact that steel is durable and can withstand accidental falls Don’t worry about shaving brush tips that scratch the surface.

I love the overall design. At the bottom, the bowl has a diameter of 4 inches. The height is 3.5 inches, and the depth is 2.25 inches. What about that? Well, as you may have guessed, it is perfect for 3-inch shaving soaps. Schöne perfectly shows all your favourite products from different brands.

You can clean this Schöne product in any desired way. This bowl is dishwasher safe. Use your hand and a little tap water to clean this too. Your shaving brush or cleaning device cannot scratch this bowl. I guarantee it.

  • I love the design and the smoothness that I get in the bowl, and you won’t find any ripples here.
  • The lid is a thoughtful addition. It keeps foaming well and keeps the soap hydrated in between.
  • The bowl is sustainable. The nail polish will not flake off or flake off, even after months or years of use.
  • This thing is entirely safe for use with dishwashers. Wash it by hand if you want.
  • Schöne can keep all known shaving soap brands on the market (even the pucks).
  • Some of my friends who have used this in the past thought that the metal is not as thick as they would have liked.
  • You need some time to get used to opening and closing the lid.

Customer Reviews
900 Reviews

Avatar Ana Luiza Welch

Ana Luiza Welch


Bought this shaving bowl for my husband and somehow he didn't use it. When I started using Invisalighn retainers I remembered I had this and started using it for my retainers cleaning bath. It's fantastic, easy to clean, with a cute shape and a nice cover that keeps everything out of sight. When I travel I take it on my suitcase filled up with Polident tablets (a great way for keeping the tablets whole). Long story short, now I own 3 of them, one in each house I have.

8. Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving BowlView On Amazon

For the serious shavers (no pun intended), few brands and products can come under the care of men in the neighbourhood of Edwin Jagger. Our next choice in this list with the best shaving bowls is an EJ classic porcelain shaving soap mug. Edwin Jagger offers great products, and whether you buy a shaving bowl or another kind of safety razor, you always get a great shave.

It has a very unconventional design with a wide opening at the top that narrows in the middle before it becomes wide again at the bottom. On the inside, there is a raised ridge with which you can easily place the puck.

The dimensions are approximately 4 inches wide at the top, 2.75 inches internal and about 3 inches at the bottom. Standard size Soappox fits well.

The Edwin Jagger logo is printed on the front of the shaving mug and has a button-style handle that is easy to grasp, and that makes the cup extra attractive. This is a looker that you would like to add to your kitchen counter.

The mug is made in England like all EJ products, and the porcelain construction is top class. If you compare this with the # 1 choice in this list of best shaving mugs, they look identical, but they are different in quality.

This is heavier, and the porcelain retains heat much longer. Unless you accidentally drop it, it will last for years without showing a scratch.

  • Edwin Jagger is a well-known brand
  • Ceramic construction
  • Easy Grip Knob
  • Tapering design is unique
  • Some problems with brands of shaving soap
  • Small for some people

Customer Reviews
928 Reviews

Avatar Clint


Excellent design and capacity

Classic colour and well made. I recommend this one, foams up nicely and holds a decent amount, enough for me to do my whole scalp and torso. Feels like one of those product you need only buy once. Unless you are similar to me and more than likely drop on a hard surface in a few months. I knew I shouldn't of got rid of the carpet in my bathroom...

9. Shaving Bowl by Apollo Stainless Steel

Shaving Bowl by Apollo Stainless SteelView On Amazon

Apollo’s stainless steel shaving bowl has a lid, a high-quality stainless steel finish, and a durable package. If you are looking for a light shaving bowl that can be easily stored, then you are probably satisfied with this product.

The package contains a micro polishing towel for easy cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, with regular maintenance and careful use, the product should last a lifetime.

In comparison with other stainless steel shaving bowls, the product is simple and clear.

  • It can be incorporated into the interior.
  • The interior provides a proper lash.
  • It is a cunning article.
  • Lightweight.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • It does not retain heat.
  • Breaks easily.
  • It has a defective cover.

Customer Reviews
220 Reviews

Avatar Jeff K WPB,FL


Great Purchase for any shaving level

Excellent quality at an entry level price. Very nice quality stainless bowl and close fitting lid, that is great for the beginner or the afficionado. It's clean and due to the stainless can fit in with a classic old school setup or a modern one. It cleans up very easily. I use a dab of hot water and a dry towel and it looks like I just bought it every time. No maintenance, just a light rub to keep it looking like a genie is ready to come out.

10. Parker Safety Razor’s Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Bowl

Parker Safety Razor’s Genuine Mango Wood Shaving BowlView On Amazon

We discussed Parker and their amazing safety razor in a previous post, and when we heard they made shaving bowls, we had to jump up.

Shaving bowl made of real mango wood deserved the editor’s choice for that odd feeling, the beautiful aesthetics of the counter and sitting still while you soap.

Made from real mango wood and painted/sealed to protect against damage, this razor is the only thing you’ll ever need.

Thanks to the polished, smooth edges, your shaving brush does not get stuck in one edge, guaranteeing maintenance without having to brush loose hair through the brush handle. The best friend of shaving soaps: this is how we would describe this shaving bowl.

Key Features
  • Hand-carved from real mango wood
  • Lacquered and sealed for a durable finish
  • Inside dimensions – 3 inches by 1.35 inches deep for larger soaps.
  • External dimensions are 4 inches by 1.75 inches.
  • Note: Allows you to dry your shaving soap before you close the bowl with the lid.

Customer Reviews
71 Reviews

Avatar Ruth


The color is beautiful and it is sturdy. I let my husband shave soap and it was a perfect barrel for it!

Choose Between A Scuttle, Bowl Or Mug

shaving mug brush and razor - shaving mug stock illustrations clip art cartoons & icons Choose Between A Scuttle, Bowl Or Mug

Now that you’ve made it so far, it’s time to end the mystery we’ve talked about earlier.

What works best for wet-shaving? Is it a squid or a bowl or a mug?

Sorry, I am an outdoor sport, but the answer is subjective, and there are many personal preferences.

For example, some men prefer using a conventional shaving soap that cannot be used with some shaving cups and shuttles. Others want their foam to remain warm until the end of the shave, making a shot an ideal choice for them.

7 Steps To Use A Shaving Mug

Do you also have problems with the complicated edges and operations of the shaving mug?

Follow these simple steps to do your routing with a shaving mug finally.

  1. Pour generous hot water on both the inner and outer layers of the bowl.
  2. Immerse your shaving brush in hot water.
  3. Pour the hot water thoroughly and replace the bottom bowl with a new one.
  4. Generously pour cream on the top bowl. Add water if necessary.
  5. If the solution thickens to foam, apply it to your face for the first passage.
  6. Perform the same process as soon as the foam dries.
  7. Depending on the heat retained on foam, you can still use it on your face for the third and fourth pass.

Warm Foam Versus Cold Foam

The most important thing is whether you prefer warm foam or cold. If you like to start with warm foam, but ultimately like cooling, then a bowl is well suited for your needs.

On the other hand, if you want the foam to stay warm until you have made various adjustments and adjustments, then definitely go for a razor.

A mug is somewhere in the middle of the two. It retains heat, but the foam does not stay warm as long as in a shot.

FAQs About Best Shaving Bowls

What are the different types of shaving bowls?

In general, shaving bowls are usually made from one of five materials: plastic, metal, wood, stainless steel or ceramic. You may think (it’s just a small bowl, how can there be differences?) Well, for those well-seasoned vets who read this, you and I both know that the right shaving bowl has a few aspects.

Another type of shaving bowl – and this can be attributed to any material – has an excellent non-slip pedestal design to keep the shaving bowl exactly where it should be.

Can I adjust my shaving bowl in a layered container?

No. You can’t do that. Shaving bowls are shaving bowls. It has no designed clips and mechanisms for holding layered dishes. Shaving mugs or scuttles, on the other hand, can be adapted to such a desired status.

Do you need a shaving bowl while shaving?

You’ve been gone so long without one. Shaving bowls are not a necessity, but they are an excellent tool to make the perfect foam and ensure that you get the most out of your shaving cream.

It comes down to a matter of preference, but we see that once you start using one, you are spoiled and do not want to put a face in the sink.

How regularly do I have to clean the shaving bowl? Does it have to be washed or is sweeping sufficient?

You must clean it after every use. I would recommend that you first wipe it with a clean wet towel. Wipe it off with a dry cloth.

How do you get a good foam?

You start by filling it halfway with hot tap water and leaving your razor in for one or two minutes. Take your shaving soap or shaving cream and soften it. Swirl it in the bowl and gradually see a gentle foam. This may take a while, but the key gently waves it for about 15-30 seconds as if you were trying to make whipped cream smoothly.

Final Words

While some use self-foaming shaving cream or shaving gel, others prefer to use a more traditional method of shaving by foaming soap manually in a shaving bowl.

Whether you opt for a wooden, stainless steel or porcelain shaving bowl, both can provide you with a creamy and frothy foam for a high-quality shave.

Did we miss the best shaving bowls you should have mentioned? Feel free to share your opinion and recommend your favourites below.

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