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Which Hair Colors Look Best on Dark Skin in 2023? (2024)

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which hair color is good for dark skinSurprising statistics suggest that nearly 80% of people are unhappy with their current hair color. If you’re one of those seeking a change and looking for the perfect shade to flatter your dark skin tone, look no further! From jet black to golden goddess blonde, there’s a flattering hue out there for everyone.

Whether you prefer something subtle or want bold colors like electric blue or pink highlights – it’s all possible if you know which shades will work best on darker complexions.

Key Takeaways

  • Nearly 80% of people with dark skin tones are dissatisfied with their current hair color.
  • Dark skin tones can rock various hair colors, including jet black, cream blonde, caramel brown, and more.
  • Bold choices like red wine, bright red, and electric blue can add flair to dark skin tones.
  • Maintenance for hair color on dark skin involves using sulfate-free products, toning shampoo, and protective styling.

Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones
Looking to make a statement with your hair color? Dark skin tones can look stunning in many shades, from Jet Black and Cream Blonde to Caramel Brown and Chocolate Red Wine.

Jet Black

You’ll make a powerful statement with jet black hair, which provides an elegant and universally flattering look for your dark complexion. Jet black is the perfect choice to complement rosy tones as well as jewel and deep brown shades.

Dark women can achieve this customized hair color with proper deep conditioning treatments. Jet black contrasts beautifully against smoky effects or pumpkin spice hues, making it ideal for any season or occasion! For those looking to have their own unique style without compromising elegance, jet black is the perfect option that will always be in fashion.

Cream Blonde

Cascading cream blonde can give your dark skin a sun-kissed look, with its warm and cool tones creating an unforgettable shimmer. Cream blonde is perfect for those looking to add subtle highlights of honey or bright red around the face or as a money piece.

Red hot shades such as cayenne red stand out against dark complexions, while golden blondes complement any tone beautifully. Caramel browns are ideal for medium-dark skins that want an all-over sun-kissed glow without bleach.

Honey blondes pair well with lighter skin tones and create dimension when paired together in balayage styles.

Caramel Brown

Try out a caramel brown hue for an instantly warmed complexion. Choose shades ranging from light to dark, like mocha brown and chocolate. To add more dimension, dye tips or highlights in ash tones or cool hues such as pastel shades work well too.

For those with lighter skin tones, a light auburn is perfect, while warm highlights may be best for darker complexions.


Indulge in the warmth of Chocolate hair color to bring out your inner goddess. This dark brown hue is perfect for those with dark skin, as it enhances warm undertones and adds a subtle dimension. Jewel tones like platinum blonde and Cinnamon hues pair beautifully with chocolate brown for an elegant look, while burgundy highlights add drama to the style.

Achieve this sophisticated hairstyle by visiting a professional colorist who can create a money piece that blends seamlessly into your mane, creating an effortless transition between lightened locks and warmer hazelnut tints around the face frame.

Fall in love with Chocolate hair today!

Red Wine

Embrace the deep and subtle look of Red Wine for an effortlessly chic style. This burgundy hue complements dark skin with its warm undertones, creating a stunning contrast that pairs well with darker complexions.

From crimson red to burgundy hair color, add depth to your locks by incorporating hints of auburn highlights or adding full-blown red hair for drama. Crimson red is perfect for making a bold statement while still allowing you to keep your natural base intact.

Burgundy pairs beautifully with dark tones and gives off an aura of confidence when paired with any complexion type – but it looks particularly lovely against rich browns! For those seeking something more subdued yet equally as striking, try incorporating an ombre effect or lighter shades like rose gold highlights into this classic shade in order to achieve the desired look without overpowering it completely.

Dare yourself: make the transition from ordinary black strands into stand-out crimson hues today!

Choosing Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Choosing Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones
Looking for the perfect hair color to complement your dark skin? Look no further! From dimensional reds and electric blues to auburn reds and honey blonde hues, there is an array of colors that will bring out the best in your complexion.

Bright red hair can add dramatic flair, while subtle tones like champagne are ideal for those who prefer a more natural look.

Dimensional Red

Transform your look with a dimensional red hair color for a bold and powerful statement. Achieve an asymmetric cut combined with ginger tips, electric shades, or vibrant ombre to create the perfect artistry of colors.

Opt for fiery red wine and subtle auburn streaks that will enhance any dark skin tone without appearing too overwhelming.

Let your inner beauty shine through as you flaunt this unique style that is both eye-catching yet elegant at the same time – it’s the perfect way to add some vibrancy into your life!

Electric Blue

Experience the boldness of electric blue and turn heads with a vibrant hair hue. Incorporate jewel tones for a striking look. Try muted purple for low-maintenance style or pastel pink to lighten up dark skin.

For black women who want an edgy yet subtle change, try midnight blue highlights with fire ombre. Bleach London’s Rosé Hair Color is perfect for achieving this look as it has been approved by PETA and lasts 1-3 washes, so you can keep your color refreshed and vibrant! Add dimension to any hairstyle without compromising natural beauty.

Auburn Red

Try out the vibrant and fiery Auburn Red shade to enhance your complexion. This jewel-toned hue is perfect for dark skin tones, with its copper hair hues that complement warm undertones. Try a fire ombre to add some depth or subtle highlights for a low-maintenance look.

Honey Blonde Hair

Give your complexion a warm, sun-kissed look with honey blonde hair. Choose from soft honey shades to golden streaks for added depth and drama. Incorporate warm tones of brown highlights or add in subtle golden highlights for natural dimension.

For an exquisite look, try out the trendiest balayage – the golden blonde balayage! If you’re looking for something more low maintenance, go dark with deep brown hair paired up with protein treatments to maintain strength and shine on afro hair types.

Honey brown highlights can be used as transitional color between darker roots and lighter ends while offering warmth all around!

Bright Red Hair Color

You’ll be sure to turn heads with a striking bright red hair color. Vibrant shades of red, like burgundy and platinum blonde tones, are perfect for dark skin tones looking for a statement look. Jewel tones such as blue-green or ash blonde can also add dimension to your style.

With vibrant hair shades being so popular right now, you can customize your look further by experimenting with different colors and trends that suit your complexion best! Bring out the boldness in yourself through these vibrant shades while creating an individualized signature look.

What Color Highlights Are Best for Dark Skin Tones?

What Color Highlights Are Best for Dark Skin Tones
For dark skin tones, alluring auburn and golden highlights provide an attractive accent to any look. Cool shades such as ash blonde or silver can be used to create an understated yet stylish contrast against warm hues.

Jewel tones like deep purple, blue, and green also make for dynamic color combinations with dark skin.

A chunky highlight of two-toned colors is always a good idea for creating visual interest in the hair without overdoing it.

Whether you’re looking for subtle balayage or bold streaks, there are numerous options available which flatter both light and dark complexions alike.

What Color Looks Best on Dark Skin?

What Color Looks Best on Dark Skin
Making the right hair color choice for dark skin can be a difficult task. But with an understanding of what colors work best, you can confidently choose the perfect shade!

Ashy tones, such as cool browns and deep chestnuts, are great for creating subtle highlights on darker complexions. Jewel tones like burgundy hues and starry night shades provide dramatic contrast against dark skin, while vibrant violet or soft chocolate brown bring out warm undertones in lighter complexioned individuals.

Adding highlights to your locks is a great way to add dimension too. Try dirty blonde or chili chocolate for lighter looks, and dark brown accents if you’re looking to go bolder.

Whatever hue you decide on, make sure it complements your complexion so that all eyes will be drawn towards that gorgeous mane!

The Best Colors for Dark Skin Tones

The Best Colors for Dark Skin Tones
Are you looking for the perfect shade to complement your dark skin? Whether it’s Golden Goddess Blonde, Multi-Dimensional Red, High-Gloss Black, or even Money Piece and Red Hot, there are so many colors that can bring out the best in your complexion.

Golden Goddess Blonde

Embrace your inner goddess with the stunning golden blonde hue. From mauve highlights to icy blonde, this iconic hair color is perfect for dark skin tones. Rich browns and vibrant copper bring out a deep purple undertone of your complexion, while warm gold tones lighten up any look.

Style it in a wig or dye it in natural hair – platinum blonde works especially well on dark skin! Try adding subtle shades of silver to create an even more magical effect.

Multi-Dimensional Red

Be bold and try a multidimensional red hue that adds explosive vibrancy to your look. For dark skin tones, vibrant purple or ginger snaps are suitable options for the daring, while rainbow colors like icy blonde and mocha brown work great for those with more subtle tastes.

Add depth with burnt sienna or a vibrant violet hair dye, then finish it off with a color depositing mask to lock in the monochromatic effect of this dramatic hue! For an unforgettable style upgrade, choose the fiery beauty of multidimensional red hair color.

High-Gloss Black

Try out a high-gloss black for an edgy look that will turn heads. For those who prefer something with mixed tones, opt for root stretch and platinum curls. Balayage streaks or ombre tips are also great options to enhance the style of dark-skinned women’s hair color.

Money Piece

Boost your look with a Money Piece, a subtle way to highlight your face and enhance your complexion. With upkeep and styling, you can achieve this trend without too much maintenance.

Whether it’s hot pink or rose gold highlights for contrast, pumpkin spice tints for added warmth, or mocha brown with money piece effects, find inspiration that suits you! Achieving the perfect money piece is just one step away from having an amazing hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

Try something new today. Experimenting has never been more exciting! Dare yourself by combining colors like no other. Be bold yet stylish in whatever hue you choose. Makeup options are endless as well when paired together.

Red Hot

Ignite your look with the fiery hue of Red Hot, a bold and powerful statement color that complements dark skin for an unforgettable transformation. From burnished copper to smoky brunette and auburn highlights, this vibrant shade adds depth and texture to any hairstyle.

Cinnamon spice is also recommended for those looking for something more subtle yet still eye-catching. For those seeking drama in their style, deep burgundy weaves through hair like velvet, creating unique color options not found in other shades.

Flatter light brown skin tones with pastel shades, including pink or purple hues, while brightening up darker complexions by adding best-color highlights around the face area.

Grey or Silver Ombré for Dark Skin

Grey or Silver Ombré for Dark Skin
Making the transition from deep browns and jewel tones to grey or silver ombré for dark skin can be a liberating experience. Ashy browns, muted blues, and fire ombres are just some of the versatile hair colors that flatter darker skin tones.

Subtle balayage in ashy gold highlights is also an option to bring dimension without overly brightening your look.

For those bold enough, vibrant violet paired with pastel pink gives off a daring yet graceful vibe while avoiding color damage due to its natural hair tone base.

Rose Gold Highlights for Dark Skin

Rose Gold Highlights for Dark Skin
Upgrade your look with glamorous rose gold highlights to bring out the best in your dark skin. This trend-setting style adds an extra sparkle and shine that will make all heads turn.

For those looking for a subtle change, this is the perfect option – simple maintenance gives you a gorgeous golden glow without compromising on boldness! Darker complexions can benefit from adding lighter rose gold tones to achieve jewel tones, while ash blonde highlights are ideal for cooler undertones.

If you’re feeling daring, try brighter hues like bubblegum pink or light blue hair color to really make a statement! Bright green hair also looks stunning against darker skin; just be sure not to overdo it so as not to overwhelm your complexion.

Rose gold provides an excellent balance of warm and cool shades that will flatter any tone and give off both vibrancy and depth – perfect if you want something special but still natural looking! Add some extra flair by incorporating subtle hues into existing locks or go all out with vibrant colors for maximum impact.

Pink Hair for Dark Skin

Pink Hair for Dark Skin
Transitioning from rose gold highlights to pink hair for dark skin, the options are endless! A vibrant violet shade by Bleach London is perfect for an attention-grabbing look.

For a more subtle metallic shine, try Soft Auburn with Burnt Sienna lowlights. It pairs perfectly with warmer undertones in darker complexions. Hair care should not be taken lightly; color maintenance is key to keeping your new hue looking its best! Try using shampoo and conditioners specifically made for colored hair to keep its vibrancy alive longer.

Whether you choose something bold like Vibrant Violet or prefer a softer hue like Metallic Shine, there’s sure to be something perfect that will make heads turn when people see you rocking pink hair on dark skin tones!

Warm Hazelnut Hair Color

Warm Hazelnut Hair Color
Experience the warmth of a hazelnut hue that beautifully complements your dark skin and enhances your natural beauty. With ashy tones, cool tones, and jewel tones all in play, this warm color creates an eye-catching contrast against darker complexions.

Whether you opt for platinum blonde or rose gold highlights to add dimension to a full head of hair or go for an all-over dye job with cool ashy colors instead, there are plenty of maintenance tips out there that can help you get the most out of your hair transformation.

From using quality hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored locks to finding just the right combinations between shades – it’s easy to look stunning without compromising on healthiness!

Dark Brown Hair Color for Dark Skin

Dark Brown Hair Color for Dark Skin
For dark skin, transitioning from warm hazelnut hair color to a classic dark brown shade can be a great way to get an elegant look. Dark brown is universally flattering and adds dimension, bringing out the beauty of your complexion.

To keep up with this timeless shade, try adding subtle ash blonde highlights or lowlights for texture and contrast. Or go bolder with deep red tones like crimson or burgundy that pair well with warm undertones in darker complexions.

For an even more dramatic change, vibrant violet hues will bring attention to your features while mocha brown provides natural warmth without being too overpowering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I maintain my hair color for dark skin?

Maintain your hair color for dark skin by using sulfate-free shampoos, conditioning regularly, and protecting it from the sun. Try deep conditioning treatments to keep vibrant colors looking fresh. Refresh with toning shampoo every few weeks to prevent fading and brassiness.

Use a good heat protectant when styling to avoid damaging hair color or causing breakage.

Is there a difference between hair colors for light and dark skin tones?

Yes, there is a difference between hair colors for light and dark skin tones. Jewel tones, cool ashy colors, warm highlights, and deep brown shades all look great on darker complexions.

How can I avoid damaging my hair when dyeing it?

When dyeing your hair, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to avoid breakage. Utilize the power of deep conditioning treatments to keep locks healthy and hydrated, plus seek out products containing natural oils for an extra boost! Don’t forget protective styling – opt for braids or buns when possible.

Lastly, be sure you’re using professional-quality products for the best results.

Is it necessary to use a toner to keep my hair color vibrant?

Toning your hair is a great way to keep it looking vibrant and fresh! And while not necessary, it’s definitely worth considering for those who want long-lasting color. With irony and an engaging style, you’ll discover the power of toning – how this subtle yet effective technique can take your look to the next level.

Is there a way to make my hair color last longer?

To make your hair color last longer, invest in a bond-repairing treatment. Use toners to refresh the look between full coloring sessions and opt for semi-permanent dyes, which fade more gradually than permanent ones.

Consider using heat protection products when styling to limit damage from heat tools.


We all want to look our best, and for dark skin tones, choosing the right hair color is essential. As the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in 2023, there are plenty of options that are perfect for dark skin tones.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, natural look with jet black or a dramatic transformation with red hot, there are a variety of colors that will suit your complexion.

From golden goddess blonde to money piece, warm hazelnut to multi-dimensional red, rose gold highlights to pink hair, there’s a color to fit your style. So, no matter which hair color you choose for your dark skin, you’re sure to turn heads in 2023.

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