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10 Best Bleach for Dark Hair: Reviews & Guide (2024)

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best at home bleach for dark hairAre you looking to lighten up your dark hair at home? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then we have the answer for you.

From ARCTIC FOX Hair Lightening Kit to Pieces Hair Coloring Kit, these products offer top-notch performance while ensuring minimal damage or breakage.

But how do you choose what’s right for your locks? Here’s our guide on what to consider when selecting the best bleach for dark hair and tips on how to safely use it at home.

Key Takeaways

  • Arctic Fox, L’OrĂ©al Paris Colorista, Wella Color Charm, and Manic Panic are recommended as the best at-home hair bleaching kits for dark hair.
  • Jolen Creme is a subtle lightening option for facial hair, especially for thin or short hairs.
  • Bold Uniq Purple is a vegan formula that effectively reduces brassiness in bleached hair, with the added benefits of coconut and marula oils.
  • When bleaching dark hair, it is important to choose a bleach that can lift multiple levels, understand color levels, and follow the instructions carefully to achieve the desired shade without causing damage.

Top 10 Best At-Home Bleach for Dark Hair

If you’re looking for the best at-home bleach for dark hair, consider these top 10 options: ARCTIC FOX Hair Lightening Kit, L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach Allover, Wella Color Charm Lightener, Manic Panic Bleach Kit, Perfect Blond Hair Toner Bleach, Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener, Hair Bar NYC Blond Bond, Jolen Creme Bleach Pot, Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask, and Pieces Hair Coloring Kit.

These bleaches offer a wide range of features such as a dust-free formula to prevent brassiness or adding highlights with ease.

ARCTIC FOX Hair Lightening Kit

ARCTIC FOX Bleach Please HairView On Amazon
For intense lift and to remove yellow tones, the ARCTIC FOX Hair Lightening Kit is a vegan-friendly choice that will leave your hair feeling nourished. Developed with a 35 Volume developer, this premium vegetable-based cream bleach contains Açaí, which is rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamins, as well as Cocoa Seed Butter, which strengthens and moisturizes.

Sunflower Seed Oil boosts hydration, while Castor Oil accelerates growth and balances pH.

The kit includes Latex-free gloves for safety purposes, plus Polycare Split Therapy, so you can prevent split ends too! With its Violet base counteracting yellow tones, lighten your locks in just 20 minutes with amazing results each time!

  • Lifts up to 8 levels
  • Premium vegetable-based cream bleach
  • Contains natural ingredients like AçaĂ­ & Cocoa seed butter
  • Violet base counters yellow tones
  • Includes Latex-free gloves & polycare split therapy
  • Thick like playdough, not creamy
  • May need the whole box for the first use
  • Can leave hair dry

Loreal Paris Colorista Bleach Allover

LView On Amazon
Transform your hair into a lighter hue with L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach Allover, an at-home cream bleach that gradually lightens for highlights or ombre effects. This easy-to-use product is perfect for those who want to achieve a blonder look without having to visit the salon.

It contains 8.37 ounces and comes with an anti-brass conditioner included, so you can get rid of any yellow tones in your hair after bleaching it.

With this kit, you can easily create vivid semi-permanent colors on darker hairs as well as adding dimension through balayage style highlighting techniques all from home!

  • Easy To Use
  • Contains Anti-Brass Conditioner
  • Infused With Keratin & Coconut Oil
  • Creates Vivid Semi-Permanent Colors On Dark Hair
  • Adds Dimension Through Balayage Style Highlighting Techniques At Home
  • May Not Lift Dark Box Dyed Hair Much In One Application
  • Leaves Hair Orange/Brassy Tones; Needs A Toner
  • Requires Mixing Developer And Applying With Brush

Wella Color Charm Lightener

WELLA Color Charm Powder HairView On Amazon
Experience up to 7 levels of lift with Wella Color Charm Lightener’s dust-free formula and protecting oil system. This lightening hair dye is perfect for creating highlights, ombre effect, or full color on all types of hair, from dark brunette to black.

The non-metallic bowl makes mixing easy, while the maximum processing time is 50 minutes for effective results without damaging your locks.

With this product, you have complete control over the lightening process and are sure to get salon-quality results at home – no need for expensive trips to salons anymore!

  • Up To 7 Levels Of Lift
  • Dust-Free Formula & Protecting Oil System
  • Moisturizing Humectant To Lock In Moisture & Prevent Split Ends
  • Quick Results For Salon Quality Blonde Tresses At Home
  • Max Processing Time Of 50 Minutes
  • Must Follow Instructions Carefully
  • Not Suitable For All Hair Types

Manic Panic Bleach Kit

Manic Panic Flash Lightning HairView On Amazon
Manic Panic Bleach Kit will quickly lift your hair up to 7 levels, giving you a beautiful medium to very light blonde finish.

The kit includes dust-free bleach powder, 40 vol cream developer, a mixing tub, tint brush, plastic cap gloves, and instructions.

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free Formula
  • Intense Color Prep & Even Lifting Results
  • PETA Accredited
  • Tested On Celebrities Not Animals
  • Chemical Odor During Application
  • More Preparation Time Than Other Brands

Perfect Blond Hair Toner Bleach

1.1 Pound Tub (17.6 Ounces)View On Amazon
Enjoy bolder, brighter color with Perfect Blond Hair Toner Bleach without the damage. This lightening hair dye is ideal for creating a blonder look, adding highlights, or full color. It is infused with keratin and coconut oil to hydrate and nourish hair while restoring softness, shine, and volume without damaging or drying out your locks.

It works on all types of dark hair, including brunette, black, and African American, so everyone can benefit from its amazing effects.

  • Lightens hair for a blonder look
  • Adds highlights or full color
  • Hydrates and nourishes without damage
  • Works on all dark hairs
  • Easy mixing leads to even application and great results
  • Strict quality control by the Italian manufacturer
  • Prep time is longer than other brands
  • Can have a chemical odor during application
  • Results may vary depending on type/color level

Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener

Clairol Professional Bw2 Lightener forView On Amazon
Try Clairol Professional BW2 Lightener for up to 7 levels of lift and a dust-free formula that helps minimize powder fly-away. This professional hair lightening powder gives colorists creative control over the lightening process while still protecting against dryness or damage.

With its moisture-sealing humectant, it’s ideal for creating highlights or full head applications.

Always follow instructions carefully when mixing and applying this product. Perform a skin allergy test before use and wear gloves to avoid contact with eyes or scalp irritation.

  • Up to 7 levels lift
  • Dust-free formula minimizes fly-away
  • Moisture-sealing humectant protects against dryness/damage
  • Perfect natural blonde tones in dark hair without damage
  • Must follow instructions carefully when mixing/applying
  • Skin allergies must be tested before using
  • Gloves must be worn during application
  • Contact with eyes & scalp should be avoided

Hair Bar NYC Blond Bond

Hair Bar NYC Blond BondView On Amazon
Experience beautiful, bright hair with Hair Bar NYC Blond Bond Charcoal Lightener Powder – the perfect way to achieve up to 10 levels of lift without yellow tones! This professional-grade lightening powder contains arginine amino acids and keratin that help protect hair and prevent damage while lifting.

Minimize fly-away powder for easy application and enjoy a cool-toned, bright finish. Reviews report great lift with no brassiness or yellow tones after quick results. The only downside may be the strong smell during application, but this can easily be managed using gloves and taking safety precautions as instructed on the packaging.

  • Lifts up to 10 levels of color
  • No brassiness or yellow tone
  • Contains arginine amino acids & keratin for protection
  • Cool-toned & bright finish
  • Strong odor during the process
  • Requires extra precaution when applying

Jolen Creme Bleach Pot

Jolen creme bleach pot 30mlView On Amazon
For a subtle lightening that won’t damage your hair, the Jolen Creme Bleach Pot is a great way to smoothly transition into brighter days. This lightening cream effectively lifts facial hair and requires mixing with an activator powder, so it takes more prep time than other brands.

Reviews show that this product works well, providing minimal effects on thicker or longer hairs but has better results for thin and short ones. It also comes with its own small mixing container, which makes it convenient to use from home or order online if you’re unable to find it in stores.

However, during application, there can be a chemical odor, as well as the tendency of sliding off one’s face, requiring reapplication 2-3 times per session for best results.

  • Lightens facial hair effectively
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Works better on thin/short hairs
  • Has a small mixing container included
  • Chemical odor during application
  • Tends to slide off face easily
  • Requires reapplication 2-3 times

Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask

Bold Uniq Purple Hair MaskView On Amazon
Give Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask a go to subtly neutralize brassiness and condition your color-treated hair. This vegan formula with natural oils like coconut and marula is sulfate-free and paraben-free, protecting against UV rays while maintaining vibrancy.

Concentrate on roots and face framing pieces for best results by leaving the mask on for 20-45 minutes, depending on the level of brassiness. Results may vary depending upon hair type or color level, but it works especially well to reduce brassiness in lighter brown hair with highlights, as opposed to darker hues.

Be careful when using this product – it can stain skin and surfaces purple, so take precautions!

  • Vegan formula
  • Natural oils like coconut & marula
  • Sulfate & Paraben Free
  • Can initially look more blue than purple when applied
  • Not as effective for darker browns with highlights
  • Can stain skin & surfaces, so precautions are needed

Pieces Hair Coloring Kit

20 Pieces Hair Dye ColoringView On Amazon
Try the Pieces Hair Coloring Kit for all your at-home dyeing needs – it’s got everything you need to get salon-quality color.

This 20-piece kit includes two large plastic bowls, four hair coloring brushes (two small and two large), two hair dye combs, two plastic capes, four hair clips, two pairs of plastic ear caps, and one pair of gloves.

All pieces are reusable and washable, making them easy to clean after use. The stiff bristles in the brushes make application smooth, even with long or thick locks due to their ample size.

Not only is this a great starter kit, but it is also a cheap alternative when compared to buying each item separately!

  • Cheap kit alternative to buying individually
  • Gloves appreciated for reusable aspect
  • Bowls have handles for convenience
  • Bowls are a bit small for long/thick hair
  • Lack of enough gloves is a complaint
  • Quality is good given the low price

How to Choose the Best Bleach for Dark Hair

How to Choose the Best Bleach for Dark Hair
When considering the best bleach for dark hair, you need to consider your hair’s undertones and color levels. Bleaching is a process that requires multiple stages of lightening in order to achieve desired results, so it’s important to know what level you’re starting from and how far you want to go.

If you’re looking for more information on the bleaching process, there are many tutorials online that provide step-by-step instructions on achieving long-lasting vibrant colors without damaging your tresses.

Hair Undertones

Understanding your hair’s undertones can help you choose the right bleach. Opt for agents that lift dark pigment and prevent brassiness, while targeting levels for ashy cool tones without over-processing.

Use purple shampoo afterward to maintain silver tones, and deep condition with bond repair treatments post-bleaching.

Hair Color Levels

Know your hair’s color level before bleaching to ensure the best results. Color tones can influence how much lift is achieved during the lightening process, so understanding the developer ratio and damage potential is key for dark hair wanting to go blonde.

Using purple shampoo post-bleaching helps reduce brassiness in highlights or all-over lifts. Highlighting with a professional lightener will achieve the desired pale blonde faster than at-home kits.

Stages of Hair Bleaching

Take your hair to a whole new level with the stages of bleaching! Pre-bleach, apply powder or cream developer and lighten. Post-bleach, tone for the desired shade, then moisturize. Avoid damage by following instructions and spacing sessions apart.

Want to Learn More About the Hair Bleaching Process?

Gain insight into the hair bleaching process and unlock your lightest, brightest look ever with an incredible selection of products! Understand the stages of bleaching to achieve stunning blonde results from chestnut brown.

Learn about color levels, toner use, and developer ratio for processing time and double-process techniques. Plus, conditioning treatments for brilliant blondexx bleach results without damage or dryness.

Why Can’t I Just Dye My Dark Hair Directly Instead of Bleaching?

Why Can
Making the switch from dark hair to lighter shades can seem daunting. But there’s a reason why bleaching is such an important part of lightening your locks: Direct dyes are not strong enough to lift darker hues, and if you try it anyway, you’re likely to end up with brassy results.

To avoid this outcome and achieve that desired shade without damaging your tresses, here’s what you need:

  • Darkening or toning shampoos/conditioners for prepping prior to bleach application
  • Professional plastic bowl for mixing powder and developer into a creamy consistency
  • Multiple stages of bleaching depending on starting color level (level 1 is black; level 10 is platinum blonde)
  • Bond protect treatments post salon sessions or at home applications

To prevent brassiness in the first place—and save yourself multiple steps along the way—it’s best practice when switching up colors dramatically like this one does, to use professional products specifically designed for lightening dark hair.

How to Bleach Your Hair at Home

How to Bleach Your Hair at Home
Before you begin bleaching your hair at home, make sure to arm yourself with all the necessary knowledge and materials to get the job done right – don’t cut corners or it could be a recipe for disaster!

Gather supplies such as latex gloves, shampoo/conditioner formulated for color-treated hair, developer ratio appropriate for your chosen bleach product, plastic shower cap (optional), and moisturizing treatments.

Section cleanly and apply starting from roots last. For silver hair, use a low volume developer of 20 vol or lower.

Process according to instructions, then rinse thoroughly before applying toners like purple shampoo until the desired tone is achieved.

Deep condition post-bleaching; bond repair treatments can help prevent damage caused by the lightening process too!

When finished, protect newly bleached locks with regular trims and purple shampoos in between sessions – this will keep brassiness away while keeping moisture locked in so you can achieve shiny silver tresses without sacrificing the health of your dark mane at home!

Third Step: Rinse When You Have Achieved Level 9 Yellow

Third Step: Rinse When You Have Achieved Level 9 Yellow
Once you’ve reached level 9 yellow, it’s time to rinse. Avoid using hot water as this can cause the color to change and your hair may end up brassy. To protect your scalp, use lukewarm temperature while rinsing for about 5 minutes or until all traces of bleach are gone.

Once complete, apply conditioner and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before completely washing out with cool water. This helps prevent further damage from heat and also allows the pigment lifting action to set in for ash toning results without any added brassiness prevention products like purple shampoo or deep conditioners that contain blue pigments in them.

After rinsing thoroughly, go ahead and towel dry your hair gently so you don’t cause more damage than necessary by being too harsh on wet strands—or worse yet—not drying it at all! Color maintenance is important when bleaching dark hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I wait between bleaching sessions?

Give your hair a break between bleaching sessions, like giving a flower time to bloom.

What is the best way to maintain silver hair?

To maintain silver hair, use purple shampoo regularly to prevent brassiness and trim your ends every 4-6 weeks. Moisturize with deep conditioning treatments and bond repair products for maximum shine.

What type of developer should I use for silver hair?

For silver hair, opt for a low-volume developer such as 20 vol. or lower. This will prevent over-processing and help to achieve cool, ashy tones without damage.

What are the best products to use on dark hair before and after bleaching?

Before bleaching dark hair, use products such as Schwarzkopf Blond Me for intense lift or L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach Kit for gradual lightening. After bleaching, deep condition and use bond repair treatments to maintain silver tones.

What should I do to reduce brassiness after bleaching?

To reduce brassiness after bleaching, use a purple shampoo to cool down the tone and give hair an ashy hue. Replenish any lost moisture with conditioner or deep treatments for softness and shine.


With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, it’s no surprise that people often turn to at-home bleaching solutions to lighten their dark hair. The best at-home bleach for dark hair can lift up to 8 levels, making it difficult to choose the right product.

In this article, we’ve reviewed 10 of the top hair lightening kits to help you make the best decision for your hair.

From the Arctic Fox Hair Lightening Kit to the Pieces Hair Coloring Kit, each of these products has its own unique set of benefits. They can help you achieve the perfect shade of blonde. Before starting any hair bleaching process, it’s important to consider your hair undertones, color levels, and stages of bleaching.

With the right product and careful instructions, you can lighten your dark hair at home and get the perfect shade of blonde.

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