10 Best Closest Electric Shavers ( of 2021 Review)

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We all want a close and comfortable shaving.

If you were using a manual razor blade before and now you plan to buy the best closest electric shaver that shaves very close is not an easy task.

There are tons of electric razors, and all affirm that they give softer shaving. Then, you can face many difficulties in choosing an electric blade according to your needs.

And that raises the question: which electric shaver gives the closest shave?

We are highlighting some of the best closest shave electric shavers for the nearby shaving without hectic efforts. It will also review the buyer’s guide, giving you a specific idea before choosing any electrical shave.

Let’s start.

Top 5 Closest Shave Electric Shavers (Quick Summary)

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men's Panasonic Arc 5 Es-lv65-s
  • Ultra thin leaves
  • Super sharp leaves
  • Extremely powerful engine.
Panasonic ES-LV9Q Wet and Dry Panasonic Es-lv9q-closest Shave Electric Razor
  • Easy to use as a nearest aluminum shaver by Panasonic
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fast loading that is installed with a lithium-ion battery.
BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Double Babylisspro Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver Fxfs2g
  • Super close-up shape.
  • Perfect for keeping fade and bald hairstyles.
  • Quick operation for the morning shales every day.
Braun Series 3 390cc Men's Braun Series 3 390cc
  • Useful and productive. Easy to load and clean.
  • Advanced and weighted light. Durable in quality
  • High performance.
Andis 17150(TS-1) Pro Foil Lithium Andis 17150 Pro Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver
  • One of the nearest electrical shavers.
  • It works best as a complementary shaver.
  • Excellent for bald fades.
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How to Choose the Closest Shave Electric Shaver?

best closest electric shaverIf you are looking for the best closest electric shaver for the head or body, here are the most crucial factors you should look for:

  • A high-quality shaving head: The essential part of the closest electric razor is particularly relevant in the context of closeness; Sharpened blades and a thin external sheet, machined with very low tolerances, are vital for a nearby shaving.
  • Wet/dry shaving: modern and advanced shavers, packed with features versatility, so they even offer wet/dry shaving modes. The installation of wet/dry shaving provides an optimal efficiency according to individual needs and skin type.
  • A Powerful Motor: An electric razor with a powerful engine cuts your hair closer and faster. It also gives you a more comfortable shave in a shorter time. The power of the motor is measured by CPM (cycle per minute). The CPM values ​​fall between 6000 CPM for the inlet level sharpeners and body hair cutters and 14000 CPM for high-end electric razors such as Panasonic ARC 5.
  • Comfort: A razor that feels comfortable during use will also allow you to shave closer, make more strokes and even apply a little more pressure. The ease also correlates with the heat generated by friction between the blades (which run at high speeds) and the foils. Therefore, you will want a shave that remains reasonably fresh during use.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The cleaning of the shaver is crucial for the device’s longevity and to avoid irritations of the skin. The cleaning and maintenance of the shaver give a flawless operation, adequate functionality, and non-skin problems in the subsequent use. As most electric razors are resistant to water and rust-resistant, they can be washed with running water. Even the facility of cleaning also comes with cleaning stations that are available with most modern electrical shavers.

10 Best Closest Electric Shavers of 2021

These selections are classified according to the shaving closeness level. However, some pieces are equally close. In this case, other factors such as efficiency, thoroughness, accuracy, and skin comfort determined the winner.

Now let’s see which electric shaver gives you the closest shave.

1. Panasonic Arc 5 Es-lv65-s

Panasonic Arc 5 Es-lv65-sView On Amazon

The ES-LV65-S is the nearest shaving electrical shaving for the face.

As a general rule, Panasonic electric shaving shavers surpass their contenders highly considered as the proximity Braun of close shaving point.

ES-LV65-S belongs to the second generation of the top of Panasonic -F-family of the line, the ARC 5.

The ARC family has several models that almost have the same Shaving performance in terms of shaving closeness. However, the latest generation of the arch 5 Shavers, the third generation, showed a bit of increase in the comfort of shaving.

At the same time, the third generation of Arc 5 Shavers, as ES-LV9Q, tends to be the most expensive ending. That is the reason behind choosing the ES-LV65-S as our favorite option.

EN-LV65-Smark all the boxes of our standards for an electric shaver that gives a very close shaving. It is the best value for money since it offers all the features of the ARC 5 at a reasonable price.

  • Ultra thin leaves
  • Super sharp leaves
  • Extremely powerful engine.
  • Rotary head for more efficient shaves.
  • Suitable for all kinds of beards, including resistant beards.
  • High value for the price.
  • Upper falls for the face and head.
  • Wet/dry shaving capacity.
  • A separate trimmer to cut long hair before shaving.
  • The voluminous head limits its maneuverability in narrow areas, such as the previous region of the lips.
  • It is not the perfect choice for men with sensitive skin.
  • Less comfortable compared to the Braun 7 and 9 series.

Customer Reviews
12,663 Reviews

Avatar Tony


Norelco vs Panasonic vs Braun

I had a Norelco Sensotouch 3D a handful of years in the past. As other people have mentioned, you will not find a quieter motor. It is a excellent shave but in the end, you will expand weary of possessing to shave in a circular motion particularly if you want to shave close to a goatee or other facial hair that you want to continue to be. I have identified that foils permit you to take a few passes going "North/South" and then going "East/West" specifically beneath the jaw line.This is my experience among the newest Panasonic ...

2. Panasonic ES-LV9Q: Closest Shave Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LV9Q: Closest Shave Electric RazorView On Amazon

Well, if you are buying this Top-Notch Panasonic ES-LV9Q, which should be worth a useful option in electrical shaving devices. It comes with a cutting system of 5 blades that makes it modern, and the electrical shaves are capable of providing a very close shaving.

The installation of a 14,000 CPM linear motor allows 70,000 transverse actions in a genuinely fantastic minute. This helps precisely the user to obtain the softest and nearest shaving experience within considerable safety.

The design of the 5D multi-flexible head on this electric blade is threatened very close and efficient. The risk of shaving burns, cuts, and nicks is also reduced. Less pain and itching make it a better good shaver for sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin. The smooth turn of the head that slides easily on the skin in all instructions provides an effortless shave.

The inheritance of sensor technology within 3 feet different from leaves patterns gives this Panasonic blade a sharp cutting edge 30. Power performance with EU 100 feeding cable -240V offers optimal functionality.

  • Easy to use as a nearest aluminum shaver by Panasonic
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fast loading that is installed with a lithium-ion battery.
  • It can be used with and without cable.
  • Economic.
  • High cost of costly properties and replacements.
  • It is not yet the best option for sensitive skin.
  • Not as comfortable as a series of Braun 9.

Customer Reviews
500 Reviews

Avatar Dat Tan Banh

Dat Tan Banh

Closer & Faster shave than the Philips Norelco S9311

I have been using Philips Norelco S9311 for 5 years. S9311 is very reliable. To be honest, I don't need to replace the S9311, but after 5 years, I decided to renew myself by testing this Panasonic to see if I can get a closer and faster shave. a little more pressure and move it slowly. The slower and firmer you move, the better the result. (I even said slowly, the total total time, as well as the effort, is still small compared to what is obtained when using the S9311) This advantage of Panasonic: + Definitely gives a closer ...

3. Babylisspro Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver Fxfs2g

Babylisspro Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver Fxfs2gView On Amazon

The Babyliss Pro FXFS2G is your ticket for the nearest main shaving and the perfect aspect of baldness.

During the investigation phase of this article, I asked my barber to recommend an electric razor that cuts well. He strongly urged the FXFS2G. Use a hair cutter to fade your customer’s head, and then use this blade to give you an extra touch.

I tried the blade, and I was there by surprise. He gave me a perfect tight shave in 4-5 minutes. The FX 02 Babyliss Pro FX 02 did not leave anything more than soft skin.

This aluminum sheet is a professional tool that uses many barbers. The FX 02 feels robust. This battle horse feels easy with your hands. It is remarkably heavier (in a good way) than most shavers. This allows more control and precision.
The FX 02 presents two golden leaves and is made of hypoallergenic homes, all metallic to avoid irritation. There is another cheaper version of the FXFS2G that comes with a single sheet. However, the double version of the blade is more efficient in the cleaning of the stubble.

The shaver works only in short hair (1/32″ short). You must cut your hair if you grow longer or use a shaving powder before using this finishing tool. Otherwise, you must afford it every day.

The FOILFX02 has a powerful rotating motor (non-linear as Shaver’s Braun and Panasonic). Then, it takes much less time to cut the hair than Andis Prior, its cheaper competitor. It gives you 3 hours of runtime after a full load and keeps your bag well.

  • Super close-up shape.
  • Perfect for keeping fade and bald hairstyles.
  • Quick operation for the morning shales every day.
  • Well-built metal cover
  • To keep the foil intact.
  • Easy to clean
  • 0Suitable run time for approximately 12 shaves.
  • Authentic look
  • Cheapest than the high-end shavers such as Panasonic ARC 5, Philips Norelco, and Braun Series 9. Easy to clean and maintain. Fast loading that is installed with a lithium-ion battery. It can be used with and without cable.
  • Friendly friendly.
  • Flexible blades and blade blades give more efficiency and powerful performance.
  • It works on 1/32 Shorthair, which means you need to shave every day.
  • No emerging cutter.
  • I have only shaved.
  • It is not the best option around the neckline.
  • It cannot be cleaned under tap water.
  • Noisy.

Customer Reviews
3,900 Reviews

Avatar Kyle


Great quality, feels professional, highly recommend!

The first time I used this razor, I felt irritated (because I was in a hurry and didn't know how to actually use it). My barber uses this same razor with me in his shop, no problem. He taught me how to do it better (cleanse and exfoliate the skin first, trim any hair with the trimmer as low as possible - this prevents hair pulling and keeps the skin taut while you shave and take your time). The second time I used it, I had no problems. This shaver feels like high quality, it has a good weight. I ...

4. Braun Series 3 390cc

Braun Series 3 390ccView On Amazon

Collecting the shave offering the nearest shaving is quite challenging; it is still based on a brand like Braun. In many series by Braun, this model of three 390cc is a reliable electrical shaving gear that provides 30% less skin irritation.

The quota of rotating systems and built-in skin conditioners provide softer shaving. That; Even specialized to cut long hairs into pins, whiskers, and beards. This shaver is 100% water-resistant, which facilitates washing and cleaning.
Automatic cleaning mode and loading system make this 390cc Series 390cc 3 390CC more useful and more functional. He even offers a perfect shaving of a single blow in three days beards with softness experience.

To be worth the shaving penalty by shaving by Braun Series 3 390CC is a comfortable and comfortable shaving apparatus. Ergonomic design with reliable grip allows a safe handle without risk of cuts and accidental injury. It even comes with a travel bag to facilitate transport accessibility.

  • Useful and productive. Easy to load and clean.
  • Advanced and weighted light. Durable in quality
  • High performance.
  • Friendly friendly.
  • It is not useful for long cuts for hair.

Customer Reviews
246 Reviews

Avatar JNUG


Still works great after three years

I'm not sure why some reviews say the construction is not good. I have had this shaver since August 2013 and it still works the same as ex works. The cleaning device is kind of a hack, I've only used it twice over the years. The shaver stays relatively clean, you can rinse it with water and it leaves the skin very soft, as it is a very close shave. With meowing hair, mah requires several times to brush up, except that she does an exceptional job. I am very impressed with this razor. I paid $ 104 for it ...

5. Andis 17150 Pro Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

Andis 17150 Pro Lithium Titanium Foil ShaverView On Amazon

This is our budget option to achieve skin shaves. It is our runner-up for the shaving of the skull.

Andis Profoil is a popular fades razor that you can find in all barbers and hairstyles.

I was between Profoil and Wahl Finish to be our budget selection. I chose the peril since it gives a shaving. It is quieter and cheaper.

The Profoil Andis comes with two foils of titanium, hypoallergenic. It has one of the thinner foil I have seen. That’s why it gives your skin a feeling of soft butter.

In addition, this is the main reason that makes the foil wear quickly. You need to change the foil approximately every six months. Fortunately, replacement foil is cheap dirt.

Profoil is as close as Babyliss FOILFX02. However, the execution time of the prior battery is only 80 minutes away. This is appropriately good, considering the difference in the price.

Like the FOILFX02, the Profoil is a dry shaver that can not use in the shower. This also means that it can not rinse this electrical shave under the tap water, which is annoying.

However, cleaning with a cleaning brush is pretty simple, or compressed air can remove hair powder.

  • One of the nearest electrical shavers.
  • It works best as a complementary shaver.
  • Excellent for bald fades.
  • Affordable
  • Duration of the good battery.
  • Unable to cut long hair.
  • It irritates the skin and shaving burn.
  • Solo supports Der shaving.
  • Foils Endebles.
  • You can not rinse it under the tap water.
  • Not qualified for shaving your beard

Customer Reviews
32,293 Reviews

Avatar Donald G.M.Whittaker

Donald G.M.Whittaker

A Good Quality Genuine Spare Part .

This is the razor professional barbers/hairdressers for head shaving and some facial shaving. It is a quality product and gives a very close shave . However , the makers recommend replacing this part every 6 months , hence the reason I purchased it . If though users bothered to thoroughly clean and service the shaving cutters and foil after every time used , I would suggest that they would last quite a lot longer than 6 months. For instance , if particle of hair and skin scales are left on the cutters they will attract bacteria to feed off them. ...

6. Remington Hf9000 Heritage

Remington Hf9000 HeritageView On Amazon

Taking into account Remington HF9000 Hoil Razor is better with functions and performance. The brand launches this classic-inspired electric expertise, which offers a world-class hairs cut gently. The molten metal finish of the razor shaft makes it worth the lasting penalty as it lasts longer.

It comes with a dual-lifting logic that offers the nearest and softest shaving experience without the risk of cuts and shaving burns. The ultra-flexible sheet pattern provides all movements of directions on the skin without pain or skin irritation.

This Remington HF9000 electrical shaving device is adjusted according to the contour and facial edges for the most extraordinary closeness. The protection of the trimmer is of the utmost quality that protects the skin, which offers low passage hairs to shave greatly.

Ergonomic design brings more efficiency in handling and grip, even when used in humid mode. The risk of accidental sliding and shaved lesions is also reduced due to non-slippery retention of the electric shaver. It gives the use of both wet and dry shaving. Water-resistant quality keeps the shaver clean and highly maintained. USB charging and a quality lithium-ion battery are used for more reliable performance that delivers a 60-minute execution time.

  • Easy to use and clean. Simple with cable and wireless efficiency.
  • Delivery the nearest wet and dry shave, according to the needs.
  • Fully washable.
  • Quality performance with a 60- runtime.
  • Excellent shaver with excellent grip.
  • The shaving of a single race is not as close as the brand promised.

Customer Reviews
908 Reviews

Avatar David T Hill

David T Hill

This is a beautiful electric razor

This is a beautiful electric shaver, at once solid, heavy and elegant. I really like its retro look, especially the old fashioned "on/off" toggle switch. I smiled when I saw that charming little feature. It gives a close shave using the "circular motion" technique required with an electric razor. Of course the result is nowhere near as close as a DE blade gives (which I've used for about 15 years) or even the modern 2-5 blade disposable razors. But this is an electric razor; you can't expect it to give such a close shave as a DE. If you're going ...

7. Braun Series 9 9370cc

Braun Series 9 9370ccView On Amazon

Braun Series 9 9370CC is a high-end shaver that mores a balance between the proximity of shaving and comfort. If you have susceptible skin and want an adequately closed shave, this shaver is your best bet.

N.b. If you have a sensitivity to low-grade skin and the proximity of the shaving is its final goal, go by the ARC 5 ES-LV9Q from Panasonic. It is the best clean shaving electric blade with a sufficient level of comfort.

The series 9 is the symbolic line of the German giant manufacturer, Braun. In general, Braun Electric Shavers is the Holy Grail of comfort skin in the industry. However, Panasonic electrical shaves are superior to provide the nearest shaving. This is the main reason behind developing the line of the Braun series.

The Crowd-Pleaser Braun Series 7 stayed for years one of the best sold in the category of Shail Electric Shavers. However, many users opted for the Panasonic arc line for the good of closeness. Then, the nine series was performed with the proximity of shaving and precision in mind.

Is the Braun series successful in this mission?

Almost yes. Braun SERIES 9 showed a good improvement at the level of closeness without any change in comfort compared to the seven series. But, the arc five and even arc four blades are still tangibly closer.

Braun Series 9 has a lot of models. You can find models with (have the letters cc) or without a cleaning station (have the letter S). In the past, some variations could only deliver dry shaving. Now, the entire series 9 supports the moist and dry operation.

  • Extremely soft on the skin.
  • Ideal for men with a susceptible skin
  • Offers adequately closed shaves for the face and head.
  • Accurate and fast.
  • Trimmer emerging
  • Superior in shaving hairs that grow in different directions.
  • Expensive
  • Less close than other selections
  • Hard manual cleaning

Customer Reviews
7,157 Reviews

Avatar J S


Series 9 vs 7. How grey is your beard?

Waited a few months after purchase to write this. Bought this to replace a Series 7 after the base-to-shaver communication failed after about eight years. Big question for most purchasers is Series 9 or 7. Note that there are two "runs" of the 9. The 90xx is the original design that had some head failure issues. The 92XX is the newer design. There are still many 90xx being sold, especially from discount houses. I chose to go with the new design even though it was a few bucks more. Here are my ...

8. Panasonic Hybrid Es-ll41-k: Closest Shave Electric Trimmer

Panasonic Hybrid Es-ll41-k: Closest Shave Electric TrimmerView On Amazon

This Panasonic Hybrid ES-LL41-K electric blade, in particular, is a useful shaving apparatus that adds the nearest clipping experience. Shaving reliability encounters an unmistakable style of hairs on whiskers, beards, and pins. It is very versatile since it offers characteristics and first-class performance.

Panasonic’s hybrid beard trimmer offers the nearest safe and soft shaving with complete toilet specifications. Shaving gear is a precision Japanese handmade device with 3-internal stainless steel blades. For more effective shaving, the design of the external sheet captures and cuts even tiny hairs on the skin. The risk of cuts and burns shaving is not there as installed with an intelligent sensor shaving.

You can use it efficiently, as with cable and without cable, when you are fully charged. High-speed performance offers 13,000 cuts per minute due to linear motor technology. A special package of toilet kits with comb accessories gives comb touches and cuts to beard and whiskers quickly.

The Hybrid ES-LL41-K Panasonic electrical shaving apparatus is convenient to use, as designed with a non-slippery grip. It even delivers wet and dry shaving specifications. In addition, the washable design makes it more efficient to keep it clean and maintained after use. The compact size and lightweight also supply great comfort even on trips.

  • Easy to use. Easy to clean.
  • High performance. Durable and resistant.
  • Washable and stainless blades.
  • Advanced and technically intelligent.
  • It is not a shaving face.
  • Packed with two comb accessories, AC adapter and charger, lubrication oil, and cleaning brush.
  • No

Customer Reviews
806 Reviews

Avatar jhanns


Stellar dry-shave, electric razor

I've been shaving for a long time; for many decades. I shave dry with an electric razor. I'm switching from a famous brand triple round head electric razor for the first time in a long time. With a thick beard and all, this razor makes shaving quick so far. I am grateful for that. it takes five to 10 minutes to shave. This razor shaves the baby's bottom. If you're not careful to keep it moving, you can cut it, so be careful with that. the trimmer works great too. Cleaning the razor has also been a simple and straightforward ...

9. Panasonic Es2216pc Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic Es2216pc Electric Shaver for WomenView On Amazon

This is the nearest shaved electrical shaving machine for legs and the bikini area.

The ES2216PC Features 3 Hypoallergenic sharp blades capable of cutting the hair near the level of the skin.

The foil is flotation to provide optimum contact between the skin and the razor head.

Another outstanding feature is a flexible pivoting head to navigate through the leg and the contour bikini area.

The ES2216PC is equipped with an adjustment pop-condenser that can work as a bikini adjustment capacitor to domesticate the hair down there before shaving. You just have to put the bikini five-length comb, and you can shape your region bikini and control the desired cutting length.

Thanks to the humid and dry option, the ES2216PC can be used with shaving cream, foam, or shaving gel. It also has equipment sessions in the bathroom. There is no problem.

It is advisable to use the adjustment capacitor on your legs before shaving if you have thick or lengthy hair.

All these features work together to give a reasonably close shave. It is not as close as the disposable razor can offer, but it is close enough to get out of the house with smooth legs.

An electric razor is soft on the skin, so it is perfect for ladies with sensitive skin.

The only drawback is that ES2216PC needs 12 hours to be fully charged and gives 20 minutes of shaving. The runtime is enough to shave your legs only. My advice is to connect it during the night.

In general, ES2216PC is surprisingly good for the price, considering the quality of shaving it offers.

  • Bikini comb setting of 5 lengths
  • Close enough.
  • An emerging trimmer
  • Wet and dry shaving experience.
  • Friendly sensitive for skinless shaving skin.
  • Great price point.
  • Weak battery
  • The quality of the construction must be improved.

Customer Reviews
51,771 Reviews

Avatar Scarlett0522


I've been shaving my lady's parts for most of my adult life with her normal blade shaver. I have tried all kinds of different razors over the years. One day I came across this Panasonic and it seemed like it really could work and it did not cost an arm or a leg. I am very happy to have decided to try it. I loaded it and it works like an amulet. I put it in and I thought I would have to charge it when I needed it again, but he stayed in charge the next time I needed ...

10. Panasonic Es-lt7n-s Arc: Closest Shave Razor

Panasonic Es-lt7n-s Arc: Closest Shave RazorView On Amazon

Buy this specific Panasonic ES-LT7N-S razor that delivers the nearest shaving is beneficial, what the manufacturer promises to deliver that reliable user efficiency with three floating blades patterns.

This is one of the electric shaving devices of considerable and award-winning men for men who give a fast, smooth and safe shaving experience. The precise advance comes with multiple 3D rotary heads that slide on the surface of the skin gently without pain and trimming efforts.

The use of stainless steel quality blades is easy to clean and maintain, as it is completely washable and hypoallergenic. For the nearest contours on the facial edges, this Panasonic is-LT7N-S is the perfect electric razor. It is highly operative to demonstrate 13,000 cuts per minute due to linear motor technology.

In addition to more versatility and consistent shaving, active shaving sensor technology is also administered with pop-up mode. The shaving device takes 1 hour to obtain a full load within the AC 100-240 Volts power supply.

In addition, the shaver offers us both wireless and cordate within the wet/dry shaving modes. It is even a bright choice of the modern shaver to cut, shave and comb with mustaches, beards, and sierras pins.

The easy installation of a cleaning and load station with a touch button makes it a more innovative and advanced shaving apparatus—the compact size and light capacity are worth adding comfort and comfort in shaving while traveling.

  • Excellent electrician razor.
  • Super sensitive technology makes it easy to use.
  • Easy to deliver a convenient and comfortable shaving experience.
  • Non-expensive razor.
  • Water-resistant, compact, and light electric shaving device.
  • They are packed with the cleaning and loading station. Valid for the style and shaving of mustache, beards, and beaters.
  • Emerging trimmer with a magnificent grip and robust material.
  • The AC adapter and the rechargeable travel bag are also available.
  • The sheet replacement is a significant drawback.

Closest Shaver Maintenance Tips

closest shave electric shaverKeeping the razor maintained and clean is crucial since it is a significant investment in any beauty care apparatus. Next, we have highlighted some of the maintenance tips of the electric shaver:

  • Keep the blades lubricated.
  • Rinse in water after each use.
  • Check the cables if it is not broken, or crack, to avoid any fusion of accidents. of the shaver
  • Keep the electric razor in the travel bag or case to avoid unnecessary breakage.
  • Use a cleaning brush to remove the residues from the skin and other particles.
  • Keep an eye on the components and pieces of the shaver if you need repair or replacement.


Can you get a close shave with an electric razor?

To get the nearest and softer shaving experience, you must take care of specific skincare tips as before. Also, buy the best closest electric shaver to get a very close shaving. But keep in mind, if you are using the sheet shaver, then the slow down and side slow movement is good. If you use the rotary blade, the circular motion is beneficial to obtain the nearest and softer shaving.

How frequently should we clean the electric razors?

Rinse and lubricate it after a single-use, to avoid any malfunction of the device. It even benefits from preventing skin irritation in the subsequent use and improves the device’s useful life.

What is the closest shave possible?

The straight razors have a metal blade and a duplicate handle as storage for the said blade. These are the sharpest sharpeners you will find and provide the nearest shaving, but they are also the most difficult to learn to use; If you are not too qualified in the Shaving Department, you can fight a little at first.

What is more practical, the foil shaver or the rotary shaver?

A foil shaver or a rotary shaver is a personalized option, according to convenience and utility. But still, most people feel that foil shavers are better than rotating shavers.


Picking up the closest shave electric shaver that is very close is quite challenging. Our detailed buying guide will help you get a reliable but not costly shaver.

If you are still fighting within the closest shave electric shaver list, you can go with demos and comments from the clients. The words of online users will also help you get a better and convenient shaving device.

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