10 Best Shaving Creams For Men Easy And Superior Shave

A good shaving result results in two essential tools: your razor and your best shaving cream for men.

There are other factors such as the shaving technique, the texture of your hair, even your attention span, but they are not as important as the razor and the cream. best shaving cream for men

We’ve talked about shavers and blades in previous posts, so now it’s time to look at shaving cream.

Some bearded men would shave if it weren’t for the hassle of finding the right shaving products.

Other boys have been using the same razor for under gloves for decades and still, wonder why their skin dries so quickly.

Whatever category you are in, we recommend scrubbing with a good face scrub, opening your pores with a hot shower and scrubbing with a selection from this list of the best shaving cream for men available.

Top 5 Best Shaving Cream For Men (Quick Summary)

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super SlickBilly Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Foamless Shaving Cream for Men, 8 fl. oz.
  • Superslick and foamless
  • Balanced ingredient profile
  • Best overall shaving cream
377 Customer Reviews
Taylor of Old Bond StreetTaylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3-Ounce
  • Creates a vibrant foam
  • Requires only a small amount
  • Prepares the hair and hydrates the skin
5,478 Customer Reviews
Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated ShavingPacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream - Helps Reduce Appearance of Redness, With Safe, Natural,
  • Naturally, derived caffeine is soothing for your skin
  • Very affordable
  • Natural ingredients
569 Customer Reviews
Truefitt & Hill Shaving CreamTruefitt & Hill Shaving Cream Bowl- Trafalgar (6.7 ounces)
  • Glycerine-based
  • Designed for a very smooth shave
  • Excellent lubricant and moisturiser
544 Customer Reviews
Jack Black , Beard LubeJack Black , Beard Lube Conditioning Shave Set
  • A 3-in-1 product that is a pre-shaving oil, shaving cream and conditioner that is rolled in one
  • Transparent so that you can see your shaving surface
  • Nice mix of carrier and essential oils
789 Customer Reviews
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Things To Consider When Buy Shave Cream

handsome man applying shaving cream reflection in the mirror image. - shave cream s and pictures Things To Consider When Buy Shave Cream

It is easy to pick up an old shaving cream at the supermarket. You can check the odour, see if it is suitable for sensitive skin (or whatever type of skin you are) and check the price tag. However, it is not that simple if you are serious about finding a good shaving cream, such as the cream that we mention in this review.

Here are some things to take into account:

1. Skin Type

Base your shaving cream on the type of skin you have. Most men have three types of sensitive, greasy and dry. If you have sensitive skin, avoid shaving creams with an astringent effect of any kind. But it is ok to use astringent lotion if you have a greasy face because it reduces the oil and prevents your pores from becoming clogged.

If you have dry skin, make sure that the cream you choose has a glycerine base. Glycerine provides support that ensures that your blade glides over your face without causing cramps and wounds.

2. Ingredients (To Avoid)

shaving cream - shave cream s and pictures Things To Consider When Buy Shave Cream

What is in your shaving cream is also an essential factor. Here are some ingredients to avoid:

Let’s keep an eye on the chase: parabens = problems. What else can you say about something related to various conditions, including asthma and allergies? They are used in skincare products to prevent bacterial growth, but you can do them without.

It sounds like an abbreviation for a spy agency, but SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Although it is meant to clean up your skin when it is applied immediately, it also removes the natural oils that occur on your skin. Also, SLS stays in your body for up to 5 days.

SLES is used to reduce the side effects of petroleum-based products, but can also cause some severe side effects, such as organ toxicity, for starters.

Yes, odour. You’ll find it most skincare products, so it’s hard to avoid, but the smell is a term used for more than 3,000 chemicals. Avoid it if you can.

3. Ingredients (Included)

Shaving cream with natural ingredients such as oils – jojoba, almond, etc. – is better for your face. They are not greasy, and they evaporate quickly on your skin.

Also look for creams with essential oils such as sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender, rose and more. They are suitable for your skin and leave a pleasant, natural scent.

4.Type of Application

shaving - apply shave cream s and pictures Things To Consider When Buy Shave Cream

How do you want your shaving cream to come out of the jar?

Prefer to shave or change?

If you only want to use your hands, you will not get the cream that works best with a brush.

We have provided more information in the frequently asked questions below that describe the differences between brush and brushless shaving creams.

Below are examples of both types of shaving cream.

We even sniffed a few that can be applied with bare hands or with a brush, for all indecisive types.

Now that we’ve covered some purchasing tips, it’s time to study our best shaving cream for men reviews.

10 Best Shaving Cream For Men Reviews 2020

Shaving cream is the basis of every shave, so it is essential to ensure that you use the right product. Go to your local drugstore, and you can be overwhelmed by all the options: from pressurised buses with the promise of high-tech foaming gels to bottles of thicker creams and lotions. Then there is the beautiful British and Italian shaving foam in metal tubes and plastic tubs.

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We have helped shaving experts – hairdressers, trimmers, hairstylists, cosmetic shops and shaving cream lovers – to get their recommendations for the very best shaving cream for men.

1-Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream

For men who are looking for the perfect shaving cream, it doesn’t get much better than this from Billy Jealousy.

Billy Jealousy is known for his award-winning products and quickly sets the gold standard in men’s care by making stellar beard oils, facial cleansers, facial care products and more.

After thoroughly testing their Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream, it was undoubtedly one of the best shaving creams we have ever tested.

It not only made for an incredibly dense and comfortable shave, but the balanced ingredient profile ensures fantastic looking skin when you’re done the shaving.

Although the foamless nature will undoubtedly form a barrier for some men who come from a more traditional shaving foam background, you will see after a single use why this cream will become your new favourite.

The foam-free cream not only makes the shaving process cleaner, but you can also easily follow the contours of your face without the problem of getting shaving cream on your razor or handle.

Smell now:

Just like their beard oil that we have recently discussed, the scent is excellent again. With a subtle orange scent (due to the addition of natural orange peel oil), you feel strengthened when you apply it to your face in the morning.

It is one of those rare products that you look forward to shaving the process rather than being scared.

  • Superslick and foamless
  • Balanced ingredient profile
  • Best overall shaving cream
  • Expensive (but worth it)

Questions & Answers

Can this be used with electric razors????

The first two answers are MAL. I have used this product for years with two Panasonic razors. It works very well with electric razors. I would say that you should rinse the shaving head (to open the groves) to avoid the accumulation of the product while you shave. The product is so silky that your face will be slippery even if it is not very visible.

Can you use this product with a double edge blade?

Yes, but I hated the product for DE, use it in the shower to shave wet, it was not slippery enough

Can this be used with brush?

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us! The consistency of Hydroplane is not ideal for use with a brush. It is a very slippery formula that starts in white and becomes clear when mixed with water and does not foam. This allows you to easily see what you are doing when you shave to avoid unnecessary irritation. Our traditional whipped cream shaving machine, however, is specially formulated to work with or without a brush, and on hot foam machines! Here is a link to Whipped Cream: https://www.billyjealousy.com/collections/shave-cream/products/whipped-cream We hope this information has been useful!

Can it be used with electric shavers?

I used the gel with an electric razor and it does a good job.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick


Well, that was incredible. I ordered a bottle of this on a whim when it was on sale recently. A long time ago, when I shaved with a safety razor, but I have been using an electric razor for the past few years. I think I would think that I would shave from time to time in the rotation in the mornings. I have some time. So I have free time and my 3-4 days of stubble have become unmanageable and itchy. Time for a shave. At first I made the mistake of trying to apply this with a brush. This is not functional; I think it should be applied directly on the face, since it does not really produce much foam, in any case. But then the shaving ...! I expected to get a decent shave with a few bumps and cuts after I had not used a shaver for years. Instead, a single pass with the razor removed all my proto-beard more easily than any other electric, leaving a shave almost comparable to the * best * electric (not mine) I've used. After a second pass, I had a smoother face than any electricity that had ever reached it, had no notches and by the time I finished, I would still be cutting the stubble with the electric trimmer attachment. And that was all without the need to hit the grain! I shaved for years with a safety razor and several creams / bars / pastes. This beats all of them. He made the shaving FAST, EASY and CLOSED. The fact that it is used directly from the bottle without having to foam with the brush makes it much easier. I will use this as my shaving cream from now on.

Avatar Reviews  Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick 1


I am writing this review comparing cream shaving cream with shaving cream for jealousy, as I believe these two or the closest products in performance that I have used. The cream shaving cream is one third of the cost of the cream shaving jealousy. I think that jealousy comes in a second place close to Creamo. The container in which jealousy enters is very difficult to use. It is very rigid and difficult to tighten, very hostile to the user. Bill Jealousy shaving cream is perhaps the hardest shaving product I have found in 50 years. I think the cream shaving cream works a little better, it comes in a container much easier to use and has a much better value for the money.

377 Customer Reviews

2-Taylor of Old Bond Street

No reviews of the best shaving cream for men are complete (or correct) without mentioning the Sandalwood shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street. It is the gold standard under shaving foam, and it has been like that for a long time.

Taylor of Old Bond Street was founded in 1854 and became known for its botanical extracts. It has produced many other excellent products that are in the stylish British style of understated elegance.

There is so much to experience Taylor’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream, and it has a good reputation with consumers. We have it on our list for several reasons, including:

  • It has a consistency that is almost lotion-like, but easy to work into a full, luxurious foam.
  • Although Sandalwood shaving cream can be your grandfather’s cream, it is a timeless product that is perfect for any modern bearded man or smooth-faced man.
  • The foam is the ideal cushion for a comfortable shave, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. One of the essential ingredients of the Sandalwood shaving cream is glycerine, which hydrates the skin (while improving the smoothness of your shave).
  • Sandalwood is a masculine scent that combines different tones – from cedar to lighter vanilla tones.
  • Although this product is priced more expensive than many other creams, it lasts longer than most, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Still not convinced? Watch this video:

  • Creates a vibrant foam
  • Requires only a small amount
  • Prepares the hair and hydrates the skin
  • Can be difficult to wash completely

Questions & Answers

It says "shaving cream bowl"...is it a "bar" of soap that comes in a bowl or do you need a separate bowl?

As an alternative to what NorEaster indicates, you can also dip the tips of the brush into the cream and then directly into the face. There are a couple of methods in which a separate container is not necessarily needed.

What are the advantages of a brush applied soap over aresol cream or gel.?

Paul, there are two of those I'm sure of. Anything else, I would feel like I was not being honest with you. 1) Chemical products in canned goods. Sure, there are also chemicals in these things, but not close to so many. The irritation of my razor has almost completely disappeared. 2) Savings. Can a can of cream cost 5-6 dollars? How long does it last? I guess it depends on how much you use. However, this shaving soap ... a penny-sized portion, will give you more than enough soapy soap. This container has the potential to last many, many months for me. You pay more in advance, but because you buy infrequently ... that's where the savings are. When applied with a badger hair brush, it is really a different sensation than any other I have felt while shaving. It's almost as if your face thanked you. It is a very masculine scent without being dominant.

What's the difference between shaving cream and shaving soap?

Well, I will start by saying that I am not a chemical engineer, so my answer is based on the use of the product, not on the actual chemical composition. Having said that, my shaving soap is exactly that. It is a bar of soap that fits in a cup. To make foam, I must add a little warm water for a few minutes, then mix vigorously with a brush to form a thick foam. It takes a little. The cream is softer than soap. I do not need to add warm water to the cream. I just wet my brush with warm water, give it 8 or ten swirls in the cream and I'm ready to foam. It is a faster process. So in summary, the cream is easier to work with. I hope this makes sense. Happy shave 🙂

Important Info lists Parabens, Product picture doesn't, have they changed formulas? If so, what is current?

I just checked the bottom of my bathtub that I received in November 2013, it says "Without paraben."

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Taylor of Old Bond Street


I got into the wet shave a few years ago (thanks to Art of Shaving). Initially I bought all the fragrances that AoS had to offer until they became boring and expensive. Then I started looking at other high-quality cream manufacturers around the world and discovered that the AoS was like wet shaving with training wheels. Since then I have bought and used products from Sir Hare, Proraso, DR Harris, Henry Cavendish, Vikings Blade, St James, Blades Grimm and a handful of others. I can easily say that Taylor of Bond Street is by far my favorite cream, with its sandalwood as my absolute favorite fragrance. The use of cream is minimal, the fragrance is strong, the foam is SUPER THICK and increases rapidly. I have sensitive skin and I generally do not like heavy fragrances, but it's fine on my face, there's no reaction. It protects my skin very well and leaves a shave very close with the soft skin of the baby. The only drawback is that it can be difficult to wash completely, it is recommended to shave before showering. This is my new standard and I will buy many other fragrances to see if they smell and work the same. If you had the same experiences, I would love to know if you have found something better.

Avatar Reviews  Taylor of Old Bond Street 1


I absolutely love Taylor from Old Bond Street Sandalwood! This is my second product that I bought from ToOBS and it is the best! I am 50 years old and I can still remember how an old hairdresser of thyme smells (not a hairdresser), and it smells like that. Some younger guys may say: "it's too floral or it does not smell masculine". Well, all you have to compare it with is the Ax body spray, and that's not what a real man smells like. I was able to get an amazing foam with my pure badger brush on my face. Lubrication with the DE blade is excellent, it glides effortlessly on my skin without nicks or cuts. Shaving with this product goes back to yesteryear when men were men and women loved how men smelled. Awesome product!

Avatar Reviews  Taylor of Old Bond Street 2


This makes an excellent foam with almost no water. I used a pure badger brush that had been soaking in hot water in the sink for a few minutes. I shook most of the water and dipped it in this cream for a bit of it (less the almond size I use with my Proraso creams), I took the water out of the container and started doing the last one, adding a little water. It falls during the process. In less than a minute there was a very thick foam covering the bowl. After adding a little more water (less than 1/2 teaspoon in total), the peaks began to form and I was ready to begin. I used a Merker 180 razor with a Personna Blue blade that had already been used to shave my face twice. After applying the foam, the first pass was super slippery and had a lot of cushion. After a quick rinse, my head was still quite slippery. Two more passes and I had a perfectly shaved head with zero nics. There is only one problem and it is quite big. DO NOT SMELL SANDALWOOD! Not even close. There is a ton of chemicals listed in the ingredients that, when mixed, can smell like sandalwood, but not. Really great shaving cream, but unless you want a lot of chemicals or zero sandalwood smell, get something else.

5,478 Customer Reviews

3-Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Many of us understand the importance of a morning shake of caffeine. Sometimes it looks like life-giving nectar: a gift from the gods. It only makes sense that it would be a boost for another holy morning routine.

The Pacific Shaving Company’s distinctive shaving cream contains caffeine, although it is not quite the same things that end up in your coffee cup. But it’s still caffeine: in this case, naturally obtained caffeine: that’s great for your skin.

How is caffeine good for your skin? Well, it’s packed with antioxidants and reduces puffiness and swelling of the skin, which is a good thing if you’ve lost a long night. So, as one expert says, caffeine is right in your mug and on your cup.

But caffeine and skin benefits are not the only reason to love this shaving cream. It is also made with aloe, spearmint, sunflower oil and shea butter, all of which also help protect and nourish the skin. The Pacific Shaving Company is adamant when it comes to the use of natural ingredients, and all its products are vegan, odour-free and animal-free.

The Caffeinated Shave Cream is another cream that goes a long way. And it is very affordable compared to most quality creams.

  • Naturally, derived caffeine is soothing for your skin
  • Very affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Some men don’t like the smell

Questions & Answers

I got this for my birthday and excited to use it. Do I need a shaving brush and bowl set? Tell me your routine.

I just use with fingers no need for a brush

Can I use it to shave my groin area and my head?

I don't see why not. As far as I'm concerned, if it's got hair you can shave it. And who doesn't want a little caffeine burst on the head and groin?!

Can i use this cream with my wet and dry electric shaver?

It is not like a regular Gillette foamy shaving cream and just has a little more body or thickness. But if you have a wet dry razor, it will work. I recommend rinsing well after each use.

Isn't the caffeine component a marketing gimmick?

Hello EJ - Great question and no, it is not. Caffeine has a few tangible benefits, the biggest of which is that it helps to reduce razor rash. According to dermatologist Dr. Melissa Babcock is best known for its ability to cause vasoconstriction (the ability to make blood vessels smaller) and to reduce redness in the skin. Click on this link for more information: http://iapam.com/the-latest-trend-the-use-of-caffeine-in-aesthetics.html~Pacific Shaving Company

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving

Northridge Mark

I can't give this five stars ... yet, but I'm pretty sure that after a few more shaves, I probably will.This shave cream prepared my face and neck for a smooth, comforable shave, even though I was using a blade that had already been used a few times, and I was shaving a two day growth of beard.I only used a pea sized (or smaller) bit of the shave cream.After reading all the reviews, it seems obvious that most of the negative reviews came from users who didn't understand te product and expected a full, billowy lather like you get out of an aerosol can. They probably used way more than they needed in order to get this lather. This large amount may have clogged their blades, was difficult to rinse out of the blades, and produced a very strong scent. I can see how, operating on the assumption that it took a LOT of product to create a LOT of foam, the negative feedback was appropriate -- although the product was used incorrectlyThe goal of his cream, as I understand it, is to ceate the conditions necessary for a smooth, comforable shave. The goal wasn't to compete with Edge, Barbasol, Colgate or other aerosols that produce a lot of thick foam.I slapped warm water on my face to warm the skin and hair I put a small amount of shave cream in the palm of one hand, and spread it onto my face with the other hand. I put a litle water on my fingers and rubbed it in, producing a thin 'foamy' film. (Although I have a shaving brush, this didn't prodce a lot of laher for me). Once the cream was worked in, I shaved. The shave was smooth - possibly smooher than I got from other products. After shaving, the remaining product washed off, leaving no residual fragrance. THIS, I BELIEVE, was probably the right way to use this shave cream.So- after two shaves - I LIKE it. I may add more to this review after a few more shaves.---I've had this for a few months.I really like it.I started using more than a 'pea' sized bit of this shaving cream, and am able to get usable 'lather', just by speading it over my slightly warmed skin.The other day, after a week of no shaves, I used it again, not expecting great results. It spread well over my beard, created a nice lather, and the razor had no problems shaving my long whiskers off. Even with an old blade, the shave went very smoothly.I'll stay with this shaving cream - I'm not sure about the effects of caffeine on the quality of the shave, but the mint smell isn't overly strong and washes off, and the overall shaving experience with this shaving cream is good.

Avatar Reviews  Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving 1

Jeff Richardson

Of all the shaving creams I've tried over the past 30+ years, this is by far the best I've found. By chance I discovered this cream on Amazon over a year ago and have been using it ever since. The best part is it only takes a very small amount to give yourself a good, close shave. Start with a small dab, about the size of a green pea, and go up from there. Remember, a thick cloud of foam won't give you a close shave. All you need is a thin layer of this cream and you're set. If, like me, you shave with the growth and then shave against the whisker growth, you won't have to reapply the creme. Just re-wet your face with a few drops of water and you're set. I've had far fewer (if any) incidents of razor burn or irritation with this cream as well. As for blades, I use both the Dorco 6 blade and the Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield and both work equally well. The size is a bonus as well. At just under 3 ounces, it easily can get through security requirements at airports both domestic (USA) and international. The price is excellent too. By using less than you think, this tube should last you the better part of a month. Overall, I'm more than glad to give this shaving cream a full five stars!

Avatar Reviews  Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving 2


I travel often and don't want aerosol cans, so this fits nicely in my dopp kit. One lasts me for 2-3 months, and I use it to shave part of my face and my whole head. The only weird thing is their pricing model. The more you buy, the more expensive it is. One is $4.39, but by a 2-pk and pay $6 each. Buy the 3-pk and pay $6.66 each! Why not splurge for the 6-pk and pay $7.33 a piece. What a bargain! 🙂 Someone needs to explain how bulk pricing is supposed to work to these folks. I buy as many as I want at $4.39 each.

Avatar Reviews  Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving 3

John S.

I decided to try Pacific Shaving Company's Caffeinated Shaving Cream after reading a very positive review on the Sharpologist.com web site and after reading the many positive reviews on Amazon. I truly like this shaving cream. It has a slight spearmint fragrance which does not remain once your done shaving. It contains safe and natural ingredients, including caffine which is supposed to be good for your skin. I can't vouch for the caffeine, but I can say that it lathers well, and protects my skin while I shave. It also comes in a nice travel size tube which is convienient.

569 Customer Reviews
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4-Truefitt Hill Shaving Cream “ Trafalgar Scent

The traditional-style product that comes from London.
This shaving cream has been around for more than 100 years, but why has it lingered so long?

Just look at the lid of the product to see the first striking feature of this Truefitt shaving cream from ‘u0026 Hill.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a royal summit because this cream has been made by appointment to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh.

He may not be good at driving cars, but he has great skin for a man this age!

This may in part have to do with this shaving cream, which in addition to the royal order also has some impressive features.

Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream “ Trafalgar Scent 1First, it is loaded with good old glycerin.

As we discussed earlier, this provides a shaving cream that provides excellent skin hydration.

This product also offers a super smooth surface.

Again, this will help your shaver to glide smoothly over your face and cut back on possible skin rashes and skin irritation.

This is not unperfumed shaving cream.

Now the scent is described as Trafalgar

Does this mean that this shaving cream smells of gunpowder and amputated arms?

Fortunately, it is no longer a sandalwood balm with a spicy background odour.

It’s a very masculine aroma; let’s say that.

There are many more fragrances available if Trafalgar does not suit you.

A disadvantage is that this product appears to have a relatively short shelf life.

Once opened, it dries out fairly quickly.

You can grab a bottle of glycerin and moisten it occasionally to prevent that problem.

  • Glycerine-based
  • Designed for a very smooth shave
  • Excellent lubricant and moisturiser
  • Not long-lasting after opening

Questions & Answers

Is this product gluten free?

The use of this product will make you become a killer of kittens that eat meat and is racist, misogynist, republican. You will be completely unable to continue as a food faddist ... it must be the insidious Glutens that jump into your mouth while you are shaving

Getting this for my husband, who will be using DE safety razor for the 1st time-Do you drop water directly on the soap container to get a lather?

No. Soak the brush and take out most of the water. Then foam bowl or foam face with the brush.

This product is being sold on the Trufitt & Hill website. Why not on Amazon?

$ 15 cheaper at http://www.beautyexpert.com

What is the scent notes on this cream?

It is described as "oceanic". Very fresh and clean, like a candle "bay breeze" or "white cotton". I love. One of the best fragrances I have.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream


I, like many others, started with Taylor's Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3 ounces when I started shaving wet. I like to have a wide variety of soaps and creams (I have enough to last 10 years right now, it's a major upheaval!) When I finished my TOBS bathtub, I decided to go with Truefitt & Hill to get an aroma of sandalwood. All I can say is WOW. This product does not smell ANYTHING like TOBS Sandalwood, it really smells a lot more like a perfume cream, in fact, I'm not sure if I get a lot of Sandalwood (in Proraso Red mode). Now I loved TOBS Sandalwood, but for some reason, this scented aroma of Truefitt & Hill is simply intoxicating. I like it so much that I find myself sniffing the container when I'm in the bathroom. With a good badger brush or Plissoft, you will make a lot of foam with this cream. For some reason, I could not make my Semogue 830 boar bristle brush work with this cream, I'm not sure what it is, but it just ate the foam. However, this is not the case with my Silver Tip, simply turn the tips slightly in the tub and I have a foam bowl full of thick and luxurious goodness. If you are not a fan of perfume / cologne perfumes, I suggest you do not. Buy this cream, it is probably better to go with TOBS. If you're like me and you have a scent that maybe a King of England could have used on the day, you have to give this a try!

Avatar Reviews  Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream 1

Amazon Customer

I got 1805 because I've been looking for a change in my routine. Previously he had used SJoL and was using triple Jack Black. I'll stay with Truefitt and Hill. Really impressed with every part of this cream. Sprouts well in a container with a brush, provides a very smooth glide through my face. I used a 34c merkur with feather leaves, so I need a cream that can balance it. The 1805 is a truly unique aroma. It is more subtle than I would have expected given the various notes listed, but it was present without overwhelming. The most impressive part of this cream was how well it retained moisture when it was applied to my face. It was still perfect when I finished shaving in all areas. If you are looking at this page, you are looking for a high quality cream. This is the one that must be achieved.

Avatar Reviews  Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream 2


I have been using these things for approximately 15 years or more, it is excellent for shaving and smells very good. I use a classic shaving brush to foam. A container of Truefitt & Hill lasts about a year. I shave every two days, a lot. So, actually, it's more economical than almost any other standard spray gel or chemical foam you can find on the shelf. Usually, I'll keep it in my Amazon cart and see the price, it varies widely for a year, but $ 30 is the price you want. When it falls, I get it. Highly recommended

Avatar Reviews  Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream 3

Grant Robin

Being new to the circuit of high-end shaving cream (and still experienced in the construction of DE blades), I opted for taste. Originally, I tried the Taylor of Old Bond Street (Sandalwood), and it was pretty good. It has a pleasant aroma of sandalwood and is an excellent choice when it starts. On the other hand, the aroma of Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream is amazing! You will want to smell it from time to time, "just because". (Advice: do not try to use it as a scented oil candle). At first I thought of almonds, but someone else commented that it is really a cherry aroma ... that's it! Ok, somewhere in between, if you want. When I tried it for the first time with this Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream, I had some problems. It turns out that it was my inexperience that resulted in those problems. Anyway, I put my brush in it, then I mixed it with a little water. Whoa! It spread like crazy in this thick and swollen foam (think thick bubble bath foam). Little did I realize that I had used too much water. In fact, one or two drops of water is all you need. Use only after dipping your DRY bristle brush (gently, single ends) into the Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream bottle. Ok, then the first shave was a disappointment. My fault completely. I seriously thought that this was a big and expensive mistake. Here's why: when the foam is frothy, there is little or no stain on it. It smells very good, but the DE sheet does not slip / slide on your face. Instead, he practically grabs ... Oh! Right, it's not fun at all. Lesson learned. Each shaving cream will have somewhat different properties. Good to know. Continuing the review ... once I learned the lesson, after shaving, I was able to reduce the water by almost half. In fact, my porcelain shaving cup is only rinsed with hot water, then poured, leaving only a micro-layer of water remaining, stuck to the sides and bottom of the shaving cup. That's all it mixes with Truefitt & Hill Almond shaving cream. With a little effort, the wet residue converts the minivacilla into the bristles in a thick cream, with cherry and almond scent that is put on the bristles and swells the brush from the inside out. Good for covering 2-3 passes with the DE knife (or another blade, if you prefer). The first cover is the thickest, with the second and a little thinner. It may be due to an almost clean shave after the first pass, or to the added water from the application to a wet face. In the end, this was a VERY wise decision. Great shaving cream. It should last several months if you shave daily ... much longer if you shave less often. Just buy it and forget about all the others.

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5-Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave Cream

Are you on the market for a shaving cream that can handle multiple jobs simultaneously? Then look no further than Jack Black’s Beard Lube Conditioning Shave Cream, a three-in-one product, as opposed to foams or gels.

The versatility of this product and the quality are an essential reason that we place it on our list of best shaving cream for men. Jack Black makes many care products for men and their Lube Conditioning Shave Cream, which serves as a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and conditioner, is an excellent example of their quality.

We also like it because, unlike many other traditional foams and gels, it does not dry out the skin. It prepares your shave by penetrating and softening the growth of the whisker, but it also retains moisture to give you a smooth shave that glides smoothly over your skin.

Finally, the skin is renewed to improve your shaving performance without irritation. It is no wonder that it is perhaps the best shaving cream for sensitive skin.

The cream is made with a unique formula consisting of phospholipids, a rich source of essential fatty acids that bind moisture to the skin and support the base of the skin. Some of the other ingredients are Macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil and glycerine to provide a lubricated protective pillow for your face while shaving.

Also, peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol are added to refresh and revitalise the skin. The Lube Conditioning Shave Cream is odourless and alcohol-free, contains no dye, is made with only vegan products and has been tested by dermatologists.

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It is perhaps the best shaving cream for a black man because it is odourless and hypoallergenic. Black men are more likely to have sensitive skin that gets irritated (and has ingrown hairs).

  • A 3-in-1 product that is a pre-shaving oil, shaving cream and conditioner that is rolled in one
  • Transparent so that you can see your shaving surface
  • Nice mix of carrier and essential oils
  • Not as good with straight or electric shavers as other creams

Questions & Answers

Is this designed to be usable with a shaving brush? Badger hair.

def not

Does this work with straight blades?

I wonder ... straight edge like a barber's blade ... or a single blade, like the invention of King Gillette. So far, he has done a great shave with an old Schick injector, gillette 3 and 5 blade, and finally a new dorco 7 blade.

Can this be used for the top of the head?

I'm Wanda's husband and my head is for what I use Jack Black

Is this product from the actor Jack Black?

I do not know if this product comes from the actor Jack Black, but this is the best, in my opinion, in terms of lubrication after shaving. It does not feel greasy or thick, but it is a good moisturizer for the skin. I asked for more before running away.

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Diana in Kaneohe Hawaii

My husband received this as a gift at Christmas and I LOVED! He had been using the Gillette Foamy all his life and never knew that these things existed. I told him I was going to go ahead and ask him a little more and he told me that it was fine, as long as it was not too expensive. So I'm not going to tell you how much it costs. He is worth it!

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Daniel J. D'Alesio Jr.

Been using this product for about 3 months I like it as much as a pre-shave and also as a shaving oil. Very slippery I can do two without re-applying the beard lube if I use it as a shaving oil. Close shaving without nicks or cuts. There are no shaving burns even when shaving against the grain. I will use the 3 oz. Tube as my travel shaving oil. You will not need to carry shaving cream when using this product.

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I've been shaving with cheap shaving cream for years, and now that I've switched to this lubricant I will not be back. This product provides a tingling sensation in the application, awakens the skin and helps the hairs to rise for a closer shave. It feels rich and allows the razor to slide on the skin (even with several days of accumulation of stubble). I have experienced MUCH less pull than with other shaving creams. In addition, this product has decreased the burn of shaving and the bumps I receive on my neck after shaving. I would strongly recommend that the product sit on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes before passing a razor blade over the skin to ensure the product is given time to do its job. I highly recommend this (and other) Jack Black products!

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6-Proraso Shaving Cream

The following is another traditional product, this time from Proraso. It is packed with two essential ingredients – menthol and eucalyptus oil.

Given the design of the product, make sure you don’t confuse it with your toothpaste and try brushing your teeth with it.Proraso Shaving Cream 1

Two of the most striking features in this traditional shaving cream-style are the addition of eucalyptus oil and menthol oil.

First of all, these two natural oils lend themselves actively to the scent of this product, which is dominated by the menthol.

But they are not just for the scent.

The Menthol has been designed to soothe and calm the skin, to prevent the razor from burning and also ensures that your skin looks happy and hydrated after shaving.

The Eucalyptus oil is also there to help the skin because it is absorbed because of its ability to show and purify.

This product is designed to be extremely friendly to the skin and look great.

This shaving cream also has an exciting production process.

It is made in Italy, where Proraso only makes it in small batches.

These batches can be in the marine-family process for three days.

Ultimately, this is a shaving cream that produces an incredibly rich and deep foam.

That makes it ideal for use with straight and safe shavers.

However, be careful that it is likely to hide a cartridge or a disposable shaver, especially those with around 17 blades in the design.

Also, note that this is not a completely natural shaving cream that contains 5% synthetic ingredients.

  • Contains Eucalyptus oil to beautify and purify the skin
  • Also contains menthol to cool and renew
  • Creates a vibrant foam
  • A bit too thick to use with disposable razors

Questions & Answers

Is the cream suppose to be runny when it comes out of the tube? I have not had any luck bringing it to a lather with a Omega Synthetic shaving brush in a bowl. (I have watched the YouTube video's)

No, the cream should be quite hard outside the tube. Try shaking more water from your brush before foaming and see if that helps, otherwise it would return it for a new tube.

What's the proper way to apply this? Or rather, do I need a brush/bowl to put this on?

I suppose there have been men who have applied this without a brush and a bowl, but nothing will beat a bowl and brush to make the cream into a rich and pleasant foam. I use a nice badger brush and a larger cup for my shaving cream. I only apply about 3/4 "to 1" long cream and mix it in my cup and it is enough for 2 applications (I make two shaving passes ... with and against the grain). Oh, and make sure you first soak your brush in warm water for about 10 minutes in your same cup, as this will help foam and protect the brush hairs so they do not break so easily from being dry. This is a great product! I also use sandalwood scented and it is also great. If you do not want to use a bowl and brush, try proraso canned shaving cream. I have never used them, but they should be better than any other can cream.

I cant figure out if this is a pre shave, shave or post shave. unfortunatly i dont speak spanish.?

It is Italian. And as the others said, it is shaving cream for when the leaf is really on your skin.

Can this be used for women shaving?

Yes. Simply lather and apply, it will cool well while shaving.

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Justa Thought

My God, this is fantastic! I have used it for many, many months and I think it is far superior to any shaving cream you can buy. And it is much more profitable if you use it correctly. Okay, that's how I discovered how to use it to get maximum efficiency and comfort through a lot of trial and error. Many of my failures came from not having the confidence to use so little of the product. I had not realized how concentrated this product is and I am ashamed to try to compare it (in the amounts needed to use it) with the trash they sell in stores. How to apply it: I do not use a brush. What you do is just wet your hands, put a very small and I mean a very small amount, about half the size of a dime, and even that is a lot, in the palm of your hand. Next, put your palms together and rub vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds and you will see that they turn white and in a semi-thick paste. Then change to rubbing the hands and fingers to spread the paste on the entire surface of the hands. The whole process takes about 25 to 30 seconds and the exercise is not bad either 🙂 After which I apply it to my wet face. It is important to understand that you will not get a big frothy face like you do with other shaving creams. All that foam is essentially air and other wasted additives that cause you to rinse your razor after each stroke. The real purpose of shaving cream is to provide a slippery surface on your skin so that the razor can work without problems while protecting your skin. I used to use all the new technology of razors with two, three, four, five sheets and the aloe strips to discover that I hated going to the store and spending my life savings on replacing the blades. It is an insult! Today, I use an old-fashioned razor blade and discovered that this Poraso acts exactly like the aloe strips and I do not have to rinse my blade after each stroke. With the combination I just mentioned, I discovered that I save a lot of money and I am much happier with similarly close shaves ... not to mention that very high quality individual blades are much cheaper initially and in the long run. A single tube This product lasts for at least six months and I shave every day, which is equivalent to approximately $ 1.50 per month and by using a very high quality product, you really can not beat that today.

Avatar Reviews  Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and 1


Stop buying the shaving cream "for women". This is the real business. Do you know how when a boy shaves and his skin is tense and soft but also soft and smells like the dad you never had? You can have that ... in your wells. I tried the sensitive skin version of this (on the white tube) but I went back to this green boi. The eucalyptus is what makes these things so * pleasure *. It rinses really clean and feels very good in the delicate holes of a lady. The razor blade does not flash and the vintage tube packaging provides a great aesthetic sensation to your shower. Also, once you've used some of that, you can fold the end of the tube and hang it on the side of the shower head, and leave a valuable shelf for all the other shower you buy. #efficiency P.S. It also does incredible things for your legs, but you may not use this in your crotch. Unless you're in that, then you do it, hunny.

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J. Roberts

I gave up can of Barbasol about two years ago and changed to creams. First of all, if you're on the fence, I recommend giving up any of the canned goods. Once you find a good cream, the shave you get will be better than ever in my opinion. I've tried Proraso shaving cream, Arbonne RE9 shaving cream for men, Kiehl's latest brushless shaving cream, Marlowe No. 141 shaving cream and Anthony. Shaving cream. I always return to Proraso's cream, although Kiehl's cream is a very close second. Proraso creams just work. I place a small amount in the palm of my hand (maybe a 1.5-inch strip) and rub my hands for about 45 seconds. Then I start rubbing the cream on my head until I feel that the product starts to dry a little. Then I add a few drops of water in the mixture and I'm ready to shave. I do not use foam or a bowl of soap. I do not use a boar hair brush. I only use my hands and it's fantastic.

Avatar Reviews  Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and 3


So maybe this is a kind of shave parody, but I'm a woman and I use it to shave my legs. I recently returned from a trip to Italy and their bodily products are very different from American products. The aromas are different, so is the texture. I decided to try this on a whim and I love it. I hate the feminine floral aromas. I prefer the most astringent things, like pine, eucalyptus, mint or citrus. This is perfect, but to be clear, it has a smell of barbershop more, with which I am well. It's more of a cream and similar to the Shea Moisture Shea texture of Kiss My Face Lavender. It does not become spongy and foamy, more like a cream or lotion. I have a super soft shave with him.

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7-Cremo Shave Cream

Cremo Shave Cream is an apostate comparison to other popular shaving creams that we have reviewed.

With its solution designed not to create a thick foamy foam and no shaving brush required to apply, it breaks a longstanding tradition that shaving enthusiasts have maintained for years.

Mainly applied to your skin with only your hands; it is an incredibly soft shaving cream that helps to give a comfortable shave that keeps your skin free from irritation and bumps. Cremo Shave Cream 1

Regarding the smell of the Cremo shaving foam, it has the following three main characteristics:

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  • Original
  • Cooling
  • Sandalwood

Both the scent of the original, such as cooling, is neutral, while the smell of sandalwood is perfect for men who yearn for that classic barbershop.

Although the shaving foam bottle may be slightly smaller in its 6fl oz, packaging, a little will go a long way.

If you are used to spraying a large amount of canned shaving cream into your hand, you may have difficulty keeping yourself under control with Cremo.

Per Cremo’s advice on a quantity of almond shaving cream should be more than sufficient to serve your entire shave.

One tube of shaving cream should last about 90 shaves (or about four months if you shave every working day).

If you use a cartridge or disposable razor, this shaving cream should not cause any blockages that would impede the performance of the blade.

That is why you can and should use this cream if you have a canned razor that you want to replace in the medicine cabinet.

With the addition of aloe and some essential oils in the cream, your skin must stay well hydrated long after your morning shave.

Men who regularly shave their head (or entire body) will love this shaving cream.

  • Angry foamless
  • Offers a super smooth shave
  • Best budget-friendly shaving cream
  • Perhaps a bit too thin a layer for some

Questions & Answers

Why is the "girl" version more expensive than the mans, for the same amount of product?

The only consolation of this stupid Pink Tax is that, at least, the products have the same price on the website of Cremo, so it is a surprise that it is not Cremo.

Is this cruelty free?

Yes 

Is the lavender version the same consistency as the "men's" versions? Is it scented w/ real lavendar? Smell good? Thanks.

Dear Gabriel: Our French lavender has the same creamy and super slick consistency as our original shaving cream and all our shaving creams. You will get the same close, smooth and non-irritating performance. And we use the essential oil of royal lavender, considered the most versatile of the essential oils. If you like lavender - and we do! - You'll think it smells good, even great!

Can I use this shaving cream on my bikini zone?

Well ... I did it without consequence, or razor burn

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Avatar Reviews  Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave


Others have said it better, but they thought I had to vote for my 5 stars for this product. It took me a while to warm up with Cremo. I had two problems with this: 1) I used too much at the beginning: when they say that a quantity of the size of an almond mean it (and an almond is very small); and 2) does not "show up" on your face like anything you have used before; That is, if you are using it correctly, there is essentially no opacity or froth on your face when you are shaving. For someone accustomed to traditional foams and gels, this is a little unpleasant and leads to using much more product than it should. The problem is that if you apply too much it is like adding too little water to instant coffee. : It is not the product you are looking for. It needs a lot of water to achieve the lubrication it can deliver. It was only when I stepped back and followed the instructions that this product blossomed. Wash your face with very hot water, rub in an almond-sized amount (trust me) and you're done. You will have a shave as good and comfortable as possible. PS: I wrote the above for a review of the Cremo Original product. Of course, all this also applies to lavender cream, the only difference is the aroma. Although this product seems to be marketed to the ladies, lavender is actually a traditional masculine essence of barbershop, so I jumped. Pretty good and I think I have a slight preference for it. The reason I got lavender is that it tends to be good for people with sensitive skin (that is, the smell itself does not cause the irritation other odors can cause). I have been happy with this particular smell and will probably stay with it.

Avatar Reviews  Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave 1


A friend of mine was saying at random that the foaming agent in the shaving cream irritated the skin of certain people. This interested me because I always had red skin inflamed after shaving, but I just thought it was due to the razor blade I tried and I never found one that solved the problem. After learning about the foaming agent, this was the first product. I tried to finish with the redness and it not only worked, but it is also the closest and softest shave I have had. My skin feels soft afterwards and it looks very healthy.

Avatar Reviews  Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave 2


This is the best shaving cream I have used. It makes my legs so slippery and never cut me with the knife again like I used to. It also leaves this wonderful soft feeling on my legs, since I do not need to put lotion on my legs afterwards. It gives me the closest shave I've received. After shaving, my legs feel so soft and amazing. I will never use shaving foam again and I will only buy this one forever. You also only need a little bit so that the bottle lasts forever. I've had it so far for 4.5 months and I think maybe I used 1/3 of the bottle.

Avatar Reviews  Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave 3

Marke Weeks

I used proraso and it was good, then I decided that the barbasol would be fine, it's cheap. Great step back ... I have shaving burns and infected lumps. I am 66 years old and my skin is thin. This material is super viscous but does not cause zits. Small works of works read the instructions. I found the last tube in a grocery store while waiting for Amazon to deliver. It was the unscented, but it has a pleasant smell. I still put a little red on my chin, but a lighter touch helps. I do not need a shave in a hurry, I'm retired, I just want a reasonable shave without blood. I will buy this forever

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8-The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream

How often do you think you shave during your life?

The people at The Art of Shaving say it’s over 20,000. With that many times in front of the mirror, with the razor in hand, it is easy to become a bit complacent and occasionally consider a shave as a matter of course, but be Well, the art of shaving never wants this to happen.

That is part of their reasoning behind their Sandalwood shaving cream that they think will not only help you get a superior shave but also a shaving experience that has become as boring as a cheap way like a razor, the razor has been strengthened.

For them, the search for a perfect shave (one represents a holy grail of shaving) should always include preparation, foaming, shaving, and hydration. And they think they all reach shaving cream with their sandalwood.

The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream 1Finally, it generates a creamy frothy foam that protects the skin against irritation and at the same time offers an ultra-smooth shave.

Also, it nourishes and hydrates your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed long after your shave.

We love what’s on the list of ingredients in Sandalwood shaving cream, including glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Of course, one of the most important essential oils is sandalwood, which gives the cream its subtle scent that lingers all day long without being overwhelming.

Sandalwood essential oil also contains a natural antiseptic that helps heal scars and skin spots, relieve inflammation and contains anti-ageing properties.

They are also easily available compared to some other products, and you will find more than 70 AOS stores in the US alone. If not, you can purchase their products on their website or through online stores.

  • Packed with coconut and essential oils
  • Makes a thick, luxurious foam
  • Can be applied with a brush or fingers
  • High price for a small pot

Questions & Answers

This product seems expensive for shaving cream. But then, I'm just getting back into wet shaving after using electrics. How long does it last?

It usually lasts almost a year. I have a heavy beard. You need very little to obtain an excellent and effective foam (I use it only with a quality brush, very little necessary for shaving).

Does the shaving cream come with a protective seal?

No. In my third bottle and I have not had any problems. I wish I had it years ago. Like all its products I have used. Jim

Is the product the same if you buy the cream from aos or from the amazon distributor? i was told it isn't.

I have had both and they are the same in my experience, the best shaving cream I have used!

Does this require all four steps or could it be used alone? has anyone compared it to jack black supreme cream?

I use the cream alone. Just a little on the tip of the brush and explode in abundant foam. I have not used Jack Black cream

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Avatar Reviews  The Art of Shaving Shaving

Jeremy L. A.

It was hard enough to convince myself to spend the money for this shaving cream, let's face it, in a world full of $ 1.99 shaving creams, most will come across this item and agree that it is too expensive! Only it is not, especially if you use a brush. I have been shaving wet for a while and the problem with which I have always come across other shaving creams is their lack of foam, so the first thing I noticed was how well it is formed. The second thing I noticed was the smell, the smell of sandalwood is very pleasant and the smell persists, although it is not too strong, just enough so that I can smell it all day, even when using the after shave balm. (Whether someone has paid attention to the videos that Art of shaving published in the cream advertisement, shows someone who grabs a large amount of cream and drags it through the brush, you really need HALF of that amount, maybe even less if you use a bowl, it will form a thick and thick foam with a small amount that lasts a long time) I highly recommend it.

Avatar Reviews  The Art of Shaving Shaving 1


Since I tried this product and Taylor from Old Bond Street, the two big names (evidently) in shaving creams, I thought it was about time I wrote a review. The conclusion is that both products are very good, and if you try to decide between one or the other, you are probably happy with either. However, ultimately, I prefer the Taylor of Old Bond Street product a little more. The first one I tried was the Art of Shaving's Sandalwood. When it was over, I tried Taylor with Old Bond Street's Sandalwood. When is it over? I ordered more Taylor from Old Bond Street. As for the descents, I actually prefer the Sandalwood of Art of Shaving over that of Taylor. Art of Shaving's has a more classic sandalwood scent, like "old barbershop" (or "old man" ...), while Taylor's is a bit lighter and more ... citrus or floral. The scent of Art of Shaving also seems to last a little longer on your face, which I liked. Both products soaped well, even with my well water very rich in iron (which, by reference, goes through a water softener). I have taken both products with me on trips and it seems that they are doing well in the whole spectrum of water qualities. Despite Art of Shaving's claim that you can use "brushless", you'll want to use a shaving brush with these products, not just your hands. A little goes far with the brush. The only thing I noticed is that the Taylor of Old Bond Street product seemed to dissolve completely and lather a little more completely than Art of Shaving's. What I want to say is that at the end of the shave, when rinsing my shaving jar, there was always a small amount of product without foam; Taylor is always completely dissolved and did not leave any residue. I shave almost every day (my facial hair is not too thick or fast growing) and the 5 oz size lasted me about 8 months. The above comments are really the only ones you could find differences / remarkable comparisons between the two products. Again, the two are very good and you will probably be happy with anybody, but for me the Taylor of Old Bond Street went ahead.

Avatar Reviews  The Art of Shaving Shaving 2

H. Sears

People should love to simply complain. The negative reviews of this product come from people who are never satisfied or from people who want to damage this particular brand. It smells amazing. It resembles a dream. Use a small amount for shaving. It is not irritating. Something like silk shaving. Do you shave daily? It will last a long time if you understand that you do not need more than a quarter of a diameter and thickness for shaving, and in reality it is more than what you use. I use half of that. Also, do not use a lot of water while foaming. Use very little water. Slowly add water if necessary. Use a brush and a bowl to shave or foam. Happy shave!

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9-Geo. F Trumper Coconut Oil Soft Shaving Cream

Another product that comes from Jolly Old England; this is another very traditional style of shaving cream.

First of all, is there a more English name than Geo F. Trumper?

We love it, and it sounds like a background character from Mary Poppins.

But don’t worry, there are many impressive features that this cream brings to the market in addition to the great name.

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So what do you have, Geo?

First, make sure that this is a very traditional style of shaving cream.

By that, we mean that it is not correctly packed with ingredients that are designed to soothe or hydrate the skin.

Don’t get us wrong, and it’s not hard on the skin either.

There is no alcohol to dry it out, for example.

But it is not a high-quality skin moisturiser, and you know that.

What it is, however, is a shaving foam for tough old school girls, designed to create a luxurious and deep foam.

To that end, it will work very well with straight razors, less with disposables.

But if you want a traditional cream that gives you lots of foam, this might be the solution for you.

It is also closer to an unscented shaving cream than to many other products, with only a very mild coconut-based aroma.

  • Very mild scent
  • Makes a great foam
  • Ideal for razors
  • Not a great skin moisturiser

Questions & Answers

OK, this is a crazy question but can women use this on their legs?

Absolutely, and you will love it !!

Does this cream come in the cardboard box packaging? Or is it just the plastic tub?

I believe that only the bathtub !!

Is this a soft or hard cream?


How long does it last?

I'm not sure. I've had it around for three months and it's still full. You just need a little dab.

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I've been dabbling with the smaller tubes of this brand for a few months before deciding to commit to a large container. I've tried all the "smells" that GFT sells, even the most manly ones, and I've decided on this bad guy. The almond is in second place, although a little less moisturizing. This is quite fantastic. I am a double-edged razor and have always had many problems with shaving. Despite the years in which I shaved all things, I found all the problems, I explored electrolysis and laser hair removal and established a routine for the areas of my body that I still shave. Over the years, I have found better and better methods to manage hair removal. , in adults, bumps and irritations. While I am reasonably "stuck in" the culture of shaving and more in a routine without problems with the least amount of bottles and tools I can use. Being a lady, she had a large real estate area to cover and full body hair removal several days a week takes time. I want to be gentle. I want the least possible number of hairs grown. I want a shaving cream that does not dry or irritate my skin. I also want to have the least amount of cleaning supplies and toiletries in the bathroom. It is a cream for which I do not need to use a brush. I do not like brushes. It's one more thing that I should clean and take care of. I want a cream that can foam on my hands or on my body quickly. This cream does that. I pick up the cream in an amount about half the size of a dime for each limb or region in which I am working. While I can use a brush with fewer products, this method works for me and is fast. I get the fluff and the lid I want. This cream (hell, this brand) had helped fewer large leaves to perform better for me. My favorite is the Shark Blades, but I'm still working on a Derby package. Derby tends to jump a little on my skin and I tend to have knuckles. A quality cream can help you get through those extra sample sheets without having to throw them away, while also letting those favorite leaves shine. I used to have residual dryness in my legs after a shower without lotion. I can skip lotion from time to time while using this cream. I have seen a decrease in growth and redness compared to other brands and even the oldest "scents" for GFT. Sometimes, if winter is beating my skin, I've also used it as a bath gel to give my skin a little more love. For me this does more than just work as a shaving cream. While I would not go so far to release the body wash, I made a weekend trip with ONLY this to cover the shower, shaving and shower lotion wash. So that's pretty amazing in my opinion. My husband has been a water shaver (gasp!) All his life. You are starting to have some dry skin problems on your face. I had no idea that I had started to try my cream until my smaller tubes were running out at an alarming rate. This is a guy who does not impress because of my "grooming" or beauty product. If you use it on your own, that only lets me know that this is quite impressive. While $ 30 can be an alarming amount to pay in shaving cream, this is cheaper than tubes in terms of cost per ounce. Amazon sometimes has this item a little cheaper ($ 25 dollars) and can have free shipping for the main Members. So buying it here is often ideal. The quality is worth it for me and it improves my shaves (and those of my husband).

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Amazon Customer

I usually use TOBS shaving creams and I love them. When I recently went to recharge, the prices were much higher than before. I decided to see if other brands had a similar price and I found this brand. I've used a lot of brands, including Art of Shaving, Col Conk soap, TOBS, and Truefitt and Hill. After using it several times, for my face, it's up with TAH, a little better than TOBS. Again, this is for me and if you've been shaving wet for a while, you know that what works for one face does not work for others. The smell is only slightly coconut, more of a neutral odor. Thick and luxurious foam. I do not use a cup, just put a touch on the brush and apply it to a foam on the face. That little dab goes very far. I anticipate that the bathtub will last for at least six months of approximately 3 shaves per week. Another important thing is that the Trumpers tubs are 33% larger than the TOBS tubs. Edition: After using this for a few months, I must say that I am completely sold. I just need nothing in my brush to get a good shave from three foams. This will last a lot longer than my TOBS cream has done, and I love TOBS. While I got a good price, even at a full price, it is a great price, as it seems that it will last much longer than the TOBS.

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I have bought GFT Coconut before and I remember that it had a subtle but different coconut fragrance. The shaving cream I received from Amazon, however, has no fragrance. Also, my previous experience was that I was very skilled and nutritious. While the new cream provided a thick, padded foam, my face felt irritated and dry after shaving with it. I'm not sure if it's a genuine Trumper shaving cream or an imitation, but either way I'm disappointed. I will return to Castle Forbes Lavender after this: more expensive, but it gives me a truly luxurious shave.

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Raven Left Foot

In recent years I have experimented with tons of creams, soaps and after shaves. The best IMO cream is this GFT coconut oil. I shave my face every day and my head every two days, and this bathtub usually leaves me about 4 months and some change. What makes this cream the best are the hidden benefits of coconut oil, so the ingredients that make this cream flow well to keep your face smooth. I combine this with Pitralon's after-shave splash, which is also known to have hidden healing qualities. One thing that I have learned to appreciate is what shaving products come from containers / containers. GFT is proud of its products and, although they do not impress some people, they really impress me. The only thing I do not like about this is that the smell does not seem to last as long, which is actually a good thing in the long term, so my coworkers do not hate me. Do yourself a favor and buy this cream. It goes very well with a straight, safety and cartridge shaver alike.

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10-eShave Shave Cream

This is very much from the more modern side of the shaving foam brands, so what is it to pack against the old industry champions?

This product is all about comfortable shaving, but also about ethical considerations.

To this end, it is packed with several quality ingredients such as glycerin (vegetable origin) and coconut oil.

This is a vegan product, and no damage to animals has been caused during its manufacture.

Hey, if that’s important to you, it’s good to know.

If it’s not essential, it won’t hurt you, so go back to your bucket of wings.

We are all children of God, people.

Anyway, back to the shaving cream!

It is designed to generate a vibrant foam that serves two purposes.

One, it will open your pores and soften your hair, prepare your skin and stubble for the upcoming shave.

Secondly, the razor glides smoothly over your skin.

These two functions will both play an essential role in preventing razor blades, notches and cuts.

The recipe also contains coconut oil to hydrate the skin.

In terms of smell, the aroma is white tea.

It is not the most masculine scent, but it is relatively mild and doesn’t linger for long.

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It is almost unscented.

This is a high-quality shaving cream, packed with beneficial ingredients and lacking anything that could harm your skin.

All in all that is pretty good, although it is a shame that this quality cream is delivered again in such a measly 4-ounce pot.

It is of good quality, but it is also not cheap.

  • Opens pores, softens hair
  • Vegan and packed with natural oils
  • Creates excellent foam for a smooth shave
  • A small amount of product

Questions & Answers

Do you have to use a brush?

No. You do not need to use a brush. While a brush gets more coverage with less cream, you can put a little on your finger and mix it over your hands and cover your face with it. You get a great, smooth shave.

Hello, i am looking for something similar to the kyoku shaving cream but with a slight more coverage. Do you recommend this?

Stopped using. Seems to have a burning sensation on my skin

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Abraham P

I started using shaving creams, then went to hard soap for a while and then back to cream. I decided to go for the eShave cream after reading an excellent review about it, and I was interested in what the smell of white tea was. So on to the review! Let me break the shaving cream in what I am looking for in a shaving soap.1) LatherFor me, one of the most important points that a shaving soap should have is its ability to build a good foam. I don't want to come with a brush on my face to discover that the foam is short-lived or barely foams at all. The eShave cream works pretty well in this respect. I shaved with distilled water and this soap will build a thick thick foam around your face. With my hard tap water ... it doesn't work so well. It still gives a decent foam, but if you are looking for that thick foam, you should either use a lot more cream or use distilled water.2) Lubrication Lubrication is the most important point of a shaving soap and unfortunately, this cream is in this only mediocre. Compared to Art of Shaving Lemon puck, this soap does not slip as much as the AoS soap, despite the better foam. After having tried several shaves with different water levels, I came to the conclusion that soap lubrication is what it is ... I had to considerably shorten my strokes to prevent weeping keys from getting because the knife just doesn't slide so nicely .3) Odor The smell is strong with this. It smells pleasant, but I see this seeing irritating people with sensitive skin. It also does not leave too many residual odors on the skin afterwards (which is a plus for me). Although I like the smell of white tea, it reminds me a bit of the smell of an autofrist. I think I prefer a more traditional sandalwood or lavender scent to this one. 4) Price Not much ... not a bad deal. Pretty competitive with other soaps of the top brand name. Used: badger brush, spring blades, Weber SS DE razor.

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I like to try new products, because I always try to improve my experience. I love shaving since I made the switch to using a double edge safety razor for a couple of years and this kind of thing makes it even more pleasant. I've been using a lot of proraso shaving creams and soap for a while, but after trying this I'll probably branch out more ... that's if I don't decide to get another one. I love the smell (white tea), and it gives a beautiful foam. Not much else. It helps to keep me really good and flexible.

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David Batt

I have now bought 4 different scents of eShave's shaving creams and I love them. The consistency is across the board. Great face foamer with a Semogue 830 boar brush. I always get a smooth, smooth shave. Really top products, although expensive, and then the 4oz containers will give me, give or take (almost 2 1/2 months of shaving) and I really look forward to shaving my next day. Yes, I know, most guys hate shaving ... but eShave has converted me. I consider this praise for every ... shaving product. I will continue to spend the money and sacrifice something else to be happy in my morning ritual!

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What’s The Difference between Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap?

Whats The Difference between Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap

Shaving cream and shaving soap are designed to do the same but are entirely different types of products.

If you have a new experience with wet shaving – or even a lot of experience – if you know the differences between the two, you are sure you will get the best possible shave.

Let’s take a closer look:

Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is old-school. It has been around for hundreds of years and represents the traditional method of wet shaving.

The most striking difference between shaving soap and shaving foam is that shaving soap comes on a disc or hard puck.

The soap is intended for use in a shaving bowl or other containers, and most require water before you foam well.

And the best way to build up the foam is to use a shaving brush (which you then use to apply the substance to your face).

Experienced wet shavers prefer triple ground soap that is much harder than other types of shaving soap, making it much longer to work in a foam.

But once you have stood in the extra time, the result is an incredibly rich foam that feels like heaven on your face.

Another advantage of triple ground soaps is that they last longer than other soaps – even up to four months after a puck or disk.

While shaving, newcomers will love the type of shave they get with shaving soap;

there is a bit of a learning curve with shaving soap because, well, it is not used often, at least not in the West.

But we are not talking about trigonometry, but about a slightly different care process.

Shaving Cream

Shaving foam has been around since the 1940s and is the more modern method for smoothing your skin. You know what we mean by traditional shaving foam: it comes in a spray can, and you press a button to get the creamy substance in your hand.

You can apply it directly with your fingers or twist it slightly into your shaving bowl to make it foam quickly.

Note: best shaving cream for men often come in tubes or pots and are usually thicker than cans.

It takes a little more effort to build up your desired foam, but like many traditional shaving creams, natural ingredients such as shea butter and essential help contain the skin.

Of course do not forget about shaving gel, which is also put in a jug, but must be processed in a foam (which is a matter of seconds, be aware)

some shaving experts recommend using shaving gel if you have sensitive skin, but there are also many delicate skin shaving creams available.

What Type Of Razor You Use Can Determine Your Preference

shaving razor mockup set vector realistic illustration - safety razor stock illustrations clip art cartoons & icons What Type Of Razor You Use Can Determine Your Preference

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When it comes to razor choice, men have no shortage of options.

Of the five different types of shavers you have at your disposal (razor, double-sided safety razor, cartridge razor, disposable razor or electric shaver), you may want to shave a shaving cream over another.

For men who use a cartridge or disposable razor, the biggest problem you encounter is clogging.

That is why you may want to avoid some of the thicker creams on our list. Instead, you want to choose gels, foam, or better yet, foam-free shaving creams.

However, if you use a safety razor, some of the more traditional (and thicker) creams such as Taylor of Old Bond Street or The Art of Shaving are better for your knife.

These traditional creams not only ensure a well-insulated layer on your skin but also ensure that your skin bends towards the safety razor blade to ensure a smooth and smooth shave.

For the razor-waving men out there, it’s probably better to go with a shaving soap because you have more control over the lubricating properties of the shaving cream and can achieve that delicate balance. Of course, traditional shaving cream can work well, but in most cases, men use razor blades, such as the results of shaving soap, despite their lengthy installation process.

Finally, the electric shaver. For men who shave daily with an electric shaver, it is best to opt for much thinner shaving cream. Especially the foamless options of Jack Black or Cremo are great choices.

The thinner consistency of these shaving creams ensures the optimum performance of your rotary or foil shaver.

Applying Shave Cream To Your Face

No, it’s not rocket science – just rocket science is rocket science – but there is an art of using shaving cream to your face.

Of course, it all starts with high-quality shaving cream, as we mentioned above, but your chances for a smooth, clean, irritation-free and comfortable shave increase when you take the time to apply your cream correctly.

Let’s break the process while we examine the process of applying a shaving brush and with your hand:

1. With A Foam Brush

Apply shaving cream with a shaving brush. Most shaving experts agree that using the cream with a shaving brush is the best option. Why?

Using a shaving brush generally means mixing your cream in a bowl. With a high-quality cream, you have better control over moisture and heat and, you can produce a much more luxurious cream than you would otherwise.

A shaving brush lifts the hair on your face, making it easier for your razor to cut through the hair without having to press firmly on your blade.

In turn, you have less irritation, and you prevent scratches and cuts.
You can spread the shaving cream more uniformly on your face.

It is also worth noting that shaving brushes come in different fibres, such as horsehair, wild hair, badger hair, and synthetic material.

Ok, if you use a shaving brush, you should start with a bowl in which you can mix your favourite cream with the desired thickness and texture (by adding water to the cream).

Your cream should not be too watery or too foamy.

Use your brush to rotate the mixture in a bowl to form a creamy foam.

Then apply water to your face – ideally water at room temperature – to help you keep your foam to its integrity and soften the hair follicles.

Finally, use your brush to spread the cream.

Place a dime ball of cream on each cheek and then swing it in a larger circle until it covers the entire shaving area.

Be thorough, because the ultimate goal is a smooth shave on every part of your face, but if you apply too much, you can flatten your facial hair against your skin.

2. With Your Hands

Apply a little cream in each hand with your hands and rub them together in a small, tight circle. Add a few drops of water and rub a bit more.

Apply evenly over the shaving area and make sure it does not form lumps.

Just a note: we recommend using your cream and shaving and blending your cream after showering. The moisture and heat from your shower soften your hair follicles and prepare them for shaving.

Final Words

Well, This is the end of our review, but more is coming soon. Stay tuned. As always, If you have used one of the best shaving creams for men listed here, let us know what you think.

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Or tell us about your favourite cream that is not on this list, we are happy with your comments and feedback!

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