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Style a Long Beard: 10 Best Styles for Men for 2024

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how to style a long beardReady to take your beard game to the next level? Then you’ll want to explore the 20 best long beard styles for men in 2023.

Even better – they’re surprisingly easy to style, with just a few simple steps that can transform lackluster facial hair into an eye-catching accessory guaranteed to turn heads.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to unleash your inner Greek god with our guide on how to style a long beard!

Key Takeaways

  • Faded Long Beard: Trim high up at the sideburns and blend into a full chin beard.
  • Long Beard with Faded Sideburns: Fade sideburns into a short hairstyle for a balanced look.
  • The Harden Beard: Shape to the jawline and square off at the bottom for a sharp appearance.
  • Full Polished Beard: Tame your look with a polished beard that requires regular washing and conditioning.

Faded Long Beard

Faded Long Beard
Experience the amazing transformation of a Faded Long Beard – trimmed high up at the sideburns and gradually blending into a full chin beard. This cool trend is all about texture transformation, with beard dyeing or fading to create an even look that can take your appearance from scruffy to suave.

To start on this facial hair journey, you’ll need patience as it takes time for your long beard to grow out and achieve its desired shape. Eating well, exercising regularly, and using quality products such as conditioners and oils will help stimulate growth.

Combing downward daily will keep it tamed, while trimming any stray hairs helps maintain its shape over time. Finally, opt for some subtle dyeing or fading techniques around the edges that add depth without looking unnatural.

Achieving this style requires confidence in yourself, but when done correctly, you’ll be rewarded with an appearance that oozes power and mastery!

Long Beard With Faded Sideburns

Long Beard With Faded Sideburns
Give your look an edge by fading the sideburns into a short hairstyle for a balanced and sophisticated style.

Long beard with faded sideburns is one of the most popular facial hair trends today, as it offers an effortless way to achieve a modern yet timeless appearance.

To get this look, start by trimming back your sideburns until they are level with the top of your ears or lower. Then use clippers or scissors to gradually blend them into the desired length at which you would like them to stop fading – ideally just above where your jawline starts curving down towards your neck.

This will give you clean lines and create contrast between both sides of the face while still maintaining symmetry in terms of length across all areas from cheekbone to chin line.

When grooming long beards, make sure you keep up on regular washing and conditioning using tailored products designed specifically for facial hair hygiene so that it looks healthy all day long! Additionally, take advantage of shaping techniques such as defining cheek lines or creating more angular cuts near certain points along its edges; this can help emphasize some features while toning down others for perfect balance throughout any longer beard style, whether it’s wild & carefree or even flow varieties!

The Harden Beard

The Harden Beard
Create a million-dollar look with The Harden Beard, shaped to the jawline and squared off at the bottom for a sharp masculine appearance.

To achieve this style, you’ll need some patience and proper beard care. Start by washing your beard three times per week using tailored shampoo to keep it clean and healthy. Then, apply an appropriate amount of moisturizing oil or cream on your skin beneath the hair, which will help hydrate and soften bristles while preventing dryness.

Trim any stray hairs using quality scissors for maximum precision before tidying up sideburns with trimmers set to their lowest setting – make sure not to trim too much! Follow up by brushing through daily as part of your regular grooming routine.

This will ensure that all facial hair grows in even directions without getting tangled or matted together over time.

Finally, finish off with walrus mustache wax if desired. But remember that this look works best when paired with a carefully managed power beard, so keep it trimmed regularly according to personal preference!

With dedication comes great rewards – you can create something truly special when taking charge of The Harden Beard style coupled with good hygiene habits (and maybe add some walrus wax!).

Full Polished Beard

Full Polished Beard
Tame your manly look with a Full Polished Beard, and watch the ladies swoon! Achieving this style requires dedication to your facial hair care routine.

Start by washing it every few days using a tailored beard shampoo, then use conditioner for further nourishment. Use waxing tips and trimming techniques to shape the edges around the lip line in order to maintain its form and neatness.

Once you have achieved the desired length all over, consider dyeing it for more intensity or highlights if needed. After that is done, use styling products like pomade or balm on damp hairs before brushing with a wide-tooth pick.

Sealing everything off can be done through a regular moisturizing regimen which includes weekly applications of rich beard oil. Follow it up with a gentle massage into the skin beneath as well as along the entire facial hair surface itself.

Finish off the grooming process on a daily basis through the usage of a soft yet firm bristled brush, such as one made from boar’s hairs.

With these steps in place, you’ll soon have a full polished long beard style that everyone will envy – just remember, don’t forget to keep those cheeks tidy regularly too!

Power Beard

Power Beard
Embrace your inner strength with a Power Beard, featuring at least 4-6 inches of facial hair. To get this look, it requires patience and commitment to grow out the beard to its full potential.

Here is what you need for power growth:

  • A tailored diet rich in vitamins and nutrients can help promote healthy beard growth.
  • Quality products such as oils, balms, and shampoos are essential for keeping your long beard soft and manageable.
  • Daily brushing will make sure that all tangles are removed while exfoliating the skin beneath the hair follicles.
  • Regular trimming will ensure that each strand has room to breathe so it can stay strong throughout its journey towards fullness!

Keeping up with regular maintenance helps create an even appearance from the cheek line down through the neckline – allowing one’s face shape to come through nicely too! When styling a power beard, be sure not to use Viking-style scissors or trimmers as these may cause breakage on longer lengths; opt instead for quality clippers or shears designed specifically for facial hair grooming purposes.

Power Beard With Walrus Mustache

Power Beard With Walrus Mustache
Combine a strong Power Beard with a bold walrus mustache for an iconic look that is favored by over 60% of men. This wilderness-inspired facial hair style offers the perfect balance between rugged and refined, making it ideal for any man looking to make an impression.

To achieve this look, you’ll need patience as well as the right grooming products. Start growing your beard at least four inches long and use quality scissors or trimmers to keep its length in check while avoiding split ends along the way.

For extra flair, consider adding Viking-style braids or other stylistic choices such as faded sideburns or even longer styling around your chin area to really bring out your features!

Achieving this Power Beard will require some effort on sleep maintenance tools like proper washing with tailored shampoo and using conditioning oils regularly – but don’t forget about trimming too! With all these steps combined together, you can create looks ranging from The Boss through The Harden up until The Warrior longer beard style – all without sacrificing comfortability and ease of maintenance due to less frequent upkeep needs than All-In longest beard styles would demand of you.

So if being powerful yet stylish is what’s desired, then combining a Power Beard with a Walrus Mustache may just be exactly what could help bring those goals within reach!

Long Mustache and Long Thick Beard

Long Mustache and Long Thick Beard
Train your mustache and let your thick beard flow freely before you shape them both.

For a long, thick beard style that’s sure to turn heads, it’s important to take the time to properly groom it.

Start by washing regularly with a tailored cleanser designed for facial hair. This will help keep away any build-up of oils or dandruff that can occur over time.

Next, use some quality Beard Oil on the longer areas of the face – such as around the chin and cheeks.

Additionally, practice braiding techniques when possible so you can create unique patterns in your facial hair without using clippers or scissors.

To maintain its shape and thickness throughout styling sessions, use a trimmer with multiple attachments for precision trimming along top lines and base lines near sideburns as needed.

Finally, remember proper mustache training: brush often in an upward direction starting at one corner moving toward the middle, then the other corner working outward towards the tips.

With a regular grooming routine including cleaning, brushing, combing, oiling, and moisturizing, together with knowledge about how to best trim stray hairs and incorporate different products like pomades, you’ll have no trouble mastering these classic long beard styles soon enough!

The Uniform Beard

The Uniform Beard
The Uniform Beard is a bold look, with your whiskers connected all the way around your face like an unbroken circle. Give yourself a timelessly dashing appearance by maintaining this classic style.

To achieve and maintain the perfect uniform beard:

  • Start by defining the perimeter of where you want to keep hair growth contained and trim any stray hairs outside of this area.
  • Balance out facial features with shaping at cheekbones or jawline as desired – be sure not to cut too much off!
  • Use trimmers on sides for faded roots, blending into longer chin hair for effortless styling without sacrificing definition at edges.
  • Don’t forget about mustaches; they should be trimmed often for a wild but well-maintained look!
  • Maintain shape regularly with regular washing, brushing, combing, or moisturizing routine according to individual needs – taking charge of one’s own grooming habits will help ensure long-lasting success in achieving that perfectly groomed uniform beard style.

With these few simple rules in mind, you can easily create and enjoy wearing this traditional yet ever-fashionable mustache & beard combo!

Even Flow Beard

Even Flow Beard
Achieve a balanced look with the Even Flow Beard, subtly transitioning from your sideburns to chin hair in one smooth line. This long beard style requires patience and dedication to grow out, so it’s important to use quality facial care products that will help keep it tamed.

Consider using beard dyeing techniques on certain areas of your face for an even fade or transition between lengths of hair. When styling tools are used correctly, they can help create sharp lines and define cheekbones, as well as adding texture and definition along the jawline for a distinguished Viking-style appearance.

A polished look with long beard styles is created by trimming away excessive bulk while maintaining length. This helps you get down to the point without sacrificing any manly vibes! To complete the Even Flow Beard effect, regular grooming must be done, such as washing regularly with tailored shampoo followed by moisturizing with balm or oil.

This gives you full control over how much product goes into each strand without causing damage or breakage like wax might do.

With proper grooming methods combined with styling tools such as clippers, trimmers, and scissors, there’s no limit when achieving this stylish yet powerful-looking hairstyle!

Long Natural Beard

Long Natural Beard
Shape and maintain your wild long beard by trimming stray hairs and combing downwards for a rugged yet natural look. Growing out a long beard requires patience, but the end result can be quite rewarding.

To achieve this look, follow these simple steps:

  • Wash your facial hair regularly with quality shampoo to remove dirt, oil build-up, and bacteria.
  • Use conditioner to soften strands.
  • Apply an appropriate amount of beard oil or cream to hydrate the skin underneath.
  • Brush gently in downward strokes for even coverage throughout the day.
  • Lastly, trim any flyaways or looser hairs that hang over other areas of the face.

For added style points, consider two-tone styling with both gray hair grown in naturally plus dye applied at roots only – giving an effortless manliness vibe.

Achieving such looks demands commitment. A regular grooming routine, including washing and brushing daily using high-quality tools (brush/comb), moisturizing afterward, and occasional haircuts by professionals when necessary, are musts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I trim my long beard?

Trim your long beard every 3-5 days to help maintain its desired length and shape. Use quality scissors or a trimmer with multiple attachments for precise styling, and condition the beard with oil afterwards for healthy growth.

What products should I use to keep my beard looking healthy?

To keep your beard healthy, use a tailored shampoo and conditioner, brush daily with a boar bristle brush, apply beard oil or cream to moisturize the hairs and skin beneath. Use quality scissors to trim stray hairs for an even look. Consider using multiple attachments on a trimmer if you want to define cheek lines or sideburns.

How do I style my long beard to suit my face shape?

Style your long beard to suit your face shape by trimming and maintaining the sides, mustache, and cheek line. Use quality scissors for a natural look, apply conditioning oil, and brush daily with a tailored beard shampoo.

What are the different types of long beard styles?

Explore the unique styles of a long beard and find one that fits your face shape. From Viking to Warrior, hipster to Lumberjack, you can choose from 76 top options.

How do I prevent breakage in my long beard?

To prevent breakage in your long beard, condition it regularly with a high-quality beard oil. Brush it daily to keep it groomed and free of knots. Trim away any stray hairs for an even look, using scissors instead of clippers.


From the carefully trimmed Harden beard to the wild and carefree Long Natural beard, there is a long beard style for every man.

For example, take the case of John, who was looking for a professional yet stylish look. He decided on the Full Polished Beard, which required regular washing, oiling, and trimming, to keep it looking sharp and tidy.

From the neatly trimmed Boss style to the bushy and wild Viking style, there are plenty of options to choose from for the modern man.

With the right technique and products, you can create the perfect long beard style to suit your personality and lifestyle.

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