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Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair: 15 Stylish Cuts to Tame High Volume (2024)

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hairstyles for men with thick hairIf you’re a man with thick hair, you’re in luck – there are plenty of stylish hairstyles to tame your high-volume locks. For short hair, try a classic short crop, choppy cut, or connoisseur’s buzz.

Mid-length styles like the leebo, loose sweep back, or undercut quiff offer adaptability.

For long thick hair, consider messy layers, surfer waves, or a long sweep and tuck. Styling products like Aesop’s Violet Leaf Balm, Uppercut Deluxe Clay, and Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Creme can help you achieve the perfect look.

Discover even more thick hair inspiration and customized styling tips in the full guide.

Key Takeaways

  • A variety of stylish hairstyles are available for men with thick hair, including short crops, choppy cuts, leeches, loose sweep backs, undercut quiffs, messy layers, surfer waves, and long sweeps and tucks.
  • Appropriate styling products can significantly impact the management of thick hair, with recommended options including Aesop’s Violet Leaf Balm, Uppercut Deluxe Clay, Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Creme, and others.
  • Mid-length styles like the leeche, classic loose sweep back, and undercut quiff can help manage volume while showcasing thick locks.
  • For long, thick hair, styles such as messy layers, surfer waves, and the long sweep and tuck can provide a laid-back, effortless vibe.

Top 7 Styling Products for Thick Hair

Regarding the management of thick hair, the appropriate styling products can have a significant impact. From taming frizz to enhancing volume, these products will assist you in achieving the ideal style for your hair type.

1. Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm

Aesop Violet Leaf Hair BalmView On Amazon
Aesop’s Violet Leaf Hair Balm is your go-to weapon for taming that unruly mane.

This creamy, lightweight balm conditions and softens those stubborn locks, shaping them into submission with a nourishing blend of vitamins and nut oils.

Say goodbye to dryness and coarseness – the violet and earthy aroma will deodorize your hair, leaving you feeling fresh and in control.

Perfect for those between-length styles and growing-out layers, this balm is a must-have for mastering thick, unruly hair.

Best For: Unruly, coarse, or dry hair.

  • Conditions, softens, and shapes hair
  • Nourishes with Vitamins E and A, and nut oil extracts
  • Deodorizes hair
  • Not suitable for fine hair
  • May not be effective for very short hair
  • Small size may not last long for those with thick, long hair

2. Uppercut Deluxe Clay Strong Hold

Uppercut Deluxe Clay, Strong Hold,View On Amazon
You’re looking for a styling product that provides a strong hold with a matte finish? Uppercut Deluxe’s Clay Strong Hold is your answer.

This water-based clay formula delivers serious texture and control for those unruly, thick locks. Its sticky, dry consistency lets you achieve that coveted roughed-up, textured look.

With woods and lavender notes, you’ll smell as good as you look.

Don’t worry about helmet head – this clay remains reworkable, so you can switch up your style on the fly. Just be mindful of buildup if you get heavy-handed.

Tame that mane and unveil your dominance with Uppercut’s Clay Strong Hold.

Best For: Men with wavy, thick hair looking for a strong hold and matte finish.

  • Provides a strong hold with a matte finish
  • Re-workable formula allows for easy restyling
  • Washes out easily
  • Can be sticky and dry
  • May build up if too much is used
  • Shorter shelf life of 3 months after opening

3. Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme

Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing StylingView On Amazon
You’re looking to tame that unruly mane without sacrificing moisture?

Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme is your knight in shining armor.

This cruelty-free, unscented dynamo will smooth down those stubborn flyaways while locking in precious hydration.

Its frizz-fighting powers will have your thick locks saying What frizz? as you stride confidently through the day.

Plus, it’s got that styling versatility to let you rock everything from a slick businessman ‘do to casual weekend waves.

Best For: Frizzy hair looking for a nourishing and smoothing styling creme.

  • Nourishes and smooths frizz
  • Cruelty-free and unscented
  • Versatile styling options
  • Not suitable for all hair types
  • May not provide enough hold for some styles
  • Pricey

4. Men’s Hair Styling Fiber Paste

men-u Muscle Fibre PasteView On Amazon
You’ll want to grab Men’s Hair Styling Fiber Paste – it’s the perfect styling product for taking control of your thick mane.

This paste packs a powerful, flexible hold that lets you shape and sculpt your hair however you desire, without that dreaded crunchy feeling.

Whether you’re rocking a textured quiff or a messy, devil-may-care look, the fiber paste will be your trusty sidekick.

It adds gritty texture and volume, taming those thick locks into stylish submission.

Say goodbye to lackluster styles and hello to head-turning confidence.

Best For: Men with thick hair who want a strong, flexible hold without crunchiness.

  • Gives volume and hold
  • No strong scent
  • Adds gritty texture
  • Not recommended for fine and thinning hair
  • Overpriced compared to competitors
  • Paste may be difficult to distribute

5. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Beach Look Spray

KEVIN MURPHY Hair Resort Spray,View On Amazon
You’ve tried countless products, but nothing seems to tame your thick, unruly mane. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Beach Look Spray is the answer you’ve been searching for.

This lightweight, oil-free spray delivers beachy texture and grit, transforming your hair from unmanageable to effortlessly styled. A few spritzes provide a firm yet flexible hold, allowing you to craft those sought-after tousled waves or piecy, piecey looks with ease.

The invigorating scent transports you to a tropical paradise, while the formula leaves your hair smooth, never stiff or crunchy. Embrace your thick locks and master that carefree, beach vibe with this versatile styling spray.

Best For: Those with thick, unruly hair seeking beachy texture and effortless styling.

  • Provides firm yet flexible hold for easy styling
  • Adds texture and grit for beachy waves
  • Leaves hair smooth and never stiff or crunchy
  • Pricey
  • Can be used as a mild hairspray, but may not provide strong enough hold for all hair types
  • May not be suitable for fine or thin hair

6. Paul Mitchell Leave-In Conditioner Original

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner OriginalView On Amazon
Discover the transformative power of Paul Mitchell’s Leave-In Conditioner Original for your thick, unruly mane. This versatile formula delivers intense nourishment and effortless styling.

Enriched with the essence of Hawaiian awapuhi, it smooths away frizz, calms flyaways, and leaves your hair feeling soft, supple, and utterly alluring. Say goodbye to the challenges of unmanageable volume – this leave-in conditioner is the savior your thick hair yearns for.

A small amount goes a long way, ensuring you bid farewell to product buildup and embrace a salon-quality finish. Unleash your confidence and own the freedom to style and shine, with Paul Mitchell as your trusted companion.

Best For: Thick, unruly hair seeking nourishment and manageable styling.

  • Delivers intense nourishment and effortlessly manages thick hair.
  • Infused with Hawaiian awapuhi to smooth frizz and calm flyaways.
  • A small amount provides salon-quality results without product buildup.
  • Not specified in the provided context.

7. Crazy Bull Hair Styling Texturizing Powder

Hair Styling Texturizing Powder -View On Amazon
Unlock the true potential of your thick locks with Crazy Bull Hair Styling Texturizing Powder. This dynamic product provides a gritty, matte finish that instantly elevates volume and enhances grip to your style.

Simply apply a modest amount to your hair, and witness the transformation of dull strands into a rugged, textured work of art. Whether you crave a messy pompadour or a tousled surfer look, this powder will tame your thick hair without burdening it.

With its fresh, natural aroma and effortless washability, Crazy Bull is the secret weapon every thick-haired man requires in his arsenal. Embrace your robust mane and allow this powder to be your ticket to effortless, high-volume styling.

Best For: Men with thick hair looking to add volume, texture, and grip to their style.

  • Gritty, matte finish
  • Instantly elevates volume and enhances grip
  • Fresh, natural aroma and effortless washability

Hairstyles for Short Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Short Thick Hair
If you have thick hair and want a low-maintenance style, consider the Short Crop or the Choppy Crop. The Connoisseur’s Buzz Cut is another option that provides an ultra-sharp fade and a shower-and-go look.

Short Crop

The short crop is an excellent choice for men with thick hair. Its easy-to-maintain length helps reduce weight and volume, creating a textured, casual style. With a subtle fade and a slightly longer fringe, this versatile cut works well for everyday wear. Consider the short crop if you want a quick, low-maintenance style that still looks sharp.

Choppy Crop

The choppy crop is a stylish option for men with thick hair. This cut features uneven lengths throughout, creating a textured fringe and voluminous crown. The tapered sides help balance the volume on top. To style, use a light hold product and naturally air-dry for a rugged, tousled look that tames high-volume hair.

Connoisseur’s Buzz Cut

If you’re after an ultra-sharp, no-fuss style, the Connoisseur’s Buzz Cut is your ticket. Fading from a skin or grade 0 at the temples, this retro classic delivers a cool, textured variation on the classic buzz. Minimal product and quick styling make it a low-maintenance, high-impact choice for those with thick hair seeking a classic, crisp look.

Feature Description
Fade Style Starts skin or grade 0 at temples
Texture Textured variation on classic buzz cut
Maintenance Minimal product, quick styling
Vibe Cool, retro, classic
Hair Length Short, buzzed

Hairstyles for Mid-Length Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Mid-Length Thick Hair
If your hair is on the thicker side, the Leebo, Classic Loose Sweep Back, and Undercut Quiff are three mid-length styles worth considering. These cuts help manage volume while still allowing you to showcase your signature thick locks.


The Leebo is a flattering mid-length style for men with thick hair. Its minimized width and volume on top create an effortless, trendy look. Blow-dry your hair up and back, using a smoothing cream like Aesop’s Violet Leaf Balm to tame flyaways.

Experiment with Leebo variations – a textured quiff, or a sleek side-part. This stylish cut is a breeze to maintain.

Classic Loose Sweep Back

The classic loose sweep back hairstyle offers medium-length thick hair a stylish and versatile look. Achieve this effortless style by using a hair balm to tame volume, then blow-drying the hair upwards and back. Scissor techniques create a tapered, textured finish, while a light leave-in conditioner adds moisture control. The result? A messy, voluminous cut that exudes natural charm.

  1. Embrace the natural texture of your thick hair for a carefree, casual vibe.
  2. Experiment with product cocktailing to achieve the perfect balance of hold and shine.
  3. Communicate closely with your stylist to make sure the fade blending complements your facial features.
  4. Incorporate a weekly deep conditioning treatment to maintain the health and manageability of your medium-length style.

Undercut Quiff

The striking Undercut Quiff is a modern take on the classic quiff, pairing short sides with length on top for a bold, textured look. This mid-length style suits thick, curly hair perfectly, allowing you to showcase your volume while maintaining a polished, refined appearance. Nail the look with a quality styling product and a few minutes of strategic styling each morning.

Length Shape Designs
Short sides, length on top Graduated, tapered Versatile – can be styled sleek or messy
Styling Maintenance
Uplifting, texturizing product Trim sides regularly, condition curly hair

Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair
If you have long, thick locks, consider embracing a laidback look with the Messy Layers style. Alternatively, the Surfer hairstyle or the classic Long Sweep and Tuck can give your thick hair a polished, effortless vibe.

Messy Layers

If you’ve got long, thick hair, a messy layered cut can be a game-changer. This style uses strategic zigzag sections to reduce bulk and weight, creating a cool, textured look. Conditioner is key to keep hair manageable, and styling products like clays or pomades will help tame flyaways. Embrace your natural curl or wave for effortless volume.


For a laidback, beachy vibe, embrace your surfer-inspired hair. This shoulder-length style features razor-cut layers that create salty, summery texture.

Revel in your hair’s natural waves and curls – this unruly look is all about embracing the imperfections. Spritz on a salt spray for that coveted spiky, rough-edged finish, then let your strands air-dry for a neat, yet edgy surfer aesthetic.

Long Sweep and Tuck

The long sweep and tuck is a stylish option for men with long, thick hair. This look features a longer, layered shape that’s tucked gently behind the ear for a refined, effortless style. To achieve this:

  1. Grow your hair to shoulder length or longer.
  2. Maintain layers throughout to reduce bulk.
  3. Use a styling cream to smooth and tame flyaways.
  4. Lightly tuck the ends behind your ear for a polished finish.

Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair
If you have thick curly hair, consider the long and curly style to showcase your natural texture. The high skin fade or taper fade can also work well, blending the shorter sides to create a polished, contemporary look.

Long and Curly

If you have thick curly locks, lean into the natural volume with a long and curly style. This elongated short cut keeps your curls front and center without excessive weight or bulk. Simply work a curly hair cream through damp strands, let air-dry, and rock those beachy curls. No fuss, all effortless cool.

Low Maintenance Natural Volume Thick Hair Products
Air-dry style Curly fringe Curly hair creme
Minimal product Pompadour shape Leave-in conditioner
Simple cut Manageable length Smoothing serum

High Skin Fade

The high skin fade is a striking haircut that accentuates your curly locks. This style features:

  1. Closely cropped sides and back, fading up high towards the temples.
  2. Longer, textured hair on top that can be styled into a pompadour, quiff, or other edgy look.
  3. A bold, sculpted changeover that draws the eye to your thick, curly mane.
  4. A versatile, modern aesthetic that exudes confidence.

Taper Fade

The taper fade offers a sharp, textured finish that’s perfect for thick, curly hair. By gradually reducing the length from top to bottom, you get to showcase your natural volume while achieving a polished, modern look. It’s a versatile cut that works with a variety of styling products to create the perfect men’s hairstyle.

Thick Hair Types and Styles

Thick Hair Types and Styles
Men with thick hair have a variety of styling options to tame their high-volume locks. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, there are strategic cuts and products to maximize your style potential.

Thick Straight Hair

For thick straight hair, you’ve got a wealth of styling options. The classic pompadour with its towering volume and sleek lines is a fantastic choice.

Or try the quiff – with its lifted front and tapered sides, it’s a sophisticated, modern look.

And you can’t go wrong with a slick back, which tames even the thickest mane with a sharp, polished finish.

Thick Wavy Hair

Embrace your thick, wavy locks with stylish cuts that amplify volume and movement. The messy textured quiff and bro flow showcase your natural waves.

A slick back or side part tames the frizz. Elevate your look with a thick wavy pompadour, the ultimate in suave sophistication.

Explore hair products like pastes and creams to sculpt and control your signature style.

Thick Curly Hair

Tame your thick curly mane with these stylish dos! A curly pompadour or quiff adds height and volume, while a slick back or side part curly creates a polished, professional look. Embrace the curl with a bold fringe for a trendy, textured finish. Discover the perfect cut to showcase your thick, luscious locks.

  1. Curly Pompadour: Voluptuous height and refined flair.
  2. Slick Back Curly: Sleek, sophisticated style for any occasion.
  3. Curly Fringe: Carefree, youthful edge with ample body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should thick hair be washed?

Did you know thick hair typically needs washing 2-3 times per week? That’s because it’s more prone to oil buildup. Wash gently with a moisturizing shampoo, then follow up with a lightweight conditioner to keep your mane healthy and manageable.

What are the best tools for styling thick hair?

To style thick hair, use a round brush, blow dryer, and texturizing products like clay or wax. These tools will help you achieve volume, definition, and a lasting hold. Have fun experimenting!

How can I prevent frizz in thick hair?

Tame the mane and liberate your true essence. Embrace the oil-fighting prowess of dry shampoo – your thick locks’ armor against frizzy vexation. Attain silky, alluring strands with this discerning styling knowledge.

Can thick hair be colored or bleached?

You can absolutely color or bleach thick hair, but proceed with caution. The process may dry out your locks, so nourishing treatments are a must. Consult a pro for best results and healthiest hair.

What are some tips for growing out thick hair?

To grow out thick hair, be patient and consistent. Trim regularly to maintain shape, use hydrating products, and embrace the growing process. Don’t fight your hair texture – work with it for best results.


Picture yourself confidently styling your thick, voluminous locks with the perfect haircut and customized products. With the extensive guidance on hairstyles for men with thick hair outlined in this article, you’ll be able to tame your high-volume mane and achieve a stylish, polished look that complements your unique features.

Whether you prefer a short, medium, or long cut, the hairstyles for men with thick hair covered here offer versatile solutions to elevate your look and boost your self-assurance.

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