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Beard Styles for Round Face: Flattering Looks to Accentuate Your Features (2024)

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beard styles for round faceAs a dapper gentleman with a round face, you know that finding the perfect beard style is key to accentuating your features.

Fear not, for there are flattering looks like the Hollywoodian, Ducktail, and Garibaldi that elongate and chisel the face. The Goatee is a versatile option you can experiment with too.

Proper grooming is essential – keep those sideburns trimmed and blend seamlessly into your angled beard or goatee. With a well-defined neckline and commitment to maintaining a sharp look, you’ll find that ideal beard style that commands attention.

Want to display your rugged yet refined self? Keep reading to discover more suave styles.

Key Takeaways

  • Round faces should avoid overly bushy beards that make them appear rounder. Instead, opt for styles that elongate and chisel your features, like the Hollywoodian, Ducktail, or Garibaldi. A crisp, well-groomed beard can work wonders in accentuating your dapper look!
  • Proper grooming is crucial for rocking a flattering beard style. Keep those sideburns neatly trimmed and blended seamlessly into your angled beard or goatee. And don’t forget about maintaining a sharp, clean neckline above the Adam’s apple – it’s an instant face-framing game-changer!
  • The Hollywoodian, with its extended goatee sans sideburns, is a perfect choice for elongating a round face. It emphasizes your chin while creating a slimming effect, contouring your features like a sculptor chiseling away at marble. Très magnifique!
  • If you’re seeking a lightweight, versatile option, a neatly trimmed goatee might just be your new best friend. Play around with different shapes and lengths to find the one that flatters your face the most – it’s like a grooming adventure for your chin!

Identifying a Round Face

Identifying a Round Face
You have a round face if your cheeks are the widest part, with a short and rounded forehead, curved sides, and a rounded chin. Your face is almost as wide as it’s long, lacking sharp angles.

Identifying your face shape is key to finding the most flattering beard styles that accentuate your features. Look for styles that add definition to your jawline and elongate your face.

Avoid bushy, full beards that make your face appear rounder. Instead, opt for groomed looks like the Hollywoodian or Ducktail to create angles and sharpness.

Grooming Tips for Round Face Beard Styles

Grooming Tips for Round Face Beard Styles
Maintaining a well-groomed beard is essential for men with round faces, as the right styling can help elongate and define facial features. Proper trimming, blending sideburns, sculpting the chin area with a shaped beard or goatee, and keeping the neckline clean above the Adam’s apple are key grooming tips to flatter a round face shape.

Trim Facial Hair to Avoid a Bushy Appearance

Maintaining your stubble length is key to avoiding a bushy beard on a round face. Regular trimming and shaping techniques, like using a beard serum for a clean slate, create prime cuts that add true grit. Consult your barber for precision goatee or beard care recommendations to achieve a well-groomed look that flatters.

Keep Sideburns Trimmed and Blended

In complementing a trimmed facial hair style, keep your sideburns neatly trimmed and blended seamlessly into your beard. Use trimmers with varying guard lengths for a smooth, tapered change from sideburn to chin strap. This maintains definition while avoiding harsh lines that visually widen the face—a common pitfall for round face shapes.

Elongate the Chin With a Shaped Beard or Goatee

To elongate a round face, a shaped beard or goatee creates an illusion of length along the jawline and chin. Try the Garibaldi for its angular shape with a wide bottom, balancing roundness. The Ducktail, pointed below, offers added dimension and apparent length. The Van Dyke’s floating mustache and angled chin hair artfully contour softer angles.

Keep Neckline Clean Above Adam’s Apple

You’ll want to keep your neckline clean by shaving below the jawline for a crisp look. This helps define facial contours and prevents stubble from creeping down your neck. Proper neckline maintenance accentuates your jawline, creating a more chiseled appearance that flatters round faces.

Maintain a Well-trimmed Beard

You’ll want to maintain your beard’s trimmed appearance for a polished, dapper look. Regularly groom your facial hair using sharp scissors or trimmers, carefully sculpting clean lines along the cheeks and neckline. Consistent upkeep prevents stray hairs from ruining your well-groomed visage. Establish a routine that incorporates thorough trimming alongside a robust skincare regimen.

Top Beard Styles for Round Faces

Top Beard Styles for Round Faces
For round faces, the Hollywoodian and ducktail styles can add length and definition.

The Hollywoodian features an extended goatee without sideburns, while the ducktail tapers to a point at the bottom for an elongating effect.

The garibaldi and goatee are also excellent options.

The garibaldi’s angular shape with a wide, rounded bottom flatters roundness.

A neatly groomed goatee offers a light, versatile look.

Hollywoodian: Extended Goatee Without Sideburns

The Hollywoodian is a goatee variation perfect for round faces. It avoids sideburns, giving your chin and jaw an elongated appearance. This extended style emphasizes your chin while creating a slimming effect. With its angular lines, the Hollywoodian contours your features, adding definition to balance out rounder dimensions.

Ducktail: Pointed at the Bottom for a Longer Look

Looking for a suave beard style to elongate your face? The ducktail’s pointy bottom creates a sharp, angular jawline. Trim the sides short gradually tapering towards the chin for added length. Vary the length based on your facial features—keeping it longer draws focus downwards. Match it with a sleek hairstyle for an ultra-stylish vibe.

Garibaldi: Angular Shape With a Wide, Rounded Bottom

The Garibaldi beard style features an angular shape with a wide, rounded bottom, perfectly flattering a round face. This full beard style allows your facial hair to grow freely while maintaining an angular shape, creating a chiseled, masculine look. With proper grooming, the Garibaldi’s wide bottom balances your face’s roundness.

Goatee: Light Beard Style That Can Be Experimented With

If you’re looking for a lightweight beard style that’s easy to maintain, a goatee might be your best bet.

This classic look accentuates your chin, giving your face a sharper, more defined appearance.

Play around with different goatee shapes and lengths to find what flatters you most. Keep the mustache neatly trimmed and edge the lines for a crisp, polished look.

Additional Beard Styles for Round Faces

Additional Beard Styles for Round Faces
For those seeking additional stylish beard options that complement a round face shape, the Van Dyke style features a floating mustache paired with angular chin hair for contrast.

The Balbo combines a goatee variation with a mustache.

The boxed beard, consisting of heavy stubble groomed from the cheeks to the jawline, provides a strong, angular outline to balance softer facial contours.

Van Dyke: Floating Mustache and Angular Chin Hair

Got an angular jawline? The Van Dyke is a stellar choice—just a floating mustache and structured chin hair. This beard style accentuates your chiseled features while trimming away excess bulk. Maintain an angular mustache shape and neatly groomed chin hair for ultimate dapper vibes. Consistent facial grooming is key for this high-maintenance yet incredibly flattering look.

Balbo: Variation of Goatee With a Mustache

For a bold yet refined look, try the Balbo style—a mustache paired with a chin strip that branches into two separated sections. Here’s how to rock it:

  1. Trim sideburns short
  2. Shape a thin, connected mustache
  3. Shave cheeks completely
  4. Maintain a shaped goatee variation

This angular style creates an elongated appearance, flattering your round facial features.

Boxed: Heavy Stubble Groomed From Cheek to Jawline

The boxed beard style is a rugged yet refined choice, featuring heavy stubble groomed from cheek to jawline. This defined stubble length creates a stylish frame for your face, accentuating your jawline while adding a touch of edginess. Maintain your groomed stubble with regular trimming for a sharp, masculine look that flatters your round features.

Ultimate Beard Care Routine

Ultimate Beard Care Routine
To maintain a well-groomed beard, make sure to cleanse your face and beard regularly with a gentle facial wash. Additionally, use a detox face scrub for deeper cleansing to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs, keeping your beard healthy and rejuvenated.

Cleanse With a Gentle Facial Wash

After exploring various beard styles for round faces, it’s important to establish a grooming routine. Start by cleansing your face with a gentle, non-drying facial wash to remove dirt and oil buildup. Proper cleansing prepares your skin for the next steps, ensuring a healthy base for your beard growth.

Use a Detox Face Scrub for Deep Cleansing

Detox your complexion weekly with a charcoal face scrub. This deep-cleansing exfoliant sloughs off dead cells and purifies pores of grime and impurities. Look for natural ingredients like charcoal, clay, and botanical extracts that draw out toxins without stripping your skin. Regular detoxing rejuvenates dull complexions and prevents ingrown hairs.

Maintain a Regular Grooming Routine

You’ll savor the benefits of regular grooming with a personalized routine. Invest in quality tools like trimmers, brushes, and oils suited to your beard type. Develop timesaving techniques like trimming while showering. Consistent grooming promotes healthy beard growth and a polished, professional appearance you’ll take pride in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose the right beard style?

Assess your face shape objectively. Round faces suit elongated styles to sharpen angles. Try a goatee, ducktail, or garibaldi with strategic trimming for a slimming effect.

Can beards make a round face slimmer?

Yes, strategically grooming your beard can create an optical illusion that slims down the appearance of a round face. Elongating styles like the goatee or Hollywoodian draw focus downward, creating a more chiseled look.

Are certain beard styles more flattering?

Yes, certain beard styles can flatter a round face. Go for styles that elongate and add definition, like a goatee or ducktail. Avoid overly bushy looks that accentuate roundness. With strategic grooming, you can achieve a sharper, more chiseled appearance.

What tools are needed for grooming?

You’ll need a quality beard trimmer, sharp scissors, a boar bristle brush, and beard oils/balms to keep your facial hair styled and maintained.

How often should beard be trimmed?

You should trim your beard every 2-3 weeks to maintain its shape and prevent it from looking unkempt. Regular trimming keeps stray hairs at bay and guarantees an even, polished appearance.


Envisioning your new refined look, with a flattering beard style complementing your round face? Don’t settle – pursue the ideal sculpted beard that exudes sophistication.

With commitment to precise grooming and neckline definition, styles like the Hollywoodian, Ducktail, or Garibaldi will elevate your facial features.

Embrace a polished yet rugged aesthetic by carefully maintaining your chosen beard style for a round face.

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