20 Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin Reviews 2020

Although the best deodorant for sensitive skin is by no means the most glamorous product in your beauty arsenal, you can imagine a world without it. Think about what your most sultry class would be … or the beach … or an exciting office presentation … scary, right? The best deodorant for sensitive skin reduces the fear of sweat.

Deodorants. You may already use one – maybe you now have one! – but when it comes to choosing one, it should only do one thing and do it well: prevent you from smelling funky.best deodorant for sensitive skin

In recent years, natural and aluminum-free options have increased enormously in popularity, as have stronger, clinically stable options for those who regularly experience excessive sweating.

“Both deodorants and antiperspirants are suitable for daily use, depending on the benefits you are looking for, Rosemarie Ingleton, a dermatologist in New York, told Allure:

“Some [people] may even choose to use both for different occasions, and If you are looking for freshness and odor protection all day long but do not necessarily need the sweat protection that a harder antiperspirant offers, you can choose a product to use deodorant.”

When you are looking for deodorant, keep in mind that there is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants work by plugging in your pores with an aluminum-based compound, says New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. That means they don’t sweat.

While deodorants don’t — both combat odor.

Many people already have a favorite brand or type of deodorant. For those who are looking for a new kind of deodorant or want to try different varieties, there are probably hundreds of different options.

Top 5 Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin (Quick Summary)

Dove Invisible Dry Anti WhiteDove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Anti-Perspirant Deoderant
  • 0% ALCOHOL
Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant -Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant - Organic & Vegan - For Women & Men - All
  • PURE. NATURAL. VEGAN. A clean formula without nonsense: No Baking Soda. No parabens. No aluminum chloride or zirconium. GMO-free. Phthalate-free. Triclosan-Free. No synthetic preservatives. All ingredients are assessed as safe by EWG.org.
  • FEEL FRESH and PROTECTED adequate odor protection without stickiness. In the office, in the gym, during a night out or on a long-haul flight (this deodorant will not disappoint you.
  • SCENT FOR EVERY TASTE. 'Aloe Delight' combines clean, fresh, and resilient tones, creating a soft and soothing tone fragrance.
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant - RoseSchmidt's Natural Deodorant - Rose and Vanilla, 2 ounces. Jar for Women and Men
  • We are on a mission to change the way you think about natural.
  • Schmidt's award-winning formulas help neutralize odor and keep you naturally fresh.
  • Our distinctive formula, packaged in elegant and durable glass jars, is beneficial to neutralize the odor and keep you fresh. Many believe that the pot formula offers more direct control over the application process. Thanks to a non-greasy, non-sticky feeling, our deodorants can be absorbed easily. It works incredibly well!
Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant andSecret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Women Invisible Solid, Completely Clean 2.6 oz, Package
  • Clinical strength Deodorant and antiperspirant gives you 2x better protection against sweat ( versus the required protection of a normal antiperspirant)
  • Sweat and odor are no match for Clinical strength 48 hours odor resistance and moisture protection
  • Start dry and stay dry with this invisible solid that stays dry with a smooth, even application. Strengthening citrus aroma all-day scent
Secret Outlast Clear Gel AntiperspirantSecret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women, Unscented 2.6 oz (Packaging May Vary)
  • Survive your day
  • 48 hours of odor protection
  • Odor protection to survive your day
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Things to Consider when buying the best deodorant for sensitive skin

this is the real chic magnet! - deodorant for sensitive skin s and pictures Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

While some women may prefer to try different types of deodorant until they find one they are happy with, others may prefer to do their research beforehand.

You may not be satisfied with your new purchase and opt for a different variety nevertheless. Still, this guide can help you in the right direction.

Many different factors determine whether or not a deodorant is good.

Of course, some of the most important is the elimination of odors and the prevention of sweat, but there are also some other essential features.

Consider five things to remember before you go outside and buy deodorant.

1. Smell

While there is quite a bit of personal preference that goes into favoring one scent about another, I think or will agree that almost anything smells better than body odor.

Still, most women prefer that they do not smell like people, so it is essential to make sure you buy the best deodorant for sensitive skin or with a unisex scent.

2. Ingredients

We usually think of parts as being important in food, but they can be a great deal in deodorant, shampoo, makeup, and other things as well.

It has been suggested that the aluminum present in some deodorants may help contribute to breast cancer, so if you can find aluminum-free deodorant, so much the better.

3. Antiperspirant

While this is especially important for active women, it is also essential for women – and men – in the workplace to be free of body odor.

Sometimes on a long day or a hot day, the best antiperspirant won’t stop body odor from forming, but it can usually be postponed long enough, so it’s not a severe problem.

4. Method of Delivery

There are several different types of deodorants. Some are like oils or jellies that you can rub on. Others are sprays that you use to spray over your body.

Most, of course, is the stick type or deodorant must, or we are familiar with. Pick the one you like best and go with it.

5. Price

You may not think of price as a motivating factor when you buy deodorant, but some top-notch sticks can cost upwards of $ 20 or more.

20 Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin Reviews Of 2020

Even if you bathe two or three times a day, you will still sweat. When too much sweat comes in contact with the bacteria in the armpits, you have a body odor.

This can be uncomfortable and it can lower your confidence.

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For that, you need to find a good deodorant that you can use to eliminate the bad odor and still respond gently to your skin.

A high-quality deodorant or antiperspirant not only stops body odor but also keeps you (and your armpits) fresh regardless of the fit. See here, the best deodorant for sensitive skin:

1-Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, Nourished Beauty

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, Nourished BeautyView On Amazon

With the patented “NutriumMoisture” technology and many additional moisturizers, you can forget about wet gels that dry out and protect your feathers when you meet Dove’s Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

Especially at cold winter temperatures, our skin needs more nutrition than ever, and the Dove alcohol formula of 0% takes this into account in the first place.

This deodorant formula for antiperspirants works for a maximum of 48 hours, so if you forget to wear for a day, you are still insured.

Most reviews praise it for its light floral scent, ability to minimize sweat production, and soothing effect. Also, every Deaf product goes to self-esteem programming for girls.

We can’t think of a better deodorant purchase that gives back than this.

Key Features
  • 0% ALCOHOL

Questions & Answers

Does it have aluminum in it?

This is horrible ... I could only use it once, the smell was so strong that I had to wash after an hour ... I would not buy it.

Customer Reviews
234 Reviews

Avatar LL


my clothes are SAVED!

annoyed that i can't buy in the store. But it is the ONLY deoderant/antipersperant I've ever found that truly does not leave ANY white marks. i have a million different "clear" formulas, no white, whatever the hell advertisers want to call it and they still ALWAYS stain. Another reviewer commented on the smell, to me this smells fresh. I sweat a LOT so by the end of the day if it's warm i'm probably sweating again, but for the most part it does its job. Will def buy again.

2-Natural Deodorant for Women by Bali Secrets

Natural Deodorant for Women by Bali SecretsView On Amazon

This is one of the best aluminum-free and gluten-free deodorants that work perfectly to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and to hydrate the armpits.

Natural Deodorant for Women by Bali Secrets 1It contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, seaweed extract, pure essential oils, and water.

This deodorant also contains a little alcohol, but that would not irritate your skin.

This is a great deodorant that will keep you fresh on your intense gym/workout days or during the hot and sweaty days.

It has a fresh smell that lasts for a long time. Also, you only need to apply a small amount of it, and you will use it for up to three months before you buy another supply.

Key Features
  • PURE. NATURAL. VEGAN. A clean formula without nonsense: No Baking Soda. No parabens. No aluminum chloride or zirconium. GMO-free. Phthalate-free. Triclosan-Free. No synthetic preservatives. All ingredients are assessed as safe by EWG.org.
  • FEEL FRESH and PROTECTED adequate odor protection without stickiness. In the office, in the gym, during a night out or on a long-haul flight (this deodorant will not disappoint you.
  • SCENT FOR EVERY TASTE. Aloe Delight’ combines clean, fresh, and resilient tones, creating a soft and soothing tone fragrance.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY At Bali Secrets, we are committed to creating and sharing products that we love ourselves. That is why the ingredients for our deodorant grow organically under a warm tropical sun (in harmony with nature.
  • MADE WITH LOVE IN BALI The island of Bali is known for its beauty and kind-hearted people. For generations, the Balinese have used their close relationship with nature to produce excellent herbal remedies and natural skincare.

Questions & Answers

How is the potassium alum healthier than aluminum? Thanks!

Alum is the abbreviation of aluminum. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines Alum: "1 a potassium aluminum sulfate KAl (SO4) 2 · 12H2O or an ammonium aluminum sulfate NH4Al (SO4) 2 · 12H2O used especially as an emetic and as an astringent and styptic 2 any of various double salts isomorphous with potassium aluminum sulfate 3 aluminum sulfate " More info at: chemistry.about.com/od/moleculescompounds/f/What-Is-Alum.htm To quote Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Chemistry Expert: "Alum Health Concerns All forms of alum can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Breathing alum can cause lung damage. Aluminum also may attack lung tissue. Because it's a salt, eating massive amounts of alum can make you sick. Usually ingesting alum will make you vomit, but if you could keep it down, the alum could upset the ionic equilibrium in your bloodstream, just like overdosing on any other electrolyte. However, the primary concern with alum is long term exposure to low levels of the chemical. Aluminum, from your diet or health care product, can cause degeneration of nervous system tissue. It is possible exposure to aluminum could lead to increased risk of certain cancers, brain plaques or Alzheimer's Disease. " chemistry.about.com/od/foodchemistryfaqs/f/Is-Alum-Safe.htm

Customer Reviews
5,420 Reviews

Avatar Lolakins


Slam Dunk, Home Ru - I can now do both of those things without stinking...

I'd like to start by saying that I came from Primal Pit Paste, but after 6 months of use I began experience an itchy, puffy, and downright painful rash. I searched low and high for a replacement deodorant that could combat by surprisingly odorous lady-pits. I tried a few clay based ones to no avail.I read the reviews for Bali Secrets and I was nervous about what could possibly keep me from stinking in the formula, and the fact that it was a liquid roll-on as opposed to a solid stick...(unwarranted prejudice, I suppose.) I tried the Rose scent first. I was happy with it on most days. While I didn't journal daily about what I ate and temperature, I was overall happy with it, but a little self-conscientious about my odor on certain days.I thought it silly to reach out to customer service regarding it because I figured my email would get lost in the shuffle. Can you believe that I received a response from Martin less than 8 hours later! He was professional, helpful, and offered to exchange the Rose for their Original scent, free of charge! A few days later, a replacement showed up in my mailbox as a surprise. I have been using the Original Scent and am so beyond happy with it. The aroma straight on the roll on was a bit strong at first, but it absorbs and changes with my skin to an incredibly pleasant scent.This is probably far too wordy for anyone to continue reading, but I urge to you to give this company a chance. They're phenomenal all around from product quality, packaging, shipping, and of course - their customer service team!

3-Schmidt’s Deodorant Rose + Vanilla Deodorant Jar

Schmidt’s Deodorant Rose + Vanilla Deodorant JarView On Amazon

Nearly 5,000 reviews could not say enough positive things about Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla Deo Jar.
It seems to have a cult following for its lack of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates, and shea butter inclusion, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa, bergamot essential oil, Vitamin E and hop extract.

Although it may take some getting used to – it’s a paste that you can spread under your arms with the tiny spatula it comes with or warm up with your fingers before applying – users can’t get enough of it once they’re hooked.

Plus, unlike other natural deodorants, this one is known for keeping you smelling like new for a longer period (even post-workout), and not leaving white marks on your clothes or yellowing the armpits or white tees. Finally, something we can get on board with.

Key Features
  • We are on a mission to change the way you think about natural.
  • Schmidt’s award-winning formulas help neutralize odor and keep you naturally fresh.
  • Our distinctive formula, packaged in elegant and durable glass jars, is beneficial to neutralize the odor and keep you fresh. Many believe that the pot formula offers more direct control over the application process. Thanks to a non-greasy, non-sticky feeling, our deodorants can be absorbed easily. It works incredibly well!
  • Our distinctive formula, packaged in elegant and durable glass jars, is very useful in helping to neutralize the odor and keep you fresh. Many believe that the pot formula offers more direct control over the application process. Thanks to a non-greasy, non-sticky feeling, our deodorants can be absorbed easily. It works amazingly well!
  • Heavenly bouquet of roses with hints of sweet, powdery vanilla, Rose, and Vanilla is luxurious, elegant, and inviting.

Questions & Answers

Hello I was wondering if you could list all the ingredients in this product I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to the most natural deo?

Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), cocoa seed butter (cocoa), tocopherol (vitamin E), natural fragrance.

Customer Reviews
1,067 Reviews

Avatar Julia


Schmidt's has the best customer service!

I love schmidts deodorant. The original stick formula is a little harsh on my skin most days, but I love the creaminess of the jar formula (you only need a lil bit don't over apply!), and I also like the sensitive skin stick. I alternate and use the jar most days, but will use the sensitive skin stick when I have just shaved my pits or I am on the go. I ordered the rose + vanilla jar here on amazon, but unfortunately within a week the formula started to change colors and dry out. Not sure why because it was properly stored, but I can't seem to find the expiration date on the jars. Anyway, I emailed schmidts customer service about it and THEY ARE GREAT. Seriously, if you have any issues with your deodorant email them and they will help you out!! They assured me that the change in color was normal, but they sent me a new jar anyways at no expense to me. I will include pics so you can see for yourself the difference in my first and second jar. This is a great company, and if you're looking to switch to a natural deodorant, don't waste your time/money on other brands like I did and start with this one. It really really works.

4-Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant for WomenView On Amazon

It’s no secret that this formula keeps you dry and odor-free for up to 48 hours so that you can break a sweat without aromatic or visible evidence.

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This recipe-strength formula is a must-have for excessive sweaters – from athletes to those in warm climates, to the enthusiastic traveler who flies from one flight to the next and will keep you clean for a long time after the end of your day.

Key Features
  • Clinical strength Deodorant and antiperspirant gives you 2x better protection against sweat ( versus the required protection of a normal antiperspirant)
  • Sweat and odor are no match for Clinical strength 48 hours odor resistance and moisture protection
  • Start dry and stay dry with this invisible solid that stays dry with a smooth, even application. Strengthening citrus aroma all-day scent
  • Keep stress sweat under control with 4X protection against stress sweat ( versus the moisture protection of an ordinary antiperspirant)
  • Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid
  • Protection against prescription moisture
  • Deodorant capsules that absorb odor all day long
  • Completely clean: there is no doubt that this smell will keep you clean
  • ’ 1 awarded antiperspirant/deodorant and doctor recommended ( Among beauty magazines for 2008-2010)

Questions & Answers

Just to make sure--I apply this at night only? So then after I shower in the morning, I do not need to put on any deodorant/antiperspirant?

I always use it first thing in the morning. I treat it like a regular deodorant, it only provides more coverage with perspiration.

Customer Reviews
799 Reviews

Avatar Liv Boone

Liv Boone

This stuff really works!

This stuff really works. I have been searching for a deodorant for so so long that works for me. I work in a hospital on 12 (sometimes more) hour shifts. This deodorant I can apply first thing in the morning and when I get home and change out of my scrubs I still smell just as fresh as I did at 6 am. I am amazed and so excited to finally feel comfortable all day long. My scrubs won't be ruined every day from my sweating/smelling. If you haven't tried this stuff and you struggle with sweating body odor, please don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed.

5-Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant by Secret

Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant by SecretView On Amazon

The secret is one of the leading brands that make high-quality deodorants for women.

The Outlast Clear Gel is a great deodorant you can rely on if you need an affordable deodorant that eliminates body odor.

It is one of the cheapest on the market but also one of the best antiperspirants and deodorants that protect deodorants.

This deodorant offers odor protection or up to 48 hours, meaning that it will help to eliminate the bad smell from morning till night.

It is a clear and invisible gel, so don’t worry about the streaks or stains on your clothes when you apply it.

It comes in a pack of four, which should serve you for almost six months. So yes, this deodorant is worth buying.

Key Features
  • Survive your day
  • 48 hours of odor protection
  • Odor protection to survive your day

Questions & Answers

What is more effective clear gel or Smooth Solid? Thanks

I think transparent gel is more effective, but, of course, everyone's body chemistry is different.

Customer Reviews
666 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

It works!! Best deodorant I have ever used!!!!

If i could rate this deodorant a 10/5 stars I would. I 10000% recommend this deodorant. I suffer from hyperhidrosis and I have tried all kinds of deodorants that could help me 1. Sweat less and 2. Not make me have a bad smell (I’m not smelly. It’s just that certain deodorants would make me smell bad). I tried men’s deodorants also.When I tried this one everything changed and those issues were solved. I’m not saying that I don’t sweat at all under my arms but it’s significantly less to a point that I can wear shirts I couldn’t wear while using other deodorants (including other types of secret deodorants). I am extremely thankful for this deodorant.I hope it works for others the same way (or even better) that it helped me!!Extremely good!!

6- Crystal Deodorant Essence Mineral Roll-On

 Crystal Deodorant Essence Mineral Roll-OnView On Amazon

An invisible, sturdy stick that glides and is free from harsh chemicals? Give up.

Crystal is one of the oldest and most trusted natural deodorant lines and based on more than 2000 reviews, we can see why.

Unlike some other lumpy, aluminum-free formulas, Crystal goes smoothly without flaking or crumbling and the best part.

It also protects against odor for 24 hours and is free from artificial scents, but comes in many tasty scents – in addition to the unscented version – such as lavender and white tea, vanilla jasmine, chamomile, and green tea.

Key Features
  • Made without: aluminum chloride/zirconium, parabens, phthalates, silicones, petrolatum, artificial colors or artificial fragrances
  • Does not leave skin feeling sticky or greasy
  • Prevents odor up to 24 hours safely and is free of harmful substances forms of aluminum
  • No residue, no stains, no white spots
  • Dermatologist tested Cruelty-free No animal testing Vegan
  • Packaging can vary

Questions & Answers

Are these cruelty-free?

Yes, I have never been mistreated.

Customer Reviews
531 Reviews

Avatar HHunter



Absolutely love this & the scent doesn’t turn into odour... I’ve used nearly all their scents in this range and it’s my fave for lasting. Also these natural deodorants are the best I’ve used bar the Israel one, but that is so expensive so this is my second best option.

7-Anarchy For Her by Axe

Anarchy For Her by AxeView On Amazon

The Axe is a well-known brand that produces men’s products. Their Anarchy For Her, however, is one of the best deodorants for sensitive skin on the market.

This is a deodorant that gives you a fresh and clean scent all day long. You apply it only once, and it lasts long enough.

It has a mix of sweet fruity notes such as blackberry and apple, and it is balanced with midtones or a floral scent. It then settles with basic tones of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood. The scent is strong and perfectly feminine. You can wear it during the day or even when you go out for a night.

Key Features
  • AX Body Spray for women Anarchy for her 4 oz. A feminine blend of sparkling fruity notes such as apple and blackberry with soft flowers in the heart and a light finish of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla
  • The fragrance is delicate, fun and designed to be used all day long
  • A unique scent in a 4 oz can
  • A few sprays are all you need
  • Always use AX, always smell great

Questions & Answers

This is described as a deodorant. Does it have any anti-perspirant properties?

No, it's just a spray. You will need to use a deodorant to avoid sweating.

Customer Reviews
234 Reviews

Avatar JeAnetta


Love it

I like the way it smells it's my first time using it my daughter tried to use it behind my back lol

8- Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Antiperspirant/Deodorant

 Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Antiperspirant/DeodorantView On Amazon

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 20/06/2020 04:40 AM

Consumers love Donna Karan’s deo-stick in his distinctive Cashmere Mist scent because it serves as a two-in-one antiperspirant and scent that regulates moisture and sweat, and you smell like you’re just perfuming have left (even if you have just enough))).

A mix of jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and musk, it’s everything you look for when you go straight from class to cocktail – or wherever you don’t want to show your choice first.

Key Features
  • 1.7 oz solid deodorant stick, subtly perfumed with the fragrance of Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
  • Checks moisture and perspiration
  • Perfect for even sensitive skin
  • Apply only to armpits
  • Precautions: Do not apply to damaged skin. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use

Questions & Answers

I want to know if this deodorant stain clothes?

Does not stain, but leaves white marks.

Customer Reviews
1,040 Reviews

Avatar PheaCroissant


It was a hot day and we did a good amount of walking

I bought this for my 10yr old niece who has this awfully strong onion-like body odor the moment she breaks a sweat. It's truly an awful plight she and the rest of us have to deal with. I read up on it and found multiple people mentioning this deodorant as the only thing that actually works in covering up the smell. So, reluctantly, I bought this crazy overpriced deodorant for her. The first weekend she used it, we went out to a fair. It was a hot day and we did a good amount of walking. Typically, by the time she gets into a car or any small space after breaking a sweat, we all smell her. This time, NOTHING. It works. It really works! Too bad this product is so expensive. I don't know how I'll be able to afford to keep buy a 20 something dollar bottle of deodorant that makes my 10yr niece smell like a little old white lady. Better than onions I guess.

9-Rose + Vanilla Deodorant for Women by Schmidt’s Natural

Rose + Vanilla Deodorant for Women by Schmidt’s NaturalView On Amazon

This deodorant comes with an attractive scent that combines notes of a rose bouquet and some notes of powdery vanilla. The deodorant is non-sticky and non-greasy and absorbs quickly when applied.

You only need to use a small number, and it will last all day. It is also made with innovative formulas that absorb moisture and neutralize the unpleasant body odor.

It comes with an incredibly sweet scent that will appeal to the men, contains no aluminum, which means that your skin will be protected against irritation and other resin reactions when you apply it.

Key Features
  • We are on a mission to change the way you think about natural.
  • Schmidt’s award-winning formulas help neutralize the odor and keep you naturally fresh.
  • Free from aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, our vegetable and mineral derived formulas are certified vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Our distinctive formula uses baking soda to neutralize odor and is a little firmer than conventional deodorants the condensed formula provides additional odor protection. It requires only a small amount to be applied to get results. Thanks to a non-greasy, non-sticky feeling, our deodorants can be absorbed easily. It works amazingly well!
  • Heavenly bouquet of roses with hints of sweet, powdery vanilla, Rose, and Vanilla is luxurious, elegant, and inviting.

Questions & Answers

Does it stain clothes?

It has ruined some of my clothes and the stains can still be seen after several washes. It is a wax-like stain that unfortunately remains. It works like a deodorant, better than any other organic I've tried, but I wished it would not leave such bad spots.

Customer Reviews
2,579 Reviews

Avatar Isis



Es el mejor desodorante orgánico que he probado. Su efectividad es de larga duración. Además el olor es suave y natural. No deja manchas en la ropa oscura. Después de cierto tiempo de uso constante recomendaría combinarlo con el de algún otro desodorante de Schmidt's para pieles sensibles, de tal manera que la piel no se irrite o reseque.

10-Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Cream

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Deodorant CreamView On Amazon

If you have problems with sodium bicarbonate and other natural formulas that contain it, give Meow Meow Tweet a BS-free grapefruit cream.

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Cream 1It is a mix of powerful vegetable oils and mineral powders (with a sweet citrus scent).

It is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin that is easily irritated, especially after a hardcore gym.

Ingredients such as magnesium in the diet and arrowroot help moisture and neutralize odor.

Still, it’s also full of wild-processed vegetable products such as citrus Sinensis (sweet orange) zest, citrus paradise (grapefruit) zest oil, and citrus Limon (lemon) zest oil.

And if you are extra concerned about the environment, you will be cruel, vegan, and handmade in the US with biodegradable, waste-free packaging. It also comes in a bottleneck paper push-up stick if you don’t want to deal with the jar. A + for effort.

Key Features
  • A soft, sensitive skin natural deodorant cream that is baking powder-free and works!
  • Useful for all activities, effectively neutralizes odors, and keeps you smelling fresh all day.
  • Soft, creamy consistency with a delicious citrus scent of pure essential oils.
  • Formulated and handmade in the USA. Made with certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and fair trade ingredients
  • Aluminum-free, without parabens, sulfate-free and plastic

Questions & Answers

How strong is the grapefruit smell?

It is a very light grapefruit citrus aroma, which you will only notice when applying the deodorant, but it will not be noticed through the clothes. It is very weak afterwards and the good thing about this is that your skin does not really smell like anything after the smell disappears, it's just clean, almost like white.

Customer Reviews
483 Reviews

Avatar Angela


This Deo DOES work. I'm a VERY heavy sweater. Just give it & your body time to adjust!

This my very FIRST product review...and I shop online for almost everything. I felt compelled to write a review for two reasons; #1 - my shock, awe and love for this product (yes, really!) #2 - because perhaps others that may be looking and searching for a great natural deodorant (like I was for so long)...may be discouraged by a few of the previous reviews, please don't be!First off, I'm a huge sweater. All. The. Time. Seriously... (I wish I was kidding). For as long as I can remember, I sweat whether I'm hot or cold...winter or summer, never seems to differ. And I have used allot of the store bought deodorants, tried soooo many, and would use the ones that had the absolute strongest percentage of active ingredient (the bad for you stuff), and I would carry it in my car, my purse, my desk, several in stock at home...and would RE-APPLY throughout the day as needed. AND I HATED IT. Why did I HAVE to sweat so much!?? I would also wear layers, a tank top (to soak up sweat before I had embarrassing sweat rings...going halfway down my shirt. I even tried garment liners. (Just to give you an idea of just HOW much I sweat).Fast forward to the past 6 months. I started to worry and wonder and what all of that deodorant was doing to me...? The bad stuff I'd been applying like frosting on a cake. Ugh. Then reading...and learning...and trying different products. DIY deodorants, all natural ones, and even had the baking soda rash (highly sensitive skin as well...lucky me) the baking soda broke me out so badly I had a rash under my arms, down my sides almost to my waistband. And horribly uncomfortable. Itchy. Burning. Redness...that was aweful. I had to leave work and go home just to shower and try my best to wash as much off as I could (it's not easy to give yourself an armpit bath at the office (hand soap & paper towels) and look like everything is peachy, when you really want to strip down and pack ice in your armpits.)If you're still reading...I say all that to tell you that I ordered this product, honestly thinking and believing that it would fail. I was hopeful, but had not had much luck so far (and I'd tried several). I had just done an "armpit detox", thinking it surely couldn't hurt - after the amounts of toxic deo I had applied...perhaps that would help? [Armpit detox = bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar paste...at least that's the one I did.]I *felt* like it had to have helped (who really knows right?) And I was determined NOT to go back to the toxic stuff. But my homemade stuff (a mixture I'd made without baking soda) was just giving me slippery pits and oil stained shirts. It was beyond frustrating! I knew that I would still sweat. I has no false hopes that I'd stop sweating. I know it's supposed to be good for us and cleansing and all that, but at least I wanted to not smell like I just left the zoo. So I waited for this to arrive, and continued to research and read. And hope for the best.It arrived. *happy dancing may have been part of opening the package* ;)I applied it. It felt amazing! And smelled awesome too! If only it would work (please...please work!) A few hours passed, I was of course sweating and doing the sniff test. Tad bit off smelling. I washed, and applied again. Repeat for 2 days...here we go ago I thought. Then I had a random thought or flash I'd read something about using vinegar to kill the bacteria under your arms (that's what makes us stinky...not the sweat...its the bacteria that creep into feast on the fat in your underarm sweat...nice eh?) So I took a small amount of white vinegar on a wash cloth and wiped both underarms really well. Waited a few seconds to dry, and reapplied the deo. Still felt great, and I has renewed hope! :)Couple hours pass...I'm sweaty (of course) but I DO NOT smell bad!! I did the sniff test all day. Nada. I'm good. I even smell kinda good...because the deo smells so nice. I seriously wanted to update all of Facebook and tell everyone! I restrained myself ;)So now it's been 3 days. And I'm still having AMAZING luck with this Meow Meow Tweet deodorant. Its truly been the ONLY one that hasn't been disgustingly sticky, or slimy, or given me a rash. Not cool :/I only wish there was a break on price if you ordered more than one, or three. I'd lover to have a couple on hand...and not have to spend $50 to get there, ya know? I originally ordered from their site, and i ordered the small sample size (cheaper at $8, for 1oz)...because i wasnt too convinced that it was going to work. I'm really hoping and praying for a great sale on their site :)I know it's still fairly new...but 3 days. And no smell. None. THAT IS HUGE. At least in my book...since I'm the super soaker of sweaters - I wish I were exaggerating. Sighhh.I will most definitely update if things change or I have something to add. I really hope this review helps someone out there. And you have some luck 🙂

11-Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant

Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium DeodorantView On Amazon

This gentle deodorant has a clear odor and does not clog your pores at all; it) is one of the only true non-comedogenic deodorants that you can find.

Magsol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant 1This is perfect for men who are concerned about pore-blocking issues and who can enjoy a smooth, comfortable odor-fighting experience.

This deodorant is made with all-natural ingredients.

In fact, the formula uses only three ingredients in total to achieve excellent results and deodorize your body.

These ingredients are beeswax, almond oil, magnesium oxide and sandalwood oil for the scent.

This ends with a masculine but completely natural scent that both men and women will appreciate; the deodorant is one of the best smelling deodorants for men.

It differs greatly from the traditional fresh scent of synthetic deodorants.

All the oils inherent in the formula make it exceptionally smooth when it rubs on your skin.

Our testers are convinced that even men with sensitive skin should find this a pleasure to apply.

Almond oil, in particular, has an excellent soothing effect that can relieve mild irritation and cause inflammation.

The deodorant is completely non-comedogenic; this means that it has no pore-blocking properties, so it is in no way an antiperspirant.

That said, the fact that it’s so great for your skin and pores makes it the smoothest and most comfortable deodorant you can find in any market.

It’s just a little pricey for his 3.2-ounce stick, but we think it’s worth it if you want the best deodorant for sensitive skin.

Key Features
  • All Natural Magnesium Deodorant Aluminum-free deodorant for men and women
  • Smells good naturally: neutralizes odor, reduces stress and nourishes the skin
  • 100% natural ingredients: almond oil, beeswax, magnesium oxide and essential oils of therapeutic quality
  • The smooth sliding formula, no baking powder! Made in the USA
  • Free from: Aluminum, Baking soda, Triclosan, Paraben, Phthalate

Questions & Answers

Does rhis product stains clothes?

I have had no problem with it. I have discovered that my best solution for using a natural deodorant instead of an antiperspirant is this product plus a little natural organic powder. (such as fresh silk body powder from Chagrin Valley online) It never gets fat or affects my clothing and keeps me dry.

Customer Reviews
1,766 Reviews

Avatar Robert Burton

Robert Burton

Finally... A Natural Deodorant That Goes On Easy and Smells Absolutely Amazing!

I'm happy to say that I have found my natural deodorant of choice! Most of the natural deodorant choices I've seen contain either baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), hydrogen peroxide or alum crystal (a form of aluminum). The first two options totally suck and are usually caustic - as in they cause rashes, especially to sensitive skin. The third option (with aluminum or alum) is the worst and of course, there are many articles claiming that the use of aluminum in deodorants has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease.This deodorant is made from 4 simple and natural ingredients: Almond Oil, Beeswax, Magnesium Oxide, and Essential Oils.My main reasons for liking this one the best are:1) It's a stick, which I really like. I was using another brand that worked fairly well however, I had to put it on with my fingers because it's basically a clay.2) This deodorant lasts like ALL day and into the next day - not kidding! I've woken up late a few times and had to hit the road without a shower on the last film I was working on and I am happy to say that I did not "pit-out" that next day and make people around me queasy.3) The sandalwood fragrance SMELLS REALLY GOOD! I've had several people ask me what cologne I was wearing on days when I actually wasn't wearing any cologne, just the deodorant.Bottom line: this deodorant is amazing, and 1 unit will last you for months.So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself smelling good already 😀

12-Bergamot + Lime Deodorant for Women by Schmidt’s Natural

This deodorant differs from the best deodorant for sensitive skin in its application, will not slide it under your arms like you would with other deodorants.
Bergamot + Lime Deodorant for Women by Schmidt’s NaturalView On Amazon

Instead, take it out and apply it with your fingers. It usually comes in the form of a gel, but it offers excellent odor protection while still giving you a pleasant scent.

Contains natural ingredients such as baking powder, arrowroot powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, along with some essential elements. Oils.

The sweet scent of lime and bergamot makes this deodorant a great choice to give you a fresh scent all day long. However, it may not be the right choice if you have sensitive skin.

Key Features
  • It is reminiscent of a summer day with its clear citrus scent. Bergamot lime is a real pleasure to wear
  • The award-winning formula offers all-day protection against odor and moisture control
  • Easily absorbed. Non-greasy, non-sticky feeling
  • Vegetable powders protect against moisture without the use of aluminum
  • Free from aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates

Questions & Answers

Will someone please list the ingredients (in order shown on label)? Many thanks. :o)

The label on my bottle says: Butyrosaspermum parkii (shea butter), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), Maranta arundinacea powder (arrowroot), Theobroma cocoa seed butter (cocoa), Citrus bergamia essential oil (bergamot) , essential oil of Citrus aurantifolia (lime) essential Oil, tocoferal (vitamin E), extract of Humulus lupulus (hops) The label also reads: Free of aluminum, free of propylene glycol, free of parabens and free of phthalates.

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Avatar Speechie72


It works!

I'm seriously sweaty and I can't believe it but this actually works. It doesn't stop you sweating but I don't smell of sweat AT ALL at the end of the day....miraculous!

13- Degree for Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray, Active Shield

 Degree for Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray, Active ShieldView On Amazon

Have you tested every gel, solid, and cream there? Consider a sprayable antiperspirant deodorant that leaves no visible residue, and that affects sensitive post-shaving areas with immediate application.

Degree’s spray is dermatologically tested and alcohol-free, plus it is immediately dry for a non-wet-meets-icky feeling.

The “MOTIONSENSE” technology also releases bursts fairly quickly when you need them, such as after clocking miles and getting a bit rough.

Key Features
  • Degree Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray Sexy Intrigue 3.8oz.
  • Instantly dry for a cleaner feeling.
  • Features of MotionSense technology. Keeps you fresh with every move.

Questions & Answers

Would you recommend the spray or stick deodorant? I'm usually a stick person but I wanted to try something new.


Customer Reviews
66 Reviews

Avatar Cheryl McCloud

Cheryl McCloud

Haven't used it long enough to give an opinion. I like the smell & the texture.

14-Clinical Powder Soft Deodorant by Dove

Clinical Powder Soft Deodorant by DoveView On Amazon

Dove is one of the leading brands that make high-quality products for women.

The Clinical Powder Soft Deodorant is made as an antiperspirant that offers 48-hour odor protection.

It contains no alcohol, which means that you do not experience itching or skin irritation when you apply it.

It is a great deodorant to wear at work during your gym/training day, or during those extra sweaty days. The deodorant also has a moisturizing cream that keeps your armpits soft and healthy.

You will also love the floral tones that are in balance with an airy baby powder smell.

Key Features
  • Pack of 3, each is 1.7 ounce
  • Recipe-strength wetness protection
  • Soothes and cares for the skin with Dove 1/4 moisturizers
  • Contains Vitamins E and F, reveals softer, smoother armpits in just five days
  • Proven track record of success

Questions & Answers

Whats the Expiration date?

I'm not sure. I used the 3

Customer Reviews
421 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

Please don't pass Dove Clinical up. TRY IT.

I purchased this product for my daughter, who has tried several different antiperspirants and none worked for her. She is ecstatically happy with Dove Clinical, she applies in morning, and again in evening. She highly recommends this product. Will buy again.

15-Arrid XX Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant

Some don’t cut a deodorant that prevents body odor. If you want a product that won’t make you sweat at all, try Arrid XX Roll-On Anti-Transpirant.
Arrid XX Roll-On Antiperspirant DeodorantView On Amazon

This antiperspirant uses 16% aluminum chlorohydrate to stop sweating in its tracks.

The scent is unisex, so if you don’t like floral or fruity deodorants, this is a great option.

The roller makes application easy, and a reviewer says this is the best anti-sweat product when used, just the persuasiveness of the deodorant used in the past.

For a deodorant that lasts all day, you can try Arrid’s gel formula.

Key Features
  • 24 hours of protection to stop moisture and odor
  • Makes you cool, dry and confident all day long
  • This deodorant is not unscented
  • It is a normal odor, a unisex scent that can be worn by both men and women

Questions & Answers

Is this for men too?

Although it is not commercialized in terms of gender, I see no reason why it is not effective for both men and women.

Customer Reviews
343 Reviews

Avatar lee Daniels

lee Daniels

Five Stars

Favoured anti perspirant of step mum

16-Organic All Natural Lavender Deodorant by Green Tidings

Organic All Natural Lavender Deodorant by Green TidingsView On Amazon

The Green Tidings Organic All-Natural Lavender Deo comes with a mix of organic ingredients to give you harmless odor protection, contains coconut oil and baking soda, which are known to contain antibacterial properties.

This is one of the most appreciated deodorants for women, and it delivers perfectly in terms of sweat reduction and odor protection.

It also leaves you with a fresh scent that lingers throughout the day.

Key Features
  • AWARD-WINNING NATURAL DEODORANT: Our natural deodorant is known to last a long time 24 hours for most people. The natural deodorant from Green Tidings helps absorb moisture (which tends to decrease considerably when pores are blocked against perspirers), and only a few light wiping movements are needed to last. We are the best selling, top-rated natural deodorant for a good reason.
  • ONLY CLEAN, PURE, VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, Tapioca Starch, Sodium bicarbonate (aluminum-free), Organic Shea Butter (Fair Trade), Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax, Magnesium Oil and 100% pure essential oils.
  • WHAT MAKES GREEN TIME DIFFERENT: Non-toxic, organic, vegan, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, paraben-free, Free of mineral salts (crystal deodorants and mineral salts contain aluminum!), SLS-free, aluminum-free, propylene glycol-free, perfume-free , petroleum and petrolatum free, phthalate-free, paraffin-free, mineral oil-free, no artificial colors, no silicone oil, no menthol, phenol or salicylic acid, certified without cruelty by Leaping Bunny, and made in a solar-powered facility.
  • WE HAVE OPTIONS! Our deodorant comes in 2 sizes, and the 1-ounce size is best as a tester, or for traveling or your sports bag. Our 2.7-ounce tube is our complete deodorant. All our bulk three packs are 15% off! Choose from our Vetiver Citrus, Lavender, Jasmine Rose, Floral Spice, Vetiver Citrus, or Unscented option and look for our Sensitive Skin version, a baking soda-free option if that suits you better.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you do not like our deodorant, let us know, and you can return it for a full refund. We strive for excellent customer service. Ask? Remarks? Feedback? Let us know!

Questions & Answers

I see that they only have lavender and unscented... is the lavender too girly for a man?

No. It's a neutral odor to the genre.

Customer Reviews
6,042 Reviews

Avatar Imw


I am the chemical queen ... I have always looked for the strongest possible deodorant. The more aluminum zirconium tetraclorahydrex gly ... involved ... the more interested I was. But, when I started trying to eat better (read: much more natural and healthy foods), and I realized that my body deserved better. For years I was "scared" of natural products because I felt they were below the standard, and they did not really work as well as their chemical counterparts. Well ... let me clarify things for anyone who thinks like me ... this is the best deodorant I've ever used! No kidding, the description is correct ... it will sweat ... but it will NOT stink. I was terrified when I used it for the first time and began to feel the moisture in my armpits. I kept doing the sniff test, but I was pleasantly surprised, as every time ... it was a fresh smell ... even though I was sweating a lot. I'm not paid for doing this review, nor did I receive this product for free ... I'm just a customer who reads tons of reviews in an attempt to find out if a certain product is for me. I am truly grateful to have found this product to help me continue on my path to a healthier life. If this revision was useful, indicate it in the small button below the revision. It just helps me know that writing a review is not a waste of time. Many thanks!

17-Secret Scent Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Clear Gel

Secret Scent Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Clear GelView On Amazon

Deodorant stains can be a significant pain, especially if you put on a freshly washed, dark-colored shirt. Completely circumvent the problem with a gel deodorant, such as this from Secret.

This antiperspirant continues as a clear gel and dries up, so you don’t have to worry about irritating white spots. The gel is infused with small beads that are meant for a better fighting odor.

It is excellent for all skin types and comes in a variety of scents such as SoVery Summerberry and Cocoa Butter Kiss.

Reviewers say that this deodorant does the job done or the most sultry days and that all are pleasant without being overwhelming. Another reviewer mentioned that the formula also dries quickly.

Key Features
  • This secret antiperspirant deodorant, launched by Secret’s design house, gives you a fresh feeling and dries all day long
  • It reduces the forearm wet.
  • Ideal for all skin types.
  • So Very Summerberry Scent
  • Clear Gel
  • Antiperspirant and deodorant

Questions & Answers

How many. Deodorants will come in this order?


Customer Reviews
96 Reviews

Avatar Sparkles


It works. The first time I tried this, I only applied it after showering, then got angry when I started feeling stale by afternoon. I did not read the instructions on the tube. The instructions say to apply at bedtime. I was confused as to why, but there's a whole science behind it. To make a long explanation short, you apply deo before you go to bed because that's when your glands are least active. This gives the product time to clog your glands to avoid sweating. Then, in the morning after showing, apply it again for a second round of protection. When I did that, I my underarms didn't feel stale until the very end of the day. But by bedtime, I just reapplied the deo, and again in the morning after showering. That is the trick. Apply before bed, and again in the morning. You'll notice a huge difference!

18-Organic Deodorant for Women by Island Deodorant

Organic Deodorant for Women by Island DeodorantView On Amazon

This deodorant is one of the unscented, aluminum-free, vegan deodorants that works perfectly to remove the odor and feel fresh.

It contains ingredients such as organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, probiotics, wild candelilla wax, baking powder, and corn starch.

Key Features
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL organic deodorant with no added odor, only organic coconut oil, organic corn starch, baking soda (naturally aluminum-free), wild-crafted candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil and probiotics
  • PROBIOTICS Natural, organic, aluminum-free deodorant with odor control probiotics
  • AWESOME to use during pregnancy and lactation. Perfect for kids and teens too!
  • BPA-free Gluten-free Aluminum-free Paraben-free Alcohol-free No added odor Vegan
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it doesn’t work for you or you don’t we like to pay you back

Questions & Answers

I ordered the sensitive by accident and hate it. It leaves white crap all over my clothes. How do you get this out? A damp cloth does nothing:(

Have you tried a good stain remover, or whatever you normally use for grease and oil stains? Water alone won't work for the wax and coconut oil. I personally use the sensitive most days (I love how creamy it is), and have never had a problem with it leaving white marks on my clothes, and I mostly wear sleeveless tops since it's so hot and humid most days in Key West (I do rub it in well with my hands before I get dressed) so I am sorry I don't have personal experience to draw on to help you with this. I would be happy to refund you for your purchase since you don't like it. You can contact me through Amazon or my website.Sincerely,JenniferOwnerIsland Deodorant

Customer Reviews
363 Reviews

Avatar mel


This one may surprise you

I was skeptical about this product at first, especially since it is the EIGHTH natural deodorant I've tried. Here's how it compares to the others I've tried:Effectiveness:OK It doesn't keep you from sweating since it's NOT an antiperspirant, but it does prevent odor, which is pretty amazing to me since I live in a really hot climate and am a naturally sweaty person, and it doesn't have a fragrance of its own. But somehow, it still works. I just think it's remarkable how un-stinky I am with this. My perception is that it's preventing a smell rather than just covering it up like a lot of the other deodorants I've tried. Those usually end up smelling like whatever fragrance + BO but this just smells like nothing which is great.Formula/ease of use:As other reviewers have said, it does go on thick and transfer to clothing, but I solved that by putting it on in the evening before bed (this also streamlines my morning routine -- bonus!). If you're careful you can avoid getting it on your clothes.Comfort:Wonderful! Of the many other deodorants I've tried, baking soda ones tended to be the most effective but unfortunately they all made me break out into horrible painful rashes. (Even sensitive skin versions, and no it wasn't some BS "detox" or that have would happened when I go backpacking sans deodorant) But this one was comfortable to wear, no stinging or burning or itching or anything.Overall I have to say I've very surprised with this, and will probably be purchasing again.

19-Autumn Spice Deodorant by Organic Field of Heather

Autumn Spice Deodorant by Organic Field of HeatherView On Amazon

This deodorant is natural and aluminum-free and comes with a super attractive scent that is perfectly feminine and contains some natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, vitamins E and C, as well as coconut oil, offers reliable scent protection and makes you smell wonderful.

It also contains other ingredients that help kill the smelly bacteria.

The deodorant has a mix of herbs and pumpkin, which is quite attractive.

You can wear it to work or when you go on vacation.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable deodorant that is cheap and keeps you fresh.

However, it will not be last as long as other deodorants on this list.

Regardless of that, it’s still worth buying a deodorant.

Key Features
  • All-natural and organic aluminum-free deodorant that works
  • Detoxifying non-GMO ingredients such as organic coconut oil and cocoa butter
  • Organic essential oils and extracts that produce beautiful aromas
  • Aloe Vera gel soothes and hydrates itchy skin
  • Dear natural deodorant for women Men and children for odor control

Questions & Answers

For me this product is too hard and dry to apply. The oils need to melt before it goes on but I'm not sure how to warm it up. Any ideas?

I would think about heating it in the microwave for about 5 seconds. Or, put some melted coconut oil on top and rub it in half or a whole teaspoon, since it is based on coconut oil.

Customer Reviews
57 Reviews

Avatar Groggee


perfect deoderant. smells good too. love it.

I love this deoderant. It is a perfect transition from the toxic antiperspirants i was using. No residue in clothing, smells good, and works. During the summer i only smelled my sweat under the deoderant a few times which is my fault anyway. I wasn't always eating the healthiest. I swiped my underarms between 7 and 10 times. My husband uses the Moroccan deoderant and loves it. When he comes home after a long day at work he still smells great. For some odd reason the Moroccan one didn't mix well with my body chemistry lol. That's alright Autumn spice is perfect for me. By the way Autumn spice also smells good on him. My two year old sometimes wants to copy mommy, so i will barely blot her underarms once and I'm not worried about exposing her to anything toxic. One last thing, the deoderant hasn't depleted yet. My husband and i have been using our deoderants for a few months now and still going strong.

20-Lady Speed Stick Deo for Women

Lady Speed Stick Deo for WomenView On Amazon

This is one of the best deodorants for sensitive skin that offers 48-hour odor protection, regardless of the environment. That is why you can wear this deodorant on hot and humid days because it eliminates the unpleasant body odor.

It also comes in a clear gel, which means that you apply yourself with your fingers.

This deodorant contains the Micro-Absorber technology that ensures that you stay dry and smell fresh.

You can wear it at work, at the gym or when you have a hard day outside.

Key Features
  • Freshness Morning to Night!
  • Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant, Power Fusion Gel offers you a burst of freshness when you need it.
  • Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant, Power Fusion Gel is formulated with 48 hours protection against odor and wetness
  • This antiperspirant deodorant is also formulated to leave no white residue on the skin.

Questions & Answers

Que fecha de vencimiento tiene?

Do not

Customer Reviews
304 Reviews

Avatar Amanda


This smells so good, I moved to the west coast recently and I had trouble finding it in stores, but I liked them enough to order the 6 pack online because I was desperate to buy them again. I sweated easily and this works very well for me.

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorants help smell malodorous body parts by applying a film to the targeted skin surface.

Ingredients in deodorant fight bacterial growth that causes a sweat odor, but odors can also be designed to mask malodorous substances without trying to stop bacterial growth.

Antiperspirant, unlike the best deodorant for sensitive skin, contains active ingredients such as aluminum and zirconium salts that form gel-like plugs in sweat channels, preventing sweat from reaching the skin surface.

This reduces the formation of bad odors by bacteria.

Since aluminum salts also have antimicrobial properties, they can also reduce bad odors.

The bottom line: antiperspirant stops sweating while deodorant masks body odor and all strong antiperspirants are also deodorants.


How Can I Reduce My Body Odor?

is that smell coming from me? - deodorant for sensitive skin s and pictures How Can I Reduce My Body Odor?

A combination of things causes body odor.

Although it is entirely reasonable to stink someone, we have collectively decided that as a society, we should not stink all the time.

Deodorant is a great place to start, but tons of men suffer from an abnormally unwanted body odor that overwhelms anything but the most potent deodorant products.

As we described earlier at the beginning of our men’s care guide, most body odor is the result of bacteria that reproduce in the nutrient-rich environment of your sweaty skin.

Although the body odor is entirely natural, there are some methods to combat an unfavorable odor, except for the use of deodorant.

Method #1: Eat better!

Many men don’t have the diets they should have, and it can affect their body odor.

Your sweat contains more properties that happen than you think.

Especially foods with strong odors such as onions or garlic can eventually leak those odors into your body fluids, including your sweat.

Imagine how much pleasure the bacteria will have if they get food scraps with their little beaks. Gross.

A good idea to combat body odor is to eat better.

Fresh food and vegetables are the ultimate antitheses against bad body odors.

You should also avoid foods that are too greasy or greasy because both change the actual chemical composition of your sweat and make it a better place for bacteria to dine.

Even men who eat poorly and are therefore slightly overweight will generally sweat more because their bodies have to work harder to regulate the temperature.

Method #2: Wash your clothes!

Many men do not wash their clothes as often as they should during regular training or sportswear.

Here’s a pro-tip: if it smells terrible, bacteria will love it.

Clean clothing is the key to maintaining the right skin environment that does not invite tons of other bacteria.

If you do your laundry regularly, the overall, persistent body odor will be removed for a long time.

Method #3: shave your forearm hair

Finally, cut your forearm hair as if you were not worried about other guys who sometimes tease you about it.

The truth is that armpit hair is a great place for bacteria to stop and reproduce.

excess sweat is trapped in the fibers and prevents you from cleansing the underlying skin as thoroughly as you would otherwise.

Removing the cover of your forearm hair makes it easier to clean your armpits and thoroughly eliminate bacteria.

What Best Time To Apply Deodorant?

the final grooming touch - deodorant for sensitive skin s and pictures What Best Time To Apply Deodorant?

The deodorant must be applied immediately after showering.

Even water-resistant, long-lasting deodorant products are not resistant to the cleansing effects of most soaps or body cleansing that you use for your daily shower routine. Would use.

View the guide that we put together on the best body wash for men if you want to know more.

After you shower and clean yourself, you must apply the best deodorant for sensitive skin because, in Theoretic, your skin won’t touch until you shower the next day again.

The only exception to this is swimming in the pool or ocean.

Depending on the deodorant you have chosen, it may be a smart idea to resubmit the rest of the day.

As we explained above, most deodorants are designed to last a full 24 hours or more, so you usually need deodorants. Do not reapply all day.

However, there is nothing wrong with adding another layer if you still smell yourself or if you have worked up a particularly high sweat.

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