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Best Burgundy Hair Dye: Top 12 Shades for Stunning Red-Wine Locks (2024)

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best burgundy hair dyeChoosing the best burgundy hair dye requires considering your skin’s undertone and desired longevity.

For warm tones, try Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Creme Red or L’Oreal Feria Chocolate Cherry.

Cool complexions suit Clairol Natural Instincts Dark Burgundy or Wella Color Charm Permanent Burgundy.

Naturalists may prefer henna options like Henna Hair Beard Dye.

Commit to color-protecting haircare and touch-ups every 6-8 weeks.

Lighter hair may need pre-toning before achieving that coveted burgundy hue.

Sound like your perfect shade? Let’s explore which dye will reveal your most flattering wine-kissed locks.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding the right burgundy hair dye is like embarking on a quest for the perfect power shade. It’s all about unlocking your inner vixen while complementing your natural radiance.
  • Scoring a flattering burgundy hue is a dance between embracing your skin’s undertones and deciding how intensely you want to slay. Cool tones? Go for bluish-burgundies that’ll make your complexion glow. Warm vibes? Reddish-burgundies will be your new bombshell bestie.
  • Maintaining those ravishing red-wine locks demands dedication, but hey, a diva’s work is never done! Invest in color-protecting haircare, deep condition like it’s your job, and touch up those roots before they even think about peeking through.
  • Whether you crave a subtle reddish-brown shift or an unapologetically bold transformation, there’s a burgundy shade waiting to awaken your inner goddess. Just remember – with great color comes great responsibility to work it like you own the runway!

Top 12 Burgundy Hair Dyes

You’ll find a wide range of burgundy hair dyes on the market, from natural henna-based options to chemical formulations by leading brands.

Consider trying one of these top 12 burgundy hair dyes: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Creme Red, Henna Hair Beard Dye Burgundy, Clairol Natural Instincts Dark Burgundy, L’Oreal Feria Chocolate Cherry, Wella Color Charm Permanent Burgundy, Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Burgundy Brown, Creme of Nature C30, Reshma Beauty Henna, Schwarzkopf Keratin Anti-Age, L’Oreal Superior Preference Deep Burgundy, Bigen Permanent Powder Deep Burgundy, or Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Mauve.

1. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Creme Red

Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse NourishingView On Amazon
You’re in control with Garnier Nutrisse 362 Darkest Berry Burgundy. This permanent dye packs a punch with cool tones for a vivid, deep burgundy that adapts to all hair textures.

It’s your secret weapon for 100% gray coverage and long-lasting, radiant color. The exclusive fruit oil ampoule nourishes while it colors, leaving your locks shiny and silky.

With a 97% natural origin conditioner, you’ll lock in that vibrant hue and protect against dryness.

Take charge of your hair transformation in just 35 minutes.

Best For: Those seeking a vibrant, long-lasting burgundy hair color with nourishing benefits.

  • Nourishes hair while coloring with fruit oil ampoule
  • Provides 100% gray coverage
  • Enriched with 97% natural origin conditioner for color protection
  • Strong chemical smell
  • May require multiple applications for full coverage
  • Longevity of color may be poor

2. Henna Hair Beard Dye Burgundy

Henna Hair & Beard DyeView On Amazon
You’ll love The Henna Guys’ Burgundy Hair Dye for its 100% natural, vegan formula. It’s a game-changer for those seeking a chemical-free alternative.

This plant-based powder packs a punch with 100 grams per pack, covering grays effectively. Mix it with tea, oil, lemon, and apple cider vinegar for an enriching hair treatment.

Apply for 3 hours, rinse with cold water, and voila! Your locks will flaunt a stunning burgundy hue that darkens over time, leaving your hair stronger and healthier.

Best For: Individuals seeking a safe and plant-based hair dye to achieve a burgundy hue while strengthening their locks.

  • 100% natural and vegan formula with no harsh chemicals
  • Covers gray hair effectively and darkens overtime
  • Strengthens hair and provides health benefits
  • Product cannot lighten dark hair color
  • Application process takes time (3 hours to let henna sit on hair)
  • Washes out over time, requiring regular reapplication

3. Clairol Natural Instincts Dark Burgundy Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent HairView On Amazon
You’ll love Clairol Natural Instincts Dark Burgundy Demi-Permanent Hair Dye for its gentle, no-drip formula that’s perfect for all hair types. It lasts up to 28 washes, giving you the freedom to experiment without long-term commitment.

No ammonia or added parabens means you’re in control of your hair’s health. This rich burgundy shade blends away gray hairs, empowering you to manage your look effortlessly.

Best For: Those seeking a gentle, demi-permanent hair color that blends gray hairs and lasts up to 28 washes.

  • Gentle on hair with no ammonia or added parabens
  • No-drip creme formula for easy application
  • Blends away gray hairs effortlessly
  • May not lighten hair
  • May not completely darken gray hair
  • Can stain skin and surfaces

4. L’Oreal Feria Permanent Hair Color Chocolate Cherry

L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted ShimmeringView On Amazon
You’ll love L’Oreal Feria’s Chocolate Cherry shade for its vibrant, multi-tonal burgundy that lasts. This gel formula delivers shimmering color that won’t fade harshly, ensuring your burgundy stays stunning. It’s perfect for covering grays, too.

For best results, consider a bleach wash first and skip the Color Booster. Use a cap to trap warmth, and leave your roots untouched for 15-20 minutes. Got long or thick hair? Grab two boxes.

Trust us, it’s the best burgundy color out there.

Best For: Those seeking a vibrant, long-lasting burgundy hair color.

  • Multi-tonal, shimmering color
  • Gradual fade
  • Covers gray hair
  • Bleach wash recommended before use
  • Do not use Colour Booster
  • Use 2 boxes for long or thick hair

5. Wella Color Charm Permanent Burgundy

Wella ColorCharm Permanent Liquid HairView On Amazon
Looking for a burgundy that packs a punch? Wella Color Charm Permanent Burgundy is your go-to. Its Liquifuse Technology guarantees every strand is saturated, giving you up to 43% more shine than untreated hair.

With 62 intermixable shades, you’re in control of your look. Mix one part color with two parts developer, let it sit for 15 minutes, then process up to 30 more. The result? Vibrant, fade-resistant color that covers grays like a champ.

Just remember, use in a vented area—this dye means business!

Best For: Those seeking vibrant, long-lasting color with excellent gray coverage.

  • Liquifuse Technology for even saturation
  • Up to 43% more shine than untreated hair
  • 62 easily intermixable shades
  • Strong odor once opened
  • Can lift hair color
  • Can cause hair damage

6. Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Burgundy Brown

Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Haircolor, BurgundyView On Amazon
You’re in control with Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Burgundy Brown. This ammonia-free, liquid dye offers 100% gray coverage and vibrant color that’s perfect for both light and dark hair.

It’s a bargain at just $6.89, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious beauty mavens. While it’s discontinued, you can still snag this gem online.

Just remember, patch test first to avoid any allergic reactions. With Revlon, you’re not just coloring your hair; you’re awakening your inner wine goddess without breaking the bank.

Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly, ammonia-free hair dye that provides 100% gray coverage and vibrant color.

  • Ammonia-free
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Vibrant color
  • Discontinued
  • Can cause allergic reactions in some people
  • May not be suitable for all hair types

7. Creme Of Nature Hair Color Kit C30

Creme of Nature Moisture RichView On Amazon
Creme Of Nature’s C30 Red Hot Burgundy Kit delivers a rich, moisturizing color that’ll transform your locks.

This ammonia-free formula, infused with Shea Butter Conditioner, guarantees 100% gray coverage without compromising hair health. Made in the USA, it’s a trustworthy choice for those seeking salon-quality results at home.

You’ll love how this liquid permanent dye softens and nourishes your hair while imparting a vibrant, red-wine hue.

Take control of your color journey with this user-friendly kit, designed to give you the power to achieve professional-looking burgundy hair.

Best For: Those seeking a rich, moisturizing hair color that provides 100% gray coverage.

  • Moisturizing formula with Shea Butter Conditioner
  • Ammonia-free to protect hair health
  • Vibrant, red-wine hue
  • Not specified

8. Reshma Beauty Henna Hair Color

Reshma Beauty 30 Minute HennaView On Amazon
Reshma Beauty’s Burgundy Henna Hair Color is your passport to captivating, wine-inspired locks without the damage. This natural dye coats your strands, giving them a fullness boost and protection while delivering rich, long-lasting color.

It’s a gentle, chemical-free way to conceal grays and nourish your hair, leaving it thick, soft, and shiny. With simple application tools included, you’ll be rocking that burgundy glow in no time.

Just remember to patch test first to verify that you’re safe to use it.

Best For: Those seeking a natural, damage-free way to color and nourish their hair.

  • Provides 100% gray coverage that lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks
  • Coats hair, boosting fullness and protecting it
  • Makes hair look thick, soft, strong, and shiny
  • May have a grass smell when applying
  • May develop blisters if PPD sensitive
  • Contains Sodium Perborate, which is banned in Europe for being carcinogenic and mutagenic

9. Schwarzkopf Keratin Anti-Age Color

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Anti-Age HairView On Amazon
You’ll love Schwarzkopf’s Keratin Anti-Age Color in Bordeaux Red. It’s like a time machine for your hair, fighting breakage and providing 100% gray coverage.

The K·Bond-Plex technology repairs your hair from the inside out, leaving you with a stunning, even color that lasts.

The pre-color serum conditions your locks before the dye even touches them.

If your hair is longer than your shoulders, grab two boxes to guarantee every strand gets that rich, wine-inspired hue. Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Best For: Those looking for vibrant, even color with reduced hair breakage.

  • Up to 80% less hair breakage
  • 100% gray coverage
  • K·Bond-Plex repairs and protects hair
  • Multiple boxes may be needed for longer hair
  • Hard to find in stores
  • Directions for use must be followed carefully

10. LOreal Superior Preference Deep Burgundy Hair Dye

LView On Amazon
You’re master of your mane with L’Oreal Superior Preference Deep Burgundy Hair Dye. This powerhouse delivers vibrant, long-lasting color that defies fading.

The translucent gel formula seamlessly blends radiant burgundy hues. The conditioning treatment leaves hair silky and shining.

With over 50 luminous shades available, you’re in the driver’s seat to achieve your desired wine-kissed locks – effortlessly radiant and totally in control.

Best For: Those seeking vibrant, fade-defying hair color with easy application and gray coverage.

  • Long-lasting color and shine
  • Conditions hair for silky, radiant appearance
  • Over 50 luminous shades available
  • Strong scent
  • May cause dryness
  • Relatively higher price point

11. Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color Deep Burgundy

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair ColorView On Amazon
For those seeking a rich, long-lasting burgundy, Bigen’s Permanent Powder Hair Color in Deep Burgundy is a standout choice. This value pack offers a safe, nourishing formula that covers grays while enriching your locks with intense color.

The powder dye delivers potent pigments that cling tenaciously, ensuring your burgundy mane retains its depth and vibrancy for weeks.

Express your inner vixen with this daring, ravishing shade.

Best For: Those seeking a rich, long-lasting burgundy hair color that covers grays and nourishes hair.

  • Value pack
  • Permanent hair color that covers gray hair
  • Healthy for hair and lasts a long time
  • May not cover all gray hair
  • Darker shades may be difficult to remove

12. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Mauve

You’re daring, unafraid to challenge norms and express your bold individuality. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye in Mauve, a rich burgundy shade, perfectly captures your rebellious spirit. This vegan, semi-permanent formula infuses your locks with vibrant color sans harsh chemicals. Effortlessly transform into an alluring vixen, turning heads with your daring burgundy mane that screams confidence and freedom.

Best For: Those seeking a vibrant, semi-permanent burgundy hair color without harsh chemicals.

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of PPD, Peroxide, and Ammonia
  • Conditioning formula with fatty acids and vitamins
  • Limited color life cycle depending on shade, hair condition, and wash frequency
  • Patch test and strand test recommended before full head application
  • Only suitable for pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair

Choosing the Right Burgundy Hair Dye

Choosing the Right Burgundy Hair Dye
When choosing a burgundy hair dye, consider your skin’s undertone to guarantee the shade complements your complexion.

Cool undertones pair well with burgundies featuring blue or purple hues.

Warm undertones harmonize better with red, brown, or orange-based burgundy tones.

Additionally, weigh the pros and cons of natural dyes like henna versus chemical formulas.

The former offers gentler, nourishing qualities.

The latter provides longer-lasting, more vibrant color payoff.

Skin Tone Undertone Match

You’ve found the perfect burgundy hue, but did you consider your skin’s undertone? To avoid a clash, match your undertone:

  1. Cool undertones? Go for burgundies with blue or purple bases.
  2. Warm undertones? Opt for red wine or burgundy shades with red-brown bases.
  3. Neutral undertone? You’re lucky – most burgundies will flatter your skin!

Undertone matching guarantees your sultry new shade enhances, not overpowers, your natural glow.

Natural Vs. Chemical Dyes

You have a choice between natural and chemical burgundy dyes. Natural dyes like henna offer vibrant color with nourishing benefits but limited shades. Chemical dyes provide a broader spectrum but may contain harsh ingredients.

Henna Dyes Chemical Dyes
Nourishing Broad Range
Subtle Hues Intense Shades
Low Ammonia High Ammonia
Short-Lived Longer-Lasting
Gentle Potential Damage

Consider your priorities – hair health, shade intensity, or longevity – to make the best choice.

Longevity And Maintenance

When choosing a burgundy hair dye, consider:

  1. Whether you want a temporary or permanent color change
  2. The need for regular deep conditioning to maintain vibrancy
  3. Touch-up care required to prevent root regrowth and damage

Temporary dyes offer flexibility but lack longevity, while permanent options demand more upkeep to preserve your stunning red-wine locks.

How to Care for Burgundy Hair

How to Care for Burgundy Hair
Maintaining your stunning burgundy locks requires dedication.

First, use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading.

  1. Deep condition weekly to nourish and lock in vibrancy.
  2. Limit heat styling and cover hair in sunlight.
  3. Invest in a toning gloss or root touch-up kit for at-home maintenance between salon visits.
  4. Schedule touch-ups every 6-8 weeks to keep your color fresh and vibrant.

With proper care, you’ll project your inner power, radiating confidence with every swish of your luscious burgundy mane.

Considerations Before Going Burgundy

Considerations Before Going Burgundy
When considering burgundy hair dye, it’s important to account for your current hair color and tone.

On light blonde hair, burgundy can create a bright, vibrant shade with pink or purple undertones.

Lighter brown hair may result in a more subtle, reddish-brown hue.

For those with black hair, achieving a deep burgundy tone often requires pre-lightening or bleaching to allow the color to show through effectively.

Deciding between dark burgundy with rich red and purple tones or a burgundy red with more prominent red undertones can also help complement your specific skin tone.

On Light Blonde Hair

If you’re a light blonde, burgundy is the ultimate power move. Go bright and bold with intense pink undertones and vibrant purple hues. A burgundy gloss takes your locks to showstopping levels, commanding attention with every toss of your head. Embrace this fierce, unapologetic shade – light blonde perfection meets rebellious edge.

On Light Brown Hair

For light brown hair, burgundy highlights add a subtle reddish-brown touch. Expect:

  1. Varied shades of burgundy
  2. Pink/purple hues on lighter strands
  3. Deep red/maroon tones on darker pieces

This color provides a low-maintenance change into richer, warmer tones. Embrace the power of a transformative yet soft shift.

On Black Hair

For black hair, you’ll need to do some pre-lightening before applying burgundy dye. This allows the vibrant color to shine through. Consider burgundy highlights or balayage to add depth and dimension.

Technique Description Results
Highlights Strategically placed burgundy strands Pops of red-wine color
Balayage Graduated burgundy from roots to ends Blended, natural-looking hues
All-Over Color Full saturation with burgundy dye Intense, bold transformation

Dark Burgundy

For those with darker hair, dark burgundy offers a striking yet achievable look. You’ll notice:

  • Rich, concentrated color
  • Purple/red undertones
  • Vivid contrast against your base

To maintain vibrancy:

  • Use color-depositing shampoo
  • Minimize heat styling
  • Touch up every 6-8 weeks

Dark burgundy delivers sophistication while allowing your hair’s natural dimension to shine through.

Burgundy Red

You want a bold, fiery burgundy-red that commands attention? Go for it! This vibrant shade, with red tones dominating over purple, is ideal for those with warmer skin tones. It’s a sassy, head-turning hue that exudes confidence and daring. Consider burgundy highlights, a balayage, or ombre – they’ll add dimension and depth to your new, alluring look.

Which Burgundy Shade Suits Your Skin Tone?

Which Burgundy Shade Suits Your Skin Tone
Selecting the perfect burgundy shade to complement your skin tone is key.

If you have warm undertones, opt for burgundies with copper or red-orange hues like mahogany or wine burgundy.

If you have cool undertones, go for deeper plum or violet-based burgundies.

For fair skin, bright burgundy with pink tones looks stunning.

Medium skin tones shine with warm, coppery burgundies.

Those with darker complexions can rock a bold, almost black burgundy.

The right shade can make your skin glow and eyes pop. Take a moment to appreciate your unique beauty before choosing a flattering burgundy that lets your radiance shine through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which color is best for burgundy hair?

For a flattering burgundy hair shade, you’ll want to factor in your skin’s undertones. Those with cool undertones look radiant in burgundies with blue or purple hues, while warmer tones suit red or brown-based burgundies.

What skin tone is good for burgundy hair?

If you’re feeling daring, burgundy hair could be your next bold move! This sultry shade works wonders on those with warmer, olive-toned skin. But don’t shy away if you have a cooler complexion – the right hue can make your features pop. Just take the plunge and let your inner vixen shine!

How to get the perfect burgundy hair color?

To achieve a perfect burgundy hair color, first determine your skin’s undertone. Cool tones suit bluish-burgundy shades, while warm tones flatter reddish-burgundies. Consult a professional stylist and use high-quality, nourishing dyes for radiant, long-lasting results.

Which is darker burgundy or maroon?

Maroon is darker and warmer than burgundy. You’ll achieve a deeper, richer shade with maroon hair dye. Burgundy has more purple tones, giving a cooler, brighter finish. Consider your skin’s undertones when choosing between these alluring hues.

How long does burgundy hair dye last?

Boldly beautiful burgundy brilliance bewitches briefly! Semi-permanent dyes last 4-8 weeks, permanent 6- Proper products protect pigment permanence, preventing premature fade.

Is burgundy hair dye damaging to hair?

Burgundy hair dye, like other permanent hair colors, can be damaging if used improperly. To minimize harm, follow instructions carefully, do strand tests, and use nourishing dye formulas fortified with hair-friendly ingredients.

Can burgundy hair dye cover gray strands?

Rhetorical question: Worried about grays? Say goodbye to those pesky silver strands! Burgundy hair dye offers excellent gray coverage while adding a touch of sophistication and depth. With the right hue and application technique, you’ll be rocking a vibrant, youthful look.

How often should I touch up burgundy?

For great results, you should touch up your burgundy hair color every 6-8 weeks. Regular touch-ups maintain vibrancy, prevent fading, and cover new growth for a fresh, radiant look that exudes confidence and style.

Is burgundy hair dye easy to remove?

Visualize a smug salon stylist guffawing Removing burgundy dye? Easy as licking cotton candy off a unicorn’s horn! Unless you’re a professional wizardress, prepare for a battle royale.


Over 70% of women change their hair color annually, making the best burgundy hair dye a sought-after product. Evaluating your skin’s undertone and desired intensity guarantees a flattering, wine-kissed result. With proper maintenance through color-protecting haircare, your vibrant burgundy locks will radiate sophistication and allure. Trust top-rated dyes like Garnier Nutrisse or L’Oreal Feria to reveal your stunning new shade.

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