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Best Purple Shampoos for Naturally Blonde Hair (2024)

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purple shampoo for naturally blonde hairAre you ready to go beyond the ordinary and unlock your naturally blonde hair’s hidden potential? If so, purple shampoo could be your key.

Purple shampoos are uniquely formulated with violet pigments that help counteract any unwanted yellow or brassy tones in naturally blonde hair.

So if you’re looking to keep those golden hues vibrant and healthy, let us show you our top picks for the best purple shampoos available today.

Key Takeaways

  • Purple shampoo enhances naturally blonde hair.
  • The purpose of purple shampoo is to neutralize brassiness.
  • It is suitable for both color-treated and natural blondes.
  • Choose sulfate- and paraben-free, highly pigmented shampoos.

Top 10 Best Purple Shampoos for Naturally Blonde Hair

If you have naturally blonde hair and are looking to maintain your color with a purple shampoo, then look no further. From Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico to OGX Impecca Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, the top 10 best purple shampoos for naturally blonde hair will not only help neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones but also nourish and strengthen your locks.

1. Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Color Balance Purple Shampoo |View On Amazon
If you’re looking for a shampoo to neutralize brassiness and restore the vibrancy of blonde highlights, then Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico is your perfect solution! This liquid shampoo contains green tea extract, UV absorbers, rosehip oil, and arginine, which repair and protect hair while violet pigments directly attach to the hair strands to reduce brassiness.

It’s sulfate-free and paraben-free, so it won’t irritate sensitive scalps or strip away natural oils. Customers have reported excellent results with this product. From icy silver locks after just one wash to compliments on their revitalized hair color.

Not only does it effectively tone down undesirable yellow tones, but it also adds shine for an overall salon finish look without drying out your scalp.

Plus, its Smart Release Technology continuously releases Keratin that actively seeks out damage and helps repair damaged tresses over time.

  • Neutralizes unwanted yellow & warm tones
  • Contains nourishing ingredients like green tea extract & rosehip oil
  • Adds shine & controls static
  • Suitable even for those with very curly bleach blond hair
  • Can be slightly expensive compared to other shampoos
  • Might dry out some users’ scalps

2. Redken Blondage Purple Shampoo

Redken Blondage Color Depositing PurpleView On Amazon
You’ll love Redken Blondage Purple Shampoo’s ability to neutralize brassiness and strengthen hair with its salicylic acid-enriched formula – 97% of customers have reported satisfaction! This professional salon shampoo is designed specifically for color-treated or chemically treated hair, including bleached locks.

Infused with pure violet pigments that directly attach to the cuticle, it helps reduce brassiness while toning blonde highlights for a cool result. The sulfate-free and paraben-free formula also cleanses your strands from dirt and impurities without drying out your scalp.

Additionally, this shampoo contains salicylic acid, which penetrates deep into the core of each strand to repair damage caused by heat styling or chemical treatments.

Plus, enjoy anti-fade protection as well as maximum color vibrancy when using this purple shampoo regularly!

  • Neutralizes brassy tones in blonde hair
  • Contains purple pigments that attach directly to cuticles
  • Formulated with Salicylic Acid to strengthen & repair damaged strands
  • Sulfate Free & Paraben Free Formula
  • Anti Fade Protection & Maximum Color Vibrancy
  • Can be a bit drying if used too often
  • May leave temporary stains on hands
  • Bottle cap may be difficult to open

3. Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo

Goodbye Yellow by Schwarzkopf ShampooView On Amazon
Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo is the perfect choice for anyone looking to banish brassy tones from their blonde, silver, or gray hair. It’s a highly-pigmented, anti-yellow wash that neutralizes underlying warm tones with purple and blue direct dyes.

The gentle cleansing action of this shampoo works effectively, and long-lasting results can be achieved by using it 1-2 times per week.

This product also contains a pH level of 4.5, which helps to keep the integrity of your hair’s structure intact while delivering optimal tonal deposit without any unwanted green tint due to the blue tone found within this shampoo formulation, as reported by some users online who have tried it out themselves! Plus, it’s ideal for light highlights & platinum blondes alike since Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo gently lifts brassiness away instantly, leaving behind an ashy silver look that will make heads turn!

  • Neutralizes underlying warm tones with purple and blue direct dyes
  • Highly pigmented anti-yellow wash
  • Sulfate-free formula suitable for all hair types
  • Gentle cleansing action delivers optimal results
  • Ideal for both blonde & platinum shades
  • Packaging may need better protection during shipping
  • Some users experienced a green tint due to the Blue Tone

4. Kerastase Blond Absolu Purple Shampoo

KERASTASE Blond Absolu Ultra-Violet PurpleView On Amazon
Reap the benefits of Kerastase Blond Absolu Purple Shampoo, a toning wonder that’ll help you achieve beautiful, icy highlights with its blue and violet color-depositing pigments. This sulfate-free shampoo is paraben-free as well and contains Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen hair while protecting it against oxidation and pollution.

Use this product once weekly alternating with Bain Lumière shampoo in order to maintain optimal results. Apply directly on wet hair, lather, then leave for 2 – 5 minutes before rinsing off completely.

  • Neutralizes warm brassy undertones
  • Enriched with blue & violet color depositing pigments
  • Strengthens & hydrates hair
  • Protects from oxidation & pollution
  • Slightly drying compared to other options
  • Not extremely long-lasting effects
  • Consider using conditioner afterwards

5. Olaplex Blonde Enhancing Shampoo

Olaplex No. 4P Blonde EnhancingView On Amazon
Experience intense hydration and protection from environmental damage with Olaplex Blonde Enhancing Shampoo. This luxurious formula is designed to make your silver hair the brightest silver possible, effectively toning down yellow and brassiness.

Its sulfate-free formula lathers up nicely, providing deep hydration from root to tip while protecting against styling and environmental damage.

Highly pigmented purple shampoo lifts brassiness immediately so you can keep those blond highlights looking fresh longer than ever before! Suitable for a wide range of age groups in both dyed or natural hair, this product provides amazing results that will have you receiving compliments left right and center!

  • Ideal for making silver hair its brightest shade yet
  • Effectively tones down yellow and brassy hues
  • Provides intense hydrating effects from root to tip
  • Protects against environmental and styling damage
  • Suitable for all ages and types of blonde/silver hair
  • Can be drying on some users
  • Staining may occur on hands when used without gloves

6. Klorane Purple Shampoo Blonde

Klorane Plant-Based Purple Shampoo withView On Amazon
Take your blonde hair to the next level with Klorane’s Purple Shampoo Blonde! Formulated with natural ingredients, this sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo is designed to neutralize unwanted yellow and copper tones in dyed or naturally blonde, platinum, silver, gray, or white hair.

Infused with botanical extracts of chamomile and cornflower water that are rich in antioxidants, it helps protect against environmental damage caused by UV rays. The purple formula actively attaches itself onto each strand for a lasting effect without drying out your locks like some other toning shampoos can do.

With regular use, you’ll be left feeling refreshed yet still looking salon perfect!

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Neutralizes Unwanted Tones
  • Protects Against Environmental Damage
  • Lasting Effect Without Drying Out Hair
  • Different Smell Than Original White Version
  • Pricey For Results

7. Biolage ColorLast Purple Shampoo

Biolage Color Last Purple ShampooView On Amazon
Feel revitalized with body and volume thanks to Biolage ColorLast Purple Shampoo! This concentrated formula helps maintain a cool tone in blonde highlights, while providing a toning effect on bleached hair.

It’s paraben-free, vegan, and free of cruelty – making it suitable for color-treated hair.

With its blue-based purple pigments that neutralize brassy yellow tones directly attaching to the hair follicles, this shampoo provides long-lasting results so you can keep your silver locks icy and bright.

  • Neutralizes brassy & yellow tones
  • Paraben-Free
  • Suitable For Daily Use To Combat Brassiness
  • Leaves A Pleasant Scent
  • Vegan And Cruelty-Free
  • Concentrated Formula For Longer Use
  • Does Not Dry Out Hair Like Some Purple Shampoos
  • Some users experienced purple residue (not noticeable)
  • Recommended leaving on only 3 minutes with bleach blonde hair to avoid turning it purple
  • Notable size limitation of product bottle

8. Pureology Strength Cure Blonde

Pureology Strength Cure Blonde PurpleView On Amazon
Try the Pureology Strength Cure Blonde to restore strength and vibrancy while neutralizing yellow tones in bleached, highlighted, or silver hair. This reparative purple shampoo is enriched with plant-based protein Keravis and antioxidant Astaxanthin for extra nourishment.

It’s a sulfate-free, paraben-free formula that helps protect from damage so you can enjoy your color longer.

A blue-based purple tone refreshes blonde highlights and eliminates unwanted brassiness without leaving any residue behind on your scalp or strands.

Perfect for icy white to honey blonde shades of hair – this product creates salon-quality results right at home! Get ready to experience smoothness like never before with the help of Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Toning Purple Shampoo!

  • Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in bleach/highlighted/silver hair
  • Sulfate-free & paraben-free formula protects from damage
  • Blue-based purple tone refreshes highlights & eliminates brassiness without residue
  • Pleasant orange scent doesn’t overpower after usage
  • Expensive price tag compared to other shampoos
  • Can be drying if used too often
  • Staining on hands if gloves aren’t worn during application

9. Loreal EverPure Purple Shampoo Blonde

LView On Amazon
For naturally blonde hair that’s lost its vibrancy, L’Oreal EverPure Purple Shampoo is a lifesaver. It’s like a breath of fresh air, restoring the locks to their former glory. Infused with Hibiscus and Purple Dye, this sulfate-free, paraben-free formula hydrates and neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones for an ultra glossy finish.

Its vegan ingredients are gentle enough for color-treated hair while still providing deep cleansing action without harsh salts or animal byproducts.

The Loreal EverPure shampoo helps extend time between dyeing visits, so you can enjoy longer-lasting beautiful color without brassiness creeping back in too soon. Users have reported positive results in toning down yellow brassiness from highlights.

However, some users found it less effective on extreme cases of discoloration due to the lack of buildup control over long-term usage or mixing with regular shampoo, which may counteract the purple pigment’s effect over time.

It’s also suitable for maintaining white hair without any brassy yellow tones, making it perfect even if you’re not quite ready yet to go lighter than platinum blonde!

  • Effectively neutralizes brassy tones
  • Gentle sulfate-free formula
  • Leaves hair clean and refreshed
  • Helps extend time between hair color treatments
  • Can be mixed with regular shampoo
  • Not as effective against extreme levels of discoloration
  • Potential irritation when used excessively

10. OGX Impecca Blonde Purple

OGX Impecca-Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo,View On Amazon
Completely transform your blonde locks with OGX Impecca Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, and watch as its intense color-correcting formula works to banish brassiness. This sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo is suitable for silver, prelightened, or natural blonde hair.

It contains keratin, purple fig, and iris to correct yellow tones while extending the life of your color.

Personalize the toning effects by adjusting how often it is used; use less for a subtler shade change or more depending on desired results.

  • Easy to mix with shampoo/conditioner
  • Suitable for maintaining highlighted hair
  • Can be used at home saving salon costs
  • Pleasant scent compared to other purple shampoos
  • Noticeable difference in hair color after one use
  • Color build-up can occur if overused

Understanding Purple Shampoo and Its Purpose

Understanding Purple Shampoo and Its Purpose
If you’re naturally blonde, understanding the purpose of purple shampoo can help keep your hair looking bright and vibrant. Purple shampoo contains deep pigments to neutralize brassy tones from heat styling, hard water exposure, and other environmental factors that turn blonde hair yellow or orange.

Not only is it effective in toning down unwanted brassiness, but it also adds shine and helps maintain color for longer.

The Science Behind Brassy Tones in Naturally Blonde Hair

The Science Behind Brassy Tones in Naturally Blonde Hair
Uncover the science behind those brassy tones in your naturally blonde hair. Blonde hair is often susceptible to yellow undertones and brassiness due to its porosity, carotene levels, natural color pigments, and harsh water chemicals.

Purple shampoo helps neutralize these warm tones by using violet-pigmented direct dyes that attach directly to underlying warm hairs for a cooler result.

In addition, regular use of purple shampoo can extend time between salon visits by preserving color vibrancy for longer periods of time.

Can Purple Shampoo Be Used on Natural Blonde Hair?

Can Purple Shampoo Be Used on Natural Blonde Hair
Yes, you can use purple shampoo on natural blonde hair to restore its cool highlights and neutralize brassiness. Benefits include maintaining color, adding shine, managing frizz, protecting from heat-related damage, and environmental factors, as well as keeping hair looking vibrant for longer.

Natural blondes should alternate using a nourishing mask with their regular shampoo routine to ensure they are not overly drying out their locks. The effectiveness of the shampoo depends on one’s porosity level; the lower it is, the less likely that toning effects will be visible after usage.

As such, some may need leave-in purple shampoos for up to 3-5 minutes before rinsing off, while others only require 1 minute or so to achieve desired results when used once or twice weekly at most due to different levels of brassiness between individuals’ hair types.

Benefits Purple Shampoo Ingredients
Maintaining Color UV absorbers & violet pigments
Adding Shine Keratin & rosehip oil
Managing Frizz —
Preventing Brassiness —

What to Look for in a Purple Shampoo for Natural Blondes

What to Look for in a Purple Shampoo for Natural Blondes
When searching for a toning shampoo to enhance your natural blonde hair, look for products that contain nourishing ingredients and pigments to neutralize brassy yellow tones. Start by considering the type of product you need based on your hair porosity, as this will determine how effectively the purple shampoo works.

Brands such as Redken Color Extend Blondage, Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo, and Kerastase Ultra-Violet are all highly recommended choices when it comes to maintaining cool highlights or minimizing brassiness in naturally blonde hair.

It’s also important to consider techniques such as mixing with regular shampoo or leaving it in 3-5 minutes for cooler results while avoiding overuse, which can temporarily turn your locks purple!

How to Use Purple Shampoo to Counteract Brassy Tones

How to Use Purple Shampoo to Counteract Brassy Tones
To counteract brassy tones and maintain your blonde locks, reach for a purple shampoo to give your hair the icy refresh it needs.

  1. Select a quality product – Look for shampoos with deep purple pigments and nourishing ingredients like green tea extract, UV absorbers, rosehip oil, arginine, keratin, or hyaluronic acid.
  2. Use sparingly – Apply 1-2 times per week to prevent dryness or fading of color-treated hair. Start when brassiness begins to show up in the hair shafts without overusing, as it can stain hands if not handled properly.
  3. Follow with conditioner – Embrace the benefits of using an accompanying conditioning mask or cream after applying Purple Shampoo to keep tresses hydrated and healthy-looking between uses. This will also prevent breakage from occurring in porosity levels that are too low due to a lack of moisture retention capacity before application occurs again.
  4. Utilize additional methods – To maximize results, try using other products such as gloss treatments. These will help lift any underlying brassiness present before use by helping seal shut cuticles during off weeks from usage altogether, enabling more longevity with each successive wash session overall.

There you have it— everything you need to know about maintaining beautiful naturally blonde locks!

Maintaining and Enhancing Natural Blonde Hair With Purple Shampoo

Maintaining and Enhancing Natural Blonde Hair With Purple Shampoo
Maintaining and enhancing your natural blonde hair can be a challenge. Special care is needed for both dyed and natural blondes, especially when it comes to reducing yellow or brassy tones. Purple shampoo offers all the benefits of regular shampoo but with added color correction capabilities.

Highly-pigmented shampoos contain violet pigments that attach directly to the hair shaft, neutralizing underlying warm tones in just one wash! It’s important to consider your hair porosity when selecting a purple shampoo.

Those with low porosity may need less time for results due to their tightly packed cuticles, while those with high porosity should keep the product on longer as their open cuticles absorb more pigment quickly.

Alternating between regular and purple shampoo helps maintain highlights without overdoing it. Once or twice per week will suffice! With so many brands available, you’re sure to find an effective formula tailored specifically towards maintaining your cool hue.

Some popular options include Redken Color Extend Blondage, Joico Color Balance, Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow, Kerastase Ultra-Violet, or Olaplex No 4P.

Whether you’re looking for stronger color correction or simply want some extra protection against environmental damage, these products are perfect choices.

Tips for Choosing the Right Purple Shampoo for Your Natural Blonde Hair

Tips for Choosing the Right Purple Shampoo for Your Natural Blonde Hair
When it comes to maintaining and enhancing natural blonde hair, purple shampoo can be a great option. With the right brand, frequency of usage, and understanding its benefits for blonde hair, you can get more out of this product than just neutralizing brassiness.

Choosing the right brand.

With so many options, finding the right purple shampoo for your blonde hair can be overwhelming. Careful brand selection is essential to get maximum color-correcting results without damaging or overdrying your hair.

Compare product effectiveness based on reviews and ingredient analysis; look out for highly pigmented shampoos with nourishing ingredients like keratin and hyaluronic acid.

Frequency of usage.

How often you use purple shampoo for your natural blonde hair is key to keeping its color and vibrancy. Benefits of consistency include improved longevity, enhanced shine, and reduced brassiness. To maximize effectiveness without overuse, alternate with regular shampoos or a deep-conditioning mask between uses; one or two times per week should be sufficient in most cases.

Balancing the right amount of toning with nourishing treatments will leave your hair healthy while still looking vibrant.

Benefits for blonde hair

Using purple shampoo for your natural blonde hair can offer a plethora of benefits, from restoring cool highlights to protecting against environmental and heat-related damage. Choosing the right brand is essential in order to maximize these effects; look for highly pigmented shampoos that are sulfate and paraben-free.

The frequency of use should be based on the level of brassiness—once or twice per week should suffice unless you have extra porous hair, which may require more frequent toning.


A naturally blonde head of hair can be a beautiful thing, but to keep it looking its best, you need to make sure you’re using the right purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is specifically designed for blondes and can help neutralize brassy tones.

When choosing a shampoo, look for one with a deep purple pigment. Also, look for nourishing ingredients like green tea extract, rosehip oil, and keratin. Make sure the shampoo is sulfate-free and paraben-free. It should be able to be used as part of a regular hair care routine.

With the right purple shampoo for naturally blonde hair, you can keep your locks looking healthy and vibrant for years to come!

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