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20 Best Hairstyles for Balding Men [2024 Haircuts]

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The first signs of balding, thinning hair, or receding hairlines are nothing short of a bummer for any man. Be that as it may, you should focus on the solution rather than aimlessly worrying about the problem.

best hairstyles for balding menBaldness happens to the best of us. You roar in your twenties and live to the fullest – with a head full of hair, of course. Then you hit 30, and the thickness of your mane starts to decrease. According to the American Hair Loss Association, more than 65 percent of men notice some hair loss on their 35th birthday, even if they don’t have it.

If you are slowly showing signs of baldness and are not quite ready to shave it all off, this list of the best hairstyles for balding men will help you deal with your baldness.

Hairstyles for balding men may sound like a painful topic, but as Hollywood has shown, even the hottest heartthrobs aren’t immune to hair loss. From athletes to actors, they have the edge over the commoner because their stylists have figured out how to look their best.

Jude Law and Dwayne Johnson, John Travolta and Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and many other celebrities prove that older balding men often look sexier and more stylish than younger guys.

Still can’t believe it’s possible? We have the most beautiful haircuts and haircuts for balding men, from long hairstyles to short haircuts with beards and more.

Best Hairstyles for Balding Men

What is the best haircut for balding?

Today this question offers many solutions, from special hair products for shedding to hairstyles for men to cover bald spots.

So if you are a fellow balding guy still trying to hold his hair, then you may want to check out some of these hairstyles below.

I’ve definitely tried one or two in the past, but nothing beats a clean-shaven head!

If you are starting to go bald, don’t panic.

I’m sure you can go for a few more years without anyone noticing.

Below are some of the best hairstyles for balding men to go bald gracefully.

Let me know what you think!

1. Buzz Cutt

Buzz Cutt hairstyleIf the full shave is still a little intimidating, why not try the classic buzz cut? This is a simple and masculine hairstyle that will look great when your hair starts to thin around the crown and hairline. It helps minimize the appearance of a widow’s receding hairline or peak by drawing attention back to your face.

2. Spikes

Spike Hairstyle for bald menSpikes are a great way to style your thinning hair.

They make the scalp much less visible, and you can get really creative with how you want your hair to look.

Just buy a good hair styling product, and you can have this hairstyle working for you in minutes!

3. Crew Cut

Crew-Cut-for-Balding-MenDo you have a balding crown? No problem.
Wear your hair with confidence: just cut it shorter on the sides and a little longer on the top, apply some texturizing product to your hair to thicken it, and balance the receding hairline.

4. Bald Head

Bald Head2The shaved bald head has always been one of the most popular bald hairstyles for men. Don’t worry about wearing a completely bald head, as it is a sophisticated and stylish way to keep your masculine edge. Plus, you get the added benefit of not having to worry about your hair’s appearance as no styling is required. If you wonder if this cut is for you, it is important to know how your hair is thinning.

A shaved head is best for men with a blotchy hairline, a balding crown, and thinning hair all over. You can combine a shave with a beard for added texture and to draw attention to your face. Save money and invest in balding clippers to cut your own hair at home whenever you want.

5. Ivy league

Ivy League HaircutIf you’re not familiar with the Ivy League hairstyle, consider Ryan Reynold’s collegiate cut, and yes, even Deadpool has a receding hairline herself. This dapper hairstyle is the perfect way to combat your creeping hairline, but it’s best for those of you who still have some volume left in your mane.

6. Mid Fade Taper Haircut

Mid Fade Taper HaircutA haircut that fades in the middle is another genius to divert attention from showing signs of baldness or thinning hair.

Now you probably won’t be able to do this at home, so let your hairdresser or hairdresser do it for you.

7. Messy Side Part

Messy Side PartAre you looking for balding hairstyles for men that will help you maintain a youthful vibe even after your prime? Check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos here: in the first, the model could easily be someone’s grandpa, while in the second, he looks like your cool bohemian literature teacher, who you love to visit for coffee with.

His style is simple: a medium-length cut with a deep side part, complemented by tapered sideburns, and the front part of the hair is swept up and away from the face.

8. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar CutAlso known as a men’s crop, French crop, or men’s fringes, the Caesar cut is perfect for men with thinning hair in the back. You need to apply some texture to your face: brush the front hair forward, making sure it is neither too long nor too short.

9. Fade Haircut

Fade HaircutThe fading hairstyle is one of the best ways for men with thin or thinning hair to minimize their bald patches’ attention. There are many different types of fades you can get to make your hair look fuller and thicker. Guys can choose from a high, medium, and low fade, then customize the cut with a skin, bald, drop, burst, or tapered.

Whether you have a receding hairline or thinning hair on the top of your head, or just semi-bald right now, there is a cool faded style that will look trendy and suit your hair type. Ask your stylist about the right tapered hairstyles for your look, from the comb to the smooth back!

10. Slicked Back

Slicked BackThe smooth back has become a popular haircut and is the go-to style for many men. It’s a great way to draw attention away from your receding hairline. Just grab a comb and some product and straighten your hair from front to back. Apply a little hairspray and be careful not to overdo it with the product to avoid making hair look greasy.

11. Receding Hairline Shaved Haircut

Receding Hairline Shaved HaircutFor those of you with a noticeably receding hairline, this look might be for you.

If your hair is a bit long, you can use this style to your advantage.

The fading cut and wavy locks keep your receding hairline from being so visible.

12. Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Short Mohawk with Shaved SidesDo you have a square face? You can then focus on your jaw, away from your thinning hair, by playing the facial hair. This man opted for a trimmed beard, complemented by shaved sides with an understated short mohawk at the top. And he nails it?

13. Long Dark Hair with Beard

Long Dark Hair with BeardThis is one of the best hairstyles for round-face men. The bangs conceal the receding hairline and a beard, in turn, gives the impression of fullness around the face. Such long, balding hair makes you look masculine and youthful.

13.Short Pomp

Short PompAnother hairstyle to consider if you have a receding hairline.

The short splendor can vary a bit, but you use the splendor pretty much to hide hair loss or exposed scalp.

14. Comb Over

Comb OverThe comb over the style is excellent for balding men as they incorporate the receding hairline into the style and use it as the lowest point in the natural part of your hair. This gives the illusion that your hair is thicker and heavier.

Get your hair cut so that it is a bit longer in the front. Style with a small amount of product, comb your hair back and to the side, and set with some hairspray.

15. High & Tight

High & TightWhen in doubt, it just got shorter.

That often seems to work with thinning hair in men.

The high and slim-cut works very well and looks even better if you grow a little stubble or even a full beard.

16. Sleek Combover Razor Fade

Sleek Combover Razor FadeUse a deep area where your hairline is thinning to create a cool and dramatic style. A tight fade around the ears will complement the contemporary appeal. Combs isn’t always their stereotype. This shows how young they can look.

17. Shaggy Hairstyle

Shaggy HairstyleSometimes baldness isn’t about a receding hairline. The best hairstyle if you’re dealing with fragile hair or random hair loss is to pair your hair with a styling product, layer it, and straighten it forward.

18. Quiff with Taper Fade

Quiff with Taper FadeThe combination of a quiff with a taper fade creates a nice contrast between the front and sides of your hair. This makes it look like you have more hair on top, and this is exactly the style balding men want. You can do the same with a pompadour.

As with the comb-over, you need more length at the top for this cut to work. When men get it right, not only do they look more attractive, but they take years to bother you. An emblem contains a distinguished quality that you will love.

19. Skin Fade with Short Hair

Skin Fade with Short HairA skin fade with short hair is an edgy cut that gives you more control over styling and your receding hairline’s overall look. The shaved sides and tapered length create a modern aesthetic that makes you look younger. This cut also draws attention away from your hairline and onto the longer hair at the top of your head.

20. Scruffy Short Hair

Scruffy Short HairIf you’re not ready for a shaved head or a buzz cut just yet, this look can work for you.

The length is kept the same throughout, and it works well to hide your baldness.

Using a hair styling product, you can make the hair look a little scruffy, which works well for concealing the scalp.

Best Men’s Hair Products For Thinning Hair

Men’s hair products for thin hair are designed to increase volume and add fullness. Good shampoos and conditioners can repair damaged hair, nourish and eventually thicken the scalp and hair follicles. Meanwhile, the best styling products can help men achieve a thicker haircut. Matte products, for example, can leave a textured finish for a healthy, fuller look that covers up bald spots.

Check out the best shampoos and conditioners for men with thinning hair who want to strengthen their hair while stimulating new growth. All-natural organic ingredients are formulated to clean, moisturize, condition men’s hair, and strengthen.

To get the best haircuts, you need a styling product that works well on thinning hair. From hair fibers to hiding hair loss to clay for a naturally textured look, thin hair products are perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best haircut for balding?

Short haircuts that suit your receding hairline are best for balding men. Opt for a simple buzzcut, high and tight, or crew cut if you want something that is low maintenance or if you are starting to get patchy. If your balding is more of a receding hairline but you still have length and volume, there are more options. Choose styles like taper or skin fades with a pompadour or slicked back, an Ivy league, or a comb-over that comes off your widow’s tip.

Can bald guys be attractive?

As women get older, they find men with clean-shaven heads more attractive. … Of the 44% of women aged 35 to 44 who find bald men “ attractive,” 19% find them “ very attractive.” Moreover, only 19% of these women find the shaved head “ unattractive ” and only 7% find it “ very unattractive

Is it better to shave the head when balding?

It is a very personal choice to shave your hair when you suffer from hair loss. It takes a certain amount of strength and confidence to embrace an inevitability you don’t want. However, once you’ve made the jump, it can be liberating and look much better than holding onto something that won’t stick.

Can a bald man grow his hair back?

It depends. “ If a follicle has closed, disappeared, scarred, or hasn’t generated new hair in years, new hair cannot grow, ” says Fusco. But if the follicle is still intact, yes, then it is possible to regrow the hair or improve the existing thinner hair’s health.


In short, you shouldn’t panic if you are balding. There are tons of hairstyles for balding men that can help you, starting with the one we’ve presented above.

End of the story.

Many guys still wonder when to shave their heads. Completely bald, but that’s completely up to you.

Remember, this is where you are likely to end up anyway, so why not just shave it off and use your new look?

You look and feel better than ever!

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