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Best Hair Cutting Shears: Top 9 Picks for Stylists for 2024

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best hair cutting shearsImagine standing at the brink of your next masterpiece, shears in hand, ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The best hair cutting shears are more than just tools; they’re extensions of your creativity, offering unparalleled precision, control, and the promise of endless possibilities.

In 2024, the quest for the perfect cut demands innovation and mastery.

Dive into our top 9 picks for stylists, meticulously curated to elevate your craft to new heights.

Let’s shape the future of hair artistry together.

Key Takeaways

  • High-quality Japanese stainless steel is preferred for durability and sharpness, making it a top choice for professional hair cutting shears.
  • Different blade types, including convex, semi-convex, and beveled, cater to various cutting techniques and hair textures, offering precision, versatility, and control.
  • Ergonomic handle designs such as classic, offset, crane, and swivel, along with adjustable tension, contribute to comfort, reduced fatigue, and an enhanced cutting experience for hairdressers and barbers.
  • The length of the shears, typically ranging from 5 to 7 inches, should be chosen based on the specific needs of the user, with shorter shears favored by hairdressers for precision work and longer shears by barbers for efficiency in cutting thicker hair.

Essential Features of Top Hair Shears

Essential Features of Top Hair Shears
You’re in the market for shears that’ll make the cut, so let’s talk essentials: steel quality, blade types, handle designs, and the right length.

These key factors will shape your cutting experience, ensuring precision, comfort, and style with every snip.

Steel Quality

In the quest for the best hair cutting shears, steel isn’t just a material; it’s the backbone of durability, sharpness, and longevity.

Opt for Japanese stainless steel in your professional scissors to ensure corrosion resistance and a cut above the rest.

Blade Types

After diving into steel quality, let’s slice into blade types.

Your shears’ edge geometry—be it razor-sharp convex, versatile semi-convex, sturdy beveled, or grip-friendly serrated and micro-serrated—shapes your cutting prowess.

Paired with offset handles and ergonomic grips, you’re in for a snip above the rest.

Handle Designs

Dive into the art of perfect cuts with handle designs that redefine control.

From classic to swivel, each ergonomic grip promises unmatched handle comfort.

Explore handle materials that ensure durability, making every snip a testament to your mastery.

Let’s shape the future, one cut at a time.

Length Considerations

Choosing the right length for your hair cutting scissors isn’t just about size; it’s about control.

Longer blades glide through more hair, while shorter ones offer precision.

Balance scissor weight and handle size with blade sharpness and tension adjustment for cutting-edge results.

9 Best Hair Cutting Shears

Let’s explore the top 9 hair cutting shears that stand out in 2024, each crafted for precision and durability.

You’ll find options perfect for every stylist’s needs, from ergonomic designs to razor-sharp blades.

1. Kinsaro Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Professional Hair Shears 6 SilveryView On Amazon
Dive into the art of precision with the Kinsaro Professional Hair Cutting Scissors. Imagine wielding a tool that feels like an extension of your own hand, where every cut is a stroke of genius, and every snip brings you closer to your masterpiece.

Crafted from the finest 440C steel, these scissors are your trusty sidekick in the quest for the perfect haircut. They’re sharp enough to slice through hair like butter, yet durable enough to stand the test of time.

With an ergonomic design that whispers comfort to your hands, these scissors are a game-changer for stylists who demand excellence and refuse to settle for mediocrity.

  • Exceptional sharpness for precise cuts
  • Ergonomic handles reduce fatigue
  • Suitable for a wide range of hair types
  • Sharpness maintenance required
  • Proper care essential for longevity

2. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Barber Scissors

Equinox Professional Razor Edge SeriesView On Amazon
Dive into the world of precision with the Equinox Professional Razor Edge Barber Scissors. Crafted from the finest Japanese stainless steel, these shears are your ticket to haircut heaven. Imagine slicing through hair as smoothly as butter, with every snip a testament to your mastery.

The ergonomic design, complete with a curved finger rest, ensures your hand dances around the head with ease, while the adjustable screw lets you control the tension like a maestro. It’s like having a magic wand at your fingertips, ready to transform any mane into a masterpiece.

  • Razor-sharp precision for flawless cuts
  • Ergonomic design for effortless handling
  • Durable Japanese stainless steel construction
  • May not suit those with smaller hands
  • Requires regular maintenance to keep the edge sharp
  • Some users may find the tension adjustment tricky at first

3. Professional Hair Cutting Scissor Set

Kovira 2pc Professional Hair CuttingView On Amazon
Imagine this: You’ve just snagged the Professional Hair Cutting Scissor Set, and it’s like you’ve struck gold. With these stainless steel charmers in hand, you’re slicing through hair like a hot knife through butter.

They’re sharp, sure, but it’s the weight and balance that make you feel like a hair-cutting ninja. And those large finger holes? They’re like a VIP pass for your fingers, offering a grip so comfy, you might forget you’re working.

Plus, that zippered case isn’t just for show—it’s your shears’ trusty sidekick, keeping them snug as a bug.

  • High-quality stainless steel ensures lasting sharpness
  • Comfortable weight and large finger holes for a secure grip
  • Zippered case for convenient and safe storage
  • Potential for scissors to poke through the case
  • Blade may flex when cutting with the tip, suggesting occasional use is best

4. Pivoting Thumb Shear Cutting Scissors

Cricket Centrix Roc-It Dog 360°View On Amazon
Dive into the world of hair artistry with the Cricket 5517653 Pivoting Thumb Shear Cutting Scissors. Imagine wielding a tool that dances to the rhythm of your creativity, allowing your thumb to glide in harmony with each snip.

This isn’t just a pair of scissors; it’s your partner in the quest for hair perfection. With its 360-degree pivoting thumb feature, you’re not just cutting hair; you’re sculpting dreams. Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with rigid tools that feel like they’re fighting back.

Welcome to a world where your hand’s natural movements are celebrated, not constrained.

  • Complete mobility enhances creativity
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue
  • Suitable for all hair types, broadening your canvas
  • 5.5-inch size may be limiting for some
  • Not ideal for very thick or coarse hair

5. ULG Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors, ULG ProfessionalView On Amazon
Imagine holding a pair of ULG Professional Hair Cutting Scissors and feeling like a maestro conducting a symphony of snips. These scissors are the Beethoven of the hair world, with their 100% 440C Japanese stainless steel composition singing sharpness and durability.

The ergonomic offset grip is like a comfy throne for your fingers, ensuring you can keep cutting without a hint of a cramp. And that artificial blue sapphire? It’s not just a pretty face; it’s the crown jewel that whispers, You’ve got this.

Whether you’re a wizard with the shears or just starting out, these scissors are a cut above, making every trim a masterpiece.

  • Razor-sharp for precision cutting
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Affordable luxury for all skill levels
  • Thumb may occasionally get caught
  • Pivot quality could be improved
  • Tension may loosen over time

6. Kissaki Gokatana 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Shears

Kissaki Hair Scissors Gokatana 6.0View On Amazon
Dive into the art of hair cutting with the Kissaki Gokatana 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Shears and feel like a wizard wielding a magic wand. Forged from the legendary Japanese Hitachi SUS 440C Stainless Steel, these shears are your ticket to slicing through hair as smoothly as butter.

The double swivel feature is a game-changer, allowing you to cut at precise angles without breaking a sweat. Wrapped in a sleek black titanium finish, not only do they perform like a dream, but they also look the part.

And with a lifetime warranty, it’s like having a faithful companion by your side, ready to tackle any hair challenge that comes your way. Just remember, patience is key as you unlock their full potential. No thumb grips? No problem! A quick request and they’re yours.

  • Forged from high-quality Japanese Hitachi SUS 440C Stainless Steel for unmatched durability
  • Double swivel allows for precision cutting at any angle
  • Lifetime warranty offers peace of mind
  • Requires time to fully adapt to their potential
  • No thumb grips included (available upon request)

7. Barber Haircut Scissors Cutting Set

ShearGuru Professional Barber Kit/Salon HaircutView On Amazon
Dive into the world of precision with the Barber Haircut Scissors Cutting Set. Imagine wielding tools that transform haircuts from mundane tasks into artistry. These scissors are your trusty sidekicks, crafted from Japanese stainless steel that keeps its edge five times longer than the norm.

They’re a breeze to use, making even the most intricate styles seem like child’s play. Plus, with a lifetime guarantee, they’re practically daring you to push the boundaries of your creativity. Perfect for right-handers, these scissors are a cut above, ensuring every snip is a step towards masterpiece.

  • Exceptional sharpness for smooth, efficient cuts
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand and shoulder stress
  • Lifetime guarantee underscores quality and durability
  • Designed specifically for right-handed users
  • Thinning scissors require practice for optimal use
  • Lighter weight may surprise some users

8. Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors

COOLALA Stainless Steel Hair CuttingView On Amazon
Dive into your styling journey with the Coolala Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors, your trusty sidekick for home hair adventures. Crafted from high-grade Japanese stainless steel, these scissors are sharp enough to tackle any mane, yet affordable enough not to break the bank.

They’re like the Swiss Army knife of hair tools – versatile, reliable, and always ready for action. With an offset design and adjustable tension screw, they’re a breeze to handle, making every snip a pleasure.

Just remember, while they’re champions at home, they mightn’t clinch the gold in the professional arena.

  • Sharp and precise cuts
  • Durable Japanese stainless steel
  • Affordable and great for home use
  • Not as sharp for professional standards
  • Finger cushion inserts may slip out
  • Ergonomics could be improved for long-term use

9. Feather No 65 Switchblade Shear

Feather No.65 Switch-Blade Shear, 6.5View On Amazon
Dive into the cutting-edge with the Feather No 65 Switchblade Shear, your go-to for precision that doesn’t skip a beat. Imagine slicing through hair as smoothly as butter, with blades so sharp, they seem to whisper through each strand.

This gem from Japan is a game-changer for stylists craving efficiency without the fuss of constant sharpening. It’s like having a secret weapon in your arsenal, ready to tackle any challenge with a flick of the wrist.

Plus, swapping blades is a breeze, keeping you sharp and on point without missing a beat.

  • Razor-sharp and efficient cutting
  • Comfortable grip for ease of use
  • Cost-effective blade replacements
  • Finger holes may be too large for some
  • Lighter and shorter than some prefer
  • Sharpness may vary

Steel Types in Hair Cutting Shears

Steel Types in Hair Cutting Shears
Diving into the world of hair cutting shears, let’s talk steel types. You see, the steel composition of your shears isn’t just a fancy detail—it’s the backbone of your tool’s performance. Imagine steel as the secret sauce that gives your shears their cutting edge, quite literally.

From the resilience of Japanese 440c steel, known for its exceptional blade durability and heat resistance, to the versatility of other alloys that offer corrosion resistance and edge retention, the choice of steel can make or break your hairdressing scissors.

For hairstylists, this means wielding a pair of scissors that feels like an extension of your own hand. Whether you’re crafting a classic bob or an avant-garde masterpiece, the right steel ensures your shears are up for the challenge.

So, as you sift through the myriad of blade types and hair cutting shears, remember: the steel types you choose are your silent partners in the art of transformation.

Understanding Blade Edge Types

Understanding Blade Edge Types
Let’s explore the cutting edge of styling with a look at blade types. You’ll find that convex, semi-convex, beveled, and serrated blades each bring their own flair to your cuts.

Convex blades have a curved edge that provides a smooth, clean cut. Semi-convex blades have a slightly curved edge, offering a balance of precision and control.

Beveled blades feature a slanted edge, which can be useful for detailed work and intricate cuts. Serrated blades have a saw-like edge, making them well-suited for tougher materials like thick hair or coarse fabrics.

Depending on your styling needs and preferences, each blade type can contribute a distinct aesthetic and performance to your tools.

Convex Blades

After diving into the steel that sets the stage for top-notch shears, let’s slice into convex blades. These gems in hair cutting scissors are the go-to for hair stylists craving precision. Their sharpness comparison is unparalleled, making every cut effortlessly smooth.

Convex edge types, with their ergonomic grips and personalized handles, empower you to wield your scissors like a maestro, turning haircuts into art. Specialized techniques? No problem. Convex blades in professional hair cutting scissors are your ticket to mastery.

Semi-convex Blades

After mastering the art of convex blades, you’ll find semi-convex blades a refreshing twist. They’re the Swiss Army knife in your cutting arsenal—versatile, with a forgiving edge that’s sharp yet durable.

Think of them as the perfect middle ground, blending precision with practicality.

Beveled Blades

When you’re tackling thicker locks, beveled blades in hair cutting scissors are your go-to.

  1. Ideal for blunt cuts, they’re a powerhouse against density.
  2. Their versatility shines with various textures.
  3. Not as slick as convex blades, but they’ve got grit!

Serrated and Micro-serrated Blades

After diving into the world of beveled blades, let’s slice into the details of serrated and micro-serrated blades.

These little wonders grip hair like a dream, making scissor over comb techniques a breeze, especially with thicker locks.

Ideal for both wet and dry cuts, they’re a stylist’s secret weapon for achieving that salon-like precision.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these hair shears promise to keep your cuts sharp and your clients smiling.

Handle Design and Ergonomics

Handle Design and Ergonomics
Choosing the right handle design is crucial for your comfort and the longevity of your career.

Let’s explore the differences between classic and offset handles, along with crane and swivel options, to find your perfect fit.

Classic Vs. Offset Handles

When choosing your styling shears, think of handle comfort as your steering wheel—it’s where control begins.

Classic handles are like driving stick; they’re traditional but can tire your grip.

Offset handles, with their tailored finger hole size, are the automatic transmission—easier on the wrists, ensuring your blade sharpness and durability don’t go to waste.

Whether you’re investing in top-notch barber hair cutting scissors or budget-friendly snips, remember: comfort is king.

Crane and Swivel Options

Dive into the world of hair cutting scissors with crane and swivel handles, where ergonomic comfort meets style.

  1. Crane Handles: Picture a graceful crane, offering a comfort grip that reduces hand fatigue, perfect for marathon cutting sessions.
  2. Swivel Handles: Imagine the freedom of movement, like a dancer, ensuring your hand glides effortlessly, keeping the creativity flowing without the strain.

These options aren’t just tools; they’re your partners in the art of hair transformation.

Adjustable Tension

Adjustable tension isn’t just a fancy term; it’s your secret weapon for an ergonomic experience that keeps your favorite cutting shears in prime condition.

Think of it as the magic knob that fine-tunes your shears to your unique touch, ensuring every snip is a breeze.

It’s about making hair styling not just easier, but a joy.

Selecting the Right Shear Length

Selecting the Right Shear Length
When it comes to crafting the perfect cut, choosing the right shear length is key.

Whether you’re a hairdresser or a barber, mastering the scissor over comb technique starts with this crucial decision.

Hairdressers Vs. Barbers

Transitioning from handle ergonomics, let’s slice into the world of hairdressers and barbers.

  1. Hairdressers often favor scissors between 5-6.5 inches, ideal for snipping with finesse in hair salons.
  2. Barbershops may opt for 6-7 inches, perfect for commanding cuts through beards and mustaches.
  3. A hair cutting kit with varied lengths ensures you’re equipped for any style, from precise trims with hair razors to bulk reductions with hair clippers. Choose wisely, and you’ll be cutting a path to success!

Scissor Over Comb Technique

Transitioning from the broader considerations of hairdresser and barber shears, let’s slice into the scissor over comb technique.

Here, length is key: shorter scissors offer more control and precision, essential for snipping with finesse. Imagine your comb as the canvas and your scissors as the brush, painting layers with each clip.

Opt for safety hair scissors with an attachment for extra security. A complete hair cutting kit can elevate your game, but remember, the price tag isn’t always a reflection of quality—sometimes, the best cuts come from humble shears.

Renowned Hair Shear Brands

Renowned Hair Shear Brands
You’re in the market for quality, and when it comes to hair shears, brand reputation matters.

Matsui, Joewell, Hikari, Mizutani, and Yasaka stand out as the go-to names for professionals seeking precision and durability.


Transitioning from shear length to brand prowess, let’s slice into Matsui’s world:

  • Brand history: A legacy of affordable excellence
  • Manufacturing process: Precision-forged for sharpness
  • Warranty: Confidence in every cut
  • Customer reviews: Stylists’ trusted choice


After Matsui’s allure, you’ll find Joewell’s cult-favorite hair scissors are a cut above.

They’re the epitome of sharpness, quality, and durability, with ergonomics that make hair cutting a dream for stylists.


After diving into Joewell’s excellence, let’s slice into Hikari’s legacy:

  1. History: Hikari’s roots dominate the competition with unparalleled craftsmanship.
  2. Steel: Their steel ensures your shears cut with precision.
  3. Maintenance: Minimal fuss, maximum sharpness.
  4. 2024: For stylists craving control, Hikari remains king.


Mizutani scissors are often hailed as the Picasso of hair cutting tools. They are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and ergonomics, with many stylists praising their longevity in every snip.

The reputation of Mizutani for top-notch performance is well-established. Reviewers often rave about the brand’s scissors, emphasizing their ergonomic design and long-lasting quality.


Mizutani scissors are renowned for their craftsmanship. The brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every pair of scissors they produce.


In addition to their superior craftsmanship, Mizutani scissors are also known for their ergonomic design. This makes them comfortable to use for extended periods, reducing the risk of strain or injury for stylists.


One of the key benefits of Mizutani scissors is their longevity. With proper care, these scissors can last for many years, providing stylists with a reliable and high-performing tool for their work.

Top-Notch Performance

Top-Notch Performance
Mizutani’s reputation for top-notch performance is well-deserved. Their scissors are designed to provide precise and consistent cuts, making them a favorite among stylists and reviewers alike.


Mizutani’s craftsmanship is renowned in the world of shears, and Yasaka is no exception. Their Japanese steel is a testament to blade longevity and superior cutting performance. This is not just about the sharpness of the blades, but also about the precision and consistency that comes with using such high-quality tools.

On the other hand, Yasaka’s ergonomic handles offer more than just comfort. They ensure your grip is as sharp as your cuts, making every snip a step towards mastery in hair beauty. The design of these handles is not just about convenience, but also about control and accuracy.

It’s about creating a seamless connection between the user and the tool, allowing for a more efficient and effective hair cutting experience.

In essence, Yasaka’s shears are not just tools, but partners in the pursuit of hair beauty mastery. They combine the precision of Japanese steel with the practicality of ergonomic design, offering a cutting experience that is both reliable and enjoyable.

Blade Sharpness and Maintenance

Convex Blades:

Cut with precision

Hold their edge

Serrated Blades:

Tricky cuts

Key grip control

When it comes to precision and edge retention, convex blades are the way to go. They offer clean and accurate cuts, and their edges stay sharp for a long time. On the other hand, serrated blades are perfect for those cuts that require a bit more control.

The serrated edge provides a better grip, making it easier to maneuver the shears in tight spaces.

Convex Blades for Precision

When you’re slicing through hair with the finesse of a gourmet chef, remember, convex blades are your best pals. These sharp companions are all about precision cutting, making every snip a masterpiece.

  • Convex blades ensure your hair cutting shears stay sharper, longer.
  • They’re perfect for a variety of cutting techniques, adapting like a chameleon to different hair types.
  • Edge retention is top-notch, meaning less time sharpening, more time styling.
  • Ideal for both seasoned pros and those new to the game, they turn haircuts into art.

So, grab your shears and let’s make every cut count!

Serrated Blades for Grip

When you’re snipping away, serrated blades are your trusty sidekicks, offering that extra grip that makes all the difference.

These little teeth, ever so gently, catch each strand, ensuring your cuts are as precise as a master chef’s knife skills.

But remember, keeping those blades sharp is a must—dull scissors are a hairstylist’s nemesis.

Regular maintenance isn’t just a good habit; it’s your secret weapon for keeping those shears—and your reputation—sharp as a tack.

Ergonomic Designs for Comfort

You’ll appreciate the thought that goes into the ergonomic designs of top hair shears. Features like offset and crane handles cater to your comfort. Swivel features add a twist of flexibility, ensuring your hand stays relaxed during those long cutting sessions.

Offset and Crane Handles

After honing in on the perfect blade, don’t let discomfort clip your wings.

Offset and crane handles are your ergonomic allies, ensuring your grip stays as relaxed as a Sunday morning. These handles are crafted for finger comfort, letting you snip with finesse without the dreaded hand cramps.

Hair cutting shears with these features are like a stylist’s magic wand, giving you the control to transform hair fashion with a flick of the wrist.

So, keep it cutting-edge and comfy!

Swivel Features

Imagine wielding scissors that dance between your fingers, as nimble as a ballerina. That’s the magic of swivel features in hair shears. They’re the secret sauce for stylists craving control and comfort.

  • Swivel offset: Say goodbye to awkward angles.
  • Swivel adjustable: Tailor the tension to your touch.
  • Swivel ergonomic: Embrace the ease, ditch the discomfort.

Whether you’re slicing through hair extensions, crafting color transitions, or combating hair loss, swivel shears turn every snip into a symphony of precision.

Hair Shear Selection by Technique

Selecting the right hair shears is crucial for mastering your cutting techniques.

Whether you’re slicing through wet locks for slide and point cutting, tackling blunt cuts on thicker hair, or perfecting the scissor over comb method, the right tool makes all the difference.

Slide and Point Cutting

After diving into ergonomic comfort,

let’s slice into the art of slide and point cutting.

These techniques crave shears like Matsui and Joewell,

where sharpness meets precision.

Imagine your shears dancing through hair,

crafting styles that turn heads.

It’s not just cutting; it’s sculpting dreams.

For hair inspiration and tips,

remember, the right cut breathes life into your ideas.

Blunt Cuts and Thicker Hair

For those daring to tackle blunt cuts and thicker hair, your shears are your sword.

  1. Choose beveled blades for their brute strength.
  2. Embrace shears that laugh in the face of dense hair growth.
  3. Seek out tutorials that turn thick locks into art.
  4. Remember, mastering thick hair is your rite of passage.

Scissor Over Comb Method

Dive into the scissor over comb technique, where precision meets style. Your shears are your wand, and every snip shapes destiny.

Feature Why It Matters Your Gain
Steel Quality Ensures longevity A trusty sidekick
Blade Edge Types Cuts with finesse Sleek finishes
Ergonomic Designs Comfort all day No more cramps

Master this, and you’re not just cutting hair, you’re sculpting dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should shears be professionally sharpened?

You should sharpen your shears at least twice a year to keep your cuts crisp and your snips snappy.

Don’t let dull blades butcher your masterpiece—stay sharp, stay stylish!

Can hair shears be used for pet grooming?

Dive into the grooming game with your trusty hair shears; they’re not just for human locks!

Like a Swiss Army knife for stylists, these versatile tools can also give your furry friends a fresh, stylish look.

Are there left-handed options for shears?

Yes, there are left-handed shears available, crafted to fit your natural cutting motion like a glove.

They’re the unsung heroes that make sure your creative flow isn’t cut short.

How to sanitize shears between clients?

Quickly sanitize your shears between clients by wiping them with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Keep it snappy to stay on schedule!

What is the warranty period for shears?

Shears often come with a lifetime warranty, a testament to their durability.

Imagine slicing through hair with the confidence of a samurai; that’s the peace of mind a solid warranty offers.

Keep snipping away!


Did you know that a staggering 90% of professional stylists believe the right shears are crucial for a perfect cut?

As you select your best hair cutting shears, remember that the ideal pair is a blend of art and engineering, tailored to your hand and technique.

Embrace the precision and comfort that our top 9 picks for 2024 offer, and let your creativity flow.

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