10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019

It is not so easy to choose the right beard dye that best suits your beard hair. So we help you choose the right colorant based on many factors and present the 10 Best Beard Dye.

You can see their influence everywhere: gray hair on your head, wrinkled skin and, yes, gray hair on your beard. Although a bit of gray can mean wisdom and experience – and that does not necessarily have to be unattractive to others – it is not always a welcome sight. best beard dye

That is why we dedicate this message to the Best Beard Dye for 2019.

There are many beard dyes to choose from, but we have chosen what we think is the very best available.

First of all, the chosen colorants are not permanent.

However, the selected beard dye takes longer than you think something is done by a hairdresser in the professional hair salon.

In the end, we hope that you find a color that best suits you and gives you the confidence to approach the world, knowing that the signs of aging have taken a postponement.

10 Best Beard Dye Reviews Of 2019 On Market

1Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 CountGodefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count
  • 20 application kit can be used on beards, mustaches, side burns, temples, anywhere you need a little color.
  • Root touch up to cover gray hair.
  • complete kit. Everything you need included to get started.
21 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys
  • ★ All Pure & Natural: This package includes Pure Henna Powder & Indigo Powder along with Natural herbs including Amla Powder, False Daisy & Neem Powder. No Fillers, No Dilutions, No Paraben, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Additives. The Highest Premium Grade
  • ★ Best Value : 5.30 Oz Powder Packed in Huge Aluminum Foil Bag with airtight environment for Longest Shelve Life. 1 Pack = 100 Grams of Dark Brown Henna & 50 grams of Pure Henna for 2 Step Application Process.
  • ★ Friendly Reminder: This Henna Shade blend has been prepared to cover gray hair to Brown/Dark Brown. Color light colored hair to dark brown. This Product CAN NOT Lighten your Dark Hair Color will Not work on black hair. ( Individual Results May Vary)
3Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard DyeGrizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye
  • The Original Beard Dye: Permanent, 100% organic and chemical free
  • Little chance of irritation/Hypoallergenic: Gentle, natural alternative to harsh drugstore brand beard dyes
  • Fine herbal powder rendered from fresh Emblic, False Daisy, Neem Tree, Henna and indigo: Nothing added
4RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5ozRefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz
  • Please Note: Developer is not included with this product, it needs to be purchased separately.
  • Natural Brown No. 3 is a strong and versatile opaque brown that creates the most natural brunette looks.
  • Natural brown lashes and brows. Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints. Smudge- and waterproof. Lasts 6 weeks.
5Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 ShampoosClairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos
  • Pack of 3 Clairol Natural Instincts For Men semi-permanent hair color kits in Medium Brown. Ammonia free hair dye with aloe and Color Treat Conditioner fades naturally without harsh root lines so your hair will be healthy and radiant from roots to tips.
  • Natural Instincts for Men hair color will infuse your hair with natural looking, radiant color that conditions. This semi-permanent color that fades naturally over 28 shampoos, ships discretely, and keeps you looking grown up, not gray.
  • Our Natural Instincts hair color lasts for 28 shampoos, fading naturally without harsh root-lines to keep your hair looking radiant. Natural Instincts dye is semi-permanent, so stay neutral with your natural hair color, or revel in revealing a new you.
6Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)
7Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 OunceSurya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce
8Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3)Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3)
  • Pack of 3 Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Sandy Blond
  • Eliminates gray hairs for a thicker, fuller look
  • Works in 5 easy minutes
9Just For Men Touch Of Gray Hair Color, Black Gray (6 Pack)Just For Men Touch Of Gray Hair Color, Black Gray (6 Pack)
  • Takes away some gray hair for a subtle salt & pepper look.
  • Comes with an easy comb-in applicator.
  • Works in 5 easy minutes.

There is a huge selection of beard dyes on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one for your style, aesthetics, and lifestyle preferences.

Until recently, Just For Men was one of the most popular dyes for facial hair. A number of men with complaints are growing every day.

Boys claim that this dye caused them severe allergic reactions, while there were also some cases where people were admitted to hospital because the reaction was extremely harsh.

One of the possible reasons for this is the Phenylenediamine ingredient that can be found in this product.

PPD is known to be an allergen that can cause mild dermatitis, itching, swelling, chemical burns, and even anaphylaxis.

With this in mind, here is an analysis of the top 10 Best Beard Dye to meet the needs and preferences of men of any age who have proven safe until now, because there were no complaints:

1-Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium (Brown)

Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium (Brown)

It is easy to keep a beard paint that is good to update (if you just want to remove a few gray hairs) and to cover your whole beard if you want.

That’s why we love Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit so much; it is versatile enough to accept every beard paint and give you a natural look.

We also like it for many other reasons.

First, it contains many natural ingredients and contains no ammonia, which can damage the hair and cause skin irritation if used too long. For the other, it can be stored for a long time and is considered a permanent beard with one application that makes it easy to keep it for several weeks.

Hey, you can even use it on your sideburns or shorter beards, like a goatee.

When you consider that a Godefroy hue has 20 different uses, it is a bargain for any price or an excellent long-term investment.

We also like that you can adjust the natural brown color of the set by simply indicating how long you spent it. The longer the duration, the darker it is on your beard. It even works on the most color-resistant beards and applies evenly and non-smudgy.

Your color tone kit comes with both color capsules and developer.

You simply mix the capsule powder and develop and let it rest for a few minutes before applying it to your beard.

  • Ammonia-free And Natural
  • Each Kit Comes With 20 Applications
  • Good For Fake Covers Or To Dye Your Whole Beard
  • The formula Feels A Bit Thin And Can Drip

Customer Images

Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count Customer Image Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count Customer Image 1Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count Customer Image 2Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

Is there a gel formula.?

Godefroy has a gel formula for tinting eyebrows. It is called Instant Eyebrow Tint, kit of 3 applications.

do the capsules expire? Because 6 months after purchase it is turning my brows green/gray.

The capsules do not expire. The developer has a shelf life of 3 years and after 3 years can turn green and/or lose it strength. You will need to purchase any 10 volume creme developer at local beauty supply store to finish up the capsules.

The description says not to use on eyebrows but some reviews say they have. What's correct info? Safe for eyebrows?

According to the manufacturer it can be, but because of FDA regulations they can't market it that way in the states. Just use some vaseline around your brows to prevent it from potentially dripping and you should be good.

how do you choose a brown color for dark brown hair?

I think brown is good for dark brown hair but honestly this was a big mess and I ended throwing it in the garbage. Totally not worth the effort. I would recommend a good gray coverup stick made for eyebrows. Good luck!

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 1


I like this product, the only drawback is that I.T did not mention that you should let the developer and the product sit for at least 20-30 minutes and then tint their eyebrows. I.T then it will turn into a nice dark brown color and it will be ready for the dye. Do not use if it is dark gray or light gray. The solution is not ready. Once in I.T does the work.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 2


I'm not a great review writer, but sometimes I get something that surprises me so much that I like other people to know. Things do wonders. I left it a little longer (about 9 minutes in total) on each eyebrow, mainly because I wanted it to also dye something on my skin. I left it on for 3 minutes the first time, then I cleaned it and reapplied it 2 more times. I have quite thick eyebrows, but this summer has made them much brighter, and this really worked great. I recommend using the eyebrow modeler if you want that sculpted result, freehand work is risky. I made both eyebrows separately and when I cleaned the color I did not use water, just a cotton ball. In this way, it will allow the color to be fixed a little more before washing. Hopefully this will last a while because I am very happy with the results.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I have been using this product for about 6 months and I am very happy with the results. I have dark blond hair and I ordered the medium brown kit, and the results are very natural. Once I read somewhere that blondes should use two shades darker than hair color and brunettes use two lighter shades. I'm not sure if this is still valid, but I followed it and it worked. The dye lasts completely for about two weeks, but obviously looks better / more saturated immediately after application. You will dye your skin, and that part will also last a few days. I follow the instructions on the package, although they are a bit vague, so to elaborate: -It has a lot of q-tips, one wet and one dry a paper towel or a wipe (does not care if it gets dirty) near your "station". When mixing the powder with the developer, first I discharge the contents of a capsule into the container. Then, squeeze enough developer on the powder so that it is completely covered in a thin layer. Mix with the brush so that the resulting cream has a consistent color and there is little or no specification of brown powder. If your mix is ​​still very stained, add a little more developer cream. All the cream should become uniformly brown, so if yours looks like cookies and cream, it may need to be adjusted. Once mixed, I let it stand for a minute or two to ensure that the developer is activated. I have thickly packed eyebrow hair, so for the first application, I run the brush in the direction of hair growth to get between the cracks and the base of the hairs on the forehead. Once it is packed, I will brush in the direction of the hair that grew as if it were filling my eyebrows. -Its first applications, wipe with a damp paper towel after a minute to see how much pigmentation your skin has / Hair picks up and Evaluates the sensitivity of the skin. I have very sensitive skin and I do not notice irritation unless I leave the product on for more than 3 minutes (irritation which means a slight burning sensation) .- Usually, I apply 3-4 layers on each eyebrow, cleaning the edges Along the way with a q-tip. It works best by pressing the q-tip along the edges of the brow bone to follow the natural curve of the eyebrows. I have never spent the entire capsule / batch of dye developer in one session, so do not worry. Stay or apply too many coats. It is always easier to add more than to try to remove (although it fades fairly quickly and could probably be cleaned with dish soap). I have been applying every 1 or 2 weeks approximately, and it has really reduced the amount of time and product that I spend on my eyebrows every day. I still have to fill in the tails since mine are quite rare and the dye usually fades from my skin relatively soon after application.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I have not had to touch my ointment in more than two weeks. That is something unheard of for me. I used 1/20 of the product, this kit will last me all year easily. Suggestions: 1) Clean the eyebrows with alcohol before using it. 2) Apply the glue first. Both eyebrows and work your way, alternating sides. This gives a darker look, especially for the place where the eyebrows meet. 3) I left mine for 6 minutes, while watching a dozen videos for women who have used this product for years. I was in my queues for the total of 6, and the inner corners for about three in total.

904 Customer Reviews

3-The Henna Guys Hair And Beard Dye

The Henna Guys Hair And Beard Dye

Most facial hair dyes on the market contain harsh chemical ingredients, but that is not the case with The Henna Guys Dye.

In fact, this product is full of natural ingredients known to protect your beard from damage.

The manufacturer declares that the quality of the product is high due to the fact that none of the powders from which it is made is older than 18 months.

The product is packaged in aluminum foil bags because it ensures a longer shelf life. Given the quality of this facial hair color, the price is an advantageous deal.

Note that this product will work amazingly well if you have brown hair, but not as good as black.

  • Does Not Cause Skin Irritation And Is Non-toxic
  • Natural Ingredients, Cruelty-free, And Vegan-friendly
  • The Color Does Not Flower And Lasts For A Long Time
  • Very Affordable Price
  • The Smell Is A Bit Strong
  • Not So Easy To Apply

Customer Images

1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys Customer Image 1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys Customer Image 11 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys Customer Image 21 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Chemicals Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

What is the % of dye content of the henna you carry?

Our BAQ Henna has 1.6% Dye Content. Thank you.

My hair is a whitish gray. Are there any suggestions to covering the gray to black? I don't want it to be brown or red. I would like it to be compl

Hi again!I actually wanted to follow up with you because I just washed my hair out this morning with better results!I basically needed to sleep with it on my hair for 2 days...9 hours the first day & had it on for 12 hours second day. I wore a cap both days. This is what I did that was different then when I first answered you. I basically did a 25%henna to 75% indigo mix using mostly vinegar/lemon juice with a splash of black tea as the "water" part to moisten. I made it REALLY THICK. There was NO dripping possible since it was like MUD. I GENEROUSLY massaged it in the scalp combed through with a wide tooth comb and then packed it on thick over that. Grant you. I Only had a few hairs on the top of my head so that was the only place I used this but when I washed and dried my hair today the whites for the first time were a rich bronze. WAY BETTER then the lighter brighter bronze/copper I was getting before. Plus, there was no white showing at the scalp like I normally would still get. I think for stubborn whites we have to wear this stuff A LOT longer then other people and must add the vinegar/lemon juice/ black tea mixture and PACK it on the scalp and rest of the hair. Hope this helps!

Can you use on eyelashes

DO NOT! Do not go that!

Is the one step where I mix both packages together? Or is one step where I first do the 50g pure henna and then do the100g henna plus indigo? Help!

I mixed them - that's my understanding. On one of the packages, suggested ratios for desired darkness are listed ... Besides, if you do it in two steps, it would have to take a whole day 🙂

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 5

The Frugal Baglady

This was the first time he uses Henna. I am allergic to many chemicals in dyes and other hair products. I read a lot about Henna and tried to heed the warnings of companies that do not use all the pure ingredients, but that add dangerous chemicals that have caused harm. I decided on The Henna Guys because of the claims that none of them had been added, it had been dated for freshness and had been packaged in aluminum bags. I bought the dark brown kit, which involves a 2-step application process to achieve the results correctly. I mixed them separately, using 1/2 water and 1/2 lemon / vinegar / red wine. I went overnight at the counter with adhesive wrap. The next day, I applied the Pure Henna 1st. I left in 31/2 hrs. Made my hair a bright I Love Lucy orange / red. I considered keeping it that way! I put the dark brown mixture in the fridge overnight to decide. The next morning I put on the dark brown. I did not want a total dark brown, but an intermediate point with an enhancement effect. I braided my hair into sections, then applied it, so that the dark brown did not penetrate completely. I went for 2 1 / 2hrs. On both occasions he rinsed well and, once rinsed, did not bleed again. It was rinsed again with conditioner and the color was not clarified. Also, there are no pillow spots. I am very happy to not feel any irritation on the scalp, unlike the dyes. It covered the grays extremely well even with only the first application. I love this henna, and also those around me. Great product, sister that also orders

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I read a million reviews trying to decide what color to choose, but finally I went with the natural henna because I assumed it would be the least chemically altered. I am black and I have black-brown hair with yellowish golden highlights that are a few centimeters beyond the shoulder. One and a half packages were exactly enough for me. I used henna mainly for the benefits of the treatment and the color of my reflexes is a great advantage. I mixed the juice of 1 lemon, some black tea, pure olive oil and coconut and shea oil with the henna powder. I let it sit for about 2 hours and tested the stain on my skin to see the intensity of the color. I would suggest mixing it overnight if you want a very bold rich color. I left it in my hair for 4 hours covered with a plastic lid with a hole in the top, then I washed with water and washed with shampoo 3 times. I noticed that the color has become a little brighter from the first day I put it on. I love color and my hair feels softer and fuller. I definitely intend to use this again. It was quite simple and cleaning was very easy. The smell was a bit strong as it mixed, but I did not smell it when it was in my hair.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 7

Modern Day Midwifery LLC

I am a natural redhead. After having kids & getting older the warm copper of my hair faded. This henna revived my hair & brought it back to the warm copper it was in my younger days! I'm a customer for life!

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Caitlyn D.

I was considering changing the color of my hair but I did not want to risk damaging my hair with chemicals. Also really, I REALLY wanted to try a red color, but I knew it would involve bleach because my hair is a dark brown color. So, on a whim, I decided to try this henna dye for the first time because all the reviews seemed pretty positive. I made a rather strange mixture: I mixed the red-orange henna powder with the amount of freshly squeezed lemon. juice and 2-3 TBSP of honey (to help naturally lighten the color of my hair), about 1.5 TBSP of olive oil (for softness) and about 1 cup of hot distilled water (as indicated in the package) . It looked quite lumpy even after stirring, but I went ahead, covered it with a plastic wrap and let it sit for about 15 hours. It was a smooth consistency like a pudding once I was ready to use it. Now, because I read the hair tone with henna dyes (the lighter your hair is, the more vibrant the color), I was prepared for a slightly more red hair color but about that After letting it rest on my hair for 4 hours under a shower cap, I was surprised by my results: my naturally dark brown hair is definitely coppery now and has never felt softer! I was so impressed! Hurray for the natural alternatives, even if it looked like a baby poop stained all over my hair while I waited for the dye to stain! I gave him four stars because the yellow-orange water still comes out of my hair every time I shower. Unfortunately, I did not take a "before" picture before trying it, so the "before" selfie is one that I sent to my parents. in December after I cut my hair, haha. However, I did not have hair dye, so I thought it was a good option to show my natural color. Needless to say, I will definitely try again.

2,043 Customer Reviews

4-Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye – Best Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye - Best Beard Dye

This is a natural beard dye made from 100% organic and natural ingredients that are perfect for all types of beards, from shot to thick hair.

This grizzly mountain beard paint is the best organic and natural beard paint for a thick and coarse beard that really lasts for your next shave or beard and mustache.

It is definitely one of the Best Beard Dye for a short and thick beard because it contains no harmful chemicals and also helps to retain the color longer.

This grizzly mountain beard paint is available in all colors. It is easy to apply by mixing it only with hot water and applying it to the beard as a paste and rinsing or washing it with hot water.

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to dry based on the thickness of your beard. Read the instructions for installation and follow the safety instructions of this product.

  • Organic Beard Dye
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Slight Irritation
  • It Took Longer Before It Was Dry.

Customer Images

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye Customer Image Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye Customer Image 1Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye Customer Image 2Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

How many applications per package for short goatee & mustache? And do you have to apply this weekly to maintain color?

Between 5 and ten and I would apply atleast weekly.

Will this work for guys eye brows?

yes it does, mix it thick and keep it with hot water

The dye turned my beard to a reddish color. Any reason why this would happen?

Hi there,The reddish colour can be due to multiple factors, but there are solutions, such as our Organic Base that can neutralize the red. Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.Cheers,Grizzly Team

Is the dark brown dye the same color as the base? I ordered the base and the dark brown dye - but they look and smell exactly the same green.

Not sure. All I know is this stuff did not work. Crap!

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 9

Peter Schmalfeldt

First of all, yes, your beard will be green for about 24-36 hours, so before you start, make sure you agree with that. IT WILL BE AWAY. My process took four separate applications, made just before going to bed, every night for four nights in a row. I went from almost 100% gray to my natural dark brown color (I've had a gray beard since I was 25 years old and I've just dealt with it since products like Just For Men burn like crazy and I did not know that this option existed until recently ). IMPORTANT: My beard was stiff / hard, so I grabbed the organic base that Grizzly Mountain offers to speed up the process. His instructions indicate that if you have a stiff beard, the beard dye will not work as well, and it will take much longer for your color to adhere without it. Do yourself a favor and get this if you know that your beard is going to need it (if you do not use a conditioner and other products on your beard regularly, you can assume that you will need it). ====== ============== TOTAL TIME: 1 hour and 15 minutes STEP 1: Mix 2 teaspoons of Organic Base with warm water until it has the consistency of ketchupPASE 2: Apply Organic base to the beard and leave Sit for 30 minutes STEP 3. Rinse the organic base of your beard using only lukewarm water (do not use soap or other products, as this will interfere with the next step) STEP 4: Immediately after rinsing the Organic base of your beard, mix 2 teaspoons of Beard Dye with warm water until it has the consistency of ketchupSTEP 5: Apply Beard Dye on the beard, and let stand for 30 minutes. STEP 6. Rinse the Beard Dye off the beard with warm water and soap made for your beard, and perhaps put on a little beard. conditioner on it for a good measure ================ IMPORTANT: Your beard is going to have a greenish tint probably for the first 24-36 hours. If you are starting with a super gray beard (as I did), as indicated by your instructions, you may have to repeat the above steps 3-4 times to get the look you want. They called this breaking in the beard. I can certainly attest that it did not work on the first try. But instead of shaving my beard with shame, I had planned ahead and had used a three-day weekend to eliminate what I wanted, and I am very happy with the results. INFORMATIVE LINE: Be patient. You are using natural products, so do not assume that it will work instantly. But if you take the time to do it right, you'll just have to keep your beard every 10-14 days (depending on how fast your beard grows). So, you know, take care, I bet: P

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 10

Ted Jenkins

My beard is almost all white. I have been using JFM for quite some time, varying between the "Real Black", which comes out a bit too hard, and the "Dark Brown", which looks pretty good for the most part. (My original color, "younger" is almost black). However, recently I noticed some itching on my face. After reading the JFM horror stories in the Amazon Reviews, I thought it would be better to find a more natural alternative instead of continuing to tempt fate. I have used Organic & Natural only twice, last night and the night before, so this is a provisional review that I will make sure to update, but so far, very well. Two nights ago I applied it for the first time. I mixed in accordance with the instructions, and as other people have said, there was too much product. However, I covered everything I could with my beard. It smelled of alfalfa; It is not a chemical smell at all. I left it on for 30 minutes and then washed it in the shower with mild soap. Sure enough, my beard had a greenish tint. But the instructions implied that this might be the case. Another interesting point is that it did not stain anything and everything it touched. Yesterday morning I woke up and the greenish tint disappeared. My beard did not look dark enough, so I repeated the process the night before, only this time I mixed only half the amount I did the night before. There is no real green dye this time. This morning, my beard looks great! Depending on how it is this week, I plan to apply only every Sunday night. An interesting side note: while the product smells of alfalfa, my beard has a slight fire smell, that's the only way I can describe that. I will keep a record to see if that disappears over time. In general, I am very impressed with this product. UPDATE: It has been 5 days since my second application. I'm noticing a slight purplish nuance under a certain light (fluorescent lighting at work, in bright daylight, etc. - see attached photo). Possibly the indigo in the mix? There are some questions and answers that come with the product that addresses this, which say that this is due to alcohol in the soap you use or the alcohol you drink. I do not drink, and I try not to wash my beard with soap. I can see what happens after a third application.

210 Customer Reviews

5-Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

RefectoCil is a versatile dye that works well on eyelashes and eyebrows, but also on beard hair. It is also less irritating than most other beard paints, so this is a good choice if your skin tends to be sensitive. But you still need to do a patch test with RefectoCil to make sure you do not get an allergic reaction.

Another important thing to know about RefectoCil is that it is a more permanent option than other dyes. One application should last six weeks, which means you get the convenience that you do not have to re-apply it often.

For this review, we are talking specifically about RefectoCil’s natural brown dye No. 3. It is a versatile brown color that is good for most natural dark brown hair colors.

RefectoCil recommends that the dye works for 10 minutes before jumping in the shower. That’s a bit longer waiting than with some beard paints, but it’s worth it for the kind of natural brown look that it gives your beard. And again, an application takes a few weeks, if not more.

Another point about RefectoCil: you have to purchase the dye and the developer separately because they are not in the same package.

  • Long-term
  • Easy To Apply
  • Causes Less Irritation Than Other Beard Dyes
  • The Tube Is Quite Small (But You Only Have The Dye Every Few Weeks Necessary) To Take With You)
  • It Took Longer Before It Was Dry.

Customer Images

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz Customer Image RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz Customer Image 1RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz Customer Image 2RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

I need a brow tint that stains the skin anyone know which product does that sick of buying them and it doesn't stain

RefectoCil cream hair dye ( for eyebrows ) works for me . It stains the skin and lasts for about a week ( friends on his often u scrub your face ) . Just leave the dye for a longer time , it will stain the skin for a longer lasting result

What must be mixed with it to use it?

RefectoCil Oxidant 3% 10

Does the developer come with the color? Or would I order it separate?

No you have to buy it separately.

how often can this product be used on brows?

I try to make it last as long as possible! I usually go about 2-3 weeks until I have to dye them again! I used to dye them once a week and my skin started getting flakey and gross so I lengthened the time

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


There is no need to spend the money to buy the liquid oxidant that is supposed to be mixed with this dye! Just buy 3% hydrogen peroxide to react with the dye from your local store for less than a dollar and it works perfectly!

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 12


I really love this! I used to fill my luminous eyebrows every day with a variety of eyebrow products. I used a 1: 2 ratio for the Natural Brown dye and developer, it is easy to mix and apply with a mascara wand. The product did not irritate my skin, but it shuddered a little during the ten minutes. I love the look of my new eyebrows!

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Bill D

This stuff is brilliant. Typically, I'd be writing some snarky pure-D southern smart comment about expensive hair dye in a tube from Austria, but let me explain.I'm getting old and I know it. I'm so old that "Just for Men" says "Just Go Away" because it won't color my beard. It makes my beard look like old leaves and then three days later, it washes out. I don't know whether to be upset or grateful. I started searching for something better, and thought I'd give this a try.This is kind of like when I was a kid and you'd mix tubes of color to paint a model airplane. I bought the light brown and the natural brown. Other reviews said it's a bit darker than you'd think. So I did 50/50 and about 1/3 of each tube with an equal amount of the activator. That made a surprising amount of beard dye and I needed less than half of it. Unlike "Just 5 minutes!", this took ten. I know, right? So RUDE! The directions said to wipe it off with moist cotton wipes. Yeah, umm what? I hopped in the shower and washed it off with water and then got brave and used shampoo. I figured - plenty left if I goofed it up. But it was fine. It didn't stain my skin but next time, I'll use vaseline around my ears and along the beard line to prevent any staining accidents from happening.The color is really good and natural looking, which after looking like decaying leaves I'm satisfied to have lost my catafalque appearance (there's your word for the day). I had no skin irritation, but it does use a cream based hyrogen peroxide as the activator - so you'll want to test this to see if you're allergic first. This product is commonly used by women to dye their eyebrows, so there's that - for the woman in your life, of course.Great product, easy to use with great results

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Marlene M.

I just finished using Natural Brown to color my brows. I am so pleased! I have used the capsule/powered tints in the past. RefectoCil is so much easier.I have 80% gray hair in front and mixed with a medium brown with touch of red on the rest of my head. I’ve always had dark brown eyebrows. Now mixed with 50% gray. After reading reviews I decided on Natural Brown tint.Process: 1 cm of RefectoCil (the width of a standard pencil for us linear folk!), 10 drops of 3% peroxide (Walmart). Mix in a small container. I used the tiny end of enclosed plastic stick to mix. I used the wide end to apply to eyebrows. The color goes on with a red tint but darkens quickly. I left on brows for 5 minutes. Wiped off with wet cotton ball. Perfect color! Be sure to wipe off thoroughly. Any bit of color left will continue to darken. So give it a good cleaning. I’m anxious to see how long it lasts. I will update.

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6-Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-permanent Hair Color Kit

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-permanent Hair Color Kit

Because the application process lasts only 10 minutes, Clairol Natural Instincts is very easy to use and works between 4 and 6 weeks.

This means you can wash your beard up to 28 times and the color disappears without hard root lines.

Unlike most other dyes, it does not contain ammonia at all. Instead, it is infused with antioxidants and conditioning aloe which gives a long-lasting and natural color.

You can even vary the color by leaving a dye a little longer if you want your beard to be darker. Make sure to apply it carefully as this may cause stains on the skin around your beard.

Men with sensitive skin may want to look elsewhere because these are different cases where this product caused itching and irritation.

  • Very Easy To Use
  • It Only Takes 10 Minutes To Apply
  • Long-term
  • Contains No Ammonia
  • Causes Irritation Of Sensitive Skin
  • Duration

Product Images

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image 1Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image 2Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image 3Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image 4Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color Kit For Men, 3 Pack, M11 Medium Brown Color, Ammonia Free, Long Lasting for 28 Shampoos  Image 5

Questions & Answers

Can this products be used on men's facial hair ?

Yes, it can be used on facial hair.

Has anyone experience their hair turning orange (brassy) with this product, as it often happens with Just for Men products?

No, I've been using it for years and I always get the color that the painting describes. Important to leave it at the indicated time. Longer makes it darker. ** Dark Brown can turn black if left on for more than 5 to 6 minutes.

Will leaving it on longer make it last longer?

leaving on longer will not make it last longer. I have found that washing with hot water or using certain shampoos can make it last shorter. I will wash my hair with luke warm (not hot) water and use shampoo that is gentler for colored hair.

I have true black hair but don't like the "shoe polish" look that other dyes give me. Should i try the Clairol brown black, or just go with black?

I use the M9, which is brown, and it is quite dark. Much more so than any brown shoes I have ever had. To dark for me really. If there is a brown black, I would not be afraid of it for your black hair. Remember the longer it stays in before you rinse it out the darker it will be. Maximum time is less than 30 minutes. I use 15.

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 15


This is the first hair coloring kit that actually worked for me. For the life of me I couldn't get Just for Men to color in the stubborn gray in the temple area. That's really all I personally need, so I was frustrated for a long time until I got this stuff. I have black hair, and as everyone stated, you should buy one shade lighter, so I got dark brown and it looks great. The longer you leave it on the darker the color will go.PRO TIP: If you, like me, have short hair and only need a small amount of the product at a time it's NOT necessary to through a full "pack" (3 packs come with this order) each time you color. The instructions say to pierce the bottles when you're ready to mix it all up, which of course makes it so that you can't save any for later. If instead you just unscrew each bottle, mix up what you need only and screw the caps back on, you can make it last for 2-3 colorings. Enjoy!

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I have been using this product Clairol Natural Instincts M9 / Light Brown (Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color for men, pack of 3, M9 light brown, without ammonia, long lasting for 28 shampoos), it is very easy to use, and I love the conditioner included, which leaves my hair dry / frizzie very soft (I would like them to sell this conditioner as a separate product). This Clairol product did not leave that lustrous shoe shine. The Just for Men products did, and the Just for Men products do not include any conditioners either. As I grew, my hair began to lighten a bit (from jet black to a medium dark brown), and now it's about 50% gray, with a large patch of white / silver gray on the front, which has It was impossible to color. When I leave the Clairol product (or even Just for Men) the recommended time, it only covers around 40% -50% of my gray patch, and most of the color seems to disappear, leaving my gray patch a very strong / reddish color ( "Gray" coverage "100% yes, but" coloration "100% gray? Absolutely not!). Therefore, I experimented with leaving color longer and longer (for several months). just to see if I would ever color my gray patch, and this is what I found (yay!) ... In order to make my gray hair coloring it hard to color (or more accurately, approximately 90% -95 % colored, what I really liked, because I left only a little "highlight", mixed the color solutions in the mixing bottle and let it rest for 5-10 minutes before using it, then I programmed my timer for 45 minutes and started with my gray patch, working the product through all my hair (and less than 45-50 minutes in my hair, and most of the color is simply washed, and I get it out.) what a strong brass / reddish look) . Then, after the timer goes off, I simply wash my hair color as completely as possible, and use the included Clairol conditioner. A COUNCIL FROM AN OLD FRIEND: They also told me NOT to wash my hair with shampoo for the first time. three days. So, I just rinse my hair very well when I shower, and then I use what's left of the included Clairol conditioner (ONLY for the first two or three days). After that, I use a high-quality "soft" shampoo designed for dyed hair when I do it every day (I prefer the Paul Mitchell brand, with the orange hats - Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo, 10.14 ounces). If my hair is a little dry / very curly, I only use a small amount of Aussie, a miraculous conditioner without rinsing for 3 minutes (3 minutes of color conditioner treatment for hair dyed 8 fl oz) while my hair is still "slightly" humid (I dried my hair gently, I did not rub with the towel, since rubbing makes my hair even more frizzier). SPECIAL NOTE: If you leave this product on your hair for more than 30 minutes, it will become more or less 2-3 shades darker than you might want. it is (for me, it comes out VERY dark brown or almost black at the beginning, however, most of the brown / reddish color is covered, which is more important to me). It cleared after a few days to a medium dark brown color (closer to a color of medium roasted coffee). My hair is mostly gray now, but it still grows "extremely" fast, so "I have to" cut and color every 2-3 weeks (maximum) to keep it clean, which means it would not be more than a few weeks in which I would have to live with any color that I do not like (you have to decide what is best for you). I hope this helps someone avoid years of frustration when trying to get that persistent gray color. Good luck!

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 17

Hugh Jazzölé

I used to go to the living room and I was happy to pay $ 100 to get the professional hair color, which I now know is like saying "professional food". It is not a lie, it is a distinction without a difference. Use Vaseline or Aquaphor to line up your ears and the base of your neck, as well as the outline where your skin meets your hairline. Since you get THREE in a box, I thought it made sense to start slowly and see what the five minutes are like and just do the upper parts AND NO, I was very happy! The next time I did the same procedure, I included the sides and did 10 minutes again, I was more than satisfied. I have not made the third box, but I think that next time I will do it for 15 minutes and I intend to continue using this product. I will say that for me, yes, it is a soft black, but it is not in any way a dark, hard and dark black, but something that I wanted, but anyway.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Charles Polinger

This stuff works much better than the more available competitors.. For one, it gives a more natural color, and it is easy to vary the darkness by leaving it on a bit longer (20 minutes is the usual time). It also causes no itching like other products, and supposedly contains no alcohol. The product is easy to use, but I caution it will stain areas not intended if you are not careful. I place some lotion to the areas I do not want stained, like behind the ears, etc.Other products often gave me a harsh, brassy tone especially after a few days. People even commented on it, or gave me "looks." Clairol doesn't do this, and the product lasts much longer than its competitor. In fact, after a few weeks, the product still looks good, and only gets a little lighter.I wish Clairol would market this product better, so it would be easily available in stores.Clairol for Men isn't frequently available at the stores, but it is easy to find online. Go for it, and keep younger!

497 Customer Reviews

7-Black Beard Dye For Men – Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

If you choose the product as a beard paint, it is perfect because it is patented, so there are no duplicates that are a good selection for your beard. This product changes facial hairs such as beard, mustache, whiskers, and eyebrows very quickly in response to gray.Black Beard Dye For Men - Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

Simply by applying the color with the brush over the desired facial hair and drying in seconds, giving you a natural appearance of your hair, which is the main reason that it is considered the best beard paint chosen.

This beard paint for men is available in the following colors, such as black, brown/maroon, dark brown and brown-black. An advantage of this product if you do not scrape off the excess, simply wipes and the brush comes along the cap.

It’s a laboratory-tested product for safety and it’s best for men who are sensitive to skin and skin allergies.

To get a better result, you must apply the mustache and beard that are completely dry and cover all areas of the hair that stay in place all day.

Before you apply this beard to the beard, read the instruction and pay attention and obtain better results

  • Water-resistant Beard Paint
  • No Fuss
  • Free From Harsh Chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic Beard Paint
  • Dry Fast
  • Fast Blurring.
  • Skin Irritation Is Rare

Product Images

Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image 1Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image 2Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image 3Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image 4Blackbeard for Men - 3-pack (Black)  Image 5

Questions & Answers

Will it rub off on your collar shirt

you have to wash your shirt

Will Blackbeard wash out easily if necessary

Totally. Very easy with soap and water.

how many days after application does it stay on and does it stay on after shower?

It stays for about two days without a shower. After the shower, I do a slight touch-up.

Does this smear on the pillow?

It will rub on the pillow.

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Dr. Jekyll

I’m allergic to other kinds of beard coloring so I tried a bottle and it works. I cant speak for other colors as I only use black but it looks natural on me and doesn’t irritate one bit! I have used the same bottle for over two months now and haven’t run out. I have my beard trimmer set to 3mm so as you see I don’t have a large beard at all. The product will wear out a bit during the day if you rub your face a lot, I don’t do that I just wanted to see if it comes off and for me it pretty much stays on all day. I do pick up a chunk of dye at the end of the applicator occasionally and it makes a black smear but that wipes off easily from your face with a tissue dabbed with alcohol and to help avoid this you can wipe the tip of the applicator before applying it. I liked it well enough that I plan to purchase more.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Karthik R

JFM burned my skin and gave me sores! Since then I have switched to Henna + Indigo, which works very well. I wanted something to touch up the grays (or red, thanks Henna!) Between applications. Blackbeard does the work. Go easy, apply only a light coat, wash it at the end of the day. I have only a couple of problems with this product * it dries with a matte finish. The natural brightness is lost. (maybe I can use some beard oil) * it feels a little sticky / sticky when touched, even after it dries completely. * If you have the habit of touching your beard all the time, the dye will be rubbed with your fingers. .

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


Just for Men burned my skin, so I had to try something else. It works pretty well, but it's very dark. I wish there was an intermediate between black and dark brown. Lasts around 6-8 hours

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Amazon Customer

My husband uses this to color mustache and side burns. It is the only product that is non-allergic for him. Loves it.

42 Customer Reviews

8-Surya Henna Beard Dye

Surya Henna Beard Dye

Surya Henna Dye is plant-based and has been used safely for centuries without chemicals in the ingredients. The henna will help you in other ways, such as the softening and thickening of your facial hair.

It should take 4-8 weeks if you rinse with water to increase the color.

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, this article is available in an easy-to-use cream.

Take care not to wash your beard for at least 48 hours after application. During that time the color will shine brightly.

If men complain that the product is fading too quickly, the usual reason for this is that they have washed their facial hair too quickly, so make sure you do not repeat their mistake.

  • Non-chemical, Vegan And Non-GMO Certified
  • Multiple Applications Per Bag
  • Makes A Beard Softer And Thicker
  • Long-term And Easy To Apply
  • Powders Can Generally Be Sloppy To Mix
  • Some May Find It Expensive

Customer Images

Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce Customer Image Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce Customer Image 1Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce Customer Image 2Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream - 2.37 Ounce Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

I am trying this product since last 2 months. It doesn't color my roots well. I can see my roots still grey even after same day wash. whats wrong

Remember to pick your color wisely. You are coloring grey, so it will come up lighter than the box indicates. I mix chocolate (sometimes dark brown) with copper to get a natural looking auburn using this brand. I put the darkest color only on the roots for 20-40 minutes before adding in the lighter color and leaving all of it on another 90 minutes or more. Your ends are more porous, so they will hold more of any color you put on them so the effect is intensified. They are also going to lose color more quickly because they are open. If you have long hair it might be worth it to use a "neutral henna" at the point where your color is near-perfect to lock the color in. Unfortunately on me, plant based red dyes stick better while the greens and violets fade or wash out fastest. It doesnt matter much because my hair grows crazy fast and i have to do it weekly or I look like Im balding! Just like any plant based dye, the process takes time. Two hours is the minimum for fully saturated color. This is semi permanent, so it does wash out some every time you put shampoo or conditioner on your hair. I "wash" with the deep conditioner of the same brand and my hair may fade as it would anyway, but it looks glossy and feels very healthy. I have used hennas on my early-grey hair for 30+ years. When I had more time and energy and less money I used powdered hennas, vinegar, iron pot and the whole business. What a mess! But that method made the hair super strong and was not as likely to fade out quite as fast. I have used several other liquid henna brands and have not been as satisfied. This one isn't perfect, but it is really the closest result to the powder method without having to scrape green mossy chunks from your ears for days. I will never let ammonia or peroxide touch my fine, sparse hair. In exchange for the loss of time, the mess, and the inconvenience, I have beautiful, healthy, shiny, hair that looks like it did when I was 18.

Can you save some of the powder for later use, or do you have to use all of it in one sitting?

You can mix up all of the powder and any left over color can be put in an air tight container in the freezer until needed. Every time you mix up a new batch and have left over simply put it in the container with the last bit you had left over and use it when you judge the left overs equal enough for your hair. Then just thaw it and heat (I use the microwave) to very warm. This works well if your hair is sometimes longer or sometimes shorter and the amount of henna you need changes. My hair is medium brown but graying more as the years pass. Gray hair picks up the color differently than non-gray hair. Using the mahogany henna the grays come a very pretty copper color mixed in with the darker mahogany. It looks great but I'm getting a little too old to carry it off. (sigh)To counter this I've been using a full pack of mahogany and mix in a slightly rounded tablespoon of brown henna. Remember to adjust the amount of water used. The dry, unmixed brown henna is saved in the box until next time.The mahogany color barely changes but the copper/grays are toned down. So. Use whatever amount of henna you need and save the rest.One last hint, Surya powder henna used to come with a small packet of honey but that stopped several years ago. I still put a teaspoon or 2 of generic honey in the mix. Honey is a super moisturizer! The henna, and your hair, doesn't seem to mind if you sure more honey than necessary. I have to say though, if you use too much when you're waiting out the color time that honey will melt from your body heat and start running out of the hair cap making a right good mess. Guess how I know this.Surya henna powder is terrific! You sort of can't make a mistake with it but if things go wrong you can re-do it right away. I hope this has answered your question.

Can you open and save unused color?

yes. I do it routinely. Brand. Herbalishous. Wayne, PA

I have quite a bit of natural Grey roots and have been using highlights anyone know if This will cover highlights?

You may require several applications to achieve the result you desire. Mark Stearns. Herbalishous. Wayne, PA

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 23

Sarah S.

I'm 35 and started going gray when I was 19. Totally frustrated with the situation, I chopped all the dye off last year and started going natural, cause let's face it, I'd dye it and it seemed like three days later the silver lining would start showing. After 8 months, I kind of feel like crap, getting older really humbles you a bit. A friend told me about this so I figured I'd give it a try. Shampooed my hair, towel dried it, applied this, waited 90 minutes. I can't say its total gray coverage but it looks pretty nice- blended. I have ashy dark brown hair with silver gray. This made the gray kind of dark chocolatey colored. We'll see how long it lasts! I've added some before and afters here. The area I'm lifting in the after pic is entirely silver normally, so definitely stuck there. My hair texture is also very curly, but I straighten it, dunno if you might want to know that.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Amazon Customer

After 20 years of dyeing my hair, I suddenly became allergic to hair color. I would literally burn my scalp and wherever it touched. I gave up trying all the companies that said they were all natural. They are not and they burned me too. I went to Henna about 5 years ago and I was successful, however, you must mix it and wait 12 hours before applying. Over time, this became a tremendous annoyance. I found Surya and I love the results and convenience of the premix. I followed the instructions and covered my gray hair (around 30% of gray hair) without problems. What is really important with Henna (which I have learned from years of use) is that you CAN NOT wash your hair for 48 hours after application (just rinse). Henna should be put on. When others said that it faded too quickly. This may have been the problem. I am eager to experiment with other colors (that is, the blonde to cover the gray) and I could not be happier with my purchase. I rarely write reviews, so, please, know that this is a great product

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


This product is fabulous ... if you apply it correctly! I have very stubborn gray roots. If I do not leave this product for a minimum of an hour and a half, it will not cover my gray hair. Yes, the color must be reapplied every two weeks. However, I have to wash my hair daily. My hair looks so smooth and healthy after applying the cream. Among the colors, I will apply only a little bit of color with a q-tip on the very short roots and let the color remain at night. Be patient, and yes, it's complicated, but you'll love the results! Also, wash your hair, do not condition, apply color, rinse and then condition. The color will not stick if you condition first.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I do not understand all the negative reviews! I am very demanding with my hair. I have an absolute ton of dark, wavy, super thick hair. I started to turn gray and then discovered that I am allergic to hair dyes and gluten. I was desperate to find something that would help me not look like a grandmother when I still have babies. This product WORKS! And it is NOT full of dangerous ingredients! And the bottle is NOT tiny! I receive two applications of each bottle, and believe me when I say that, every time I cut my hair, they tell me that I have more hair than any they have done before. I use this once a month. Yes, with each wash, you probably rinse a little more until you need to use it again. But it certainly does not wash immediately. My gray is covered and I do not need to use it for another month. And I'm almost 50% gray at this point. I use dark brown. It does not smell bad, I really like the smell. I leave it on for 60 minutes each time. I start at the roots and pull it through my hair with my fingers. I use half a bottle every time. My hair is not pink, and it certainly is not dry! In fact, it is softer after use, so I prefer my hair when it is on it. It makes my hair shiny, soft and feels even thicker in reality. This product is not permanent hair coloring. If that's what you're looking for, then buy something. But for those of us who can not use permanent hair color unless we want to end up in the hospital, this is a great product. I have been using it for FOUR years before leaving this review. So I feel I'm familiar enough to recommend it.

769 Customer Reviews

9-Just For Men Beard Dye Brush-In Color Gel

Then we have a great product from a company that needs very little introduction, Just For Men.

They are one of the most famous male hair dye producers out there, so what’s this product from this very trusted brand that comes on the table?

For us, the great eye-catching feature with Just for Men beard paint is the same as always: the ease of use.
We always expect products from them to be easily applied and we are happy to say that this is the case here.
First, the colorant is premixed as a thick gel.Just For Men Beard Dye Brush-In Color Gel

This prevents drops (protects the work surfaces in the bathroom) and fits it nicely and easily on your beard.
Throw the very well-designed application brush in the package and you have one of the easiest products we have ever come across.

There is no point in simply applying a product if it doesn’t work.
Fortunately, this is not the case with this product.

It features a highly effective, semi-permanent level dye that works well in shades of gray and is an ammonia-free bonus.
It is also available in 11 different colors, which means that there must be a dye that matches your own specific hair color.
Throw in the fact that you can get multiple applications in one box and you also have a product with a very good price-quality ratio.

As a brush product, it may not be ideal for very large beards, because the application time increases as the amount of beards increases. But for beards with a shorter to medium length, this is a simple, easy-to-use but very effective way to hide those gray hairs.

Customer Images

Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3) Customer Image Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3) Customer Image 1Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3) Customer Image 2Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Blond (Pack of 3) Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

Does this work for turning red fascial hair to brown or is it just for gray?

Just For Men Mustache & Beard can make your natural color darker if you use a shade darker than your natural color. Our colors do not lighten, so if you use a lighter shade, your natural color will not be affected.

Bought this product and my beard came out pitch black why? Or does it takes few days though works in 5 mins?

The longer you leave in, the darker your beard becomes.

Why is ash brown (M-20) twice the price of the other colors? (sorry, I posted my question in the wrong product before)

Because they took ash brown out of production. All hair dye for men these days, except darkest brown and jet black is oranges-poranges. Ginger is the in thing. But not for me. I'm a former ash brown user. Sandy blonde is strawberry blond. I've switched to Clairol despite its problem sticking to skin.

Can you dye stubbled short facial hair with this, wthiout it hurting your skin??

You can, but keep in mind that facial hair grows rather quickly, so color will seem not to last anywhere near as long as that on your head. (Grey will "reappear" much more quickly on your whiskers than on your head!)

Top Reviews

1,472 Customer Reviews

10-Just For Men Touch Of Gray

Just For Men Touch Of GrayThere is nothing that women find sexier than a man with salt and pepper facial hair. Unfortunately, achieving this look can be quite difficult, at least that was until you discovered the Just For Men Touch Of Gray.

This product is specially designed to add just enough subtle black hair to your gray beard. When you combine this with the fact that the product stays on until the gray hair grows back, you are really looking for a great product that will improve your overall confidence and appearance.

Works in five minutes and simple application

Have you dyed your hair before? If so, you know the process is messy and lengthy.

This not to mention the effort it takes. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this if you invest in the Just For Men Touch Of Gray.

This product has an effect already after five minutes after application.

The included Easy Brush applicator makes the process so much easier. Simply apply the gel to facial hair and before you know it, you have completely transformed your look.

Gentle formula without ammonia

Unfortunately, some men suffer from mild skin or skin irritations. This can make giving birth to the beard even more difficult.

This is especially true when some of those products contain harmful and hazardous chemicals, such as ammonia. This is why Just For Men Touch Of Gray has been specially formulated without ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

Product Images

Just For Men Touch Of Gray Hair Color, Black Gray (6 Pack)  Image Just For Men Touch Of Gray Hair Color, Black Gray (6 Pack)  Image 1

Questions & Answers

I know they make one specifacally for facial hair, but can this one be used on the moustache and beard as well?

I use it for my mustache also works well.

Can you use this if you have already colored your hair

I do not know. I have not dyed my hair. I only use TOUCH of Gray HAIR.

The description says "Black" but the picture shows "Back-Gray". Is this the T-55 Black-Gray?


are all the touch of gray air activated?

Yes it is

Top Reviews

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Tao templar

I'm ready for the disco!!! Actually, much better than a 'full' hair dye coloring which, lets face it, is nearly always obvious and requires weekly touch up. This is subtle and weeks can go by without indications of 'tampering with nature'. I like it.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3


I have been using this product for years and it works perfectly. I never have any reaction to the chemicals in this product, so I assume it is safe. My hair is completely white and now gray thanks to Just for Men.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 3

Renata Koby

I loved! It mixes well and it does not seem that you are coloring the hair. My husband also loves him.

10 Best Beard Dye For Safe And Quality Results Of 2019 30


Great price for a great product.

40 Customer Reviews

How to Dye Your Beard

How to Dye Your BeardEach product for beard paint contains tailor-made application instructions. That is why, as always, we recommend that you read all the literature that comes with your product.

That said, there are undoubtedly a number of common themes for all products when it comes to the application of the dye.

There are also some useful hints and tips, and we will pass on some in your next chapter.

(We’re not great for you, are you?)

1. Perform a sensitivity check

The first phase, before you break rubber gloves or brushes, is for a sensitivity check.

We strongly recommend that you do this every time you first apply a company hair colorant.

Apply a very small part of the product to a piece of skin that is out of the way. The inside of your forearm under your elbow is perfect for this.

Leave the colorant for 24 hours and check for any reactions or other problems with skin sensitivity.

2. Collect the right tools

While doing this, you can collect your toolbox.

Depending on the type of paint you have used, you may need a mixing bowl, rubber gloves, and paper towels.

If your product does not come with an applicator, an old (or new and inexpensive) toothbrush can be effective.

No, do not use your current toothbrush to apply beard paint.

3. Prepare your beard

If you have passed the sensitivity test and have collected all your things, the next stage is to prepare your cloth.

There are a number of different trends and a big debate about how clean your beard should be before applying the dye.

For us, it makes sense that your beard is as clean as possible before you continue.

A clean beard is stripped of dirt and oils that can affect the attachment of the dye, so give it a good scrub in the shower before proceeding to the paint phase.

4. Apply Vaseline

This is our secret tip if you are wondering how you can color your beard without damaging your skin.


Apply a little to the skin around your beard to prevent you from getting a product on your skin and coloring it.


It is also a good idea to put on an old T-shirt now, to prevent drops of product from staining your chest or shoulders.

5. Prepare the beard dye

The next step is to prepare the dye yourself.

The type of dye that you have purchased has a major impact on this component.

For example, if you have purchased a powdered dye, you must now mix it with water to form a paste.

Some other dyes are supplied as two tubes, one is the basic color and the other is the color developer.

The developer is there to make the dye thicker and to make it easier to apply to your whiskers.

Mix the two products again in a bowl until they are ready to be used.

Every product that needs to be mixed is always given extensive instructions to achieve this so that you can read it before you get the right proportions.

6. Apply the beard paint

It is now time to start painting!

Grab your applicator brush (or your toothbrush) and immerse it in the dye.

Use the brush and work the product with a beard up and down in your beard.

If all the gray is covered, set a stopwatch for the time that the product indicates this is necessary to do its job.

7. Test the color

If you have waited the recommended time, test the color.

Take a piece from kitchen paper and wipe the paint off a small beard.

If you are satisfied, check the color of the remaining hair. Go to step 8.

If not, apply a little more dye and give it a little more time.

Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the color.

8. Wash it out

Jump in the shower and rinse the paint.

Continue rinsing until the water is clear.

Congratulations – you should now have a gray free beard!

Why Would You Want To Dye Your Beard

Maybe not, and that’s fine. Some other men, however, want to dye their beard for one or more reasons.

There are no two men and it is up to you to decide whether you want to remove this.

Although it may sound impossible for some, there are men who want to change their beard color.

The possible reasons are different and these are some of the most common:

Beyond your age

No one can prevent or stop the aging process. Some men are so cool and see the first grays in their facial hair as early signs of wisdom.

Others will think it’s too early to look old. One of the ways they can treat this sign of aging is to dye the facial hair.

Even though the beard staining does not cause gray hairs in your beard over time, it certainly lengthens the time needed to come back.

Paint your beard because of the job

This reason is closely related to the previous one. Employers are often more likely to give a job to a younger man.

Although this sounds like discrimination, you probably had this situation in your area, or you were the one who experienced it on your skin.

Anyway, you are not willing to lose your job because of a few gray hairs in your facial hair.

Therefore, some men decide to dye their beards and keep their youthful appearance as long as possible.

Changing your performance

Perhaps you are not one of them, but there are a few guys who want to change and see now and then.

After experimenting with different clothes and such, you feel that it’s time to change the color of your beard.
This does not necessarily mean that you have gray hairs in your beard.

Your beard can have completely ginger, black or any other natural color, but you want it to be pink, green, blue or any other color.

If you think and feel that this is the right thing to do and that it looks good, you should dye your facial hair. You do not need permission.

Giving your beard some love and care

It is only natural that you love and care for your beard. Any serious man with a beard will never take his beards for granted and develop beard care.

Beard finally asks some time and patience, but also a commitment on your part.

In addition to beard oil, regular brushing of your beard and combing your facial hair, you can add beard lacquers to the list.

It’s not something you should do, but it does show that you’re willing to invest more time in keeping your beard tidy and tidy.

The good news is that dyeing a facial hair does not take much time, especially if you decide to go with a permanent dye.

How We Chose The Best Beard Dye For 2019

The very thorough examination of the best beard dyestuffs leads to a number of conclusions: the death of your beard is often a complicated process and if it is not done properly, the unnatural appearance may cause you to drink faster than a few gray hairs.

So we’ve included a lot of factors in determining the best all-around dyes for 2019 – factors such as ease of use, ingredients, how long they stay and reviews from others, especially the reviews of users standing boldly opposite the bathroom mirror every morning.

Beard Dye is in many ways an inaccurate science that requires a bit of finesse and a good eye for color. But the dyes that we present here should make your work easier.

And as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Do you use Beard Dye and which product or which products do you prefer? Have you tried all those things that we list here? Let us know!


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