James Harden No Beard Vs Beard: Real Story With Photos of 2021

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Believe it or not, there WAS a time when “ James Harden with a beard ” was “ James harden no beard.”

james harden no beardHouston Rockets shooting guard James Harden has established himself as one of the highest-grossing options in NBA history. His movements are, of course, flashy, but it’s his beard that has made him an instantly recognizable figure.

He has worn many beard styles that changed from a completely clean-shaven look to a full beard.

When asked about his beard, Harden barely remembers the days of yore when he got a totally different, clean-shaven look.

We like to think his beard played a part in his success, so we need to turn back time to talk a little about James Harden without a beard first.

Let’s take a look at the journey of James Harden’s beard.

James Harden No Beard Vs. Beard

He didn’t have a beard in high school and the early days of his college career. In high school, he was an all-American McDonald’s, and he started his basketball life at Artesia High School in Lakewood, CA. Here he helped lead his team to a state championship in his junior and senior years.

He achieved this even without facial hair. Imagine how dominant he would have been if he had grown a full beard and mustache back then.

Check out this James Harden Beard GIF that describes the growth of the most famous facial hair in the NBA and possibly in the sports world.

james harden beard gif

Pictures James Harden Without Beard

There were days when James Harden was seen without a long beard. He had a youthful appearance ranging from clean-shaven to light stubble and mustaches. Here are 5 James Harden without long-beard photos.

1. Clean Shave

james harden without beard - James Harden Clean Shave

2. Light Mustache and goatee

James Harden Light Mustache and goatee

3. Pencil Mustache connected with a Small Goatee

James Harden Pencil Mustache connected with a Small Goatee

James Harden Beard Styles

1. James Harden Beard for GQ

James Harden Beard for GQ

2. James Harden Shows Off Big Beard

James Harden Shows Off Big Beard

3. James Harden Bushy Beard

James Harden Bushy Beard

History Of James Harden’s Beard

After playing in college in Arizona, he wore the clean-shaven look early on and switched to a short, mustache-less beard in 2009. Since then, he has grown his beard (with a mustache).

When Oklahoma City Thunder signed James Harden, the team knew they had a star, but it was a case of Moneyball, and two first-round draft picks. That’s not a bad deal for a star like James Harden, who has a certain set of skills in the NBA, making him an eight-time All-Star player, Olympics star, and 2018 MVP.

He scored about 9.9 points per game in that rookie year without a beard, certainly not too shabby. If he kept playing without a beard, he might be another average player on a decent team, nothing more, nothing less.
History Of James Harden’s Beard

During season four of Harden’s career, he has this breakout season and now scores 27.4 points per game.

He’s going from good to great and is now the second top scorer in the league. This unexpected jump can only be attributed to one thing, and this is the year he grew his amazing beard.

In 2020, he was the top scorer in the NBA before things were shut down due to the pandemic. We would also like to point out that his facial hair is the largest it has ever been. We don’t think that’s a coincidence.

People Ask Him To Shave

A few times, James Harden was asked to shave his beard, and he really went through with it.

  • 2009 Harden Beard: Fresh-faced top hitch James Harden goes to OK Thunder
  • 2012 NBA Finals Harden Beard: He refused to trim his beard for the NBA Finals, which caused his facial hair to grow longer.
  • 2012 Olympics: Moments later, his beard reached bushy growth.
  • 2015 James Shaves His Beard: Harden lost a bet from childhood friend DeMar DeRozan. He bet everything, and people were shocked by his clean-shaven profile picture on both Facebook and ESPN.
  • James Harden Beard Worth 2018: Yes, the basketball player’s beard is valued at $ 10 million.

When TMZ asked him, James Harden thought he wouldn’t shave his beard unless it were for a good cause, in which case he would charge $ 10 million to shave his beard.

FAQs About James Harden

Why Did James Harden Grow a Beard?

It may come as a surprise to learn that Harden never grew his beard for a specific reason. He claimed the stubble started because of laziness. In an interview with The New York Times, the athlete’s former assistant coach in Arizona stated that the beard just became Harden’s thing.

What is James Harden Net Worth?

Harden, like his fellow players, makes a decent fortune through his NBA career. His net worth is estimated at $ 165 million.

Is James Harden in the bubble?

James Harden was late to report to the NBA bubble for serious reasons. The 2019-20 season of the Houston Rockets ‘ ended in the semi-finals of the 2020 Western Conference against the Los Angeles Lakers. James Harden and Co. lost to the Lakers in five games at Walt Disney World in the NBA bubble.

Is James Harden married?

He is not married, but he has a girlfriend. There may be no event in Harden’s NBA from a non-basketball standpoint that drew more kindness than his relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

The Popularity of His Beard

His looks and style became an everyday topic of conversation for sports fans. The beard was so amazing that Khloe Kardashian started dating James in 2015. They met at a Kanye West birthday party to see that the ladies are attracted to his hair.

He also signed a contract with Adidas. With that, he generates a lot of money. Trolli’s candy also signed a deal with him. They contain sweets in the shape of his face and beard. While there are many successful NBA players with lucrative ad deals, no one brings it in with the help of their beards like James Harden.

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