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Transition Hairstyles: Grow Out Short Hair for 2024

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transition hairstyles for growing out short hairAre you ready to transform your short hair in 2023? Growing out a pixie or bob can feel like an eternity, but with the right transition hairstyles and products, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some creative ideas on how you can stylishly grow out shorter styles while maintaining healthy locks throughout the process. With these tricks up your sleeve (and maybe a few accessories), there is no need to fear those awkward stages along the way.

So let’s get started on transitioning from short to long hair this year!

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Key Takeaways

  • Get nape trims every 4 weeks to maintain style.
  • Style bangs away from the face using curling irons/brushes for an elongated look.
  • Add volume at the crown with curls or waves to enhance texture and disguise growing layers.
  • Part hair differently to redistribute bulk.

Transition Styles for Growing Out Short Hair

Transition Styles for Growing Out Short Hair
With the right treatments and styling techniques, you can easily transition from a short ‘do to your desired long locks. Revitalize hair with treatments like razor thinning and layers to remove bulk that can make it look unkempt.

Style bangs away from the face using curling irons or brushes for an elongated look. Slick back sides with light gel for a more structured hairstyle, then add volume at the crown through curls or waves for bounce and texture, as well as disguising any growing layers.

Get rounded cuts with waves to enhance natural texture while avoiding puffy shelves of hair by incorporating lightweight mousse into your routine, along with trimming off split ends every 8-12 weeks, which prevents breakage in the future too! Face framing layers are key when transitioning out of a shorter style.

Let them grow while keeping the side/back cropped so they fall naturally around cheeks instead of sticking straight outwards.

Accessories such as headbands and scarves will help smooth over awkward stages when growing longer styles, so take advantage of those during this time too! With these tips in mind on how best to transition out short haircuts into longer looks, you’ll have no problem achieving beautiful results quickly yet still healthily!

Techniques for Styling

Techniques for Styling
Starting with a short hairstyle can be intimidating, but fear not! With the right treatments and styling techniques, you can easily transition from your current ‘do to long locks.

Revitalize hair with razor thinning and layers in order to remove bulk that might make it look unkempt. Style bangs away from the face using curling irons or brushes for an elongated look.

To complete your transformation, pile hair loosely across the crown for an updo. Curl 1-inch sections while misting lightly with hairspray before slicking back one side and adding waves to the other.

Get a rounded cut with waves along using volume mousse on top of pixie straight backs enhanced by soft gels. This will achieve natural texture and shine through, as well as disguise growing layers when letting face-framing layers grow out while keeping the top longer than the sides/back cropped up till beachy texture is added.

Revitalize Hair With Treatments

Revitalize your hair and give it a total transformation with treatments! Treatments like razor thinning, layers, and styling products can help you achieve the look you desire. Low-maintenance haircuts to long pixie cuts are possible when done right! Make sure to keep hair healthy by avoiding heat damage and getting regular trims.

  • Razor thinning
  • Layers
  • Styling products
  • Low maintenance cuts
  • Heat protection

Transform short locks into something special with treatments tailored for your desired style. When used properly, they create looks ranging from low maintenance styles to longer, more voluminous hairdos while keeping the integrity of each strand intact.

With these techniques at hand, any goal is achievable – from taming frizz or adding texture, volume, or movement — all without sacrificing the health of luscious locks.

Eliminate Bulk With Razor Thinning, Layers

You can eliminate bulky styles with razor thinning and layers. Use a flat iron and styling gel for a shorter style. Cut the hair shaft for structure and movement. Add texture to achieve a transitional look! Opt for creative layered cuts to personalize your style.

Style Bangs Away From Face

Style your bangs away from your face! Create beauty, power, and belonging. Curtain bangs transition hair; add layers for a framing effect. Awkward stages? Let below5 Michelle Williamson help hair grow out gracefully by adding curl enhancer, volume spray to create a tousled chic look or slick back with light gel for a structured look.

Jenna Elfman, letting face-framing layers go long while keeping sides/back cropped, adds beachy texture and bounce to style away from the face without bulkiness.

Slick Hair Back With Light Gel

Slick back your hair with light gel for a sleek, structured look. Achieve longer locks with Peter Thomas Roth hair products. Use an A-line cut and a half-inch curling iron to create a blunt bob. Flaunt power and belonging – no bulk or poof! Accessorize with headbands and clips for a polished style.

Remove Excess Weight for Proper Collapse and Lie

Lighten up locks to collapse, lie just right! Bold look guaranteed to turn heads. Jennifer’s New Bob, Choppy Layers & Structured Waves for freedom & power. Laura Dahl advises removing excess weight. Creative style engages audience seeking liberation and belonging.

Pile Hair Loosely Across Crown for Updo

Gather strands, pile them loosely across the crown for a chic updo. Admire the creativity with the latest cool-girl style.

Curl 1-inch Sections, Mist With Hairspray

Twist and curl one-inch sections of your hair, misting with hairspray for a stunningly gorgeous look.

Curling sections creates an elongating effect that will turn heads. Liberate yourself with the power to create beautiful short hair looks! Belong in style by using products specifically designed for short hair advertisements.

Embrace the beauty of your natural texture while still having fun trying new styles! A curling iron is key here – use it to add definition and structure without sacrificing length or volume.

Step out feeling confident as you own every moment; be bold, be daring, feel liberated through fashion’s freedom!

Slick Back One Side, Add Waves to Other

Slick back one side, add waves to the other! Revitalize with treatments. Razor thinning and layers for less bulk. Use an inch-barrel iron and a styling brush for curl definition. L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Melting Gel gives structure without sacrificing length or volume.

Get Rounded Cut With Waves

Revitalize your look! Get a rounded cut with waves – show off luscious locks. Use foam rollers for a traditional shape; a couple of bobby pins and a little hairspray.

Use Volume Mousse to Avoid Puffy Shelf of Hair

Lock in your look! Volume mousse banishes the puffy shelf of hair. Transform small pieces into longer, more luscious locks with L’Oréal Paris’s Féria Ombre Kit and achieve an ombre effect. Make heads turn with body and movement—be liberated! Power up for a lasting style that belongs to you.

Slick Pixie Straight Back With Soft Gel

Style pixie cut with light gel for a sleek look. Transform shorter pieces to longer ones with L’Oréal Paris Féria Ombre Kit to create an ombre effect. Power up lasting style that’s yours! Redken styling brings body and movement; lighten ends for liberation, power, and belonging.

Allow Natural Texture to Shine Through

Embrace your natural texture and let it shine through for a smooth look. Showcase Lena Dunham’s curls, Emma Roberts’ waves, Jennifer Hudson’s coils, Aubrey Plaza’s kinks, or Kristen Stewart’s bedhead. No need to hide—own the style! Create lasting looks with volume mousse and curl enhancer; take control with hairspray.

Experiment: use headbands or pins to create an individualized look that expresses you.

Let Face-framing Layers Grow While Trimming Back

Allow face-framing layers to grow, trim! Achieve a unique look with Jennifer Hudson’s coils, Emma Stone’s waves, Aubrey Plaza’s kinks, Anne Hathaway, and Dakota Johnson.

Let Top Hair Get Long While Keeping Sides/back Cropped

Take control of your look. Crop the sides and keep the top long for an effortless powerful style. Follow Lena Dunham and Emma Roberts’ style tips: use curls for texture, sleek back with gel, or go for tousled chic waves.

Alexa Chung’s voluminous updo is a perfect transition! Jennifer Hudson’s smooth curls will add bounce and body to short hair. Take inspiration from Dakota Johnson’s wild mane in an A-line shape and make it your own! Embrace liberation and own your power.

Add Beachy Texture for Tousled Chic Look

Add beachy texture. Tousled chic style. Short and longer sections. Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts.

Use Curl Enhancer, Volume Spray for Body, Movement

Boost your style with curl enhancer and volume spray to add body and movement. Kristen’s tousled chicness, Jenny Balding’s occasional trims – create beachy texture for a liberating look. Add layers, curls & waves for bounce! Hair up or down; slick back or side part – be creative.

Freedom of choice to accessorize & achieve power through hairstyle control! No explanation needed – mix sentence length/structure for natural flow.

Get Precision Face-framing Cut

Get a precision face-framing cut to avoid the bulk of growing out your hair – it’s like taking scissors to science! Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson, Lena Dunham, and Emma Stone have all used this technique for sleek looks.

Kristen Stewart proves liberation is possible with creative styling. Power through hairstyle control: accessorize & achieve! Mix sentence length/structure for a natural flow.

Add Curls and Volume at Crown to Disguise Growing Layers

To disguise your layers, crown with voluminous curls for liberation and beauty. Elisabeth Moss, Emma Roberts, Alexa Chung, and Lily Collins showcase the style.

Growing Out Timeline

Growing Out Timeline
Are you looking to transition from a short hairstyle? Growing out your locks can be an intimidating process, but with the right timeline and styling techniques, it is definitely achievable. Typically, it takes 6-12 months for a pixie cut to grow out completely, up until shoulder length.

To maintain the style in between trims, it is recommended to have trims every 4 weeks at the nape of the neck only, avoiding any top trims.

Takes 6-12 Months to Grow Pixie to Shoulder Length

On average, it takes a full 6-12 months to bring your pixie cut up to shoulder length, but with the right treatments and styling techniques, you can make that journey feel like no time at all! Take inspiration from celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jennifer Hudson, or Lily Collins who have grown out their short cuts.

Alexa Chung and Anne Hathaway are also perfect examples of how even shorter styles can be made into longer ones by using innovative products like volumizing mousses or curl enhancers.

With proper product use and professional trims every 8-12 weeks for split ends prevention, along with scalp massages for improved circulation and growth, achieving long locks is within reach. Don’t forget regular treatments too: conditioners help reduce dryness while strengthening moisturizers prevent breakage.

So go ahead—let those face-framing layers grow out in style!

Get Nape Trims Every 4 Weeks to Maintain Style

Maintain your look with regular nape trims every four weeks to keep the growing-out process sleek and stylish!

To achieve a bouncy effect, use volumizing mousses or curl enhancers.

Accessorize with headbands, clips, and scarves for an effortless yet flirty look.

If you’re feeling girly, slick back one side of your hair while creating waves on the other for a structured and sculpted edge.

Kristen’s signature style is also perfect for transitioning from short to long. Slick it straight back using light gel and secure pieces with pins in the crown area to create an updo that doesn’t feel too heavy or bulky.

With these tips, you’ll be sporting longer locks before you know it!

Styling Tips

Styling Tips
If you’re looking to transition from a short hairstyle, there are several tips for styling your hair during the growing out process.

To redistribute bulk, part your hair differently and tuck longer sections behind ears once they get long enough.

Utilize headbands, clips, and scarves to create stylish looks that help disguise uneven lengths.

Volumizing products can be used on shorter strands, as well as strong hold products that will elongate the face.

Curls also help hide any length discrepancies caused by growing out stages.

Additionally, washing less frequently will reduce fluffiness of styles.

Scalp massage boosts circulation, aiding in growth.

Heat damage should be avoided at all costs.

Split ends must be eliminated with conditioning treatments.

Realistic expectations about awkward stages are key when transitioning between cuts!

Part Hair Differently to Redistribute Bulk

Switching up your part to redistribute bulk while growing out short hair can make a world of difference – it’s the little things that count! Change up where you part your locks like Lena Dunham, Alexa Chung, Anne Hathaway, and Dakota Johnson for an effortless look.

Katherine McPhee also rocks this trick by creating flattering waves with her middle part. Redistributing bulk allows luxuriously long tresses over time without compromising style along the way.

Tuck Behind Ears Once Long Enough

Once your hair is long enough, tuck it behind your ears! Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, Lily Collins, and Anne Hathaway all flaunt this style to narrow their faces. Dakota Johnson also rocks a middle part with stunning waves for an effortless look.

Use Headbands, Clips, Scarves to Style Uneven Lengths

Accessorize with headbands, clips, and scarves to keep your uneven lengths looking polished while growing out short hair! Jennifer Hudson rocks a bold bandana; Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, Anne Hathaway all look chic in sleek bands.

Opt for boho-inspired vibes with Emma Roberts’ scarf style or go classic like Lily Collins.

Volumizing, Strong Hold Products Elongate Face

Boost your style with volumizing and strong hold products that can give you a longer, more structured look. From Jennifer Hudson to Emma Stone, Alexa Chung to Lily Collins, these stars prove that accessorizing is the perfect way to stay stylish during transition stages.

Products like mousse and hairspray provide body and movement while thickening hair for an elongated face shape.

Curls Disguise Uneven Lengths

You can disguise uneven lengths with curls, giving your look texture and pizzazz. Lena Dunham, Katherine McPhee, and Ouidad Creative Director Morgan Willhite have all rocked the style! Garnier Fructis Sky Curl Hair helps you create perfect waves without any heat damage.

Wash Hair Less Frequently

Cut back on shampooing to avoid poof. Jennifer Hudson, Alexa Chung, Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway, and Katherine McPhee have mastered the art of less-frequent washes.

Scalp Massage Improves Circulation and Growth

Gently kneading your scalp with your fingertips can help stimulate circulation and promote healthy hair growth. Lena Dunham, Jennifer Hudson, Emma Roberts, Elisabeth Moss, and Kristen Stewart all swear by this technique for fabulous locks.

Avoid Heat Damage

Protect your hair from heat damage with a heat protectant spray and lower temperatures on styling tools:

  • Jennifer Hudson swears by it.
  • Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Alexa Chung, and Anne Hathaway too!
  • Keep settings low to avoid dryness.
  • Use treatments for strong strands.

Eliminate Split Ends

Condition your hair regularly to prevent split ends and keep strands smooth, healthy, and strong. Jennifer Hudson swears by it – Emma Stone, Lily Collins, and Alexa Chung too! Use treatments for strong strands.

Benefits Precautions Products
Smooth Lower heat Heat protectant spray
Conditioner Serum Treatments
Curl Enhancer Volume Spray Mousse
Gel Hairspray Pins
Headbands/Clips/Scarves Scalp Massage Micro Trims
Realistic Expectations Shampoo Alternatives Nape Trims
Beachy Texture Precision Cut Face-Framing Layers
Updos Structured Look Slick Back
Tousled Chic Look Waves/Curls Volume at Crown

Have Realistic Expectations About Awkward Stages

It’s important to manage expectations when growing out short hair; the process can be long, but with patience and creativity, you’ll create beautiful styles like snowflakes. Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Alexa Chung, and Anne Hathaway agree! Condition regularly for smooth strands; use low heat settings and protectants for healthy locks.

Healthy Growth Tips

Healthy Growth Tips
Taking the time to care for your hair as it grows out is essential for maintaining healthy ends and a beautiful style. Investing in regular trims every 8-12 weeks will help keep split ends at bay, while micro trims can be used to maintain the health of your hair.

Stimulate growth with scalp massages that increase blood flow, and use strengthening or moisturizing products on a daily basis to prevent breakage.

Get Trims Every 8-12 Weeks to Prevent Split Ends

To keep your hair looking its best, get trims every 8-12 weeks to nip split ends in the bud. Emma Stone’s sleek bob looks fresh with regular touch-ups. Alexa Chung rocks a boho look that requires frequent snips.

Lily Collins’ wavy style only stays tamed with monthly cuts. Anne Hathaway and Katherine McPhee use trims to maintain their classic styles.

Micro Trims Keep Ends Healthy

Regularly trimming your ends with micro cuts can help keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. Alexa Chung, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, and Lily Collins all get regular trims to maintain their signature styles.

Micro-trimming helps prevent split ends while preserving the look of long locks.

Table: Benefit Result
Regular Trim Prevents Split Ends
Micro Trim
Preserves Long Look

Achieve a salon-worthy style without sacrificing length by regularly snipping away dead or damaged strands with micro trims! Keep your mane luscious and free from split ends while maintaining the desired silhouette you strive for – no matter what celeb serves as inspiration!

Scalp Massage Increases Blood Flow

Massage your scalp for increased blood circulation and healthier hair growth! For ultimate luscious locks, follow the lead of celebrities like Lena Dunham, Alexa Chung, Anne Hathaway, Katharine McPhee, or Dakota Johnson.

Strengthening, Moisturizing Products Prevent Breakage

Indulge your strands with strengthening and moisturizing products to prevent breakage and achieve the luscious locks of your dreams! Follow in the footsteps of stars like Lena Dunham, Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, and Anne Hathaway for glossy hair that’s full of life.

Nourish tired tresses – rich conditioners will add softness and shine, while serums provide protection.

Transition Styles Make Grow Out Intentional

Try out a few transition styles to make your grow out look intentional and give you the luxurious locks of your dreams! From Emma Stone’s tousled chic waves to Katherine McPhee’s precision face-framing cut, Anne Hathaway’s rounded cut with waves, or Alexa Chung and Lily Collins’ slick backs – there are endless possibilities.

Accessories Like Headbands Look Polished

Headbands and clips are an effortless way to accessorize your look and give it a polished finish as you grow out short hair! Consider Emma Stone’s tousled chic, Jennifer Hudson’s slick back, Anne Hathaway’s waves, or even the sleek styles of Alexa Chung and Dakota Johnson.

Curtain Bangs Transition Bangs

Switch up your look with a set of curtain bangs – perfect for framing your face while growing out that short cut. From Alexa Chung to Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone to Jennifer Hudson, and even Dakota Johnson, this style is versatile enough to fit any mood or occasion.

Interim Cuts Like Shag, Bob, or Pixie Shape Grow Out

You can easily transform your look with an interim cut such as a shag, bob, or pixie shape to help you grow out your short hair without sacrificing style. Try Alexa Chung’s choppy layers for added texture and volume; Anne Hathaway’s natural waves give off understated elegance; Emma Stone adds fringe bangs for extra dimension, and Jennifer Hudson opts for a sleek shoulder-length bob.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of treatments are best for revitalizing hair?

Treatments such as razor thinning and layers can help revitalize short hair, while conditioning to reduce dryness and breakage will ensure healthy growth. Use volume mousse for body, styling gels to secure your look, plus protective heat sprays if using hot tools.

How often should I get my hair trimmed while growing out?

Get trims every 8-12 weeks to keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends. Micro trims are great for maintaining length while growing out.

How do I avoid heat damage when curling my hair?

Avoid heat damage when curling by using a protectant, setting the iron to a lower temperature, and styling in small sections.

What are the best products for strengthening and moisturizing my hair?

For stronger, healthier hair, try using a protein-based conditioner or a deep moisturizing mask.

How can I add volume to my hair while growing it out?

Add volume to your growing hair with styling mousse, volumizing hairspray, and a curling iron.


Growing out short hair can feel like a long journey, but with the right transition styles and tips, you can reach your destination with ease. Just as a painter uses different brushes to create a work of art, use different styling techniques to craft your perfect look.

With a little patience, creativity, and pampering, you can transition from a pixie to a shoulder-length style in 2021. From revitalizing treatments to volumizing mousse, use the right products to keep your hair healthy and nourished for the long haul.

Don’t forget to accessorize with clips, headbands, and scarves to keep your look polished every step of the way.

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