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10 Best Beard Straighteners for Perfect Beard Style 2024

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For those who struggle with a curly, coarse, or fuzzy beard, using the best beard straightener is more effective than fighting using beard oils and balms.

best beard straightenerOf course, you can try the traditional way to straighten a curly beard, which is a shower, apply some beard oil and comb it with a blow dryer.

You can even buy one of our tested best beard brushes and try if that helps. However, the above tricks don’t work for all beards.

But where to start? Do not worry; we can help you find the perfect beard straightener with this guide. It is packed with the best beard straighteners you can find on the market, concluded with in-depth research and a deep understanding of all aspects that make up a right straightener.

It is highly recommended to read the section on (Things to Consider When Buying a Beard Straightener) before reading the reviews to make sure you have the right beard straightener product for you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Beard Straightener

Things to Consider When Buying a Beard StraightenerBefore going to our beard straightener product list, in this first section, we will highlight the features you should keep in mind when reading our reviews.

Remember them, and they will help you find the right product finding to suit your needs as each feature is more or less important depending on what you are looking for and also what is most suitable for you and your facial hair.

1. Type of straightener

Generally, there are two types of hair straighteners on the market; beard straightening brush and combs.

Hair straighteners are smaller and have a flatter surface with teeth close to the heating rod.

The combs, on the other hand, have a more extended handle and, as their name suggests, their teeth resemble those of a comb.

Brushes give you a better grip on the power of your strokes, so ideal for the thicker and longer beards.

Conversely, combs are smaller and better for the thinner and prettier beards.

However, you can find a hybrid option with both a comb and a brush in a single unit.

2. Your Beard Length

You will need some length on your facial hair before it is reasonable to straighten it.

Let’s say you have a short 1-inch beard; it would be pointless to straighten that with a flat iron (since there wouldn’t be enough facial hair between the plates).

Using a heat press comb would be dangerous because you are so close to the skin. And finally, a heated brush wouldn’t have many surfaces to work with at all.

We recommend that you don’t start considering beard tongs heating tools until after your beard length reaches 2, +, for that it probably won’t even be adequately curled.

3. Safety Features

The best beard straightener has several safety features to prevent accidental damage to your hair or skin. Features like this include protective caps, which prevent you from pressing the heating plate directly on your hair or skin, or auto-shutoff features that automatically shut off the straightener when it has not been used for a short time.

The auto power-off function is especially crucial because the straighteners can get quite hot and accidentally cause a fire if something flammable remains on the plate or rod. It’s always a good practice to turn off the beard straightener when not in use, especially since most straighteners start-up in under a minute, but if you forget that you have an auto shut-off feature, you can save a lot.

4. Temperature Adjustment

We have different hair, and that is why our hair needs different temperatures.

The ideal beard straightener should come with different heat settings so you can choose the heating level depending on your beard temperature.

To avoid heat damage to minimize your skin or beard, don’t just jump to the highest level; instead, start with the lowest heat levels and work your way up until you find the right spot.

10 Best Beard Straighteners Of 2024

With a quick and easy way to straighten your beard, beard straighteners give you a neat look you’ve always wanted.

We were wondering where to find these beard straightener? Don’t worry because in these discussions we are going to help you get the perfect and best beard straightener on the market.

Below are the top 10 best beard straighteners in 2024 reviews.

1. Tame The Wild Heated Beard Straightener Brush

tames elite beard straightener brush b07t938nkc1View On AmazonAfter testing the Tame the Wild’s heated beard tongs for a while, I can safely say that this is currently the best beard heat tool available.

Of course, there are tens and tens of different brushes out there, and these hair straighteners are popular. So far, after testing four different models with heated brushes; this one takes the cake.

It is sturdy and very well put together. Although almost all of these style brushes are manufactured in China, it is not shown here.

The brush has a double tension, the usual fire-resistant design and no less than 12 different temperature settings between 250 ° F and 400 ° F.

The 360 ° rotatable cord makes straightening your beard much less hassle and the easy to use buttons (power, heat increase, heat decrease) are extremely easy to use and understand.

It takes about a minute for the brush to heat up from zero to its maximum temperature, and the built-in ionic generator feeds negative ions to the bristles, which helps reduce the heat damage unfortunately caused by all heated beard tools.

  • The best beard straightener out there right now.
  • Pretty safe to use thanks to its anti-scald design.
  • The emitted negative ions mitigate some heat damage.
  • Clear usage instructions and a solid one-year warranty.
  • Made in China, like almost all beard heat tools.
  • Your beard must be at least 2 inches for this straightener.

2. Andis High Heat Press Comb

andis 38330 professional 450of high b077dxln5c1View On AmazonWhen it comes to straightening hair for both men and women, heat can be an essential ally in this battle.

This is due to a protein called keratin, which is a big part of the mass of any beard hair.

Apply heat to keratin, and you start to break down the hydrogen bonds in the chemical formula.

Do that, and the hair becomes pliable and easy to style.

andis 38330 professional 450of high customer image b077dxln5c1The same principle that women use when applying straighteners to their facial hair also applies when you want to straighten your beard.

That’s why there are so many heated beards straightening combs on the market today.

Of all options, this Andis offering is our favourite.

It contains many advantageous features and design points that every man would want in his beard straightener.

For starters, we were very impressed with the temperature range it brings.

A maximum temperature of up to 405 Fahrenheit is too hot for most beards. Still, it is an indication of a device that can reach any useful temperature you want.

There are also extraordinarily active controls placed on that power.

There are as many as 20 variable heat settings and the temperature control between the two is very precise.

This allows you to find the exact temperature you need to straighten your beard without damaging it.

Add a top-quality ceramic comb that spreads heat well through your beard hairs, and this is a top-quality tool.

  • 20 different heat settings
  • High-quality Chrome comb
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Takes a little practice to master

3. Aberlite Ionic Beard Straightening Heat Brush

upgraded aberlite max beard b07mn6lvg21View On AmazonAberlite is one of the best heating brush for beard straighteners, has five adjustable heat settings that don’t go too far (all temperatures are below 440 ° F), three temperature choices are available.

I had tried this, and it’s excellent to straighten my beard in about 3 to 4 minutes, my 5-inch beard straightened quickly, and it was very comfortable and looked great.

You can watch the video below to give your opinion before buying it.

The bristles are ceramic, they have a temperature display, and the buttons are easy to use. There is a 360 ° twist cord that makes your life easier, and it also takes about a minute to warm up, which is no problem at all. Negative ion ventilation is available in the product guide, which gives safety to your beard.

  • Dual Voltage (100V-240V)
  • 40 Ceramic heated plates
  • Anti Scald-LED Indicator
  • Beep Alarm when it’s heated up
  • Tongs are a bit long, so not great for smaller sized than 2.five inch beard

4. CNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

ionic hair straightener brush cnxus b0714j2x7t1View On AmazonCNXUS Ionic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is a remarkable beard straightener that will let you achieve a beautiful and straight salon-quality beard.

Sporting a variety of premium features, this beard straightening brush lets you detangle your beard and straighten it instantly, leaving you with a sleek, healthy and frizz-free beard.

The premium ceramic iron teeth are quite functional and will let you straighten your beard while ensuring zero damage.

ionic hair straightener brush cnxus b0714j2x7t5In particular, we were pleased by the 360° swivel power cord that prevented the wires from twining, and this is an incredible option, especially when you need a straightener that is easy to use and one that supports a range of movements.

CNXUS comes with an adjustable temperature setting ranging from 150℃to to 230℃.

The adjustable temperature settings give you flexibility and allow you to straighten different types of beards, including the beautiful, wavy, bleached, or curly types.

The built-in ionic generator emits negative ions that bond with the molecular particles, and this plays a crucial role in repairing the hair cuticle on your beard.

As such, the ions will seal the hair cuticles, and this helps to reduce instances of frizziness, knotting, and split ends on your beard.

Instead, it will give your beard a silky and lustrous look.

Versatility on the CNUX is manifested through the dual voltage option that lets you use the brush when plugged in from either a 240V or 110V power outlet.

  • Provides customers much more handle-Nourishes your beard-Makes your beard hair straight and easy to manage
  • Significantly less permanent outcomes

5. BeardClass Premium Beard Straightener Brush

beardclass premium beard straightener comb b07rp2hmr81View On AmazonI know the guys over at BeardClass work tough to develop useful top-quality beard resources for males, and they were 1 of the very first ones to enter the industry with the now nicely-identified beard shaping templates.

Recently, they have extra a heated beard straightening comb (or brush?) into their arsenal of items, and I should say that it is a competitor for Aberlite and Tame the Wild.

Like the other two, it has ceramic tines, the anti-scald design and style, damaging-ion generator, 360° swivel-cord, and as most of the beard straighteners it is produced in China.

Exactly where they vary from the pack is that the straightener has a design and style that functions shorter tines, which helps make it more ideal for males with shorter beards (as quick as just 1″ in length).

It also heats up faster than the rivals in just forty seconds, if you’re really in an insane rush (in which situation you most likely shouldn’t be straightening your beard).

For some additional worth, BeardClass throws in a free beard grooming accessory kit that contains a boar-bristle brush, a wooden beard comb, a smaller sized moustache comb, and beard scissors.

  • Special style with shorter tines.
  • Five heat settings on the right scale for beard use.
  • Straightforward to use and does not feel like a Chinese product.
  • Claims (no hair damage) but all heated beard tools do cause some.-May not be the very best choice for guys with long beards.

6. AMOVEE Mini Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener

amovee mini flat iron smart b01ioep9cm1View On AmazonHair straightener is just about the NAVY SEAL Assault Team of beard straightening tools.

Are we overloading their capabilities a little?

Okay, maybe a little bit, it’s unlikely you would

amovee mini flat iron smart b01ioep9cm5But at the same time, if you’re looking for a tool that will help you tackle a wild and unruly beard and help put it right, this tool might be for you.

It is a powerful little device capable of generating heat up to 410 Fahrenheit, more than enough excitement for even the wildest and most challenging beard hair.

Did you see that by the way? (small) said above?

Well, we weren’t kidding, this device is small, less than eight inches long.

For us, this small size makes it perfect for a beard straightener.

This size gives it the agility and flexibility to work in the smaller spaces around j The face and under your chin.

We were very impressed with the free heat resistant glove.

Since the technique behind using a flat iron is more convenient than other devices, this glove is invaluable in helping to prevent painful burns.

We like this device.

We will be honest with you; it can be challenging to tackle shorter beards.

The way these straightener works is to clamp the beard hair between the ceramic plates.

With a shorter beard, it just doesn’t buy to grab the short hair and straighten it.

But for thicker and fuller beards, there are currently not many or no better tools on the market.

Also, add the crazy low price, and this is a real winner.

  • Very mild cut
  • Beautiful and cheap
  • Excellent coating for low friction shaving
  • Too mild for some people

7. Ionic Beard Straightener Comb

2019 ionic beard straightener comb b07pyxlvpx1View On AmazonThe 2019 Ionic Beard Straightener Comb is a more expensive but more advanced beard tong. It also doubles as a comb and brush because the handle is built to resemble a traditional hairbrush, while the teeth are more reminiscent of a comb design. This comb uses ionic heating technology that allows you to straighten your beard’s hair without risking permanent damage to your hair or skin.

There is an LED indicator on the back of the handle that can tell you the current temperature of the comb, and this screen allows you to initialize the automatic temperature lock function, which prevents the heat of the comb gets too high or too cold for long straightening. The comb also has an auto shut-off feature, which will be useful if you ever forget to turn the comb off and have flammable objects nearby.

The boot time is decent but not great, clocking in at around 30 to 45 seconds. Once initialized, the PTC ceramic construction of the comb ensures that heat is dissipated evenly and safely. The focus on safety is something we like.

While it is more expensive than a budget straightener, this is a good choice if you are mainly looking for quality. This is an exceptional comb for any decent length beard that needs to be stretched regularly.

  • Ionic heating technology prevents damaged beard hairs
  • Auto-off and temperature lock
  • LED indicator on the back
  • A little pricey

8. Dolirox 2 In 1 Beard Straightening – Best Value

beard straightener for men multifunctional b07qfwyblf1View On AmazonAs the name suggests, the Dolirox 2 in 1 Beard Style Brush is a multifunctional styler that combines a beard straightener and a hot comb in one.

Tailored to the beauty of men, this brush will not only give you the best look but will also straighten the beard quickly and effectively.

The ceramic blades on this beard straightener heat up in just 60 seconds, straightening your beards in no time.

beard straightener for men multifunctional b07qfwyblf5The heated ceramic plates are useful to dissipate heat immediately and remain consistent; hence your beard gets the best style power with every move.

Whether you want to flatten your hair or deal with your curly beards, this trimmer has the power to do that.

While it doesn’t have an extended temperature range, as we had seen with previous trimmers, it does have two temperature modes: high and low.

In addition to intuitive and easy operation, these two temperature modes are ideal for both thick and thin beard hairs.

The two functions are also designed to prevent hair damage, and unlike other brands, Dolirox 2 in 1 can be heated longer so you can efficiently deal with the dirty and thick hair.

For safety reasons, the ceramic teeth of this beard straightener feature a unique rubber coating that acts as a hair protector and prevents your beard from burning, burning or other heat damage.

  • Portable
  • Dual voltage
  • Mode for high temperatures
  • Rotatable cord limits its use

9. Arkam Premium Ionic Beard Straightener Comb

arkam beard straightener for men b07q5c96451View On AmazonDo you know that life is not perfect, but your hair is? Every time you leave your house, you want your hair to look impressive, but sometimes you can’t cooperate with her.

You do your best to meet this look by using straightening and ironing, but your struggles hit a dead rock. Well, we immediately cared.

With Arkam, you only have to straighten one beard and have enough for the whole day. It can turn your shaggy and messy beard into a lovely charm. Embrace this brush if you want a perfect face.

  • Single Stroke technology saves you a lot of time because you only need one brush stroke
  • With the adjustable settings, you can quickly get the desired haircut
  • Can take care of even the thickest beard
  • Keep your beard looking fuller and healthier
  • Only intended for a longer beard

10. Cordless USB Beard Straightener

beard straightener beard straightening comb b07rq95pgk1View On AmazonSome of you recognize this USB Wireless Beard Heat Brush as (The Beard Struggle) for $ 100.

The funny thing is they order it from Aliexpress, and the Chinese sell them for about $ 20. You can also find this brush at Amazon for about $ 20-60.

beard straightener beard straightening comb b07rq95pgk5So why does Beard Struggle sell it for $ 100? Simply because they think they can get away with it.

(It’s the same brand that tries to scare people into believing that minoxidil wouldn’t work on facial hair while selling themselves (beard growth oils), which it certainly won’t be 100%).

But back to the beard heat brush; it’s pretty good, straightforward to use with clear buttons for on / off and heat settings, and you can charge it via USB.

It is difficult to comment on the brand as there are many different sellers for these heat brushes.

I can guarantee that (The Beard Struggle) has had no involvement whatsoever in the making of the product, although they claim it was (designed by their best beard men for other beard men) or something like that.

In reality, this brush is from China, and it is full of USB charging, has three good heat settings for beard use, LCD screen and is very convenient to use.

  • Convenient to use due to being cordless (for travel, etc.)-shorter bristles than other brushes pointed out, excellent for short beards.-Fantastic heat variety for beard use with 300, 340, and 380°F.
  • Made in China and most sellers are drop-shippers.-Shorter heat bristles may make it tougher to use for men with huge beards.

FAQs About Beard Straightener

how to straighten your beard using a beard straightener?

Ans. Straightening is different for brush and Heat Combs, and I have given step by step procedure for both,

Beard Hair Straightening With Heat Combs

  1. Clean the facial hair with beard shampoo and dry it.
  2. Make sure not to apply oils or balms to your face now.
  3. Use a regular beard comb to go through your beard and remove all snags.
  4. Connect your heated press comb and wait for it to warm up.
  5. Once heated, gently comb through your beard from top to bottom.
  6. Move the comb always and never stop when you touch the beard.
  7. Stop when you are satisfied with the results.

Beard Hair Straightening With Heat Brush

  1. Wash and dry your beard
  2. Switch on Heat brush
  3. Select the desired heating option
  4. Now just brush your beard hair, brush the beard in a straight direction from top to bottom. The time to a straight beard may differ for different sized beards.

Why do I get a curly beard?

Genetics plays a large part in the type of hair you have, so if you do not like it, blame them.

It also will take into account the DNA passed on to you by all your latest ancestors.

Nutrition can also play a large part, with minerals like Zinc and Vitamin A becoming examples of meals that are good for healthy beard growth.

While this could not automatically straighten your beard, it will make it healthier, thicker and more powerful.

That will assist it in replying far better to no matter what straightening equipment and strategies you use.

How can I straighten my beard naturally?

If you don’t want to use any of the electric beard heat tools (understandably), you can try the classic method of showering, apply beard oil and balm, comb your beard and blow-dry at the same time.

Can you straighten a beard with a hair straightener?

Technically yes, but traditional hair straighteners have a very high heat setting without the necessary protection you would need if you use it so close to the facial skin. No, don’t sit on it – just buy a purpose-built beard brush

Can’t I only use a comb and brush to straighten my beard?

Sure. You can also try it with your fingers. Our goal is to find, explain and revise the best tools to help people achieve their goals; in this case, heated tools are the fastest and easiest way to straighten a curly beard if it is more than a few inches long. You can also straighten the hair with a beard comb or brush: or even a regular brush or comb: just not as effective or efficient.


After giving a short review and sharing my experience with these tools, I recommend using the hair straightener brush, the best beard styling tool, compared to mini flat irons, mini hair straightener lasts longer, and it’s not that easy to straighten the beard hairs.

Now you know everything you need to find the best beard straightener for your facial hair. Even if you’re dealing with curly hair or a beard that just doesn’t go in the desired direction, you can now achieve the perfect favourite style.

Beard straighteners are an excellent tool for men of all walks of life and all styles, so enjoy them and don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done!

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