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How to Braid Your Beard: Viking, Goatee & More Styles (2024)

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how to braid a beardAre you looking to take your beard game to the next level? Give braiding a try and see what it can do for your facial hair. Whether it’s a classic Viking braid, an intricate goatee plait, or something else altogether, learning how to braid a beard is sure to give you more power and mastery over your look.

Growing out an impressive mane of facial hair takes time, but once its length is long enough, there are plenty of options available for weaving together some awesome styles that will turn heads wherever you go.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything about growing and maintaining the perfect beard length for braids, as well as provide tips on different styles.

Key Takeaways

  • Wash, condition, and apply oil to the beard for cleanliness and softness.
  • Regularly massage the beard area to promote blood circulation and growth.
  • Use proper beard shampoo and take vitamins for beard health.
  • Explore different braiding styles and secure braids with bands or accessories for added flair.

How to Braid a Beard

How to Braid a Beard
With a minimum beard length of 4 inches, you can create a legendary style inspired by ancient Vikings and dwarf kings with just the right technique. Start by washing and conditioning your facial hair, then apply oil for manageability.

Divide it into three equal sections and cross the left or right strand over the middle. Repeat this process until you reach the desired length. Secure the braid with elastic bands or wax.

Explore various braided styles such as the Viking Beard Braid for varying lengths, the Wizard Twirl around the chin area, the Classic Viking Braid down the chin with arrow-like ends, the Goatee Braid below the lips, the Three Prong Style in parallel, and the Forked braid with two distinct sections.

To achieve these looks, maintain proper hygiene by shampooing regularly but not excessively, and keep your skin clean and nourished.

Different Beard Braid Styles

Different Beard Braid Styles
Experience the legendary style of ancient Vikings with a braided beard. Popular styles include the Wizard Twirl, Classic Viking Braid, Beard Bun, Goatee Braid, Three Prong Style, and Forked Braid – each offering a unique look to suit your individual style.

Wizard Twirl

Gently twirl your facial hair around the chin area to achieve a majestic wizard look. For this style, ensure you have a beard length of 4 and use styling tools like a brush, trimmer, and oil for optimal care.

With patience and practice, create Viking-inspired braid lengths with multiple twists or a bun knot below the chin – add beads for extra flair! Have fun experimenting with different braided beard styles; discover liberation through mastering unique hairstyles.

Classic Viking

Create a statement-making look with the Classic Viking braid by braiding facial hair down the chin in an arrow shape. Utilize essential Viking techniques, styling beads, beard hygiene, and skincare vitamins for the perfect classic Viking braid.

Trim the beard appropriately to achieve the desired length, then experiment with various Viking hairstyles and tips for the best results.

Beard Bun

Try out the epic beard bun for a look that will truly slay! Use braiding techniques, oiling, and styling tips to create it. Keep your beard healthy with hygiene routines, trimming, and waxing. Secure with elastic bands or wax for an iconic Viking braid style; try a fork-style or customize it too! Liberate yourself from mundane looks – be bold in your own unique way.

Goatee Braid

Express your individuality with a unique goatee braid below the lips. Create an intricate style that stands out with braiding techniques, beard care, and styling products. Accessorize beaded beards for a Viking-inspired look or a classic braided goatee to turn heads.

Three Prong

Make a statement with the Three Prong style, reminiscent of an ancient royal council. Utilize the French braid technique to achieve this look – divide the beard into three parts and alternate crossing over sections.

Show respect for Viking culture while embracing modern braiding basics and caring for your beard’s growth. Unlock power through mastery of intricate techniques, discover liberation in creative ways while following essential tips on how to braid a beard.

Forked Braid

Create a distinct look with the Forked Braid, which separates and braids two sections for an individualized style. Achieve this unique braid using beads or styling accessories. Maintain beard hygiene by shampooing and conditioning regularly while trimming for neatness.

Use oil to nourish hair growth, then apply tips like massages and vitamins to promote healthy strands.

How to Grow Beard Long for Braids

How to Grow Beard Long for Braids
Growing a long beard for braids is like running a marathon: it takes dedication and patience to achieve the desired look.

To get started, maintain facial hair hygiene with shampoo and conditioner. Use a comb with thin teeth to prevent tangles, then apply beard oil for nourishment and manageability.

Then trim your facial hair carefully for neatness before shaving cheeks if necessary. Use trimmers or scissors as needed. Keep in mind that 4 inches of length is required for most braiding techniques.

For further care, add vitamins into your dieting regime. Massage your scalp regularly using oils or creams.

When ready to braid, be sure that the desired section has been divided into three equal strands before crossing left over middle then right over middle repeatedly until reaching the preferred length.

With these tips, you’ll soon have an impressive Viking-style beard braid worthy of any dwarf king’s approval!

Beard Braiding Tips

Beard Braiding Tips
Braiding a beard can create unique styles, from the classic long Viking braid to the more subtle small side braid. Whether you’re looking for something bold and masculine or something delicate and intricate, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

Long Braided Beard

To achieve the look of a legendary Viking, you can try sporting a long braided beard for an attention-grabbing style. Master complex techniques like three pronging, the Viking braid, and the fork braid to create distinct looks.

Use quality beard oils, trimmers, and other tools to maintain length and shape. Make a masculine statement with beads or accessories – something sure to turn heads! A perfect balance of oiling, trimming, and styling will ensure your signature look lasts.

Short Braided Beard

You can achieve a stylish look with short facial hair too, even if you don’t have the length for a full Viking beard braid – why not give it a try? Use patience and persistence to grow out your beard. Follow proper hygiene and nourish your face for optimal growth. Learn braiding techniques from basic to complex styles like the goatee braid or fork-style.

Viking Beard Braid

Embrace the legendary Viking style with a Viking Beard Braid, showcasing your masculinity and dedication. Create it with braiding techniques, Viking traditions, and bead usage. Maintain beard hygiene for facial hair growth; use trimming tools to shape up your look.

Double/Forked Braid

Surprise onlookers with a unique double-forked braid – the epitome of confidence! Achieve it by following these beard braiding tips: regular shampooing, dietary needs, bead usage, and special oils for care.

Incorporate everyday style or a goatee braid to complete your Viking look. Utilize beads and trimming techniques for added flair.

Small Side Braid

Show off your style with a small side braid for a subtle yet sophisticated look. Incorporate bead placement, cornrow braids, and beard trimming to craft an individualistic look. Follow proper beard hygiene, use styling tips, and experiment with different lengths for optimal results.

How to Grow a Beard Long Enough for Braids

How to Grow a Beard Long Enough for Braids
To achieve a braided beard look, you’ll need to invest in the right tools for maintenance and then follow regular steps to braid your facial hair. Maintenance requires owning items such as razors, brushes, mirrors, combs, scissors, and trimmers.

Additionally, it is necessary to keep the skin clean while shampooing regularly, oiling, and trimming when needed. With patience, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a stylishly groomed braided beard that reflects dedication and masculinity.

Beard Maintenance Tools

You’ll need a razor, brush, mirror, comb, scissors, and trimmer to keep your beard in top form for braiding.

Nourish your facial hair with beard oil or serum while washing it regularly. Trim precisely using the right strategies to achieve the desired length without sacrificing the health of the strands.

Utilize these products and tools wisely. They are essential elements that will help you look sharp as you strive towards liberation through power and mastery over your own style and appearance!

Regular Beard Maintenance

You need to commit to regular maintenance for your beard in order to keep it looking its best – from combing, keeping the skin clean and oiled, and trimming.

  • Establish a cleansing routine with beard health products.
  • Stimulate growth with vitamins and hydration.
  • Explore style options by experimenting with braids, trims, or shaving tips.

Proper grooming requires consistent effort. Wash regularly, apply quality oils, use a comb for detangling, and choose the right tools when trimming or styling hair pieces like beads, etc.

Steps to Braid Your Beard

Braiding your beard can be an easy task once you understand the basic technique and tools. Wash and condition facial hair, apply oil for manageability, trim to neaten appearance, divide sections into three strands; cross left or right over the middle and repeat until the desired length.

Maintaining Your Beard Braids

Maintaining Your Beard Braids
Once you’ve grown your beard to a length of at least four inches, the next step in creating an impressive braided beard is maintaining it. To make sure your style lasts as long as possible, there are some essential steps that should be taken.

First and foremost, use the best tools available: a razor, brush or comb with thin teeth (to prevent tangles), scissors, and a trimmer are all great options. Clean skin also helps promote growth, so wash regularly using shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for facial hair hygiene.

Applying oil before bedtime will nourish your locks, while trimming off any stray hairs can help keep things neat-looking throughout the day.

Beard care involves more than just physical maintenance. Vitamins such as Biotin can assist with healthy growth, while regular massages stimulate circulation, encouraging new follicles to form on weaker spots in the face or neck area if needed.

Finally, embrace different styles by experimenting with braiding techniques – Viking Beard Braid, Wizard Twirls, Forked Braids, etc.

The Best Braided Styles for Men’s Beards

The Best Braided Styles for Men
Whether you’re looking for a classic Viking braid or something more intricate like the Twirl Wizard style, braiding your beard is a great way to make an impression. From the Braided Goatee Beard to The Double Braid Beard and Ponytail styles, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to men’s beards.

The Long Braided Beard

For a truly legendary look, try the Long Braided Beard – it’s sure to make heads turn! Achieve this style with expert braiding techniques, beard growth maintenance, and hygienic practices. Utilize beard oils for nourishment; trim for neatness. Use tips such as vitamins and massages for optimal results.

The Braided Goatee Beard

Achieve a classic look with the alluring braided goatee beard! Achievable with proper technique and accessories, this style requires proper hygiene and vitamins for growth. Use trimmers for precision, massage oils to nourish, then braid strands below the lips.

Make it unique by incorporating beads or twists; follow tips to ensure long-lasting results.

The Short Braided Beard

You can rock a shorter look and still make an impression with a jaunty, braided style. Opt for fishtail or twirl styles with beads accessorizing to join the ranks of Viking warriors. Proper beard hygiene is key; shampoo regularly, apply oil before bedtime, and trim for neatness.

The Ponytail Beard

Tie your facial hair up in a ponytail for an impressive, edgy look. Accessorize with beads to add flair and emulate the dwarf king’s style. For successful styling, maintain beard hygiene with skincare products and a healthy vitamin intake.

The Double Braid Beard

Create an eye-catching style with a double braid beard for the ultimate in Viking masculinity. Utilize braiding techniques to intertwine two distinct sections of hair, using beads and styling accessories for added flair.

Follow beard care tips such as applying oil regularly and avoiding excessive shampooing to ensure healthy growth.

Viking Beard Braids Are Worth the Effort

Viking Beard Braids Are Worth the Effort
If you’re looking to become a legend, why not embrace the iconic Viking style? Braiding your beard is an easy and effective way to incorporate this legendary look into your daily life. Plus, with the proper care and maintenance of facial hair hygiene, you can ensure that it’s both manageable and healthy.

To achieve various styles of braided beards – like long Viking braids or buns – all you need are 4 inches of growth for a minimum length requirement.

As far as popular Viking-inspired hairstyles go, there’s something for everyone. From classic single braids down the chin area with arrow-like ends to two distinct sections in parallel or even knots below the chin for functional looks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to braid a beard?

Braiding a beard can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of your chosen style. With the right technique and practice, you’ll soon master this legendary look and achieve a confident power that radiates Viking-like charisma.

How often should I wash my beard when I’m braiding it?

Wash your beard every few days to keep it looking healthy and clean. Don’t overwash; use a gentle shampoo, then condition for softness.

How much beard oil should I use for braiding?

Use a few drops of beard oil to keep your facial hair smooth and manageable while braiding.

What type of elastic bands should I use to secure the braid?

Use gentle elastic bands to secure your braid, such as those made of fabric or rubber.

Can I use beads in my beard braids?

Yes, you can use beads to add some flair and personality to your beard braids. Accessorize with colorful and unique bead options for a truly standout style!


Are you ready to rock a legendary Viking style? Braiding your beard is a great way to accomplish this look, and with a minimum beard length of four inches, you can start braiding and styling your facial hair in no time.

From a classic Viking braid to a braided goatee, you can customize your look with beads or accessories for a unique touch. Make sure to maintain your beard with skincare, vitamins, hydration, and a balanced diet to promote growth.

With a little time and effort, you can create a majestic braided beard to flaunt your masculinity and show off your style.

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