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Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Key Differences in Shaving Heads, Features and Performance (2024)

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braun series 7 vs 9Braun’s venerable Series 7 faces a captivating challenger in the Series 9—but is the flagship’s glitz and glam worth the premium?

We’ll compare shaving heads, features, performance, and cost to determine if the Series 9 bests its forebear, or if the 7 still reigns through its balance of quality and value.

Take an analytical tour through Braun’s best to decide which singular sensation suits your shaving needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Series 9 has 4 cutting elements, while Series 7 has 3.
  • Series 9 shaving head is larger than Series 7.
  • Series 9 has a pop-up trimmer and drying technology.
  • Series 7 has an induction heating system in the cleaning station.

Key Differences

Key Differences
Let’s now examine the key differences between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 shavers in terms of their shaving heads and convenience features.

The shaving heads of these two models differ in terms of the number of directions they can shave, with the Series 9 having an advantage by being able to shave in up to 10 directions compared to the Series 7’s eight-direction capability.

Additionally, while both shavers have various convenience features such as wet shaving support and LED displays, only the Series 9 includes a pop-up trimmer that pops upwards and drying technology within its cleaning station.

Shaving Heads

You’ll notice the Series 9 has more shaving elements and directions than the Series 7 to provide better coverage.

  • The Braun Series 9 has four cutting elements, while the Series 7 only has three. This means that the Series 9 can capture a larger number of hairs in each pass for a faster and more efficient shave.
  • The shaving head of the Series 9 is also larger than that of the series seven, allowing it to cover a greater surface area with each stroke.
  • Additionally, both shavers have a pop-up trimmer for precise detailing and grooming needs.

    This increased number of blades and wider angle ensures thorough hair removal even on difficult-to-reach areas like under your nose or around facial contours for optimal results every time you use your shaver.

Convenience Features

When comparing the convenience features of the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 electric shavers, one notable difference is found in their cleaning stations.

The Series 7 comes with an induction heating system in its cleaning station, while the Series 9 utilizes a fan for drying technology.

Additionally, the Series 9 also includes a pop-up trimmer and LED display for added functionality.

Both shavers support wet shaving capabilities, allowing you to use them with water or shaving foam for a more comfortable experience.

Performance Comparison

Performance Comparison
Now let’s delve into the performance comparison between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 electric shavers.

When it comes to closeness, both models provide very close shaves, with a negligible difference for most users. However, the Series 9 is known to be more comfortable and powerful than the Series 7, offering a faster shaving experience.

Stay tuned as we explore these points in further detail to help you make an informed decision on which model suits your needs best.


Having covered the key differences in shaving heads and convenience features, you’ll find the Series 9 provides a closer shave than the Series 7 thanks to its additional cutting elements and titanium-coated middle trimmer.

When comparing closeness between the two shavers, here are three important factors to consider:

  • Comfort: The Series 9 offers a more comfortable shave due to its advanced technology and ergonomic design.
  • Speed: The Series 9 is faster at completing a shave compared to the Series 7, making it ideal for those who value efficiency.
  • Price: While both shavers provide excellent performance, keep in mind that the Series 9 comes at a higher price point.


To compare the performance of the Braun Series 7 and Series 9, let’s take a look at their speed in delivering a close and efficient shave.

The Series 9 is known for being faster, more efficient, and more powerful than the Series 7. It requires fewer passes to achieve a smooth shave, making it better for those with coarse hair. With its advanced technology and cutting elements, the Series 9 ensures a quick yet precise shaving experience.

Criteria Braun Series 7 Braun Series 9
Speed Slower Faster
Efficiency Less Efficient More Efficient
Power Less Powerful More Powerful

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis
Now let’s discuss the cost analysis between the Braun Series 7 and 9.

When it comes to price, the Braun Series 9 models do carry a premium over comparable Series 7 shavers. For example, the Series 9 9295cc typically retails for $299.99 while the Series 7 7865cc goes for around $199n99.

However, Braun frequently runs sales and promotions that can make buying a Series 9 much more affordable.

Both shavers come with a 2 year warranty in the US, 60 day money back guarantee, and are readily available online from most major retailers.

While the higher initial price of the Braun Series 9 may cause some hesitation, features like the redesigned shaving head, wet & dry technology, and LED display help justify the added cost for many buyers.

When factoring in the cost of replacement parts like cleaning cartridges down the road, the total ownership cost difference between the Series 7 and Series 9 narrows as well.

Making the Right Choice

Making the Right Choice
The choice between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 depends on your budget, facial hair thickness, sensitivity, and desired features.

  1. Budget – The Series 9 is more expensive. If price is a top concern, the Series 7 provides great value.
  2. Facial Hair – The Series 9’s larger shaving head and 10-directional cutting may better suit those with thick beards.
  3. Features – The Series 9 offers conveniences like a trimmer, battery indicator, travel case and wet shaving support.

Overall the Series 7 strikes a nice balance between price and performance. But the Series 9 brings more power and capabilities. Evaluate your needs against these models’ strengths to make the right Braun choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the warranty for each shaver?

The warranty for each shaver varies, but both the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s recommended to check the specific details of the warranty before making a purchase.

Can I use shaving cream with the shavers?

Yes, both the Series 7 and Series 9 shavers can be used with shaving cream.

The Series 9 is fully waterproof, while the Series 7 is water resistant, so take care not to submerge it.

Using shaving cream helps provide extra lubrication for a smooth, comfortable shave with either model.

How often do I need to replace the shaver heads?

To maintain optimal shaving performance, it’s recommended to replace the shaver heads every 18 months. This ensures a consistent and effective shave while preventing any discomfort or irritation caused by worn-out blades.

Do the shavers come with a travel case?

Yes, both the Series 7 and Series 9 come with a travel case.

The cases help keep the shavers protected while traveling.

Which voltage adapters will I need if traveling overseas?

Travelling overseas requires exploring voltage differences.

Carry converters compatible with plug types abroad.

Research needed voltages.

Braun products typically support dual voltage for worldwide travel.

Verify specific model support prior booking.


The allure of cutting-edge design can work like the siren’s song to stir tempestuous discourse, but the flagship’s reliable balance of performance and value calls like a guiding light to your sound judgment.

Rather than be swept up in the glamor of new features, let practicality help you choose wisely and recognize the stalwart Braun Series 7 may yet outshine ephemeral trends to serve as your steadfast shaving companion.

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