20 Best Androgynous Haircuts That Everyone Can Wear for of 2021

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We live in a place and time with virtually no limits to the androgynous haircuts or cuts that everyone can wear.

best androgynous haircutsHaircuts have never been for just one gender. It’s just hair; after all, those days when fashion was separate for men and women are over. The stereotypes fade, and styles merge.

Looking for a state-of-the-art way to rock short hair? Try something more daring for your next cut with these bold and beautiful androgynous haircuts, short and long!

Many androgynous haircuts are high maintenance because they have shaved sides or designs that need to be maintained to look fresh.

These feminine / masculine haircuts can be seen in various looks, including mushroom clippings, buzz clippings, undercuts, cormorants, and more!

All styles are very creative and allow you to express yourself while avoiding traditional gender roles.

Take over the power of both sides with this haute couture look! Check out this updated list of androgynous hairstyles now!

What Are Androgynous Hairstyles Anyway?

Before we get into the know-how, we need to clarify this question.

Androgyny is a recently popularized term that may interest some and confuse others.

In simple terms, an androgynous haircut can be worn by women or men. They can be a gender-neutral approach to a person’s appearance and style preferences.

Androgynous haircuts are popular among those who proclaim gender fluidity.

20 Best Androgynous Haircuts of 2021

Here we share some great examples of androgynous hairstyles.

These sections embrace the power of masculinity with a feminine touch.

Keep scrolling to check out our favorite androgynous haircuts that are sure to inspire your new look this year.

1. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie CutWhen it comes to short haircuts, the short pixie cut is about as classic as it gets. Zoë Kravitz rocks it just about better than anyone else, and she’s been doing it on and off for years.

While the hairstyle screams androgyny, Kravitz’s fashion style is often feminine, making it the perfect juxtaposition. She sometimes goes for a more choppy pixie, but the slick styling of this cut feels less trendy and more classic. The sleek style frames the actress’s face, showing her delicate features.

When it grows into a shag, it will be just as cool.

2. Buzzed Sides and Long Top

Buzzed Sides and Long TopThis is one of our favorite androgynous hairstyles for its versatility. You can zoom in on the sides completely or wear it as a fading hairstyle.

We recommend the cut for people with medium to coarse hair. It looks especially great if you have naturally curly hair, like in the picture. To style it, use a little bit of hair gel around the sides to make sure no bits are sticking up.

Then apply the same hair gel and run it through the strands with your fingers. Use sparingly so that the top doesn’t look greasy.

3. The Shag androgynous haircuts long

The ShagSome call it looking good in punk; we call it a great idea. The shag lost its dated reputation, making rounds this year in an updated, less messy version of itself. Mixed layers and a seamless bang area have replaced the zig-zag ends.

Now rock stars of all hair types can compete in the light, swinging silhouette of this cut, which borrows the flattering look of long layers, but in a shorter version.

4. Pixie Cut With a Tapered Fade

Pixie Cut with a Tapered FadeThis androgynous pixie cut is simple and bold, ideal for women with straight hair. A soft gradient adds flair without compromising the simplicity of the style.

With low-maintenance styling, this is a solution for those who want to shorten their time in front of the mirror.

5. Punky Androgynous Cut With Hair Design

Punky Androgynous Cut With Hair DesignPunk is nothing but a state of mind. The truth is, real punks aren’t satisfied until their looks scream for their clear inner selves. To meet the tall, punky pixie who can talk and tell others who you are.

Of course, you improve the look if you brighten it up with a bold color. And to make it unique, you can opt for some hair tattoos that are shaved on the sides.

6. Choppy Pixie Cut

Choppy Pixie CutThose with fine hair will be surprised by the versatility of a choppy pixie-like Teyana Taylor. With a little pomade, you have a not too spiky, androgynous haircut that will look great on almost any face shape. Yes, round faces can definitely wear a pixie! It is one of our favorite short hairstyles.

Taylor is a bit of a hair chameleon, but a pixie really suits her. For a similar look, ask a stylist for a short haircut with lots of texture and choppy bangs. Adding height to the back of your head gives you a cool ’90s feel that’s always in style.

7. Messy Pompadour

Messy PompadourIf you want to wear your hair short but still have some freedom in styling, this androgynous hairstyle is the way to go. You can play on top of different hair colors to contrast the sides and different textures. It looks just as well ironed and smooth as it would with a perm or loose waves from a curling iron.

You can achieve a messy, dusty texture with the help of hair wax. we’ve even written a full guide to the top 10
best hair waxing options, as well as a guide on how to use them.

8. Bowl Cut

Bowl CutThat infamous childhood apple slice has come back to haunt us all but in the best way. The version of this cycle comes with more nuanced details, which could mean the men can cut more points at the hairline and sideburns or soft edge details for the ladies.

9. Punk Androgynous Cut With Lines

Punk Androgynous Cut with LinesFor girls who want a cut with more texture, try a longer length at the crown with layered bangs. To texturize, heat a wax that holds lightly between hands and gently shake hair with fingers.

Shaving a few horizontal lines in front of the ear is a common trend to modernize the look.

10. Сurly Mohawk

Сurly MohawkThis mohawk is a few androgynous hairstyles for curly hair that can make the most of its texture. The neatly shaved sides and incredibly voluminous top keep the unruly hair type neat and comfortable while showing off its striking beauty.

Styling curls can be difficult at times, so cutting your hair short is a win-win choice. And if you cut it conspicuously, you will never regret this decision.

11. Undercut androgynous haircuts short

UndercutLooking for an edgy short haircut? An undercut might be the thing. An undercut, by definition, is a style with shaved sections of hair under the rest of your hair. If you pull your hair up in a ponytail, you will see it shaved underneath.

But if you let go of the rest of your hair, you won’t be able to see the shaved parts. Kelly Osbourne has turned multiple versions of undercuts upside down, and she nails it every time. She made it even edgier by showing off her scalp tattoo, and pastel purple locks pulled into a baby bun.

12. Soft Waves + Quiff

Soft Waves + QuiffYou cannot go wrong with a simple, stylish short haircut like this one. It works for all hair types, but we recommend blurring the sides if you have thin strands.

Thin, long locks can appear stringy and unhealthy. This is a super popular androgynous hairstyle as it will suit most face shapes and textures too.

13. French Bob

French BobDo you already have a bob or lob haircut? Why try the French bob to make your look a little androgynous without committing to anything too drastic?

This chic cheekbone style complements your facial features and is also great if you have thin hair and longer hairstyles are less flattering.

14. Mullet

MulletProbably the most misunderstood look of our generation, the red mullet. This style is back with more mixed layers at the back.

Modern versions now have a pretty cute fringe – instead of that weird-looking buzz cut – top. The sides are also more rounded and thinned with scissors rather than clippers. This is a relatively unique, top-heavy look, meaning round, triangular, and heart-shaped faces look best with this style.

15. Dirty Blonde Crop Cut

Dirty Blonde Crop CutConcentrating the length of the hair in the direction of the bangs can camouflage a larger forehead. Plus, emphasizing the bangs helps draw attention away from unwanted areas.

Those with a smaller forehead can still choose to have longer fringes to style the hair to the side or back.

16. Spiky Style With Skin Fade

Spiky Style With Skin FadeHow about the purest form of tomboy aesthetic? This fading style is a perfect combination of cleanliness, sharpness, and color precision.

The skin fade highlights the spiky top, while the spectacular accents complete the whole look. Short, sweet, and distinctive, isn’t that a cut to recreate?

17. Quiff

QuiffEven if you have never heard of a quiff haircut, you definitely know what the haircut looks like. Like an undercut and shaved sides, a crest is shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

But this hairstyle does not shave the bottom. It is less edgy and can be a good short haircut for beginners. Janelle Monae loves fairies, but it’s this quiff that feels like the boldest and coolest of the star. In a typically “ masculine ” tuxedo, she goes for a completely androgynous style, playing with gender fluidity.

18. Copper Pixie

Copper PixieIf you’re thinking about trying out fun new hair colors, we recommend going for a fiery copper color. It is one of the most fashionable hair colors of the season and looks edgy on short hair. If you need some inspiration when choosing a red hair color, check out our recent blog at the best Auburn Hair Colors.

19. Long Pixie

Long PixieIf you want to give your pixie cut the look of androgynous short haircuts, try shaving the sides. This will give your cut a little more edge and take the feminine sweetness out of your pixie cut.

You could go all in and do a pixie with a total undercut too. Style the longer, top part of your hair with TIGI Wax Stick’s Bed Head for a shapeable hold with a perfectly undone texture.

20. Platinum Tipped Cut With Scruffy Layering

Platinum Tipped Cut with Scruffy LayeringCurly hair can make affinity for longer cuts like this one, as curls will be more prominent and defined. To further strengthen the curl, keep your hair hydrated by using oil treatments, deep conditioners, and leave-in products with ingredients such as aloe vera.


Whether you want to try an undercut or some new short bangs, an androgynous haircut is a perfect way to change your look this year!

Please choose your favorite androgynous hairstyle and combine it with your own clothing style. Break free from the chains of discrimination and rule the world!

There is no limit to the variety of androgynous haircuts. Each of the ideas you’ve seen is here to remember once and for all: your personality is the only one that determines your style.

Isn’t that time to let your imagination run wild and get yourself a new tomboy-inspired cut?

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