10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of 2019

Buying the best pomade for thick hair is essential if you want your hairstyle to be styled throughout the day. Just like pomade for curly hair or a hair type, a good masculine pomade with a strong grip is needed to style thick, rough hair. Although thick hair is sometimes a burden to manage and care for, the right styling tools can make the process easier. View our reviews of the best men’s hair dye products to find the strongest pomades suitable for your hair type.best pomade for thick hair

For a man, good care varies from many things and the right haircut is the key. It is therefore very important to get the best pomade for men to go with hair conditioners and shampoos. The best pomade depends on the type of hair. A bit of texture pomade helps to form short hair for a cool, confused feeling. Use long-term medium-pomades to define layers, making them more tangible than stiff.

Some may think that ahead with thick hair is a blessing, but those who really have it know that sometimes it can be more of a burden. Thick hair is notoriously difficult to manage. It is not unusual to use a styling product for 10 minutes to make it look perfect, to catch a glimpse in the mirror 30 minutes later to see that it never looks like before. That is why it is important to choose the right product if you want your style to last all day. Hair pomade is the perfect combination of a wax and a gel, with the firm grip of a wax, which can easily be washed away like a gel.

What is hair pomade?

1Baxter of California Clay PomadeBaxter of California Clay Pomade
2Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade 2.5oz - Heavy & Strong Hold - Waxy, High Shine - Sweat ResistantUppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade 2.5oz - Heavy & Strong Hold - Waxy, High Shine - Sweat Resistant
  • Extreme staying power
  • Traditional/Heavy/Old School Product
  • Sweat resistant
3Forming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth VikingForming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth Viking
  • Give Your Hair the Perfect Form – Smooth Viking’s Forming Cream is a premium styling crème that effortlessly molds your hair into the exact style you want. This non-flaky, strong hold formula provides the perfect amount of hold to help you maintain the hairstyle you’re looking for. Want to know the easy way to achieve the wet look? Matte look? Professional look? Edgy look? You just found it.
  • An Ultra-Versatile Cream for Any Hair Type & Hairstyle – Don’t waste your money at expensive hair salons! Instead, treat your hair to a supreme forming cream for a fraction of the price. Works great on a wide variety of hair types including straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin. Whether you are looking to keep long, coarse hair in place or sculpting a suave and deconstructed style, you’ll find that Smooth Viking’s Forming Cream has all the right ingredients to shape and hold your look.
  • Adaptable to Any Conditions – If you’re tired of your five o’clock hair looking worse than it did when you styled it in the morning, this Forming Cream is perfect for you. This Forming cream offers just the right amount of hold to keep your hair looking its best during an active day. Whether you’re sweating at the gym, stuck in humid weather, or have a long day at the office, you can count on this Forming Cream to lock-in your look so you’ll never have to keep checking a mirror.
4American Crew Pomade, 1.75 Fl. Oz.American Crew Pomade, 1.75 Fl. Oz.
  • American Crew
  • Pomade
  • Made in the United States
5Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 ozSuavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz
  • ORIGINAL HOLD. MEDIUM STRENGTH. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade dries with a medium hardness without a crunchy finish. Get maximum styling flexibility that is perfect for both short hair and long hair. After a long day, touch up your style simply by adding water to reactive your do.
  • WATER SOLUBLE. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade is the ultimate high quality, medium hold, and water soluble hair care product. It grips your hair like wax, but washes out like hair gel. The perfect addition to any grooming kit, you get the best of both worlds.
  • COMBS EASILY WITH NO WHITE RESIDUE. This lightly scented pomade combs in effortlessly and easily. With a clean, fresh smell there will be no white residue left behind. It works perfectly on classic, modern, retro, and old school styles for a look that lasts all day.
6American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for MenAmerican Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men
  • Medium hold
  • High shine
  • Easily washes out (water based)
7Shiner Gold PomadeShiner Gold Pomade
  • Heavy Holding Pomade
  • Made in USA
  • Water Soluble
8Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May VaryUppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May Vary
  • Strong hold without stiffness
  • Medium to high shine that doesn't dry out
  • Perfect for controlling and defining pomps, side-parts and slick-backs
9Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4ozLayrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4oz

Unfortunately, many people, especially the younger generation, do not know what hair pomade is because of the presence of so many hair products on the market. It is just a kind of gel that was probably used by your grandparents or great-grandparents, if you are millennia, or by your parents and grandparents if you are forty or fifty. The primary function is to make the hair beautiful and add a nice shine to it. Usually, hair pomade for thick hair is mainly made of Vaseline, but it can also contain other ingredients, such as coconut oil or even aloe vera. Other products that are often used in pomade are beeswax. The use of microcrystalline wax in pomade improves consistency, making the hairstyle stiff.

The 10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair OF 2019 REVIEW

With a lot of hair there is a big responsibility or maybe some would like to believe. Regardless of the situation, it seems more of a hassle to treat thick hair for obvious reasons. Pomade is probably the only way to ensure that the hair retains its shape, however thick it may be. These are the Best Pomade For Thick Hair of 2019.

1- Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. -the best pomade for men

 Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl- -the best pomade for menBaxter of California makes premium hair care products for men who have a bit of cult status. The packaging is not what you normally expect from a hair pomade or wax, and has a slightly more upscale appearance than others on the packaging. It is clay-based, but there are also cream-colored and water-based pomades available, all of which can be mixed to create a pomade that perfectly matches your styling needs. An interesting concept, but also a concept that means that you have to buy three products instead of one. It can give a matt or glossy finish, depending on whether you apply it to dry or damp hair, for more flexibility than other pomades.
This is a hair wax that is made to have a strong spot on your hair when you use it. It is able to form different styles that you have to have. It is a safe product because it is made from natural ingredients such as beeswax and clay. What you will eventually have is a textured formula that will create a strong and pliable grip without any gloss.

Customer Images

Baxter of California Clay Pomade Customer Image Baxter of California Clay Pomade Customer Image 1Baxter of California Clay Pomade Customer Image 2Baxter of California Clay Pomade Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

is this product legitimate ?

Yes, Amazon.com is an authorized retailer of Baxter of California products. You can purchase with confidence.

How does it hold up in humid weather? Thank you!

I live in hot humid climate, hold up well.

can someone compare this to suavicito or layrite super hold

Keeps your hair set after styling.. Works great you only need a pea size

Can someone compare this to Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

Well, its non-dairy, which instantly makes it a lesser product than cheese. Has consistency similar to Philly after its gotten firm in the fridge. Pleasant fragrance. Does not taste good on bagels, but could work in a pinch on graham crackers. Holds hair better than Philly has a matte finish, meaning you can eat your bagel without looking like a hipster. Everyone wins.

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 1

Lee Chang

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. oz.I bought this product because I heard good things about it. At first I decided to go cheap and buy a old spice pomade but that wasn't strong at all and the smell was really strong. My hair would start getting flat though out the day and the pomade wouldn't hold.This product though is amazing! The hold is strong and it last for the whole day. I can even put on my hat and then later on take my hat off and fix my hair back to normal. The hold is nice and strong and the smell is really weak. It has a wax kind of smell to it but it's really weak and no one would notice unless maybe if they stuck their nose into your hair. Picture shows my hair, I took this picture after a whole day of going out. My hair still looks fine.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 2


This looks like a winner. I been looking for a product that lets me slick back my hair and does not leave it all stiff or hard, I want more of a natural look you see in the movies. All other products leave my hair rock hard and this one keeps it in check but leaves my hair soft. I believe I found my pomade, it is a little more expensive than the rest but 2-4 dollars extra is worth it. It does not impact me or the review but it does have a waxy smell which again does not bother me but I know how sensitive some people might be. The 2oz I do not know how long it will last but it does not require for you to apply much to your hair, one small finger scoop was enough for me.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Really great product for guys with thin hair. I have a full head of thinner hair and tried several products over the years in search of something that would provide lasting hold while not making my hair shiny/wet looking. I had settled on a decent product from, surprisingly, Axe, then read about this one. I was reluctant to pull the trigger due to the price but am very glad I did. You truly only need a very small amount of this to give you all-day hold. Several people mentioned an odor but I have not noticed it, nor has my wife. One thing to consider before purchasing is that after a couple of days, you need a strong shampoo to get this out of your hair. It accumulates and will eventually weigh down your hair. Very great product that I highly recommend.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Scott Dobyns

Oh my god this clay is the best of the clays. Seriously, I've tried so many clays, and they've all done the job for sure, but i have ungodly thick hair that sometimes requires upkeep halfway through the day. This clay has some serious hold without actually weighing down my hair. An hour after applying it, I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels like there's no product there. It would take a hell of a product to take me away from this clay as my daily user.

887 Customer Reviews

2-Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade 2.5

Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade 2-5Uppercut Monster is meant as a metaphor for the sample firmly insistent that this pomade will give. The sweat-resistant, mega-hold pomade allows you to sculpt and hold the hardest style, and here’s the best part, you do not need a powerful high-pressure cleaner to wash it like a cheap mega-washing machine – keep products; the pomade washes easily and you can ‘s restyling morning.

Uppercut Monster gets rave reviews from active men who enjoy the sweat-resistant formula and the ability to maintain a style, even during exercise. Also like the logo even Frankenstein’s monster is Elvis’ coif swinging uppercut with Sample Hold Pomade.

Customer Images

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade 2.5oz - Heavy & Strong Hold - Waxy, High Shine - Sweat Resistant Customer Image Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade 2.5oz - Heavy & Strong Hold - Waxy, High Shine - Sweat Resistant Customer Image 1Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade 2.5oz - Heavy & Strong Hold - Waxy, High Shine - Sweat Resistant Customer Image 2

Questions & Answers

Will this work if you have Afro hair?

Interesting question. Calling it monster hold is an understatement. I have super thick hair and this stuff kept it from moving...at all... not sure how it would work...worth a try

Is this stronger then suavecito firme hold?

Hi, this is pretty much the strongest hold in the market for strong styling!

Does it really hold through sweat like if you play a sport?

Held up pretty nicely when I ran 3 miles the other day in really humid weather. Sweat wasn't a problem. You should be good.

Is this stronger then lockharts or reuzel

On my very thick hair it is stronger than Lockharts. I have never used Reuzel. If Reuzel is stronger, it would be too strong to use in my hair

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Greg Martin

I wear my hair in a pompadour with the sides cut fairly tight. It's wavy, especially as it gets longer. Uppercut Monster Hold is my favorite because it holds throughout the day and doesn't have a strong smell that I would get tired of. It's easy to re-style with a comb or brush if needed without having to apply more. It is tough to wash out because it's oil-based but water-based just doesn't have the hold I need. There is a trick to washing almost all of oil-based pomades out of your hair though. Put a good amount of heavy duty conditioner in your hair and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Then wash it out with shampoo a couple of times. I only do this before I go to the barber. There's no point in completely washing it out if you're just going to put more in your hair.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

S. Mc

Just received the hair product in the mail yesterday. I used it yesterday and today. I like it. I wouldn't elevate it to the status that many other reviewers do. I am a mechanic and I work outside all day in a very humid climate. I was looking for a product that would give superior hold and last all day and I wanted something a little better for my hair then the 7 dollar hair gel I generally purchase at the local drug store.I would say that if you are in an office environment or want to use this for going out on the town with friends or family; I would say this is the product for you. However, if your like me and are a working man and need a hair product that will last the whole day I would highly recommend going elsewhere.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


My husband is a very particular person when it comes to just about everything. This was no different when it came to his hair product. We have tried so many different things to try and get his locks managed and none of them seemed quite right, that is until Uppercut came into our lives. We originally found it in a fight shop in Las Vegas while on vacation and we thought the packaging was cool, so of course we had to have it. The best part of all of this was that because the packaging was great, he was willing to try it and hey, we actually found something that he LOVES!!!! You have no idea how rare that is. All day hold without being overly stiff and can still be washed out with normal shampoo. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Locksmith Dan

I have the craziest bushiest hair ever, not wavy, not curly, fine hair just lots of it.This product works well but if I'm doing too much it will fall out of style and I will have to restyle it.Works well with little water, don't apply on a wet head, damp is OK.This product works for me better than any out there on the market, it's just the hair that makes all the products look bad.Tried Imperial, Sauvecito, Uppercut Deluxe, Layrite.Out of all of them the Uppercut Deluxe and Monster Hold work best for my unmanageable wild hair. I also have 3 swirls which makes the back of the head non-cooperative.

153 Customer Reviews

3-Forming Cream for Men – High Hold & Matte Finish

Forming Cream for Men - High Hold & Matte FinishThis is a cream that can effortlessly shape your hair in a style you want and a fashion you always crave. It is a medium hold and the best is that it ensures that the hairstyle you are looking for is always maintained. You now get a chance to treat your hair with only a fraction of a piece. It does not matter what kind of hair you have because it will work better in one of the types that can handle each other.

Customer Images

Forming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth Viking Customer Image Forming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth Viking Customer Image 1Forming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth Viking Customer Image 2Forming Cream for Men - Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish - Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles - Short, Long & All Other Hair Types- 2 OZ - Smooth Viking Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

Are your ingredients or products tested on animals?

Only the cutest and cuddliest ones.

How does this perform against paul mitchell tea tree shaping cream?

I can’t stand the Paul Mitchell product myself. This one is far superior to it.

What's the difference between the forming cream and the styling clay?

Hi,Excellent question. The Forming Cream provides a matte finish with a high hold, and the Styling Clay provides a similar matte finish but has a stronger hold.If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

I am looking for something that texturizes and gives a piecey look without weighing my hair down or getting a greasy look. This it?

This won't add much texture to your hair but will add a mild piecey look and it's definitely a light product. If you want a solid piecey look then you will prolly need hair spray [which adds weight]. Just my two cents.

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Mikey V

I love hair cream since it's light and gives you just enough hold to keep long hair tame while still looking messy. The downside to a lot of creams I've tried is that they get too tacky too quick so you're pulling hair out while you're trying to apply it. With Smooth Viking, it is literally SMOOTH the whole way through; I've applied this through my hair with NO tugging, and even when the product settles in and locks the hair, you can still put your fingers through it without any surprise yanks.Also! The scent is light and barely noticeable when applied which I am a fan of. No point in wearing cologne if your nose becomes a punching bag to 2 scents consistently throughout the day. You only really smell it as you're applying it, and even then, it has a great, clean laundry type of smell. Can't recommend this enough!

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Yeah it has a little smell not bad but, it is a noticable when you crack break the seal. It does go away. The firmness is good you don't need much. I'll be sticking with this brand if it stays consistent.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Depending on the look I want, I will use either the Clay or Forming Cream. I like the Forming Cream as I can run my fingers through it during the day and if I need to, I can add a little water to hold the style a bit. My hair is 6-8" long and thick and days when I want to look more casual I'll use the Cream vs Clay. Cream allows my hair to move more but it is a windy day etc it can be hard to control. It removes the frizz and keeps my hair looking great and controlled.

653 Customer Reviews

4-American Crew Pomade 1.75

American Crew Pomade 1-75

We do not know what it is with funny pomade descriptions, but it is recommended for “romantic wear”. We have no idea what that means, answers to a postcard. Anyway, it can be applied to wet hair, so you can easily work it in and get a softer hold, or dry hair, so it’s a bit harder to distribute but gives a stronger hold. It is again a high-gloss pomade but is not water-based, but although it is slightly harder to rinse, your style must survive the rain. Interestingly, it has the smell of most other pomades, but the smell comes from natural ingredients, so if you are scared off by overwhelming synthetic scents, this is a great choice for you.

Product Images

American Crew Pomade, 1.75 Fl. Oz.  Image American Crew Pomade, 1.75 Fl. Oz.  Image 1

Questions & Answers

Anyone notice this causing silver/gray hair to have yellow hue?

Not really. I am a bad judge, because I die my hair blonde.

What is the difference between a pomade and a styling gel or wax?

Hi Genevie and thank you for your inquiry. A Pomade is usually softer than a wax, but remains mold-able where as a gel can dry more firm. So essentially a pomade is softer than a wax and maintains a flexible hold without drying hard. I hope that helps! Thanks! beautystoredepot

Is this water based?

I do not know, it's a pomade and it works great.

Is this really American crew or a knockoff?

As far as I know it is. Can is labelled as such. Performance is such. Price is about the same as other places.

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 12

MN white male middle-aged resident #2769

This is the teeny tiny size, about half the size they sell in stores. That's all I need, this will last me 6 months. If you never used this before, it is an excellent alternative to hair gel. It keeps your hair in place without making it crunchy or dry. Really good for long hair. I have used this for 10+ years and have never been dissatisfied

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Randall G. Bennett

I haveused American Crew Pomade for a long time but was very excited to find it in this smaller container. Takes up less room in my carry-on so I can get more items in my "liquids/gels" zip-lock bag.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 14


Pomades normally have a slightly denser texture. This feels closer to gel. The hold is still nice despite being wetter than I was expecting. This is purely a personal preference.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


My favorite hair product. Check out their full line.

100 Customer Reviews

5-Suavecito Pomade Original Hold

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold
Suavecent makes it extremely easy to use their pomade with their special formula that offers good grip and is as easy to clean as the styling gel. The product comes with a light fragrance and works perfectly on thick hair. It lasts all day and it is easy to style the hair again.
Suavecito is another brand that does not need an introduction. As a very popular pomade, Suavecito also offers a deep line of hair styling products for men. Suavecito Pomade is known for washing and washing as a gel but is available in sturdy and original versions.

Customer Images

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz Customer Image Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz Customer Image 1Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz Customer Image 2Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

can i use it in my beard?

I think the smell would bother you. For a beard I'd use argan oil or something similar.

Does the product contain any animal ingredients? Does the company test on animals?

It contains Beeswax. A list of ingredients can be found in the picture of the back of the container.

How many ounces of the actual stuff are in there? It indicates 7-ounces shipping weight but not the actual content weight.

It is approximately 4 ounces (via their website, suavecitopomade.com)!

Does this give a wet look?

More of a shine. It hardens so I would say no.

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 16


The first time I tried Suavecito, I was highly disappointed. It was way too thick, dried hard like a gel and the scent, although pleasant, was too strong. I had ended up giving it to a friend who preferred to use gel products for his hair and he was pleased with it.Since I had recently gotten a little shorter of a haircut, I decided to give it a second chance in hopes I had just gotten a stroke of bad luck. It definitely was a bad batch. It's the perfect consistency and spreads evenly. It dries like a pomade should, giving just the right amount of flexibility to brush through it should you need to. The hold is also perfect for my thick and heavy hair. I usually use products with a stronger hold but this original formula, I don't need to try the firme hold product, it would be too strong. And the scent is definitely lighter, not so potent and it totally adds to whatever fragrance you wear or as a standalone.If you're looking for a good pomade for your undercuts, gentlemen's cuts and pompadours while being soft to the touch and smells amazing, Suavecito is your perfect pomade.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

J Hovey

I needed a pomade that provided a decent hold throughout the day but didn't cake up or flake. I have a business cut with a slight fade and I need my hair to retain that professional look during the day. I gave Suavecito a shot and I am very happy with the results.Opening the jar for the first time, I was very happy by the smell of the pomade. It is a slightly musky yet sweet cologne scent that is not overpowering by any means. I hadn't told my wife that I had tried Suavecito and she said that the scent smelled really good, which is a lot to say considering she doesn't care for most cologne scents.I took a finger scrape from the jar, rubbed it in my hands and worked it into my slightly damp hair starting from the top. The product went on very well and was easy to work into my hair. I styled my hair with a Kent comb and was able to easily style my hair. My hair was left with a good hold that didn't make me feel like I have helmet hair. The hold stays firm throughout much of the day and if I ever need to touch it up a little towards the evening, I just I apply a little water to my hands and work it into my hair and comb it through. The hold naturally isn't as strong as the first application but still decent.The product is super easy to wash out with just water too. If you have a business cut and looking for a good hold I would highly recommend this product.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


I have been having a terrible problem with a halo of baby hairs growing back after post pregnancy hair loss. My hair has been sticking up every which way as it grows back and I look like a mad scientist. I have used hairspray, and they popped up. Blew dry the pieces and they stick back up. Gel and they stick back up. I finally tried this stuff and a little dab actually works. Just don't use too much or you'll look like a greaseball! And be prepared to smell like a man. But to me, that's better than looking like an absolute lunatic with uncontrollable hair!

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 19

Edwin Gaspar

In my opinion, the best pomade hands down. I will buy this product for the rest of my life. Medium hold with shine. I use all suavecito products daily. They all meet my standards.

2,079 Customer Reviews



American Crew is the largest company in the field of hair products on this list. Although it has no cult-like following like the rest of these pomade brands, American Crew delivers a solid styling product. Their medium hold, high shine pomade can be applied to wet hair for easier application, but softer hold, or dry hair for a stronger hold and more matte finish. And with a mild, natural scent, it’s great for guys who want to avoid overwhelming odors.

Customer Images

American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men Customer Image American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men Customer Image 1American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men Customer Image 2American Crew POMADE FOR HOLD AND SHINE 3 OZ for Men Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

How easy is it to wash out of your hair?


Is this suitable for thin asian hair for the modern slicked back undercut?

I would say yes. It has a very strong hold.

Whats the difference between this product and http://www.amazon.com/American-Crew-Pomade-3-Ounce/dp/B003XJXYRQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1391805

$1.20 USD

what color it is, clear or white??

White. I think it is counterfeit.

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

David M

I am a male in my early 30's have very thick hair which can be hard to manage. I have been using this product since my early 20's and it's really the only hair product that I like. I bought a cheaper pomade once from Walmart; it worked but I didn't like it as good as the Crew Pomade. Crew Pomade smells good, it doesn't make my hair feel grimy. It holds my hair in place very well, without making it stiff. There have been times I went to sleep without washing it out, and when I woke up my hair was messed up. So I just sprinkle some water on my hair and I am able to recomb it. It works best for me after I shower and my hair is damp, but not soaking wet. I usually towel dry my hair, then apply and style. Great product! The price has really gone up in the stores over the last several years, so I turned to Amazon and I can get it shipped to my home for about $5 less than buying it from Walmart! And by the way, I noticed some of the other reviews reported that they changed their product. I have been using this product for years and haven't noticed any change. So I'm not sure what they are referring to.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Finally got my son to cut his mop, so I got him this to style his hair with. It smells nice, doesn’t look greasy and holds his curls without making them crunch. Teaching a teen how to keep himself presentable is not fun, but you can’t go wrong with American Crew. Even if he has destroyed his new sneakers and clothes, at least his hair will smell good! Hahaha

845 Customer Reviews

7-Imperial Barber Grade Classic Pomade, 6 Oz.

For one of the strongest pomades in the industry, you do not have to look any further than Imperial Barber. This low-gloss pomade is considered a styling product with industrial strength and is suitable for any hair that needs control. Boys can, however, dilute the force by simply using more water during styling.
With a pleasant scent that is noticeable but not overwhelming, Imperial Barber Pomade is a solid choice for men with thick hair who try to style any type of hairdo.
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8-Shiner Gold Pomade

Shiner Gold Pomade

This is a heavily water-soluble pomade with a coconut scent. It is made in the USA and is available in a 4 Oz. (112 g) container with an aluminum screw cap. This pomade gives your hair extra shine and although it is thick, it will not tear your hair. It works well for all types of hair but is intended for people with thick and wavy hair. Shiner Gold hardens the hair, ut retains its firmness with a greasy feel and it washes easily.

Questions & Answers

How strong is the hold? Does it similar to suavecito?

extremely strong, I don't know what that is but imagine using wax for your hair. if that's what u want then this product is for you. I mean that in the best way

Does it wash off well?

This is a water based product, so it rinses out well. I have been using this for the past few years now and absolutely love it.

What are the directions?

Rub into hands to soften then rub into hair and style as desired.

Shiner heavy hold vs psycho hold

It can go either way depending on how much you use, also whether or not your hair is wet. Dryer the hair the heavier the hold. I’ll never use anything else.

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10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


My old salon-bought products snapped my last nerve. After binge buying over a dozen different products to replace the stuff I had been buying from my stylist for the past year, I am happy to say I found 2 excellent products. Shiner Gold is quite outstanding, with a medium-strong hold, a nice subtle, rich scent, and wonderful consistency. Start with small amounts and work it into your hair (from the back to forward, for medium-short hair), and add more as you need it. The hold and the excellent texture and sheen it gives my hair outshines everything else I tried. This is very luxurious stuff for the price. It was worth losing money on the competing trash I bought just to fine this (and Lay Rite, my other favorite).

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


The product worked as advertised and delivered decent hold with some shine. The hold was pretty middle of the road which I didn't find to be a problem, and the shine was definitely present but not so much so that my hair appeared greasy. It is a very soft product that is easily spread in the hands and did not pull too much on my hair during application. When washing it out I found it to be very easy to get out of my hair, which was a plus for me. The only issue I encountered was that occasionally I had a hard time taming my cowlick. My favorite part of getting ready in the morning was the scent of this pomade, which is initially strong, but fades away very fairly quickly. As this is a fairly cheap pomade I was absolutely recommend it to those who are interested in trying it out

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Amazon Customer

PROScoconut smell, does die through out your day (after a wash the smell is there but very lightly usually most pomades do this)medium shinecheap for 4oz most higher quality pomades cost around $20+a water based pomade so it washes easilyleaves hair smootheasy to readjustbest used when lightly damp not too muchCONSfalls apart somewhat quick, Unless you use a moderate amount. The more you use the longer it'll staykeep a comb with you, my hair length is about 7 inches and it tends fall apart on my right side when I do a partthis pomade can be used for wavy hair but would not recommend.BOTTOM LINEthis is a budget pomade that works and does the job, love the smell and the smoothness it gives + the shine is nice not too much just the right amount but will not hold your hair the whole day unless you have a comb

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Keith Watts

This is honestly THE best hair product I've ever used. It lasts all day, and honestly can last me two days if need be. It doesn't look pasty and gluey, it provides a natural look while still giving a great amount of hold. Better yet, if you find you need to readjust or fix anything halfway through the day, wetting your fingers makes the stuff just pliable enough to effectively fix whatever needs fixing, and not have to worry about your adjustment falling apart on you 10 minutes later.Aside from the purely practical aspects of this pomade, it also has a wonderful - yet mild - scent, and a lovely translucent amber color. The tin it comes in is also great, and that tin goes a long way. Best. Product. Bar-None.

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9-Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5 oz

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3-5 oz

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is probably another popular brand that you have heard of. As an Australian company that sells multiple styling products, Uppercut’s most prized pomade is the original formula. Good for thick hair, this pomade comes with the characteristic odor of Uppercut a light scent of coconut and vanilla that you love.
We recommend the Uppercut Deluxe Original Pomade because this medium stays high with a moderate gloss and it seems easy to style hair, regardless of the desired hairstyle.
Uppercut is one of the most reliable pomades on the market. It is designed to be used with thick hair because the medium provides a stronghold and a mild shine. The product comes with a light coconut scent combined with vanilla. Like most other comparable pumps, it is water-soluble, making it easy to clean.

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Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May Vary Customer Image Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May Vary Customer Image 1Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May Vary Customer Image 2Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 3.5oz - Packaging May Vary Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

Will this make hair hard or will it stay somewhat soft to touch?

It’s still kind of soft but it’s very hard to get out of your hair. It took me literally like 3-4 days to get it out 100%

what are the ingredients?

The MAIN ingredient for the Matt Clay is Petrolatum (petroleum Jelly), Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ozokerite, Stearic Acid, Phenyl Trimethicone, kaolin, silica,

Is anyone else experiencing the bottom of can being more stringy and harder to work with?

Sounds like it's getting old

Does this make your hair look full or does it clump your hair? I've used hair gels before that clumped my hair together so it looked like I have a bad combover.

If you comb it throught it doesnt clump. If you blow dry to get some volume and put it in, it keeps it looking pretty full. It actually feels very light because it's water based and washes out easily.

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10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Has a great hold with a Matte finish that I was looking for. I enjoy the scent it gives off (Coffee and vanilla?) when I apply it, but that dissipates after a couple minutes. I apply a little bit to my hands and rub them together to spread it out then apply to my hair and that seems to work great for an even distribution. It also easily rinses out in the shower with just water and I don't notice anything left over after I shampoo.All in all great product, would definitely recommend.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


I've tried tons of pomaded over the years but I always revert back to suavecito because of the reliability and smell however this pomade absolutely tops it, I can honestly say I've found my new pomade, it works like suavecito strong hole minus the crunchy texture. My hair looks healthy and slightly more natural than with suavecito. And the smell is pretty wonderful. It smells faintly of sunscreen, but it's got a rich coconut vanilla nutty smell that's wonderful. Hopefully it stays at this price as the normal $18 price tag was why I never gave it a try in the past.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 28

Mr. Cole Pfeiffer

I have little experience with pomade so I bought a few and I love them. This on the other hand feel more like a gel. It's easy to apply, feels a bit sticky and easy to apply. It gets very hard when it dries. You can wet comb but you would probably pull some hair.Either way it's not bad, I liked it. I tried American crew, Equate brand from Wal-Mart, got2b stuff and I hated it. Upper is better but I don't like smell. It's coconut and vanilla. It lingers all day. By now I am used to it. Feels like I am carrying a scented candle with me. There is definitely better pomade than this. I just want to finish it and move on to the pomade that I really liked, reuzel red specifically.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3

Chris F

My favorite pomade thus far. I've recently been converted to pomade from gel & this is my new "go to" out of the few selections I've tried. Great hold, good workability, pleasant aroma that doesn't linger terribly long, doesn't flake, washes out very nicely. Can is easy to open even with wet hands ( this may sound dumb, but some can be a pain if your hands are even a smudge damp) I still plan on trying other varieties of pomade, but will probably always have a can of this around because it does exactly what I want it to.

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10-Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade

Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade

Layrite Super Hold and Deluxe Original Pomades are some of the best water-based pomades you will find. In fact, there are dozens of pomades for men, but only a handful of them have achieved widespread legendary status and Layrite is definitely one of them. Developed for hairdressers by hairdressers, Layrite is clearly popular, but what makes their hair product special and is it a good pomade for you. In this review of Layrite Original and Super Hold Pomade, we discuss the strength, gloss, smell, and texture of the company’s styling products.
It is no surprise that Layrite is such a popular pomade brand. Between the Original and Super Hold Pomade, the company has a styling hair product for every man. And with its sweet aroma, soft texture, and good shelf life, Layrite is a pomade that you can use in any hairstyle. Whether you choose the Original Deluxe or the Super Hold variety, there is no doubt that Layrite is a great addition to every man’s styling collection.

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Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4oz Customer Image Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4oz Customer Image 1Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4oz Customer Image 2Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade, 4oz Customer Image 3

Questions & Answers

Good for slicked back styles?

Yes-my son likes this product for just that reason. It is a very small container though

This used to be three containers for $15, now it looks like one container for $17?? Did the price really go up that much, or is the description wrong?

This may have been for their smaller, 1 oz. containers, as the 4 oz. container of the Layrite original hold has been sold at $17 by most vendors for some time now.

How does it smells and is it greaser?

Does not smell better than Tip Top or Suavecito but performs the best.

Is it re-combable after it dries? Any acne problems?

It is re-combable, but you may want to add a few drops of water to keep desired shine and texture. No acne problems from our Luxury Barber team. Make sure to wash out before bed. Stay fly!

Top Reviews

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


I've been cycling through different hair products (mainly pomades) for a while now. Recently I've tried products like American Crew Pomade and their Forming Cream, Suavecito, and Uppercut. All those products were decent and have their merits, but Layrite is by far the best I have used and it will be the only thing I use moving forward.I have very thick hair that I like to slick back and to the side. My main problem in hair products is that the thickness of my hair makes it heavy and so it tends to fall out of place when I use pomade and slick it back. In looking for a stronger hold I first tried out Layrite's Super Hold (the one with a brown label). The hold was exactly what'd I been looking for but it also made some of the shorter hair on the side and back of my head stand out a little because it wasn't as flexible. To fix this I picked up a can of the Original Layrite.Layrite's hold is awesome. Stronger, in my experience, than American Crew, Suavecito, and Uppercut. I personally feel the shine is perfect in that it isn't really that shiny. My hair is a lighter brown so extreme shine doesn't look great on it. Definitely less shiny than Crew and Suavecito. Smell is fine but not strong which is again something I prefer.Like I said, my hair is extremely thick and I have two cowlicks that have always been huge pains. I have found that using Layrite Original to first style my hair and then supplementing that with Layrite Super Hold on the stubborn hairs around my cowlicks has created the prefect combo for my hair. For months I have been tinkering with different products and lengths to try and get the slick to look right and hold throughout the day. I was starting to feel like it was impossible with my hair but with Layrite I have finally been able to get my hair exactly how I like it.I HIGHLY recommend Layrite pomade and if you have some annoying hairs that you can't seem to keep under control then look into Layrite's Super Hold

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


Alright so I've tried out a few different pomades and hair products in general and most of the time I reach for Layrite. The few products I rotate out somewhat regulaly are this, American Crew Pomade and Fiber, and Murray's original pomade. Alright so quick rundown of each product with respect to Layrite. Keep in mind I have hair on the thinner side.American Crew Pomade:- Hold is slightly less strong= Holds for a similar amount of time= Smell is slightly less strong but not as good IMO as Layrite+ AC Pomade I have seen in stores, if you really need it now- More expensive= Washes out easyAmerican Crew Fiber:+ Slightly stronger hold- Sticky application, not really a big deal just unfavorable for me- Doesn't hold for as long- Odd smell, not bad, just smells a little much like a hairstyling product+ Easier to find in stores in my experience- More expensive= Washes out easyMurray's:= Smell is pretty great for both, maybe a little better personally with Murray's+ Definitely cheaper than all these products+ Easier to find in local stores, in my experience- Slightly Sticky application- Somewhat hard to wash out if you use more than a small finger dab- Really hard to get off your hands in one wash+ Excellent hold and pretty good looksSo all products get used, but Layrite to me is more consistent, the hold is strong enough to last through the majority of the day, it is easy to work with and wash out, and it smells great, like a vanilla bean sort of scent although it is a tad strong for some.Murray's would be perfect if it wasn't such a pain to get off your hands, and if someone or something touches your hair its more of a task to get rid of residue vs any of the other products mentioned.AC Pomade and Fiber are both good products, I like the smell of the pomade and the hold isn't as great but still decent, although the price is pretty high. Same with fiber, although the smell is eh, but the matte look and hold are pluses for me.

10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair Of  2019 3


I tried this product based on a recommendation from another person who also has a longer hair style with an undercut and side part. I have long, thick Caucasian hair. View pics of "Jake Gyllenhall Prisoners Movie" Prisoners online to see the style I wear, which is the one worn by Gyllenhall. Follow the instructions, work the product through your towel damp hair, gently and completely using your fingertips, back to front root to tip, then front to back, and side to side. Always root to tip. Then use a good quality comb to distribute the product and achieve your desired style. It does take some practice and experimenting to find out what works for you. I think the pomade works great, holds the style and washes out easily and it's easy to touch up during the day with a damp comb. My only issue is the pomade gives a stiff hold to my hair, despite what the description says. I would prefer a pomade that gives a more traditional soft hold like the classic pomades from the 50s/60s. The scent is light vanilla and isn't noticeable or embarrassing. I usually wear a head wrap Double Dry High Performance Dew Rag Headwrap Skull Cap at night to keep my hair neat and tangle free. On a few occasions, I went to bed without rinsing the product out of my hair and covered with the head wrap. I was able to restyle in the morning with a damp comb, although on the second day, it gives my hair more of a slick feel and appearance, however let's be honest, we're using this stuff to replicate a modern "greaser" look, so that wasn't an issue for me. I get comments and compliments on my hair and even my stylist was intrigued by this stuff. I view that as a positive affirmation of the quality of this product.

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Buying Guide

There is really no one-size-fits-all. People have different types of hair and prefer different types of hairstyles. Also tastes. As with most hair care products, the best way to find the hair pomade that suits you best is by experimenting with a variety of products. All nine products we have discussed here differ in one way or another.
Read and check if there is one you can go with. And if you are the perfectionist who is looking for the absolute best hair pomades for thick hair, you can experiment in the coming months as well as the entire collection. We do not give you an extensive guide on how to select that absolutely precise hair pomade suitable for your hair, but an indication of some of the things you should look out for when shopping for a hair. This is not definitive but will hopefully help you in making the right choice.

How To Use Pomade

How many times should I use hair Pomade?

If you are just starting, you can use the hair pomade at least once or twice a day for thick hair. However, if you have reached the desired shade for your hair, you can use it two or three times a week. This will help to maintain the color of new hair growth.

Why should I use hair Pomades for thick hair instead of common gel hair?

Hair gels are nowadays often used in styling and shaping thick hair, but the biggest disadvantage they have is that they dry out quickly. On the other hand, hair pomade will not dry out. It stays there until you wash it out and it will require several washes before you are completely stripped of the hour hair. There are special shampoos that you will use for this purpose.

The final words

When it comes to the best pomade for men, the main difference between them is the smell and shelf life they offer.

Our selection contains Best Pomade For Thick Hair that works perfectly with thick hair that needs to be firmly held.

They are all easy to clean and all have a pleasant smell.

There are some price differences, but these are reasonably affordable and reasonably reliable.
Styling thick hair can be challenging, especially if your hair product is not as powerful or high quality as the one we mentioned above.


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