6 Best Wahl Beard Trimmers for Fast & Smooth Shave 2021

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The best wahl beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair. The best are intuitive and offer a range of settings for general hair cutting and precise adjustments.

Best <mark>Wahl Beard Trimmer</mark>Many wahl beard trimmers on the market also use blades that require very little maintenance – in general: look for self-grinding steel blades that do not require oil for every use.

You will also want to consider how, and where, you will use it.

Do you alternate between short and long styles and do you need a best professional beard trimmer that offers a lot of variety?

Do you take your trimmer on a business trip or leave it in the bathroom?

Finally, what is your budget?

Regardless of how you have answered one of these questions, our choices have been addressed.

This post examines the best wahl beard trimmers, we also discuss things to look for when buying a beard trimmer, the use of a trimmer, and the difference between a professional beard trimmer and other trimming tools.

Beard Trimmer And Best Wahl Clippers – Differences In Use

Beard Trimmer And Best Wahl Clippers - Differences In Use

I already have the best wahl clippers at home – can’t I just use it?

The hairclippers and beard trimmers look alike, but the specialist models are designed for two different purposes.

Wahl trimmers have thinner blades and are designed to work with shorter hair and do the fine detail needed to form the perfect beard.

For comparison: hair clippers have thicker blades that are used to cut longer and thicker hair, usually in combination with attachments that are much larger than those that sometimes come with a trimmer.

Hair clippers simply cannot trim the close range required for most beards. You need a professional beard trimmer for that.

However, do not pull the hair clipper that you already have. If you’ve grown your beard for a while and it’s time to prune the undergrowth, clippers are great for preparatory work before you pull out your beard trimmer to get the details right.

Let’s keep this discussion short and move on to our list of best wahl beard trimmers.

6 Best Wahl Beard Trimmer Reviews Of 2021

That said, finding the right trimmer to actually perform this shave is a challenge. You want one that will last for years and still retain its charge, preferably with a lithium-ion battery.

The blades must be sharp – especially for morning efficiency – and the tools must be well in your hands without appearing cheap or getting clogged too quickly with the hair.

My last trimmer recently broke, so I decided to look at all the options on the market to find the best replacement.

After researching more than 30 trimmers and testing six best wahl trimmers, these six were striking.

And not just for simple things like the most power, or the most durable blades, or sufficient battery life, but because otherwise, it is a lot better than the rest.

1. Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer #9818

Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer #9818View On AmazonWahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer #9818 1

Best all-around beard trimmer: Made in the United States, this wahl beard trimmer is housed in a durable stainless steel housing and uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2.0 technology that allows hours of trimming with one load. Model 9818 comes with four attachments and 12 T-sheet guide combs to achieve different finishes.

The Wahl stainless lithium ion plus rechargeable beard trimmer is one of the best in its professional product line. It has the option to work wirelessly thanks to Lithium-Ion + technology and can work for up to four hours with a single charge of one hour. It can also work while it is connected and with the quick charge function, you can charge quickly if you are in a hurry.

This trimmer is equipped with an ultra-durable, self-sharpening stainless steel blade that requires less frequent lubrication for perfect performance every time. It comes with a set of four attachable blades for different cropping purposes. The wide T-blade ensures perfect beard and mustache trimming, hairstyle and body hair care; two decorative trimmers for precise retouching and a rotary trimmer for nose and ear trim.

It has the ability to charge a double voltage that is compatible with both 110V and 220V. This makes it travel-friendly. It comes with 12 attachable combs ranging from 1/16 to 1, so you can cut your facial hair to any desired length. It is 6.2 centimeters long, fits comfortably in the hand and weighs just 12.8 grams

Key Features
  • Wahl Clipper is the ’ 1 brand of beard trimmers and hair clippers.
  • COMPLETE GROOMING SYSTEM 4 different multifunctional attachments are perfect for all facial hairstyles: T-blade, Detail Shaver, Rotary Personal Trimmer, Detail Trimmer. For updating between hair cutting and detail shaving, mustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, nose, ear,facial and body hair!
  • The perfect travel choice!

Customer Reviews
7,470 Reviews

Avatar SK


Great trimmer!

Sorry for my english and Google Translate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The trimmer is really great! Metallic! Stylish! Nice to hold! Made in the USA! Hard thick hair and bristles are well cut. All four nozzles are really working, not decorative. There is a lock function - long button hold. There are no complaints to the trimmer itself!Next about plastic nozzles.On the trimmer, they fasten securely, but apparently made in the Chinese basement! Two nozzles from the kit turned out to be defective! One has crooked teeth, the second has one tooth shorter than the rest! See the photo. Return did not do, because ...

2. Wahl Trimmer #79600-2101- best professional beard trimmer

Wahl Trimmer #79600-2101- best professional beard trimmerView On Amazon

Wahl Lithium-ion cordless rechargeable hair clipper is another best professional beard trimmer of the Wahl product line, designed for professionals. It is equipped with the best quality self-sharpening steel blade that delivers up to 40% faster and more precise haircut compared to the standard Wahl precision blade. An adjustable cone handle makes it easy to blend and fade the facial hair.

Wahl Trimmer #79600-2101- best professional beard trimmer 1You can enjoy the freedom to work wirelessly with this trimmer thanks to the lithium-ion battery in the trimmer. It provides a maximum of 2 hours of use and can be charged for a year. It can also be operated while it is connected and has a fast charge function of 10 minutes if you need power immediately. A strong electromagnetic motor is installed in this trimmer that operates at 120 V / 60 Hz.

A complete hair care set is included in the box. It comes with 10 guide combs of different lengths to deliver styles in different styles and sizes. It also contains blade oil, blade protector, cleaning brush and instructions for use. A detail trimmer is also included with the box that runs on 2 AA batteries.

Key Features
  • The complete cutting set also includes multiple sizes of guide combs for easy and worry-free trim at home
  • Wahl’s self-sharpening precision blades stay sharp for cutting longer.
  • Cuts hair 40 percent faster than standard Wahl precision blades

Customer Reviews
6,550 Reviews

Avatar Rene Davila

Rene Davila

Gran set

Cabe aclarar que la máquina para terminar los cortes no tiene batería de litio, sino requiere 2 pilas AA, no obstante la duración de la energía es muy amplia, recomendada para estilistas de oficio.

3. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Trimmer #8685

Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Trimmer #8685View On Amazon
Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Trimmer #8685 1Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper / Trimmer # 8685 is a commercial quality beard trimmer from their product line that is recommended by many professionals.

This relatively smaller beard trimmer has been specially designed with ease and comfort in mind and delivers impeccable.

This trimmer is only 4 centimeters long, fits perfectly in your hand and weighs just 4 grams so that you can work non-stop without tiring your hands.

This hair clipper is packed with all the essential accessories that are needed for a smooth and flawless cut or trim. This trimmer is equipped with a removable blade for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The blades are made of ultra-durable stainless steel that offers ultimate precision. It comes with four attachable combs for different lengths between 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. The package also contains lubrication for the blade, cleaning brush, red blade protector and manual.

It has a powerful and durable rotary motor that works on 120 volts / 60 hertz. It is equipped with a 7-foot chemical-resistant industrial wire that is long enough to give you the flexibility to roam around during a haircut or trimming.

Key Features
  • Professional precision: from wahl professional’s product line of commercial quality, the peanut classic clipper is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand with the convenience of a smaller size.
  • Stylish and functional: With its compact size and slim design (4 inches long and weighing just 4 grams), this stylish trimmer offers an attractive aesthetic alongside first-class precision and function.

Customer Reviews
5,247 Reviews

Avatar Janita SBZ

Janita SBZ

Great trimmer for my dad!

My elderly dad is having trouble keeping his whiskers shaved and tidy. If they get too long, his electric razor doesn't work and is painful because it pulls at the hair. Our hair dresser used a Wahl peanut and recommended it to us. I ordered it from Amazon - $30 less expensive than at a local retailer - and problem solved! Dad can use it, his health care aides can use it, and I can use it to keep him looking the way he likes. Once the long hairs are gone, he can stay on top ...

4. Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor TrimmerView On Amazon

The Wahl Detailer beard trimmer is another professional quality beard trimmer from the Wahl Professionals product line. The 5-star Detailer is designed for intensive professional use to deliver advanced performance that experts demand. For precise cutting and extreme precision, it is equipped with an adjustable, extra-wide, self-sharpening steel T-blade.

Wahl Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer 1It has a powerful rotary motor and features a # 2215 blade that cuts through even the thickest facial hairs and also provides precision for tricky edges.

With this trimmer, you can get all the necessary equipment for cutting facial hair. You will find three attachable combs that are 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 for cutting the facial hair in different sizes. The box also contains blade lubricant, cleaning brush, red blade protector and manual.

The Wahl Detailer has an ergonomic and stylish design. It fits precisely in the palm of your hand because it is only 5 centimeters long and weighs only 6.9 grams. That’s why it doesn’t feel too heavy on your hand and you won’t get tired even if you use it all day. It is equipped with a chemical resistant 8-foot cord of industrial quality, so you can walk around freely.


Key Features
  • Professional precision: van wahl professional’s commercial-quality product line, the 5-star detailer is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand. it is equipped with an extra-wide, adjustable t-blade for an accurate, tight cut
  • Stylish and functional: This ultra-powerful compact trimmer offers an attractive aesthetic in addition to first-class precision and function. Excellent for lining and artwork, the Detailer has a full-size trimmer rotary motor, yet is extremely light and fits in the palm of your hand for ultimate control
  • Accessories included: the 5 are included for your convenience -Star Detailer is included supplied with all necessary accessories for use. Package contains the trimmer, (3) cutting head guides of the comb attachment (1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 ), oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade protector

Customer Reviews
5,527 Reviews

Avatar Carlos Fernández

Carlos Fernández

Excelente máquina detailer

Excelente precision en el corte y muy rápido, en el bigote es un poco agresivo pero en barba corta perfecto.

5. Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer #8779

Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer #8779View On Amazon
Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer #8779 1

Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer # 8779 is an exceptional commercial-grade trimmer that offers ultimate precision, durability, and an excellent appearance. The silver exterior makes the stunningly beautiful and rubber texture provides a better grip for a very precise and accurate beard contour. It has unique Snap-On blades that are powered by a strong rotary motor to offer faster, more accurate hairstyles.

There is a lithium-ion battery in this trimmer that offers the freedom of wireless power. It delivers up to 2 hours of use with a single charge. It comes with a smart and automatic charging standard. After use, simply place the trimmer on the stand and it starts charging and stops automatically when it is fully charged.

This trimmer comes with all accessories for a great beard trim experience. You get four trim guide combs for cutting hair in different lengths, ranging from 1/8 to 1/2, blade oil and red blade protector with a cleaning brush and manual. Due to the small size of just 5.5 inches and the lightweight of 4 grams, it is easy to hold and fits perfectly in your hand and you can cut into longer shifts without getting tired.

Key Features
  • Professional precision: Van Wahl Professional’s product line of commercial quality, the Sterling Mag Trimmer is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand.
  • Comfortable accuracy: This Sterling Mag Trimmer offers you the handy function for both wired and wireless use. The click blades ensure high accuracy for a clean line and cut. When you have finished your trimmer, simply place it in the standard where it can be easily changed and stored.
  • Accessories included: Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer includes professional trimmer, automatic charging stand, storage space for accessories that can be attached to both sides of the stand, charging transformers, 4 trim guides (1/8 1/2 ), oil, cleaning brush, instructions for use and red blade protector, all of which are guaranteed for professional quality in your salon.

Customer Reviews
1,742 Reviews

Avatar MJensen



I AM SO impressed by this product! All of the good reviews that I have read were true! I have probably spent above and beyond for cheaper mini clippers, especially rechargeable, only to be dissapointed. So I did my research, and bit the bullet with my fingers crossed and Im so glad I did. It is quiet, smooth with no nicks, and shaves SO close. Honestly I use it for my bikini area, as a typical shaving razer, even the very expensive brands give me razor burn.

6. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless T-Cut Trimmer #8412

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless T-Cut Trimmer #8412View On AmazonThe Wahl 5-Star Series cordless retro T-Cut hair clipper is another commercial quality beard trimmer designed for professional hairdressers and hairdressers. This trimmer delivers the efficient ultra-sharp performance required by experts. It is designed to deliver super-small hair trims to create neat and tidy contours. It can also be used for flawless blurring and blending.

This trimmer gives you the freedom to go wireless, as it is equipped with a Ni-MH battery. This results in a duration of 60 minutes without compromising performance. The 5-star wireless Retro T-Cut Trimmer has a powerful rotary motor that is mounted on the inside and operates a # 2215 adjustable and wide T-blade. The trimmer is supplied with three combs for different hair lengths, varying from 1/16 to 1/4 inch. The package also includes an automatic charging station, lubricant for the blade, cleaning brush, and red protective cap.

The 5-star wireless retro T-Cut trimmer has a length of 6 inches, is easy to grasp and fits perfectly in the hand. The lightweight of 5 grams does not feel too heavy on your hand. That’s why you can cut all day without getting pain or tiredness.

Key Features
  • Professional precision: Van Wahl Professional’s commercial line of products, the 5-star wireless Retro T-Cut Trimmer is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand.
  • Efficient accuracy: The Retro T-Cut is designed for extremely precise cutting to create a clear, clean line. The extended cutting surface of the blade gives sober results for efficient and accurate service. With this trimmer, you can create and design detail in facial hair that is unrivaled by other professional products on the market.
  • Accessories included: For your convenience, the 5-star wireless retro T-Cut trimmer is supplied with all accessories required for use. Package contains trimmer, automatic charging station, 3 trim guides (1/16 3/16), oil, cleaning brush, instructions for use and red blade protector all to guarantee professional quality.

Customer Reviews
1,627 Reviews

Avatar DadMan


Worth the price

Received and works as expected. Much better price than specialty retail store. Pleased with purchase.

Stubble Trimmer Vs Best Professional Beard Trimmer Is There Much Difference?

Stubble Trimmer Vs Best Professional Beard Trimmer Is There Much Difference?It is important to solve a problem first: a best professional beard trimmer is not necessarily the same as a stubble blade. Most beard trimmers can make large stubble, but not all stubble teams can effectively trim long beards: and then some models are great for all purposes.

So understanding your requirements will help. Do you want to look like Ryan Gosling (big stubble), tame a much longer beard, or do you want the option for both?

Stubble – Everything is in the length!

What makes a stubble cutter different from a beard trimmer? Length settings. A stubble model should be able to trim your facial hair extremely short, as short as 0.3-0.5 mm (approximately 1/64 inch) for the 5-hour clock shadow look.

The longest setting you need depends on your preferences, but a maximum of 5 mm (approximately 1/5 inch) gives you sufficient flexibility when trimming and shaping large five or ten days of stubble.

If you really want short stubble, then you want to make sure that the clipper can mow safely without a comb. This does not produce the same smooth shave that you would get with a razor, but it can leave a layer of fine stubble without touching stubble. This is a great option for men with very sensitive skin or acne – the Philips one blade (listed below) works very well for sensitive skin.

Beards – Short and long

Because we have already discussed hair length, we will continue. Shorter beards require a trimmer that can be adjusted from 2-5 mm, you want to trim up to 10 mm for average beards, and lumberjacks must be able to hit 20 mm or more.

Why We Choose For These Trimmers

There are plenty of reasons why the six beard trimmers discussed above are on our Best Wahl Beard Trimmer. We have taken many factors into account: the versatility of each trimmer, the ease of use, the number of (useful) accessories, whether it was good for both wet and dry shaving and durability.best professional beard trimmer review

We also carefully consider the ratings of others, especially those of customers, as well as personal experiences.

The most important factor is of course how it did what it had to do, that is to say: trim your beard and touch other parts of your face.

We also look at how much each product costs and, as with all our assessments, we want to cover a wide price range. Hopefully, it will help you choose a trimmer that will serve you for many years to come.

With that, we add another review. We are always happy with your feedback, whether it concerns the products mentioned here, a favorite product of you, or anything related to the care of men and beards. We would like to hear from you.


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