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10 Brown Hair Colors for Black Women for 2023 | Look Fabulous

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brown hair colors for black womenReady to make a change? Show off your unique style with one of these beautiful brown hair colors for black women in 2023. From golden goddess blonde to rose gold highlights, you can find the perfect hue that suits your skin tone and will help you look fabulous.

If subtlety is more your thing, why not try a high-gloss black or money piece? Or if something bolder is what catches your eye, opt for chunky highlights or red hot! Whether it’s soft chocolate brown or grey ombré – there’s no shortage of gorgeous shades when it comes to coloring dark hair.

So go ahead and take the plunge – experiment and have fun!

Key Takeaways

  • Warm tones like hazelnut and chocolate brown are recommended for black women with brown hair.
  • Black hair with accents of copper and hazelnut can create a high-gloss look.
  • Dimensional looks such as ombré and highlights are popular choices for black women with brown hair.
  • Experimenting with creative colors like red and gray/silver can help black women make bold statements with their brown hair.

Golden Goddess Blonde

Golden Goddess Blonde
Experience the ultimate transformation with a golden goddess blonde, perfect for adding subtle warmth to your dark locks – it’s like being dipped in pure sunshine!

This stunning shade of blonde is sure to turn heads and make you feel like royalty. Its natural beauty will bring out your best features with its warm tones and cool accents.

Plus, this easy-maintenance look won’t require too much upkeep or frequent visits to the salon which makes it perfect for busy lifestyles.

Take inspiration from celebs who rock their golden goddess hair color on red carpets such as Beyonce at Met Gala or Zendaya rocking her signature tousled curls–these looks are guaranteed showstoppers!

Showcase your inner sun-goddess by opting for this versatile hue that works well on both light and dark hair types alike.

Multi-Dimensional Red

Multi-Dimensional Red
Take your look to the next level with a multi-dimensional red hair color. Bronde shades, burgundy tones, copper accents, and hazelnut hues all play together to create a warm and inviting look that’s sure to turn heads.

Whether you opt for an all-over color or just subtle red highlights throughout textured hair, the choice is yours! For those who want something even more dramatic, try adding in high-gloss black or money piece techniques for an edgier style.

With this beautiful new hue, you can feel confident as it gives off strong vibes of empowerment and liberation.

High-Gloss Black

High-Gloss Black
Embrace the ebony elegance of high-gloss black hair for a radiant and regal look. Darkening options such as this can be achieved with natural hues or by using protective styling to add copper tones, warm hazelnut, and other lightened highlights.

Mahshid Baghaei from John Whelan of Eliut Salon recommends Below16 Black, which is perfect for those looking to add some extra depth to their style without having it appear too overbearing. Meghan Markle has been seen rocking a similar hue that looks stunning when paired with her signature makeup routine – think soft lips and fluttery lashes! With this beautiful new color, you’ll feel confident knowing it gives off strong vibes of power and belonging while remaining timelessly elegant yet modern at the same time.

Money Piece

Money Piece
Making a statement with your hair has never been easier than when you add in a money piece! This eye-catching style is the perfect way to make sure you stand out from the crowd, and it’s incredibly easy to achieve.

Not only will this look give you an extra layer of protection for your strands, but it also adds natural highlights that bring out rich brown hues. The best part? Vu Hair Salon recommends investing in Michael Boychuck of COLOR salon products, which provide color balancing benefits so that your money piece looks as vibrant as possible for months at a time.

Whether rocking subtle waves or straight locks, this New York City approved trend can help take any look up another level while providing much-needed protective styling and hair care along the way!

Red Hot

Red Hot
Show off your bold and daring side with a sizzling red hot hue! From Rihanna’s iconic copper locks to Beyonce’s deep burgundy, this fiery look is perfect for making an unforgettable statement.

Take cues from Issa Rae who recently revealed her new rose gold highlights that take her style to the next level. Red hair can be achieved without compromising natural hair care, as protective styles and heat-free products may help avoid damage or breakage.

Textured curls like Janet Jackson also allow you to create signature darker hues on dark skin tones.

Below are 5 red hot shades of warm browns, rich coppers, and vibrant auburns that are all great options when looking for something different than blondes or brunettes.

Soft Chocolate Brown

Soft Chocolate Brown
If you’re looking for something subtle yet impactful, then soft chocolate brown is an ideal choice! This shade allows dark skin tones to still maintain a natural look while giving off that extra bit of warmth.

Think Issa Rae’s warm hazelnut or Yara Shahidi’s honey brown – both majestic and effortless looks.

It also compliments rosy-gold highlights perfectly, perfect for those who want to experiment with their color without going too bold.

And remember: no matter what your hair type may be, from curly textures like Janet Jackson or strawberry blonde like Lizzo, there are plenty of ways you can rock the soft chocolate brown shade in style.

Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights
Bring out your inner 90s diva with a look that’s bold and beautiful – chunky highlights! These sun-kissed streaks will play up warmer or cooler skin tones, so you can create something truly unique to you.

For brown-skinned women looking to make a statement, try adding:

  • Bronde balayage for the perfect balance of blonde and brunette
  • Hazelnut hues for copper curls that are oh so trendy
  • Platinum wigs for an adventurous shade change
  • Burgundy depth to add drama without making too much of a fuss

But don’t let the traditional colors limit your style options! Why not push boundaries with dusty rose color on black hair? Or even go wild by mixing rich shades of brown together? No matter what look you choose, chunky highlights give dark-skinned beauties all kinds of ways to stand out from the crowd.

With this hairstyle option in hand, any woman is sure to take her confidence level up another notch!

Grey or Silver Ombré

Grey or Silver Ombré
Take your look to the next level with a chic grey or silver ombré that will have heads turning! Start by lightening natural texture for an understated touch of color, and make sure to pick shades that flatter warm hazelnut hues.

With sunflower blonde accents woven in here and there, you can create a bright copper bejeweled updo worthy of any occasion. Then add layers of metallic chestnut brown across the back for natural bronze highlights as well as some subtle contrast against grey or silver tips.

Finish off this gorgeous style with an elegant bun or dramatic braid – it’s all up to you! For those who want something even bolder, why not try adding some blue streaks? Whether cool-toned balayage is mixed in strategically throughout the hairline or full-on pastel dyeing takes place from root-to-tip – get ready for compliments galore when rocking these unique looks!

No matter what shade you choose, experimenting with gray and silver creates showstopping results every time.

Rose Gold Highlights

Rose Gold Highlights
Go glam with rose gold highlights to elevate your look! Show off your natural hair and protective styles with a pop of color that complements warm hazelnut hues. Whether you choose a blonde wig or incorporate honey brown highlights, the perfect light brown base color will bring out the best in any skin tone.

Hazelnut is also an excellent choice for those looking to add some subtle warmth, while burgundy can be added for more dramatic effects.

For extra texture and drama, why not try chunky highlights? Sun-kissed looks are especially stunning on dark skin tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Try a bold new look with pink hair – perfect for making a statement and adding personality to your style! From dye maintenance to high-gloss black, there are plenty of options out there.

  • Golden goddess blonde – add pink undertones to give it an extra vibrant look.
  • Chunky highlights – combine shades of honey brown and bright pinks for amazing dimension.
  • High-gloss black – create depth by pairing classic jet black with subtle hints of pink throughout the strands.
  • Protective styles – if you want something low maintenance yet still eye-catching, try combining warm golden tones with soft pink hues in your favorite braid or twist out style!

Whatever color you choose, make sure it complements both your skin tone and lifestyle so that you can rock it all year round without worrying about upkeep or damage from overprocessing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of hair color works best for black women with dark skin tones?

Try a combination of rose gold highlights, sunflower blonde, or soft auburn for warm tones and ash blonde, light purple, or platinum for cool ones.

How do I ensure my highlights look natural?

Choose highlights that complement your skin tone and natural color. Go for warm hues like copper, honey brown, or auburn to bring out the best in dark skin tones. For lighter complexions, try rose gold, blonde balayage, or strawberry shades – they’ll give you an instantly glowing look! Experiment with different colors until you find one that suits your unique style and complexion.

What hair colors are best for light and medium brown skin?

Discover the perfect hair color for your light or medium brown skin! Try rose gold highlights to add warmth, sunflower blonde for a soft glow, and dark copper red for an understated look. Ash blonde and strawberry shades provide cool tones, while ginger complements yellow/gold undertones.

What is the best way to achieve a rose gold hair color?

Achieve a stunning rose gold hair color with highlights and lowlights. Get creative by adding depth to the look – try warm tones like copper, cinnamon, or carrot for added dimension.

How often should I touch up my hair color?

Touching up your hair color depends on how fast your hair grows and the type of dye used.


No matter your skin tone, you can find the perfect brown hair color for black women in 2023. From the golden goddess blonde to the multi-dimensional red, you can stand out in the crowd with the trendiest hair colors around.

With a glossy black money piece or a soft chocolate brown, you can look fabulous and feel confident. Opt for chunky highlights to add dimension or a grey or silver ombré to make a statement. Rose gold highlights will add a touch of glamour, and pink hair is always daring.

With these 10 fantastic brown hair colors, you’ll be sure to make heads turn! So, get ready to rock the world with your unique look!

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