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5 Best Straight Razor Kits for Beginners & Pro 2024

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If you want to have a close and smooth shave, you can’t beat a straight razor. However, with so many different straight razor shaving kit options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

The best straight razor kit can be a minefield; the best choices are hidden under the lower.

best straight razor kits for beginners and proThis article will help you find out the best straight razor kits – a perfect piece for those who want to get started with traditional (wet) hair.

Wet shaving is all about your pleasure and satisfaction in enabling the best shave. If you do not have the time, you can shave right up with traditional equipment, but you’re not worth the effort to have a little bit of extra time to enjoy the feeling of the massage warm shaving cream on your skin and with the help of the best shaving brush?

A shaving kit also makes a perfect gift for Birthdays, father’s day, or Christmas for your friends, husband, or lovers who have been dreaming of getting the perfect shave.

Let us help you figure out which professional straight razor kits offer the best components for the money.

In this straight razor kit guide, you’ll learn about five of the best straight razor kits for beginners and experienced shavers alike.

How to Choose the Best Straight Razor Kit

You will soon see the market overrun with all kinds of straight shaving sets from different manufacturers. Dovo, Bevel, and Gibson all advertise as the best but are also unique and different in design, appearance, and content.

Below are the four items that each straight Edge Kit should contain.

Quality Straight Edge Razor

Quality Straight RazorThis is arguably the most important item in any good straight razor set. The top blade must be quality, affordable, easily available, and simple to use and maintain. The blade in the kit you choose must be professionally sharpened to give the best possible start to shaving with your new outfit.

They are judged on the steel quality used in the blade’s construction, the shape and size of the blade, and the shell’s material (handle). The shape of the tip of the blade can be a round nose or straight nose design.

The cutthroat blade industry shows a preference for two types of straight-edge blade materials, carbon steel and stainless steel. Now one does not surpass the other, even though they have different characteristics.

Carbon steel is usually harder and more brittle. One instrument to measure the hardness characteristics in materials is the Rockwell Hardness Test (source). Going into detail on this bowl’s details will require more space than this exploration of shaving art should provide. -66 HRC, you know you want a good shave. On the other hand, by nature, Stainless steel performs well against the forces of nature (source).

You should set aside about $ 40- $ 60 for the razor itself for a straight razor starter kit. The beginner’s blade’s size should be 5/8 inch as it will be more comfortable and easier to hold while learning the basics of the technique.


A big misconception about straight razor sets is that they are too expensive. A quality straight shaver kit can cost a hundred dollars or more. However, the reality is that straight razors can save you money in the long run. Always remember that a quality straight razor will last for years or even longer.

Unlike disposable razors, you can sharpen a quality straight razor when the blade becomes dull. So if you invest in a benefit of quality straight, it’s a benefit that will pay for itself pretty quickly, especially when you can imagine spending countless hundreds of dollars over the years.

Keep in mind that not all razors have to be expensive. Many of the best straight shaving kits on this list are budget-friendly. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still find a reputable and reliable straightedge razor that can get you a close, close shave.

Quality Strop

Quality StropMost people assume that slings are just simple accessories. Well, they are. However, they are also very functional, and without them, shaving with traditional blades wouldn’t be nearly as effective. Slings are used to straighten and polish the steel of the blades. Strops are diverse in the materials they are made of and the finish they have. Some come with canvas finish, those with linen and a compressed felt finish, and, of course, those with leather finish. But even with these similarities, each noose has a set of unique features that give it life.

There are three types of strops: paddle strops, loom, and hanging strops. They all do the same thing: straighten the edge of a blade, but a paddle and loom band are a little less common. Hanging slings are the most popular, although they had to be tied to a fixed object and stretched tightly during use. Cons. In the case of a 2 ” strop, you have to make x patterns when sharpening the blade; with a 3 ” sling, you can use a flat stroke.

Importance of Soaps, Creams, and Lotions

Pay attention to any shaving soaps, creams, or lotions contained in your straight-edge shaving kit. While not all straight lace kits contain creams or lotions, it’s a great bonus to look for and consider.

A decent shaving cream dramatically improves the straight razor shaving experience. Shaving cream not only makes your shave warm and relaxing but also helps prevent razor burn when trimming.

Want ultimate relaxation? Then lather your skin with creamy shaving lotion to enhance the feeling and experience. The more, the better. If you want your skin to feel extra smooth after shaving, consider applying a moisturizer or aftershave balm.

Quality Shaving Brush

Quality Shaving BrushBefore brushing, hairy men used sea sponges to lather soap on their faces before shaving. When shaving brushes appeared on the scene, sponges were quickly a thing of the past. Shaving brushes have four main uses:

  • They generate a warm and rich lather by whipping air into the soap or cream.
  • They lift the hair from the face and soften it before shaving.
  • It warms the skin helps open the pores, and lubricates the skin.
  • Wipes away dead skin cells

There are boar shaving brushes, horsehair brushes, synthetic brushes, and finally, most importantly, badger brushes. The latest badger brushes have been in use for two centuries and come in various qualities, including silver tips, super, best, and pure.

Okay, let’s get to it – here are some of the best straight razor kits on the market today; it depends a bit on your preferences and budget.

5 Best Straight Razor Kits for Beginners & Pro of 2024

Let’s take a look at ten of what I consider to be the best straight razor sets on the market. Any of these straight razor sets are perfect for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.

Even if you don’t have the biggest budget, and if you are new to shaving, you can find a straight razor set that suits your lifestyle from the following list:

1. Naked Armor Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Naked Armor Straight Razor Shaving KitView On AmazonThe first thing you’ll notice about the Naked Armor razor shaving kit is that the packaging looks sleek. If you’re looking for the perfect shaving set gift and want to make a strong impression, the Naked Armor set checks every point.

The Naked Armor razor feels great in your hands. When you try the shaver for the first time, you will notice that the wooden handle gives enough weight to the blade to make it durable yet nimble enough to easily reach under your nose and around the crevices of your face.

The blade is genuine Japanese steel with a cutting edge that is sharp, durable, and stylish. The straight blade itself makes short work of your stubble or short beard quickly and without hesitation. Before shaving, gently run the razor along the supplied leather strop to polish and straighten the blade’s edge.

You also get a wooden brush with a Swedish black wooden handle. The brush is perfect if you want to apply a thick foam to your face before shaving. You also get a can of handmade shaving soap. The soap is made from natural ingredients and scented with essential oils to help caress your skin for a comfortable, close shave.

If you’re an everyday shaver and want a reliable razor set, you’ll love the warranty. Naked Armor guarantees that you will be satisfied with this razor for a lifetime. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can get your money back without a nitpick.

  • Total shaving set includes razor blade, brush, leather pouch, shaving soap, strop, and grinding paste.
  • The razor looks great and makes a great gift.
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • One of the more expensive shaving set options on this list

2. Gbs Beginner Straight Razor Set

Gbs Beginner Straight Razor SetView On AmazonThe razor has a 5/8 blade made of rust-resistant J2 stainless steel with a rating of 45-50HRC. This makes it relatively mild steel, but that also means that it does not become brittle. It has an ergonomic wooden handle that heats up quickly in the palm for a comfortable grip.

The slings are great. You use the coarser color for sharpening and the black color for a nice finish. When slings are provided as an additional accessory, there is a slight tendency for the leather to chip. Not in this case.

In addition to the strop and razor, here’s what the kit contains: 1 soap jar, including 90 ml of soap; a wooden shaving stand; an aftershave balm of lavender and citrus; and a brush.

Aesthetically, the kit comes together well. The brush’s knot is made of resin (which is more durable in a wet environment) but has a wooden appearance. Their brush is synthetic, and the soap is vegan. Finishing the stand requires some work: we recommend placing a paper towel or rug underneath to check how the wood stain deals with the humidity in your bathroom. The pot has a walnut finish and a beautiful inlay pattern. The base is a drying layer for your soap, which you can remove if you want to fill it with nourishing shaving cream.

It is a nice total package for a beginner at an attractive price.

  • Generous packaging
  • User-friendly ergonomic handle and knife
  • Sharp straight out of the box
  • Including sling
  • Synthetic brushes can smell very chemical at first.
  • The stain on the brush holder does not seem resistant to high moisture content.

3. A.p. Donovan 7/8 Straight Razor Set

A.p. Donovan 7/8 Straight Razor SetView On AmazonHaving a full-grown beard requires some special maintenance. You may not see how to smooth out your scruffy and ragged face in the fastest time possible. Well, there is a solution. AP Donovan Open Razor is considered by many of the “ Pros ” to be the best solution for maintaining a mature beard.

If shaving equipment’s quality and performance are anything to go by, then this baby has it all. Crafted by AP Donovan, this latest masterpiece provides a close and close shave.

No matter how you hold the razor in your hand, the balance depends greatly on the weight ratio between the blade and the handle. As it is built with a mix of mahogany and steel, you will be amazed at how the balance is successfully achieved.

This blade is made from Japanese steel that has been carbon tempered to achieve hardness up to 64HRC, which is very important to enable the production of extremely sharp blades for an effective, close, and close shave.

The shaving brush in this pack is made from high-quality materials. Thus, the tie’s hair is attached to the mahogany and stainless steel handle with a style that gives it a nice look.

This set comes in a decorated real wood box. With a foam insert in this box, you protect the handle and the blade against any scratches.

  • It comes with a decorated wooden case.
  • It has a unique leather strap
  • Made of excellent quality Japanese steel
  • Short sling
  • The quality of the sling does not match the rest of the set.

4. Anbbas 7-in-1 Shaving Set

Anbbas 7-in-1 Shaving SetView On AmazonThe Anbbas 7-in-1 shaving set is another razor set with disposable razors. If you love the benefits of straight razor shaving without sharpening or sharpening your razor, check out this set.

One of my favorite features of this shaving set is the accessories. You get a shaving brush, a shaver holder, a shaving cup, shaving soap, razor blade, shaving case, and ten spare blades.

The Anbbas razor itself has an olive wood handle that feels very light and nimble in your hand. The razor is compact and nimble enough to move smoothly under your nose and around your lips. The shaver folds up when not in use and then stores neatly in the shaver – excellent style and compactness, overall.

I also love the shaving cup in this set. The shaving cup is perfect for soaking the shaving brush in warm water before lathering your face with shaving soap or cream.

Another thing I like about this razor set is the cost. If the high price of a traditional straight razor puts you off, you’ll appreciate the fact that this razor set costs less than a steak dinner for two. You also get a lot more than just a razor in this kit, so the value is rock solid.

  • An impressive number of shaving accessories in a small package
  • Easily one of the most affordable shavings set options on this entire list.
  • Made with handcrafted care
  • You must pay close attention and follow the instructions when fitting replacement razor blades.

5. Parker Sr1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set

Parker Sr1 Straight Edge Razor Shave SetView On AmazonParker has had a great run as a more budget-friendly brand of traditional safety razors. Previous quality control issues have disappeared, and the Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor is one of the best Adjustable Safety Razors on the market.

But how does this translate? to razors? The Parker SR1 is a shavette – a type of straight razor that uses disposable safety razors.

You can use the included half blades or (and gently) break in a standard double-sided razor. Half. This takes all the hassle out of sharpening and stropping a straight razor, as well as long-term maintenance. That makes it a great straight razor for beginners. The 100 blades included are quite mild, which is exactly what you want for an introductory razor set.

This razor set comes with a matching nice stand and shaving brush. It would help if you bought your own shaving soap, but that means you can choose from the best shaving soap.

Both the straight razor and shaving brush are from Parker’s Deluxe Series. The high-quality razor seems a bit heavy due to the stainless steel handle, but it is only 48 grams and weighs beautifully.

  • Parker has been a well-known and reliable shaving brand for over 40 years. and stylish packages on this list
  • One of the cheapest options for straight razor shaving kits
  • You will eventually need replacement blades.
  • No shaving soap, lotions, or aftershave included

Straight Razor Kits FAQs

Is It Better to Shave With a Straight Razor?

Yes, it is. With a razor blade straight, you get a close shave without the risk of irritation or ingrown hair. A straight razor set contains the tools you need for a fast and efficient shaving session. It also adds to the luxury of shaving.

Do You Need a Bowl to Mix Your Water and Soap?

It’s a nice thing to have in a straight razor starter kit, especially a vintage-looking item, but it’s also the easiest improvised item of any shaving kit set. If you feel like you don’t want to supplement your new set with a household bowl or mug, keep an eye out for auction sites. Antique apothecary jars pop up all the time. It doesn’t take long to find something that works well for your shaving area.

Is It Better to Shave With a Straight Razor?

Shavettes are comparable to straight razors and are cheaper. However, if you insist on using a razor blade straight, buy a razor blade from straight, get what you pay for your money, and improve your shaving experience. Think of it as starting with the right foundation.

Can You Use a Belt to Sharpen a Razor?

It is not recommended. If you have a 100% leather belt, you want to take good care of it and definitely not have any paste on it (unless it’s ancient and no longer an active part of your work wardrobe). A cheaper belt can contain a lot of fine dust that your knife will not refine or polish.

Is It Difficult to Shave With a Straight Razor?

Shaving with straight razors show different shaving dynamics, and there is a learning curve in their use. Fortunately, the technique is nothing you cannot learn from watching a professional hairdresser or some videos. Learning is also easier if you have the best straight edge shave kits.

Why Do So Many Brushes Use Badger Hair?

When shaving, you use warm water. Badger’s hair is both absorbent and good at retaining heat. Due to its density, it is an excellent choice for foam production. It has the bonus of being easy to rinse, clean, and dries quickly. If you’re looking for a premium brush, look for silvertip hair on the neck of the badger.

Does a Straight Razor Shave Last Longer?

Using straight razors is perfect. While it may not get the closest shave, it is smoother and lasts longer. However, do not shave wet for two consecutive days. And in the days when you do, carefully use all the items in the straight razor blade kit for enviable results.


There are many ways to assemble a straight razor blade set. You may find it easy to buy a complete box set, such as the Naked Armor straight razor set, or you may want to assemble some individual components.

We hope that the information provided has helped you be well informed before taking up the challenge and getting the best straight razor kit that suits your personal preferences and needs. Best luck if you take your first dip in traditional shaving!

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