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How to Style a Long Beard: Tips & Popular Styles 2024

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how to style long beardAre you looking to stand out from the crowd? With more than 56% of men sporting a beard, it’s no surprise that long beards are becoming increasingly popular with guys around the world. But how do you style and maintain your facial hair when it reaches epic proportions? It all comes down to understanding factors affecting growth, proper grooming and maintenance techniques, products used for care, and styling tips.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to style a long beard in 2023 – so read on if you’re ready to take your look to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Long beards have gained popularity worldwide, with 56% of men having facial hair.
  • Genetics, lifestyle, and testosterone levels influence beard growth.
  • Smart dietary changes and exercise can boost hormone production and improve beard growth.
  • Proper beard maintenance and grooming, including the use of specialized products, is essential for long beard care.

Factors Affecting Beard Growth

Factors Affecting Beard Growth
You have the power to influence your beard growth with genetics, lifestyle choices, and testosterone levels – so use it! Genetics plays a large role in how much facial hair you can grow. While some men may be predisposed to growing full, long beards more quickly thanks to their genetic link, all men’s ability to do so is determined by their testosterone levels.

By making smart dietary changes and following an exercise regimen that helps boost natural hormone production, any man should see improvement in his beard growth over time. Additionally, ensuring quality sleep will help ensure that those hormones are being produced at an optimal rate for healthy facial hair development.

Once you’ve achieved the desired length of your beard, there are several products on the market today designed specifically for maintaining longer styles. For example, using a specialized beard oil or utilizing proper clippers when trimming around edges or bulkier areas like cheeks and sides of the face.

Small scissors come into play when attending stray hairs during grooming processes, while brushing daily with a dedicated brush helps keep everything neat between trims.

Finally, no matter what style you choose – hipster-style goatee, big bushy Viking braided, etc.

Growing and Maintaining a Long Beard

Growing and Maintaining a Long Beard
To maximize the growth of your majestic facial hair, you must dedicate yourself to a rigorous maintenance routine.

To start, keep your beard clean and moisturized. It is key for healthy growing. Opt for natural products like beard shampoo and oil that preserve the natural oils in your skin while providing nourishment.

In tandem with regular washes, use a wide-tooth comb or brush to detangle knots – especially when applying conditioner!

When it comes time to trimming up stray hairs with clippers or scissors, be sure not to skimp on proper skin moisturizing prior.

Finally, keep up a consistent grooming regimen by brushing daily. This way, you can stay one step ahead of any tangles!

With these tips combined with high-quality products such as premium beard care items tailored specifically towards long beards like those from Beard Brush ZilberHaar and Vaugh Beard Oil Men, achieving an attractive style should come easily.

Long Beard Grooming and Maintenance

Long Beard Grooming and Maintenance
Now that you’ve grown a full, thick long beard, it’s time to start the grooming and maintenance process. With the right products and tools, you can keep your facial hair looking sharp and stylish at all times.

Below are five essential items for maintaining your look:

  • Beard Oil – A few drops of quality beard oil applied to damp or dry facial hair will help add shine while softening any rough patches.
  • Beard Shampoo – Just like regular shampoo cleanses your scalp, using a specialized shampoo designed for beards helps remove dirt without stripping natural oils from the skin beneath it.
  • Comb & Brush Set – Brushing with either an appropriate comb or brush creates uniformity in texture as well as taming wild hairs into submission.
  • Skin Fade Haircut – Paired with longer length on top (such as man buns), skin fades create contrast between short sides, making them perfect companions when styling longer beards!
  • Facial Hair Grooming Kit – An all-inclusive kit containing everything necessary for trimming stray hairs along with shaping and sculpting should not go overlooked, especially if taking pride in one’s appearance is important to oneself.

For best results, use these regularly: cleanse twice per week followed by application of oil after washing; brush daily; trim every 2 weeks (to maintain desired shape); condition once weekly (optional).

By adhering to this routine, you’ll ensure that no matter what style you choose—whether it’s a Hipster Beard, Viking Braided, Big Bushy, etc.

Beard Care Products

Beard Care Products
Provide your beard with the pampering it deserves by purchasing quality beard care products. There are a variety of options available for men looking to keep their facial hair in top condition, including beard oil, beard cream, and specialty shampoos.

For trimming and shaping, there is an array of professional-grade trimmers as well as scissors specifically designed for grooming beards. A good brush is also important; one made from natural boar bristles will help distribute oils evenly throughout the hair shafts while exfoliating the skin beneath the surface to promote healthy growth.

Product Application
Beard Oil Soften & Moisturize
Beard Cream Condition & Hydrate
Beard Shampoo Cleanse Gently
Beard Trimmer Bulk/Edge Trimming
Scissors Stray Hair Removal
Brush Distribute Oils/Exfoliate

A proper facial hair grooming routine should include daily cleansing and moisturizing with specialized products that have been formulated specifically for beards. Regular shampoo may not provide sufficient nourishment or hydration, which can lead to dryness or breakage over time.

Additionally, taking into account face shape when choosing a style can really make all the difference in achieving the desired look.

With quality products at hand, you’ll find yourself well on your way towards becoming a master of long bearded styles like Viking or Hipster variations alike!

Trimming and Shaping

Trimming and Shaping
Choose the right trimmer and scissors to shape your beard according to preference. A flat top trim is perfect for achieving a distinct and edgy look, while facial hair can be shaped with more of an all-over blended cut.

To further refine the look, use beard balm or mustache wax on areas where you want extra definition. For a classic style, invest in a quality shaving kit complete with clippers and combs so your grooming routine goes smoothly each time.

Adhering to some basic rules of beard trimming will ensure precision when shaping. Start from the bottom up. Always comb through first. Work against its natural grain.

When it comes to techniques used for trimming long beards, there are several options. The scissor over comb technique is great for blending two different lengths together while maintaining overall length.

Outlining edges gives off a neat finish after styling has been done throughout. Dry cutting helps create sharper lines as hairs can move freely during this process without worry of them getting stuck on other hairs due to dampness like they would if using clippers instead.

With practice comes mastery, but don’t forget about establishing consistent habits such as cleaning tools regularly before every use or investing in good quality products specifically designed for maintenance, such as facial oil or conditioning shampoo formulated specifically tailored towards growing longer, thicker hair quickly while avoiding breakage along the journey!

Popular Long Beard Styles
Discover the perfect look for you, from a wild and bushy Viking to an iconic Hipster. Long beards come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your facial hair to suit your face shape and beard length.

With careful grooming tips, product selection, and proper styling technique, one can easily achieve any of the popular long beard styles today. Faded long beards create uniformity with clippers, while lumberjack-style gives off a rugged vibe that pairs well with flannel shirts.

The classic Viking style is full on top but short on the sides, making it suitable for most occasions. Plus, its signature braids add extra flair! To complete this statement look, make sure it’s properly shaped at around chin level so as not to detract attention away from other features like eyes or brows.

For those who prefer something more conservative yet still stylish, there are options such as goatee styles.

Notable Figures and Perceptions

Notable Figures and Perceptions
Take a page from the respected and powerful men of history, such as Abraham Lincoln or James Harden, and embrace your long beard with confidence. Throughout time, facial hair has often been associated with patriarchal beliefs and masculinity norms.

However, these stereotypes are being broken down by modern trends in facial hair styles.

A long beard can be an important symbol of strength to many individuals, both for its appearance as well as its versatility when it comes to styling options. To achieve the perfect look, you will need some basic tools: an edge trimmer for outlining details like chin lines or cheekbones, scissors for stray hairs that don’t fit into your overall style, a high-quality comb to detangle knots while grooming, and a good quality shampoo specifically designed for those with thick beards.

Additionally, there are tons of tips available online regarding how best to manage length depending on preferences, age ranges, etc., so take advantage! Embrace this newfound power over self-expression through careful maintenance combined with creative inspiration – show off your unique personality without worrying about societal expectations concerning male body image ideals.

Long Beard Styling Tips

Long Beard Styling Tips
Explore the endless possibilities of your facial hair to craft a look that truly reflects who you are – like an artist creating their masterpiece. With proper dietary effects, trimming techniques, and an understanding of your facial structure in mind, long beard styles can be tailored to suit any individual’s desires.

Before embarking on this journey into full-beard territory, it is essential to understand how each step contributes towards achieving one’s desired style selection. Start off by using a wide-tooth pick for detangling, followed by adjustable clippers or beard scissors for bulk reduction and edge maintenance, respectively.

Lastly, don’t forget about styling options that compliment different faces: hipster beards, Viking styles, braided looks – there’s something out there for everyone! Take charge today and show off your unique style with confidence and pride, knowing you have mastered long bearded artistry through dedication and care.

Hairstyles That Pair With Long Beards

Hairstyles That Pair With Long Beards
Choose a hairstyle that complements your long beard and makes you feel powerful, mature, and confident. When styling your facial hair with long beard fashion in mind, consider the shape of your face as well as the products available to help achieve an optimal look.

Natural beards require less maintenance than those styled with scissors or clippers but still need grooming for control and thickness. For power beards accompanied by walrus mustaches, try using wax-based products like balms or pomades to create texture without stiffness so they can move freely while maintaining their shape all day.

If you’re looking for something more daring, pair a pompadour haircut with bold lines along the cheeks for contrast against any length of natural facial hair.

A good care routine is essential when it comes to keeping up appearances. Use quality products specifically designed for men’s grooming, such as oils, shampoos, conditioners, and trimmers tailored toward longer lengths.

With these tips in hand, choose which style best suits your age, lifestyle, and preferences.

Maintaining Long Beard Styles

Develop a regimen to keep your beard looking its best! Maintaining long beard styles requires effort, but the results are worth it.

To ensure you have a full polished look, consider these important factors for optimal long-beard care:

  • Beard Care: Invest in quality products like shampoos and oils that will help maintain texture and length.
  • Trimming Techniques: Use adjustable clippers or scissors with great precision when trimming bulk from cheeks and sides or stray hairs on the chin and underside.
  • Beard Length & Shape: Choose lengths up to 8 inches as well as shapes such as Viking beards, Goatees, Braided beards, etc.
  • Texture & Color: Achieve unique textures by using different product combinations while selecting colors can add further dimension for an attractive two-tone effect.

For those aiming for power-beard levels of greatness, there are even more tools available – use trimmers with wide blades to split longer hair into sections before styling; craft intricate designs through braiding; explore options of waxing/shaping during grooming sessions at barbershops too!

With all this preparation done, remember one last essential step – set aside time each day (or every other day) specifically dedicated to maintenance activities like brushing out tangles or moisturizing the skin beneath the beard follicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to prevent beard itch?

Tame beard itch by using a quality moisturizer, such as beard oil or cream. Condition the skin beneath your facial hair with daily grooming and use an all-natural shampoo to keep it clean.

What are the benefits of having a long beard?

Having a long beard can give you the power, confidence, and sophistication to make an impact in any situation.

How often should a long beard be trimmed?

Trim your long beard every 3-4 weeks to maintain its shape and reduce split ends. Keep it groomed with a clipper, scissors, and comb to achieve the style that best suits you.

Are there any long beard styles that are easier to maintain?

Yes! There are several styles of long beards that are easier to maintain, such as the hipster, Viking, goatee, and big bushy beards. With regular grooming and conditioning, you can keep these looks looking sharp without needing frequent trims.

Are there any tips for styling a long beard quickly?

For a quick style, try using beard oil and a brush to condition and smooth the hair. Use adjustable clippers for bulk trimming, then use small scissors on stray hairs.


Styling a long beard takes time and dedication. It’s important to consider factors like genetics, lifestyle, and face shape when growing a long beard. Develop a grooming routine to maintain the length and shape of your beard. Choose the right beard care products and pair your long beard with the right hairstyle.

Popular long beard styles include the hipster, Viking, big bushy, and braided beard. Throughout history, powerful, mature, and respected figures like Abraham Lincoln and James Harden have worn long beards.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can find the perfect long beard style for you.

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