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Braun Series 7 7893s Review (Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver 2024)

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Braun’s 7 series is the most popular electric shavers on the market, but older models in the 7 series (Braun 790cc) do not have wet/dry shaving facilities.

That’s why the Braun Series 7 7893s Wet & dry electric foil shaver can be a great product to achieve customer satisfaction by filling all premium facilities except automatic cleaning and charging.

The excellence of this shaver in terms of closeness and comfort has maintained its popularity despite the launch of the latest Braun series 9. The 7 Series, overall, has become a comfort and performance benchmark for others to follow.

So let’s check if the features and specs match your desired shaving need, and it becomes your pick. Let’s dive right into the Braun Series 7 7893s review.

Braun Series 7 7893s Review – Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver

The Braun Series 7 7893s is an electric shaver aimed at people obsessed with their facial hair.

The Braun 7893s wet & dry electric foil shaver is probably and most likely capable of better separating itself from other shavers around for its dedicated focus and leveraged on excellent shaving results. Still, it also takes into account shaving without damaging or discomforting the skin.

With SyncroSonic technology and a flexible shaving head, the shaver does a great job overall. Being waterproof is an added benefit. If you are a severe shaver, then you should take this shaver from Braun seriously.

Unboxing Braun series 7 – 7893 razor

Unboxing Braun series 7 - 7893 razor

  • Braun 7893s electric shaver
  • A rugged travel case
  • Small cleaning brush
  • AC adapter
  • User Manual

There is no “cleaning station” with this model, but the other 7 7865cc and 7899cc series models come with a charging and cleaning base.

Braun Series 7 7893s Features

braun series 7 7893s reviewView On AmazonBraun’s 7 series has a lot to offer; while the fundamental design of all models is the same, the details have some differences. In this section, we will list the characteristics of the 7893 that affect the performance and effectiveness of this particular shaver.

Four Shaving Elements

The Braun 7893s electric shaver has specialized elements in the shaver head (3 cutting elements and one skin guard).

These elements work together to capture more hairs in a single pass and provide a complete cleaning result, what others do in two.

Flexible Shaving Operation

Braun 7893s razor can be used for wet or dry shaving. This favors the use of water, foam, or gel for shaving. However, it includes five custom adjustable turbo-sensitive modes that can be easily adjusted by pressing the buttons.

LED Battery Indicator

We are presented with an LED battery indicator. The indicator not only indicates but also gives you a lot of details. Not only do you get the available battery levels, but you also get an indication of when the shaver is in charging mode.

The LED indicator will also indicate the hygiene of your shaver. It will let you know if your shaver needs cleaning.

Intelligent Sonic and Auto-Sensing Technology

Like an adaptive head, auto-sensing technology is not a new feature on Braun shavers. However, compared to the five series, it has come a long way as Braun managed to do an excellent job of improving it.

Several users complained about the malfunction of the automatic detection technology in the five series models, as it did not fulfill its intended purpose. Fortunately, on the 7 series, Braun has rectified most of the problems and is back with improvements.

Turbo/ Sensitive Modes

The Braun 7893s shaver comes with five power modes. There are not precisely modes, but five different power levels.

It is easy to access and change power levels, as it only involves pushing a button.

You can see that there are two buttons on each side of the power button. The button on the left can be used to reduce the power level, while the button on the right can increase the intensity of the shave.

Power levels start from “sensitive mode,” which is best suited for people with sensitive skin. You can increase the power step by step and reach the final power mode, called turbo mode, which is the most powerful.

With a bit of time with the shaver, you can determine which power level best suits your needs.

Water Resistance

If you have used Braun razors before, you would know that they have two versions. One of them comes with a charging and cleaning station, while the other does not. The shaver we have on hand, the 7893s, lacks it, as indicated by the “S” in the name. However, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, as all of these razors are waterproof.

Yes, the Cleaning and Charging Station makes cleaning easy, but not as tedious even without it. You have to put the shaver under the tap of running water, and it will do the necessary cleaning.

Pop-up Trimmer

The Braun Series 7 razors come with a pop-up trimmer for basic trimming of sideburns and stubborn hair and are skin-friendly.

At the beginning of your shave, trim those stubborn hairs that lie flat against your neck.

But it is not a complete trimming solution, and you cannot use it for facial hair down to the beard or for fine detail work.

Battery Life

The Braun Series 7 7893s comes with a lithium-ion battery as the power source.

With 60 minutes, you can fully charge the shaver. A single charge can last about 50 minutes, which is pretty good.

You also get a fast charge mode. If you are in a hurry and need a quick shave, you can charge the shaver for 5 minutes and get enough power for a quick shave.

Braun Series 7 7893s Performance

Foil shavers are known for their ability to provide a close shave like manual razors. Braun has designed 793 with blades sharp enough to meet user expectations. However, it is not the sharpness but the way they are designed that sets them apart.

Each blade of the Braun 7893 has a separate suspension that allows them to function independently. The independence of retracting and receding significantly affects the performance of the shaver.

You must have noticed that you have to move it over the area two or three times with most of the razor to get all the hairs. It is because when all the elements have a single suspension, some of them become useless. The inability to retract independently makes it impossible to adapt to the contours of the face. So you have to maneuver a lot, which leads to nicks and cuts.

Now, since all elements of the Braun 7893s wet & dry electric foil shaver can retract and extend, they adjust to changing contours quite quickly. Therefore, there is no need for the razor to float when shaving in areas such as the jaw, chin, or neck. In one fell swoop, these blades capture all the hairs in a particular site.

On top of that, the premium micro-foils capture hair with great precision, so the blades make cuts closer to the skin.

  • Wet/dry shaving
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Multi-directional control
  • Robust design and body
  • Battery and charging efficiency
  • User-friendly interface
  • The charging and cleaning station is missing
  • The position of the pop-up trimmer is not optimal

Braun 7893s Review: Cleaning and Maintenance

Braun 7893s Review: Cleaning and MaintenanceBraun shavers generally come with a cleaning station. But they’ve taken a different route with the Braun Series 7 7893s model, as it doesn’t ship with one.

1 HALS Cleaning the shaver is entirely in your hands. Once the cleaning indicator is fully illuminated, the cleaning process can begin. Or you can rinse after each shave, which is also a great way to take care of your razor.

If you plan to use shaving cream or gel, you must clean your razor after every shave. You can place the shaver in running water on your tap and clean it. You can also submerge the shaver in a container filled with water to remove the tiny hairs.

Without a cleaning station, device maintenance is being lost. A cleaning station will use an alcohol-based solution to clean, and that will kill all the germs present on your razor. This is great for personal hygiene, and sadly you don’t get it on this model.

To replicate this treatment, you can also get an alcohol-based cleanser. You can dip a small cloth or a cotton swab in this cleaning solution and gently clean the shaver. This can help you keep your razor germ-free.

Replacement Part of Braun 7893s

There is a replacement symbol on the shaver’s display.

When the replacement symbol illuminates, the foil and cutter cassette must be replaced, and this symbol will remind you during the subsequent 7 shaves to replace the foil and cutter cassette.

The Braun 70S is the correct replacement head for the Braun Series 7 7893s shaver.

KDGN Foil and Cutter Cassette should be replaced after 18 months, and replacing them at the right time will give you 100% satisfactory shaving performance.

Braun 7893s Electric Shaver Review: Verdict

Overall, the Braun Series 7 7893s is a good, high-quality service product that works for all levels of razors but is particularly useful for beginners.

While the design comes mainly from the mind of an expert shaver, the features are convenient and comprehensive enough (especially the ‘close shave’ features) to give beginner shavers enough comfort while showing and highlighting what it does involve a shaving session that is not only clean and smooth but doesn’t have to encircle your facial skin – a beginner’s mistake actively.

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