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Straight Razor Vs Safety Razor: the Differences & Which is Better? (2023)

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We will look carefully at the difference between a straight razor vs safety razor.

If you do research on some of the older and more classic shaving aids that have been used for years and in some cases also centuries, you’ll usually come across two in the first place. Tools – the classic straight razor blade together with a safety razor (commonly called a double edge safety razor).

If you want to improve your shaving games, one of these two shavers will help it happen.

Nothing beats the feeling of a clean, clean-shaven …straight razor vs safety razor

Men who care about their shaving routine know that the right shaver makes a big difference.

But before you may want to pick up one of the best safety razors or straight razors currently on the market, it’s important to know a little more about these two tools.

Both will give you a smooth shave without the irritation. However, you must work on learning to use a safety razor or straight razor to achieve this.

Safety razors and straight razors have been very popular tools for shaving laws in recent centuries. Both have their ups and downs, and I personally like to use both, depending on my mood. Let’s start right away and discover the difference between a safety razor and a straight razor.

The safety razor is easier to use, while a straight razor gives you that machine factor that you can brag with your shaving friends.

The question is straight razor vs safety razor: which is better? That is what we will discover in this guide. Are you ready?

Straight Razor Vs Safety Razor: The Difference Between Safety Razor And Straight Razor

Electric shavers and cartridge shavers will get the job done. But they are usually considered the bottom layer of shaving aids. You won’t shave smoothly. Moreover, the quality of shaving is often inconsistent. Safety razors and straight razors are considered better options.

Both safety razors and straight razors will give you a smooth, smooth shave that is often much better than an electric or cartridge shaver. At the same time, safety razors and straight razors require a little more maintenance. In addition, you need to learn to use a safety razor and straight razor and a little about the right law shaving techniques to get the best results.

Do not worry. Everyone can learn to use straight and safety razors in the right way. Let us take a closer look at both aspects.

Straight Razor

A straight razor probably looks familiar, straight razors have been around since ancient times, and the basic design is still the same.

First and foremost, a traditional straight razor is a single piece of metal that usually requires blade sharpening.

Straight Razor

The long blade shaves your face quickly. Most blades are, on average, about five centimeters in size and can cover a lot or a field of vision in a few strokes.

In addition, you can find different options for the style and movement of the handle.

Straps are usually made of leather and must also last for a few years with the right care.

Now razors have evolved over the years, along with other shavers.

Now there are definitely online sellers who specialize in this work, and you can also find some local artists, although you can use a razor walk to straighten and polish the edge of the blade to help a finer edge ensure that a clean-cut should get into the follicle and ultimately should be a much more comfortable shave.

Straight razors are great because one blade can last you a lifetime. That’s why shavers on the planet will have their long-term costs being the lowest.

Beyond the blade, straight razors do the steepest learning curve or any shaver. Therefore you should not expect that you will master this tool within a few hours. Instead, they are different attempts and scratches before you really do the technique perfectly.

A sharp straight razor will give you a very smooth shave. But you have to know how to use a straight razor properly; otherwise, you run the risk or cut yourself pretty badly.

In the past, razors were mainly used by hairdressers. Safety razors were actually invented so that ordinary boys could shave at home.

Benefits of a straight razor

One of the most important advantages or the use of a straight razor is that it is incredibly well made and sturdy.

It is also nice that it comes with a blade that will last a lifetime; you only need to sharpen the blade every six months to twelve months.

I really like that I have a 3-inch blade because it covers a lot of surface on your face with every shave.

Many straight razors have several different options for handles, so you can get the perfect looking straight razor that matches your personality.

It just feels badass to shave the straight razor! If you are thinking of picking up a razor, first view our list of the best straight razors available on the market today.

Are straight razors better for sensitive skin?

The straight razor blade is thicker than a DE blade and slightly thicker than a single cut … the thicker the razor blade, the easier it will be on sensitive skin.

You can shave with a straight razor right away; all you have to think about is not expecting the perfect shave right away. It took me over a year to get the continuous BBS shaves to get going …


Shaving with a straight razor takes a lot of practice to shave out perfectly. You have a much higher chance of getting cuts and photos using a razor compared to a safety razor. Because it comes with one blade, it must replace the entire unit if it ever gets damaged.

If your blade becomes blunt, it takes a lot of time and skill to chop and the blade. The first (but only) investment on a razor is usually more expensive than safety razors.

Safety Razor

safety razors

A safety razor is actually a nicer, better-constructed version of a disposable razor. It’s like comparing a Mercedes Benz with a Honda – they both shave you, but everything else is different, from build quality to shaving quality.

Shaver’s compared to regular razors, were incredibly much more efficient at achieving a good shave half the time.

The word safety has nothing to do with safety here. Safety razors are NOT safe; if you are not careful, you will get cuts and nicks. So what does ‘safety’ mean here? The blade is not visible but is enclosed in the head of the razor.

Safety razors are a few hundred years newer than the regular razor and a tool that has recently been resurrected.

In the age of highly marketed shaver cartridges or even the sudden span or subscription box programs such as the Dollar Shave club – safety shavers continue to hold a place in the hearts of many men, young and old.

Cartridge and disposables use plastic frames that are light.

A razor cartridge has a reusable frame and a disposable cartridge in which the blades are housed. When the blades get boring, replace them with a new set.

There are, in fact, two types of safety razors – Double Edge (DE) and Single Edge (SE).

The double-edge safety razor is the most popular, it actually has two visible edges, and you can use them both. You must use double edge blades.

The single-sided safety razor has only one edge exposed. You must use single-edge blades.

You cannot reuse a disposable razor; you throw the whole thing away. And this is the allure of a safety razor – lower costs and less waste.

Benefits of a safety razor

The biggest advantage of using a safety razor is that it is a safe way to get an extremely smooth shave compared to shaving with the regular shaver. It takes a lot less practice to become perfect.

It is nice to be able to replace the blade with the double edge when one of the two becomes dull without sharpening and tying the edge.

Compared to a modern razor cartridge, it is still extremely cheap to shave with a safety razor. Each two-edged blade costs less than five cents and usually lasts a week (when I am shaving most days).

If you are considering collecting a safety razor, you should first view our list of the best safety razors on the market.


You have to pay extra blades with double edges during your entire lifetime, while a straight razor lasts a lifetime with its one blade.

Comparing Safety Razor Vs. Straight Razor

Both razors give you a good shaving result, but there are quite a few differences between the two. Here is a detailed comparison:


Depending on the quality, safety shavers range from around $ 30 to $ 150 or more. You will have to purchase replacement blades periodically. Although the specifications vary, $ 10 usually costs you around 100 blades.

Straight razors can be a bit pricey in advance; the price is 50 $ – 200 $ or more. But there are no additional costs over time. You can share the blade at home. A well-maintained razor can last for years, tens, and more.

With both razors, you need the standard wet shaving aids, such as a shaving brush and shaving foam.

Shaving time

You have a learning curve with both blades – But that’s the pleasure of it, right?

So until you learn your own way, you need some time to shave, so keep that in mind.

In general, I don’t recommend shaving with those razors quickly; it will damage the experience and enjoyment of it.

If you really care about shaving time and a quick shave, these razors may not be the best option for you. But it is fair to say that after learning how to shave with it, you can do it fairly quickly.


Both blades must be maintained. With proper maintenance, these razors will last a lifetime and much more, let’s know how to clean a straight razor and safety razor

Safety razor

Occasionally you have to take your shaver apart and clean it thoroughly (it is fairly simple. Usually, it has three parts). You can use a toothbrush to clean it. You don’t need anything else.

Straight razor

A straight razor requires more maintenance.

To prevent it from rusting, clean your shaver with warm water, and dry it after every shave. If you want extra protection, you can also apply coating protectors, such as olive oil or mineral oils.

To keep the razor-sharp, sharpen it every 6-8 weeks; you will also have to tighten your blade to smooth rough edges. More about maintenance here.


There is nothing as cool as a straight razor. This is the way people have shaved for centuries. Of course, shaving with a straight razor requires finesse and technique. But if you have mastered the normal razor, you have mastered a true grooming art.

Of course, the straight razor is also a stylish addition to your bathroom tile. With their all-metal construction, safety razors are timelessly cool. You will find safety razors in different styles, with great options available for practically any budget.

What Should I Choose: Safety Razor Or Straight Razor?

When it comes to choosing between a safety razor and straight razor, this largely comes down to personal preference.

There is no one type of razor that is best for everyone. Instead, the best razor for you depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Safety razors are great because they are extremely cost-effective when compared to a cartridge shaver. Many people often claim that when they use a safety razor, they experience a much more comfortable shave in general (no razor burn or bumps in the neck).

So if you’re one of those busy guys who never have time to bite before you go to the office in the morning, a shaver will probably be a better fit.

A straight razor gives you the shave that is closest to you. Moreover, a razor has a timeless, classic style. If you like shaving and are willing to learn, mastering the regular can be fun and rewarding.

However, if you retire and have time to invest or fully embrace your inner masculinity, no shaving aid will ever beat the straight razor.

Safety razors are great because …

  • Buying a good safety razor is not as expensive as a straight razor.
  • A shallower learning curve – if you use a cartridge or a disposable item, switching to a safety razor would not be so difficult.
  • It’s safer to use
  • You won’t spend much on refilling a cartridge or another bag or disposable products.
  • It gives you a good shave day after day without irritation.

Straight razors are great because. ..

  • It is the purest form of shaving you can get – if you are a purist, this is the tool for you.
  • This gives you the best shave.
  • You don’t need to shave after the first investment to buy even more blades.

How they are used

In general, you don’t really have to learn a new shaving technique when using a safety razor. On the other hand, straight razors tend to have a much larger learning curve because they require you to hold the shaver in a special way and also shave differently.

The next thing I recommend is to read our article about the best safety razors and the best straight razors.

Final thoughts

Disposable razors have inconsistent quality. Electric shavers can be a hassle to use. The most dependent options for consistently great shaves are straight and safety razors.

Shaving does not have to be a chore. A high-quality shaver makes shaving simple and fun. Both straight and safety razors have many great benefits. After you have viewed each option, you are sure that you are making the right choice.

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