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Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair | Vibrant & Nourishing Colors Guide (2024)

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best purple hair dye for dark hairYou’re seeking the best purple hair dye for dark hair that delivers vibrant, bold color while nourishing your tresses.

Consider semi-permanent vegan dyes like Arctic Fox Purple AF, Manic Panic Purple Haze, or Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye.

These dyes pack a punch with eye-catching pigments minus the harsh chemicals.

But don’t go in blind – do a strand test first to nail that perfect shade.

Be it fiery magenta or deep, seductive plum, you’ll turn heads with your radiant new ‘do.

Want the full scoop on application tips and luscious locks maintenance?

Keep reading to discover pro secrets.

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Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right purple shade is like finding your spirit color – go for bright hues like magenta and amethyst if you’ve got warm undertones, or deep, luscious plums and eggplants for cool tones. It’s all about enhancing your radiant complexion!
  • Dyeing dark hair purple without bleach is totally doable, but you’ve got to treat your locks with some serious TLC first. Condition like crazy, do those allergy tests religiously, and follow those box instructions to a T. Don’t be a hair rebel without a cause!
  • Maintaining that vivid violet vibrancy is where the magic really happens. Sulfate-free shampoos, lukewarm water rinses, and avoiding heat styling are your new hair commandments. Treat your tresses like the precious jewels they are!
  • Sure, purple dye can get a bit…well, everywhere. But a few smart precautions like gloves, old towels, and those stain-removing wipes will keep your skin and surroundings looking fresh, not like you got attacked by a bottle of Manic Panic. Just embrace the potential mess with a playful spirit!

Top 8 Best Purple Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

Looking for the best purple hair dye to transform your dark locks? From Arctic Fox’s vegan Purple AF to L’Oreal’s Feria Violet Vixen, this guide explores eight top-rated options that provide vibrant, nourishing purple shades without harsh bleaching or damage.

1. Arctic Fox Purple Af Hair Dye

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-FreeView On Amazon
Looking for a bold, vibrant purple that won’t wreak havoc on your dark locks?

Arctic Fox Purple AF is a vegan, semi-permanent hair dye that’ll give you the plum perfection you crave.

No harsh chemicals, just rich color that’ll leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

The best part? This bad boy can be mixed with other Arctic Fox shades for an endless array of custom hues to satisfy your color cravings.

Best For: Those seeking a bold, vibrant purple hair color without damaging their hair.

  • Vegan ingredients and no harsh chemicals
  • Conditions hair and leaves it feeling soft and healthy
  • Long-lasting color and can be mixed with other shades for customization
  • May not cover gray hair
  • Fades after about 6 weeks
  • Can stain everything it touches

2. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Pony Purple

Lime Crime Full Coverage UnicornView On Amazon
Ready to reveal your inner unicorn? Lime Crime‘s Unicorn Hair Dye in Pony Purple is a bold, semi-permanent hue that’ll make you the main attraction.

This vegan, cruelty-free formula is a salon-quality colorant without harsh chemicals.

The rich, violet pigment deposits vibrant results on dark tresses, transforming your locks into a mythical masterpiece.

Embrace your magical side and let your hair radiate confidence with this show-stopping shade.

Best For: Those looking for a vibrant, semi-permanent hair dye that’s gentle on hair and free of harsh chemicals.

  • DIY-friendly, one-step process
  • Contains conditioning ingredients for healthy hair
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA
  • Stains everything
  • Strong smells
  • Consistency is similar to a thick hair conditioner

3. Manic Panic Purple Haze Gel

MANIC PANIC Purple Haze HairView On Amazon
The Manic Panic Purple Haze Gel is a stellar choice for your dark hair.

This semi-permanent hair color gel provides deep, vibrant purple hues without the harshness of ammonia or parabens (Source).

Ideal for adding bold, temporary color to your locks, it’s perfect for special occasions or a fun change.

The gel formulation ensures easy application and washes out effortlessly.

Whether aiming for streaks or tips, this cruelty-free, vegan formula delivers striking results .

Best For: Those wanting a temporary, bright banana yellow hair color that glows under black lights and washes out easily with shampoo.

  • Temporary, bright banana yellow hair color
  • Glows under black lights
  • Washes out easily with shampoo
  • Not mentioned

4. Lunar Tides Orchid Purple Hair Color

Semi-Permanent Hair Color (43 colors)View On Amazon
Lunar Tides Orchid Purple Hair Color offers a unique muted, smoky purple ideal for those seeking a distinctive look without harsh chemicals.

Perfect for brown hair, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, though it may stain skin and surfaces.

Its thick, translucent consistency ensures absorption and softness.

However, it fades quickly, lasting about a week, and might not adhere well to damaged or freshly bleached roots.

Despite this, it provides a bold color experience, emphasizing individuality and style .

Best For: Those seeking a unique, muted purple hair color.

  • Unique, muted purple color
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Absorbs well into hair and leaves it soft
  • May stain skin and surfaces
  • Fades quickly (about a week)
  • May not adhere well to damaged or freshly bleached roots

5. ION Intensive Shine Permanent Hair Color

ION Intensive Shine Permanent Liqui-CremeView On Amazon
Explore the Ion Intensive Shine Permanent Hair Color for that brilliant, long-lasting color you crave. Featuring the Plum 4VV shade, this kit adds up to 2.5 times more shine than untreated hair, giving you vibrant results.

It’s designed to cover gray hairs effectively, leveraging naturally conditioning oils to keep your hair soft and healthy.

Be cautious if your hair has been previously bleached, as this formula includes ammonia. Perfect for those seeking intense color with superior gray coverage.

Best For: Those seeking radiant, long-lasting hair color with 100% gray coverage.

  • Adds vibrancy and shine, up to 2.5X more than untreated hair
  • Naturally conditioning oils keep hair soft and healthy
  • Excellent gray coverage
  • Contains ammonia
  • Can cause scalp itch and hair loss
  • Be wary if hair has been previously bleached

6. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Purple Hair Dye

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse UltraView On Amazon
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Purple Hair Dye is perfect for those seeking a vibrant, nourishing color transformation.

Featuring the V2 Dark Intense Violet shade, it’s formulated with intensity-enhancing Color Boost Technology and enriched with triple fruit oils (avocado, olive, and shea) for deep nourishment.

This permanent dye delivers vibrant color for up to 8 weeks while keeping your hair healthy, soft, and silky.

Ideal for natural hair shades ranging from light brown to darkest brown, it offers an easy application and true-to-advertised results.

Best For: Those seeking a vibrant, nourishing color transformation for natural hair between light brown and darkest brown.

  • Delivers bold, boosted permanent hair color
  • Nourishes while you color
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and silky
  • Can be a bit brassy at the roots
  • Scent might not be to everyone’s liking
  • Conditioner has been known to split open

7. Loreal Paris Feria Violet Vixen Hair Dye

LView On Amazon
L’Oréal Paris Feria Violet Vixen Hair Dye is a top choice for dark hair, offering a multi-faceted, shimmering color with 3X highlights for a bold, head-turning look .

This intense medium violet dye nourishes your hair while sealing and smoothing each strand, ensuring a vibrant, prismatic result.

The kit includes everything you need: Conditioning Colour Crème, Developer Crème, Aromatic Shimmer Serum, and Power Shimmer Conditioner, inspired by cutting-edge fashion .

Best For: Those seeking a bold, shimmering violet hair color with nourishing benefits.

  • Multi-faceted color with 3X highlights
  • Includes Power Shimmer Conditioner for hydration and conditioning
  • No appointment necessary
  • May not be suitable for very light or damaged hair
  • May require multiple applications for optimal results
  • Not available in all shades

8. Overtone Purple Semi Permanent Hair Conditioner

OVERTONE Haircare Semi-Permanent Color DepositingView On Amazon
When you want a semi-permanent option, Overtone Purple Semi Permanent Hair Conditioner is a great choice for dark hair.

It offers gentle, damage-free coloring and conditioning without bleach, ammonia, or developers.

Ideal for light to medium brown hair, this vegan and cruelty-free formula infuses your locks with a deep amethyst hue that lasts for 2-20 washes.

Reapply every few washes to maintain vibrancy, and enjoy soft, healthy hair that exudes a bold purple shine.

Best For: Those seeking a semi-permanent, damage-free purple hair color.

  • Gentle, ammonia-free formula
  • Infuses hair with a deep amethyst hue
  • Conditions hair, leaving it soft and healthy
  • Pricey for the amount of product and duration of color
  • May require multiple applications for full coverage
  • Color will bleed out with each wash

Choosing the Right Purple Shade for Dark Hair

Choosing the Right Purple Shade for Dark Hair
When choosing the right purple shade for dark hair, consider your skin tone to find a complementary hue. Bright purples like magenta and amethyst work well with warm undertones, while deep purples like plum, burgundy, and eggplant suit cool undertones, enhancing your overall look .

Consider Your Skin Tone

When choosing a purple hair dye for dark hair, consider your skin tone. Opt for cool-toned violets like plum if you have a cool skin tone, and warm-toned purples like burgundy for warm skin tones. This selection enhances your natural features, giving your style a cohesive, vibrant look matching your personality and hair care goals .

Bright Purples Like Magenta and Amethyst

When choosing bright purples like magenta and amethyst, you’re looking for vibrant, cool-toned shades that offer a striking contrast against dark hair. These hues provide a bold and true violet shade, ensuring your hair stands out without needing bleach. Opt for permanent hair dye to achieve long-lasting, vivid results that are sure to turn heads.

Deep Purples Like Plum, Burgundy, and Eggplant

Changing from bright purples, deep purples like plum, burgundy, and eggplant offer a sophisticated touch for dark hair.

These shades, ideal for enriching your natural brown tones, create a rich, dark purple finish without needing bleach.

Plum hair adds depth, burgundy hair exudes warmth, and eggplant hair provides a unique, bold look.

Choose the best purple hair dye for dark hair to guarantee vivid color .

Dyeing Dark Hair Purple Without Bleach

Dyeing Dark Hair Purple Without Bleach
For dyeing dark hair purple without bleach, it’s essential to condition your hair beforehand and follow the box instructions carefully for best results. Always perform a patch test for allergies and a Strand test to see expected results, and use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to maintain vibrant color.

Condition Hair Beforehand

Conditioning your hair beforehand is essential for vibrant and even purple dye results. Good pre-dye care, including deep conditioning treatments like aloe vera, enhances hair porosity and dye absorption, making colors pop. Use a high-quality conditioner to fortify your hair, making it more resilient and ready for dye application, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting color transformation .

Perform Patch Test for Allergies

Condition hair beforehand, then make certain you’re safe from allergic reactions by doing a patch test. This step is non-negotiable for scalp health and to avoid dye sensitivity.

  1. Redness Check: Apply dye on a small skin patch, wait 24 hours.
  2. Shield Burst: Use gloves and protective measures.
  3. Reaction Read: Monitor for skin irritation signs (Source).

Perform Strand Test to See Expected Results

Performing a strand test helps you see the expected results of your purple hair dye on dark hair. Take a small section, apply the dye, and follow the recommended time. Evaluate the color to confirm it’s vibrant and nourishing. This deposit-only method on dry hair guarantees maximum color impact. A strand test guarantees satisfaction with your purple transformation.

Follow Box Instructions Carefully

Following the box instructions meticulously ensures you achieve the vibrant purple hue you desire while maintaining product safety and effective dye application. Key steps include:

  1. Mix the color concentrate with the developer as directed.
  2. Apply the dye to dry hair, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Leave the dye on for the recommended duration to maximize color absorption and longevity .

Use Color-safe Shampoos and Conditioners

To maintain your vibrant purple hair color, use Sulfate-free shampoos and color-protecting products specifically designed for purple hair maintenance. Avoid daily washing to minimize fading and always opt for lukewarm water. Reducing heat styling protects your hair from damage, ensuring the longevity of your semi-permanent purple hair dye and keeping your color radiant (Source).

Maintaining Vibrant Purple Hair Color

Maintaining Vibrant Purple Hair Color
To maintain your vibrant purple hair color, use sulfate-free shampoos and avoid washing your hair daily to minimize fading. Washing with lukewarm water and avoiding heat styling, chlorine, and UV rays will help preserve the intensity and shine of your color.

Use Sulfate-free Shampoos

To keep your purple hair vibrant, always use sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfates strip the hair of its color, leading to faster fading. Opt for products designed for color-treated hair to guarantee the best results. They help lock in the rich, vibrant purple tones and maintain the health and shine of your locks, reducing color fading.

Avoid Daily Washes

Avoid daily washes to maintain your vibrant purple hair color. Frequent washing strips away the dye molecules, causing premature fading. Instead:

  • Wash every 2-3 days with a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo
  • Use dry shampoo between washes to refresh strands
  • Deep condition weekly to replenish moisture
  • Limit heat styling for less cuticle damage and dye loss

Embracing your inner rebel with purple locks demands a touch of care. Follow these tips for ravishing color payoff.

Wash With Lukewarm Water

When washing your vivid purple locks, always use lukewarm water. Hot water can cause the vibrant hues to fade faster and lead to unnecessary hair breakage. Cool-toned violet dyes especially benefit from this gentle care. Pair lukewarm rinses with a soy protein-rich color-protecting shampoo to maintain that ultra-violet vibrancy.

Avoid Heat Styling, Chlorine, and UV Rays

You’ll also want to avoid heat styling, chlorine exposure, and UV rays to maintain your vibrant purple hue.

Heat can cause fading.

Chlorine and UV damage can strip color.

Protect your locks with a leave-in conditioner and swim cap when hitting the pool.

For sun protection, wear a hat or use a UV protectant spray.

Following these tips guarantees your cool-toned violets stay flawless.

Damage Potential of Purple Hair Dye

Damage Potential of Purple Hair Dye
In the realm of dyeing dark hair purple, you can find solace in knowing that the finest purple hair dyes are crafted without harsh chemicals like bleach or peroxide. Instead, they harbor vegan pigments and nourishing conditioning agents that bequeath your hair a sensation of health and softness, allaying any apprehensions regarding potential harm.

Formulated Without Harsh Chemicals, Bleach, or Peroxide

When dyeing your hair purple without bleach, you’ll be comforted to know the dyes are formulated without harsh chemicals, bleach, or peroxide. This means you can achieve vivid plum or burgundy-purple shades without compromising the integrity of your locks. It’s still essential to do allergy testing, but you can color with confidence, knowing your hair’s health is a primary concern.

Contains Vegan Pigment and Conditioning Agents

You’ll be glad to know that these purple hair dyes contain:

  • Vegan pigments derived from plant sources
  • Nourishing conditioning agents like hydrolyzed proteins
  • The unicorn hair color line by Nikki Lee, free from hair-bleaching ingredients

Treating your locks with love, these dyes leave your tresses vibrant without compromising their integrity. Embrace that magical purple hue worry-free!

Leaves Hair Feeling Healthy and Soft

You’ll be delighted to know that these purple hair dyes are formulated with nourishing ingredients that leave your hair feeling healthy and soft. From the moisturizing glycerin in Arctic Fox to the hydrolyzed soy protein in Manic Panic, your locks will be pampered and revitalized.

Dye Key Nourishing Ingredient Benefit
Arctic Fox Glycerin Moisturizes
Manic Panic Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Strengthens
Lime Crime Argan Oil Smooths

No Harmful Effects on Hair

You don’t need to worry about damaging your strands. These vegan, cruelty-free formulas nourish hair while delivering vibrant color. They’re designed to prevent breakage and fading, so your purple locks stay luscious and long-lasting. With conditioning ingredients like soy protein and botanical oils, you’ll experience soft, healthy hair that radiates confidence.

Staining Potential of Purple Hair Dye

Staining Potential of Purple Hair Dye
Purple hair dyes can leave stubborn stains on your skin and surfaces like countertops and fabrics. Protect your skin by wearing gloves during application, cover surfaces with old towels, and use color-removing wipes to quickly remove any stains from your skin after rinsing the dye.

Can Leave Stains on Skin and Surfaces

One staining concern when dyeing hair purple at home is the potential for vibrant pigments to leave behind stubborn stains. To avoid discoloration on skin and surfaces, take colorfastness precautions: use petroleum jelly around hairline, wear an old shirt, cover countertops, and line the sink. These skin and surface protection methods guarantee a mess-free application.

Wear Gloves and Protect Fabrics

Purple hair dye can leave stubborn stains behind, so you’ll want to take precautions. To protect your skin and surfaces:

  • Wear the provided gloves during application
  • Cover surrounding areas with old towels or newspaper
  • Drape an old towel or smock over your shoulders
  • Wash your hands and nails thoroughly after rinsing

With proper preparation, you can confidently achieve vivid purple locks while keeping messes at bay.

Use Color-removing Wipes to Remove Stains From Skin

You’ll want to have some color-removing wipes handy to quickly wipe away any hair dye stains from your skin.

Those pesky purple stains can be stubborn, so it’s best to act fast.

The wipes are designed to gently remove hair color from delicate areas like your hairline, ears, and neck without harsh scrubbing.

A little stain prevention goes a long way in keeping your skin looking flawless after a vibrant new dye job.

Use Dark-colored or Old Towels After Coloring

You’ll want to use dark-colored or old towels after coloring your hair purple to prevent staining. Purple dye can leave unsightly marks on lighter fabrics. By using towels that are already dark or ones you don’t mind getting stained, you can embrace your new vibrant hue without worrying about color transfer or ruining your good towels.

Tips for Dyeing Your Hair at Home

Tips for Dyeing Your Hair at Home
To achieve satisfactory results when dyeing your hair purple at home, carefully read the instructions and perform a strand test beforehand to confirm the desired shade. Additionally, section your hair into four parts and quarter-inch subsections, using a comb to distribute the dye evenly while protecting your clothes and countertops from potential stains.

Read the Instructions and Do a Strand Test

Read the instructions thoroughly before starting, following them meticulously ensures vibrant results and prevents damage. Conduct a strand test first, allowing the dye process to complete fully to gauge the color and verify that you have no allergic reactions. This step is paramount for avoiding disasters—taking the time upfront leads to a stress-free, successful dye job.

Section Hair Into Four Sections, Then Quarter-inch Subsections

To guarantee even dye application, you’ll want to section your hair into quarters. Then, create subsections by parting quarter-inch rows. This method:

  • Allows for precise color saturation
  • Prevents messy overlap
  • Guarantees no strands get missed

Taking the time to properly section and subsection sets you up for vibrant, uniform purple tones – no patchy fades or streaks in sight!

Use a Comb to Distribute Dye Evenly

For even distribution, work in sections, using a wide-tooth comb to spread the dye from roots to ends. This guarantees complete color saturation with no missed spots. Proper application prevents damage from dye overlapping on the same areas while achieving vibrant, consistent results with the dye’s gentle, nourishing formulation.

Protect Clothes and Countertops From Stains

Hair dye can stain, so you’ll want to protect your surroundings. Here are a few tips:

  • Use an old towel or cape to cover your clothes
  • Lay down plastic sheeting or newspaper on countertops
  • Wear gloves to prevent staining your hands and nails

Taking precautions can save you a lot of headaches in the future regarding stain removal. A little prep work goes a long way in keeping your home dye-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What purple hair dye will show up on dark hair?

You’ll need a darker, cool-toned purple dye like Midnight Violet or Arctic Fox Purple AF. These shades will vividly tint dark hair without bleaching.

Can you put purple dye on dark brown hair?

Yes, you can absolutely put purple dye on dark brown hair. Many brands offer deposit-only purple tones that’ll give your locks a ravishing plum or violet hue without pre-lightening.

Can you use purple hair dye on black hair?

You can use purple hair dye on black hair. However, it may not show up as vibrantly as on lighter shades. For maximum impact, consider pre-lightening your strands first before applying the vivid purple hue.

What hair dye looks best on dark hair?

For a rich, vibrant purple on dark hair, try permanent dyes with cool violet or warm plum tones. Semi-permanent alternatives deposit bold color without lifting your base. Always do strand tests to verify you love the final result.

How long does purple hair dye last on dark hair?

As the seasons shift, so does your hair’s vibrant purple hue – like an ever-changing canvas. On dark locks, expect vivid shades to last 4-8 weeks before fading gracefully.

Can purple hair dye be used on previously colored hair?

You can use purple hair dye on previously colored hair, but the results may vary depending on your current shade. It’s best to do a strand test first to guarantee you achieve the desired hue.

Is purple hair dye safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

In the olden days, dyeing hair purple was frowned upon. However, it’s best to avoid chemical hair dyes during pregnancy or breastfeeding to minimize exposure to potential toxins.

What are the best shampoos for maintaining purple hair color?

To maintain vibrant purple locks, you’ll want to use sulfate-free, color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Look for products specifically formulated to lock in vibrancy and prevent fading. Regularly using a purple-tinted shampoo or hair mask can also help refresh and prolong your bold hue.

How often should I redo or touch up purple dye?

You’ll need to touch up your purple dye every 4-6 weeks to maintain vibrant color. Semi-permanent dyes may require more frequent applications as the color fades faster. Follow the product instructions closely for best results.


Bringing that coveted violet sheen to dark strands can be easy and exhilarating with the best purple hair dye for dark hair.

By choosing a nourishing vegan formula packed with vibrant pigments, you’ll achieve a radiant new ‘do that turns heads.

Maintain your luscious locks with simple tips, and you’ll keep enjoying that showstopping purple hue for weeks.

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