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5 Best Ducktail Beard Styles: How to Grow & Groom 2024

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The name of the “ ducktail beard ” comes from the pointed and prominent chin part, shaped in the same way as a ducktail.

ducktail beard stylesWhile the name sounds somewhat comical, the duck-tail beard has a reputation for being far more sophisticated than its somewhat silly title, as it has managed to combine robustness and class for a usable hybrid look that combines professional and masculine.

Throughout history, facial hair has changed and evolved. In fact, the ducktail beard is one of those styles that were only recently popular. It is categorized as one of those types of a full beard. Some experts would describe this beard as a type of facial hair that crosses the fine line between a sophisticated and a wild beard.

The ducktail beard is best suited for men with diamonds or oval faces, but as a safe beard style, it looks pretty good on all face shapes.

Nevertheless, maintaining a full ducktail beard requires more than a few combing and waxing.

In this article, we will discuss some of the few ducktail beard hacks. Moreover, if you are still unsure whether to get this beard style, we will give you a list of some famous ducktail beards.

What is a Ducktail Beard?

What is a Ducktail BeardThe Ducktail is an elegant and sophisticated beard reminiscent of Belle Epoque intellectuals and, inevitably, a duck’s tail. Both Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio adorned a kind of pointed beard in Django Unchained.

However, they both had a closer relationship to the elongated circle beard because they did not connect to the sideburns. During his adventures with facial hair, Mel Gibson sported a graying and dignified Ducktail beard at one point.

As is characteristic of pointed beards, it has a medium cheek line and a higher than average neckline. The mustache is kept relatively short, which merges into the cheek line. The mustache may have a slightly wider parting than usual to account for the oblique contours.

The soul patch area is well cared for and sculpted to blend into the strong path that ends in a point. Note that the end can even be slightly curled to really mimic a duck’s tail aesthetic.

Because the Ducktail sits low on the face, they are also a godsend for men who get thinner facial hair. Cheeks. It is usually groomed and brushed regularly to keep its shape, but it can be forgiving to those who neglect it for short periods.

Nevertheless, daily shaving is required to update the contours as this can quickly appear disproportionate.

Ducktail Beards Vs. Pointed Beards

The ducktail beard is slightly more upwardly curved and more angular than a typically pointed beard. While you can brush your beard down to a point at the chin, ducktail beards are groomed on the underside as well, so the bottom point often curls upward, much like a ducktail.

Which Face Shapes Work With A Ducktail Beard

Which Face Shapes Work With A Ducktail BeardWhen starting with a fresh look, you always want to check that it matches your face shape. However, sometimes you don’t know until you’ve tried the look. Expert hairdressers say the duck’s tail beard shape is perfect for the following faces:

  • Diamond
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Reverse

One thing to keep in mind is the ducktail beard stands out for its pointed shape so that you can style your beard like a goatee with a ducktail or even a Van Dyke beard.

How to Grow a Ducktail Beard

How to Grow a Ducktail BeardThe ducktail style is all about making your hair’s chin grow longer over time while cutting the sides. A beard grows about an inch every month. A ducktail can be grown long or short, and a good length would be an inch and take about 4 months to mature.

The first thing you need is a full beard before styling. If you have one, then that’s great. If not, grow your full beard and style it as normal for the first 1-2 months, but focus on keeping the cheeks and mustache areas short and short.

You don’t need a big, bushy, massive beard, but the ducktail needs a lot of hair before you start styling. You will need a reasonable length and fullness (2-4) to work with.

Cheek hair can be clipped as needed, and many duck tail enthusiasts maintain a shaved area below the neckline while the beard grows above the neckline.

Grow chin hair to desired length (2-4). You can grow your mustache long and pointed (get those points with the best mustache wax), or many growers keep it short, giving the beard more emphasis.

5 Best Ducktail Beard Styles

While the ducktail doesn’t look great on every face shape, it works well for most men. If you’re trying to grow, trim, and style a ducktail beard, it can help to see examples of facial hair in action. Check out the cool beards below to get ideas on how to shape a ducktail beard.

1. Short Ducktail Beard

Short Ducktail BeardThe simplest and easiest to achieve a version of this beard style is the short ducktail beard. This can be done by trimming the beard’s hair growth for a few months to create a length gradient from the cheeks’ outer edges to the chin.

Facial hair on the cheeks can also transition from stubble to longer hair. Parts of the ducktail beard as well. The transition in length is essential to identify this ducktail short beard style.

This short beard style is best for those with rounder facial features who want to balance them with a more angular illusion.

2. Long Ducktail Beard

Long Ducktail BeardA long ducktail beard is full and long and needs a lot of attention to look good. You will have to style it daily and use special beard oils, balms, and waxes to keep it together. Also, use a moisturizer to condition the skin underneath and rock this style.

3. Pointed Ducktail Beard

Pointed Ducktail BeardWhile a classic ducktail beard has a rounded tip at the chin, a pointed ducktail beard brings out the pointer game with an even pointier tip. This can be achieved through a combination of trimming your facial hair to a pointed beard shape where the chin is located and using beard balm or beard oil to refine the shape further.

Beard oil is best used to care for and control frizz. Unkempt hair to stay within the trimmed beard shape, and beard balm is best to bring the hair further to the chin’s center to really sharpen the beard shape.

People with wider, rounder face shapes can choose this style to lengthen their face and further emphasize their chin to make their jawline more angular.

4. Full Ducktail Beard

Full Ducktail BeardIf you have a thick and straight beard, this is the ducktail style to wear. All you need to do is grow the beard and ask your hairdresser to cut it to get the ducktail. This has to be one of the easiest styles to achieve.

5. Bushy Ducktail Beard

Bushy Ducktail BeardA more relaxed beard style with a full ducktail is the bushy, bearded alternative. This is best for those with thick hair who prefer a rougher, logger, or Viking beard style.

This is significantly less maintenance, allowing more time between trims. However, to maintain a consistent texture all over the beard, it is helpful to groom the hair every day with a high-quality beard comb or beard brush.

A light amount of beard oil also helps condition and maintain facial hair. It looks healthy.

How to Trim and Shape a Ducktail Beard

How to Trim and Shape a Ducktail BeardYou can cut and shape a ducktail beard at home, but since it is an advanced beard style, I highly recommend – at least for the first time – you go to a professional hairdresser to have it done.

After that, it is much easier to keep only the edges and to shape them yourself.

As you can see, it takes a lot of work, even for a hairdresser to create a beautiful ducktail beard. This is a professional, easy-to-maintain beard style, so don’t be too confident about your beard care at home.

If you insist on trimming a ducktail beard yourself, we’ll continue with the exact step-by-step process of how to do it, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

The tools you need are:

1. Start brushing your beard and choose a style

How you style and trim your hair depends on the ducktail beard style you choose. Maybe you want to keep it short and sweet with a goatee and less hair along the jawline, or maybe you want to go for the thicker, fuller beard to trim your cheekbones and create an angular face shape.

Other styles connect the mustache to the beard or include a soul patch. It’s up to you what works best for your face, mouth, and corners. It’s best to use a beard comb or brush to smooth and lengthen your hair so you can see what length you’re working with from all angles. However, you will need at least three inches or more of chin hair to style the ducktail.

2. Carve Out a Rough Ducktail Shape

This is the hardest part of trimming your beard, but you’ll whiz past the other steps once you get through it. It would help if you first had the ideal shape to work with your tools to get the best results. You can get a great beard shaper for this job. The best beard shapers give amazing results when used correctly.

Using a beard trimmer without a guard, cut a 5 cm pointed ducktail on your mane. Be quiet and steady with your trimmer as you don’t want to mess up the shape. You want to trim and shape your beard to look its best, so take your time.

3. Gradually Clean Up the Rough Edges and Shorten the Sides

Once you’ve cut out the bottom part of your raw ducktail shape, the next step is to remove your beard brush and brush it out from the bottom to reveal the pointed duck tail part clearly.

Once you have the ducktail in sight, pull the trimmer again and slowly but surely begin to give the lower part of your facial hair a cleaner and cleaner look.

There should be a sharp edge where the side of the face meets the jawline’s end, and then the rest of the jaw should have a slightly straight edge up to the pointed chin.

At this point, you may also want to remove your beard comb and use it to pull out any broken beard hairs. The sides and cut them off; you want your sideburns to be about ½ – 1 ″ long. You can also use a protective comb for the sides if you are more comfortable with it.

4. Work on your ducktail beard, neckline, and cheeks.

Start with your neckline from the highest point on your Adam’s apple. Create a beautiful neckline that follows the natural shape of your jaw. Ensure you don’t get above Adam’s apple, or you won’t get the look you want.

Work on the cheekbones by making a nice and clear line on the upper cheeks. Keep the line as high as possible for the best results. You can look up different tapered beard styles and trim your beard to the shape you want.

5. Maintain your ducktail with hairdressing scissors and a comb

It would help if you used a high-quality beard comb to guide your hair the way you want it to grow to your chin while using scissors to maintain the hair’s length along your jaw, chin, and cheekbones.

You also don’t want to focus on one hair at the end of your chin. The tip is quite thick, and while some guys curl it up a bit to look like a real ducktail, it could be over the top if you love the angular look of this beard.

FAQs About the Ducktail Beard

How long does it take to grow a ducktail beard?

It takes about 5 months to grow a beautiful and full ducktail beard.

How do you do a ducktail beard?

Trimming a ducktail beard by shaping it into the desired shape involves trimming the beard regularly on the beard’s sides and keeping the cheeks clean while narrowing the buttocks. And shape the centerpiece with some beard oil and/or balm.

Is a ducktail beard professional?

Yes. As long as you maintain it properly and keep it healthy, there is nothing wrong with wearing a ducktail beard to the office.

How do I make my beard pointed?

With a stiletto beard, the hair has grown out and is already of good length. With the trimmer, make a precise line around the lower cheeks and make a neat line around the soul patch. Once this is done, just cut so that the longest of your hair is at the chin and pointing down, and voila!

Which celebrities grow a ducktail beard?

Like Mel Gibson, Leonardo de Capri, Jamie Foxx, and Brad Pitt spotted ducktail beard once in their lives and looked very fashionable.


Wearing a beautiful and well-maintained beard has remained one of the most masculine and attractive features for many men.

Usually, men who want to look strong, mature, and sexy opt for something like a ducktail beard.

It’s one of those complex yet simple looks that you can achieve as long as you do enough work. Get that elegant and classic look with the ducktail beard.

Furthermore, they have developed other subcategories, including the two-tone duck-tail beard, the pompadour duck-tail beard, the thin-edged ducktail, and many more.

All you have to do is find the perfect version for you!

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