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Microtouch One Razor Review: is It Worth the Hype? (2023)

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The reason for the broad attraction of the Microtouch One Razor is due to TV ads with Rick Harrison or Pawn Stars, and he is the face of the micro touch razor.

In that INFOMERCIAL, Rick basically told in the principle of wet shaving, how you only need one single blade and no multi-blade cartridge to shave your head or face.

I think you also agree with me that a traditional wet shave is much better than using a 5-blade cartridge, not only through money savings but also reduces the risk of razor burn.

In this Microtouch One Razor Review, we look at this popular safety blade and see if it’s worth the hype.

Microtouch One Razor Review

microtouch one razor reviewView On AmazonIt is a design classic that dates from more than 100 years.

In the box, you will find the micro-touch itself, a chromium razor stand, 12 Dorco blades, and a carrying bag complete with a mirror inside.

The head uses a turn to open the design, making it easy to charge the blades.

A Turn to Opening (or TTO) heading is the easiest to load compared to other types of razor blades. But it can be difficult to clean because there are many tight places.

On the handle, you notice the deep horizontal and vertical grooves that are used to offer a fixed grip even when they are wet.

The inside of the housing is coated with a velvety material added to the stylish appearance and the classical style.

One of the most important advantages of a safety blade is the safety shells are universal – you can use an expensive spring safety shine and use a cheap Derby Razorblade, just as you can buy a cheap Microtoch One and use a premium brand razor blade.

If you look at the entire Infomercial, you would think that this razor has made a high-quality razor of Germany; in fact, rick compared it with an old Gillette safety razor.

Microtouch Razor Review: Performance

In terms of performance, effective safety razor for beginners.

It works well for a good price. A micro touch safety razor is not too aggressive, and therefore it is a great beginner’s safety razor.

It is hard to go wrong and cause shaving cuts or shaving rash, where an alum block or stylized pencil should cure. But it generally offers a good shave.

If you want this product exactly how Rick Harrison describes it, then there are a few steps you need before and after every shave. Hairdressers use a particular routine to tackle the skin and give you that new man.

Start preparing your face with shaving cream, preferably with a shaving brush. Carefully massage the warm mixture into your facial hair to open the pores and stand the hair on edge. Don’t forget like a spa day for your chin.

After you have finished cutting your stubble, make sure that you have an aftershave lotion or balm to calm the skin.

This will help that hairdressing quality to get advertised. Once it’s all said and done, you probably never want to return to a Mach or Schick.

Product Features
  • 3.5-inches long
  • Brass frame, chrome-plated finish
  • Twist to open head
  • Includes 12 blades, chrome stand/travel case
  • No-slip grip, knurled handle
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to load, delete, and clean
  • Extra accessories included
  • Great for travel
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It can be more time-consuming

Compared to Others

Micro Touch Safety Razor Chrome customer image B00HMEBRKO4Micro touch tends to lose the chromed plating fairly quickly. Customers also claim that the magazine sometimes catches Haren and attracts them. The magazine tends to take multiple passes to shave your skin tidy.

Some customers also claim that the razor is not as effective if you do not use it regularly. The Micro Touch One is apparently much less effective if you do not keep track of it.

Something else to keep in mind is that the butterfly design tends to fail after a time, making it completely useless. Other brands are reliable in opening mechanisms, so do some research and compare others, such as Merkur and Edwin Jagger.

Most of the razors are also heavier than the micro-touch, which can cause the shave not so close. Heavier razors generally prefer experienced shavers because a heavier weighted razor gives a smoother shear.

Microtouch Razor Review: Conclusion

If you want to start wet shaving with a safety razor but do not want to fork out much money, this is great to start with. Microtouch one razor is made of solid brass and has a chromed finish for extra durability and shine.

If you want the best DEAL, the best place to buy this would be on Amazon, Where the net lower than $ 20 costs.

The micro touch has also come with extra sheets, but only because it leaves; that does not mean that you cannot choose others. In fact, it would be a great idea to order a sampler set of Amazon sheets to find the best knife for your face.

This razor Keeps too long. If you want a razor that will last, you should invest in a brand or a muhle, but this can be a good choice if you just begin.

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