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15 Creative and Unique Haircut Line Designs to Try for 2024

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Creative and Unique Haircut Line Designs to TryAre you looking for a new and unique haircut line design to try in 2024? If so, we’ve got 15 of the best and most creative designs for you to choose from!

Whether you have short or long hair, there’s a line design here that will suit your style. From simple and straight lines to double lines and curved lines, there’s a design to suit everyone.

So if you’re looking for something different to try this year, check out our list of the best haircut line designs to try in 2024!

What is a Line design haircut?

A line design haircut is a type of hairstyle with one or more lines shaved into the hair. Line-design haircuts can be created with any length or type of hair, but they are typically seen with short hair. Line design haircuts can be simple or complex and can be created using various techniques.

The most common type of line design haircut is the disconnected line haircut, which features a line that is shaved into the hair and then disconnected from the rest of the hair. Other common types of line-design haircuts include the double-line haircut, the curved-line haircut, and the straight-line haircut.

15 Haircut Line Designs That Will Up Your Style Game

A line haircut is a great way to spice up your look. And there are so many different ways to wear it! Whether you want a simple design or something more intricate, there’s definitely a line haircut out there for you.

Here are 15 of the best line haircut designs to try in 2024:

1. Simple Line

Simple Line haircutThis design is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks stylish and put together.

To create the look, start by shaving the sides of your head short – leaving the hair on top long enough to comb over.

Then, use a straight razor or clippers to carve a line into the side of your head, starting at the temple and working your way down.

You can make the line as thick or thin as you like, and you can even add a second line parallel to the first one for a more dramatic look. Finally, use a strong pomade or gel to slick the hair on the top back and away from the face.

2. Double Notch

Double Notch haircutWe need to follow up with two more notches. This is a more noticeable way of doing a notch, so if you want a prominent design that’s still on the subtle side, this is a good option for you. The notches are placed at the front of the sides, below the temple.

The notches on the front of the head are smaller than the ones at the back. The change in width creates a dynamic look.

3. Single Notch

Single Notch haircutThe notch provides a clear starting point for haircuts and can help create clean, simple lines. It’s a great way to define your jawline. Adding another element makes it two-fold.

4. Disconnected Crop

Disconnected Crop haircutDisconnected Crop hairstyles are characterized by a short, angled cut around the perimeter of your head, with longer strands of hair in the middle. The middle section of your hair can be any length or shape, but it’s always attached to the back of your head.

To achieve this look, you need to get an angled bob haircut. You want your hair cut in a way that will make your face look more angular rather than straight across, as a pixie cut would.

5. Curved Line

Curved Line haircutThis is a simple, curved line that gradually curves from the back to the front. The result is a fringe that is shaped like an arrow, but the curved line style will complement a variety of different haircuts.

An interesting aspect of the painting is the way the artist has used light and shadow to make the hair look like it’s fading into the background. There are three distinct sections: the bald line, the strip of faded hair, and the balding section just above the ear. This is a great way to get texture.

6. Drop Line

Drop Line haircutPeople with thick hair, round faces, and high foreheads may find the drop line a good hairstyle choice. The drop-line haircut starts at the hairline and goes down to a point just below your earlobe. This haircut is versatile and can be worn with or without bangs.

7. Bolt Design

Bolt Design haircutThis design is created by making a line that connects the top of the hair to the bottom. This style can be achieved with a razor, clipper, or scissors. The length of your bolt will depend on the hairstyle you want and how thick your hair is.

8. Low Hard Part

Low Hard Part haircutA “low hard part” is a hairstyle where the hair is styled into a hard part, but the line is lower down on the head than usual. A regular hard part is shaved in the area where you would normally part your hair on top.

This one is comfortably on the side. This haircut is still effective in separating the longer top from the faded sides.

The two fangs in front create a similar effect to the lines. If you’re looking for a change, you can also try separating the fringe, which will give your hair more texture and dimension.

9. Disconnected Slash

Disconnected Slash haircutA disconnected slash haircut involves a side part, long hair on one side of the head, and a shaved undercut on the other.

This style is suitable for both men and women. The most popular disconnected undercut has long hair on top and short hair on the back. This style is high-maintenance and requires weekly styling to look its best.

10. Curly Zigzag

Curly Zigzag haircutLet’s take a look at something a little more exciting. This zigzag pattern starts at the front of the head and goes just past the ear. The sharp and curved lines make it a really eye-catching pattern.

The bold pattern is further accentuated by the dyed hair. This line design is best for guys who want an edgy and unique flair to their hair, which was likely inspired by graffiti.

11. Giant Curve

Giant Curve haircutA giant curve is a very long, side-swept bang that curves along the face. This look is ideal for those with a square, heart, or oval-shaped face. The curve may be longer than the head’s sides and temples but not as long as the back or front/top. Can I please get along-side swept bang or highlights?

12. Zorro

Zorro haircutThis zigzag pattern is similar to the Z-shaped pattern that is often used as a calling card or symbol for the fictional character Zorro. This hairstyle features a striking Z-shaped design with long lines that decorate the back of the head.

The design is quite loud, but the placement is more reserved. You can add a touch of style to your hair without going overboard by doing this. The top line of the Z creates a satisfying look as it starts at the ear.

13. Fade Separator

Fade Separator haircutA fade separator is a line of shaved hair that divides the hair into two sections. A headband is worn around the head, usually near the forehead, to hold hair away from the face. A disconnected beard can give you a more polished look.

14. Head to Beard

Head to Beard Line design haircutThis interesting haircut features a unique design where the hair on top of the head is connected to the beard. The line around the head creates a nice effect that is continued in the beard.

This style can also be modified. For example, you can create multiple lines, or you can use lines of different shapes. In other words, a more complex design may not be as effective.

15. Head to Eyebrow

Head to Eyebrow Line design haircutIf you have thick hair, a good tip is to not overdo it. One way to make your hair look thicker is by layering it and adding texture with some light texturizing products. This will give the illusion of more volume and fullness. If you want a more drastic change, try shaving the sides of your head into a fade or disconnect cut.

If you are experiencing hair thinning on the top of your head, you may want to consider getting bangs that sweep across your forehead instead of hanging down on one side. This will help to disguise any balding areas around the temples and create the illusion of thickness where there may be none left.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can Line design Haircuts Be Made?

Line-design haircuts can be made with a variety of tools, including scissors, razors, and trimmers. To get started, decide what type of design you want and then have your stylist create it.

How Long Does Line Design Last?

Line designs in hair typically last for about 4-6 weeks before needing to be redone. However, this will vary depending on how fast your hair grows.

What Are Line Designs in Hair Called?

Line designs in the hair are called “hairline designs”. They are created by shaving or cutting lines into the hair to create a variety of unique and creative looks. Line designs can be simple or complex and can be used to create a variety of different styles.

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