8 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer Reviews For Easy Clean Up 2020

The advantages of utilizing the best vacuum beard trimmer that catches all these tiny hairs you trim off your beard may be manifold. Not solely will it maintain your restroom tidy, but it surely will provide you with a way of cleanliness, and make it easier to keep away from stray hairs ending up in your shirt or anyplace else you don’t need them.Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer Reviews

Discovering these sensible units isn’t simple, although, and it’s a must to know several specifics, together with having not less than a fundamental understanding of how to vacuum beard trimmers work.

What’s most essential, nevertheless, is to search out correct and trustworthy descriptions that mirror the true worth of a vacuum trimmer. For instance, anybody who tells you their trimmer is ready to vacuum up all of the trimmed hairs isn’t being entirely trustworthy.

Beard trimmers with a vacuum system principally suck up about 80% of them, and the secret is to search out one that may get as shut as potential to that worth.

Having purchased many of those beard trimmers, I can say that discovering the one which meets your wants will not be a simple activity and might solely be achieved when you may have the most effective and most significant quantity of data out there.

The likelihood is when you have spent any time on this website, you may have learned the different beard trimmer skilled evaluations and. In contrast, these unbiased evaluations can provide you a substantial amount of helpful info, and they will not be sufficient that will help you determine whether or not or not a beard trimmer is best for you.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer (Quick Summary)

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300, vacuumPhilips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300, vacuum trimmer with adjustable length settings (Model # QT4070/41)
  • Integrated vacuum system - vacuum system catches pruning hairs without spilling
  • 18 secure length settings from 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch (1 mm to 18 mm)
  • 1/64 inch (.5 mm) stubble environment
3,097 Customer Reviews
Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard TrimmerPhilips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7200, BT7215/49, Cordless Lithium-Ion Mustache and Beard Groomer for
  • The integrated vacuum system captures up to 90% of the cut hair for less clutter. The high-speed motor and fan system provides powerful suction to lift and catch hair
  • With innovative lift and trim technology, the trimmer effectively lifts the hair and guides it for a more efficient cut
  • The self-sharpening steels blades are designed to effectively cut every hair perfectly, prevent skin irritation and are double sharpened to cut more hairs in every move for faster cutting
2,360 Customer Reviews
Philips QT4090/32 Black Pro StubblePhilips QT4090/32 Black Pro Stubble Trimmer with Turbo Vacuum and Additional Stubble Comb (Packaging Varies)
Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Lithium PowerRemington VPG6530 4-in-1 Lithium Power Series Vacuum Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer (10 pieces)
  • The exceptional suction power of vacuum function
  • Lithium power
  • Multiple attachments
537 Customer Reviews
Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit,Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men (18 pieces)
  • Voltage 110-120 VAC. Corded
  • How does this cutter work? - The precisely sharpened blades work quickly through the hair, while the high-speed fan creates a powerful air stream that collects all cut hairs for easy cleaning.
  • 16-part kit - The all-in-one kit contains 6 length-changing combs, right and left taps, a styling comb, barber scissors, a cleaning brush, a knife protector, 3 separation clips, an oil bottle, and an extra-large storage bag. These accessories match the reliable hair clipper to give you all the tools you need for a great haircut
1,212 Customer Reviews
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Discovering The Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer

Not solely do many bearded males wish to maintain that beard trying neat and tidy, however, additionally they want to keep their bogs neat and tidy, too, without really having to place in loads of time cleaning up hair after trimming their beard.

Discovering The Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer

To perform each objective, many males discover themselves on the lookout for a top-quality beard and mustache trimmer with a vacuum system that catches these trimmed off hairs.

Earlier than studying the specs of every trimmer and the effectivity of the vacuum system, there is some general level that I feel you need to know.

Firstly, If anybody tells you that the vacuum system sucks 100% of the hair, they’re lying. I’ve but to come back throughout a trimmer which can try this. Nevertheless, they do vacuum about 80% of the hair. However, to ensure that any trimmer to try this, you could maintain clearing out the vacuum chamber and never let it clog with a lot of hair.

Additionally, if you’re chopping very lengthy hair, it could not vacuum all of them. What we’ve got to recollect is that its a small gadget with a small motor and never like a carpet vacuum cleaner which has a much bigger opening and quite a bit stronger motor.

What are Vacuum Beard Trimmers?

Vacuum Beard Trimmer set is a model that uses a vacuum fan that collects hair cut through the trimmer. The design is meant to keep your shaving area clean and produce a consistent cut.

The vacuum works with a smallholder that is attached to the base of the trimmer. You can remove the container and remove the hair that you have cut. The vacuum can absorb any hair you cut, including hair from your sideburns between other thick or coarse spaces.

Moroccanoil Treatment
4,899 Customer Reviews
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The primary purpose of a vacuum hair trimmer cleaner is to keep your shaving area clean and easy to maintain. The risk that hair falls on your sink will be minimal. A clipper set can also be used while on the move, without having to worry about leaving it everywhere. You can use this hair clipper at an airport or at another location where you want to shave quickly.

Consider Before Buying Vacuum Beard Trimmer

View the vacuum function

man with a trimmer - beard trimmer s and pictures Consider Before Buying Vacuum Beard TrimmerThe vacuum should be placed close to the cutting head so that it can collect your hair.

The vacuum must have enough room to process all your hair. The suction must also be strong enough to handle what you cut.

The opening for the vacuum container should also easily absorb your hair. Don’t forget to see how well you can clean the box without getting out while you do this.

Engine functions

The engine in your vacuum cleaner is crucial for its success. In particular, you can find two motors in your trimmer. One motor can work for the trimmer function, while the second motor drives the vacuum.

With two motors, you have more control over the cutting process. The risk that your trimmer becomes empty or slower when you reach longer strands of hair must be minimal.

Blade quality

The blades must be strong enough to get through your hair as quickly as possible. To cut. The leaves must be sturdy and robust sufficient to get through long pieces of hair. Some magazines may be closer than others.

Remember how additional attachments are built. Stainless steel has become a standard for some manufacturers, although ceramic or titanium materials can work. Either way, you will have blades that will last for years if they are correctly maintained.

Useful attachments

The attachments on your trimmer cannot be ignored. Your trimmer can be supplied with various attachments that cover specific hair types. You can use many long hair accessories to cut the most challenging areas.

Some accessories for blending or detailing can help you to cut specific effects around your hair. Some high-quality attachments have unique cutting heads that focus on slender or narrow areas around your face to give you a clean shave.

Battery overview

Check the battery of your trimmer before using it. See how the cell works on your trimmer. The battery must have sufficient power to go through your face and fully shave. The good news is that many trimmers work with approximately one hour of battery power. Some models can be connected to a wall and used from there. See how long it takes for a battery to be fully charged.

8 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer Reviews

There are many models to choose from, but you should look carefully at the features that come with the best Vacuum beard trimmer models. Every trimmer is different in many ways. You have to look at how well each model works and how well you can handle everything you intend to use.

Here’s a take a look at the very best beard and mustache trimmers with a vacuum system that customers feel they do the job in making them look good.

Following are three of one of the best vacuum beard trimmer at present out there available on the market.

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1-Philips Norelco QT4070/41 – Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer

If you happen, you’re in search of an expert best vacuum beard trimmer, and it doesn’t get any higher than the QT4070/41. Certain, it? S dearer than the opposite two fashions I’ll introduce to you. Nonetheless, you obtain a full suite of options for really deluxe grooming classes.

Let’s begin with the necessary half: the trimmer lengths. This Norelco beard trimmer with a vacuum comes with 18 settings, ranging from 1/32? (1mm) to 23/32? (18mm.) It’s good for something from 5 o?clock shadows to new substantial beards, all together with mustache or sideburn grooming.

The Norelco vacuum trimmer options two combs: your fundamental stubble comb and an extra refined? Contour following? Comb. The latter follows the curves of your face for neater trims that save time and are far more environmentally friendly. QT4070/41 additionally has self-sharpening metal blades that may be final you a very long time without the necessity to oil them.

Right here’s among the best issues about this luxurious mannequin that makes it to our record of one of the best vacuum clippers: not solely is it cordless; however, it additionally has two operation modes. The Turbo energy increase button will internet you extra skilled trims and can improve the fan velocity of the vacuum operate. If in case you have thicker facial hair, this can be a godsend that may merely make your grooming classes means faster and nice.

Philips Norelco QT4070/41 - Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer 1The Lithium-ion battery will run for a spectacular 75 minutes and can cost in just one hour. Observe that should you use the Turbo operate you? Ll stands up to 50 minutes of cordless vacuum trimming. A show will each point out the battery life remaining and your picked trimmer size.

The place the mannequin falls briefly is the door holding the beard trims: it feels flimsy and never that correctly constructed.

You ought to be cautious when opening/closing it. Do the versatile trimmer combs additionally want consideration? Watch out to not push on them, whereas shaving. In any other case, you’ll get a better trim than the one you’ve set.

These design points put apart, the QT4070/41 is probably the most luxurious strategy to seize one of the best vacuum clippers in your grooming wants.

Key Features
  • Integrated vacuum system vacuum system catches pruning hairs without spilling
  • 18 secure length settings from 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch (1 mm to 18 mm)
  • 1/64 inch (.5 mm) stubble environment

Questions & Answers

In one of the product info tables, the QT4070's maximum length is listed as 10mm, but in another it is listed as 18mm. Which is correct?

Both are. It comes with two heads for cutting beard and hair.

Will it work while it is plugged in?

Yes, it does not work while it is plugged in and it is still charging.

On Norelco's site, it's states run time is 75 minutes, but on here, it says 50 minutes. Why the difference? Manufacture dates or something?

Indicate "50 minutes" in the box that I have with a loading time of 1 hour. It must be a typographical error on the Norelco site

My T980 will not lock on #4 for trimming. It vibrates down to #3. giving different lengths on the trim. How does this one hold up?? This is a major problem for a newish unit. I normally have to remove the edges and bar from the main trim line on all Norelco's, as standard I cannot trim up under my nostrils.

My Philips Norelco QT4070 maintains that configuration securely. I tried # 4 (assuming it represents the same configuration in his T980) with which he had problems and remained firm. I must admit that I do not lie so close to my nose, so I am not in a position to answer for the ease with which it is done, but I must say that, in general, it is a very fine trimmer.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300, vacuum

M. Cooke

The QT4070 is now shipped with stubble and "contour tracking" that comes with the QT4050. I almost did not buy this because of some of the reviews that complained about the stubble comb, but by chance I went through the most recent reviews and noticed that Amazon people are now shipping it with both combs. I tried desperately to find the T980, but it's not available anywhere, even on Ebay, so do not waste your time looking for that, as other reviews suggest. With the turbo aspirator function that really catches at least 90% of the trimmings, I do not think any other beard trimmer can touch this.

Avatar Reviews  Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300, vacuum 1

Andrew Black

I have been using an earlier model of this trimmer and its rechargeable battery has finally run out (5 years was a good time). Now I tried the new one and I consider it a really good update (although more expensive). These are the benefits: - it is lighter - the charger works with power 110/220 - before it was a problem for long trips in Europe, it does not last for 2 months without charge - the vacuum is more powerful than the previous model. when the new ones - fewer hairs arrive at the sink - the small size configurations are now infallible - the old model slipped from time to time - an internal filter is a good design - while now it is more difficult to empty the hairs with the door, it is better to prevent the part of the motor from being stuck with hairs; It has two different combs for different needs, the last model had one (although the contour that follows always works better for me) For those who never used a model with vacuum: it is beautiful, so much less cleaning. Try it once, you never want to go back. You can not use it in a shower, but you can not trim your beard in a shower either.

3,097 Customer Reviews

2-Philips Norelco 7200 series Vacuum Beard Trimmer

One other Norelco contestant, the 7200 sequence hair trimmer with the vacuum, is a superb steadiness between inexpensive costs and optimum efficiency amongst the best vacuum beard trimmer. Is its physique a bit lighter than the QT4070/41? zero.9 lbs in comparison with the latter’s 1 lb. The mannequin additionally incorporates an exquisite chrome end. I like it a lot rather.

Probably the most critical issue I wish to level out right here is the 7200’s blades. They’re the best choice if in case you have delicate pores and skin. Self-sharpening for straightforward upkeep, they’re far milder than different vacuum beard trimmer fashions.

With regards to settings, the Norelco 7200 has 20 size changes: from zero.5mm to 10mm. The increments listed here are nearer than the QT4070/41, so it relies on what you wish to obtain with it. The mannequin comes with a beard comb and precision trimmer, in addition to two extra combs for detailing (at 3mm and 5mm.)

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Philips Norelco 7200 series Vacuum Beard Trimmer 1I mainly like the precision trimmer function because it permits for cleaner edge work and finer particulars. General, this Norelco vacuum beard trimmer is outstanding at shaping goatees, sideburns, and five o?clocks. Outlining a spectacular mustache can be fairly a simple job.

The vacuum performs supplemented by the washable heads of the Norelco 7200. You additionally stand up to 80 minutes of Lithium-ion battery on one hour of charging, barely more excellent than the QT4070/41. An orange indicator will let when the battery’s working low.

That stated, this Norelco vacuum trimmer doesn’t have a Turbo mode. As well as, it would feel a bit clumsier to empty the trimmings with this mannequin. You need to take away the comb, take away the reducing head after which sweep the collected hair out. As soon as once more, the plastic guards additionally go away some issues to be desired.

All stated and carried out, nonetheless, the Norelco 7200 beard trimmer with the vacuum is the perfect assembly level of worth and versatile, high-quality operation. Excellent for normal makes use of with a slight skilled twist to them, and that’s why it’s on our checklist of greatest vacuum clippers.

Key Features
  • The integrated vacuum system captures up to 90% of the cut hair for less clutter. The high-speed motor and fan system provides powerful suction to lift and catch hair
  • With innovative lift and trim technology, the trimmer effectively lifts the hair and guides it for a more efficient cut
  • The self-sharpening steels blades are designed to effectively cut every hair perfectly, prevent skin irritation and are double sharpened to cut more hairs in every move for faster cutting

Questions & Answers

How can you replace the main trimmer piece if it brakes?

Philips customer service is excellent. even the 24 hours of chat. It sounds like these are all within the warranty period. Register on the website to streamline the process. I have had many tools of toilet norelco. They have always replaced the part or the whole unit.

I'm looking into this above others because of the vacuum. Can anyone vouch for how well does it works and how easy it is to use?

The vacuum works very well and captures most, if not all, of my hair. I usually trimmed the sash with a 2, so I just have to empty it after trimming my whole face. I highly recommend this trimmer. I am very satisfied with that.

Will this work while plugged in?

Yes, the 7200 works while it is plugged in.

Does it work on 220 Voltage?

Should. But not 100%. You probably need an adapter

Top Customer Reviews

2,360 Customer Reviews

3-Philips QT4090/32 Black Pro Stubble Trimmer

The QT4090 is considered one of Phillips’ prized merchandise, in addition to among the finest vacuum beard trimmers ever designed. That includes excessive precision size adjustment options with a scale between zero.5 and 18 mm and extremely sturdy blades that can make you feel like you’ll be able to energy by even the hardest hairs, the Phillips has received it the place it counts and can do a lot of the job with nice ease.

The blades require no upkeep in any respect, and the vacuum mechanism makes use of a robust fan and is built-in throughout the gadget to supply for an extra compact and transportable design. Additionally, the trimmer incorporates a sturdy lithium-ion battery that can by no means allow you to down once you most want it, permitting for as much as 90 minutes of use.

A beauty of this trimmer is you can confidently use it, even in case you have an extended beard, and also, you need to reduce off barely longer hairs. It should nonetheless be capable of vacuum them, and its distinctive turbo function, whereas siphoning off extra of its battery energy as properly, will do the trick in reducing and capturing coarse hair without a drawback.

4-Remington VPG6530 Vacuum Trimmer

Significantly cheaper than its Norelco counterparts, the VPG6530 nonetheless affords you nice grooming choices. Whereas bulkier than the earlier fashions with its 1.2 lbs, it comes with Remington’s trademark progressive concepts.

The VPG6530 beard trimmer with a vacuum is a Four-in-1 grooming device. You need to use it as a beard trimmer, nostril and ear hair trimmer, a foil shaver, or a detailer trimmer. Fairly the suite of makes utilizes of contemplating its low pricing level.

When it comes to lengths, the adjustable settings go from 2mm to 16mm right here. You additionally get Four clip-on combs at 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm to complement the built-in trimmer lengths. Not as customizable because the Norelco affords, but loads of sizes so that you can choose from.

Remington VPG6530 Vacuum Trimmer 1As soon as once more, you’ve got a cordless beard trimmer with vacuum operate. The VPG6530 doesn’t attain the Norelco’s lengthy fees; however, you? Ll nonetheless stand up to an hour of wi-fi trimming motion. It shouldn’t be an issue even if you wish to carry out extra detailed work in your facial hair.

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To some extent, the Remington vacuum trimmer is a bit simpler to scrub, which is why it makes it to our checklist of the perfect vacuum beard trimmers.

The removable hair chamber goes off with only a click on, not like the other sophisticated Norelco 7200 collection one. That stated, this mannequin does get noisier than another most excellent vacuum clippers.

As soon as once more, you? Ll, encounter the notorious plastic guard drawback, sadly. The information attachments are the Remington groomer’s weak spot, as they feel flimsy. They don’t swimsuit the in any other case reasonably excellent efficiency contemplating the VPG6530’s worth.

Some shortcomings apart, that is indubitably your most cost-effective ticket to a high-quality vacuum trimming expertise. Contemplating this mannequin’s customization, you possibly can carry out loads of duties? Without spending an excessive amount of money to take action.

Key Features
  • The exceptional suction power of vacuum function
  • Lithium power
  • Multiple attachments

Questions & Answers

Assuming I'll be using only a plug adapter (not a converter) while traveling. Will it work? Or I need to get a converter?

The charger says that it is rated for 100-240V and 50 / 60Hz, so you only need an adapter, not a converter. I have mine connected to a 240v power supply through an adapter.

Can you use this while plugged in? Or does it rest in a charging station? Thanks!

Yes, it has a reasonably long cable that plugs into the back of the product.

Does anyone know the difference between the 6530 and the 6550? Please don't say 20 🙂

The VPG6530 is designed to be used on the face for grooming whiskers and beards, and the HC6550 is designed to be worn on the top of the head.

Can i use this to shave my beard wet and dry??? or just dry?

I use it to shave my head, chest and face without the guard. There is no need to wet anything. However, all hair will not be sucked through the vacuum if it is more than a week of growth.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Lithium Power


My first vacuum trimmer was a Philips Norelco QT4070 in 2012, which finally died in 2015. Then I replaced it with another QT4070 that lasted until 2017. They had a weak latch on the door to clean the ornaments from the vacuum function that broke inside One month in both trimmers. I had used tape or rubber bands to hold the door. I got a Remington Vacuum hair clipper and I loved it, so I decided to try the trimmer instead of buying a new Philips Norelco 7200 Vacuum at twice the cost. First, I will say that it does not seem to do a good job on my beard in longer lengths. I used to keep my beard around 8mm, sometimes going down to 6mm if my face itched particularly. My last adjustment on the QT4070 was set at 8 mm almost a week ago. Adjusting the Remington to 6mm did not seem to cut anything and what it cut seemed uneven. Wanting to be even lowered to 4mm. This is fine because I can also do stubble but I prefer a more substantial beard. My hair and beard are quite twisted and have a bit of ripple / waviness, so it is possible that the hair is curved under the blade and can not reach it. We will see it when it grows again (so that the end of the hair is cut instead of "the middle"). It is also worth noting that it arrived almost completely charged. I had it plugged in less than an hour before it was charged. If you really need it, you can cut it directly out of the box. It came with different cutting heads and a small shaver and even a nose hair cutter. All of them seem to work with the vacuum function. I like this.2. The vacuum traps at least 25% more hair than my last Philips Norelco.3. I like the way the hair harvesting system comes off and takes it to the garbage container instead of the full trimmer. I have a tendency to want to "cover" the hairs and I prefer to do this with a small piece of plastic instead of the complete trimmer. Things: 1. The length adjustment on the adjustable comb is more cumbersome than the Philips Norelco dial. It also adjusts in 2mm increments, while my Philips Norelco adjusts in 1mm increments.2. It was not trimmed so well on the first use. (My type of beard never does it. Initial conclusion: right now, if you are looking for an excellent vacuum stubble trimmer, I can attest that this is a good time. It is cheaper than a comparable Philips Norelco and has some extras that the QT4070 and 7200 do not have that added value. I'll see about the trim of the beard as mine grows back and I'll update the review. Update: I have had the trimmer for about 20 days. It seems that I can not get a uniform cut beyond 6mm with it. The section of the comb in front of the blade is a little more pronounced than the Philips Norelco. I think what's happening is my kind of wavy curly beard that hooks with that and moves away from the blade. Also, because you have 2mm adjustments instead of 1mm adjustments, you can not order your beard as often as you make it grow.

Avatar Reviews  Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Lithium Power 1


I have used the Norelco QT4070 (now the Norelco 7300) for the last four years, and I have replaced it three times. While it was incredible, the quality of construction seemed very poor and I decided to try the Remington model instead. I'm not disappointed! PROS: -Much better construction quality. My Norelco had to be replaced under warranty twice due to the breakage of the cheap plastic parts. The Remington feels much more solid, and I do not care about the quality of construction. - Strong vacuum. With the Norelco occasionally the hairs fell on the counter. The Remington has captured practically all the fallen hair. - Good duration of the battery. Only two weeks later, but it is running strong as a trimmer. CONS: -Less precision for the pins. I think I have to be much more careful: the adjustment of the length of the traditional style. The Norelco had a built-in adjuster that facilitated the adjustment of the length in small increments. The Remington has "snap style" adapters that are less convenient and allow less control. Luckily for me, one of the adapters fits perfectly to my preferred stubble style, but I can see that some people accustomed to Norelco 7300 have difficulty getting the perfect length OVERALL I am satisfied with the quality of construction and the ability to maintain load. I would not use it where precision is needed, but I think many will find it preferable to Norelco.

Avatar Reviews  Remington VPG6530 4-in-1 Lithium Power 2

Vladislav Aksenov

I have a mixed feeling about this trimmer after a year of use. I will brake my review in three parts and give a separate rating for each aspect.1) Vacuum: I would give 4 out of 5. It works. It's not perfect, but it definitely works. I'm satisfied here. You still notice some hair around the sink, but it's 70-80% less. Ideally, empty the camera before each cut to get the best result with the vacuum.2) Main sheet (32 mm) and adjustable comb: 2 of 5. At first it worked well, except that I could never perfectly trim my mustache under of the nose . Use the main blade (32 mm) and position n. ° 6 for the adjustable comb. It is simply too big and too short at the same time to go under the nose. So I need to remove the comb and do the work myself, so it was good, but not perfect. I would give 4 of 5 directly from the box. Unfortunately, after one year of use, the blade became dull. I noticed that now I have to cut two or three more times to achieve the same results as when I was new. It also pulls on my hair which creates pain at times the sensation. I decided to write this review for that reason. One year is a very short period for the trimmer to be operated, which means that it is made of extremely cheap metal. The replacement of the blade / comb costs $ 17 + taxes, which is 60% of the cost of the new trimmer. I reduced my blade capacity to 2 from 5.3) Battery: 5 out of 5. I have no problem with the battery and the charging process. After a year of use, it is still enough to cut back a few times. I can not say the exact number, but it is enough for at least 4-5 clipping. Probably more. No complaints here. Overall: 3 out of 5. Originally I was fine, it was not the best in my life, but it was solid. The vacuum works and you can definitely trim yourself. Unfortunately, the blade is only valid for one year, which makes this trimmer quite expensive. Remington sells knife replacement for a very high price of $ 17, which is 60% of the price of the new cutter. If they sell the replacement below $ 8- $ 10, this trimmer could be a good buy. For now I can not fully recommend the product.

537 Customer Reviews

5-Remington HKVAC2000A

Remington makes this next vacuum beard trimmer with an extensive range of attachments. Each part of this model gives you more control over your care experience.

You can use the trimmer with one of the eight attachments for the comb, including some options that work for the left and right ear. Six lengths are used within these guide combs, including those near a half-inch.

There are several other pieces in this set, including a styling comb and scissors, three cutting brackets and a full blade cover when not in use. The brush is small enough to provide a firm handle over the cleaning process.

Remington HKVAC2000A 1The vacuum fan produces enough power to get more hair. The durable design ensures that the hair you cut is cleaned and will not spread around a room during shaving.

The fan is driven by a motor that is separate from the one that activates the blades for your cutting use.
As handy as the vacuum is, I was more impressed with how easy it is for me to clean the trimmer. The leaf at the top comes out in moments.

The knife continues to work even after I soak it a few times in a cleaning solution. I like how the blade is easy to spread and brush off, so I don’t waste too much time coating the surface. The oil does not lubricate when I apply it.

The stainless steel blades were also easy on my skin. I felt the edges lift my hair and ensure a clean cut. I like how the leaves don’t cause irritation or redness.

The attachments for the comb were very easy to integrate into my efforts. I can use these combs to handle different hairpieces.

Key Features
  • Voltage 110-120 VAC. Corded
  • How does this cutter work? The precisely sharpened blades work quickly through the hair, while the high-speed fan creates a powerful air stream that collects all cut hairs for easy cleaning.
  • 16-part kit The all-in-one kit contains 6 length-changing combs, right and left taps, a styling comb, barber scissors, a cleaning brush, a knife protector, 3 separation clips, an oil bottle, and an extra-large storage bag. These accessories match the reliable hair clipper to give you all the tools you need for a great haircut

Questions & Answers

Does the vacuum help by lifting the hair as it cuts .?

No. The vacuum is only strong enough to pick up the hair that has been trimmed.

Does this work with 220V outlets?

Yes, it will work with 220v as long as you have a wall plug adapter for your specific 220v wall outlet. The product has 100v-240v - 50 / 60Hz indicated on the UL label on the wall socket (Class 2 power supply).

Hello! Is it noisy while using it?

No worse than any other I have used. It does not capture all the hair ornaments, but approximately 99% and is better than any other device you have used.

Is it washable?

I do not think so

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit,


My 5 year old son has Sensory Processing Disorder and haircuts have always been a nightmare for him because he can not stand the sensation of the hair on him. I just cut her hair for the first time with this razor and she was so great in everything! I was impressed by the amount of hair that this thing sucks. His hair had not been cut in months, so it was several inches long. I had to empty it a few times, but I do not think we have to spend so much time between the haircuts. I was so happy with this. Definitive life change for us.

Avatar Reviews  Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit, 1

H. E.

I loved this cutter when it came: the vacuum works quite well, it's quite quiet and did a good job of cutting my hair. If the cutter still works, I would give it four stars, deducting one because the vacuum is not strong enough to grab all the hair that is being cut. But in general, at first I liked it. However, in my fourth use, a spring broke inside the cutter head, which allowed the moving blade to slide past the guard and cut me off. Spare parts are not available; When I went to the Remington website to see the repair, they directed me to a page that asked for my zip code and then they told me that my zip code was not valid (along with all the other zip codes I tried). I've sent an email to your customer service team, and I'm waiting for you to let me know. A hair cutter should not break after four haircuts. If I hear anything about customer service, I will update this review. Updated: customer service told me initially, this part was not covered by the warranty, but they decided to make an exception and replace my cutting head. The new one looks different (plastic and metal of different colors that seems to have a nitride coating) and has worked well since then. I am raising my opinion from a star to a four star.

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what's this

I had the previous model for as long as I can remember ... at least 5-7 years. It was always a great set of clippers, so I was excited to see the new model on Amazon. After my first cut with these new clippers, I can say that I anticipate the same amount of quality. Two things that I noticed immediately ... the plug is not as big as the previous one (incredible!) And the bag is almost twice the size. If you have never used the previous version of these clippers, I can say that I recommend it. recommend them It really is not a disaster. Catch pretty close to each piece of hair. I can cut my hair without a coat and I can spend the day without having that itchy sensation on the back of my neck. The compartment that traps the hair is also of a decent size. I keep my hair short and cut it approximately every 3 weeks and I have only filled it halfway. The kit also includes practically all the accessories that come with any other set. The price is also excellent. I have it around $ 42. The Remington website lists it for $ 50. I've never seen them on the shelves of any store, so I could not give you a comparison with that. Elegant line, big clippers. You will not be disappointed.

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6-Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper #8566

Wahl makes this next model with a different standard. The design can be combined with another device in your home for quick cleanup and functionality.

To use this, you must charge the clipper battery and then attach it to a vacuum hose. Connect the hose to the lower part. A double vacuum adapter is supplied with the trimmer if you need additional help to secure it in a vacuum chamber.

The design ensures that the trimmer is connected to a vacuum that collects what you shave. The model produces a complete installation that provides that your hair does not cause any mess when you get a full trim.

However, do not forget the functionality of the trimmer outside the vacuum connection. The engine works on a blade that trims your hair evenly with every passage.

The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable design with an on/off button at the bottom.

The button is easy to activate.

Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper #8566 1The steel teeth on the blade ensure a firm cut every time. The teeth are self-sharpening units that work every time.
I could link the attachment to my vacuum cleaner in a few moments. The installation part was simple, but the trimming process with this Wahl model was even more natural.

The comfortable handle gave me a simple approach to trimming.

I cleaned the trimmer very quickly. The blades can easily be removed in a few moments. I can also use oil on the sheets if desired. The oil does not influence the vacuum or the hose.

The tight seal of the connection gives me the confidence to trim my hair without fear.

The knife handle on the top also helps me to set the cutting length. I can change the setting in moments.

Key Features
  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: Van Wahl Professionals product line of commercial quality, the Vacuum Clipper is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand.
  • CLEAN ACCURACY: The Vacuum Clipper has a super powerful yet cool running V9000 engine that takes a hit without overheating in your hand. The knife handle adjusts the cutting length with just one quick movement for the right cut each time. For maximum convenience, connect a hose to a standard vacuum cleaner to cut without spillage to make your salon or store look sharp and professional.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: For your convenience, the vacuum clipper includes professional hair clipper with adjustable conical handle, 6 cutting guides (1/8 1), hose with double vacuum adapter, oil, cleaning brush, operators manual, red protective cap everything that guarantees professional quality.

Questions & Answers

Does the vacuum help cut the hair more evenly by sucking it up like a flowbee, or does it just help not make a mess?

This is a regular cutter with a modified cover that has a hose attachment that goes directly to your own vacuum. It gives a great haircut and there is no mess. Previously I bought the Robo Cut, which is like the FlowBee, but it did not fit the scalp as my husband needs it. We simply keep this connected to our replacement vacuum and use it every two weeks. Super neat Do not suck your hair. The vacuum simply prevents a mess. This cutter is good for cutting bald hair to 1 ".

How long is the power cord? Hose length? What is the power consumption?

The hose in mine is 7 feet long. The power cord is 7.5 feet long. I do not know about energy consumption. However, the lights do not go out.

How do these clippers compare to the Wahl 5 Star Senior? Is it the same machine?

They look the same to me. I would be without one ever again. Work so good with absolutely in disarray Blair

Can this be used on a stand up Dyson vacuum hose as an attachment?

I use in my Dyson

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Avatar Reviews  Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper #8566

Ilayna Scott

I am a woman with a pixie cut and this wahl cutter allows me to make my own haircuts. To make my haircut, I use a 1.5 inch clipper guide comb (it's # 12), on the back and sides of my head, and I cut my hair on top of the head with scissors . It would have been great if the guide combs with higher numbers, such as number 12, came with the product, but it was simple enough to order them alone separately. At this point, the item was paid only on the money from the haircut I saved. I also shaved 1/3 of the body of my cat with very long hair after his fur got tangled up against his skin, and the cutters did a job of god They did not cut his skin, and they were silent enough not to scare him. The clippers are made of metal and have a solid feel to them. My hands are very small and it is not difficult for me to hold and cut the tweezers. I do not find that they vibrate excessively. The fact that you can have haircuts removed instead of falling on you and getting your neck chopped and embedded in your bra is fantastic. Almost all the cut hairs are sucked; There is hardly a hair left to brush your skin. It is true what other reviewers have said: the tube that attaches to your vacuum cleaner is fragile. The heavier plastic would be more resistant. Having said that, I have not experienced the problem of tube collapse due to the vacuum suction power, and I have been connecting the trimmers to a 1.6 gallon (7.5 liter) Craftsman hand vac. From the first time I took the product out of the package, I did not put the tube in the box, but I put it all in a drawer, lying down, to make sure that the plastic tube does not bend. (If the tube reached the customer with a fold in it, I can see how this could cause the problem of tube collapse when the vacuum is turned on, but fortunately my tube arrived without any problem. I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

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I've been using these for a couple of months, very strong and well-built mowers. I would like the vacuum cover to be smaller so as not to hide the blades, but it really has not caused me any problems and I have large hands to be able to hold it comfortably where the cover covers the body of the cutter, this can be a problem for people who they do detail work or have tiny hands. I have not seen the need for a ventilation hole in the cover and it opens very easily, so I left the plastic on the switch. It's great not to have to clean my hair after cutting my head, but I did not mind hearing a cry of emptiness by my side, so I plugged the vacuum cord into a speed control similar to https: //www.amazon. com / dp / B007TFTITS / ref = pd_luc_rh_sbs_02_01_t_img_lh? _Encoding = UTF8 & psc = 1. I can not guarantee that the speed control model works for your vacuum, so buy at your own risk. Now I can reduce the vacuum speed to a comfortable level that still sucks the haircuts and everything works fine. I recommend these clippers, I wish I had bought them a couple of decades ago when I thought about it for the first time.

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The cutters themselves work REALLY well. However, the vacuum attachment is a bit of poor quality for the price. The hose is incredibly flimsy, so when it hooks up to my Dyson vacuum, it's literally crushed by the suction power! In effect, it cuts off the air flow and there is no vacuum. I had to reinforce the hose with adhesive tape so that it could not bend so easily. The other problem with the vacuum connection is that the connector is really one-size-fits-all, which means it does not fit to fit multiple types of vacuum cleaners. I had to make a "coupling" piece from some plastic that I had around the house so it can be placed in my vacuum cleaner. After these adjustments, this contraption was really incredible. I shave my head every week and I hate having to clean my hair. With this, there was hardly any hair in the bathroom sink, and cleaning was a breeze. But for $ 80, the vacuum attachment should have been much better.

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This was the replacement for the Wahl Pro clippers that I had for 10 years that finally broke down. The first time I used the new ones was like "where have you been all my life". I have done haircuts for 3 children and for me and I could not be happier. There is absolutely no mess with them and the subsequent itching that we usually have is nonexistent. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to save money and stay clean.

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7-Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

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You will notice that the third choice for the best beard trimmer with vacuum functionality has several useful attachments for your convenience. The Remington HC6550 offers various combs that make the trimming process run smoothly.

The trimmer uses a series of titanium-coated blades to produce a firm cut every time. Titanium is known as one of the most substantial metals with which you can trim.

Eleven comb attachments are included in multiple lengths. Some combs contain bristles that descend in height as you go past their bodies and produce a fading effect. Such combs work best for detailing. The attachments can be clicked on the upper part of the trimmer to give you more control over your work.

The vacuum connection on the base provides a clear view so you can see how much hair has been collected during shaving. The eject button is located under the vacuum container.

The chips are safely stored in the container and do not come out after you have ejected them for cleaning.

It takes approximately four hours to charge the rechargeable battery.

The battery works approximately 60 minutes after a full charge. A battery indicator shows when you need to charge the device.

Key Features
  • Cutting length: 9 fixed combs (1.5-25 mm)
  • Titanium-coated blades The expertly sharpened blade edges ensure the ultimate cutting experience while easily cutting even the thickest hair
  • 18-part kit the all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a good haircut: long and tapered combs, hairdressing scissors, knife oil and more

Questions & Answers

How well does this work for beards?

Actually it works well for beards, it's much better for the hair on the legs / arms / head ... Unless your beard is very, very long. However, when I cut my beard hair it still flies everywhere. However, it is better than clippers without vacuum.

Can you use this while charging or plugged in if the battery is dead?


Does this work on 220 V?

Yes. The charger reads "Input 100-240v, 50-60Hz, .45 amp Max." (Draw). Almost all the products manufactured in the last decade are, very few at present are not as effective in costs to make them work (salable) everywhere. .

Is the blade self sharpening?

No, it's not ... also, see my criticism; the plastic thing that holds the blade is weak and mine broke in a few months

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Avatar Reviews  Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut


UPDATE 2 - one year later - still great. No problem with the battery (the surcharge very rarely), the blades cut very well (a drop of oil from time to time), the vacuum is excellent. UPDATE: A few months later, I've been cutting my hair every two weeks. I do not even remember when we loaded it the last time. In fact it is very good. And the vacuum is really an addition that saves time. Literally, there is no cleaning afterwards. Great cutting power, whoever has thought of including the void deserves a statue! A number 5 on the top and 3 on the sides and on the back lasts 12 minutes. No problem with the battery. back with a review

Avatar Reviews  Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut 1

Mr. Oh-la-la

This is an incredible device. What I like: Long-lasting battery. It keeps charging at least a week. The vacuum is incredibly useful and it works! He indicated with a solid blue LED that the charge was completed. You can live the unattended wall transformer, but it is better to disconnect it once the load is completed. Now you will always have some scattered haircuts that fall from the cutter but it is much less messy then a cutter without a vacuum cleaner. What I do not like: the guide combs are VERY fragile. God does not allow a loose 4-foot guide comb to fall over ceramic tiles, they are guaranteed to break especially thin ones such as the 3mm one. Mine did. I had to ask for only 2 more. The guide combs do not fit better. Be careful not to fall while performing difficult maneuvers on your hat. I would like them to be very tight. The plastic parts are also fragile and the comb is unusually large and somewhat heavy on my hand and because of the oval shape it can slip inadvertently from your fingers while you are cutting your own hair like me. Do all the time If it falls guaranteed to crack open. Be careful not to tear the vacuum cleaner container with anything sharp during cleaning. In general, it is a great value and I only use the 3mm 1/8 "guide comb.

Avatar Reviews  Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut 2

Cecil D. Langham

This is the best personal hair clipper I have ever had. The vacuum cleaner works perfectly and I can cut my hair impeccably in front of my bathroom mirror without having to put hairs everywhere. When I finish my haircut, I press a button to release the vacuum plastic clip and toss the cut hair into the trash.

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8-Wahl Trim N Vac

This portable model from Wahl is your last choice for the best vacuum tank decorators. The Trim N Vac uses a small body that works with or without a cord.

The trimmer has a beard control that works in eleven positions. You can unlock the controller, set the correct position for trimming, and place the material at the right length. The steel blades of the Trim N Vac cut your hair to the desired length.

The vacuum compartment provides an open space near the incisors to remove the surface in a few moments. The chamber has enough room for all the hair that you cut in a single shaving session.

Wahl Trim N Vac 1You have the option to use this with a rechargeable battery or with the power cord connected for consistent energy. You can use the previous option for portable needs or the last for when you use it at home. The battery will last approximately 45 minutes if you do not use the cord.

The on/off switch is located around the thumb. The design produces a sturdy body that you can hold with both hands.
The grip on this trimmer is my favorite part. I like how the handle offers a comfortable surface and gives me some extra support all around.

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The metal teeth are easy to clean. The teeth are far apart to give me sufficient control over the cleaning process. The magazine looks a bit wider than average, which is a good plus. The brush that comes with the trimmer also works well for both the main body and the included small attachment head.

The battery itself will last a while. You can use the battery for approximately three to five years before it dies. Charging the battery takes a few hours, although the charging time is not too long compared to other models.

Key Features
  • Powerful vacuum function with easy to clean collection chamber. Clean Sink No Mess
  • 11-position beard adjuster that easily changes settings and locks securely in place to trim to the desired length
  • Contains a mustache comb

Questions & Answers

I am looking for a adapter for the wahl trimmer vac?

Get in touch with Wahl's manufacturing. I'm sorry, I do not have it at hand. Get your address and send your clipper with a check for $ 15 dollars. They will give you a new adapter and a new battery and they will send it back to you in one or two weeks.

Where can I buy a replacement blade for the 5570?

It has been suspended and suspended for some years, so it will be difficult to find a new sheet. The only option you have is to contact Wahl directly and talk to your customer service. That was the only way I could get some parts a few years ago, but since it was suspended, the lady sent me one for free. It is worth a shot.

How to change the battery on a 5570-500s?

you can't. They consider the product a throw away. I have used mine in plug in mode for nearly a year after the battery failed to function.

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Avatar Reviews  Wahl Trim N Vac Vacuuming

Corey Scott

Pros: The battery life is good, I took it with me when I was traveling and I never felt that the battery was running out. Zons: It seems that it takes much longer to cut facial hair, if you have thick hair. Alone in my chin alone, it seems that it takes 5 minutes to come and go, and still seems to be missing a dozen hairs. The vacuum cleaner collects approximately 90% of the hair, but in reality, what is the difference between SOME of the hair on the counter and ALL the hair ... will still have to clean the entire counter in any way?

Avatar Reviews  Wahl Trim N Vac Vacuuming 1

Meg Danish

I got this for my husband for Valentine's Day 2008. The trimmer and its battery (for wireless use) still work well. The collection chamber is not very large, but the vacuum does a good job of preventing the trimmer from making a mess whenever it is emptied frequently. My husband has a thick beard and this trimmer does a great job. He also uses it without the guide comb to shave his head (he is bald) and is very satisfied with the closeness of the shaving.

53 Customer Reviews

Nose hair trimmer with vacuum

nose hair must die - nose hair trimmer s and pictures Nose hair trimmer  with vacuumYou can even avoid tidying up when cutting your nose hair, thanks to the vacuum technology that has found its way into these handy tools.

Not a lot of hair comes over the floor when you cut your nose hair, but enough to be annoying.

Now you can trim, and you do not have to worry that you are standing directly above the sink.

They are even waterproof, so you can rinse both the hairdresser and the blade to remove all the annoying things that are left behind.

In addition to convenience, they are reticent, even with a powerful engine that runs.

If you have a private bathroom and you are worried about waking up your partner while using your manscaping, they will not disturb anyone.

And they can even be used on eyebrows, over manscaping.

You may not think you need a pair of whiskers, but believe me, you don’t want to pluck your hair out of your nose! You should consult our guide for the best way to remove your nasal hair.

Because it has a vacuum and you no longer have to bother yourself, there is no reason not to use it. It’s so quick just to grab it and shorten it that your nose hairs only need a few seconds to get back on track.


General, the Philips-Norelco QT4050 appears to be the preferred form of these three vacuum trimmers.

As somebody who has sported a beard for extra years than I want to keep in mind, my private alternative additionally leans in the direction of Norelco QT4070 however I might hesitate to affect your choice as a result of relying on your particular wants, and you might discover one of many different two trimmers extra helpful.

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I hope that after studying the buyer opinions concerning the three best vacuum beard trimmers, you’re extra knowledgeable concerning the good and never so excellent capabilities of everyone.

If in case you have any questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I might like to get some suggestions from you, and if the above overview has helped you with any approach.

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