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10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers (2023 Full Review)

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If you’re looking for the best cordless hair clippers to buy in 2023, here’s the guide for you!

Whether you’re using clippers at home or work in your barbershop, cords can limit your flexibility.

best cordless hair clippersThe best solution for corded discomfort is often to find a good quality cordless clipper.

The most popular type of hair clippers on the market is, without a doubt, the cordless variety.

Greater “freedom of movement” and no dragging cable that gets in your way or restricts how far you can move your clippers. They are becoming more and more popular with professionals!

Nevertheless, buying the best hair clippers cordless depends on your specific needs, such as using your cut your hair, your budget, and how much power versus battery life you need.

And while this list may focus on battery-powered hair clippers, these rechargeable trimmers offer the same performance level and cutting power as cord hair clippers.

With cordless hair trimmers and clippers, you not only get the freedom and convenience you’ve always wanted but, in most cases, a better cutting experience.

We know you’re itching to know: Which cordless hair clippers are the best?

This post highlights the best of the best cordless clippers, as well as a few crucial details about each.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Cordless Hair Clipper

I’m addressing the main question here: How do I know if a cordless clipper is worth my money and attention?

best hair clippers cordlessIf you’ve been wondering the same thing, here’s how:

Battery Life

The most valuable feature of a cordless hair trimmer or clipper is its battery life. It makes sense, right? You rarely use it on a charge, or else you would have gone for a corded electric clipper in the first place. It should last long enough to stay at home. Can cut and should in no way affect the performance of the professional hairdresser.

The standard battery life for most cordless clippers is 40 to 1 hour. The best battery-powered hair clipper lasts about 90 minutes, except the Oster Juice clipper is rare – it runs for 2 hours, but the price is also relatively high.

You prefer a male cordless clipper that uses the latest lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion electric hair clippers charge faster and last longer, giving you more bang for your buck.

Cord/Cordless Support

This feature ensures that you can keep cutting hair even when your battery is empty.


It will save you a lot of shame and time to have clippers that can be used cord / cordless.

That way, you can enjoy the flexibility of using a cordless clipper as well as the reliability and power of corded use.

Hair Clipper Blades and Motor

Criteria for Choosing the Best Cordless Hair ClipperThe best men’s cordless hair clippers still need to retain power as modest as they are. We measure “power” by combining sharp, well-cutting clippers and a powerful clipper motor.

The ideal combination is a rotary motor and a clipper.

However, this combination would cost a little more, so you can quickly settle for something more in line with your budget. Hair clippers come with stainless steel blades “sometimes with titanium blades or carbon coating” and an electromagnetic motor. If you are looking for the best cordless clipper for balding heads, you will want the hair clipper blades to cut more precisely.

Ergonomics and Design

Design plays a vital role in the comfort and ease of use of any clipper.

So it’s something you should be interested in.

Anyway: weight, size, and grip come into play here.

Different clippers from different manufacturers will differ in several ways, but luckily for us, each manufacturer pays extra attention to clipper ergonomics.

10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers of 2023

Depending on your circumstances and help you make a choice, I’ve included this guide in several categories.

We show you the reviews of the best cordless hair clippers with pros and cons, current prices, and pictures for each hair trimmer and clipper.

Let’s start …

1. Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip 5 Star Metal Edition

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip 5 Star Metal EditionView On AmazonThe Wahl Professional 5 star series Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clip # 8509 seamlessly combines a sleek design, powerful motor, and the right rechargeable battery technology to bring you premium performance.

Many manufacturers promise excellent lithium-ion battery performance for cordless hair clippers, only if you find that the cutter isn’t even getting a home haircut.


That’s something you don’t have to worry about with clippers.

Wahl professional cordless magic clip comes with a reliable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 90 minutes of non-stop runtime on a single charge, I know it’s not much, but it’s enough for two to four cuts.


In terms of convenience, the wahl 5-star Metal Edition Magic Clip offers both wired and wireless, which means you can continue clipping even when the battery is dead.

Plus: wahl professional 5 star has a powerful rotary motor, # 2161 staggered crunch blade, an all-metal housing for enhanced durability and breakage protection.

  • Cord / cordless convenience
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful motor
  • Effective staggered self sharpening blades
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Heavier than the original red cordless Magic Clip

2. Remington Hc4250

Remington Hc4250View On AmazonRemington probably brings the most innovative hair clippers on the market, and HC4250 is their best. This clipper is the most compact in size. You won’t find a more flexible and user-friendly model. However, this is just the beginning of the benefits.

First of all, the HC4250 is one of the rare cordless waterproof clippers. You can rinse and trim it after use for the usually daunting task of cleaning your hair clipper. Its compact size makes the job even more comfortable. Faster home haircuts and faster aftercare – what’s not to like?

Second, it has a unique, extra-wide curved blade, which is why it made it to our list of the best cordless clippers. The curves follow the contours of your head for a more comprehensive, faster, and over-the-edge here. Generally easier to cut hair.

The only problem with the shape of the blade occurs when you try to trim behind your ears, it is flat there, so the curved blade does not come into contact with the head so much as it is bent.

Their secret lies in covering a larger area with a single stroke – something many other cordless hair clippers lack—a perfect setup for those who have never cut their hair before.

You might be surprised to learn that such a small electric hair clipper has a pretty substantial battery. The Remington HC4250 hair clipper’s lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and lasts almost 40 minutes cordlessly. Lots of time – 4 hours for a full charge.

With this Remington cordless clipper, you receive nine guard combs “from 1/16 to 5/8”, a cleaning brush, a travel case, and hair clipper blade oil. You also get the charging adapter.

This is undoubtedly one of the best cordless hair clippers for men who want to trim from the comfort of their homes.

  • Most compact clipper in the industry
  • Waterproof
  • Curved blades for precise cuts
  • Guide combs are rather quick-Not the most effective clipper

3. Andis Master Cordless Clipper

Andis Master Cordless ClipperView On AmazonThe Andis Master Cordless Hair Clipper is an actual work of art and one of the most expensive clippers that Andis makes.

Due to the corded Andis Master’s overwhelming success, there was always a wireless version on the card.

It looks like “nuts” in its shiny aluminum case, and when it is on display, there is no doubt that this is an expensive, well-built, high-quality machine.

Motor power is all about cordless hair clippers, and the main reason the Andis Master Cordless has an above-average price tag is its exceptional rotary motor.

  • Andis claims it can deliver more than 7200 strokes per minute, a market leader in the rotary motor.
  • Potent constant speed rotary motor
  • Conical handle for adjustable blade
  • Lithium-ion battery provides over 90 minutes of constant runtime and charges in just 1 hour.
  • Nearly indestructible aluminum housing
  • Lightweight- only 2 pounds
  • Carbon steel blade with conical handle – adjustable from # 000 to # 1
  • LED light to indicate when the battery is charging and fully charged
  • 120-240 volts for international use
  • Premium build, design, and look.
  • The best rotary motor in the industry
  • Damage resistant aluminum housing
  • Great for fading, cutting, tapering – all hair types
  • Have to reset them manually
  • Pretty noisy
  • No accessories included
  • 90 minutes run time, not great with constant use

4. Oster Octane 76550-100 Cordless Clipper

Oster Octane 76550-100 Cordless ClipperView On Amazon

The Octane 76550-100 cordless clipper masterfully combines a reliable battery performance, powerful motor, and versatile precision blades to ensure unparalleled Oster quality and ease of use.

Oster has made some of the most popular and reliable hair clippers on the market,t and the Octane’s cordless clipper is just one of them.

What’s so special about it?

Well, this clipper is equipped with a robust lithium-ion battery that can run continuously for up to 2 hours.


Unlike other clippers, where the battery life slowly disappears, the Octane maintains its peak performance until the battery is empty.

What’s more?

This clipper is equipped with a powerful rotary motor that gives you enough strokes and enough torque to get the job done.

What about the blades?

The Octane Cordless TheClipper also comes with two detachable blades, “# 000 and # 1,” and can also use blades from the Titan and Classic 76 series.

  • Premium design
  • Extremely versatile
  • Reliable battery
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple blade choices
  • Ultra-durable housing
  • Not very pocket-friendly

5. Wahl Peanut Trimmer

Wahl Peanut TrimmerView On AmazonNo list of the best cordless clippers can do without the Wahl Peanut clipper. Here you also get a rotating motor because officially, the Peanut clipper belongs to Wahl’s professional cordless clipper. Most amazingly, this rotary engine comes in an incredibly compact, five ″ Long body that weighs just 120 grams.

That rotary motor delivers tremendous torque. You’ll be amazed how much hair such a small clipper can cut through it. It has that torque that I keep talking about. This makes it ideal for getting through thick, wavy, and even wet hair.

The Wahl Cordless Peanut Blade is even sharper here than other cordless repeaters. You can even use it as a nearly balding clipper. This small professional hair cutter runs on two AA batteries. It doesn’t perform as durable as the magic Clip or Andis BGRc, but it is on par with the industry performance.

Among the additional Wahl Peanut trimmer parts you will receive, there are 4 Wahl protectors “1/81/4 ″, 3/8 ″, and 1/2 ″”, Wahl clipper blade oil, a small cleaning brush, and the typical Wahl blade protector. You also get two rechargeable AA batteries and a battery holder.

And the batteries are rechargeable, so it works just like any other rechargeable clipper. You don’t have to worry about the batteries running out halfway through your haircut. Just keep the Peanut on the included charging station between cuts, and you always have a hair clipper ready for use.

And it should be called a hair clipper and not trimmers. It works great for a full haircut and not just trimming a beard or hairline.

It can do everything its bigger peers can do. In some cases, even better because it’s so easy to maneuver!

If you have kids and want to get their hair cut, you’d be happy to hear that the Peanut is a pretty good clipper for kids. Kids warmly receive the cute design and small, compact body. The usual time-consuming home haircuts for kids are just a matter of a few minutes with the Wahl Peanut trimmer.

  • Strong rotary motor
  • Compact and versatile
  • A great hair clipper for kids
  • Uncomfortable in larger hands
  • May rarely pull hair.
  • The blade may require some care.

6. Babylisspro Barberology Metalfx Series

Babylisspro Barberology Metalfx SeriesView On AmazonThe BabylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Clipper “despite being a mouthful to say,” is a real contender for the best professional cordless hair clippers.

These are the favorite clippers at my local hairdresser and the ones used to trim my ever-small locks.

Which, by the way, made this review much easier!.

BaByliss usually doesn’t come to mind when you look at the best cordless hair clippers for men.

Leg shavers and hair dryers would have been on my mind not long ago if you had asked me what products BaByliss makes.

BaByliss is by no means the forerunner in producing male grooming machines, especially compared to van Wahl, Oster, and Andis.


In the Barberology MetalFX-series hair clipper, they hit a home run.

Not only does it look cool, but it also cuts her like a boss.

  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery – 2 hours run time.
  • Super sharp, low carbon stainless steel blade – won’t snag or pull typing with ease.
  • A powerful rotary engine – designed by Ferrari – cuts at 6,300rpm
  • 5-position conical handle – ideal for more precise work and fades
  • Lightweight – making it easy to handle for long periods
  • Beautiful design
  • Ferrari designed engine
  • Choice of 3 colors
  • Dual voltage for international use
  • 2-year warranty US and Canada only
  • No stand
  • No storage box

7. Remington Hc6550 Cordless Hair Trimmer

Remington Hc6550 Cordless Hair TrimmerView On AmazonIf you want to avoid a mess or don’t want to clean up your hair, these clippers may be the solution for you. With a particular extraction fan, you collect all the hair you cut in a large container attached to the machine’s front. Remington’s cordless hair clipper HC6550 is the best of its kind.

The secret behind its superior cutting power is the sharp titanium-coated blades that quickly cut even the thickest hairstyles. Even with the extra energy required for the vacuum fan, this cordless trimmer’s lithium battery still runs for one hour at a time with only 4 hours of charging time. Finally, it comes with an 18-piece set, including 11 guide combs for every conceivable length of hair that you want to fade or fade.

The only downside to the system being easy to clean is the extra weight. Otherwise, these well-designed and highly rated clippers will give you the absolute most bang for your buck. As the ultimate home wireless model, you will get guys who like to use this low-maintenance product on their heads, beard, and body.

  • Collects about 95% of all cut hair
  • Reliable motor and cutting blade
  • It comes with many accessories for cutting hair at home.
  • Includes storage space Travel pouch
  • Extended run time – 60 minutes on a single charge
  • Plastic housing can be damaged.

8. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & TrimmerView On AmazonFor a hassle-free experience, why not try these color-coded cordless hair clippers?

With a semi-powered motor and easy-to-identify color-coded guards, these home clippers are the most popular budget, cordless hair clippers on the market today.

You heard right, and this machine has several attachment guards of different lengths that protect you from spills. If you need to cut your hair up to 1 inch, add the light blue guard to your trimmer, and you’re off on the go! Easy peasy.

This unique feature, “besides the very reasonable price,” makes them the best hair clippers for home use. They come with a 5-year warranty and have an excellent rating.

  • The device comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • His sheets are precise and durable.
  • The low-carbon blades are permanently aligned, so they are not adjusted.
  • The model shaves thick hair smoothly.
  • It is easy to handle at any angle.
  • The model is quite heavy but not too heavy to compromise its performance.

9. Andis Fade Envy Li

Andis Fade Envy LiView On AmazonWhether you are a professional hairdresser in a busy store or a home user looking to create professional cuts, the Andis Cordless Fade Combo Envy Li is an ideal choice for a great value package.

Looking for more bang for your buck, the Cordless Fade Combo might be what you need.


Well, for starters, the Envy Li hair clipper in this combo comes with a lithium-ion battery that has a 2-hour run time and requires only 90 minutes to charge.

Amazing, right?

It is also lightweight and comfortable design, making it easy and convenient to use.

Plus: the Envy Li hair clipper has close-fitting, blurring blades that can be easily adjusted from # 00000 to # 000.

Plus, you get an andis slimline pro hair clipper in this attachment combs to ensure you have everything you need to cut the best hairstyles.

  • It comes with an extra trimmer.
  • More value for money
  • Reliable batteries for both this clipper and trimmer
  • Lightweight and ergonomic tool
  • It comes with the necessary accessories.
  • Highly accurate blades
  • The plastic housings of both the trimmer and clippers don’t feel, and 39 is not at all premium on

10. Andis Bgrc Ceramic Hair Clipper

Andis Bgrc Ceramic Hair ClipperView On AmazonAndis BGRc cordless ceramic clipper is undoubtedly one of the best cordless hair clippers on this list. Like the Wahl 5 star series Magic Clip, this Andis hair cutter has an ultra-powerful rotary motor. However, BGRc is even quieter and ever so surprisingly lightweight.

What makes a big difference here is the Andis model ceramic blades. Ceramic blades stay sharp five times longer than standard stainless steel blades, and their cuts are much more precise. They also stay up to 70% cooler, which is a huge advantage is if you are doing longer home haircuts. Cordless ceramic clippers are rare and considered an exquisite take on cutting your hair with professional tools.

Andis BGRc clipper scores are incredibly high on our ergonomic criteria. This is arguably the men’s cordless clipper with the best grip available.

It is a joy to touch, especially when you know how accurately to cutting your own hair afterward. Besides, your hands are incredibly light, and your hands will never feel tired, even with longer cuts.

On battery power, this cordless ceramic clipper lasts for almost 60 minutes. Here’s the magic part: it fully charges in just an hour! Yes, you read that right: the charging and usage times are accurate. No other cordless hair clipper for men can boast such battery convenience; it is indeed the best cordless clipper.

By far, the best part of the BGRc is the rotary motor. Usually, Andis clippers have an electromagnetic motor that heats up efficiently, makes a lot of noise, and doesn’t cut as well as a rotary engine.

The rotary motors have much higher torque than a solenoid. This means it can pull hair through any thickness. Even wet! It works much faster than its other competitors, so you end up making more money because you haircut much faster.

The BGRc may be expensive, but it pays for itself in all the extra cuts you can do over a few months.

You will receive 7 Andis attachment combs, a battery pack, the BGRc charger, and a 120ml tube of clipper blade oil in the package. Truly the best for those who appreciate high-quality cutters.

  • Ceramic blades are sharper and stay cooler than regular blades.
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Excellent battery life to charge ratio.
  • Expensive
  • Old NiCD rechargeable battery
  • No blade adjustment

What’s the Difference Between Corded and Cordless Hair Clippers?

Any experienced hairdresser will tell you that cordless hair trimmers or clippers will never give you as much power as a cord. But in recent years, cordless hair clippers have improved in performance, making them a natural alternative.

Corded clippers will probably always have a place on the market, as well as in the toolbox of a serious barber. However, battery-powered clippers’ sheer convenience remains a strong selling point that many professional hairdressers also buy.

The above market guide will help you choose the best cordless clippers you can get for your needs, be it for your barbershop or just to cut your own hair “or your family’s” to miss.

What is the Difference Between a Rotary-powered Motor and an Electromagnetic One?

Rotary motor

  • Runs more relaxed than a standard electromagnetic motor.
  • Stronger motor: does not jam even on the thickest hair textures.
  • This is the main motor for cordless hair clippers.

Electromagnetic motor

  • Higher blade speed – up to 15,000 strokes per minute “SPM.”
  • Energy-efficient: consumes less power than other motor types.
  • Possible longer life due to fewer moving parts.

FAQs About Cordless Hair Clippers

What hair clippers do professionals use?

Most hairdressers like the brands Wahl, Andis, and Oster. The most popular professional cordless hair trimmers or clippers are the Andis BGRC “with the attachment guards,” 5-Star Magic Clip, and Oster Octane.

How often should I oil my Wahl Clippers?

For best results, apply one or two drops of Wahl Clipper Oil to the blades only when needed, or about once a month for consumer products or once a day for professional products.

How long do cordless clippers last?

The most commonly used bit in cordless hair clippers is the battery. Connecting your clippers to the charging station once it has reached 70% will significantly extend the life.

How long does the clipper blade last?

If you only use your clippers a few minutes a day, you only need to sharpen the blades every six months. Groomers who shave dogs every day may need to sharpen their blades every four to six weeks.

Do hair clippers get dull?

Dull trimmers pull on the hair during cutting and leave jagged, uneven lines even on the most carefully executed haircut. While proper maintenance will help keep your clippers sharp, frequent use can eventually dull the blades.

Final Thoughts

The best cordless hair clippers for you are not necessarily the best clippers you can buy with money.

Weight, balance, battery power, frequency of use, etc. All affect what’s important to you.

We hope we have helped you choose the best hair clippers cordless on the market! Take action and easily create the perfect hairstyle at home. No cords attached!

If you instead pay more attention to professionalism, then our list of the best barber clippers of 2023 is valuable to you!

Let me know what you think below.

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