5 Best Mustache Trimmers for Perfect Mustache Style 2021

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Mustaches are a time-tested symbol of masculinity, evolving through generations and centuries. Mustache styles can be as varied as a cowboy, from mustache to sleek city fringe.

best mustache trimmerScience has actually proven that men with mustaches make more money! One study found that men with mustaches earn 4.3% more than their clean-shaven counterparts.

If you want to trim and style your mustache properly, you need high-quality trimming tools for a good-looking look, and you don’t have to rely solely on scissors; there are trimmers built specifically for mustaches!

The best mustache trimmer can give the most accurate trim and comes with attachments needed to detail your facial hair. Most men need an all-around beard and mustache trimmer that comes with a razor blade.

Most of these tools generally call themselves facial hair trimmers, so I have already searched the top-rated facial trimmers and handpicked the best mustache trimmers the market has to offer!

How to Buy a Good Mustache Trimmer

Neatly trimmed facial hair can look attractive, bold, and even artistic.

So I researched the best to give you high-quality mustache trimmer reviews and the best find bargains out there. Before we dive in, keep these elements in mind when choosing the best mustache trimmer for the best trimming experience.

Versatility and Beard Length

How to Buy a Good Mustache TrimmerYour facial hair makes a statement about who you are, so whether you wear a sleek or full beard, a detailed mustache, or a carefully groomed handlebar, you need a trimmer with options.

Most mustache and beard trimmers come in different lengths, from 0.105mm stubble to longer facial hair of about 20mm. You may also want to change your look, and with a mustache and beard trimmer that is versatile, you can get creative and shape your facial hair the way you want.


Of course, one of the things to consider is your budget. Beard and mustache trimmers can range in price significantly, from about $ 15 to $ 100. For a luxury grooming kit, go for it. Be aware that you can still get the job done and look sharp with an affordable mustache.

Quality Sharp Blades

Mustache trimmer blades are forged in a variety of metals, such as titanium or stainless steel. Stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain and clean. The best whiskers have self-sharpening blades that provide a smooth, smooth trim for years to come.

Wet/Dry Capability

If you only shave outside the shower, you don’t have to worry too much about the wet/dry properties.

If you want to shave the rest of your face and even your mustache in the shower or above to trim the sink with water, find clippers that can handle water without getting damaged.

Powerful Motor

It would be best if you had a mustache trimmer with a powerful motor that cuts through coarse, thick hair of any length. A weak motor tugs and tugs on your facial hair and is quite painful while trimming. A robust motor also glides over your face and prevents skin irritation.

Charge Time

Some trimmers can be fully charged in about an hour, while others can take up to eight hours. If you’re on the right track and keep your mustache trimmer turned on, charging time shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you often forget to power the battery and are in a rush and need a trim, this can be an essential factor. If so, you may want to look for a trimmer that can charge in just a few minutes for a single shave and then fully charge in just an hour.

5 Best Mustache Trimmers Reviews Of 2021

If you have an unruly mustache that needs to be tamed, read on to find the best mustache trimmer for you! Below we’ve put together the five mustache trimmers, with our reviews on their capabilities.

1. Philips Norelco Mg3750 Multigroom All-in-one Series 3000

Philips Norelco Mg3750 Multigroom All-in-one Series 3000View On AmazonIf you’re looking for a simple, comprehensive mustache trimming set, one of our top picks is the Philips Norelco All-in-One Series 3000. This electric trimmer has three protective caps for cutting hair “great for cutting hair”.neck and around the ears”, three beard/mustache guards, and a stubble beard guard.

You also get a nose hair trimmer, a precision steel trimmer, and an accessory pouch. This set is on the more affordable side but also has a huge amount of 5-star reviews. You can’t fully submerge this trimmer, but you can wash detachable stainless steel blades in the water.

Overall, Philips Norelco is one of our brands with more preference for clippers and electric shavers, so if you don’t, I don’t have a super specific idea of ​​what you want in a mustache trimmer; this set is worth it worth watching. The power source for this trimmer is 100 to 240 volts ac for recharging and can last up to 60 minutes with the lithium-ion battery.

  • Includes 13 attachments
  • Nose/ear hair clipper
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
  • No oil needed
  • It can be used as a hair clipper.
  • The whole device is not waterproof.
  • Not the most reliable battery on the market

Customer Reviews
75,259 Reviews

Avatar Gewaltraud


Convenient and Exact

I can't yet vouch for battery life or functions other than the razor without attachments, but it's awesome. It is a bit loud, but the pros far outweigh this. I've heard brain surgery three times and areas of my head are extremely tender.This little dude smoothly tidies the most delicate areas of my head without pain or missed areas. Because of the size, it's easy to hold and enables a more exact shave, so rushing and crooked lines were yesterday. I've tried at least four other razors and this one comes out on top. I was a bit confused by ...

2. Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Wahl Stainless Steel Beard TrimmerView On AmazonThe Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer is a sleek mustache and beard trimmer beautifully designed by the manufacturer, the number one brand used by professional hairdressers and stylists.

This sleek brushed stainless steel appliance comes with 4 multifunctional interchangeable heads and 12 beard guards for lengths from 1/16” to 1”. The T-blade, detail shaver, ear and nose trimmer, and precision detailer provide various trimming and touch-ups for mustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, and all other facial and body hair.

The self-sharpening blades are designed with patented technology for long-lasting performance. This cordless machine is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can hold its charge for up to 4 hours and can be charged in 1 minute for quick updates.

The Wahl is not waterproof and can only be used for dry cutting. Additional accessories include blade oil, cleaning brush, charger, and storage pouch.

The Wahl stainless steel beard and mustache trimmer can give any man a professional and precise look at home.

  • Fast charging options. You can charge a full 1-hour charge or a quick 60 seconds if you’re in a hurry.
  • Smart LED indicators that light up when charged are a must for electrical safety.
  • They can be used when connected to a cable and come with a universal power outlet adapter.
  • Cleaning the trimmer heads is challenging as they cannot be rinsed under running water. Rust easily forms on trimmers after a few weeks. It should be cleaned dry with a brush.

Customer Reviews
8,023 Reviews

Avatar SK


Great trimmer!

Sorry for my english and Google Translate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The trimmer is really great! Metallic! Stylish! Nice to hold! Made in the USA! Hard thick hair and bristles are well cut. All four nozzles are really working, not decorative. There is a lock function - long button hold. There are no complaints to the trimmer itself!Next about plastic nozzles.On the trimmer, they fasten securely, but apparently made in the Chinese basement! Two nozzles from the kit turned out to be defective! One has crooked teeth, the second has one tooth shorter than the rest! See the photo. Return did not do, because ...

3. Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit

Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer Grooming KitView On AmazonIt may be from a Chinese brand, but Hatteker can market a good product. You’ve probably seen some of their other grooming products specifically for trimming facial hair.

Hatteker markets this as a 5-in-1 trimmer, and it achieves that capability in the same way as the Wahl Lithium Ion Philips Multigroom, with set switchable trimmer heads. You will get either full-size trimmers, engraving, wide hair, body hair, nose trimmers, and for facial hair purposes, we usually use full-size trimmers and engraving.

There isn’t much curvature to the body or much grip, but the indented spine helps the hand curl the trimmer’s body. All blades are stainless steel and are made to reduce heat for the best comfort.

You have a wide range of possible lengths. There is always the option to use it without a comb for the shortest possible cut. For short lengths, the adjustable comb has your back, with a range from 1 mm to 10mm in 1 mm increments. For a less clumsy comb, the beard comb can use 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, or 6 mm. There are four more combs for longer lengths, one of 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, and 15 each. And if you really need precision work, the adjustment slider above the power button gives you 0.8mm, 1.3mm, and 1.8mm.

Basically, you have everything you need for mustaches up to 10mm, plus some longer options.

You get an hour of shaving time after an hour and a half of charging, which is pretty good in terms of battery life. You also get a charging dock that the combs and extra heads fit in so you can put it somewhere comfortable and ready. The front display shows the charging time, how long the battery is left on the battery and how long it will take to complete charging.

It’s also waterproof, so cleaning is super easy. Of course, remember to dry it off before cleaning. Used it again.

If it has a downside: it mainly has strength, it tends to hold the hair quite painfully or not cut it at all, especially the nose trimmer.

Aside from that problem, there are very few things wrong with the Hatteker. It gives you excellent service and a lot of versatility.

  • Waterproof
  • It comes with 12 different attachments.
  • Nose/ear trimmer and extra-wide clippers included
  • Minutes left on charging display.
  • Self-sharpening, non-corrosive blades
  • Not ideal for susceptible skin
  • More expensive than some competitors

Customer Reviews
10,469 Reviews

Avatar lilly


Great for everyday and everything!

This trimmer is truly great for everything. And when I say everything I mean everything. The guide for haircuts is fairly clever and is a sliding mechanism that has all the numbers in a single attachment. Whether or not you are a one or a five, it has the attachment. Also the heads themselves alter whether you want to use if for a close shave or just a touch up. It also has a nose hair attachment. All round it really is the excellent tool for travel or daily use.

4. Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit

Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming KitView On AmazonIf you want a full grooming kit that includes not only the best mustache trimmer but also a hair clipper, nose hair trimmer, and other accessories, this is one to consider. The accessory dock works as an organizer for the attachments and a charging dock.

You can also use this trimmer in the shower “although the entire motor should never be submerged” With three trimming brackets, a hair comb protector, a precision trimmer, a special beard and mustache comb trimmer, and a full-size trimmer, you have all your bases covered.

This set also includes the extra grooming kit that includes nail clippers, scissors, and more. The cost of this kit is about mid to low on the price scale. So I think this is a great deal on anything included.

  • Exceptional customer reviews
  • Full set of attachments, including hair guards and mustache trimmer
  • Charging station doubles as an accessory organizer
  • Nose/ear hair attachment
  • Nail care kit included.
  • Not the best product for closer shaves
  • Not ideal for small bathrooms due to the charging station

Customer Reviews
4,601 Reviews

Avatar blindman



I was a little leery of this kind of a large % of 5 and four begin evaluations, but bit the bullet and ordered a single knowing i could return it.Hair “1x each and every 2 months” and beard “1x each and every 2 weeks or much more” I have completed myself for 55 years. Employed to use our corded animal clippers for numerous many years, then struggled with a low-cost AA cordless for five many years. I shave in the shower. This is as great as the old goat clippers if not far better. Yea, yea, I don’t care ...

5. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000View On AmazonWith 14 different trim guards and five specialized attachments, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is designed to trim men’s hair from head to toe. DualCut technology keeps the self-sharpening blades sharp for years. The machine’s powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of runtime at a time load.

The trimmer guards are reinforced to prevent bending and kinking. They are individually marked for trimming mustache, beard, stubble, head, and body hair of different lengths. Attachments for these advanced Philips Norelco models include a foil wrap, a precision trimmer for detailing and finishing, a nose and ear trimmer, and an extra-wide blade for trimming your sideburns and necklines.

Guys Will Find The Mustache Shaver is a handy tool when they want to trim or shave their facial hair for a neat look. This complete mustache trimming set also comes with a precision head that you can use in detailing the hair.

This top-of-the-line trimmer comes in a solid stainless steel frame that can be easily rinsed during your running water. Waterproof and designed for wet and dry use, this model offers maximum performance and convenience for excellent grooming every time.

As the best beard and mustache trimmer on the market, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is an affordable, high-quality machine that guarantees perfect and precise care every day.

  • After an hour of charging, you have five hours of use.
  • Very sharp blades and exact cutting.
  • Easy to trim the edges with
  • Shave comfortably with a product that is not too heavy.
  • The carrying case is very mediocre compared to the product it is carrying.

Customer Reviews
39,991 Reviews

Avatar Peter Wolchak

Peter Wolchak

Excellent product

It costs a bit more, but the build quality and performance make it worth the little extra outlay.

How Do You Trim Your Mustache?

After you let the mustache grow out, you need to tidy things up. Otherwise, it will look unruly felt on your top lip. This part of the guide describes how.

Comb Your Mustache

Straight and tidy hair is always easier to style than a messy tangle, so it’s time to grab a fine-toothed comb. You want a small comb intended for facial hair so that it does not get in the way. In all cases, make sure that your mustache is completely dried at this point. You can apply the product ahead of time to make it softer, but make sure it is dry once you start trimming.

Trim the Bottom

When everything is straight, it’s time to start. Start at the bottom of the mustache, along your lip line. Press very gently on the top of your lip line and pull away. Remember to work from the outside and move to the center, one side at a time; once you are done with one side, move to the other side.

Trim The Top

This is to make a nice, clean top edge for your mustache. Again, the same principle: press the top of the mustache and pull away, working from the outside in. You also have the option of trimming diagonally towards your lips for more shape or leaving it straight for a fuller mustache. Also, don’t forget the part where the mustache meets the nose; you want to cut that, so it doesn’t look like overgrown nose hair.

Reduce the Volume of Your Mustache

This is to determine how long and full your mustache is; maybe you don’t want it too heavy. This is where the combs come in on your trimmer. First, attach a long comb, and don’t forget to trim in the direction of hair growth. In this case, it & down. Remember: go from long to short. You can always cut again, but you can’t undo something too short.

Recombine and check again

Pass the comb over your mustache again to straighten it and see if you missed anything in the first round. Turn your head and examine your mustache from an angle to see if anything is sticking out. Once you’ve found the trouble spots, go there again with the trimmer.

FAQs About Mustache Trimmer

What guard should I use to trim my mustache?

Use a longer guard to trim lean hair that doesn’t lie flat and a shorter guard to trim most of the mustache itself. However, make sure that your clipper guard is securely attached, so it doesn’t fall off while trimming.

Can beard trimmer be used for Moustache?

Yes, the beard trimmer can be used for the mustache. To make your face flawless in general, all you need in addition to a well-shaped beard is a protruding mustache.

Should your mustache cover your lip?

Picture the shape in your mind, covering your entire lip with a little overhang. Your mustache should extend beyond the tip of your lips, but to a reasonable extent. Too wide, and it looks bushy, too thin, and you look bad.

When should I trim my Moustache?

Trim your mustache weekly. First, comb a dry mustache with a fine mustache comb. When wet, hair can look longer, resulting in too much clipping. Using mustache scissors or an electric trimmer, trim for shape first, trim along the mustache’s bottom, then along the outer edges.


Whether you Now want to spend less than $ 20 or are interested in a more expensive device, you can get the best mustache trimmers at almost any price. Just know what you are looking for before buying.

If you also want to improve your style by shaping your beard and mustache, you can opt for one of the above products and give your mustache a new and more stylish texture every day.

Don’t worry about the trimmer’s quality and durability because all the trimmers mentioned in this article are tried and tested by experts.

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