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Braun Series 7: Features, Reviews, and Comparisons (2024)

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braun series 7Imagine having the perfect electric shaver that gives you a close and comfortable shave every time.

With its advanced features, such as the flexible 360° head and Autosense technology, this shaver adapts to your unique contours for an effortless grooming experience.

Whether you have sensitive skin or simply want a high-quality razor, the Braun Series 7 is designed to meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

Discover why it’s become a top choice among men worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Available in both wet and dry models
  • Comes with or without an automatic cleaning station
  • Range in price from $200 to $400
  • Offers a 360° Flex head, Autosense technology, and a long-lasting Li-Ion battery

Things to Consider When Buying a Series 7

Things to Consider When Buying a Series 7
When shopping for a Braun Series 7, you’ll want to check:

  • If the model is suitable for wet and dry use.
  • If it includes the automatic cleaning station for easy maintenance.
  • Pricing and availability of different models.
  • What color options and accessories are included.

These key factors differentiate the various Series 7 models and influence which one is the best choice for your personal grooming needs and budget. Taking stock of these points will help inform your buying decision when selecting a Braun Series 7 shaver.

Wet & Dry Use

When buying a Series 7, you’ll want to consider whether wet & dry use is important for your shaving needs.

Wet & dry models allow shaving with gel or foam for extra skin protection. Their fully sealed bodies and watertight electric connectors enable easy cleaning under running water.

However, wet & dry functionality contributes to a higher price tag, larger cleaning station size to handle water, and potentially more noise.

Evaluate your budget, space constraints, and noise tolerance to decide if paying extra for wet & dry use in a Braun Series 7 fits your lifestyle.

The Automatic Cleaning Station

To make your decision on which Braun Series 7 electric shaver to buy, it’s important to consider the convenience and hygiene offered by the automatic cleaning station.

The cleaning station has a quick clean mode that takes just under 3 minutes and four different cleaning modes.

Unfortunately, the newer models no longer have active drying or additional cleaning modes available.

The cost of replacement cartridges for the cleaning liquid is $15 for a pack of three.

Price and Availability

You’ll want to compare prices and availability across sellers when deciding which Series 7 model fits your budget and timeline.

  • Price: The Braun Series 7 ranges in price from $150 to $200, depending on the specific model and included features.
  • Availability: You can find the Braun Series 7 available for purchase on popular online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Return Policy: It’s important to check the seller’s return policy before making a purchase, ensuring that you have a satisfactory return window if needed.

Color and Included Accessories

Now let’s talk about the color options and included accessories you should consider when buying a Series 7 shaver.

The Series 7 comes in sleek color options like black, blue, green, red, and white.

It includes useful accessories like the popup trimmer for precise edging and sideburns, as well as the cleaning station that hygienically charges and cleans the shaver.

When purchasing, think about which color best suits your style preferences along with weighing the value of the handy add-ons.

Features Overview

Features Overview
The Braun Series 7 offers a number of notable features that enhance its performance and user experience.

First, the 360° Flex head provides flexibility in navigating facial contours for a closer shave.

The Autosense technology adjusts the shaver’s power based on beard density, ensuring efficient cutting without irritation.

Additionally, the Long-lasting Li-Ion battery allows for extended use between charges.

Flexibility of 360° head

The 360° Flex head of the Braun Series 7 electric shaver provides unbeatable flexibility and maneuverability while shaving.

With eight different directions, it effortlessly adapts to the unique contours of your face for maximum skin contact and a smooth, even shave.

This wider range of motion allows the shaving head to easily capture more hairs in few strokes, resulting in less irritation.

Its comfort on sensitive skin also makes the Series 7 a reliable option for frequent shavers who prefer a gentle glide.

However, its head may struggle to cut very coarse, dense stubble effectively.

Autosense technology benefits

You’re sensing the benefits of Autosense technology, which adapts power in real time for efficient cutting through different beard densities.

This innovative feature detects hair density and automatically adjusts the power to provide a comfortable shave while reducing irritation and preventing nicks.

With Autosense technology, you can enjoy a personalized shaving experience that ensures optimal performance and exceptional results every time you use your Braun Series 7 electric shaver.

Long-lasting Li-Ion battery

With the Braun Series 7, you’ll appreciate its long-lasting Li-Ion battery that ensures a reliable and consistent performance for your shaving needs.

Offering battery life up to 50 minutes on a full charge and a quick 1 hour charge time, it allows both cordless convenience and flexibility.

The included cleaning cartridge enables easy, hygienic maintenance while the waterproof design accommodates wet & dry use for a personalized shave.

With these key features, the Braun’s reliable battery supports exceptional shaving sessions.

Wrapup — Who Should Buy the 7071cc/7085cc?

Wrapup — Who Should Buy the 7071cc/7085cc
Now that we’ve explored the features and benefits of the Braun Series 7, let’s discuss who should consider purchasing the 7071cc/7085cc models.

If you prioritize a close shave, these shavers may not be the best option for you. While they do provide a satisfactory level of closeness for most users, there are other razors available on the market that excel at capturing and cutting long or flat-lying hairs.

However, if comfort is your main concern during shaving, then these models offer a comfortable experience when used with shaving cream.

Additionally, if you plan to shave more often rather than dealing with longer stubble growths, then these shavers will perform better in terms of performance and efficiency.

Braun 7790 Cc Review

Braun 7790 Cc Review
If you’re considering the Braun Series 7, one model to take a closer look at is the Braun 7790 Cc.



  • When it comes to closeness of shave, the Braun 7790 Cc performs well and delivers satisfying results in getting rid of unwanted facial hair.

Wet/Dry Use & Cleaning Station:

  • This model is designed for both wet and dry use, giving you flexibility in your shaving routine. Additionally, it comes with a cleaning station that helps maintain hygiene and prolongs the life of your shaver.

Overall, if you’re looking for an electric shaver within the price range of $200-$300 that offers good comfort and closeness while also providing wet/dry functionality along with a cleaning station option for easy maintenance, then the Braun 7790 Cc could be worth considering.

Braun Series 7 7075cc Review

Braun Series 7 7075cc Review
Continuing our review of the Braun Series 7, let’s take a closer look at the Braun Series 7 7075cc.

This electric shaver is priced at $229.99 and weighs only 1.3 ounces with dimensions of 2.2 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches, making it compact and lightweight for easy handling during shaving sessions.

The standout feature of the Braun Series 7 is its cleaning station which is included with this model as well, ensuring convenient maintenance and hygiene for your shaver after each use.

The battery life on this device lasts up to an impressive 50 minutes on a full charge.

Overall, the Braun Series 7 7075cc offers great value for its price point with features such as Autosense technology that adjusts power based on beard density.

It also comes equipped with a precision trimmer attachment and travel case for added convenience while traveling or grooming.

With its sleek design and high-performance capabilities, the Braun Series 7 7075cc is an excellent choice for men looking for a close yet comfortable shave experience.

For those seeking superior performance in their electric razor, Braun has you covered with the Series 70 electric shaver series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Braun Series 7 be used with shaving cream?

Yes, you can use the Braun Series 7 electric shaver with shaving cream.

Simply apply the shaving cream to your face before shaving to help the shaver glide smoothly across your skin for a closer, more comfortable shave.

The Series 7 works well on wet skin.

How long does it take for the cleaning system of the Braun Series 7 to complete a full clean?

The cleaning system takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete a full cleaning cycle.

Insert the shaver into the docking station and select the cleaning mode.

The station will automatically clean, lubricate, and charge the shaver.

Simply leave it to complete the cycle and it’ll be fresh for your next shave.

Does the Braun Series 7 have different speed settings for different hair types?

Yes, the Braun Series 7 has different speed settings to accommodate different hair types.

The highest setting is recommended for thick facial hair, while lower settings are recommended for sensitive skin.

Is the Braun Series 7 suitable for shaving coarse, dense stubble?

The Braun Series 7 isn’t ideal for shaving coarse, dense stubble.

While it provides a close shave and works well with shaving cream, it may struggle to capture and cut long, flat-lying hairs in this type of facial hair.

Can the Braun Series 7 be used for shaping and trimming sideburns?

Yes, the Braun Series 7 can be used for shaping and trimming sideburns. It features a precision trimmer attachment that allows you to achieve precise grooming results for your sideburns or other facial hair styles.


To sum it up, the Braun Series 7 is the ultimate electric shaver for men seeking a close and comfortable shave.

With its advanced features like the flexible 360° head and Autosense technology, it effortlessly adapts to your unique contours.

The long-lasting Li-Ion battery ensures you never run out of power.

Whether you choose the 7071cc or the 7085cc, both models provide exceptional performance and precision.

Say goodbye to irritation and hello to a smooth grooming experience with the Braun Series 7.

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