15 Best Safety Razors For Sensitive Skin & Shave Without Irritation

What is the best safety razor for sensitive skin?

Are you allergic to shaving and have infections?

best safety razor for sensitive skinDoes the beard cause you allergies and need a safe and effective shave?

Does your profession require shaving daily like military service, and you can not because of allergies?

I think you’ll agree with me if I say: It’s hard to find the best safety razor for sensitive skin for 2020.

There are many options and tools available in the market, but none of these options are suitable for your own

needs and meets your desires as well as cheaper and less expensive than others without wasting time, effort, and money in searching for them.

Do you believe it’s difficult?

After hours of searching for the best safety razor for sensitive skin inside the market and seeing the best and most beautiful, we came across ten best safety razor for sensitive skin that you can buy.

Not only will it not cause any irritation, but although some of them are double-edged, you can use them all on sensitive skin. Thus, if you want to get a safe haircut, but do not want to pay a lot of money, you come to the right place.
Let’s get started:

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Top 5 Best Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin (Quick Summary)

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double EdgeMERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Great shaves for all levels
  • Excellent build quality
  • Solid grip
1,296 Customer Reviews
Feather All Stainless Steel Double-EdgeFeather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2
  • Beautiful, stainless steel design
  • Suitable for newcomers in safety razor
  • Must last a lifetime
624 Customer Reviews
Edwin Jagger Double Edge SafetyEdwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome, Regular Handle, 5 blades
  • The closed comb head ensures an excellent shave.
  • The fully chromed finish is flashy without being over the top.
  • Well-built, solid brass pieces will not easily be damaged.
4,918 Customer Reviews
MERKUR Slant Bar Double EdgeMERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Slant design cuts through thick, coarse hair
  • Solid construction
  • Very efficient shave
611 Customer Reviews
Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor,Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor, Sensitive, 6 Razors, Mens Razors/Blades, 6 Count
  • Rotatable head
  • Protective micro fins
  • Superior blades
1,102 Customer Reviews
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Before You Buy Best Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin

You have to ask yourself some questions you need to answer before making any purchase:

Open comb or comb closed safety razor! Which one is best for your sensitive skin, and what is the most effective?

Yes, there are two types of Open comb and comb closed safety razor :
Open comb razor designs are more aggressive, while most closed combs are suitable for various skin sensitivities.
While the best aggressive wet razor is achieved with open combs, you should always use closed comb razor blades if you have sensitive skin.

These designs have a protective metal layer that prevents direct contact with the skin and the blade. Also, some comb designs are closed and adjustable head angles that can work better on delicate skin.

Types of Safety Razors Edges

Types of Safety Razor Edges

There are two types of edges for safety razors. Before you choose one of the two types, you must know them. The two types are: 1) Razor blades with single edge & 2) Razor blades for the double edge.

Single Edge Safety Razors

Single Edge Safety Razors have become rarer nowadays. It is not surprising that these safety razors have one advantage of shaving. It is more of a vintage collectible nowadays. Due to the smooth transition to standard shavers, the SE has fallen in demand for products by manufacturers. SE razors use a more massive blade compared to a safety razor with a double edge and offer a much more aggressive and closer shave. Therefore, it must be used with caution.

Double Edge Safety Razors

As the name suggests, Double Edge Safety Razors use both sides of the blade. You will be able to use both hands for your shave, but unlike that, there is no real difference. Although it is not as sharp as SE, it is much safer because the SE leaves the other side of the sheet free. Most SE shavers now use the same blade as DE razors, so the most practical choice today is the DE for the best, fastest and cleanest shave.

Handle length

metal razor - safety razor s and pictures Best Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin

This is one of those areas where it is a matter of personal preference because it depends on which type of handle fits more comfortably in your hand.

If you have larger hands or feel that you need a little more control, we recommend using a longer lever, also known as a barber’s safety razor.

Yet some people find the longer handle more awkward to use.

We have categorized each safety shaver as short, medium, or long.


Adjustable safety razors are a great option if you want a product that can adapt to your skin or that you can calibrate for certain parts of your face.

I personally love them. They usually cost more, but the consideration is that you will use it regardless of the sensitivity of your face.

For example, many men have sensitive necks, but their cheeks are right. So you can shave your neck with higher sensitivity and then recalibrate for your cheeks.

What features or characteristics will you look for when buying a safety razor for sensitive skin?

  • Is the razor evenly balanced? The direct result of superior geometry in shaving blades is an impeccable balance. Good razor blades are balanced so that you do not have to exert excessive pressure to get a close shave. On several occasions, additional pressure from the user causes shavings. This can happen all the time with balanced shaving blades.
  • Does it improve your skin tone and complexion?
  • Is it easy to use? On it, you do not want something that is not easy to use. Secure handling is essential for razor blades meant for sensitive skin. Most of this is guaranteed if you get one of the genuinely balanced best safety razor for sensitive skin.

15 Best Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin Of 2020

Sensitive skin is something completely different. If you have it, there are plenty of times when you want to flee from it. For example, during shaving.

That is why I have given you a list of the best safety razors that meet everyone’s specific needs so that you will undoubtedly find the best safety razor for sensitive skin.

I know that everyone has a different combination of experience level, budget, size and weight preferences, need for an aggressive razor, etc.

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Just because you did not shave well does not mean that you have to give up. Sensitive skin can now hinder you. But after reading this article, it is no longer. Let’s start.

1- Merkur 34C Classic Safety Razor

Merkur, a subsidiary of DOVO, is one of the most coveted names in the world for designing safety razors.

They have an excellent line of safety razors and razors that are still produced where the company was founded in 1906, Solingen, Germany.

 Merkur 34C Classic Safety Razor 1Made from the world-famous Solingen steel and produced according to the highest German production standards (Solingen regulation), you can be sure which Merkur shaver you are purchasing, you will receive a product that is well constructed and lasts a long time. Life. Lifetime.

The Merkur 34C is a clean and straightforward two-piece safety razor with a closed bar that is on the heavier side about its length.

There is no doubt that the extra weight ensures that this razor glides effortlessly over the face, reducing the amount of pressure you need to apply to get a smooth shave.

It is heavy to handle, so you can hold it practically anywhere on the handle while maintaining excellent control and balance.

The handle has an excellent grainy metal texture that retains its grip, even if you immerse it in shaving cream or soap.

The Merkur 34C has a very mild aggressiveness, which makes it easy to prevent cuts but is still able to provide an efficient, smooth shave.

  • Great shaves for all levels
  • Excellent build quality
  • Solid grip
  • Maybe not ideal for very thick and coarse facial hair

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of having a short handle like this?

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first because I was used to a long grasp. After a year of use, I notice that I have a light touch with the short handle that has almost eliminated shaving fire. I also think that I have excellent control with the short lever. I hold the handle with two or three fingertips in the middle of the handle. The shaving head is heavy enough to do the work for me, so I just lead the razor where it needs to go. The technique takes some getting used to, but now I really prefer the Merkur 34C. I have big hands, but I have no problems with this razor. I hope this helps.

What is the model number for this razor?

Merkur HD 43C Double Edge RazorLong Handle-Stainless Steel

Is this the same as the merker 34c heavy duty razor, and will the gold plating last for years to come? thanks

Yes this is the stubby version I can't say how long the plating will last. I have had it for for months no change except for a small area near one side by blade edge that has tarnished and can't seem to clean. In all a very good blade. I got it as some comments on the other one referred to corrosion. You can't go wrong with this as long as you get used to a short handle.

Is this the Merkur 34c HD model?

These are our merchant numbers THis image is from another sellers listing and they don't indicate if its long or short handle63-MER-931-34C Merkur Doube-Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle63-MER-931-38C Merkur Doube-Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Long Handle

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge


I started shaving about a year ago with a double-sided razor. My first razor was the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl. I chose it over this razor mainly because of the reviews about the finish. I then bought a Pearl SSH-01 closed comb in an attempt to get a slightly more aggressive razor, which it is. I then moved to a Fatip Grande open comb that is OK, but did not meet the reviews I had read. Along the way I tried a few others and several blades to find that perfect combination. I don't know why, but I just didn't want to believe all the glowing reviews on this razor. I finally ordered one. When I opened the package, I saw a modest package and a razor that just looked good. A bit short, a bit heavy and a finish that just looked good, but could not be compared with my Edwin Jagger. I loaded a Feather knife, foamed in with my Katie's Bubbles and then went to see if this razor would satisfy the selection of many as their favorite razor. Ok I get it. This razor is apparently the perfect combination of knife angle, knife alignment, weight and finish. It glides over my face like no other. It doesn't feel aggressive at all, but the shave is remarkably close. I generally do three steps, but with this razor and a spring, two steps and a little tidy up and I'm good to go. I am very, very impressed with this razor. It's what everyone says ... a great double-sided razor.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge 1

Cristoff McGroff

After I fell in love with an advertisement on Instagram for a website with safety razors, I knew I had to at least try it. I seriously fear shaving my legs because it seems like it doesn't matter what I use, it always seems to hurt and it never feels great afterwards. I also hate spending $ 25 every couple of months on shavers that only offer a great shave the first two times I use them. So I searched on Amazon and found this, and I realized that this is exactly the same razor that is sold at Ouishave for much less. I watched YouTube videos because it was a bit intimidating to use something else like that, but I am so happy that I made this purchase. It is much easier than I thought and it is a very nice addition to my beauty routine. It is heavy and well made, and the result is super soft! I have much less dark hair follicles and my legs actually feel smooth. I think it's definitely time for women to graduate from Venus.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge 2


I don't know anyone else, but there just seemed to be something inherently wrong with nearly $ 50 for 16 cartridges of Fusion sheets (not even Power cartridges), but I paid just like all the other losers who didn't know. Then I decided to take a gamble on this razor and I thought something. I also picked up a variety of knives [arranged on Treet as my DE-knife of your choice] took a super hot shower and figured out what the hell we are trying to try this thing out .... and immediately cut my finger open the razor from the package. Lesson 1: The shave teaches you ATTENTION FOR DETAIL ... and you pay in blood if you forget to take my time and gently shave with the right blade angles (and grit) I then proceeded to a shave that was as close or closer than the Fusion. So I felt pretty stubborn and decided to turn the grain over and try again slowly. All I can say is that this was like Saul on the way to Tarsus. I had my conversion and YES YES YES IT WORKS. Takes 5-10 extra minutes and it is definitely worth it. Lessons from DE to date shaving Attention to detail: turn off the radio, put the heating in the water and slow and stable gives better results: take the extra 5 minutes. Ritual: Shaving like your grandfather / fathers did is fun. Your time : this may be the only moment of the day to take care of you and ONLY you .... enjoy something special for you [and take the time to do it].

1,296 Customer Reviews

2-Feather All-Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Model As-D2

The Feather stainless steel safety razor is handmade in Seki, Japan, which is also the birthplace of the samurai sword. So at least you know the blades are sharp.

But there is much more to this razor than to the blades: enough to make it the best razor for sensitive skin. Admittedly, it’s expensive compared to most other shavers, but it’s worth the price. And there is a lot of pleasure in that.

Feather All-Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Model As-D2 1First, it is made of stainless steel, as the name suggests, and it was one of the first safety razors made of the material. One of the many beautiful things about stainless steel is that it will never compromise or lose its appearance, making it suitable for the price.

It’s also made to last a lifetime: replace the blades when they get boring: and that makes it a long-term investment that, again, justifies its price.

Although the blades are sharp, the Feather AS Double Edge razor is considered less (aggressive) than many other shavers, meaning that you can apply some pressure while shaving without worrying about wounds, cuts, and skin irritation. If you are a man with sensitive skin, that is all you can ask for.

Your Feather AS Double Edge comes in a wooden or velvet box, depending on where you live. The package comes with five Feather stainless steel blades that, again, are one of the sharpest you can find anywhere.

  • Beautiful, stainless steel design
  • Suitable for newcomers in safety razor
  • Must last a lifetime
  • More expensive than most safety shavers

Questions & Answers

How long is the handle of this razor?

3.5 inches. (and it's the best razor I have) - I have a pair of Merkurs, a Parker butterfly and the feather. I use it to shave my face and head, I have to bite myself a bit. deep grooves in the handle make it completely non-slip even if you have foam on your hands

Where is this made?


Why is this called a seki edge - Is it a feather as-d2?

It is indeed a Feather AS-D2. Seki is a city in the Gifu Prefecture of Central Japan, famous for the production of superior swords and knives. The Feather company had a factory in Gifu prefecture, in Seki City. So the name.

Your description says the razor is a AS-D2 but the pictures are of a AS-D1, which is it?

The razor that I bought at Amazon was an AS-D 2. Do you want the AS-D2, this is the new model of the D1. You can read more about the As-D2 on Badger & Blade on the internet. I really like this razor. It is a very smooth shave.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge


This review differs from many of the other reviews here in that it directly addresses the two primary concerns (some quibbles and some vehement complaints) expressed about the Feather AS-D2: (a) that because it is so mild it allegedly “CANNOT” shave a beard closely, and (b) that it is too expensive.This reviewer, for more than fifty years, has been “wet” shaving, using a brush (initially, a boar brush from the corner drugstore, then, for a quarter-century, a Vulfix 2234s “Super Badger”, and — for the past two years — a Mühle 33K252 “Silver Tip Fibre”synthetic) to generate lather from specialty soaps. The Feather AS-D2 razor that I bought in October 2015 was not my first Double Edge (DE) razor; it joined two other (quite different) DE razors that I already had been using for some time for my seven-days-a-week shave; were I to purchase new same-brand, same-model, replacements for those razors today, they would cost me $125 and $69, respectively. Because I already had two excellent DE razors in my possession and thus had no pressing NEED to add another, I did not approach the purchase of a Feather AS-D2, at its substantial price, lightly. I first read many of the reviews of the Feather AS-D2 under this Amazon listing — as well as many more reviews on shaving enthusiast sites like shavenook.com and Badger & Blade — and I added the Feather AS-D2 razor with my eyes wide open to the possibility that I could suffer an expensive disappointment.Let us start, first, with the “too mild to cut” claim. In the context of shaving instruments, “mild” means that a razor is designed to minimize the occurrence of serious cuts, and of less-serious nicks, during a shave. When King Gillette designed and patented the first DE razor, and brought it to market in 1904, “cutthroat” straight razors were the dominant configuration for shaving both by barbers and at home. Gillette’s design was conceived as a “safety” razor — what today would be called “mild” — and its main selling point was that a man was less likely to cut himself badly with Gillette’s innovative DE razor than he was using any of the commercial razors available at that time.Yes, like the original Gillette DE razor, the Feather AS-D2 is a “mild” razor — but that does not mean that an AS-D2 cuts whiskers any less efficiently or any less closely than an “aggressive” (the opposite of “mild”) razor does. At the end of the day, razor BLADES are what cut whiskers. Stripped to its essentials, every DE razor is merely a holder for its razor blade; it is the blade — specifically, the edge of the blade — that cuts. If the blade holder (razor) can deliver the edge of the blade to the place where a whisker emerges from the skin, then the blade can slice off the whisker right there. And a razor blade in even a “mild” razor can cut a man's beard every bit as closely and cleanly and smoothly as the same blade would cut the beard when mounted in any other DE razor.The design of any three-piece DE razor starts with a disposable thin and springy razor blade that has edges on two sides that can be ground wickedly sharp; the blade sits atop a baseplate the top of which is convex-curved or convex-angled; and a top cap that has a concave underside clamps the blade down onto the baseplate: the clamping action bends the blade slightly around the convex center of the baseplate, and imparts additional resistance against flexing along the edge of the blade. The boundary of the top cap above the blade, together with the bar or comb that forms the leading edge of the baseplate beneath the blade, define a slot through which the edge of the blade protrudes. Two dimensions: (1) the distance that the blade’s edge protrudes beyond the slot (called the “exposure” of the razor) that limits the ultimate depth to which the blade’s edge can penetrate into the thicket of whiskers (or into the flesh), and (2) the breadth of the slot between the underside of the blade and the top of the baseplate (called the “gap” of the razor), together limit the range of angles within which the razor can be rotated around a fulcrum of either the top cap, or the front side of the baseplate, before the edge of the blade gets lifted off the skin. While a specific DE razor’s manufacturing tolerances must be precise, the underlying geometry “ain’t rocket science,” as they say. The performance of a razor that has a relatively small gap and relatively small exposure will cause it to be categorized as “mild,” and the performance of a razor that has a larger gap and larger exposure will cause it to be categorized as “aggressive.”And here is where the difference among DE razors lies: the range of gaps and exposures within which the edge of the blade can address the whiskers to cut them efficiently is fairly narrow. If, within those tight parameters, the razor design allows for a relatively wide range of cutting angles, the razor demands less motor coordination from the man holding the razor, and less skill in manipulating the angle of the razor’s handle to his face, to shave the whiskers CLOSE to the skin; but that design choice brings with it a concomitant higher risk that he will cut INTO his skin. Conversely, a design that allows only a relatively narrow range of handle angles and a smaller blade exposure (that is, mild) requires the shaver to accumulate some experience, learning how to manipulate the razor handle frequently while pulling the razor across his face, to adjust the blade to the different cutting angles that are efficient to cut the whiskers for each of the various locations on his cheeks and jaw and neck; but a mild design provides better safety (less risk of drawing blood). The designer of a DE razor makes decisions relating to the razor head’s geometry that directly affect where on the scale between aggressive (angle-tolerant but risky) or technique-sensitive but safe (no bloodshed) — mild — the razor will fall.Among current models of DE razors, the Mühle Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor, R41, which can hold the edge of a razor blade against the skin over a relatively wide range of angles, is an example of a razor near the “aggressive” extreme (search the web for an article, “2011 Mühle R41: My Attempts to Cage ‘The Beast’” if you are interested), while the Feather AS-D2 falls well on the safe, but technique-sensitive, “mild” side of the continuum.If you ever have cleaned a window or a glass door with a squeegee like the Ettore 60010 ProGrip Squeegee, you know that it works very efficiently on flat, vertical glass surfaces roughly between your waist level and your shoulder level, but when you have to squeegee a window over your head or down by your knees, you have a harder time keeping its rubber blade edge from skipping. The squeegee does not change; the glass is the same; but the different angle of holding the edge of the squeegee makes a big difference as to how well it works. A mild DE razor, like the Feather AS-D2, behaves like the squeegee; the geometry of our wrists, when our elbows are bent to hold a razor to our faces, will tend to alter the angle of the razor as we pull a blade across our face. Just as a squeegee needs to be held at a proper angle to clean glass effectively, so a DE razor needs to be held at a proper angle to cut whiskers effectively.A cartridge razor that has multiple blades in a pivoting head works differently than a squeegee does: it self-adjusts the angle of the cartridge relative to the position of the handle as the razor moves across the face. A man who is accustomed to using such a razor may mistakenly think that the Feather AS-D2, the head of which is rigidly fixed atop its handle, “cannot” cut his “coarse” beard; he falsely attributes to the density of his beard the blame for a condition resulting from his failure to adjust the angle at which he holds his wrist as he moves the razor head from one part of his face to another. Similarly, an aggressive Mühle R41 style of DE razor permits great laxity of discipline as to cutting angle, and when a man who is accustomed to shaving with such a razor shaves with the Feather AS-D2, he may hold the AS-D2 razor handle at the same virtually invariant angle that he found comfortable during his habitual shaving with the aggressive razor; but, at one or another place in the topology of his beard, that angle may not be an effective angle for the narrow gap of the AS-D2’s head geometry — in places, that angle may roll the cutting edge of the blade up away from where the hair follicle emerges, and therefore the blade does not cut the whisker close to the skin. Then the man may arrive at a false conclusion: when he holds the Feather AS-D2 at his invariant habitual angle and it DOES not cut closely, he concludes that it CAN not cut closely were he to hold at another angle — the correct angle for the AS-D2 — that he has not yet tried.Here is the reality: a sharp blade loaded in a Feather AS-D2, held at the proper angle, can cut ANY human whiskers, even wiry whiskers that are densely grouped. Blades cut whiskers. If that blade were mounted in, for instance, a Mühle R41 razor, it could cut the whiskers; when that same blade is in a Feather AS-D2 razor, and the AS-D2 is held properly, then the blade CAN and WILL slice off the whisker just as efficiently and thoroughly, and just as close to the skin, as it would in the R41. The Feather AS-D2 needs no modification to make it efficient; all that is needed is sufficient repetition of the practice of holding the handle of the razor at the proper angle, which varies as one shaves around the curves and corners of one’s face: repeated practice at making the adjustments creates muscle memory in one’s hand to the point where one need not think about the handle’s angle any more. The process is really no different from learning to play a musical instrument: Jimmy Page no longer needs to check his fingers’ position on the frets when he plays Stairway to Heaven.But I am writing this to tell you that there is another way — a hardware shortcut — to address the “too mild” complaint sometimes made against the Feather AS-D2. A competing maker of stainless steel razors, iKon Razors, makes the iKon B1 Open Comb Deluxe Razor (also known as the “iKon Deluxe OC”), each of the three component parts of which is directly interchangeable with the corresponding part of the Feather AS-D2. Sporadically, iKon Razors offers the baseplate of the iKon Deluxe OC for purchase independently of the rest of the razor, although Amazon currently does not offer the baseplate separately. (*Hint: use your favorite search engine to search the phrase, “Blem DLC Open Comb Base Plate"; the corresponding unblemished product is called “B1 Open Comb Deluxe Base Plate”.) When an iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is swapped into the Feather AS-D2 in place of the Feather AS-D2’s native baseplate, the Feather AS-D2 effectively becomes a clone of an iKon Deluxe OC razor, and it will shear whiskers over a broader range of angles of holding the razor; the mild-mannered Clark Kent Feather AS-D2 transforms with the iKon baseplate into Superman with a bit of an attitude. With two alternate baseplates available, one has what amounts to two razors that differ greatly as to aggressiveness. No, the Feather AS-D2 with the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate installed still will not be the barely tamed beast that the Mühle R41 is, but it does move to the aggressive side of neutral.In the months that I have owned the Feather AS-D2, I have shaved every day with it while my other two DE razors sat, unused, in the cabinet above the sink; I have used it both with the native (solid bar) Feather baseplate and with an iKon Deluxe OC baseplate, and there is a BIG difference between the two configurations. With care and attention, I can get — and have achieved — EVERY BIT AS CLOSE a shave with the native baseplate installed in the Feather AS-D2 as I ever get with the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate installed; the iKon baseplate does not add any close-shave capability to the Feather AS-D2; what the iKon baseplate does is trade off some safety against nicks and cuts to make the razor more tolerant of “wrong” technique in holding the razor at the optimal cutting angle. To get a close shave with the native Feather baseplate requires continual adjustment throughout the shave of the angle at which one holds the handle; when one has trained muscle memory to do it automatically, the end result is the same.Closeness of the shave, however, is only one consideration determining the enjoyment of using a razor: for me, the FEEL of the solid safety bar of the Feather AS-D2 baseplate moving across my face as I am shaving is more pleasant than the FEEL of the open comb of the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate on my face. (Imagine how a Hercules Sagemann Hair Styling Comb being raked across your beard might feel, and you can conjure an idea of what the open comb iKon baseplate feels like.) I continue to work on educating my muscle memory with the Feather baseplate installed, and as I am getting better at using it, the time required to complete a close shave with the native Feather AS-D2 is getting shorter, approaching the time it takes to knock off an efficient shave with one of my other two DE razors. Eventually, I shall have trained my wrist sufficiently to retire the iKon baseplate entirely. In the meantime — today — I can get as close a shave as I ever have achieved with ANY DE razor when I have the native Feather baseplate installed, but I can get as close a shave in LESS TIME with the iKon baseplate installed.The Feather AS-D2 ships with a pack of five Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades; not surprisingly, the Feather blades work symbiotically with the Feather razor in its stock solid bar baseplate configuration. The Feather blades are very sharp — famously so — but the Feather blades have been fashioned to be more flexible than most other blades; if a Feather blade is not firmly supported on its under (baseplate) side, it can ripple like a flag in a hurricane when the edge of the blade faces resistance during a shaving stroke. The underside of the top cap of the Feather AS-D2 razor has a square “post” at each of its four corners that corresponds to a matching cutout at each of the four corners of a standard DE blade; the top cap’s posts mate snugly into depressions or “sockets” at the corners of the standard AS-D2 baseplate, allowing the top cap and baseplate together to clamp the blade very firmly on both sides along the full length of the blade near to the cutting edge; this is an unusual design feature of the AS-D2, and, not incidentally, it ensures that the blade will be perfectly aligned between the top cap and baseplate when the pieces of the razor are tightened. When the alternative iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is swapped into the AS-D2, the top cap’s posts still stabilize the *sides* of the blade at the corners, ensuring excellent blade alignment, but the iKon baseplate curves down and away from the blade at the front edge, and there are no corresponding baseplate sockets for the posts to fit into; the blade is not as tightly clamped, and a thin blade like the Feather can flex along its edge in that configuration.I prefer the quality of the shaves that I get when I have loaded the Feather AS-D2 with KAI Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades, which are made in the same small city, Seki, in Gifu Prefecture, where the Feather AS-D2 razor is made, and are (to my perception) just as sharp as the Feather blades; the KAI blades are stiffer — more resistant to deformation — than the Feather blades are, and consequently less susceptible to the judder that Feather blades sometimes exhibit. The KAI blades make at least as excellent a match with the Feather AS-D2 razor using the stock Feather baseplate as the Feather blades do, but the KAI blades are superior to the Feather blades when the iKon Deluxe OC baseplate is substituted. As a bonus, I have found that I get an extra shave or two on a KAI blade, compared to a Feather blade, before reaching the point of having to replace the blade.Both Feather blades and KAI blades are made in Japan; some other excellent DE razor blades are made in Russia. Having found success with Polsilver Super Iridium (SI) Double Edge Razor Blades (made in a factory in St. Petersburg partially owned by Gillette) and Rapira Swedish Supersteel (SS) Double Edge Blades (made in a factory in Moscow) in my other DE razors, I gave a couple dozen of each of those blades a fair try in the Feather AS-D2; both of the Russian blades gave me a pretty good shave; but the Japanese KAI blades and Feather blades give me a better shave in the Feather AS-D2 than the Russian blades do; “your mileage may vary,” as they say.Now as to price. Several reviewers here on Amazon have opined that the Feather AS-D2 is not “worth” upwards of $150, or that it is “over-priced.” SUBJECTIVE value to an individual is, of course, indisputable. But, on an OBJECTIVE basis, the Feather AS-D2 has a mark-up from the cost of manufacturing it that is commensurate with the mark-up of cheaper, lesser, razors. One legitimately may argue that the molybdenum enhanced and highly corrosion-resistant “marine grade” 316 stainless steel (also known as “surgical stainless steel”) that Feather selected for use in the AS-D2 is overkill, that for razors that are not exposed to saltwater, 316 affords no discernible advantage in the short term over the fairly corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel that other manufacturers of stainless steel razors use. One legitimately may argue, further, that, having chosen to make the Feather AS-D2 with such high grade stainless steel, it was overkill to plate the steel in chrome; and that it was further overkill to take the extra step to give the chrome a matte finish. Those are valid points, because Feather could have brought a very similar razor to market at a lower price point had it not taken those extra steps. But — relative to its COST to produce — the Feather AS-D2 is very much worth the PRICE for which it sells. Whether such quality is realized subjectively when standing in front of the shaving sink, or whether there is worth to you in knowing that the Feather AS-D2 can be passed down as an heirloom to future generations after lesser DE razors will have bit the dust, are value judgements that each individual must make for himself.Personally, I find the Feather AS-D2 to be worth its price.The first (from left) two photos below show the gaps and exposures of the Feather AS-D2 razor when it is fitted with the stock solid-bar baseplate vs. when fitted with the alternative open comb baseplate discussed in the review above. The fourth photo (when I posted this review it was the third photo) shows the underside of the top cap, with four square posts at the extreme corners of the cap. The third (originally, the fourth) photo shows a (KAI) razor blade lightly resting atop the inverted top cap. showing how the cap’s posts will protrude through the cut-outs at the four corners of the blade after the baseplate has been laid (convex side down) atop the blade, with the handle then screwed onto the threaded post of the top cap to tighten the pieces together. The last (rightmost) photo shows the convex top of the Feather baseplate, with sockets at each corner that accept the protruding posts of the top cap, constraining blade rotation between the baseplate and top cap, and assuring perfect alignment of the blade in the razor every time. From the first and last photos, one may discern that the underside (baseplate side) of the blade is tightly supported from the center out all the way to the edge of the three wide oblong slots on each side of the baseplate that allow an exit path for lather scrubbed from the beard.

Avatar Reviews  Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge 1

Benjamin Janssen

Price paid: USD 162.39. I enjoy fine Swiss watches, top quality hand tools, vintage firearms and good quality cookware. I don't enjoy buying things twice, so I bought this highly recommended razor. After receiving and using this razor, I see that this razor will certainly perform better than the meticulous build quality and the obvious pride that Japanese handicraft took in producing my Feather razor. The shaving head holds the knife without variation, the knife does not protrude from the sides like my cheaper Edwin Jagger. The threads and the diamond set on the handle are first class. The razor as a whole has the smallest tolerances I have seen on any competing product. The stainless steel used is of jeweler quality (316) and is also used in fine watch cases and surgical instruments around the world. If I can spend hundreds of dollars on a Snap-On ratchet and treat myself to a Swiss watch or a fine vintage gun - it goes without saying that I would buy a jewel-like razor like this feather. I yearned for this razor for two years, mind you. Life is short (believe me) - treat yourself to a goody every now and then. What about dad or your brother? They would love this razor, and you are very considerate and generous. If the money is tight, I could imagine trying the cheaper Feather butterfly razor. Stock number: ASIN: B003YJ70NY It clocks inside at 3 p.m. and it is comfortable and made better than its price would suggest. It's a great introduction to the world of Feather shavers and performs better than the 50.00 price range including my Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl, which has hastooling marks, and the chrome began to peel near the wires and head. In all honesty, the company has a good reputation for replacing defective razors. I'm on my second in three years. (was in any case) The springs (the cheaper ones too) have replaced all other shavers that I own. I use the cheaper ferry for travel. If you are a Fusion or Hydra user, your razor will pay for itself in less than a year, including blades if you replace the blade every four shaves. Find a knife that you want to order by ordering a sampler package. Try to find a package that contains Wilkinson Sword, Astra Superior Premium Platinum and Gillette Silver Blue. The Feather razor comes with 5 Feather razors to try. I prefer the Astra Superior Premium Platinum blades, 100-pack that will last me a whole year. ASIN: B00EXPTR0W For less than 12 o'clock I have knives for a whole year! Try that with mergers or Hydras. I use the following shaving accessories: Tweezerman men's shaving brush, ASIN: B000G647Y8Prisaso Refresh shaving soap dish, ASIN: B004N8SI5OPerfecto Deluxe Chrome razor and brush stand, ASIN: B00KO46CTABABABELS Bay Rum After Shave Lotion, BINNENGINOT ASININERINER ASINERIN BAG ASIN LINGE ASIN BRAKE ASIN .

Avatar Reviews  Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge 2

B. Michael

I have very sensitive skin and for years I have searched for a way to shave that would not tear me into miserable pieces. The solution is this razor. Just awesome. I have seen a few complaints that this razor is too mild. I believe that such complaints stem from their use in the wrong corner. For the first time in my life I can get smooth shaves for babies without a shaving fire. I enjoy the spring blades and have discovered that Kai knives are also great (they don't even make a sound in this razor). Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and it doesn't do much. Hold it at a 45-degree angle and it feels and sounds like it is doing nothing, but it shaves incredibly smoothly and very efficiently. The big question in my mind was - is this thing worth the price? Now that I have used it, my answer to myself is a resounding YES.

Avatar Reviews  Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge 3

Kindle Customer

After a few years of working with different Merkur, Parker, different TTO and gold-plated 3-part razors, I broke down and bought a Rockwell 6S. So far by far the best, I became frustrated with the need to do the final fine knife positioning by hand and eye after each cleaning before the knife exposure would be uniform on both sides. To their credit, Rockwell replaced it * twice * without a doubt, but all three had the same problem to a certain extent a completely different story with the Feather stainless razor, regardless of the blades used. Although it appears to be MiM, the tolerances are perfect, and while at the mild end of the spectrum, it still shaves so tightly and generally more comfortably than all of my other shavers. For a little less money you get adjustability with the Rockwell and comparable results, but the convenience of a razor that allows you to replace or clean a knife and simply forget it is worth the slightly higher price for me.

624 Customer Reviews

3-Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome

Edwin Jagger is from Sheffield, England. A quiet city is known for its hardworking artisans and quality products. They started in 1988 and are a family business dedicated to English traditions, quality, and style.

And they make significant shavers. The style of their double-sided safety razor impressed me the moment I opened the box. I love the heavy chrome finish that they foam over the blade.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome 1It shimmers in my hand, and the bathroom lighting bounces off the surface. It is a complete chrome task, and Edwin Jagger must be proud of their work.

This is a three-part, closed comb razor. You take the head off, and it falls apart into two leaders and a handle. The handle is not slippery; even a wet hand can hold it securely. Moreover, it is made of solid brass, so that it does not crack or break.

If I hold it by my hand, I can see that the most weight is in the head. The razor leans in your face while shaving. That’s not a bad thing, but keep that in mind; otherwise, you run the risk of going down too quickly.

Shaving with the Edwin Jagger safety razor impressed me. It is not an aggressive razor. I would rate it as mild, coming closer to medium. I think it’s an excellent razor for beginners and perfect for sensitive skin.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 02/02/2020 23:41 PM

The smart-looking package includes a package of five Derby safety shavers and shaving instructions.

  • The closed comb head ensures an excellent shave.
  • The fully chromed finish is flashy without being over the top.
  • Well-built, solid brass pieces will not easily be damaged.
  • Loading the classic three-part system is dummy-proof.
  • Mild aggressiveness means its perfect for sensitive skin
  • Users may need to adjust to the heavy head during shaving.
  • Although I like chrome, some people can deduce it.

Questions & Answers

Can this razor be returned for a refund after opening?

Yes and no

There seem to be a good many people having a problem with failure of the screw portion of the razor. Is this a chronic problem with this particular razor?

I have had no problems. This is such a simple mechanism and the razor has been machined so well that I cannot imagine what could go wrong. Usually this is a kind of user error, not an error of the materials.

Can you use "gel" shaving cream with this or any DE razor? Used to use the brush and cup, but would rather not do that again if gel works OK.

Theoretically, yes you can use the gel .. In reality, I would stay away from it (I'm sure some disagree). I'll tell you why. 1. The creams will give you a better gliding effect and will not dry out your skin like the products of the shaving gel can. The brush serves to make the hair stand up slightly more than when you rub the gel with your hands. This gives you a more comfortable shave.3. Most of us who shave wet go a few times over the shaving area and we enjoy moisturizing the creams (I love the CandE Nomad cream) all in one can dry the skin. Last but not least, shaving is supposed to be an experience and a bit of meditation. The main reason I shave wet is the pleasure of the process .. massage in some shaving oil, beat some foam with the brush and work it in the stubble, press the hot steel against my cheek and hear the static while the small cuts hair, rinse with my favorite witch hazel soap, rub some CandE Nomad shaving lotion and let the aroma take me to the island where I first discovered and used the Nomad product .... But yes, I think you have some can spray out gel, rub it in and then hack it off ........ If you shave purely because you don't want hair on your face and your skin doesn't mind, go for it, otherwise take it you have the time, do it well and ENJOY shaving! Only my two cents.

I shave in the shower. Would I like a DE razor? Would it be OK to leave it hanging in the shower rack between uses?

The razor does not rust in the shower, so it would certainly work. The most important thing is to change blades and clean the shaver outside the shower.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety


Just buy it. I am a beginner user of the razor. I tried the # 1 choice of amazon open butterfly Weishi because I was afraid to cut myself as a idoit with a screw on top and did not want to pay to try this. After a month of mutilating myself with that I bought this. I shaved 4 times and I can not even begin to explain the difference. I have a super sensitive neck, very prone to burn with the knife. This is easy to use compared to the Weishi. Shave soft, but much more forgiving. I can really feel that the guard is doing something with this and finding the right shaving angle is cake. It comes with derby leaves that are good, but I think I prefer Astra greens with this. I recognize that those are the only two I've tried 🙂 It seems that the packaging really looks authentic. I could not be happier with the purchase.

Avatar Reviews  Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety 1


I'm not a fan of disposable items, including razors. Over the years, I've used razor blades for men (I'm a woman) and they've been fine. But manufacturers produce redesigned shavers that use cartridges that do not fit old razors. That means that the older style cartridges become hard to find and increasingly expensive. So switching to a DE safety razor, with less than one disposable factor and a standard blade design, was very attractive. I bought the Edwin Jagger "Heather" (twisting his eyes a little before the pastel lavender): the slightly longer handle seemed useful for shaving the legs. The shaver seems to be of high quality and I am happy with the results of shaving. But I think the handle is problematic, it's so slippery. And it's still quite short, when it comes to shaving your legs. Many comment on the elegant appearance of this razor. There is nothing wrong with an elegant appearance (although I would personally omit the pastel colors), but I would trade it for a non slippery handle any day.

4,918 Customer Reviews

4-Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor

If you have extra thick or coarse facial hair or are looking for a razor that is a bit more aggressive, we can recommend the Merkur 37C.

There is nothing else on the market that makes it more than a place on this.

It is chromed, although the building material is unknown.

Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor 1But judging by its moderate weight, even though it is a very short razor, I am pretty sure it contains some steel.

Precision engineering makes this a quality razor, with an intuitive design that I will discuss shortly.

It is stable, robust, and reliable — almost the slogan for everything built in Germany.

Thanks to that slanted blade, the 37c needs almost zero pressure to reach one of the closest shaves.

It is even essential that you do not exert too much pressure. Otherwise, your bathroom will look like you are trying to pursue the French revolution.

If you know how to handle an aggressive shaver, you will enjoy the quality of shaving it offers.

Not recommended for beginners, but any experienced shaver that knows the right technique and is willing to invest time must enjoy the quality of shaving the 37C offers.

  • Slant design cuts through thick, coarse hair
  • Solid construction
  • Very efficient shave
  • The handle may feel too short for large hands

Questions & Answers

I order the Merkur 39c for slanted blade head. Or did I order the wrong one ?

Yes, it has the angled blade head. The 39c has the same head as the 37c but with a longer handle.

What's the difference between 37c and 37c HD ?

Hello Amazon customer, There is no difference between the 37c and 37c HD because it is the same model.

Is this model the new production model that was released in 2015 or is it old stock?

New production of new tool

Do you need a special blade for the slant or will any D/E blade work?

No, every modern (or even vintage) standard Double Edge (DE) safety razor blade works with the Merkur 37C Slant razor and ensures an excellent shave !!

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge

Gareth Taylor

OK, I have to admit that I have the razor recruitment bug. I have all kinds of DE razors from modern to vintage, Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Parker, Gillette, iKon GEM, etc. My first reaction to this razor was very neutral. The magic trick for me was to stop worrying that it was an impact. If you just shave normally, it works extremely well. I thought too much about the shaving angle and the curvature of the knife. If you just shave normally, it's a comfortable and smooth shave. There has been all sorts of talk about oblique aggressions. This is not an aggressive razor at all for me. And don't believe all the hype that slants are more efficient. Don't get me wrong, this is an extremely efficient razor, but it is an efficient razor because it has a well-designed head. The safety bar has a notched design and is approaching an open comb design. The weight of the razor is considerable and for me it contributes to the feeling of quality. The balance is perfect and it is a precision tool. Merkur has recently adjusted the 37c and 39c head. I cannot comment on the old design, but I can confirm that the new design has been sent (see photo). Most say the new head is almost identical to the old one, but some say it's a bit milder. The only thing I can say is that on average it is my other Merkur or EJ shavers. The only other impact I used is the iKon 102, and I was very affected. It was not a bad razor but certainly not worth the extra money. I also didn't like that the iKon only tilted the head of the razor while the Merkur turns the blade. Does the tilt versus the turn make a difference; probably not, but you can tilt any standard razor to get this effect. I personally like the novelty of the twisted knife. I wouldn't go that far to say that this is my favorite razor, but it does deserve some time in my rotation. It is a great razor that works perfectly for anyone who is looking for a daily driver or just wants to try something with a different taste. If you decide to buy one of these, my advice is to just shave normally. Do not try to adjust your technique just because this is a slope.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge 1

Eric Blair

Full disclosure: this is my 4th DE razor and I only started shaving 2 months ago. I have a nice brush, Tribute shaving cream and Proraso preshave cream. I alternate between Personna Blues and Feather Blades, depending on the beard growth and the razor that I use. I have fairly coarse facial hair that turns gray, and my skin is moderately sensitive. I have problems getting a very smooth shave directly under my chin and in my neck. I started with the Edwin Jagger DE89. Well shaved, but not close enough. I bought the Merkur Futur, better but bulky and bulky. But better. I then bought the Muhle R41, an open comb razor that offers a very smooth shave, but is not comfortable to use, and tends to silage my throat area more than I would like. So I bought the Merkur HD weft, hoping for something smoother and closer. This razor is incredible. Serious. So smooth, extremely close, no notches, neck feels great, under the chin has never been so smooth. A really great razor. I wish I had bought this first. 🙁

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge 2


It was my goal a few years ago: escape from the very expensive disposable razors, improve the shaving experience and continue to follow my limited CO2 footprint. I read about DE razors and chose one that was touted as the perfect first experience razor. I also read that blades were very individual, so maybe I should try a few before I found the right one. Because I usually shave with a small electric and with the razor twice a week, my learning curve was slow, but I discovered that knife part was very right: this one pulled a lot, which didn't seem to cut, and I had a very frustrating time with my attempt to save resources and money. I worked my way through many knives and tried this brand and that brand and never getting the shave I was sure I should get. I could even take my wife's disposable razor and get a better shave every time than this highly recommended DE razor and all these well-reviewed blades. I didn't really want to use the full shaving experience, I didn't use the boar brush and shaving cream. Gosh, with the disposable razors I could use my shampoo as a foam and get a better experience than the $ 45 DE, but I tried this gel and that soap foam and found a really nice oil in a small bottle that did a very good job, lubricate my whiskers. Better than before, but still not as flexible as the disposable razor with only shampoo for foam. My attempt to save resources and money seemed to have failed ... but I wasn't ready to give up, so I started looking around and reading more reviews, and came up with this razor, the Merkur 37C Slant Bar. The reviews said it was too aggressive for a beginner, but unless your ham is fisted with an unclear touch, I'd say I would have done much better to have started this razor, not to have ended up here after a few have tried this knife and that for years. I find the handle a bit blunt, but the grip is very good and the balance works well in my hand. It is a bit top heavy - short handle, heavy head - but when used, the balance seems to work better than I expect every time I pick it up. The angled head is a bit strange, the way it clamps on the knife, tortures it in a new form, but the effects are very successful. I can use the oil I was talking about and this knife just slides; the gel, it slides. And even with shampoo, loaded with the Personna knife that I have chosen and works well for my beard, this razor simply slips. And the shaving result is closer than any disposable knife with 3 blades, and certainly better than my starting DE-razor. If you can trust that the knife does its job, and makes the razor work against your face with only its own weight, this is razor may not be as stupid as a disposable with floating blades, but shaving is much better. And even if I didn't save money (less than $ 7 / year versus about $ 120 / year for disposable items), much less resource use also works best for my consciousness. I wish I had started with this razor, but I am very happy that I ended up here.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Slant Bar Double Edge 3


Based on everyone's assessments, I expect this razor to work very well. However, when comparing my Merkur HD 34C and 37C there is a clear difference in quality. A few negative reviews about the 37C have arrived about removing the threads and I can see why. I thought the stripped wires were a result of tightening the head too tight or not oiling the wires to prevent corrosion. Now I see that the threads of the 37C are very poorly machined and do not extend the entire circumference of the pole. The 34C is the left razor and the 37C is on the right in the images. This is a weak point and can lead to premature failure of the razor. If I had known this about the wires, I might have bought another 34C for my son instead, since he is now shaving. I am indeed surprised, especially because the 37C is more expensive. I will use it and only tighten enough to hold the knife.

611 Customer Reviews

5-Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

We have talked about Gillette’s tradition in previous posts, but it is worth mentioning. After all, there are not many companies with more than 100 years of experience and a name that has become synonymous with shaving and shaving.

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor 1We mention Gillette’s history once more to emphasize that it tells us that they know what the hell they are doing. Are they perfect? Of course, that is not a company or individual, but you do not build a name and remain active as long as Gillette has acted without doing anything right.

It also comes with protective micro fins that stretch and smooth the skin before your blade goes over it.

The Mach3 blades have a patented Diamond-Like Coated sharpness, which some users say are the sharpest on disposable sheets on the market.

Mach3 line shavers come with an adhesive strip that offers an extra layer of protection when combating dry, sensitive skin that quickly becomes irritated. The lubra strip contains natural oils and turns white when it is time to replace the blade.

The construction of the blades makes it easy to rinse facial hair, shaving cream, shaving gel, and another slurry that builds up and between the modules during and during the regular shave.

The Mach3 also has an ergonomically designed handle that provides a comfortable grip. You do not have to worry that the razor slips out of your razor during shaving.

  • Rotatable head
  • Protective micro fins
  • Superior blades
  • More expensive than other disposable items

Questions & Answers

2 sticks and 6 blades?

6 handles and 6 blades - just looks like 2 in the picture

Does this pack include one razor and six blades or just the blades?

can these be used more than once? or would that be gross AND/OR dull the blade 🙂 thanks!

Does the disposable version preform and shave like the cartridge version?

I thought I had ordered blades, but received the disposable razors. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They work well.

What's the country origin for this product?

Sorry don't know gave them away as a gift

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor,

Gerald B. Leedom

I have a tough beard and sensitive skin. I use an electric razor that does a great job, EXCEPT I occasionally have hairs below my jaw line, on my neck, that I miss and cannot see because of my vision. I use these razors to go over my neck below the jaw line to ensure that all hairs are removed. The razor works GREAT, better than expected. And, I have been using the same one of these razors now for at least four weeks, without the need to move on to the next one. The blade must be of very high quality to not dull after 30-35 uses. I'm impressed, and I recommend these HIGHLY.

1,102 Customer Reviews

6-Viking Blade The Chieftan Double Edge Safety Razor

Viking Blades cares about your shave. They are a family business that started in 1985 in Victoria, Australia. They believe that you need quality products to shave and those of your grandfather.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 04/02/2020 01:10 AM

Chieftan’s safety razor is their flagship. It is also the only butterfly head system on my list.

Like a one-piece razor, turn the handle and open the head of the razor, like a swing gate. Then place the blade and close the head.

Viking Blade The Chieftan Double Edge Safety Razor 1A safety razor for butterflies eliminates the stress of handling multiple safety razors and the blade simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for users with pyrophobia, i.e., the fear of blades.

The Chieftan is sprayed with chrome. On the heavier side, it balances near the head. In combination with the weight distribution, I would classify it as a mediocre aggressive safety razor.

With a light touch, this razor would be suitable for sensitive skin. It has a closed comb base plate that extends a reasonable distance from the blade.

But it may take a while to adjust to the weight. The trick with this razor is not to put pressure on the handle. Let the razor do the work.

The safety razor comes in a felt-covered cover with a small mirror on the inside, which is a thoughtful touch. Also included is a 5-pack blade made by Viking Blades.

  • The butterfly system is by far the easiest to load.
  • On average aggressive, the razor reaches BBS proximity in two passages.
  • The fully chromed finish is rare at the price level.
  • Even with wet hands, the notches of the handle reduce slippage.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the razor should last for years.
  • Cannot adjust the efficiency of the razor.
  • Top heavy, so it can be difficult for some users to learn.

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know where these are made?

The Chieftain is made in China, but don't be fooled. It is top quality that German and English shavers compete that cost 5x. Unlike other defamatory answers that are clearly written by competitors, the Viking company never hides the fact that Baili has been instructed to build a modified mold exclusively for them. What gives the Viking Chieftain a head start on other cheap Baili clones (which look the same) is that the Chieftain is really the original Viking design and is considerably heavier. The Chieftain has 4 foam channels on each side with a strong reinforcing base, while the Baili clones have 2 foam channels with a wafer-thin base. The chief also shaves much effortlessly with moderate aggression, while the clones are extremely mild. Both Viking and Baili have already confirmed this, so don't listen to someone who claims otherwise. I suspect that they were all written by the same syndicate.

Where can I buy replacement blades?

I think all safety razors would fit.

How does this compare to the merkur razor?

Hi Michael, just type Merkur in the search box in the review section. There are quite a few brothers who also own both and other brands. The general consensus is that most people think the Vikings are shaving better and smoother. That of course also depends on your techniques and preferences.

What is the difference between the godfather and the chieftain razors? thanks ken from new smyrna beach fl

I have not used the godfather, but as far as I can see it has a screw head, with the chief being a butterfly mechanism. The butterfly mechanism makes the chief man very easy to handle and to take out knives, so I would personally choose this above the godfather

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double


When I asked my 83-year-old grandfather what kind of gift I could get for him, he told me he didn't need anything at that time. Please, but one thing you have in mind? He said softly: Maybe an old-fashioned razor that I used to have when I was a young man. He told me that the ones he found in the stores were made in China and he was unhappy with the poor quality. So my search began. Because I had no idea of men's razor gear, I had to ask my father what it looked like. My father explained the form to me, but he discouraged me. All those old shavers on the market are made cheaply and they never meet the quality of their old days. Do not bother. Your grandfather will be disappointed anyway, but I really wanted to give my grandfather a present that he liked. Now he told me what he liked. I would do my best to get the best razor that would not disappoint him! After searching all online stores and Amazon lists, compare reviews. I have gambled on this! Bought with extra blades and VIKINGS-BLAD Luxury badger brush, heavy Swedish alloy Base + Obsidian acrylic, dark stallion because of what other reviewers recommended. (You can see that I had zero experience with those products and I had never seen one before searching online.) Then I wrapped it nicely and sent it across the oceans more than 5,900 miles away. I waited anxiously for his feedback. Would he be disappointed ...? A week later my grandfather called. He thanked me profusely and said he really liked it and would use it every day. It has been a long time since he missed it in his daily life. was even emotional because he was so moved that his granddaughter sent him this special gift from miles away. The gift was exactly what he wanted and he couldn't get it anywhere else. My grandmother told me on the phone. Your grandfather is crying. That made me happy and sad at the same time. It was in July 2017 when I bought this. I then thought to write a review. But then life impressed me. My grandfather told me how happy he used it every time I called him. I always smiled and answered, I am happy to hear that you like it! This morning I received a phone call that my grandfather died a few hours ago. I have tears in my mind for him. Then I remember how happy he was and used his favorite razor. That is why I am writing this review now. Thanks!

Avatar Reviews  VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double 1

M. Russell

Rewrite my review because I just received the new version of the chief. Images show both side by side. The old one is on the left. The right is a new one. Design changes include larger combs, more substantial ribs connecting the combs to the head, thicker butterfly doors and some more detail stamped on the bottom and inside of the head. The new one is considerably heavier, with the weight more distributed to the top. This is important because that extra weight makes your strokes feel a bit more controlled as the razor encounters resistance. The new one also has considerably less rattle when I shake it and the moving parts are smoother and quieter. This is an all-round excellent razor with excellent fit and finish, and a very satisfying look and feel. You can't go wrong with it.

Avatar Reviews  VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double 2


I am a woman and have shaved for about 30 years. When I was growing up, my mother had those pink disposable razor blades with one knife. That would take a shave or two and then we'd throw them in the dump. Frankly, I didn't know any better. Fast forward to today. I finally lay down in the bath with my new Vikings Blade razor and some foamy male shaving soap (in almond). I was scared. Why? Because every damn forum where men talk about these razors, they always say CAUTION, you can commit suicide. It is clear that they are not very experienced because I shaved it all. I did; I shaved it all for science. Except between my cheeks (and since I don't shave my face, I'm sure we're all on board with what I mean). I found no problems or danger when shaving my legs. The secret was good foam and no pressure on the razor. And I shaved the grain, that must be a kind of man, no, but it works great for my legs. As I moved on to more ... sensitive areas ... I proceeded carefully. Lots of foam and first shave with the grain, then against the grain. There was no problem. My time lasted and everything is as smooth as a baby's ass. This razor was absolutely capable of handling a thick thick brush easily, unlike my old razor that gets clogged and takes forever to clean. Ladies, you must have this razor. MUST. You not only save the environment of all those plastic razors and shaving heads, but you will only pay around 10 cents per filling. I love it !!!! Where have you been all my life ????? Edit: Shaving # 2 was super fast! The same knife used again. I assume this knife covers about 3 FULL shaves (the whole deal) and probably countless shaves. My bestie (female) has ordered one and my teenager looks at my razor! I'm going to let her try it out and if she likes it, she will get one!

Avatar Reviews  VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double 3


I turned off my Schick injector in 1969, went to electric, then to cartridge, and now back to a safety razor - - full circle. The chief looks like he belongs in the Guggenheim. Fit and finish are flawless. I like the shorter handle to maneuver around my beard. It also travels well in the nice suitcase that comes with the package. Because of the heavy stubble under my lower lip I use the more aggressive Astra knives instead of the supplied Vikings knives. All in all, the Chieftain gives a more noticeable shave than my Mach 3 Gillette (although not that fast) and the costs for knife replacement are considerably lower. The shaving process takes more time, but I am retired and grind my coffee beans by hand. There is something satisfying about going old school, slowing down and smelling the roses,

4,726 Customer Reviews

7-Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

The unique hydrating gel reservoir of the Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor keeps your skin hydrated for up to an hour after every shave and protects it against irritation.

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor 1You can say that the manufacturer is groundbreaking when it comes to this feature because none of the competitors has anything similar.

For the best and smoothest shave ever, there are five ultra-shiny razor blades with skin protection. The flip trimmer offers a handy design that helps you with those hard-to-reach places.

With a simple thumb wrap, the hydrating gel reservoir folds back so that you can use all five blades while trimming.

Ergonomically designed, premium, high-gloss colored chrome, and soft-feeling rubber handle ensure that this razor fits perfectly and naturally in your hand.

  • Hydrating Gel Reservoir
  • Flip Trimmer for hard-to-reach places
  • Top-class Schick blades
  • The handle is good, but perhaps not as good as on other cartridge shavers

Questions & Answers

Does it come with additional blades?

yes, but only one besides the one already installed. Two total

Can you put a schink hydo 5 sensitive blade in a regular schink hydro r razor?

Yes. The blades are interchangeable.

Is this a disposable razor ?

Hello Nandhini ... Yes, it is and the razor itself is soooo good ... Because I only shave once a week, I use the first one since last September 20 ... No regrets ...

- How long does a replacement razor cartridge last?

Depends on a lot of factors. If you shave frequently it will last longer than it will if you are shaving longer and stouter 2 day growth. The key to maintaining ANY razor is to dry it off after use. The best is to blow dry it, but a single shaking and towel drying helps too.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin

G. McDonald

I've used Gillette brand blades for well over 30 years. A number of years ago I participated in a 3-month Gillette consumer test of a new razor and blade system and have a pretty good idea of what to look for in a razor system and how to rank them. I've always considered them the best on the market, especially after every once in a while trying another brand and then coming back to Gillette.However, the pricing on Gillette's blades has become completely unreasonable. Moreover the durability of the newer Fusion blades leaves a lot to be desired which may be an indication of quality control problems. I can rarely get more than 5 shaves out of a Fusion blade before it goes dull, resulting in a poor and uncomfortable shave.The last Gillette price increase was the trigger for me to again investigate an alternative brand. I tried a couple off brands and wasn't satisfied. Then I came across the Schick Hydro 5. I'm in love with it. This shaving system provides a superior shaving experience at a very reasonable cost. The blades are significantly less expensive than Gillette and they last twice as long. I can usually get 10 shaves out of a single blade before there is a decline in performance. The Schick Hydro handle has a different weight and balance than the Fusion and this took a few days to get used to but now I find it as good, if not better, than the Gillette. The razor head seems to glide more evenly on my skin, even when shaving against the grain. And it has a clever little flip guard at the top that allows you to expose the top blades for trimming beneath your nose and other tight spots.If you'd asked me 6 months ago if I'd be using a razor not made by Gillette my answer would have been "no." Schick Hydro has changed my mind and I couldn't be happier. I'm getting a better shave at a cost much less than Gillette.

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin 1

Michael J. Jones

This "system" sure does lubricate your face. The shaving itself feels smooth, but you don't realize the shave isn't as close as you thought until all the shaving gel is washed off. Oh, it's feels great, but there was still a tiny bit of stubble left on my neck and chin after many strokes --and I don't have a heavy beard. The bank of blades is also so large that I'd have to continue buying cheap one- or two-blade razors occasionally to shave closely around my goatee and tidy up around my mustache. I also cut myself for the first time in a very long time with the 5. Schick needs to include a blade cover or cap of some kind for travel. I'm going to exchange these for the Hydro 3 blades.

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin 2


I was tired of the woman's shavers getting boring quickly and being too sharp in the beginning. I have very sensitive skin and tend to burn the razor easily, but this shaver is great. I also shave out of the shower sometimes with coconut oil and so far so good!

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin 3


I shave my head and face twice a week. Until now Gillette was my go-to-blade to get the job done ... until I tried the Schick. With shaving twice a week there is no reason why I should not get a month out of a knife, but Gillette made it difficult. The new Schick with the 5 blades is exactly where I need to be. The kit comes with a razor and 5 blades so for $ 20 that's a good deal. Well it has been 6mos and as expected every blade gets me 4wks from shaving twice a week. I am preparing to order the 12-pack for $ 21, which, according to my record, should take a year. I highly recommend these knives, you will never go back to what you use.

755 Customer Reviews

8-Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor

This relatively new adjustable safety razor has made a splash in the wet shaving community. It can compete with many of the big players such as Merkur, Edwin Jagger, and the like.

This is a high-quality product here in the US.

It is made of chromed zinc alloy, which is the very durable meaning that you will get for decades if you take good care of it.

The use of chrome zinc alloy also places this safety razor in a slightly less expensive bracket than that of stainless steel.

Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor 1The Rockwell 6C is the first cast, and then each piece is finished separately.

So when it comes to the quality of the build, you get a level of intimate craftsmanship that you may have thought was long gone.

The closed head makes this a good option for beginners, just like the weight, which means that you don’t have to put much pressure on it to make a sound, smooth shave.

As discussed, you have six levels of aggression.

So the performance is almost up to you! From our experience, however, this is a brilliantly efficient shaver.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 03/02/2020 22:10 PM

The Rockwell 6C is incredibly smooth and comfortable, even in the most aggressive environments.

Weight and control make shaving almost effortless, even for the less experienced in wet shaving.

  • Adjust between 6 levels of aggressiveness
  • Great price for an adjustable razor
  • High-quality production in the US
  • Multiple pieces to keep

Questions & Answers

How is this product different than the safety razor my grandfather used, and why is it better? What specifically is new/different?

You can adjust from mild to aggressive based on the base plate that you use. The ability to use what works for your face and what works for the amount of beard growth between shaves is what sets this razor apart from the one size fits all razor that your grandfather may have used.

Why this cost 50$?

The stainless steel lasts forever, the chrome version costs $ 50 because chrome sometimes crack or crack after years of use. Is also different material from the stainless steel

Will the razor itself rust? I understand the blades are stainless steel.

I have been using the razor for a while now. Now rusting. I keep it clean every few days with alcohol and no problems.

How many base plates does this razor come with?

There are 3 base plates

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Rockwell Razors 6C Adjustable Double


Unpacking: The razor is nicely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic molded insert to hold the razor parts, along with a double-sided instruction sheet explaining how to use the adjustable bases. Although it is not made of stainless steel, like its 6S model, the 6C is nevertheless impressive and robust due to the fact that it is made of solid Zamak metal parts. Do not let the use of Zamak turn this razor off, the workmanship is of quality and I doubt that I will ever use the included lifetime warranty. My scale reports that it weighs with a respectable 97.4 grams (almost double my G Slim adjustable). The finish is perfect, I could not find any errors in the finish of the handle, the cap or the supplied bases. The razor not only looks nice, but also feels great in my hand. The handle has just enough knurling in the handle to provide a grip on wet fingers while you do not bite your fingers. The length of the handle of 85 mm is in my opinion not too long or too short, so that it remains agile during shaving. The side of the base plate that you see to the outside during assembly determines the gap of the razor. Although only three bases are included, each side of the base plate is designed to offer a different slit setting. The base plates are coupled as follows: (R1 / R3), (R2 / R4), (R5 / R6) - where R1 is the least aggressive and R6 the most aggressive blade settings. The blade of the razor (top of the blade that secures the DE blade in place after it is attached to the handle) uses a pin system to secure the DE blades - after mounting there is no wiggle or play somewhere in the razor. razor only weighed 58.5 grams, so I had developed the habit of applying some pressure while shaving for more than 30 years. I had to get rid of that habit quickly, because the natural weight of the 6C is all that is needed. I was immediately impressed by how easily the entire assembly slipped over my face - absolutely no resistance / friction of the cap was experienced. The design of the base plate also includes three generous channels on each side through which the shaved soap and hair suspension can easily leave the gap between the knife and the base plate. A quick pass under the tap removes all remaining remains of shaving. Once chosen with the right base plate for your face, it is very smooth sailing with this razor! Base plate selection: during my first research, I had wrongly assumed that the R6 base would probably be the only one I've used since then the blade gap data I could find online indicated that it was a little less gap (also less aggressive) than my Slim Adjustable on the (7) setting. I was even afraid that it would not be aggressive enough to remove the barbed wire that I call facial hair and that I would eventually regret my purchase. I also vaguely remember that I read somewhere on one of the shaving forums not just to go past the blade opening for comparisons - and after months of use I totally agree. I discovered that both the R6 and R5 bases resulted in notches and weepers even though I had less space than my Slim at the higher settings. I have also reaffirmed this result by reusing the R5 base plate after a few months of using the razor to eliminate my early technique as the cause of my trainees. The second attempt with the R5 base produced comparable results, although not many nicks. It seems that only the knife opening is not the complete story about this design. In the end I discovered that the R4 base for me resulted in a very consistent and forgiving BBS shave when using the three-pass method (with, cross and against grain). Not in a hurry, with the R4 base I get no weepers and I only experience occasional skin grazes / irritation when the aftershave has been applied. I can also get the same with the R3 plate and shave much faster, but I usually have to clean up a few spots when I go to that base plate. I encourage everyone who buys this razor to start and start with the R1 base and then move to the next base after completing a full shave with 3 passages. When you hit that base that cries and causes discomfort, go back down and you've probably found your sweet spot. After shaving with this for a few weeks, check it again and adjust it up and down again to make sure you still have the right one. Keep in mind that the goal is not to see who can survive the most aggressive razor, but which setting results in a great shave with minimal discomfort / damage to your face. Conclusion: IMO, this was money well spent! I have absolutely ZERO complaints about this razor, how it performed after calling in, or the quality of the product. I have invested in three small accessories that were not included. A good storage bag (I am not a fan of storing things in a cardboard box near wet areas), a knife cover and a razor holder to keep it handy and tidy when not in use. I agree with Rockwell's decision not to bundle them and increase costs because not everyone wants these things. Fortunately they are all available through Rockwell or a third party, I could buy the matching gunmetal gray base from Rockwell through Amazon, the razor leather protective cover from a third party because Rockwell did not have theirs available on Amazon (* Hint hint), and I bought a third large storage can on another site for small suppliers that acts as both a storage place for the unused bases and it will also work as a travel case for my razor the next time I go out \\ u003c - Something I wish Rockwell produced. Although this does not replace my razor, I notice that I use it in rotation with it and prefer to use this razor than shaving my razor around my neck. Shaving your own neck with a razor is ... exciting ... Unless I find something better (I am also considering picking up the 6S), this razor will also be my trusted fall when I get old enough that my hands betray me and can no longer use a razor. If you were on the fence trying a DE razor - this is a great choice that will spoil you because of the adjustable bases (which most DE shavers don't have). If you're an old DE veteran like me (G Slim Adjustable on (7) for decades), you won't be disappointed either. If you're economical and spend twice the cost of this Rockwell 6S shaver, it's out of the question - you'll be happy to know that you have the same build (different metal) for half the price.

Avatar Reviews  Rockwell Razors 6C Adjustable Double 1

Turbo R.

First, this is my first safety razor. Why I chose it. First, because experienced shavers have endorsed it as their favorite razor. It has 6 plates to choose from. One of them will have the right level of aggressiveness for you. I considered the Merkur, Parker, Meuller. The handle is a nice length, even for larger hands. Jimping the handle is super aggressive. Even wet hands do not slip with this razor. It is heavy, solid, well-built and looks of high quality. The bronze finish makes it look like a more modern instrument versus the traditional IMHO chrome. Finally I was torn between this chromed metal finish and the more robust (+ $ 30) 6s stainless steel model. Based on reviews, I decided that the 6s SS does not glide easily over the face. USE - I used all plates 1 - 6 on six consecutive days. (my first time shaving with a safety razor. I shave face and bald head) ZERO CUT !!! I have to say that the first shave was very uncomfortable, but with every shave it has become easier and more interesting. I love the more aggressive records and will stay at # 5 for the time being. It becomes easier to use with every shave. 5 stars.

Avatar Reviews  Rockwell Razors 6C Adjustable Double 2

Martin Katz

This is a very well-designed razor. It is sturdy and heavy, which means that the razor will shave almost automatically if you place it lightly on your face. More or less, you just lead it in the direction where it should shave. The three different plates provide different aggressiveness. (I used # 3 twice for a perfect shave. I will experiment with # 4 the next time I use the razor.) The fact that there are no moving parts to the razor is a relief because the razor that I have have replaced the Parker Variant, had moving parts / mechanics and broke, without having dropped it, mistreated it or something. That can never happen with the Rockwell 6C. In addition to the double-edged blade, there are 3 parts to the razor. This makes the razor extremely easy to clean and dry after shaving with it. The parts each have what I believe to be a more elaborate chrome finish that, if the shaver is properly cleaned and dried after use, will last the razor finish for at least decades. I am lucky that my Parker variant has broken because the Rockwell 6C is a superior shaver for the same price.

160 Customer Reviews

9-Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker has been active in the double edge of safety shavers since 1973. They swear by their shavers and use them every day, just like their customers.

I think that Parker safety razors are an excellent middle ground between quality and price. And I’m not the only one. Online customers collect this razor with thousands of five-star reviews.

Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 1With 110 grams, the Variant weighs more than most shavers on my list. But the weight distribution is just above the center of the handle, closer to the head. At the right angle, this shaver should not irritate.

The total length of the razor is four centimeters. That is more than your average height, but still short enough for most men.

Parker plated the copper handle in chrome. It’s not shiny chrome-like some of my other picks. The Variant has a modest, practical appearance. Your business types that want precision without all the glamor would love this razor.

Because it is a two-part razor, removing and loading the Variant is easy. You unscrew the bottom rotary knob until you hear the connection in the handle come loose. Then remove the upper part of the head and install your razor.

This is an adjustable razor. You can calibrate the aggressiveness of the blade from 1 to 5. If you have susceptible skin or have not shaved before, I recommend trying one and going up from there if you get a feeling for the blade.

The variant contains a 5-pack of their stellar blades and a card with details about their favorite shaving method.

  • It is an adjustable safety razor that you can calibrate for the perfect shave.
  • The Variant is excellent for those who press too hard while they shave.
  • Built with solid brass, you cant damage this if you try.
  • Slides comfortably over your face so that you dont get a shaving fire.
  • The two-part design ensures quick loading and ejecting of the blade.
  • You can install the head in the wrong way if you don’t pay attention.
  • May be too heavy for some users if they are used to lightweight shavers.

Questions & Answers

Just got it and it won't adjust to setting 1 with a blade in it. Don't want to crank too hard. Is that normal?

There is a right and wrong way to adjust the upper part of the razor. Make sure the notches are on the same side.

How do you replace the blade? Is it butterfly or easy/quick? Also, will it rust in the shower?

You unscrew the bottom until the top comes off. You then replace the blade. It is not an easy or butterfly razor. I leave my razor in the shower, I never worried about rusting.

Never used a DE razor. Would you suggest this for a true beginner?

If you want a good razor for a beginner, but the razor mission, it is mildly cheap and has several handles to choose from. It is much better than the Edwin Jagger de89 or merkur 34c. You can get it online from the Italian hairdresser and I believe it costs $ 20 with the most expensive handle

Where is it made?

Hello Toxster. The Parker variant is made in India, just like all other shavers.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge

Jeremy B Williams

I have been shaving wet for about 3 years now. During that time I have collected a multitude of safety razors, creams, brushes, pre-shave oils, splashes / lotions after shaving, colognes, etc. Quick wet shaving became a much needed part of my morning routine (I shave every other day), as it yielded 20-30 minutes of mental therapeutic bliss. To be honest, the aromatherapy alone that is associated with the amazing scents of some of these creams / aftershave / colognes makes this entire shaving process very rewarding. That brings me to the Parker Variant. Again, in the 3 years that I have done this, I have used many different razors - each of them had its advantages and disadvantages, and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I love my Merkur 34c, I love my EJ De89, I have 2 Maggard razors (the MR11 and MR7 with both the V3 and V2 OC heads) that are phenomenal for the price, etc. Heck, I even have a few cheap Chinese razors (Baili TTO - the same ones that companies like Vikings Blade sell for $ 37) that I like to use from time to time, especially for traveling. Despite the fact that I have used all those shavers several times, I can never remember that I got a GREAT shave with the first use of a razor - but that all changed with my first use of the Parker Variant. came with the razor, I set it up to be used the following morning after my shower. I used Maggard Razors pre-shave oil, Maggard Razors Brush, Taylor or Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cream and the Parker Variant at level 2 and a half (my facial hair was not long enough to need more knife exposure). Moreover, although I usually use Feather blades, I decided to use the Shark blades that came with the razor, even though I remembered that I didn't like them the few times I used them. Nothing against them, I just remembered more irritation / notches and needed more passes after using those knives. Well, I will say that it is a HUGE testament for the Parker variant how great my first pass was with the included Shark knife, because the other times I used that knife, the results were insufficient. Maybe it's me - maybe I haven't used the Shark blades for a long time and I've been able to improve my wet shaving skills ever since. Anyway, the Parker Variant with Shark blades was perfectly fine, so good in fact that a normal 3rd pass wasn't even necessary. I went for 2 passes, rinsed my face, used some Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel for my after shave splash, and that was that. I got dressed for work, sprayed what Versace Man Eau Fraiche, my wife (who usually doesn't do this) noticed how great my face looked and how great I smelled, and I left the house like a freakin rock star One more thing - I have also used several Parker razors in the past - none of them are even remotely in the same category as the Variant. Not even around. Sorry for the short story, everyone - I just had to wonder how amazing this thing is. If you are a wet shaving veteran and do not have this razor, add it to your collection. You will not be disappointed. If you are a wet scheerling or are thinking about starting because you are sick of the multi-billion dollar cartridge shaver companies plundering and plundering your bank account (or you just want some morning therapy before you start your day), this is it only razor you'll ever need. It is inevitable that you buy more shavers and the like, because that is just the nature of the wet shaving game, but I bet you will keep coming back to your Variant, regardless of how many other shavers you collect.

Avatar Reviews  Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge 1

Martin Katz

In the past month and a half I have switched from disposable razors to metal (non-straight) razor blades, using foam produced from either shaving foam or soap. I have purchased about five different styles of safety razor. Frankly, because of how the increased weight of the metal influences instrument handling, shaving with a safety razor almost automatically becomes a deeper engagement, not only allowing the person to concentrate in a meditative manner, but also exercising the finesse and factors that care now for an extra pleasant involvement. Of the five different shavers that I have purchased and used in the last month and a half, the construction, material and design of the Parker Variant have ensured the most professional quality results of the five shavers. The ability to adjust the aggressiveness of the safety knife's contact with the face is set using the integrally attached level switch at the end of the handle. That it is metal, rather than plastic, is a detail that increases one's confidence in the solid construction of the Parker Variant adjustable and also one's confidence in its lifespan as a reliable instrument. Of the five shavers that I now own and use, the Parker Variant is adjustable, the various factors that influence the performance that I have the most confidence in.

Avatar Reviews  Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge 2

ITEM 9 Soap Co.

I shave my face from the age of 13. I started shaving my head 16 years ago. By the time I started shaving my head, my Extreme razor was 3.4 years ago when I started making soap and wet shaving. I still use the Extreme 3. Less than a week ago I bought the Parker Valiant. While waiting to get here, I watched 50 or more videos to understand all the information I can. Today was the day that my Parker variant arrived! So excited, the razor looked great. I like it so much that I didn't want to open it, but as a child waiting to open presents on Christmas Day, I couldn't resist, so I put a Darby knife in it, set it to 1.5, and filled the sink. Put my brush and soap in warm water so that I can shave and soap in advance. Mind you, I have never used one (safety razor before). 1 pass done on my face. It was the biggest shave I have ever had! No nicks, slices of meat or irritation whatever. Did my post routine. I walked around for hours and said great fn shave as if I had Tourette! I didn't think it was a good idea to shave my head as if I had shaved under my belt for at least 3 weeks. 3 hours later I had to shave my head. I passed my head twice (no problems whatsoever). Awesome! Absolutely wonderful! Admittedly, I have no experience with ANY other shaver, so keep that in mind. But I highly recommend this razor and I look forward to years of great shaving!

Avatar Reviews  Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge 3


Perfect weight and feeling. I dig the satin look completely. Add the option to dial in the proximity of your shave to extend the use of newbie to seasoned veterinarian. Knife stays securely in place. I have used this razor with both a spring and an astra knife and it gives a very comfortable shave - provided you follow the instructions to start with # 1 setting and adjust to your desired comfort level. I have seen a number of messages asking for a stainless steel supply but I am not completely sold on the need.

169 Customer Reviews

10-Feather Popular Twist-To-Open Safety Razor

The Japanese manufacturer Feather is one of the leading names in the safety razor game, at least as far as it goes (read our report on Feather blades to see how incredible they are).

Although the Feather (famous) the company’s reputation ’for excellence, it has more to do with how excellent their other products are than anything else.

Partially made of plastic and metal, and despite the low price, the Feather Popular is still one of the best safety razors for butterflies that we encounter, as unfortunately most twist-to-razor don’t work as well as it should.

Feather Popular Twist-To-Open Safety Razor 1It is incredibly light, which means that it is difficult (almost impossible) to get a smooth shave, and the butterfly release mechanism does not fill you with confidence.

This razor uses a traditional design with a thicker head that reduces the steepness of the blade, making it incredibly mild and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

It is, as said, incredibly light thanks to the inexpensive materials from which it is constructed.

This makes working hard for a smooth shave and requires a lot of pressure.

But for the price, the Feather Popular Twist offers a good shave.

As mentioned, look at the reviews, and many people are pleased with the performance it offers.

It is a moderately aggressive razor, so if you know how to handle a safety razor and you have the control to operate such a light razor, you can shave well.

  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to replace razor blades with butterfly design
  • Great for beginners
  • Insufficient weight
  • No premium build quality

Questions & Answers

Hi, Do you know when I might receive my order? I was expecting it on Wednesday. Thanks

You will receive your order on Sunday. By carrier pigeon.

I currently use a gillette fusion blade using only warm water, no shaving cream. Could I do this with this razor as well without cuts and irritation?

Not really sure about the no lubricant. My first attempt to shave with this safety razor looked like a failed suicide attempt, so I would not just recommend water.

Is the head made up of plastic and steel?

Yes, the head is both plastic and metal (the silver parts are metal).

Is this thing an adjustable??

No. However, I have discovered that I did not need the adjustable high dollar. This razor is pretty good. I have been working on it for a few months and I have noticed that I now swing it like a cartridge razor. You really can't go wrong with this for the price.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor


I did things backwards, I bought a razor and tried several blades to find the right shave for my sensitive skin. Along the way I learned more about razors, such as combs, weight, holes and corners. Then I read about the Feather Popular razor, which I initially skipped because of the use of plastic. This razor is designed for medium to sensitive skin. I bought it. The razor is light compared to my competitor of brass and chrome. With a brand new Feather knife, which is very aggressive in my other razor, the Popular glides over my sensitive skin knick free. I'm impressed. Construction. So it has plastic parts; they won't rust. It doesn't feel as luxurious as my other razor; it is light and shaves well. I cost half my other razor and came in a plastic box for storage. Plastic construction is a big part of our lives anyway. Do you want to try a double safety razor to see if you like it? Start here! Do you have sensitive skin or do you cut yourself too often? Try this, it's not too expensive to experiment and read more about wet shaving, it helps.

Avatar Reviews  Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor 1

Tom Overthere

I bought this razor in September 2015 and didn't like it all. I shave for years with disposable razor blades with two blades and I got used to the feel, weight and ANGLE of the blades relative to the handle. When I tried the Feather Double Edge Razor, I couldn't shave close up and at the same time I scraped the skin off my face (!) So I put the razor aside. Recently I had no disposable razor and had to use the Feather Razor. To my surprise, it worked VERY GOOD when I actually focused on the corner of the blade in relation to both the razor handle and my face. Once I had sorted it out and made the necessary adjustments, it shaves BETTER than the disposable razor blades with two blades, and it takes LESS. After using Feather Razor for two weeks, I no longer have to think about the corner of the knife. The shaving experience feels 100% NATURAL and I am VERY FUN. And there is an additional benefit when using SHAVING OIL. I think Shave Ease shaving oil gives a much smoother shave than I can get from shaving cream / foam, but the oil made whiskers clog / block the space between the double blades of the disposable razors, making these shavers unusable. It was almost impossible to remove the oily whiskers between those two-blade razors. The Feather Razor makes EASY CLEANING: simply turn the handle to loosen the KNIFE a little. Then rinse the razor a few turns (head down) in hot water, tighten the knife handle again and immediately start shaving again. It only takes a few seconds and is fully effective. I apologize for my previous negative comments about this razor. It deserves FIVE STARS. The key to success is to have a few days of attention and PRACTICE. It is not expensive and it is an EXCELLENT VALUE. Buy it.

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Rick in GA

I am an African-American man who was on the market for a shaving alternative to combat shaving bumps and general skin irritation that often tease colored men ... .. Like most boys, I used Gillette and Schick razors for years, and spent hundreds dollars annually on the new motorized shaver that they came up with. Despite paying exorbitant fees for (motor shavers', I often found shaving a dreadful job, something to rush through ... only to be left behind with shaving bumps that continued to appear despite my efforts. The cost of replacement cartridges from Gillette and Schick I mean really $ 15 or more for a set of FIVE ?? !! If the cost does not discourage you, the quality of shaving should ... .. As far as I understand, these razors (pull / tear) "the hair follicles of your skin [increase the potential for skin irritation and shaving bumps] After having learned some research, I learned about the ART of shaving with a traditional safety razor. YouTube is your friend, use it!". face to face with a knife, but believe it or not, the process is not bad at all ... in fact, the learning curve was NOT discouraging for me The Feather Safety razor is easy to use [(the screw open 'loading mechanism] is easy to use. The starting knives I chose were the A stra brand [a pack of 100 blades for $ 10]. I also bought a shaving cup and brush set, again entry level [about $ 9 for a set] .... Generally I have to say that my shaves have been GREAT! Once you travel the road to make shaving an experience and not a chore, there is no turning back! This shaving experience requires you to tailor a process to your specific lifestyle and skin type, for example if you have natural hair like me, you may need a little more preparation time [ie heat and lubrication on the beard 1st] In my case the morning shaving routine consists of the following : 1. Wash face with humidifier face wash2. Fill the sink with HOT water and let the blade soak. While the leaf is soaking, foam in soap cup4. Coat face and continue shaving [beard shave with 2 full steps] 5. Rinse the face and add a moisturizer [I use Shea moisture: tea tree Herbal Bump preventer] Free yourself from the sales of Gillette / Schick ... You will be glad that you did!

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This razor is made of a mix of plastic and metal and has a small curvy thing in the handle that causes the top to unfold to replace the blade. Despite the cheapness, it works great and is an idiot. I originally got it to see how I liked the feathers of the feathers compared to others. This small package comes with 2 springs. Anyway, I apparently liked the springs of the springs and this shaver because I still use the little thing. I cut myself maybe 2-3 times (by my own stupidity) despite shaving hundreds of times in the last year. It is easy to use, gives a very smooth shave and I have almost nothing good to say about the ownership experience so far. If you (like me) think you like them, that is $ 12 well spent. I have not tried using this shaver with non-feather blades, so I cannot comment on that.

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11-Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

The German shaving company Dovo has been a central component of the shaving industry for more than a century. Forged in Solingen, their products use locally renowned, high-quality steel in the region.

The Merkur Futur is their staple double-edged safety razor. They coat the surface of the razor in a thick chrome finish. From the moment you take it out of the package, you notice the chrome.

This razor looks excellent. It is sleek and modern and keeps its namesake real. The Futur shines with a futuristic charm.

The unique two-part design means that you can quickly change blades without having to manage multiple pieces. You release the shaving head and place or remove your blade.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 1The Futur weighs more than most of the other options on my list, but I think this is not negative. It maintains a stable balance on the middle notch of the handle.

Like an adjustable safety razor, the Merkur has an opening range from least aggressive to most aggressive, 1 to 6. What I like about the Futur is how easy it is to adjust, widen, and reduce immediately, depending on where I shave.

For example, I shave my neck at one because it is sensitive to shaving fire. And for my cheeks, I switch to a three for a more aggressive shave because they are less sensitive.

Merkur has designed the Futur to work perfectly with any brand of razor. This, combined with the easy-to-use adjustable system, means that you cannot mess up a shave with the Futur. In general, I think the Futur is a great choice for sensitive skin.

  • Dead easy to use; its great for people who are sensitive to skin irritation.
  • An adjustable handle adjusts to your desired sensitivity and aggressiveness.
  • The all-chrome finish looks great and cleans easily.
  • Closed comb for extra protection against irritation and cuts.
  • I love the two-part design because it is easy to change blades.
  • The streamlined style of the Futur is unique to the market and well worth the money.
  • Be careful when adjusting the razor, you can slip and cut your finger.
  • It may be too heavy for some users, but I like it.

Questions & Answers

You say 4 peice set. Does that mean it comes with the Merkur bowl i see in the picture?

The four pieces consist of the razor, the brush, the stand and the bowl.

Does this razor comes with a blade at all?

Comes with 1 knife

I shave my head..anyone tried it for that purpose?

Yes, I also use it to shave my head. The size of the head makes areas around the ear and under the nose a bit tricky, but with a little practice you are golden brown.

How do the numbers on the razor work?

The numbers on the razor adjust the angle at which the razor rests on your face.

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Mississippi Mud

Being a black man in the army, shaving bumps were a daily problem for me and even threatened my career. I found wet shaving 5 years ago. I started with a Merkur 34c. It served me well for a short time. I switched to the Merkur Slant bar. I needed a more aggressive shave because I didn't get as close as I needed. After many bloody mornings of trial and error, I got the hang of it. I decided to give this razor a chance but had no high expectations. When I pulled it out of the box, it felt awkward and awkward. I immediately put it on the highest position and regretted having bought it. I gave it one last chance .... I put it on 2 and the results are amazing !!!! Daily use on head and face and I still have to cut myself !!! This will be my razor. I am tempted to buy another one to keep in the box as a backup.

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I've read a lot of the safety razor of reviews and watched a lot of youtube videos that will show you how to get a great shave, and after 45 years of shaving, I've come to the conclusion that each of the beards, and everyone's face is different, and everyone has to deal with their own shaving experience to get you to conform to their own uniqueness. That being said, I will agree that finding the right attack angle of the blade to the face, and make sure to take a light touch, are likely to be universally important in order to avoid any unpleasant sensation after shaving. I took a couple of ceremonial steps that have made my shaving experience and I'm looking forward to the shaving process. I would never have said that a few years ago.Let me begin by describing my own uniqueness. I am approaching 62 years of age and as I grew a beard at 19 or 20, which is a full coverage, but it wasn't to be rude, when I was a kid. As I approached my mid-50's and the texture is drastically changed to alarm, when it's all white. My skin is very sensitive, particularly in the area of my adam's apple. I mention this because I have my ritual, my review of my unique, and you may want to take what is important to you, and to forget that it is not applicable.I think the first step is a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. I'm doing this in the shower, and I take a lot of time to make sure that I wash my face, the oils out of the side of my face that I was going to shave. I am very oily in my head and that's the side of my face, which is the best whiskerage, and those whiskers are the most gross. I find that I have to wash it repeatedly to get the skin to be squeaky clean. When I got out of the shower I don't dry my face and apply shaving oil. I am using the sandalwood shave oil right now. I know it sounds hypocritical or counter-intuitive to have such a huge pain to wash away my natural oils, and then you get to the oil by myself, but it works for me. My guess is that the natural oils seem to cause the razor to drag across your skin, as it seems to be, of course, sticky and thick as the sandal wood oil is similar to light, and putting lotion on my skin. I'll take my time and work their way up to a really dense foamy lather with a brush, by wetting the brush thoroughly, and whipping up the soap until it is as close to the consistency of the aerosols of shaving cream from a can. It occurred to me as I am for the first time, it was great then I got it to the consistency of the soap, that is, the inventors of the aerosol foam to try to emulate the consistency that a professional barber would be able to work for a client back in the days when men went out to the shop for a shave. This is all in my imagination, but it seems likely to me. I make it thick lather to my face, with one brush technology. I used to work in the first application, if you press and hold the hair perpendicular to my skin, but now I can literally paint it on my face, and then I'll go back to the hard-to-reach places (like under my nose), and it works in the skin to make sure I have the coverage.I took the advice of the Merkur Futur in packaging that stated that I was to start at 1. I'm so glad that I did, because my first shave, I did not get the attack angle right and found that I was holding the handle of the knife is almost parallel to the side of my face and I had to shave it. I have found that I have to raise the handle a little bit of it and I also have the natural heft of this heavy-duty razor blade to apply the pressure. That is to say, I don't push it at all. I let the knife slip the hair the hair in the region, which is only about 1 1/2 inches in length. One other technique is discovered, I hold the handle with your thumb and index finger, only that portion of the hand grip that is slightly narrower. It's a lot closer to the blade than I have ever been in the past, and it gives me the feeling of almost gliding my fingers across the surface of my skin, as they are so close to the head of the razor's edge.From the videos I learned the techniques of how to use my tongue on the inside of my cheeks and around the inside of my lips to create a firm, flat surface on which I draw in the head of the razor's edge. The area around my eyes has been the most difficult place for me, and I was in fear of the glide of the razor on the edge of my nostril while you're on the tip of my nose, in my pig-nose pose, as I was afraid that I would scrape off a large strip of skin, but I haven't tried it, and it works for me. I'll take my time to adjust the angle of the blade, so it is not at a right angle to the skin and glide over it.After the shave my face in short strokes, light pressure, being careful to angle of attack, and pull out of the area I am shaving in tight with the stretching of my skin, using my tongue on the inside and craned my neck, and jaw about it, I'm very careful in the second phase. Before I attempt a second pass, I wet my face again, and instead of shaving with the grain, I have to draw the head of the razor against the grain with a very light touch, again, with short strokes, but this time I'm going to move forward and back without lifting the blade out of my sight, as I have to go back and forth and then with the grain. Then, I get to the head of the razor in order to move the blade to the next area. As soon as I'm done with this, against the grain of my face, I rinse it off with water, and blot dry with a dry towel, and apply an alcohol-free witch hazel with aloe that I let it dry on it's own.Now that I have explained my technique, which I hope to have at least one reader has been exposed to at least one new idea, and I will be in my mind as to how this particular razor for me. First of all, it's a great set that will take a little bit of space next to my pelvic bone. I find it to be a heavy weight in my hands. Well, the handle of the brush and the razor, and seem to be solid metal, and I like that. The bristles of the brush, it looked a little low when I opened the box, but I found it in the first time use, and it allows me to whip the soap into a thick lather, and is easy to use and if I use the paint in the holes, and return to work in the cracks and crevices I was right in my face. The head of the cartridge is opened by grasping the ends between the thumb and the index finger, and it pops off easily, and as soon as the magazine is inserted, it will return with a satisfying, soft click. There is also an adjustable ring, which I have set to 1), which is likely to be set up between the numbers, and if it is not, then, a subtle click on any numeric setting, and, will continue to be true and I chose to leave it. The discovery of the holding of the handle with the tips of the thumb and the index finger, settled in, my first concern was that the handle was too short, and because of this, the grip not only gives me a tip after my shave, but it can also be the causes of the end of the handle to nest comfortably against the palm of my hand.All in all, I gave this item a five star rating for appearance, workmanship, and design is driven by function. It was a bit pricey, but like I said, it has helped, in turn, has a job, I've been trying to avoid in a skin care product to experience, I look forward to it.

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A bit of background, I've been shaving wet for a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. I have tried tons of DE safety razors that follow in the footsteps of beginners before me, starting with a Merkur 34C. I then switched to a Mühle R89 that was noticeably more aggressive but still manageable. After purchasing a Gillette Fatboy it quickly became my go-to Razor. It was very easy to shave with, usually with settings between 3 - 5. I would need several steps to get a smooth shave, mainly because of my technique, especially when using a lower setting. After my acquisition disorder, it didn't take long for me to want to buy another razor. After a lot of research I came across this one. I noticed that many people said it was very aggressive, but once you got used to it, it would give you a great shape. As I have said before, I usually do not have the best shape and I am sensitive to notches here and there. Even with all the talk about aggressiveness, I still felt like trying this razor (especially because it looks great). According to the title of this review, I am very happy that I did. I get a consistently great shave with this razor. As you can imagine, it has not been very forgiving, but there is still more room for error than with even more aggressive shavers. In terms of quality, the construction itself is solid. It is quite heavy and feels very safe without rattling. The mirror finish of the Chrome model is impeccable and looks almost too good to use fun. It is incredibly easy to change blades and also disassemble the handle. I did not feel the need to end this review because everyone can go online and find a lot of reviews for this razor. Coming from someone who was skeptical at the beginning, I am very happy that I bought this and I think it will soon be my favorite razor to use. I highly recommend it if you are on the fence, you will not be disappointed!

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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!! I have this razor indedinitely I have honestly and 100% NEVER shaved with a DE (double-edged) razor and wondered and intrigued and curious about what all the fuss was about DE shaving I spent a good month watching the razors and all the different online types, designs, shapes, sizes, functions etc ... and the design of these struck me and I loved how it looked and looked at reviews online from at least 6 different locations and was immediately impressed by the appearance , the weight, sound and functions of this DE razor and saw at least 3 rip-off versions of this genuine Merkur Futur shaver here and elsewhere and thought to myself Why do people buy these cheaper versions when they get the original and get the best in terms of construction and engineering quality Fair enough I get that some people might not be able to afford this German brand razor BUT think about it - most shaving app arates with cartridge blades give £ 20 out of 8-10 weeks on average - that's at least £ 100 a year on replacement cartridges. You can get 100 blades (yes that's right - 100 blades) for a DE razor for £ 20 or less and you can get a minimum of 5, maybe 6 shaves per blade before it is needed to change it (I worked out, I change my blade after 6 shaves) Assuming you shave 3 times a week (like me) and a knife lasts 2 weeks, that is 200 weeks (or 4 years) in which 100 blades would have been used and for £ 20, that is a ridiculous amount of saving AND you easily get a better, closer and smoother shave over razors with cartridge blades. While the savings on the blades are substantial and clear, you spend £ 60 on the real genuine Merkur Futur built in Germany and be assured that it will be of excellent quality and not a cheap rip-off version that could rust and especially the blades do not fit well, which in turn will be very expensive and harmful to your face. 20 years ago shaving but better late than never The other pr oducts on my photos are the Proraso red shaving cream that just doesn't smell of this world, a Proraso aftershave balm cream that has been sent to me as a test and that feels and smells even more astonishing, my Razorock plissoft brush that is EXTREMELY soft and soft king of shaving shaving oil that I apply before I cover my face with shaving cream. Now, when I shave, I use a towel and use boiling hot water from the kettle and moisten the center of the towel, wring out excess water and gently apply it to my face (NOT while it is still boiling hot) and keep it on my face until it cools (this is my home version of a Turkish towel shave). I then apply the shaving oil everywhere (including neck and sides of my neck where the hair grows) wash my hands (the oil is clearly smooth), foam my cream in a bowl for a minute, apply to my face and do my first pass at number 1 of the Merkur Futur razor with the grain, apply more foam to my face, second pass to the grain on number 3 and apply foam to number 5 for the 3rd and last time and close off all areas that I might have missed Don't forget to rinse the razor between hot and hot water between shaving End result - baby bum smooth face and a refreshing and fresh feelingI really look forward to it and enjoy shaving now, while I could wait with a cartridge razor to finish. I now see shaving as an art and love it so much that I can shave 24/7 !!!!!! Oh and by the way - I can actually cut the razor off the hair / stubble while sliding the razor on my face - something I've never heard of with a cartridge razor and to hear it work is a bit new, but weirdfeel (in a good way) and the feedback from the razor is just insanely bad. I would highly recommend it and highly recommend buying this through the 3 rip-off versions because you pay for quality and construction and it is no secret that Germany is known for their excellent attention to detail and engineering. I finish my shave, I take the lid off the razor, wipe the sides of the knife with a kitchen towel and replace it ready for my next shave. The whole process from boiling the kettle to finishing my razor takes a maximum of 20 minutes and it is something I like to do With a razor blade 5 minutes to shave and I could not wait until those 5 minutes are over. Maybe you should click on the photos I left behind to see their full resolutions, because I believe they don't always look good as thumbnails. answer all questions and help in every way possible

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12-Muhle R89 Safety Razor

Muhle is another respected name in shavers, and their R89 is another informed favorite among shavers.

Made from German!

So you get that quality seal just by knowing that.

However, the build is more in line with the British brand Edwin Jagger instead of its German counterpart Merkur.

It has an excellent finish, making it something that you would want to exhibit in your bathroom instead of hiding in a closet.

Muhle R89 Safety Razor 1The sleek, durable design is built to last, while the textured handle looks good and prevents it from slipping.

The handle is one of the thicker stems that you would find on a safety razor.

But don’t assume’ It’s too heavy because it’s not # 39; t.

It is still an average heavy razor.

A three-part design means that it is a razor that is less susceptible to damage and general wear because there are fewer moving parts.

The performance of the R89 is very similar to that of the Edwin Jagger de89lbl.

However, it is slightly more aggressive, thanks to the larger blade spacing.

It is hard to explain why, but the R89 glides particularly smoothly.

And that large blade opening gives a very smooth shave in the hands of someone with a little experience.

  • Nicely designed handle
  • Hard-wearing
  • Nice glossy finish
  • A little bit of light

Questions & Answers

This razor is described as "closed comb." What does that mean?

The front of the razor just below the blade is where the comb would be found. Some razors are smooth, some have an open comb where there are gaps between the teeth to point the beard at the knife and some have a closed comb that is less aggressive, but a soft and open comb in between.

How does this razor compare to the edwin jagger de89, handle aside? thanks in advance!

So I switched from that exact razor because of the handle. The benefits beyond that are difficult to explain. It's less aggressive and I almost never myself while de89 was like a bloodshed at least once a week. The weight and balance just feel right, which is of course a completely subjective matter. I never use another razor now that I have found the perfect one in the Mühle. But every face is different, so it takes some trial and error for each person.

It really looks to me like the head on this Muhle razor is identical to the head on an Edwin Jagger. Can anyone prove this not to be the case?

Muhle supplies some models of heads for Edwin Jagger. Not sure if it's before the chrome plating, but they look identical.

Is this safety razor light enough to both shave head and face,and especially for those with sensitive skin such as I am who prone to get ingrown hairs?

My husband said yes, he thinks so. It is heavier than a plastic razor. But doing fine.

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Avatar Reviews  MUHLE R89 Safety Razor Closed

Ga Boy

Only difference in price and the ribbed handle that is slightly better. It has the same exact headline. They both weigh the same and are the same size. The reason why I gave it three stars is that there is a prize of nearly $ 30 from the Edwin Jagger de89. I add three photos that everyone can see. I finally sent it back, because I have the Edwin Jagger de89 in Chrome and the Ebony handle, which together cost about as much as the Muhle.

Avatar Reviews  MUHLE R89 Safety Razor Closed 1

Steve Suho

I have been shaving with a safety razor for several years now. My disappointment about the first pair of shavers I have purchased is the fact that the threads on both threads did not work. One broke off due to corrosion. The wires were removed the second time; again due to corrosion. Very disappointing considering the price paid. Time will tell about this razor on that subject. However, I can say that I am very satisfied with the implementation of this Muhle. I've had it for about a month now. I still have to cut myself, something that would happen occasionally. The last razor I had, a Jagger. I don't know what the secret of this Muhle is. I use the same knives that I used with the Jagger. I have not changed my shaving habits / technique. No cuts. Not one.

Avatar Reviews  MUHLE R89 Safety Razor Closed 2

Christopher Deweese

The Muhle R89 is just too aggressive for me. It is a nice razor that is clearly well made, but I have fair, sensitive skin and it did not give me a very comfortable shave. Do not get me wrong. It gives you an extremely smooth shave, but my skin just can't handle it. Strangely enough, it has exactly the same head as the Edwin Jagger DE89. I'm not sure why that is. Anyway, as I said, the Muhle is well made, but the handle is a little slippery when wet. It doesn't have much in the way of roughening. I think I'll stay with my Rockwell 6C, Merkur 34C and Feather AS-D2.

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13-Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

Designed to exact specifications and almost a Gillette’s and original safety razor design from 1904, the Merkur 1904 Classic is a fantastic looking, fun to use a razor with a fresh retro look.

Well, I’ I repeat it; it’s Merkur, so you know it’s a quality product.

It may have been built on designs from the early 20th century, but the build quality and materials are up-to-date.

It feels solid, sturdy, and you would trust it to be by your side for decades to come!

Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor 1However, that excellent build quality does not cost much.

The price of the 1904 Classic is one of the greatest assets.

What I like most about this one is that it shows that we have always needed those beautiful new designs and so-called improvements, because sometimes nothing is better than the original.

In that regard, it is almost precisely the opposite of Merkur’s Futur safety razor (# 11 on the list). It is a short 3-part safety razor that fits well in hand and offers a great shave.

Although you are a fairly aggressive razor, you still need a lot of control and skill.

Because of the retro design, if you are in a hurry or wrong, the aggression increases quickly!

This is a safety razor for anyone who loves the nostalgia and old-school feeling that a wet shave entails.

It is also a choice for someone with the right level of experience with a safety razor because it (back to the basic design could leave a beginner with lots of nicks.

It is also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on his safety razor: this is for sale at a great price, especially considering the quality.

  • Classic aesthetic appearance
  • Great compact and sturdy design
  • Good price
  • Some find the handle too short

Questions & Answers

Is this the MK-030 with case?

Thank you for your question ...... Regarding your question ,,, No ,, this specific offer / item ,, does not come with a case .... We hope this helps you .... Thank you .. ... With kind regards, SuperBiz Customer Service Team (DM)

What metal is this razor made from? Zinc alloy? Steel? Brass?

Platinum coated stainless steel is what mine says

Is this a 1904?

Yes, closed comb version

What is teh actual weight of the razor?

This razor only in its own packaging, weighs up to 3.6 oz.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Traditional Double Edge Safety

Sarah Melcher

Feels quality. I upgraded this after using a cheap one to see if I would like safety razors. I have used the cut myself a lot with the old one, but that is not such a problem with this razor. It has a nice design and feels like a good quality razor that it drops, unlike my previous one. It's great to get those fine hairs that cartridge shavers lack. It is also not locked up like a cartridge razor if your hair is just a little too long. Good investment. I can see that I will use this for years (and save a lot of money on knives!)

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Traditional Double Edge Safety 1

Amazon Customer

This is the first time that I use a double-sided razor. I was afraid that shaving with a DE would be difficult, but this was not the case. I didn't cut myself at all. If you switch from disposable razor blades, the first thing you notice about this short handle is Merkur's weight; it is much heavier than the disposables with multiple blades. However, it is very balanced. Another thing that is different is the size of the shaving head, which is quite large compared to the disposable multi-blades. My facial bone structure is small (I am only 130 lbs), so the size of the shaving head was a challenge, but I quickly adjusted. When using this razor, do not press hard, otherwise you will certainly cut yourself, remember that it is not running. Let the weight of the razor do the work. Be very careful with the jaw line and other bony parts of your face. The supplied knife is very flexible and cuts well. You can go against the grain as soon as the first hairs are removed. I'm glad I switched to DE-shaving .... much cheaper than the multi-magazines with the same or even better results.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Traditional Double Edge Safety 2

Joey P.

As someone who can apparently grow a beard at night, the plastic shavers definitely did not cut into it. I didn't buy this because some GQ articles suggested that I would be a more masculine man if I had a safety razor, no no. This is just so damn practical that it's crazy to think that someone is using the plastic stuff. The blades are affordable and much more effective than the plastic stuff, and the durability of this Merkur makes you think you'll shave with it until your last days. Fully recommend buying one of these, and maybe one for a friend who still uses the plastics. They will thank you someday.

Avatar Reviews  MERKUR Traditional Double Edge Safety 3


I have both a Merkur 47C and the generically named Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor (model 180). Just like both that are best for my needs, face beard and head. I think the 47C gives a much better (closer) shave with much less pressure than the 180. But be careful, the 47C will shrink and cut if you're not careful and slooow, and / or if you have a 'unique' shape head (like mine). Although the handle is not smooth (there are longitudinal lines running up and down the handle), it takes some getting used to not let the razor slip into your grip during shaving, especially on the head. I only compared this razor with four others (Merkur 34C, Merkur 180, The Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor (ASIN: B00SA7YS58) and the Extra Long Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor (ASIN: B013JGAKDI). This is probably my favorite but there IS a learning curve, or at least there was / is there for me I am a beginner in this DE razor blade but love the results I have achieved on the face and head I will repeat what you have read in others posts and other places .... much better than the plastic and 'metal' national multi-blade brands, and more satisfying (ok that's a bit subjective and maybe vague).

115 Customer Reviews

14-BIC Twin Select Disposable Razor

Three packages with ten razors each for the unbeatable price is what you get with the BIC Twin Select disposable razor.

It has two blades that give men with sensitive skin one of the calmest and most comfortable shaves ever.

BIC Twin Select Disposable Razor 1With the batch of 30 shavers, you receive these products for a long time, on the condition that you get 8 to 10 shaves of each.

The head-on the razors is quite slim, while the handle is long and tapered. This gives you a comfortable grip, and you have more control over the shaving process.

This starts with the curviest parts of your face. However, reaching hard-to-reach places can be difficult because the blades do not rotate.

Snap covers make it very easy to slide your disposable razors into your travel or other bag and use them when you need to update something on the move.

  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable blades
  • No lubra trip like many disposables

Questions & Answers

Does this purchase include 30 razors?

When I bought this, I each received three packages of ten razors, so yes, 30 shavers in total.

Are the bic twin select disposable men's razors tsa approved?

Louise Webster, Louise, this is a very good question. I have copied / pasted an excerpt from a travel blog describing TSA do's and not with regard to razors. My concern is that what is ok today may not be right tomorrow and unfortunately when we go through the screening at airports we are not in the whims of the TSA, but in the whims of the person (s) doing the screening, and their own specific skills to understand the meaning of the printed word. Here is the quote: According to the TSA website, it is legal to pack "safety razors - including disposable razors". Safety razors are not specifically described by the site, but clearly do not contain items such as old-fashioned razors, and also no razor that uses disposable blades that can be removed without destroying the device. Louise, to be sure, I advise you not to take a razor. I hope this was helpful and that you have a great day! -RobertHouse-of-Fox-Mercantile

Where are these razors manufactured?

John these are manufactured in Bic's Greece plant.

Do these have any type of aloe or gel strip on them? I'm looking for just plain razors with no extra "strips".

No aloe or gel strips. They are plain.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable

Alan Bennett

OK, you have to buy these razors and remove the crazy ones from China that have the moisturizing strips that always deform and lead to cuts. These are made in a free country ... Greece ... Lord knows they need all the help they can get. These are the best razors for the most affordable price I have found. Dear line, if you cannot buy something that you have made in the US, then at least buy it from a country that can radiate its leaders !!!!!

Avatar Reviews  BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable 1


These ensure that I continue for another year or two for the price of a few of the beautiful ... How many knives will you cut now? 5 ... 6?

Avatar Reviews  BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable 2

Rick T

Not quite as good as the Bic Comfort 3, for me anyway, but when I couldn't find the Comfort 3 for a while, they were pretty nice. For the price range and compared to comparable priced ones that I have tried, they are an extraordinary value for the comfort and shave they offer me. I lowered this to four stars because some shavers shave closer than others, a matter of quality control that most cheap razors have.

Avatar Reviews  BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable 3


This is the best deal I've seen on shavers for a while. First save your money on those expensive blades and buy them. It is usually the shaving cream that one uses that gives the smooth shave, I only use shaving gel, not cream and with the gel I get a very smooth shave with most razors. I bought these because they were Bic and low cost and the shaving result I get when using shaving gel and these Bic razors are as close as possible to a 3 to 4 blade system, but less than 70% of the price. I have tried every razor there and as I said, I learned the shaving cream or gel that determines how close a shave really is. another good alternative is shaving soap with the brush; that you can shave well with these or most disposable blades. The 3-4 blade systems are around 2 dollars per knife and give no better shaving result than these cheap Bics. Use gel-shave lotion or soap and you will get a great low-cost shave. 5 stars all the way.

427 Customer Reviews

15-Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor

shaving is not one of the favorite tasks of a woman’s care routine. There are many curves and contours to deal with, plus a more substantial area to shave than a man’s face. Therefore, finding a razor that meets the task is crucial for women, especially women with sensitive skin.

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Fortunately, shavers such as Schick’s Hydro Silk are available to make work easier.

In our opinion, Hydro Silk is the best shaver for sensitive skin for various reasons.

Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor 1Let’s take a closer look:

This shaver comes with a water-activated Hydra Boost serum formulated with shea butter (an excellent ingredient found in many personal care products). The serum is hypoallergenic and helps hydrate the skin and continues to hydrate two hours after shaving.

The Hydro Silk has five curve-detecting blades that follow the natural contours of your body and ensure an incredibly smooth shave. Meanwhile, the shaving cartridge has a smaller, oval shape that is ideal for access to hard-to-reach places.

Each blade comes with skin protectors that smooth the skin during shaving and that offer further protection against irritation.
The Hydro Silk handle is ergonomically designed and has a comfortable rubber grip for easy operation.

  • Provides excellent hydration
  • Serum lasts up to two hours after shaving
  • Blades that adjust to the contours of your skin
  • Some reviewers say the blades don’t last as long as others

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer and the Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer?

The strip is different. The Hydro Silk is probably more moisturizing, the razor of the Schick Quattro is also a bit longer and thinner.

Is the razor side removable so that it can be replaced with Schick refills?


Do the other part run by batteries if so what kind and how many?

Yes, it does 1 triple a

Will these hydro refill fit on the Schick quattro? Thank you.

I just tried mine (the quattro with the trimmer) and the TYPE of coincidences. it can't really do the smooth spin it does on the hydro-silk razor. it takes a lot of pressure to place the hydro silk head completely on the quattro trimmer body. but it clicks into the body and holds it.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro Silk Razor for


I kick myself for not getting this year ago. Not to be graphic ... but I know when I read reviews before I decided to buy it, what I really wanted to know is whether it works on thick, coarse hair, whether it's easier and trims with scissors and whether it feels safer. The answer is YES YES and YES! I don't worry about cutting myself and I can trim very quickly. What I would normally do with 15 minutes cost me less than 5. I am not a 'fully exposed' person, but I want to keep it neat and short. If you want to be completely naked this is not for you, but if you want to trim it is perfect. Even comes with the battery. Highly recommended.

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro Silk Razor for 1

Angie Wooden

So I'm practical. And a 2-in-1 shaver / trimmer sounded practical to me, although I had no idea how to use a trimmer ... so I signed up for the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor campaign through BzzAgent. Allow me to fill you in with my first impressions, use of the razor and use of the trimmer. I'm BzzAgent Angneld. First impressions: the packaging was nice and I didn't have to open a chainsaw to open it. The razor is a bit crumbler than a typical razor, but it has a sturdy feel to it. I was glad that there was a battery to make the trimmer work. To get the battery inside, I recommend placing the flat part of the battery first and then rotating the shaver together. Hidden under the cardboard back plate were useful photos and instructions on the razor. Use of the razor: The razor part shaves nice and close, making my legs feel smooth and hydrated. It did miss a few random spots of hair, even though I went through most areas twice. Every time I rinsed the blades in the water, a large drop of drool came from the razor. I wondered how long the moisturizer could last if it came out so easily. Overall, the razor was good, but the drooling wasn't super impressive for all the hype on its HydroSilky properties. I have attached a photo of what the shaver looked like after its first use. Use of the trimmer: Ok, I will confess - I had no idea how to use a trimmer, so I have Tubed it. The how-to videos were all shown when trimming beards for men. From them I learned to hold the shaver (with the blades parallel to the skin). I also learned that shaving (or against the hair) will remove more hair than shaving (or with the hair). There is a bit of an art to shorten if you are not going to hack everything, so be careful. The trimmer has four settings. Three of the settings are found by adjusting the case while the fourth is found by removing the case. I had never dreamed of ever using a trimmer, but it is exactly what I needed. Using the guard is nice, because then I didn't have to worry about pinching my skin like a pair of scissors would (and did). Taking out the guard is nice for a super close cut that is softer for the skin than a razor, if you are careful. The only downside to the trimmer is that the hair gets stuck in it and I am not the best at cleaning it up. I tried rinsing it out (probably a bad idea), then I used a Q-tip. But the hair was still stuck as you can see in my photo. Generally this is a great product because it relieves me on the power of a trimmer. The fact that there is a razor on the other side is just a bonus for me. I will probably never live without a trimmer again ...

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro Silk Razor for 2


This shaver does a great job. It works well, super easy to use, I use it in the shower and it gets a nice, close finish. Awesome. My only complaint is that after a year or so I always ALWAYS have to replace it. Every time it stops working and I think the battery needs to be replaced, I don't replace the battery. And with that said, this razor is so affordable and works so well (before it dies) I keep replacing it. I usually need regular replacement after a year to a year.

Avatar Reviews  Schick Hydro Silk Razor for 3


I love this little trimmer. It is exactly what I needed. I have tried other methods that eventually cut my female parts. With this product I was able to do a very detailed job without injury. It is also the perfect size for navigating through the female anatomy. Which enabled me to achieve my desired style in a few minutes! I was pretty bushy. So if it worked for me. It can work for you.

1,030 Customer Reviews

Which should you choose for a sensitive skin cartridge or a safety razor?

Safety razors

Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin

Safety razors are another beast when it comes to comfort skin. The most significant factor to consider with a safety razor is your level of experience when using it.

Understanding how to properly adjust and hold the shaver is vital for the desired results against sensitive skin. Some razor blades may be more aggressive in their position and, therefore, not suitable for this application.

If you want to use a shaver with sensitive skin, it is best to use a razor similar to the one you are currently using.

For example, if you are replacing a cartridge, you must find a safety razor that feels the same way as your old cartridge shaver.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge Razors

These razors are perhaps the most used in men. With that in mind, more research has been done into cartridge shavers and sensitive skin than any other type.

The biggest downfall in this category is weeding the seemingly countless brands and models to find the right product for you.

Every man’s skin is different, so you have to experiment with different ones until you find the right one.

An important point to consider is that just because a specific model is the newest does not mean that this is the best!
Some men swear by cartridge models that have been on the market for almost 20 years.

FAQ About Best Safety Razor

What types of materials are used in a safety razor?

There are not many options when it comes to handling material. The most used metal is most available in chrome or silver color. The metal handles are rough to grip. There are also metal handles with rubber lining for a better grip.

Other materials such as wood or animal horns are for enthusiasts for a stylish look. These types of materials are best as a gift.

Does a safety razor cause less irritation?

Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation, shaving bumps, and ingrown hairs that often occur with a cartridge or electric shaver. The most important reason is that with a safety razor, you only have one blade against your skin at a time.

The fewer times you cut your face with a blade, the happier it gets

How To Clean Your Safety Razor?

The best way to clean your shaver is to use sanitizing alcohol to sterilize the shaver. Otherwise, soap and water are sufficient.

Remember to lubricate the razor again to do this. Rubbing alcohol, in particular, dries out the shaver.

Do not forget to apply shaving oil to the shaver to lubricate the blades and prevent dehydration.

How can you properly maintain your safety shaver?

Safety razors are not maintenance tools. They do not require extensive cleaning or safe storage. Wash after use, and for the best result, keep dry so that no rust occurs. Most famous brands make sturdy safety razors that will last you a lifetime.

A good safety razor can easily last a long time without real maintenance problems.

Final Thoughts

As soon as you start using a safety razor, you will learn to appreciate the special care that your skin receives.

Even for people without skin sensitivity problems, shaving can make our skin dry and irritable.

I recommend choosing one of these excellent safety razors, which is my choice for the best safety razor for sensitive skin of 2020. Hopefully, this review has done justice to the high-quality razors, and soon thanks to your skin for that!

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Raymond Miles

Raymond is a published author and software engineer and beard care expert from the US. To date, he has helped thousands of men make their beards look better and get fatter. His work has been mentioned in countless notable publications on men's care and style and has been cited in Seeker, Wikihow, GQ, TED, and Buzzfeed.

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