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MicroTouch Solo Review: is It Worth It & Really Work? (2023)

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microtouch solo reviewThe Microtouch Solo is advertising as an all-in-one shaver at a competitive price. Does it work as advertised? Here is my microtouch solo review.

Micro touch solo razor is a radical all-in-an electrical shaver.

The name “ SOLO ” comes in the claim that only the man’s utilities you need. It doesn’t matter if you shave, trimming or edges. It gives you a wide range of functions at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for a clean shave, a little bit of scruff or a complex beard, or a mustache, the micro touch solo razor allows you to reach the desired look without the hassle and minimal effort.

It sounds like a fantastic deal. But is it a dream coming or smoking and mirrors?

In this review, we share a detailed and fair image of the micro touch trimmer with you. This includes an overview of the packaging, which is included when you buy it, and of course, shave performance.

Microtouch Solo Review

The Microtouch-Solo is a brand new all-in-one smart razor. Made from German stainless steel, these razors, edges and shaved both with and without water, making it the perfect traveling razor for the busy man.

The solo shaven bi-directional and consists of 3 trim combs for only $ 24.99.

Unboxing Micro Touch Trimmer

Unboxing Micro Touch TrimmerView On AmazonThe package contains only a few accessories. Immediately I took the solo as a great tool for the traveling type.

The entire solo bundle weighs over a pound. Here is an overview of the packaging and what you can expect when you buy the Microtouch solo:

One shaving head

The shaving head of the dual-blade is made of German stainless steel, with a smooth coating over the front plate. That way, it can slide over your skin. The manufacturer says that the head takes about 4 months. Replacement shavers are sold separately.

USB power cord

The USB power cord is an interesting choice. It is your average cord, but there is no standard two-prong plug. Nowadays, almost everyone has a USB wall adapter. The choice was probably meant to save you a few extra dollars. But if you do not have a USB-Capable Wall port, you must have a separate

3 Combs

The combs are available in three different cutting lengths, and you have some versatility in trimming your hair up to 5 mm, 3 mm, 1 mm, or almost skin level (without a comb).

The combs have a rather pointed end, so if you want to use this for body grooming, we recommend that you avoid delicate areas because the poking of these combs can cause some discomfort.

Pocket brush

You also get a small brush to clean the blade or guards of the solo. I rarely disturbed these small brushes. I have a neat pile in my bathroom. Yet it is a nice addition to the package for those they like to use.

Micro Touch Solo Review: Features & Benefits

Pivoting Head

Micro Touch Trimmer Pivoting HeadFurther blur The lines between a body hair and a cartridge razor are the pivotable head available on the microtouch solo razor.

When a comb is attached, the head can still be executed easily.

The head is approximately 2 “wide, the standard width for most shavers.

Moreover, the head on the microtouch-solo is replaceable if it is boring after extensive use or if you accidentally decrease On the heavy bathroom floor and it breaks (more about replacement costs later).

But a small design error that we have noticed when the comb is attached to the cutting head. Like the oneblade Philips Norelco, it can only be a cutting blade Used when the comb is added.

If you only use the Microtouch-Solo once with a coupled comb, you are effective in only use half the blade. That’s why, if it gets boring, you go it Replace head even if the other side stays sharp.

It would have been nice to see a comb with which you can use both parties to use more value and use efficiency during trimming (so that efficiency during trimming, you will improve and re-shave, especially if you have this g consumption for body occupation).

LED Light

There is a built-in spotlight on it, which gives you a high-intensity light if you trim.

Precision Grooming

With this blade, you can get hyper-advanced; make sure you give the exact task you need, whether edges, trimming, or shaving. There are three healthcare fixings and a cutting head at every order.

Micro Touch Trimmer Length

What makes the microtouch solo unique from other beard or body hair trimmers the size. Only 6 “long, it is only 0.5” longer than a standard pattern that blade but a full 2 ​​”shorter than a beard trimmer.

No Irritation

The blade allegedly does not require water, no shaving soap, and no shaving cream but still give you the perfect shave without any skin irritation.

Micro Touch Solo Razor Weight

Since this is a trimmer with a lithium-ion battery, the Microtouch solo is surprisingly light. As you can see in the comparison image below, it weighs 59 g (2,08oz).

This places it in the same class as a standard cartridge razor and far below the weight of a beard trimmer.

Micro Touch Razor Review: Shaving Experience

Micro Touch Razor Review: Shaving ExperienceI admit that the shaving experience of the solo welcomes me in the beginning. That is because the design of the stainless steel blade head is unusual.

When you enable the solo, the serrated teeth buzzing back and forth. The solo razor The same works as your typical trimmer. However, cut a lot closer than a trim device I have ever tested.

Thoughts about the solo as a slaughter that is afraid of sharp cutting blades with your face don’t have to worry. You cannot pinch yourself on the teeth. I pressed my finger directly against the blade head, and nothing has happened.

In my first shave with the solo, I only had two days of growth. Later I tried five days, and the device is easily shaved.

I will admit that even after two steps not so close as a wet razor. However, I cannot blame this on the solo because it is not really intended to close shave.

If you have sensitive skin, the micro touch solo razor offers a great alternative to more expensive electric shavers.

I found the solo shaving experience quickly and easily. It did not irritate. Because the serrated edge does not dig into your skin, you don’t have to get ingrown hairs.

Pivots about 30 degrees. It moves just enough to contour around your jawline and chin. I had to work a little for my hands to get to those difficult places, but I do that with an electric razor.

I found the razor heats up, especially after two steps. It does not reach the warm levels, just warm. The manufacturer stated that it is normal. The moving parts rub together and cause a little friction. It doesn’t irritate. It’s just something that I have noticed.

Microtouch Solo Review: Maintenance & Blade Replacement

Micro Touch SOLO MenMaintenance is a whistle of the Micro Touch Solo. The battery takes about 45 minutes and takes a few hours .to charge fully

I recommend that you blow your hair around the blade while shaving. Since there is only one cutting edge that is sliced ​​simultaneously, clean up tools in performance.

Do not splash water on the solo or use oil. It is not like a normal trimmer or razor. Once you have finished shaving or trimming, wipe the blade and walk away. It’s that simple.

All good things must end. Eventually, the blade loses its sharpness. I discovered that the blade head took about four months of daily use. You know when it’s time to replace the blade when the smooth surface of the faceplate loses its coating.

Blade replacement is easy. The head of the solo comes off without a problem. You can order new headlines online and click on these clicks. The heads cost less than the razor options with five sheets. So in the long term, you also save money on heads.

  • The long-lasting, dual, German German stainless steel sheets will not burn anything or cause razor.
  • Works with and without water
  • Multiple trimming combs
  • The built-in LED light is difficult to see stains such as mine. Chin.
  • Bi-directional shaving
  • You cannot deny the attractive first prize. You also save by not buying expensive Razor blade replacements.
  • Battery life takes 45 minutes
  • We need to replace the 4-month blades
  • Does not shave Super Close
  • The guide trays are not adjustable, so your only options are 1 mm, 3 mm, and 5 mm beard Trimming.

What Can the Microtouch Solo Shave?

The microtouch solo is recommended to be used only on both face and body hair. This includes the chest, arms, legs, and back.

With a view to the fact that the fixing combs have a pointed end, please do not use this trimmer to delicate areas (pubic surroundings) because it can harm when loose skin can harm. Moreover, there are no special mechanisms to prevent the skin from being accidentally cut.

Finally, Microtouch also states that this may not be used on the head hair – important to notice if you are bald.

Micro Touch Solo Review: Verdict

The microtouch solo is a radical all-in-an electric shaver. It gives you a wide range of functions at an affordable price.

We hope that this microtouch solo review was handy when learning a little more about the microtouch solo and if it is the right tool to work in your care routine.

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