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Pomade Vs Gel: Which is Best for Your Hair? (2024)

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pomade vs gelDo you ever struggle to find the right hair product for your style? From pomade to gel, there is a range of products available.

In this article, we are going to compare pomade vs gel so that you can choose the perfect styling product. We’ll explore what each formula does in terms of hold, appearance, and washability, helping you decide whether pomade or gel is best suited for achieving that flawless finish.

So if it’s time to upgrade your hairstyling routine – read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Pomade is creamy, alcohol-free, and provides hold and shine.
  • Gel offers strong hold and a wet look but contains drying ingredients like alcohol.
  • Pomade is suitable for various hair types, while gel is best for thick or curly hair.
  • Water-based pomade is easy to wash out, while gel may require more effort to remove.


Pomade is a creamy, alcohol-free hair product that provides hold and shine to your hairstyle.

What is Pomade?

You can style your hair with a creamy, water-based product that won’t leave any flakes or damage your locks – pomade is the perfect choice for creating a natural, shiny look. Pomade offers many benefits over gel: it provides flexibility and versatility in hairstyles and adds shine without the hard hold of gel.

Unlike gels, which have drying alcohols, pomades are non-sticky yet provide enough control to keep those flyaway strands at bay. Its texture allows you to shape and rework throughout the day while still providing long-lasting results.

Whether you’re looking for an all-day hold or just something subtle, pomade vs gel should be considered according to one’s individual needs when choosing their favorite hair product!

Who Does Pomade Work Best For?

Whether you want to add texture or achieve a sleek, shiny look, pomade can help your hairstyle stand out. Pomade benefits those with different hair types and textures; it’s ideal for achieving either a firm hold or loose styling.

It works especially well for adding definition to curly locks and creating messy looks without leaving flakes behind like gel does. Those who desire maximum hold should opt for the latter as its advantages outweigh pomades in this regard.

How Do You Use Pomade?

To achieve the desired look, work a small amount of pomade into your hair and style as usual. Start with a dime-sized portion on wet or dry hair and adjust accordingly. For more texture or shine, apply more to damp strands.

If you want a stronger hold, use it when styling wet locks. Pomade is versatile – use it instead of wax for precise looks like pompadours. Unlike gel, you won’t have flakes after drying your hair! Pomade gives you the freedom to express yourself and tame unruly tresses with its flexible hold and range of products available – from oil-based to water-soluble.


Hair gel is a styling product used to give hair maximum hold and a wet, sleek look. It works best on thick or curly hair for creating styles such as spikes or texture. To use, apply gel to damp hair and work through with your fingers until the desired style is achieved.

What is Hair Gel?

Hair gel is a strong-hold styling product with a wet look and varying degrees of hold strength. It typically contains drying ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, which can damage hair over time. Gel works best when applied to damp hair for spiked hairstyles and adding texture to thin or fine locks.

Different varieties are available, such as water-based and oil-based gels, that provide different levels of shine.

Who Does Gel Work Best For?

For those looking for a super-strong hold, gel is the go-to product to get that wet look without compromising on style. It’s ideal for men’s classic hairstyles like spikes and slicked-back looks as it gives maximum hold with minimal fuss.

When choosing between pomade or gel, consider your desired effect: if you want shine and flexibility, then opt for pomade; if you’re after maximum strength, then choose hair gel instead.

How Do You Use Hair Gel?

Applying hair gel correctly can be a tricky business – like trying to thread a needle in the dark. For best results, it’s important to consider styling techniques, wet vs dry application, your hair type, and preferences when using this product.

Here are some tips:

  • Use small amounts and work through damp or dry hair for desired hold.
  • Choose gels with minimal alcohol content if you have a sensitive scalp.
  • Find the right formula that works best on various hairstyles, from spikes to sleek looks.
  • Gel is great for adding texture on thin/fine strands but may not provide enough control for thick or curly types.
  • Pomade vs Gel? Both have their uses depending on the look and hold required!

With these tips in mind, anyone can create their perfect style with ease!

Differences Between Pomade and Gel

Differences Between Pomade and Gel
Choosing between pomade and gel for your hairstyling needs can seem daunting. However, there are key differences to consider when it comes to hold, look, and washability that will help you make the right decision.

Pomade provides a flexible hold with a range of looks from natural to shiny, while gel offers maximum hold but is less versatile in terms of look or washability.


Gel provides the strongest hold, making it great for hairstyles that require maximum control. It offers a range of styling techniques and holds far longer than pomade or other hair products. When selecting between these two options, consider your desired finish: matte or shiny? And how long do you need it to last? Water-based pomades provide a medium hold and a natural look; oil-based ones offer a stronger grip with an added shine.


Choose pomade for a natural, messy, or shiny look that won’t dry out your hair. Pomade offers shine versus matte options and styling versatility. A wet look is easier to achieve with gel but can be done with pomade too. Hair texture and hairstyle compatibility should also factor in when making the decision between pomade versus gel: finer hair works better with gels while coarser hairs are compatible with both products.


When it comes to washability, water-based pomade is the easiest to remove as it is soluble in water, while oil-based products may require more effort. Gel and pomade can both be washed out easily, but their conditioning ingredients determine how quickly they come off.

Water-based options are preferable for those prone to breakouts because they do not clog pores like oil-based ones do.

Choosing Between Pomade and Gel

Choosing Between Pomade and Gel
When choosing between pomade and gel for your hairstyling needs, it’s important to know the differences between them. Pomade is a creamy, alcohol-free alternative with versatile uses, while hair gel provides a strong hold suitable for spiked looks.

Consider your hairstyle and preferences to determine which product will work best for you.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Considering your hairstyle needs and preferences is key to deciding whether pomade or hair gel is right for you. If you want a wet look with texture yet maximum hold, then go for the gel. For a natural polished style that’s not too stiff, try pomade – it offers flexibility and shine without drying out your hair.

For thin/fine hair, use lighter gels. Thicker textures work better on thick/curly locks as they provide more grip to keep those curls in place! Experimenting with different styling techniques can help determine what works best for each individual person’s unique hairstyle – from sleek and straightened styles to wavy beachy looks.

Ultimately, no matter which product you choose – either pomade or gel – make sure it suits the desired effect of your specific style!

Consider Your Preferences and Desired Look

Think about what kind of look you want and how much hold you need to determine if pomade or gel is right for you.

Gel offers the strongest hold, ideal when styling curly hair or adding texture to thin hair.

How to Apply Pomade

How to Apply Pomade
To get that perfect look, apply a small amount of pomade and work it into your hair.

  • Start by dampening dry hair before applying the product. This helps ensure even distribution throughout your strands and reduces frizziness after styling.
  • Use only a pea-sized amount on wet or dry hair to avoid overloading your locks with product buildup.
  • For beard care products like waxes or balms, use sparingly to keep facial skin clean and free from irritation caused by excessive amounts of oil or grease accumulating on the surface of the skin.
  • When using an oil-based formula for scalp health benefits, consider using less than usual if you have acne-prone skin as this can cause breakouts due to clogged pores.

Pomade application should be adapted according to individual needs. Taking hairstyle preferences into account will help determine which type suits best. Water-based formulas are recommended for those who prefer lighter holds without leaving residue behind once washed out, while stronger gels suit spiky styles requiring maximum hold all day long.

How to Apply Hair Gel

How to Apply Hair Gel
Now that you know the key differences between pomade and gel, it’s time to learn how to apply hair gel effectively.

To achieve the wet look with gel, here are 3 essential tips:

  1. Start by dampening your hair with a spray bottle or towel before applying the product. This will help ensure even distribution of product throughout your strands for optimal styling results.
  2. Use a light touch when applying and work in small sections at once so as not to overwhelm your locks with too much product. Start from root-to-tip until you reach the desired style or hold strength level is achieved.
  3. When finished, use a comb or brush to shape up any flyaways and set them into place for long-lasting definition all day long! Be sure not to avoid overusing products as this can lead to flaking and an overly stiff appearance instead of achieving natural-looking movement within the hairstyle itself.

With these simple steps in hand, now anyone can confidently master their own signature look through strategic application techniques utilizing both pomades & gels alike – enjoy experimenting & creating unique styles tailored just for you!


Some may worry that using either pomade or gel could damage hair, but both products can be used safely. As long as you choose a good quality product, apply it as instructed, and don’t overdo it, you should be able to achieve the look you want without compromising your hair’s health.

Ultimately, the choice between pomade and gel is a matter of preference and hairstyle needs. Consider the different features of each product and decide which will work best for your hair and desired look.

With the right product, you can create the perfect hairstyle and look your best.

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