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Haircuts for Round Faces Men: Top Styles to Accentuate Your Features (2024)

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haircuts for round faces menYou know, almost 60% of men have round faces, so the right haircut is extremely important.

If you’re interested in highlighting your face’s features, then it becomes very important that the kind of hairstyle you possess is one that should balance out your face shape.

From pompadours to textured crops, there are certain styles that really help bring out your cheekbones, jawline, and overall symmetry.

In this, our guide to haircuts for round faces in men will help you get a perfect cut that balances out the roundness and puts out what’s best about you, so that you can look powerful and confident.

Key Takeaways

  • Shapely Cuts: Choose haircuts like pompadours, textured crops, or side-swept fringes that add height and angles to balance out your round face.
  • Facial Feature Focus: Opt for styles that highlight your cheekbones (undercuts) and jawline (taper fades) to create sharper angles and enhance your natural features.
  • Balancing Act: Go for haircuts that break up the roundness of your face, such as textured tops or side parts, to achieve a more balanced and refined look.
  • Experimentation and Personalization: Don’t be afraid to try different styles and find what suits you best. Remember, it’s all about choosing a haircut that complements your unique facial shape and personal style.

Determine Your Face Shape

Determine Your Face Shape
First and foremost, to determine the shape of your face, you have to take into consideration a few facial key points—your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Start with the measurements of these areas. Take the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line and add in the length of your face from the forehead down to the chin.

Now, plot these measurements to determine which geometric shape they approximate. Common face shapes found are the oblong, square, oval, round, diamond, triangular, heart, etc.

For accuracy, use the photo method: Take a straight-on picture of your face from about one meter away. Then you can compare your picture with a face shape guide to find out precisely what shape your face is. Remember, knowing your facial shape is very important, for it makes all the difference in selecting the right hairstyles that bring out your best features. So go ahead, whip out that ruler, take a photo, and let’s find out which haircut suits you best.

Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Best Haircuts for Round Faces
When looking for the best haircuts for round faces, consider styles that add height and angles. Pompadours, side-swept fringes, and textured crops can help create a more defined and balanced look for your features.


The pompadour is a timeless style that can flatter round faces. To achieve this look:

  • Use a volumizing product to lift the hair at the crown.
  • Style the front section forward and up for height.
  • Finish with a light hold hairspray to maintain the shape.

This classic style can create the illusion of a slimmer, more angular face.

Side-Swept Fringe

Opt for a side-swept fringe to redefine your look. This style adds volume and elevation, creating an illusion of length. The long, layered fringe, covering the forehead, balances round faces effortlessly. Asymmetrical partings enhance this effect, making it a top choice among men’s round face hairstyles.

Textured Crop

The Textured Crop is perfect for men with round faces. This haircut adds volume and texture, breaking up roundness. Use a lightweight hair product for shape and definition. Regular trims maintain the style effortlessly. This sharp, modern look enhances your features, giving you a powerful, masterful appearance.

Emphasize Facial Features

Emphasize Facial Features
As a man with a round face, you can emphasize your best features by choosing haircuts that highlight your cheekbone definition and showcase your jawline accentuations. These styles can also enhance your facial symmetry, creating a more balanced and refined appearance.

Highlight Cheekbone Definition

Highlight your cheekbones with undercut styles, fade options, and pompadour variations. These cuts, balancing roundness, add sleek modern looks. Choose from classic undercut, taper fade, or a voluminous pompadour. Each option creates a striking contrast, making your cheekbones pop and enhancing your face’s natural contours.

Showcase Jawline Accentuations

Undercut styles, like undercut with textured shaves, can essentially define the jaw line area.

High fades and low tapers give very distinct definition to the jaw line area. Beveled sides could add even more definition. Ensure that the hairline is square and sharp for better styling.

This works well in oval face shapes, but adjustments would need to be made for oblong faces.

Enhance Facial Symmetry

Enhancing facial symmetry involves thoughtful haircut choices. Round face haircuts for men should consider:

  1. Side Parts for a Balanced Shape.
  2. Fades for an elongated face.
  3. Quiffs add height and depth.
  4. Textured Tops to break roundness.

These choices will make your features pop and maintain symmetry.

Balancing Roundness

Balancing Roundness
To emphasize your facial features, opt for haircuts that balance the roundness of your face. These styles can slim your face, creating a more chiseled look.

Consider a side-swept fringe to add length while offering various styling options based on your preference. The fringe, swept to one side or the other, does a superb job of enhancing volume and texture, thereby creating an illusion of roundness in the face.

  • Undercut with Side-Swept Fringe: Creates no bulk to accentuate facial features.
  • Textured Side Swept: Adds dimension—great for high hair density.
  • Long Fringe: For individuals looking for extra length to balance facial symmetry.
  • Layered Fringe: Modern adaptation with some given volume.

Sleek and Modern Options

Sleek and Modern Options
If you want them sleek and modern, then a taper fade is definitely an excellent choice. It’s a gradational look through the sides and the back up into the longer hair on top that creates a seamless look and gives clean lines.

With gradual short-to-long, you can have as much variety with top length as you want—from classic quiff to textured pompadour. The shave on the sides and the back outlines the contours of your face; it defines both cheekbones and the jawline, creating clean lines.

This taper fade look is versatile for personal style and face shape with low maintenance. Be sleekly modern in this classic look by bringing out your facial features.

Minimal Maintenance Cuts

Minimal Maintenance Cuts
They bring out a clear, sharp look without much hassle. For very minimal maintenance, it’s the buzz cut that’s always in demand. Here are some variations that will help:

  • Classic Buzz Cut: Of the same length all over, perfect for both straight hair styling and curly hair maintenance.

Induction Buzz Cut: This is the shortest of all the variations and is ideal if you like to get your hair pretty much shaved off.

  • Crew Cut: A bit longer on top, it allows for some styling flexibility yet is still very low maintenance.
  • Butch Cut: Somewhere in between a buzz and crew cut, but with just enough length to it so one might’ve some styling options.

These cuts tend to bring out your scalp, bringing attention to it, so you gotta have the scalp care on lock. Use some good shampoo. Maybe a light hair gel will help to really keep you looking neat. Regular trims every couple of weeks will keep you sharp and ready to roll without spending an inordinate amount of time or effort.

Height and Lengthening Styles

Height and Lengthening Styles
For round faces, opting for hairstyles with short sides and a long top can create the illusion of length and height, making your face appear longer and more angular. A popular choice is the pompadour, where the voluminous top contrasts sharply with the short sides. This adds height and draws attention upward.

Another striking option is the quiff, which similarly features longer hair on top with shorter or even buzzed sides. You could also try a side part, which helps in elongating the face by drawing attention from the center outward.

A side-swept fringe with long top and short sides balances facial roundness, adding layers and volume to the top while framing the face gently. Combining these styles with a fade can provide both height and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Addressing Hair Texture and Characteristics

Addressing Hair Texture and Characteristics
If you have curly hair, opt for a textured crop or a pompadour to accentuate your natural waves. For straight hair, a side-swept fringe or a taper fade can help balance out a round face shape.

Curly Haircuts for Round Faces

Curly haircuts can help balance round faces with volume and height. Undercuts, taper fades, or buzz cuts will define your curls, along with the facial roundness. Embracing the natural texture makes sharper angels and contours pop out further. Sharp curls in short styles will be neat and sharp.

  • Curly Undercut: Structure with a view – gives shape while letting curls be.
  • Taper Fade with Curls: Blends into it smoothly for a modern vibe.
  • Short Curly Buzz Cut: This is low maintenance.
  • Curly High Top: Provides height.

Straight Haircuts for Round Faces

For straight hair and a round face, consider styles that create length and dimension. Layered styles add depth, asymmetry breaks the roundness, and a fringe variation can balance your features.

Enhancing texture, like a textured crop, makes straight hair less flat. Experiment with straight length to emphasize height, or try a sleek side part for a polished look. Each of these styles will highlight your unique facial features.

Considerations for Chubby Faces

Considerations for Chubby Faces
When choosing haircuts for chubby faces, consider how your hairline and prominent facial features can influence the style. Also, think about your hair density and the amount of styling effort you’re willing to put in daily.

Hairline and Facial Feature Prominence

With thinning hair or a receding hairline, what’s imperative for styling is to complement the features without highlighting any shortcomings.

  • Opt for a slight fringe to cover a wide forehead.

Select haircuts that frame the prominent chin.

  • Shorter sides can guide focus upward.

    •Balancing the proportions of the face by the shape of the beard.

  • Keep the top fuller to add volume, distracting from thinning spots or receding sections.

Hair Density and Styling Effort

Your hair density dictates the style’s final look and the effort required. If your hair is thick, opt for styles that manage volume, like a textured crop or a side-swept fringe.

Conversely, for thinner hair, choose looks that add body, such as a pompadour, which provides fullness. Remember, styling tools like quality clippers and products matter.

Also, some looks might need daily upkeep, so pick one aligning with your routine.

Expert Insights and Explanations

Expert Insights and Explanations
As an experienced barber and stylist, I’m excited to share my expert insights on finding the perfect haircut for your round face. Drawing from years of hands-on experience, I’ve developed a keen eye for what works best.

  • Top tips: Focus on styles that add height and length, like pompadours, quiffs, and textured crops. Avoid overly short or blunt cuts that can accentuate roundness.
  • Product recommendations: Use styling products with medium to strong hold to create volume and definition, like pomades, waxes, or clays.
  • Common mistakes: Steering clear of heavy bangs or fringes that can overwhelm a round face. Instead, opt for side-swept or textured fringe styles.
  • Cultural influences: Trends like the classic taper fade or modern disconnected undercut can lend a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Personal experiences: I’ve seen firsthand how the right haircut can transform a client’s confidence and enhance their best features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best haircut for a round face male?

For a round face, try a pompadour with a high fade. It adds height and lengthens your face, creating a more defined look. Or opt for a textured crop to balance your features effectively.

Does long hair look good on men with a round face?

Long hair can look fantastic on men with round faces. The key is choosing a style that complements your features and adds visual interest. Experiment with textured, layered cuts to elongate and slim your look.

What haircuts are good for chubby faces?

Opt for a pompadour to elongate your face, a high fade to add structure, or an undercut to emphasize your cheekbones and jawline. These styles create sharper angles and give a more defined look.

Is a fade haircut good for a round face?

Absolutely, a fade haircut can be an excellent choice for a round face. The tapered sides and back create the illusion of a slimmer, more angular profile. Just be sure to style the top with some volume for balance.

Should round faces have bangs or fringes?

Time’s ticking, but here’s the scoop: Bangs or fringes can cover the forehead and balance your round face. Opt for side-swept fringes to add length and dimension, making your face appear more elongated and defined.

Can facial hair help elongate a round face?

Facial hair can help elongate a round face by adding definition and creating the illusion of a more angular jawline. Experiment with styles like a well-groomed beard or mustache to complement your features.

How do you style a pompadour daily?

To style a pompadour, blow-dry your hair upwards, apply a volumizing mousse, and use a round brush for lift. Finish by shaping with pomade and setting with hairspray to keep the style in place all day.

What hair products add volume effectively?

Looking for volume? Why not try volumizing mousse or root-lifting spray for an instant boost? Both products help lift hair at the roots, adding body and fullness without weighing it down. Perfect for daily use!

Are there any celebrity hairstyles for round faces?

You can look to Leonardo DiCaprio’s side-parted style, Jonah Hill’s short tapered hairstyle, or Sam Smith’s classic undercut. These celebrity hairstyles balance the roundness and add definition to your features.


Is it not ironic how much of a difference a perfect haircut could make? You’ll have to choose haircuts for round faces men with something more in mind than looking cool in the chosen style. You must know through understanding facial shape and picking such styles as Pompadour or textured crops that will further emphasize your face’s most brilliant features.

Keep notice of how cuts differ to enhance cheekbones, jawline, and symmetry. With this guide, you’ll get a look that’s powerful and confident, tailored just for you.

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