7 Best Clippers for Fades ( of 2021 Buying Guide)

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If you want the best fade hairstyles and haircuts, you have to use the best clippers for fades, and it’s it!

A fade haircut is fresh and is one of the most famous hairstyles for men. Fades can be done by a professional hairdresser or by you as a do-it-yourself.

But getting a great fade hairstyle requires skill and precision. That is why experts in the healthcare industry use only the best tools for professional results.

Eventually, it depends on buying the best clippers for fades and tapered what you need, how to cut your hair, and how much you are willing to spend.

Do you want to be your own stylist and save money? Are you an aspiring will judge some of the best hair clippers for Fades that expert alerts can get fantastic fades.

Whether you need the best cordless clippers for fades for convenience, barber clippers for a professional trim, or you love fade haircuts and needs high-quality fade clipper, view our reviews of the top fade hair clippers on the market!

How to Choosing the Best Hair Clippers for Fades?

How to Choosing the Best Clippers for FadesOur days’ modern hairstyles with very short sides and a long top is a good fading clipper essential. These hairstyles are fresh, clean, and look good. Your clipper should achieve precise lines, be perfect for mixing, and easily cut the hair.

Here are a few other things to take into account before buying one:

  • Ease of use: The fade hair clippers must be user-friendly. Note that there are no clippers that fade automatically. That is why most of the work will be done by you. And that is why you need a clipper that simplifies your work.
  • Portability of the Clipper: Are you considering carrying your equipment with you, or if you want to save it safely, you must consider its portability. Compact format is most suitable for wearing and simple storage.
  • Power options: Some devices work wirelessly, while others are wireless. So you really have to decide on your priorities and how long do you use them every day. A professional who needs many hours every day will benefit more from a wireless device, while an incidental user can do well with a wireless clipper. Make sure you take some time and compares the advantages and disadvantages of each version.
  • Engine power: Strong motors offer the energy that is needed to cut all kinds of hair eager.
  • Accessories: a professional has a wide range of fasteners of different sizes that are needed and many other accessories. But they are also more than welcome for home users, so make sure you are looking for a device that comes with a plurality of additional tools at an accessible price.
  • Corded or Cordless: Consider whether a corded Hair clipper limits you and go for cordless. Also, consider clippers that are both corded and cordless in the specific times where you need more freedom, and you can switch to the wireless model.
  • Blades: good, quality blades offer you precision and many conveniences. Self-shift blades, for example, do not need much maintenance.
  • Noise: If you use it once a week or even once a month, a noisy engine is not really harassed. But a professional with the device for 8 hours a day will certainly want a quiet clipper.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers for Fades (Quick Summary)

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Wahl Professional 5-star Cord/cordless Magic Clip
  • It can be used wirelessly.
  • It comes with a 100-240V charging transformer.
  • Including 6 mounting caps.
Andis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable He Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper
  • Slim look.
  • Durable aluminum housing.
  • 000 SPM high-speed motor.
OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
  • 4 guides included.
  • 000 to 1 leaf size adjustment.
  • Very quiet.
Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Wahl Clipper Elite Pro
  • It is very affordable
  • It comes with all accessories that you need to do professional fades
  • It has a robust, heavy-duty motor
Wahl Professional Super Taper Hair Wahl Professional Super Taper Ii Hair Clipper
  • It has sharp, high precision leaves that are easily cut by thick hair
  • By a strong V5000 motor
  • Comfortable to easily use
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7 Best Clippers for Fades of 2021

We know how difficult choosing the best barber clippers for fades, so we have prepared an in-depth guide to help you with that, and we have picked 7 models to present today. We think they are the best professional hair clippers for fades there, so you have to choose something.

1. Wahl Professional 5-star Cord/cordless Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5-star Cord/cordless Magic ClipView On AmazonWahl is a men’s products company that is known to develop well-built, reliable care machines. Also known as “ America’s Clipper-Company,” Wahl is a brand that has produced some of the best hair clippers for fades in the company.

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip offers an exceptional cutting experience associated with maximum freedom and convenience. The result is one of the nearest fade hairstyles that you will ever get.

This is hands-down one of the best barber clippers for fades, especially when controlling precise lines that increase a good fade and shape. The sharp blades on these clippers offer exceptional speed and absolutely no overlap, with an individual taps lever to effortlessly reach a striking taper or bare fade.

And although the engine is powerful, this WAHL clipper is supplied in stock with a long bit of the lithium-ion battery that offers 90 minutes of runtime. The cord and wireless cutting capacity make this model worth the money.

The set is also filled with eight attachments or surveillance sizes, a cleaning brush, oil, red leaf protector, charging plug, and instructions. Ultimately, while this trimmer consists of components of commercial quality, it is still easy to use. The sharp precision leaves, heavy motor, complete set of guards, and handy conical lever make this product a top choice.

Wahl also offers the professional 5-star Magic Clip Corded Edition, which offers 50% more power than the standard professional clipper. We love that wahl allows you to choose between Corded and Cordless Hair Clippers.

  • It can be used wirelessly.
  • It comes with a 100-240V charging transformer.
  • Including 6 mounting caps.
  • Adjustable blade.
  • Weighs only 10 ounces.
  • The storage blade rows easily.
  • The combs delivered are quite thin.
  • Close 5,500 TPM motor.

Customer Reviews
13,420 Reviews

Avatar Sergio


Magic clip

Envío muy serio con llegada en su tiempo, bastante contento con la profesionalidad y sobre la máquina de las mejor del mercado, sin duda alguna aconsejo su compra.Muy práctica, ligera, corte perfecto y estéticamente la máquina esta muy guapa.

2. He Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

He Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair ClipperView On AmazonThis device can be used for a wide range of techniques, both by amateur home users and professionals.

It comes with a solid design, and it is covered with an aluminum housing that takes longer. It has a strong magnetic engine that works for wet or dry hair and thick hair.

It works at a very high speed of 14,000 strokes per minute and gives efficient and accurate cuts every time, while they also warm up and do not warm up.

The blade is adjustable from fine to coarse (size 000 to 1) and can also be zero-gaped.

The model is also supplied with an adjustable lever, making it great to fade and give you total control. But it also works for outlets or other techniques.

The side switch is convenient to use in one hand, and it is a well-assessed clipper. Mounting cams can be purchased separately.

  • Slim look.
  • Durable aluminum housing.
  • 000 SPM high-speed motor.
  • Blade adjustment of 000 to 1 size.
  • Weighs 1.25 pounds.
  • Is fairly quick warm.
  • Leads loud.
  • The smooth surface can be difficult to grab.
  • No combs included.

Customer Reviews
3,714 Reviews

Avatar james


They are great for fades u can blend out lines easily

I am a barber student I got these clippers to help do bald fades and have an extra clipper when my Whal Seniors heat up. They are great for fades u can blend out lines easily. Clippers sound great when cutting they do not heat up to quickly they feel great in the hand very minimal vibration. The have a nice weight and want to rock naturally when doing heal toe. Very happy with purchase I have done over 50 haircuts so far. I wish andis had other guards. I like my masters better than my Wahl seniors but find ...

3. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperView On AmazonComing directly from Oster’s Line or Simpler Clippers, the Fast Feed Hair Cuter is professional, still comfortable enough. The first thing you will notice here is the classic appearance of Fast Feed, a trademark function of each Oster clipper.

This hair cutting machine does not heat as much as the Ande Master or Wahl Senior. Combined with its ergonomic body, we can say that it is the best fade hair clipper if you look for a long blur of action. It is also easier to use and lighter than it.

Of course, which is important, the quality of both motor and blades. Oster Fast Feed Fade Fade Clippers have tested cryogenic, stainless steel blades. In other words, they are very durable and are cut as accurately as the master’s master.

The distance between the blade is a bit wider than the Wahl Clippers for Fades. This makes quick supply blades better and faster cuts on thicker hair.

Blades are nothing without a good engine to feed them. The Fast Feed Clippers from Oster are furnished with a rotatable rotor. Although a bit weaker than the seniors ‘ V9000, it is still mighty and will not compromise performance.

Another advantage of the fast power supply is that they are the quietest fade hair clippers on this list. View our Full Oster Fast Fut-Review if you want to know more about it.

  • 4 guides included.
  • 000 to 1 leaf size adjustment.
  • Very quiet.
  • Long 8-foot power cord.
  • Weighs 1.16 pounds.
  • Weak 9W motor.

Customer Reviews
5,516 Reviews

Avatar Wilson


Just order it dummy

Take all your sub-par faders and toss them out soon as this one arrives! Been cutting my hair for many many years as well as my kids and other fam and these clippers are great! Very light to hold, no fatigue, very quiet, I don’t even feel it cutting because it’s very smooth like butter. I’m using the purple magnetic Andis attachments on it they fit perfect. The ones that come with it just toss them out. Great clipper. I didn’t bother zero gapping or changing the blades because for me it works great. The fade looks so smooth and ...

4. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Wahl Clipper Elite ProView On AmazonWahl builds a lot of the best clippers for fades, and this should come as no surprise. The WAHL Clipper Elite Pro proves the brand’s dedication to superior care for men of all skills, making it a strong choice for boys looking at their tapered skills at home. Cheaper than the above machines, set these high-performance chipsets for an excellent training instrument.

Good fades are made possible by sharp blades that do not hook or pull the hair, and this Wahl clipper has grinding blades that need little maintenance and tapered high-quality. The 10 Secure-Fit Stainless Steel Clip Guy Camming are easy to work with and guaranteed to give you flexible lines at any use.

These fade hair clippers contain the most powerful and durable motor, so you don’t have to worry about this machine that you give in the middle of a cut.

If you have just begun fading your own hair or experimenting with becoming a professional hairdresser, this complete set is for you. The Wahl Clipper Pro is definitely the best budget clipper for fading Rookies and experts, and the quality will have sold you.

  • It is very affordable
  • It comes with all accessories that you need to do professional fades
  • It has a robust, heavy-duty motor
  • Faster, self-shift blades
  • It is not heated when you are used a long Time
  • Silent Operation
  • Long power cord for extra flexibility
  • It is heavy
  • The adjustment lever needs improvement
  • Bad housing for professional (daily) use

Customer Reviews
11,780 Reviews

Avatar Marco


After almost a decade of replacing cheaper clipper sets every 2-3 years, I finally decided to buy a more expensive set. I'm glad I did! Even if they last just as long as cheaper ones, there are a handful of things I would like to pay the higher price for. If it matters, I cut my own hair, and have this for as long as I can remember, so my feedback comes from that context. I don't cut someone else's hair and I tend to cut more often (every 5-6 days), so I only need minor adjustments versus having to ...

5. Wahl Professional Super Taper Ii Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper Ii Hair ClipperView On AmazonDesigned to cut through the thickest hair for a smooth, fast finish, the WAHL Professional Super Taper II is part of the company’s commercial line. These top-nominal fade clippers drove faster and stronger than most other electromagnetic motors, making this machine essential for all types of heavy cutting, fade, and tapered.

With nearly a thousand reviews and a near-perfect assessment of customers, it’s easy to see why the Wahl Super Taper is a favorite. First, the robust and sturdy engine makes every cutting easy, even on the thickest hairstyles. With the V5000 electromagnetic motor from Wahl, these fader slippers add hairdressers to mix and taper all kinds of fades effortlessly.

It does not hurt that the high-quality, ultra-ching blades facilitate any trim with precision and are intended forever. Similarly, professionals will change the ability to change the taper, texture, and cutting length with a side handle.

Finally, this product is the total package and comes with eight fixing COMBUS guides (1/8 to 1 inch), a cleaning brush, oil, red leaf protector and instructions, so that you are ready for each cut that is up to your way. With a slim design that is so attractive as the straight lines that it cuts, the Wahl Super Taper Fade Clippers are a great addition to the Arsenale of Barbershop.

  • It has sharp, high precision leaves that are easily cut by thick hair
  • By a strong V5000 motor
  • Comfortable to easily use
  • Flexibility to maintain due to the 8-feet Long power cord
  • Memorable color-coded guides
  • The plastic body is not of high quality and does not match the price tag of the clipper.
  • Uncomfortable vibrations
  • Noisy

Customer Reviews
1,672 Reviews

Avatar JCS


This is the clipper to get right here!

These clippers are the real deal. I cut my own hair or get my hair cut at home with Wahl clippers that I've bought at major newsstands for 20 years, and I've never had one of those that even come close to how well this thing works. The first thing you'll notice is the weight of this thing, hey, it's a really powerful motor in there... one that won't bind or slow down if you have thick hair (like me). Another good sign is that it plugs directly into the wall, it doesn't charge any chintzy battery, nor does it ...

6. Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Hair Clipper

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Hair ClipperView On AmazonThis is a good option if you are looking for a Heavy-Duty hair clipper for hectic days. The first advantage of the classic 76 is the powerful 45W motor, making this model the most powerful under the hair clippers that we have assessed. With such a motorcycle, you have to cut the whole hair all day.

In addition to being powerful, the classic 76 hair cell press engine is designed to resist heavy use. Add to this the rugged and break-test housing, and you get a hair clipper that could still work seamlessly. Of course, if it is properly maintained.

The design of the classic 76 hair clipper is also remarkable. It is the opposite of the slim design by Andis Master Clipper. The Brown-Color Vintage Look of This Hair Clipper is definitely charming, justifying the name “ Classic 76. ”

There are other color options for this hair seller, but they take away from the classic sense of This clipper. If your hairdresser’s store is designed in a vintage style, the brown classic 76 can definitely be a fine addition to the environment. By the way, this hair clipper may be great if you love retro things.

Just like it was in Oster Fast Feed, Classic 76 is a fairly useful model. It has a longer power cord of 9 feet and grooved housing that is very easy to hold and hold. However, some things are not so good in classical 76.

The first drawback is that this hair cellularity is quite heavy. It weighs 1.5 pounds so that you can find her throughout the day. And if you get tired early, you cannot use sustainability.

The second drawback is that classic 76 comes with only 000 and 1 blade. From the box, there are only two sizes that you could use. In other hair clippers, there was a certain range of length from which you could choose. Maybe you should buy extra blades for this thing.

And finally should be noted that this thing drives a bit loud. But is not very surprising that this hair clipper has a powerful engine.

  • Powerful 45W motor.
  • Nice retro design.
  • Designed for heavy use.
  • Including 000 and 1 blade.
  • Long 9-foot cord.
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • It’s a bit loud.
  • Minimum choice of blades from the box.

Customer Reviews
3,622 Reviews

Avatar John


Switching from Whals to OSTER 76 rid me of my folliculitis!

Although I've purchased hundreds of products on Amazon, this is my first time writing a review because I felt it was absolutely essential and hope I can help someone struggling with the same problem as I previously did. I used to go to a great barber but I started developing this nasty red bumps on the back of my neckline area. These bumps would swell with puss, be painful to the touch, and very large and noticeable. The dermatologist said it was folliculitis and I was put on doxycycline and given a shot near the area. ...

7. Andis Fade Gold

Andis Fade GoldView On AmazonThe adjustable blades at high speed are ideal for blur and tapered, while the magnetic motor gives sufficient power for all types of hair, dry or wet.

The design feels small and light, but it is solid enough to be resistant to shock. It has a reasonable price, and it is pretty popular.

  • Elegant, ergonomic, and comfortable design
  • It is powered by a strong magnetic motor
  • Has adjustable blades
  • Cuts through all hair lengths and types
  • Has designed accessories
  • For fade and taper cuts
  • The conical lever is quite fragile
  • It is expensive
  • It is also quite noisy

Customer Reviews
128 Reviews

Avatar Tevin S

Tevin S

Great Clippers

I have never used a professional clipper (including the Wahl brand clippers). Never have I had better clippers! Normally I use the cheap Walmart clippers to cut my own hair and I do just fine. But after buying these clippers, my haircuts have risen to another level! If you get off the cheap Walmart clippers, you'll find that these are much heavier and you'll need to make a little adjustment so as not to mess yourself (or others) up.

Tips for the Right Maintenance of Fade Hair Clippers

best hair clippers for fadesIf you get your hands on a hand clipper of the commercial class, the simple section is if you choose one of the hair clippers for fades here. But it is absolutely a challenge to maintain the right care for your equipment to ensure that they have held their superior performance for a long time.

Maintenance must be regular, correct, and good to stick to the equipment’s pristine condition and perfect performance. The following is a simple step-by-step directive of how your hair clippers can be maintained to perfection:

  • Clean the blade after each use, every time!
  • Regular washing of the blades and shields with hot.
  • Drying and aligning the blades after cleaning them with water.
  • Blades Oil (if the oil supply is enabled, get more!)
  • The blades change after their expected lifetime, as stated in the manual.

FAQs About Best Fade Clippers

Do I have to oil or sharpen the blades?

This also depends on the model you have. Some of them are self-sharpening, which means that you never have to sharpen them manually. It is recommended to oil the blades, and most clippers also oil in the package for better long-term use.

How to Finding the Best Clippers for Fades?

Getting the best hair clippers for fades may not seem difficult for the top 10 list we have just studied. But there are specific things that must be investigated before he chooses which hair clipper to buy. The following is a brief overview of some of the factors that you need to think about for your purchase:

Can I use a hair clipper for clean head shaving?

You can get pretty close with the right blade, but they cannot a clean shave.


The popularity of fades has stretched many years, but the reprise in faded hairstyles and hairstyles also have more than probably a trend in the future in the future during 2021. Although fades are traditionally associated with short hairstyles, recent trends have shown that they can be Exciting with longer hairstyles for both men and women.

So what, did you find the right hair clipper for fades? If so, then you should probably go!

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