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Best Razor for Men (7 Brands Review for Any Skin Type) of 2022

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Ask any guy, and they’ll agree it’s the best razor for men is a staple in any grooming routine.

best razor for menA good quality razor should give not only a close shave but also provide reliable and comfortable performance.

But since it’s a tool you’ll likely use regularly (for some, even daily), it’s worth the extra effort to find the right tool for your skin and shaving needs.

That’s because there are many guys whose skin needs a certain kind of shave, if at all, and he doesn’t want to wallow in redness, irritation, ingrown hair, and more.

Gels, shaving creams, and aftershaves can come and go, but a good razor becomes a long-lasting companion.

That’s why we tested all the best razors for men, and the ones below are our favorites. Combined with the right skincare and a sharp blade, all of these razors provide a consistent, baby-soft shave.

In this guide, we will discuss all the best men’s razors. From the modern patterned razor to the old razor, we’ll also give you a few grooming tips for a better shave and answering some frequently asked questions.

Let’s start:

The Best Razor for Men of 2022

Our Guide to the best razors on the market offers the trusted traditional alongside the latest innovations in razor technology. If you’re looking for a revitalizing, close shave, read on and take your pick!

1. Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

merkur futur adjustable double b00375buq8View On Amazon

Combining brains and beauty in a sophisticated look, the MERKUR Futur is a perfect razor for the discerning gent. It offers a high-quality shaving experience that can be tailored to your needs.

With six adjustment levels, plus a dial to adjust the blade opening, determining the smoothness of your shave is a breeze.

The long handle also provides a good grip for larger male hands or those who prefer shaving gear with leeway safety razors – making it one of the best razors for men.

The adjustable settings are welcomed by newcomers and experienced shavers alike who want a predictable shave every time.

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Perfect for beginners and experts alike.
  • Universal blade unit
  • A big head can be a challenge around clean contours
  • Duration

2. Dovo “Bismarck” Straight Razor

DOVO Bizmark Straight Razor with B00G444XXQView On Amazon

The Germans know a thing or two when it comes to razors (see Merkur / Dovo, Muhle, and countless other razors). Known for its precision and uncompromising quality, the Dovo “ Bismarck ” straight razor carries on that legacy.

This straight razor is made from a single piece of carbon steel and is pre-sharpened and striped, and ready to use when you get your hands on it (a huge time saver since you don’t have it to worry about, take it to a specialty store to have them do this for you).

Only needing to be stripped every few shaves, the stiff carbon steel blade shouldn’t be a problem cutting through the thickest facial hair.

As great as this razor is, the biggest downside to any razor (not exclusive to this beautiful piece of metal from Dovo) is the learning curve. Extremely straight and probably with many nicks and nicks, getting used to shaving with a straight razor can be very tricky for some.

However, with a lot of practice and persistence, you can get great results.

Great for men who enjoy the age-old tradition of shaving and don’t mind spending a few extra minutes doing it. Definitely not TSA approved – must be checked-in baggage. Once you get the hang of it, you probably never want to switch to a different shaving system again.

  • Cheapest option ever
  • Most chosen
  • Respected brand
  • You cut yourself

3. Philips Norelco Oneblade Face + Body – Best Electric Razor for Men

Oneblade Face amp Body w B07C336J4QView On Amazon

If you are looking for a versatile tool that can tackle both facial and body hair with ease, this is your best bet. But its versatility doesn’t stop there – there’s more than one way to use it on dry or wet hair and with or without shaving cream, too. And thanks to its unique technology, OneBlade can trim, trim and shave the hair of any length comfortably and easily.

One purchase comes with separate blades for face and body, four combs for trimming stubble and one comb for body trimming, and a skin protector for sensitive areas. Last but not least, the slim design makes it perfect for storage and travel.

The OneBlade is perfect for men with susceptible skin. Does not cause pronounced irritation. By using combs, you can keep a short but well-groomed beard.

  • Fast and non-irritable results
  • Not razor-sharp, but close.
  • Compact design
  • Replacement heads are needed.
  • Value option compromise with a matte Ni-MH battery

4. Gillette Fusion5 Cartridge Razor

Gillette ProGlide Shield Mens Razor B06X9SLLS4View On Amazon

When it comes to shaving comfort, there is none better than the Fusion5 on the market. The Fusion5 relies on 5 thin blades for a predictably close shave every time. One of the main advantages of the Fusion5 over its competitors was undoubtedly the Flexball head. This extra feature is built into the razor’s neck and provides a greater range of motion compared to most other cartridge razors. Instead of just twisting up and down, the Flexball also makes the shaver head move sideways to the beat.

This is important because it allows the cartridge head to move easily to maintain contact with your skin during the stroke, as shown here:

This will result in a uniform result wherever you are his. shave on your body, including in the groin area. Hence, you can rest assured that there will be no occasional nicks and nicks in sensitive areas.

While it’s no secret that the long-term cost of ownership of Gillette razors is high compared to more traditional options, you can find deals directly from Gillette or regularly from online retailers.

Plus, the travel-friendly nature of the patterned razor blade makes it easy to throw it in your Dopp kit when you travel – no need to check in your luggage when you arrive at the airport.

  • Shave any body part with ease
  • It comes with all the bells and whistles
  • Reliable and easy
  • Travel friendly
  • Shave any body part with ease
  • Comes with all the bells and whistles
  • Reliable and easy
  • Travel friendly

5. Schick Hydro 5 Skin Comfort Dry Skin Razor

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Dry B07DCLLBMDView On Amazon

Schick’s latest upgrade includes seven “gel pools” on top of the blade, each with coconut oil and moisture-absorbing ceramides to quickly condition the skin after it has been shaved. Boys with dry skin (permanent or seasonal) will appreciate this knife for its shock absorption ability and sensitivity to excessive pressure.

This razor contains an additional detailer with one blade (in the head) for all precision tasks around the mustache, neckline or cheeks. And here’s a tip for razors with dry skin: Start shaving with an exfoliating cleanser – a scrub with some grit – to get rid of any dead skin cells that could get into the blade (or worse, get stuck in your skin). And take all the time you need to soften and care for your skin before and after shaving, with the right products.

  • Classic but great performance from Schick
  • Refills are not very expensive
  • Popular for men with sensitive skin
  • May not shave as close as other razors

6. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Cartridge Razor

gillette mach3 mens razor handle 1 blade refillView On Amazon

An excellent and proven option is the extremely popular Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor. This classic cartridge system first appeared in the late 1990s and still consists of three individually angled blades that provide excellent coverage. Made from a material that is stronger than steel, it stays sharp longer.

To be more precise, we’re talking about 15 comfortable shaves per cartridge. The unique Mach3 Turbo design is known for requiring fewer strokes to get the most accurate and fast shave. You’ll also love the long-lasting lubrication strip that provides incredible glide, minus the irritation. Another built-in feature is the Microfin protector that stretches the skin for a precise cut.

The three blades also clog less than five, making this razor so much easier to clean. An affordable and reliable choice, if you haven’t tried the classic Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor yet, we recommend that you do.

  • 3 blades are enough for a close shave
  • A great alternative to more expensive razors with the current cartridge
  • Swivel head works well for areas other than your face
  • Thick facial hair can clog the blades

7. Merkur 38 (Barberpole) Safety Razor

Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber B002RBGYXWView On Amazon

While the Futur may have been a fantastic adjustable safety razor, the equally impressive Merkur Barberpole is without a doubt the best safety razor.

With a swirl grip design. The Merkur 38 is reminiscent of the Barberpole that hangs outside the hairdresser and sets the gold standard by which other safety razors are measured. With an impressive 3.92 oz weight, you can take over gravity as this double safety razor cuts effortlessly through your whiskers with a single blade. Without needing extra force to get a close shave, you don’t expose yourself to superficial cuts or minor irritation.

But aside from the weight of the razor, exposure to the narrow blade also makes for a fairly comfortable shave, as you can take multiple passes with significantly less irritation.

If you want the Merkur Barberpole to get a truly optimal shave, make sure you get a high-quality shaving cream with it. We personally loved the combination of this razor with Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream – it delivered predictable, yet great shaving results. The Merkur Barberpole has a universal blade setting. While the starter sheet provided by Merkur is enough to get you started, you can easily switch between other razors to find out which one is best for you best for both your facial hair and

Keep in mind that, unlike other shaving systems on our list, the Merkur Barberpole won’t be as good as you can find anywhere else on your body does personal grooming. Due to the lack of a rotary movement, the device is only intended for use on the face.

  • Quality product from Germany
  • Heavy handle for an easy shave
  • Comfortable shave for a safety razor
  • Comes with a starter blade
  • Difficult for men with larger hands.
  • Limited body care options

Type of Razors

When you look at the available razors, it can be pretty daunting to find out which razor not just the one you best offers shaving, but also works within your preferences and budget. Here is an overview of all common razors:

Disposable razors

Disposable razorsWhen you regularly travel or shave in public places (eg, gyms, airport restrooms, etc.), disposable razors provide fast and affordable performance. They usually rely on a lightweight plastic handle and are not the most environmentally friendly option as they have to be thrown away after a few uses.

This shaver is not intended for everyday use, due to its poor shaving performance compared to other systems.

Safety razors

Safety razorsSafety razors
(also known as double-edged razors), which rely on a single blade, provide a close shave for all types of facial hair. The double-sided razor was invented over a hundred years ago and delivers consistent performance. The biggest advantage of this type of razor is the cheap razor blades.

The safety razor, however, has three major drawbacks:

  • The head is stuck
  • The learning curve is steep
  • It is not travel-friendly

Due to the sturdy body, this is allowed razor can only be used on your face – no one should trim here. Even if you’ve shaved with a razor for years, learning to use a safety razor can be challenging for many, so take your time when you first start out. Finally, safety razors are prohibited in the cabin of airplanes, according to the TSA, so check the blades with your luggage.

Adjustable Safety Razor

The Adjustable Safety Razor is a subset of the safety razor. With this shaver, you can change the exposure of the blade, which directly affects the aggressiveness of the shaving. Some men prefer this type of razor as it can give a closer shave when used correctly. Like the safety razor, the top of the adjustable safety razor cannot rotate, so it can only be used for the face.

Straight razors

Straight razorsA straight razor is an option for men looking for a low price and wanting to shave a traditional barbershop.

This razor is based on one fixed blade and must be sharpened and sharpened before use. This type of razor can last a lifetime and never need to be replaced – making it a wise heirloom too.

Men looking for more modern options might want to check out shavettes – which we give a full rundown of shavettes here. . With a single blade design, shavettes use an injectable blade and do not require sharpening or honing.

Hybrid Trimmer and Shavers

Not quite a beard trimmer, nor quite as close as a razor blade, hybrid systems like the Norelco OneBlade are starting a new part of the shaving market that didn’t exist a few years ago. These unique (but patented) systems are suitable for men who want to maintain a well-groomed beard, but who do not need (and do not want to) shave every day.

Cartridge razors

These razors, which rely on multiple blades, are often the introductory razor for many men. The patterned razor provides a close shave by relying on the hysteresis effect (lift-and-cut). The cartridge razor has patented blade fittings and needs to be replaced regularly, affecting the long-term cost of ownership.

The cartridge razor is travel-friendly and can be stowed in your carry-on, rather than being checked like a razor or a safety razor.

Given the short shave in combination with the number of blades, that’s a lot of men. Regular use of this type of razor can cause irritation and ingrown hair follicles.

Shaving Clubs

Many shaving clubs offer their own take on the cartridge razor. While some, like Dollar Shave Club, put their name on existing brands of cartridge shavers such as Dorcoh, other shaving clubs make the razors themselves (ie Harry’s).

This can affect both the price and the performance of the razors. Despite their low introductory prices, shaving clubs are not the most economical choice for men.

However, these clubs offer regular blade rotation, along with shaving cream, making it effortless to replenish them with their monthly mail delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best razor for men?

The best men’s razors are the MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, Dovo “Bismarck” Straight Razor, and Philips Norelco Oneblade Face + Body.

Why do you apply warm water before shaving?

Applying warm water before shaving not only loosens the natural oils in your skin (sebum oil) but also helps to swell the shaft of the hair follicle. This makes it a lot smoother and much easier for the razor to make a cut (which further helps prevent pulling and pulling). If you cannot shower before shaving, applying a warm towel a few minutes beforehand is enough.

Is one blade razor better?

A single blade razor is better for sensitive skin because it cuts flush with the skin and reduces friction. This will reduce irritation, ingrown hairs, or a rash. However, multi-blade razors can cut closer because the first blade pulls the hair out a bit, allowing the second blade to cut it even shorter, increasing the chances of ingrown hairs.

Why do my cartridges keep clogging?

One of the biggest problems with multi-blade razors is that there is very little room for the clippings to pass through the blades with each stroke. Unlike classic shavers that rely on one blade, cartridges need to be emptied regularly after each blow.

Some of the consequences of your cartridges getting clogged include the thickness of your hair, the shaving cream used, and the length of your facial hair.

What is the best razor for the closest shave?

Some of the best razors for a very close shave are the MERKUR double-sided safety razor with black handle, Gillette Mach3 Turbo men’s razor, Schick Hydro 5 disposable razor, and MUHLE R41 Safety Open comb with a razor blade.

Should you keep your skin taut while shaving?

Keeping your skin taut (slightly stretched) while shaving smoothes the skin’s surface. This makes the razor slide easily to trim your facial hair neatly.


Selecting the best razor for men was not easy, but after several hours of research, reading reviews, forums, and more, we’re confident in the list we’ve provided above, and we think you’ll like many of the razors we’ve reviewed.

Now, if you feel like we should check out a few other brands – let us know in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

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