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How to Use an Electric Razor Step-By-Step Right Ways Full Guide of 2024

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Whether you are a beginner in the field of electric shaving or have been using it for a while, and you have some trouble using an electric shaver, and you want to know how to use an electric razor without irritation, then you are here the right place.

how to use an electric razorAchieving a great shave is essential. Not only does it look great, but it should also make me feel good and ready for the day. While using an electric razor should be child’s play for most of us, there are a few crucial tips for getting the most out of any shaver of this type.

In the past, I have written extensive articles on pre-shave routines, post-shave treatments, and various wet and dry shaving tips.

This item focuses entirely on the shaving technique. While beginners may benefit most from these tips, I think experienced electric razors users will also find a few helpful bits of information here.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to use an electric razor for a wet or dry protective shave, and you’ll be done with an ultra-groomed look in no time!

How To Use An Electric Razor Step-By-Step Guide

How To Use An Electric Razor Step-By-Step GuideI’ve only used electric razors for the past 15 years and have tried pretty much everything in the technology and real electric razors.

My conclusion? The key to a smooth, comfortable shave is to get the basics right and keep it simple.

Preparing to Shave

  • Choose a good quality electric razor: As with any product on the market, the choice for quality and paying that little bit extra goes a long way. An inexpensive electric razor generally delivers too weak a finish. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to see what each brand brings to the table and do your research.
  • Wash your face: Warm water, a hot shower, or a warm washcloth will help soften your beard, making it easier to clean your shave, wash your face with a mild facial cleanser to remove any accumulated dirt.
  • Use a pre-shave:Alcohol-based products remove dirt and natural oil (sebum) from your skin and leave your facial hair upright. A powdered version can be used if you notice that alcohol is an irritant. Most pre-shave products contain ingredients such as Vitamin E to protect your skin and reduce irritation.

How To Shave With A Foil Shaver For A Close And Comfortable Shave

How To Shave With A Foil Shaver For A Close And Comfortable ShaveFoil shavers consist of sharp, oscillating blades covered with a fine layer of mesh-like metal. The foil catches the hair and is then carefully cut through the blades under the foil.

If you prefer to shave with a shaver, you should have a short stubble because foil shavers are not good at cutting long hair.

If you don’t shave daily or after a few days or more, shave the beard with a trimmer before shaving.

1. Use short, controlled movements against the direction of hair growth

This is probably an essential aspect of shaving with an electric razor.

Use your free hand to control the direction your beard is growing and always shave it.

If you don’t shave against the hair, it will cause a bad shave in terms of proximity and will likely leave some loose hair. After some time, you will have a mental map that shows the direction of your beard, and you no longer need to feel it with your hand.

2. Holding the shaver properly is also very important

Hold your shaver at a 90-degree angle so that the electric shaver stays in contact with the facial skin, and you shave comfortably.

3. Use your free hand to touch the skin stretch for a better shave.

This allows the hair to stand upright, so it is held by the shaver and also tightens the skin, minimizing the risk of irritation.

You can tilt your head back while keeping your chin up while shaving the neck or just below the jawline. You can also use your tongue to press against the inside of your lips or cheeks. For example, it is a very effective way to stretch the skin above your upper lip.

These stretch tips also apply to rotary razors.

5. Apply pressure while shaving

have sensitive skin, do not put pressure on the shaver while shaving. For the latest foil shavers like Braun Series 7 and other advanced models of Braun shavers, you don’t need to put extra pressure to get a close shave. On the lower models of Braun shavers, you may need to press a little while shaving for better results.

Every skin type is different, and you should try to see what works best for you. If your beard is light or your facial hair is not very thick, you don’t need to put extra pressure. Applying too much pressure can cause nicks and cuts, so you need to be a little careful while experimenting and using less pressure in the beginning.

6. Always take your time when shaving, be thorough and considerate.

You should also start with the most difficult and irritating sensitive areas, such as your neck. These require more attention and effort, so it’s a good idea to get them out of the way first. Again, this generally applies to electric shaving regardless of your preference for foil or rotary shavers.

How To Shave With An Electric Rotary Razor For Best Results

How To Shave With An Electric Rotary Razor For Best ResultsThe rotary shaver was made popular by Philips Norelco and uses round blades that rotate behind metal guards. These protectors have holes and slots to accommodate short stubble and longer hair, which are then cut close to the skin by the inner rotating blades.

The vast majority of modern rotary razors are configured with three individual shaving heads.

Changing the shaving techniques presented above is the direct result of the design and operation of rotary shavers.

1. Move the shaver in a circular motion

The best way to use the rotary shaver is to move the shaver in a circular motion with a combination of clockwise and counterclockwise movements. You can also add some up and down movements so that you can capture most hairs on your face with different directions of growth.

2. Do not limit yourself to using only circular motions.

Use what works best for you. Even though I spoke on this topic above, I think it is important to say it again explicitly. All the articles I’ve come across unequivocally say that you should only use round blades with rotating razors.

However, if you stick strictly to this, you may be doing yourself a disservice and limiting how much you can shave. Change things up and experiment with different strokes to get the best results.

3. No need to apply pressure while shaving with a rotary shaver

If you use a rotary shaver, you do not need to apply additional pressure, as the rotary shavers are already made to shave better even if you have heavy or thick facial hair. Pressing harder with the rotary shaver can cause irritation or cuts to your skin.

It is recommended not to use pressure while using a rotary shaver. However, the foil shavers are a bit different, and you can use pressure to get a closer shave.

If you use shaving cream, you should rinse your shaver regularly, just like you would with a disposable razor.

Excess foam and hair residues will clog the shaver and negatively affect the quality of the shaving result. The same goes for using a shaver with cream or gel.

Five benefits of using an electric razor

1. They save you valuable time.

As the story goes, the first electric razor was invented by Colonel Jacob Schick, after too many long and freezing shaves at a U.S. military outpost. He has specially designed them to save you time: you don’t even have to worry about water, foam, or new knives.

2. They protect sensitive skin.

As blades scrape and damage your face, electric razors glide across the skin. That means no chance of cuts, less irritation after each pass, and no unsightly burn when you’re done.

3. You can man-scape with confidence.

A razor never feels as unsafe as in a place you can’t see. Fortunately, an electric razor can get anywhere on your body without the threat of notches.

4. You keep your stubble candies.

Every man has his favorite place between bare faces and beards. Stay exactly where you want with a set of electric clippers that allow precise control over the length of your stubble.

5. There is always one that meets your needs (or needs).

Most older shavers offer just a simple shave, but today’s technologies suit a wide variety of grooming needs. Whatever your priorities – shaving in the shower, tackling body hair, or blurring your beard neck – there’s an electric razor that does the trick.

FAQs About Use An Electric Razor

Can you shave smoothly with an electric razor?

An electric razor can give a close shave, although it is not considered a close razor like a cartridge shaver. Try a top-quality wet razor, use shaving cream or another lubricant to soften the hair so that the electric razor comes closer to the skin.

Some people argue that shaving the grain with an electric razor helps produce a better cut; since it is possible to shave against the grain with an electric razor, give this a try.

Taking good care of your shaver is also important; clean it well, oil it regularly, and keep it well charged for better shaving results.

Should you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

The short answer is Yes, even the cheapest electric razor on the market will shave you enough with a cream.

Can I shave my head with an electric razor?

Yes, you can shave your head with an electric razor. While it is possible to use your usual facial hair electric razor for this, keep in mind that it won’t be as effective as a razor built specifically for this task. It is best to choose an electric razor that is specially made to tackle thicker, longer hair and larger areas if you plan to shave your head regularly.

Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

The argument of a dry shave or wet shave is similar to the proverbial boxing or briefing debate. It really comes down to personal preference! Whether you choose a foil shaver or a rotary shaver, it is always advisable to do some preliminary work for a better shave; to make sure you’re not swollen and to unclog pores.

Final Word

Each individual has a different skin type, and even after going through all the tips and tricks mentioned above about how to use an electric razor, you may also need to do some experiments yourself to get it close and irritation-free.

Some of the techniques described here may work better for you with some adjustments.

Don’t be afraid to change things if you’re not happy with the results. But always try to start small with the changes and continue from there; this is definitely the safest approach.

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