While the search for the perfect grooming tool can be intimidating, I have researched what is needed to be the best beard brush and have discovered some truly inspiring products.
Finding a beard brush should be a fairly easy task, right? I mean, at the end of the day, we brush our beards to look epic, as usual.
Unfortunately, however, with the recent trend in men who growing beards (and yeard), there have been many inexpensive, low-cost companies that flood the market trying to capitalize on the trend.
In this article, we will discover what the upper beard brush is, regardless of the length and density of its beard.
We will have the opportunity to review some excellent products that are available in the market-based in my opinion and experience.
But before that, we will discuss the criteria for choosing the best beard brush. In this way, you can make the most informed decision possible and get the good value for your money.

Why not buy a cheaper plastic comb on the pharmacy shelf?

Anyone who has grown up in his beard will know that a beard brush is a vital tool to help him control that unruly hair on his face. It helps to give your beard a sense of direction, helps to scrape the dead cells that lie in wait in the form of scales on your beard and will also dislodge any residue from yesterday’s dinner (eww) that you can hold in His beard.
I recommend products with unique and totally natural materials with authentic boar bristles. Those that show a reflective composition with respect to the ergonomics of the handle and the arrangement of the bristles and length also win in my book. Of course, a touch of exotic or sharp-looking wood always adds a bit to the cool factor.
There is more to that. But for now, I can not wait to share with you my selection of the best beard brushes in the market.

Top 5 Best Beard Brush Comparison

1-Can You Handlebar-Beard Oil Brush

excited to definitely review this brush given to a recent increase in popularity, especially in the field of men’s grooming. This small compact brush is a good brush for when you’re in a hurry and you’re looking to clean your beard. Given the size of this brush in comparison with the others reviewed, it was substantially smaller.
usually, a brush of horsehair bristles will do a great job distributing the oils very well inside the beard, hence our emotion when reviewing this brush. However, this CanYouHandlebar brush was touted with a soft mane, which is not good, especially if you grow a very thick or very long beard. You see, since the bristles are so soft, they simply have a very hard time getting to the root of the follicles of their beard.
As any beard expert knows, this means a disaster for several reasons. By regularly applying beard or balm oil, a brush that will help the oils travel to the surface of the skin is absolutely necessary. Adequate skin oil coverage will help prevent the appearance of the beard and only dryness and general irritation when the beard grows.
The big bonus point of this brush is the fact that it comes with a small can to store the brush. As we mentioned at the beginning of the review of this brush, this is an excellent brush for travel purposes and for the infrequent touch-ups you need to make when you are on the move. Therefore, if you are going to make a weekend trip or a shorter trip abroad, you can hide this brush and use it specifically for those occasions.

2-Rocky Mountain-Boar Hair Beard Brush

Rocky Mountain Barber Company has a strong reputation for producing quality products for men’s care, and its Boar Hair Beard brush is no exception.
They also encourage you to try your bristles (from boar hair) for any synthetic material. That is a problem with some beard brushes that claim to be 100% boar hair but also have a bit of plastic or mixed nylon.
We like the real thing, we also like the modern wood design of this brush and it comes with a brushed black finish that looks good. It even comes with the Barber Rocky Mountain Coat of Arms, which gives it some pretty serious street cred as well.
However, the looks are not all, of course, and we would not have chosen the Rocky Mountain Barber Company boar hair brush if it could not do the job. But can.
First, the bristles of this brush are softer than others but firm enough to get rid of the snags and knots that often come with the hair of the beard. Your beard will look soft and tidy, with oils evenly distributed throughout your hair.
It is also made of a solid construction and includes a deformation-resistant handle that allows normal wear. Therefore, it can give you your best male grip without worrying about it falling apart in your hands after a few months.
Your Rocky Mountain Barber Barber hair beard brush will come in an attractive gift box that has a foam lining and can be used to store your brush.

3-Boar Bristle Brush

Most of this brush, and why you should choose any brush, is due to the quality and construction of the bristles. Unlike other brushes that we reviewed, this brush seemed to have 100% hair hairs all over the body. We not only suspect that, given the other brush, Liberty Grooming supports this claim by claiming that your brush is in fact (100% boar bristle).
it does an excellent job so that each beard follicle penetrates the skin. This is a critical component to ensure that your beard product reaches the skin under the beard. In addition to being able to reach the skin, this brush does a great job distributing oils between the follicles of the beard evenly, whether it has a very short beard or even a long hair.
However, it would be a mistake to get away from this brush simply because of the size. Given its excellent construction, it is a great brush for any beard to grow effectively and, therefore, should not be overlooked given its size. Secondly, given its size and that it has boar hair warts, some men may experience discomfort due to the stiffness of the bristles. It is important to remember that this will apply to any boar bristle hair brush due to the natural tendencies of these bristles. Remember, the stiffness of boar hair will help train your beard to grow in the right direction.
Now that the size of this brush is a little larger, this could be a problem for the waiter who is always on the move. But, fortunately, this was offset by your complementary comb that is actually included with the purchase of the brush!
While this review deals specifically with brushes, we want to mention, of course, that Liberty Grooming Co includes a comb that makes quick touch-ups simple and with an extra touch.
The evaluations of pairs for this brush, in particular, were for the roof! It is important to bear in mind that this brush was one of the most valued beard brushes online.

4-Zeus Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush

It is surprising that, at a time when there is a great demand for products manufactured in the United States, Zeus has managed to eliminate many local brands with their quality. This is a beard brush made in Germany that has excellent reviews from customers all over the world.
The reason is the quality of the boar hair using the brush. This is the first cut of bristles from a boar.
Now, we’ve heard about Timothy’s first and second hay cut while feeding the rabbits. What is the problem with beard brushes?
The first cut is the part of the hair that grows closest to the skin of the animal. Something like the stem at the base of a plant and that makes it considerably thicker than the top of the hair.
So, these bristles are extremely firm. In fact, I would rate them as (bordering strong). If you have a short beard or stubble , we recommend that you consult option 2 on this list. But if you have a beard that measures more than an inch, it will be perfect.
However, the handle is only 3 inches long. You may want to keep this in mind, as it will affect the way you can use the brush.
On the positive side, that makes the brush perfect for traveling. It even fits in your pocket.
In addition, none of the bristles fall off, even when the brush is new. So, if you hate finding brushes, try this one.
It comes with a neat-looking backpack that can be used during the trip.

5-Seven Potions-Beard Brush

I have been personally using Seven Potions beard products for the last year or so. I love high-quality beard products and this beard brush lives up to the brand’s solid reputation.
From the look, the brush has an oval shape, made of pearwood with 100% boar bristles. The wooden side of the brush has the Seven Potions logo engraved with the laser that looks and feels very unique.
But let’s talk a little more about the shape of the mango.
The size of the brush allows a safe and comfortable grip. I would not call it big and certainly not small. I think the size is more regular and it is big enough to tame the length and thickness of the beard.
Moving towards the boar hair, I mentioned at the beginning that it is the first cut and you might wonder what that means. The first cut is the hair that is cut very close to the body of the animal, and not the ends of the hair, which is also the part of the hair that has the best spine. And this particular feature is what makes this beard brush my favorite.
The good spine of the bristles combined with the excellent density allows an easy brushing and an effective disentangling of your facial hair. This also makes it excellent when it comes to cleaning the beard since the brushing of impurities is a matter of seconds, which makes the beard softer and cleaner.
Speaking of softness, although the bristles are firm, these are natural bristles. This means that the beard becomes straighter and super soft after some brushes and prepares your beard effectively for the application of your favorite products for the care of the beard.
An additional benefit of the spine of boar hair is the message and the exfoliation of the skin. This is something that men with short beards can also appreciate since the brush has more contact with the skin than with men with denser and longer beards.
One last thing I noticed with the brush, in particular, is that it does not lose any hair. I’ve used it every day for the past 3 months and I’ve lost perhaps one or two (although I was not looking for) strands that are absolutely incredible.

6-Beard Captain Boar Bristle-Beard Brush

Beard Captain’s signature brush also works well with beard balm, oil, and wax, and untangles hair while domesticizing and shaping his beard. And is not that what a beard brush is about? While your bristles may be shorter than other beard brushes, we believe they are there when it comes to the best beard for short beards.
That’s one way of describing the Captain Beard Bristle Beard Brush, which has no handle, it fits very well in the palm of your hand for total control. It even has a carved grip for your fingers for your comfort.
Like other high-quality brushes, the Beard Captain boar bristle brush has 100% boar bristles that retain moisture and evenly distribute the natural oils of the face through the hair follicles.
His beard brush with boar bristle base also comes with a free travel bag (with laces), and the friendly people of Beard Captain will even throw a gift box if he is going to buy this brush for one of his men of beard favorites.
You can also buy the Beard Captain boar bristle brush without risk, as it comes with a guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.

7-Boar Bristle Beard & Mustache Brush

It’s 2017. The Vikings are no longer emaciated. Instead, they look smooth, cut, combed and smeared with butter.
Smooth Viking started with a catchy brand and backs it with many quality products to fix the beard.
So much so, that they have quickly become one of the most popular brands in the preparation of men.
His beard brush is one of his main offers and is the # 1 product in sales in Amazon in the category (Beard comb).
It has a compact and ergonomic handle with boar bristles. That sounds like any other beard brush. But Smooth Viking does not use filler bristles (read synthetics). It is one of the few brands that use 100% boar bristles.
The bristles are firm and help to untangle even the curliest and thick facial hair. I’ll let your imagination think if you’re looking to use this elsewhere. The point is that it will work perfectly even with the thickest hair on your body.
The handle is easy to grasp and use, and you will not find boar hair bristles that stick to your beard.
Even if you have an irregular beard, this helps eliminate the bard and also any dirt, food particles that may stick to your beard. If you are using beard butter or oil, the long bristles ensure that it is evenly distributed in the hair of the beard and the skin underneath.
Even the smallest strands are covered evenly.
In addition, in the rare case that you have a problem with the beard brush, Smooth Viking has one of the best customer support teams in the business. Get in touch with them and they will help you instantly.

The difference between a beard comb and a beard brush

When it comes to comparing a comb and a brush, both are your own unique tools that solve a specific set of challenges.
Usually, a beard comb will be optimized to comb your beard. There are many different types of beard combs available in the market (as we have reviewed extensively here), however, there are some things you should keep in mind if you plan on choosing one.
Being that the combs are for style purposes, they combine very well with balms and beard waxes since the introduction of beeswax into those products will help keep your beard in order throughout the day.
[content-egg module=Youtube] Finally, beard combs can also be a good way to train your beard so that it grows in a uniform direction. Therefore, if your mustache can be rolled in your mouth while you eat, or just all day, a miniature mustache comb will help train those hairs to come out the sides and away from your mouth.
In front of the beard combs, the beard brushes are not really designed for style. Of course, a beard brush can make your beard look great, but it is important to touch this key difference.
When you use a beard brush, it will give you a much more complete appearance than that of a comb. This appearance of a complete beard occurs due to the variation of the length of the bristles and helps lift each hair of the face (conversely, a comb can be coupled a little more to the beard).
Second, beard brushes simply do not offer the same control as a comb, which hurts your styling ability a bit.
While a comb helps to train the beard follicles, a brush will offer a much higher performance compared to a comb to properly train the beard follicles.

So, which one should I use?

In large part, it will be reduced to a personal preference. For some men with beards, they believe that a brush can be better if it is in the initial stages of growth of the beard (less than a couple of months) since it can be used to train the follicles of the beard and grow in the right direction and give it a little more full of a look.
Of course, the selection between a comb or a beard is not a rule written in stone, so you will simply want to decide which will work best for you.

How to choose the best  beard brush

Although it seems simple enough, there are some things you should keep in mind before receiving a brush.
A good quality beard brush is an investment that will help you overcome many of the common problems that accompany your beard. And here are some factors that will help you detect a good one.

  • Quality: A beard brush is all about the bristles. Boar hair is the obvious choice because it is more difficult and helps to untangle the curly and rough hair of the beard. The other option is horse hair. But there is a big difference in the texture between the two. The most experienced barbers in the world prefer boar hair. Unfortunately, not everything that is advertised as boar hair is real.
  • Stuffing bristles: it is a common practice for manufacturers to advertise their beard brushes as ‘boar hair’ and use filler bristles made of synthetic. You want to check the label of 100% boar hair and not simply (boar hair).
  • hardness: the bristles of the brush have different textures. A first cut bristle, for example, may be harder than a second or third cut boar hair bristle. You may want to check this depending on how sensitive your skin is.
  • handle: most people do not give much importance to the handle until they hold the brush in their hands and realize that it is impossible to brush your beard. The handle should be compact but should be easy to grasp and use. An average size is 3-4 inches. Anything smaller can be difficult to use.


Final  Word

And there you have our the best beard brush of 2018, my friends. As always, we encourage your contribution; If you have any comments about the brushes we have listed here, or about the subject of any man’s preparation, we would like to hear from you.


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