10 Best Beard Combs Reviews Of 2019 : Complete Guide

Best Beard Comb is a necessary tool to keep your fierce and masculine beard in your arsenal.

Beard a big and beautiful look, You have to treat it as it deserves to treat it and part of it is that it remains beautiful and without tangles.Best Beard Comb Reviews

After all, if you are going to spend money on beard oil, what’s the point if your beard looks like a piece of felt that a cat claws on ribbons and then gets a toddler and goes to the microwave? A beard comb is crucial to keep your beard at the highest level of beauty.

All beard products in the world are completely useless unless you maintain your beard very well. You see, you could froth on a beard oil of $ 25 or a beard balm of high quality, but at the end of the day, if you do not use a beard comb, your beard will look like a complete mess.

In addition to providing you with our list of the 10 best beard combs and what makes them so good, as well as describing the differences and advantages of using a beard brush or beard comb.

So why is a beard comb so important to maintaining a healthy and amazing beard? I’ll tell you a little, but first of all, here we go through all the best comb for beards. .

10 Best Beard Combs Reviews

We have compiled a list of the top 10 beard combs currently on the market to refine your search. Combine it with a pair of top class mustaches and you’re done. Let’s start!

1-Kent Men’s Handmade Comb, Set of 3

If you see the name “Kent” for the beard comb, you can assume that you receive a quality product.

Kent was founded in 1777 in Great Britain and produces beard brushes and combs of the highest quality, and the man’s handmade comb is as good as he can.Kent Men s Handmade Comb, Set of 3

Kent combs are known as the gold standard when it comes to the best beard combs. Although the competition is undoubtedly heavy compared to the others in this review.

We discovered that Kent’s handmade beard comb is undoubtedly the easiest beard comb on the market. With its hand polished finish and just the right balance of weight to size, this beard comb simply feels right when placed in the palm of your hand.

First, the handmade comb from Kent Men is handcrafted from cellulose acetate, not cheap plastic that probably breaks after you have done some fun with your facial hair. All in all, I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful beard combs to consider. But wait, they are actually three combs and not one.

That said, the beard combo is absolutely worth the money and you can not go wrong with any product from Kent.

2-Dual Action Beard Comb – Perfect for Balm and Oil

Dual Action Beard Comb - Perfect for Balm and OilThis is one of the few combs and brushes that Huntsman. available and in my opinion, it is worth the attention. Not that the others are not good, and frankly I have not tried them.

Let me explain what I mean. Do not be fooled because it is too small for your beard.First, this beard comb has a perfect small size that makes it ideal to take with you.

Now, when it comes to using, it has two sides and both sides have different openings between the teeth. So, whatever your beard growth and density are, you can use any of the sides to get the desired result. This is the definition of convenience – at least in beard care tools.

Like the Zeus Beard comb, it comes with a leather bag to protect it immediately after use. I think this is the case for wooden combs because they do not respond very well to moisture.

That said, it’s better to clean it dry instead of rinsing it with running water. This also extends the life of the comb. Pricewise, this is not the cheapest, but it is certainly one of the best beard combs out there with great durability and performance. The verdict? This is a really great deal in a nice package for every beard man.

3-Go-Comb + Mirror / Brass Tile Hair Comb

So far, one of the most versatile beard combs we have reviewed comes from the company Go-Comb. With different combs that just about every man (or lady) could ever need, Go-Comb gives companies like Kent a run for their money.Go-Comb + Mirror / Brass Tile Hair Comb

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this finely toothed comb keeps your beard under control. With perfectly spaced teeth that are polished, you should not experience any problems when you run the comb through your beard.

Another advantage of the design with metal teeth is that it will not break or break like wooden or plastic combs.

A warning for this design is the distance between the teeth. Unlike the Kent comb with both narrow and wider teeth on the comb, the Go-Comb offers only one width.

Therefore, if you want to straighten your whiskers, it might be a bit harder to style.

Although I like to make sure my beard always looks good, one of the biggest problems with the other beard combs we have discussed is their size.

Usually too big for your wallet, other beard combs often have to be kept in a messenger bag or in your car throughout the day.

With the Go-Comb, exactly the same size as a standard credit card, it fits easily into your wallet without feeling too bulky.Pros: one of the best portable beard combs we have reviewed.Disadvantages: with its 3 ‘width it can be a bit more difficult to style a Yard and whiskers.

4-Baxter Of California-Beard Comb

The US-based company has a wide range of men’s products for every need. From facial creams to bar soaps for men, shaving creams and hair pomades, they are all there.

When it comes to the specific beard comb, it really meets the standards set by the company. Although the company is based in the USA, this comb is made by hand in Switzerland and is made from the same material that Kent’s combs have. And that is cellulose acetate and not cheap plastic that you regret when you see it.Baxter Of California-Beard Comb

It is a handmade high-quality beard comb that reminds me a lot of Kent. It is very strong and easily passes your beard with smooth, cut teeth and round edges.

Although this 3.25-inch comb can be great for most beard lengths and thicknesses, it is still a rather small comb. This means that a certain number of men may find it a little difficult to comb their beards because of the width. Moreover, men with large hands may have difficulty holding it too.

The specific comb also works well as a bag of beard comb. It has two different types of width between the teeth so that it works well for most (facial) hair.

The price for this comb is also not too high, although, at first sight, I would personally go for the combination of three beards coming from Kent, which entail almost the same costs.

This does not mean that the specific Baxter comb from California is not worth its money. It is a solid choice that does not make anyone unhappy, although there is still room for improvement in the price department.

5-Beard Brush and Comb – Best Bamboo Beard Kit for Home and Travel

beard brush is made of bamboo with boar hairs. Bamboo is a wood that is known to be soft and extremely durable. That is why you see that more and more products are made from bamboo.

Bonus: Bamboo is a fast-growing wood, which means it is good for the environment because new bamboo crops are being replanted continuously; there are also no pesticides involved in bamboo farming, so it is biodegradable.Beard Brush and Comb - Best Bamboo Beard Kit for Home and Travel

As for wild boar, they are the gold standard for beard brushes.

The beard comb is double-sided with small teeth on one side and large on the other for maximum versatility. Both the comb and the beard brush fit easily in your hand, making them easy to carry on the road, whether you are a cyclist, a businessman or a roadie who wants to keep his beard in top shape on tour.

The creators of the beard brush and comb set claim that their set can easily stand the test of time and will last forever.

The back offers a 100% money back guarantee and indicates that they will even return 1 cents if you are not satisfied.

Disadvantages: The biggest concern that boys have with this set is that it is not ideal for coarse hair, partly because the boar brushes are not 100% boar hair, but mixed with other hairs.

However, this is not such a problem for men with normal or fine hair.

6-Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth-Beard Comb

This comb is made of natural horn, this is one of the best materials you can use when making combs. The horn, which by nature is keratin, allows a smooth gliding of the comb through your beard without damaging your hair in any way.Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth-Beard Comb

And if you wonder, there are no serrated edges to damage the hair shaft.

The teeth and edges are well polished and offer a smooth comb session. In the field of sustainability, there is no way to break this comb.

It can be cleaned with soap or cold water and as often as you want with soap. It does not produce static electricity such as plastic combs and this allows you to take care of your beard without interference.

Since Zeus Beard is a company that pays a lot of attention to the customer experience, they give you a little extra with this comb. And I’m talking about the leather bag with this comb.

Both are packed in a cardboard box that makes the overall experience excellent. It is also a great gift for anyone who grows a beard.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of this comb is the fact that animals died during the process and as you can imagine, it does not come with a cruelty-free label.

If this is not something that concerns you, you can not go wrong with this beard comb.


7-EQLEF® Green sandalwood – no static handmade comb

Sturdy, durable and supple, the Green Sandalwood Pocket Comb is of good quality and does not break easily, which is especially important if you have a fat, wild beast of a beard.

Green sandalwood is a kind of sandalwood that in itself already has a lot of color variation; it can be yellow, green, brownish; it can have darker or lighter shades of any color that is good. And green sandalwood can also change over time; it can be found, for example, when exposed to light.EQLEF® Green sandalwood - no static handmade comb

However, this is not considered a shortcoming.

It is part of the unique character of the green sandalwood.eqlef beard wooden comb. Green sandalwood has a soft, classic scent of sandalwood.

It is not overwhelming and you smell like the male man you are. The Green Sandalwood Pocket comb effortlessly unravels your beard and feels good – it is ergonomic, with a little weight, that feels nice and firm.

Disadvantages: Some say they feel that the teeth can break easily.

This depends more than anything on the texture of your beard. Boys with super thick, curled or hard beards may want to look elsewhere, but unless you fall into that category, this comb will probably meet your needs.

8-Folding Wood Comb By Striking Viking

Treat yourself to this durable, sandalwood-colored beard comb. It is very durable and customers love the wonderful scent of the earth.

Unlike plastic combs, you will not experience static electricity and your beard will get a neat, clean appearance.

This is a beard comb designed with your beard care products in mind. It is great for evenly spreading beard oil and balm.Folding Wood Comb By Striking Viking

Using your fingers is for amateurs; use a comb and your beard care looks so much better, thanks to the better treatment it gets.

This comb fits easily in the pocket of your front jeans. If you are the most bearded men, you want your beard to always look good.

That is why travel capacity is so important. The comb has a good feeling and weight; it is easy to hold and the wood is smooth.

Moreover, it does not cause static electricity such as plastic combs, so your hair just looks better.

Treat your beard as a living being that deserves pampering and comfort, just like you, and you will have a happy, good-looking beard.

9-Kent 81t Beard/moustache Comb, X-small

Kent 81t Beard/moustache Comb, X-smallThis comb can be small, but it is sturdy with the overall quality. Just like other Kent products, you can expect a handmade, durable comb.

What makes it so special is that it is very portable because of its size.

It fits neatly in your wallet or pocket for occasional retouches. The only drawback is that it is not effective with all types of beards.


Like all Kent combs, the 87T is cut, hand-polished and polished to gently rounded teeth that do not hook or damage your hair.EDITION KENT 87T FOLDING BEARD && MUSTACHE COMB

But the 87T also has other important functions, not the least of which is that it is a foldable comb that fits nicely in your pocket and is ideal for anyone on the go.

His soft teeth help stimulate the natural oils in the hair – and we know how important oil is for your beard – while your hair is being combed. These oils stimulate the cuticles of every hair to lie flat and create healthy, strong and shiny hair.

In other words, say goodbye to split ends and tangles and enjoy the buttery feel of a good comb that runs through your beard.

What is a beard comb and why is it not just called comb?

The definition of beard can sometimes contain mustaches.

These can have the same shape as beard combs, although they are smaller. More often, they come with a small handle that offers higher precision for your handlebar mustache.

It is not that difficult to understand what a beard comb really is. As the name suggests, it is a comb for facial hair and more specifically beards.

What is the difference between the comb of the beard and the hair comb?

The thought behind the width of a beard comb is not as random as you might think initially.

First of all, the beards are in most cases not as dense as the hair on the head and, in addition, you must have better control over the comb for a better combing precision, especially when designing products are added. like beard wax.

Not to mention that that beard comb may be more necessary to carry with you than a comb of hair and, therefore, the smallest pocket size.

Before buy: understand the difference between Beard Combsand a brush

They are big differences when it comes to beard brushes and combs.

In general, a beard comb becomes more useful the longer your beard grows.

In the early stages of beard growth, you can usually keep it in line with a beard brush; Using a comb will probably not keep your hair the way you want it.

First of all, with regard to the design, a high-quality beard brush is made of boars hair, that hair is a natural fiber, it has the ability to absorb oils (beard oil, beard balm or natural sebum oil, produced by your sebaceous glands),This gives you an even layer of oil along the length of your beard.

That is why for most men the ultimate way is to ensure that their beard oil is evenly distributed through the use of a beard brush made of boars hair.

If using a beard brush, your beard looks much fuller (i.e., natural and swollen). This can be a good thing for some people and a very bad thing for others – for each of them.

On the other hand, with beard combs high-quality ridges, you have the very best in styling options where a beard brush simply can not compete with.

evenly spaced teeth in the comb along with everything on the same length, a beard comb gives you complete control over how your beard looks for the rest of the day.

How To Comb Your Beard

So you’ve found the perfect beard comb, now it’s time to learn how to comb your beard properly. Your beard not only feels and looks good, but combing it in the right way also promotes healthier hair!

To start, you want to comb your beard from below. If you comb like this, your beard will look fuller and you will make it easier to process tangles.

Once you’ve combed your beard up, you comb the beard down and see your cut neckline.

Style your beard in any way you want and don’t forget your mustache! Comb it to the sides and away from your mouth.

Criteria for selecting the best beard combs

The first thing to look for when buying a beard comb is to look at the teeth of the comb.

The best beard combs tend to be double-sided, with one side having many small teeth that are slightly tightened and the other side with larger teeth that are slightly separated.

This blend not only adapts to virtually any beard texture and hair diameter but also allows you to comb your hair if you need a dual function comb.

There are some things to consider when looking for the best beard comb for your needs; Keep this in mind:

  • See what material the comb is made of: quality combs are usually made of wood; The added benefit is essential oils, with the addition that sometimes they smell good.
  • Opt for a double-sided comb: you’ll get more use from it, especially if you have a curly beard, beard hair and head hair that are incredibly different in texture.
  • the look of the beard comb: make sure you do not have the shame of using it in front of other people, including your girlfriend.
  • The best beard comb will be strong, double-sided with different comb teeth on each side for greater versatility and ideally wood.
  • Decide if the comb should have an aroma and, if so, how much: different wooden combs have different aromas. In general, a quality comb smells like the wood it is made from, so the smell will not be unpleasant or overwhelming

The final words for best comb for beards

There is more to comb your beard and choose the best comb for beards than it seems but move forward with confidence.

There are many great combs to choose from and adding the most suitable one for your arsenal will help you organize your beard like a man.Then, there are other men with beards. Greetings

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