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15 Best Beard Styles for Black Men (Trendy Looks 2024)

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The beards of black men can be especially interesting since there are as many styles of the classic garage to the chin strap and even mutton chops that work well with the tone of the skin and the hair texture of the beard.

So you do not have to spend a long time searching for the best options, we have selected them for you.

In this article, we will share the most popular beard styles for black men who will never age, thanks to their effective use of skin color to create a unique, manly, and classy aspect.

So, if you are a bearded black man looking for the latest fresh styles to try or just a good-looking guy who wants to grow a full beard, we have the best black men beard styles for you.

15 Best Beard Styles for Black Men of 2024

Next, we have collected photos of the best black men beard styles. From full beards to goatees to bald black men with fresh beards, check these different ideas to inspire it before your next visit to the barbershop for a haircut. And if you need help with beard growth, check our guide on how to grow a beard!

1. The Full Beard Style

The Full Beard styles for black menThe full beard used to be one of the beard styles of the most popular black men, and for a good reason.

The good news is that what was old is new again, and this classic and complete full barb style has been making a resurgence in recent years.

Regardless of hair cut or hair growth pattern, the full beard style can be molded and sculpted to go with almost any face of black men. Black men with high renovated hair can take a full beard appearance easily.

Full beard style is also popular among lovers of vintage beard styles that can appreciate this aged aspect.

2. The Goatee Style

The Goatee styles for black menAnother classic beard style is the Goatee beard style for black men. Goatee styles have always been fashionable, especially in black men with jawlines and chiseled faces, making them one of the most popular facial hairstyles of the African-American community.

3. Short Beards for Black Men

Short Beards for black menLike the full beard, the short beard encourages its beard to grow to where possible. The only difference is in the length of the hairs: a short beard will normally be half an inch or shorter in all locations. This style exudes the same masculinity as the full beard, without necessarily creating the appearance of the extra age, excellent for young blacks.

For a short beard, let your beard grow wherever, just limiting the length less than half an inch with a regular cut.

4. The Five O’clock Beard for Black Men

The Five O’clock Beard for black menDo not get mistaken about it; a shadow of five o’clock will make any black man look irresistible.
Today, black men of all ages are looking for the perfect three-day beard style because it gives the shadow of five o’clock.

Do not be deceived with this relaxed and lazy aspect because it requires serious maintenance to eliminate it successfully.

The cheek and neck The area must be shaved daily to master the appearance, while a quality beard oil will help give the rest of the facial hair that relaxed the fresh appearance.

Cut out the beard every three days to keep this. Search incredibly sexy for black men.

5. Anchor Beard for Black Guys

Anchor Beard for black guysThe anchor is a pointy beard; Goate style is paired with a mustache; This combination creates the shape of an anchor, which is where the beard receives its name. It is also known as the BARBA ‘TONY STARK’ after Marvel’s character. The preparation is vital for the anchor beard; Cutting out each section regularly is essential to keep the form intact—men with a round face, rectangle, or square of anchor beard appearance.

6. Black Men Mustache Styles

Black Men Mustache StylesAre you looking for more black facial hairstyles? The mustache is another popular style in which a man’s mustache is grown thick or thin to complement a clean face or a small beard. Slim, this modern style shows youth and open mentality; Thick, this traditional approach adds male for those who prefer to avoid a heavy beard.

For this style, shaving, if not, the facial hair of it, allowing only a small mustache between the nose and mouth. Leave the longest hairs for a thicker or shorter look for a thinner look.

7. Garibaldi Beard for Black Men

Garibaldi Beard for black menLa Barba Garibaldi bears General Giuseppe Garibaldi of the 19th century, known for his battle skill. A powerful and masculine aspect combines a mustache with a full and rounded beard. The NBA star James Harden has a variation of the Garibaldi beard called Ducktail. That style implies shaping to the bottom of the beard on a slight point. To keep the Garibaldi beard, get regular ornaments with your barber. Doing so encourages hair growth and reduces divided ends, which, if left in place, can give the beard an unfortunate aspect.

8. Chin Beard for Black Men

Chin Beard for black menDo you not need something too pious or complicated? Then a beard of the chin is your way to go. This is one of those black beards that keep your face pretty clean and allows you to balance your proportions. With Chin Beard Styles for black men can make their faces visually longer and narrower.

9. Soul Patch Beard for Black Men

Soul Patch Beard for black menProbably the simplest of all the types of beard for black men. It gives them a certain style of short beard that has an imperial feeling.

Another rotation variation, the soul patch, is simply a strip of facial hair that extends from the lower lip to the chin and can be trimmed almost any width.

In addition to the soul patch, the mustache is a unique way to complement this short beard style and can extend to the center of the chin to create the chin strap.

This is a look that will undoubtedly order all black men who use it a fair share of attention.

10. Stubble Black Men Beard Styles

Stubble Black Men Beard StylesWhile black men with long beards look quite impressive, this can not be an option for everyone. However, a short stubble also gives its appearance an elegant style, without much effort on your part.

11. Van Dyke Beard for Black Men

Black Men Beards Van Dyke BeardVan Dyke’s beard is clean, sharp, sharp, and really a unique twist in the traditional shipyard.

Made popular by the artist Flamenco Anthony Van Dyke, the short beard style is nothing more than a short beard on his chin connected to the cabin, but with little or no mustache at all.

The imperial aspect of Van Dyke must be trimmed daily to maintain his appearance.

This is certainly an acquired flavor and one that comes out a lot of space for creativity for every black man when it comes to expanding the soul patch or in the shape of the chin beard.

12. Mutton Chops Beard Style

Mutton Chops beard styles for black guysAnother retro style that returns to fashion is mutton chops. They adapt to men looking for a bold and intestinal beard style. The appearance is defined by long and sides, and they are cut into a great angle. Because they are so closely associated with men from the old west, mutton chops can risk being a disguise.

To give them a modern touch, cultivate the chops to a beard and keep it clean with regular trips to the barber.

When it is correctly maintained in this way, Mutton’s chops will give you a full face and a male look of the old school.

13. Classic Black Men Beard Styles

Classic Black Men Beard StylesIf you are not sure if a beard adapts to you, you can never go wrong with a classic version, as it looks good at all. That is basically why a beard of the traditional black man is an option to prove for years for all who are trying a beard for the first time.

14. The Bald Man Beard Styles

The Bald Man Beard StylesWhen it comes to the beard styles of black men, the bald man beard style is a classic that never seems to come out of style.

Popularized by the men who were bald and could still grow a full beard, the full beard was thick and luxurious and rose the right of the jaw towards the edge of the ear before a clean line was made, and not Hair is allowed to be allowed to continue.

Not only is this the command of the command, but even black men with full head hair would also shave bald only to get the benefits and attention the full beard aspect commands.

15. Bushy Beard Style

Bushy Beard StyleThe bushy beard is a bold look that can be adapted to adapt to any man. Because it hides the lower half of the face, you can trim a thicker beard to create a stronger map or balance your functions, make your face appear longer.

As these beards take time to grow and require a solid hair base, they can make them look older and more mature.

Donald Glover, who was previously a barely shaved beard fan and mustache, hugged the thick beard in 2018, which gave him a look of inspiration from the seventies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do black men moisturize their beards?

The beard oil containing jojoba and argan oil is excellent to moisten the beards of black men. In addition, the beard balms are also excellent. Look for products that contain affiliate butter, beeswax, argan oil, and jojoba oil. With both, it is better to avoid synthetic fragrances and use products that only have essential oils for aromas.

How can a black man straighten his beard?

To straighten your beard, a black man can resort to several methods. A special beard brush or a beard straightener will do the job well. Remember that its facial hair should be clean when you straighten it using heated tools. If you are looking for a more permanent and drastic measure, then a relaxing beard can be an option. However, it can damage the hair when used too much time or too much, so be careful with it. Finally, but not least, remember to give your beard a regular adjustment, which will help you achieve uniformity with your black man beard thanks to eliminating divided ends.


Black men can grow almost any kind of beard. You can be creative with the style to fit your lifestyle, hair type, and routine. Although many beard styles for black men have been fashionable over the years, it depends on you to do yours when it can rock with confidence; whatever beard style you choose will be the one that turns on the heads.

Anyway, do not forget to take care of your beard and use suitable products to treat your beard.

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