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Best At-Home Balayage Kits for Hair Dyeing (2024)

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best balayage kits for hair dyeing at homeUnlock your inner artist and add a splash of color to your hair with the best balayage kits for dyeing at home! Whether you’re looking for an effortless transition from dark to light or just want a subtle sun-kissed highlight, there is something out there that can help you achieve salon-quality results without ever leaving the house.

From Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit to Madison Reed Light Works Balayage, we bring together eight amazing products that will give you beautiful balayage hair in no time.

So grab some protective gloves and get ready – it’s time to start experimenting with bold colors and see what works best for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Achieve salon-quality balayage at home with professional kits.
  • Say goodbye to salon prices and hello to sun-kissed hair.
  • Eight top balayage kits for stunning results.
  • Follow a five-step process for successful application.

8 Best Balayage Kits for Hair Dyeing at Home

Discover the best balayage kits to achieve salon-quality highlights at home. From Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit, Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener Max Blonde, and Madison Reed Light Works Balayage to L’Oreal Paris Frost Design Caramel, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Balayage Blondes Hair Color, and Garnier Nutrisse Blonde Highlight Kit, there is something for everyone.

Revlon Permanent Hair Color Kit and dpHUE Blonding Brush Highlighter both offer easy application with minimal damage while providing beautiful results.

1. Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit

Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit,View On Amazon
For bold or subtle highlights, look no further than the Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit. It contains a professional salon formula that lifts 8-9 levels and leaves hair soft and shiny. This permanent lightener and blonde bleach hair dye includes a highlighting hat and hook, as well as avocado oil to nourish the locks for added luster.

The product is also available with a violet conditioner for aftercare, making it perfect for home use on medium blondes or light brown blondish tresses.

The kit comes with everything you need to protect your scalp while achieving gorgeous sun-kissed results. It includes gloves, cap & hook attachments, and a non-drip creme formula in one convenient package! It may require multiple applications of bottles, but customers have praised its affordability compared to salon prices.

  • Professional Salon Formula that lifts 8-9 levels
  • Permanent Lightener & Blonde Bleach Hair Dye included
  • Nourishing Avocado Oil Violet Conditioner (for aftercare)
  • Easy application Affordable compared to salons
  • Cap included can be cheap/rips easily
  • May require multiple applications/bottles
  • Can result in dryness/minimal hair loss

2. Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener Max Blonde

Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener PermanentView On Amazon
Transform your look with Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener Max Blonde, a gentle hair lightening product that offers long-lasting, intense color in vivid shades. It quickly turns even dark brown hair white for a dramatic effect. This powerful formula provides total coverage of grey hairs and can be used to create bold or subtle highlights on blonde or pre-lightened locks.

The conditioning ingredients help protect the scalp from irritation while helping to keep strands soft and shiny after application. Users have noted that multiple applications may be necessary for full color saturation – but follow-up treatments should only take about 20 minutes each time! And don’t forget to bring out the best in your new color by using toner and an anti-yellowing shampoo afterwards as well.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener Max Blonde is suitable for home use, though it’s important to consider the condition of one’s hair before beginning any lightening process – especially if it has been previously treated with dye/bleach products already!

In terms of results, customers report transitioning from patchy dark/light brown colors into beautiful bright blondes (with some orange tinges) which could then further be toned down through regular conditioning processes until the desired shade was achieved.

All in all, this kit gives you control over how far you want to go towards achieving perfect hues at home without having to worry too much about damaging effects due to its carefully balanced formula designed specifically for safe usage among different types of users.

  • Long-lasting intense colors
  • Quickly turn even dark brown hair white
  • Gentle formula with conditioning ingredients
  • Suitable for home use
  • May require multiple applications & bottles for full coverage
  • Can result in some dryness & minimal hair loss

3. Madison Reed Light Works Balayage

Madison Reed Light Works BalayageView On Amazon
Experience a luxurious, professional salon-style balayage with Madison Reed Light Works Balayage – for stunning highlights that will have you looking your absolute best! This easy two-step process provides all the necessary ingredients to achieve beautiful results from the comfort of your home.

The kit includes a precision wishbone balayage tool for mess-free application and specially formulated lightening cream, activator, and finish toning glaze. It also contains nourishing Keratin, Argan oil, and Ginseng Root Extracts to keep hair healthy while dyeing it.

Plus, it’s 100% paraben-free, ammonia-free, and cruelty-free, so you can feel confident in using this product, knowing that no harm is done during the coloring process.

With its commitment to better care for hair clients and the community alike, Madison Reed has quickly become one of the most beloved brands among beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Thanks to their high-quality products, such as color kits, which provide amazing coverage with incomparable ease of use.

Also noteworthy is how affordable these kits are compared to those found at salons, making them a great option even on tight budgets.

  • Easy 2-step salon process – suitable for blonde or light brown hair shades
  • Contains keratin, argan oil, & ginseng root extract – helps maintain healthier locks
  • Non-drip formula with mixing tray, gloves, & overcap – ensures precise application every time
  • Ammonia-free, paraben-free, & cruelty-free options available – safe ingredients used throughout
  • Applicator difficulties may arise due to the need for assistance from another person
  • Outcome may be subtle, not everyone’s preference after the recommended dye time
  • A different applicator brush might be needed if the desired outcome is not achieved
  • Toner effectiveness could be questioned since some customers experienced little effect

4. Loreal Paris Frost Design Caramel

LView On Amazon
Take your hair to the next level with L’Oréal Paris Frost Design Caramel, a hi-precision pull-through cap for highlights that’ll have you Insta-ready in no time! This permanent lightener and blonde bleach hair dye includes two hook options for bold or subtle results.

Plus, it comes with everything you need to protect your scalp while giving yourself beautiful sun-kissed highlights – from a toning rinse for shiny, non-brassy hair to a mixing tray, gloves, and an overcap.

Achieve salon-quality balayage at home without breaking the bank – users of this product rave about its affordability compared to salon prices. Those looking into Loreal Paris Frost Design Caramel should note that it may require multiple applications if transitioning from darker colors, as well as some dryness or minimal hair loss during use; however, these effects are usually short-lived.

With proper care post-application, such as using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, plus regular trims every 6-8 weeks, this kit will give you those trendy golden hues without having to set foot outside your own bathroom!

  • Hi-precision pull-through cap allows precise strand selection
  • Choice of styling hooks provides various highlighting effects
  • Affordable compared to salon prices
  • May require multiple applications when transitioning from dark color
  • Can cause minor dryness/hair loss during application

5. Clairol Nice Easy Balayage Blondes Hair Color

Clairol NiceView On Amazon
Discover the perfect sun-kissed highlights with Clairol Nice Easy Balayage Blondes Hair Color, an all-in-one lightening solution that lets you achieve salon results at home. This one application kit comes with everything needed to protect your hair and scalp while lightening it for a bold or subtle look.

The easy-to-use formula can be used on darker blonde color-treated hair, but beware – not monitoring closely might result in slightly yellowish strands! To get the best out of this product, some customers recommend using a regular hair dye alongside this kit, as well as toner and anti-yellow shampoo afterwards for best results.

This balayage blondes kit is practical and simple enough even for first-time users, although control over widths and separations into sections may present some challenges without help.

  • One application kit
  • Practical & easy to use
  • Lightens darker blonde color-treated hair
  • Does not cover gray at temples well
  • May need multiple boxes depending on length
  • Can result in brassy tones if applied incorrectly

6. Garnier Nutrisse Blonde Highlight Kit

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair ColorView On Amazon
Indulge in the ultimate at-home pampering with Garnier Nutrisse Blonde Highlight Kit. It boasts a nourishing blend of triple fruit oils and offers 100% grey coverage. The permanent hair color kit is available in 45 shades, giving you a world of options to choose from.

Each complete dye kit contains everything you need for your dyeing adventure. It includes an ampoule packed with grape seed oil and a rich non-drip creme formula for easy application.

Experience beautiful balayage highlights without needing to step foot into any salon. Just follow the instructions included within each box for the best results! Discover softness and shine like never before with this all-inclusive coloring solution.

It leaves your locks looking natural yet glamorous, even under dark or artificial lighting conditions.

Whether you’re aiming for subtle or bold highlights, this user-friendly product will help ensure that every strand gets evenly colored. You won’t end up with splotchy patches on different areas. Customer reviews are mostly positive as well.

Many have praised its affordability compared to salon prices. However, some customers have reported issues with packaging or coverage.

Power through those grays effortlessly while delivering deep conditioning treatments straight away after completing each session.

  • Nourishing blend of triple fruit oils
  • Available in 45 shades
  • Contains Grape Seed & Avocado Oils
  • Rich Non-Drip Creme Formula
  • Easy Application Process
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments Included
  • Issues With Packaging Or Coverage Reported By Some Customers
  • Requires Multiple Applications For Full Coverage

7. Revlon Permanent Hair Color Kit

Revlon Permanent Hair Color, PermanentView On Amazon
Transform your look with the Revlon Permanent Hair Color Kit and get the sun-kissed highlights you’ve always dreamed of! This all-in-one lightening solution makes it easy to achieve professional results at home.

Utilizing Bond Restore Complex technology, minimal damage is done while achieving subtle or dramatic highlights.

Choose between two ammonia and paraben-free shades: Honey for light brown, medium brown, and dark brown hair; Blonde for medium blonde, dark blonde, and light brown hair. The kit also includes a LightZones Cap n Hook for precise blonde highlights as well as an option to paint on balayage streaks for a custom effect.

To finish off your new look, there’s even a violet pigmented conditioner included that boosts color while eliminating brassy tones!

  • Easy one-application kit
  • Minimal damage due to Bond Restore Complex technology
  • Violet pigmented conditioner eliminates brassiness
  • Not suitable for darker colors than medium blondes
  • May require multiple applications

8. DPHUE Blonding Brush Highlighter

dpHUE Blonding Brush - Heat-ActivatedView On Amazon
Unlock your inner blonde bombshell with dpHUE’s Blonding Brush Highlighter, a perfect combination of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide to lighten strands for sun-kissed highlights.

Its soft bristle brush and precision applicator make it easy to create fine strand highlights without any mess. Enhanced with conditioning agents, this highlighter helps maintain healthy locks while gradually transforming them into warm golden hues.

  • Easy to apply as a highlighter
  • Effective lightening on sandy, darker blonde hair for whiter highlights
  • Worth the cost
  • Short-lived results
  • Application can be awkward and may require assistance

How to Achieve Beautiful Balayage Hair at Home

How to Achieve Beautiful Balayage Hair at Home
Want to achieve beautiful balayage hair at home? You can now create a sun-kissed look with the help of advanced DIY kits.

Here are five tips to ensure a successful application:

  1. Start with clean, detangled hair.
  2. Apply the bleach mixture in small sections, focusing on where light naturally hits.
  3. Let it sit for 20 minutes or as suggested by the kit instructions.
  4. Rinse and use purple toner if desired.
  5. Use color care shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

Take your time when using these products – it may take several applications before reaching the desired results!

Follow up with regular trims every 6-8 weeks while protecting from sunlight for the best results.

Tips for Choosing the Right At-Home Highlighting Kit

Tips for Choosing the Right At-Home Highlighting Kit
When it comes to achieving beautiful balayage hair at home, selecting the right highlighting kit is essential. Consider your hair type when choosing a product and look for nourishing ingredients like grape seed or avocado oil.

Hair type considerations

Create your perfect look with the right highlighting kit for your hair type – whether it’s wavy, curly, or straight. Consider factors like lightener and nourishing ingredients when choosing a balayage kit that best suits you.

For example, go for ammonia-free formulas if you have a sensitive scalp, and opt for sulfate-free shampoos to protect your color from fading too soon.

To achieve stunning results during the DIY process, select a shade that is two tones lighter than your natural hair.

To maintain salon-quality highlights at home, make sure to use heat protectants and wash your hair less frequently.

Nourishing ingredients to look for

When looking for an at-home highlighting kit, be sure to check the ingredients list for nourishing oils like avocado and grape seed oil that will help keep your hair healthy. Look out for hydrating agents such as aloe vera or chamomile extract, which can also boost color vibrancy and lock in moisture.

Select a kit with vitamin E or pro-vitamin B5 to protect against fading while keeping locks soft and shiny. To ensure maximum hydration, choose formulas that contain natural oils like jojoba oil or argan oil.

Both are excellent choices for protecting hair health during at-home coloring sessions.

Shade selection tips

Consider the shade of your natural hair color when selecting a highlighting kit for at-home balayage, as it’s best to choose one that is two shades lighter.

For medium blonde or light brown blondish hair, Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Highlighting Kit is great.

L’Oreal Paris Preference Balayage Kit and Garnier Nutrisse Hair Highlights Kit Multi-Lights are suitable for lighter shades.

Madison Reed Light Works provides an overall pick.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Lightener Max Blonde can quickly turn dark roots white but requires multiple applications with toner & anti-yellow shampoo follow up.

All kits offer convenience & savings compared to salon appointments. Keep in mind application techniques, coloring tips & DIY maintenance!

What to Look for in an At-Home Highlighting Kit

What to Look for in an At-Home Highlighting Kit
To get the perfect sun-kissed look, make sure to select an at-home highlighting kit that suits your hair type and offers nourishing ingredients.

  • Hair Color Selection: Choose a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color to achieve the best results with balayage highlights. Consider factors like lightener, developer strength, and toner when selecting the right shade for you.
  • Nourishing Ingredients: Look for products that include hydrating oils such as avocado oil or grape seed oil in their formulas, which help protect against damage while coloring your strands at home.
  • Shade Matching: Consult product charts on packages before purchasing kits to ensure accurate matching of desired shades with those given by manufacturers; this will help avoid unnecessary surprises after dyeing!
  • Highlighting Kit Features: Opt for kits with precision tools and special effects if looking specifically for ombre or blonde highlighting effects at home; these can also be used multiple times without any harsh chemicals, making them ideal cost savers over time!

By considering all of these features offered by various balayage kits available today, you can confidently create salon-quality highlights from the comfort of your own bathroom! With patience during application processes (and regular trims!), there’s no reason why achieving beautiful balayage shouldn’t be possible even without expert assistance.

Can You Achieve Salon-Quality Balayage at Home?

Can You Achieve Salon-Quality Balayage at Home
You can create gorgeous, salon-quality balayage highlights at home with the right products. Balayage has become increasingly popular due to its sun-kissed look and low maintenance upkeep.

With professional kits like Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Highlighting Kit or Madison Reed Light Works Balayage, you can achieve beautiful results in a fraction of the time it would take at a salon. And if budget is an issue, drugstore options such as L’Oreal Paris Frost Design Caramel or Clairol Nice Easy Balayage Blondes Hair Color are just as effective.

To get that perfect color outcome every time, make sure to do a strand test before any application and follow up with toner for best results! Don’t forget regular trims and deep conditioning treatments too – these will help keep your hair healthy while protecting against split ends caused by heat styling tools or overprocessing from coloring too often.

With expert insights on proper sectioning techniques plus comparisons between different kits available on the market today – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to recreate salon looks all from your own bathroom!


Are you ready to take your hair-dyeing game to the next level? With the right at-home balayage kit, you can achieve stunning, salon-quality color on your own with minimal effort. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sun-kissed look or bold highlights, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

From Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit to DPHUE Blonding Brush Highlighter, these eight kits provide nourishing ingredients, precise application tools, and reliable results. With the right balayage kit in hand, you can say goodbye to expensive salon appointments and hello to beautiful, sun-kissed hair at home.

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